Rumored ‘Justice League’ Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

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Justice League Art by Marcio Takara Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

A full-blown Justice League movie may have been the stuff of dreams for decades, but Warner Bros. and DC Comics are finally putting the wait to an end. Come Summer 2015, DC’s greatest heroes will unite to fight a common threat (and skeptical moviegoers). But exactly who those heroes will be has, to this point, been unclear.

The newest batch of rumors apparently reveal the character roster for Justice League, as well as a few details on their onscreen personalities. We’d file these squarely under RUMOR for now, for a few reasons we’ll get to in a minute.

With much of the Justice League attention of late centering around the apparent selection of Darkseid as the main villain, and a comic book storyline reportedly inspiring the script, not much thought has been given to who would be constituting the superhero team itself. Sure, Wonder Woman, Superman (fresh off of Man of Steel), The Flash and a brand new Batman will be on hand – but four people a ‘league’ do not make.

Even mainstays like Hal Jordan have had their future brought into question via films like the abysmal Green Lantern, and the jury is still out on which properties WB will see as packing the most potential for spin-off film franchises. Not to mention, which ones will help develop themes for the next round of installments and sequels.

Justice League Movie Launch DC Universe Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

The roster has changed much over the years, but we know WB and DC will likely choose their cast based on both present bankability and potential for the future. Will Beall (Gangster Squad) is still working away on the “dark and matureJustice League script, but according to CosmicBookNews, their sources have the details on who will be appearing, and how they’ll be behaving.

None of these details will come as a surprise to those either familiar with DC’s history, their New 52 relaunch, or the latest news on the Justice League movie – which is only further reason to take this report with a grain of salt. But first, we’ll focus on the rumored roster:

• Superman is essentially the same character from Man of Steel, and Zack Snyder is consulting regarding the writing of the character.

• Batman: The strategist of the group. Batman doesn’t really want to be involved with these super powered beings he considers too powerful. Easily the most complex written.

• Wonder Woman: She has only been in man’s world a few short months. The Wonder Woman script Michael Goldenberg is developing will be set before the Justice League movie.

• Green Lantern: Will be Ryan Reynold’s character from the Green Lantern movie, but will be freshly written with a more serious tone.

• Flash: The most popular hero in civilian eyes who loves media attention, but when called upon is very serious.

• Martian Manhunter: Alien who has lived on Earth in secret for over a hundred years who has knowledge of Darkseid and his reign.

• Aquaman: Will be the King of Atlantis who has a key role in the film.

• There will also be a heavy military presence in the film which in future rewrites could include characters featured in Man of Steel or even Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) of which neither are included in the first draft.

• Alfred Pennyworth is in the film in a minor appearance.

• Lois Lane is also in the film in a cameo.

• Darkseid’s Elite will be featured who go up against the Justice League early on in the film.

Obviously, there aren’t any bombshells in these latest reports, which (while potentially divisive) would constitute more of a “scoop.” Superman will be Snyder’s version of the character (we’ll see how true that remains if Man of Steel fails to resonate with audiences) and Green Lantern will be, similarly, a continuation of what preceded. We, like many, are still curious about seeing at least the introduction of John Stewart or a new Hal Jordan, but there’s no telling how massive an overhaul might be deemed a “freshly written” approach.

It stands to reason that Hal Jordan would be less of a joker than in Ryan Reynolds’ previous stint, given the presence of The Flash. While Barry Allen wasn’t traditionally the same wise-cracker as Wally West, the New 52 incarnation perfectly fits the “must love media attention” description; he’s also the only hero with an actual museum built to his accomplishments.

Justice League New 52 Flash Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

Given DC’s decision to show the members of the League becoming aware of one another’s existence (and their potency when working together) first, then potentially showing how each of them got to that point in their own standalone films, the Wonder Woman details aren’t shocking. While we assumed that these heroes would get origin stories eventually, hints that Michael Goldenberg’s Wonder Woman will be filling in backstory could be a sign of what’s to come in DC’s second wave of superhero movies. A risky formula, but one we’ve hypothesized could end up working.

Since Superman will be the only hero with an introduction film come Justice League (and arguably Batman, since his origin story never changes) it also cements the fact that he’ll be acting as the anchor for larger audiences – as if that was ever in doubt. That makes an appearance by Lois Lane far easier to understand, even if Amy Adams isn’t confirming her involvement in sequels (and the Man of Steel trailer left their relationship somewhat in question).

As for Gotham’s caped crusader, “strategist” is the role that we pitched as the best direction for a Batman reboot, and his being the most complex character of the group is as much a given as the cowl. The Alfred inclusion seems the most dubious and subject to change: Michael Caine has said he’d love to appear in the role again, but given his character’s fate at the end of The Dark Knight Rises and the unclear Bruce Wayne/John Blake legacy (and casting) that’s far from a sure thing. A clever way to incorporate Nolan’s Batman into JL, yes, but such a move only raises more issues.

Thanos Avengers 2 Darkseid Justice League Movie Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

That being said, these rumored appearances raise some important questions about how ‘grounded’ Justice League will, or should be. If Darkseid is the villain, then our heroes will need someone to fight. Darkseid’s Elite would fit the bill, but the more the door to the realms of New Genesis and Apokolips is opened, the more Warner Bros. leaves behind the world of Nolan’s Batman and treads into Marvel’s territory. Bringing in some outlandish characters could prove worthwhile, but is risky.

Of course, Man of Steel’s time spent on Krypton and the battles between Kal-El and Zod could change everything we know about DC’s live-action plans. Even Aquaman has earned his stripes in the rebooted “Justice League” and “Aquaman” comic books this year, so clearly anything’s possible; count on a slow-burn introduction to Martian Manhunter, though.

We’d still recommend treating any and all Justice League rumors as just that, since there is plenty of source material to draw upon and almost no official details have been released so far. When the studio comments, we’ll keep you up to date. Until then, we can only speculate.

Justice League could hit theaters as early as 2015, but Warner Bros. has yet to reveal a concrete release date.

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Source: CosmicBookNews

Image Credit: Justice League Art by Marcio Takara

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  1. Sorry. I think WB and DC waited too long to do this and anything they do put out at this point will never be as good as the Avengers/Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/ franchise. Anything they do now is just never going to measure up.

    • What a baseless assumption to make.

      • Not Baseless.

        Justice League was rumored for year, even a couple of decades. No one can argue that fact. WB Back in the 80s wanted to do a Justice League, but after Superman IV and later Batman and Robin killed the super hero genre till Xmen bought intrest back and Batman Begins gave it a more adult tone.

        Then the rush was back on, Iron Man, then Incredible Hulk, Then Thor, Then Captain America and then The Avengers.

        But what got people interested in Marvel Team up, was word of mouth and quality of movies that were put up…From Iron Man, you did not know what the Avengers Initiative was, you knew something was coming.

        WB/DC Were well aware of this, and they tried to rush things a little with Superman Returns, failed with Green Lantern and then The Avengers broke records, was one of the best movies of 2012 and bought in boat load of money.

        Then WB/DC Got serious with Justice League.

        Which mean. They are now behind the curve and have to advoid being The Avengers Rip Off. And it will be considered a rip off, because as it stand, it looks like a Team of Superheroes go up against a group of aliens.

        • Uh. A Justice League movie was planned, casted, had a director and a script back in 2008. Itwas called Justice League: Mortal. The only reason it was not released was because WB didn’t want two different Batmen on screen. I’m sure WB knows what they’re doing. The only thing that changed was that now WB is considering making JL part of a shared universe.

          • If the only reason that movie wasn’t released was because of two different Batmans, why did they throw out the script for that movie and start off completely fresh?

            What I read of the ‘Justice League: Mortal’ project sounded absolutely terrible – I’m glad it was canned.

            • The script WAS terrible as was the casting they had already done for the pivotal roles (that being all the JL members)

              If that thing had gone forward it would have crippled DC/WBs ability to put out any movies related to those characters because no one would have taken them seriously after that.

          • woulda coulda shoulda. they planned it but it didn’t happen, and the general movie going public isnt going to know that. it will always look like, even though it isn’t, it’s trying to rip off marvel.

        • Justice League is going to be awesome, old timer! Just you wait lol!

          • @Leather Cheerio.

            Dont make me get my cane! Damn Whipper Snapper!

            I remember when Justice League was just Super Friends!

    • I agree with Joel, on what bases are you grounding that comment?
      The sole fact that Marvel was “first” does give them an advantage (an “upper hand” and a “head start” so to speak), but how could you possibly say it will never measure up if you know what we know about the project? (which is next to nothing at this point)

    • Um, most of marvels movies are second rate so please keep your ignorance to yourself

      • Your comment is irrelevant. Please flutter away now.

      • None in the past 3 years have been second rate.

        And Ignorance of something that we have commented on, have seen, have read and debated ad nauseam.

      • SECOND RATE??? WOW! now that is ignorance!!!! THey are the best CB movies Ever except MAYBE the first superman MAYBE, dc/wb HAS BOTCHED THIS TIME AND TIME AGAIN that is probably what he is basing his opinion off of! I have been saying this Since I heard they were coming out with JL in 2015! I REALLY HOPE it works because I KNEW way more of the DC characters growing up, ( not a comic fanboy ) But I do love the characters and the movies, that said wb/dc has always seemed to RUSH? or just have plain old BAD BAD SCRIPTS THERE IS NOTHING TO SUGGEST THAT THIS WILL BE ANY DIFFERENT! (is there) PPL generally like Nolans take on BM BUT he will not be writing this movie THEREFOR all we have to go on is their PAST FAILURES which 97.9% of them have been (save NOLANS TRIO) so for YOU EGAD1 to say marvels movies were 2nd rate is pure rubbish look at the NUMBERS!!! what has WB/DC done for us lately?? ABSOLUTELY ZERO!! I really do hope this movie can even come close to competeing with the avengers 2 and marvels other movies SO THE FANS CAN FINALLY have good movies from all of their fav characters but UNTIL THEY PROVE IT, they are NOT GETTING MY MONEY AT THE THEATERS!!

        • I mean, DC includes Vertigo, which produced V For Vendetta, Road to Perdition, A History of Violence, and more. Also, Batman, Superman, and Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

          Compare that to the massive churn of Marvel movies (Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra, etc.) and Marvel is way guiltier of not protecting their biggest properties. You don’t just get to say Marvel movies began and ended with the Avengers lead-ups, without claiming that DC can write off their past mistakes as well..

      • Thank you for your contribution. Because of your insightful comment, I am going to click on the link in hopes of making $87 a week. God bless you.

        • You THAT financially strapped that you’re hoping to make “$87 a week?” 😉

          • Times are rough, Phil. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

            And hey, if it’s on the internet it HAS to be true. Right?

    • Well, I personally didn’t care about the Avengers because I didn’t grow up watching an Avengers TV show on basic cable television. I grew up watching Bruce Timm’s “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited” on Cartoon Network.

  2. Then I guess you could say no superhero movie will ever pass “The Dark Knight”.

  3. I call bs on batman. They can incorporate Nolans batman if they can get Bale to come back. They need to do a live-action JL Crisis on two earths. Batman vs Owlman is the epic battle I want to see in this movie. That batman fits in live-action amongst these super-powered beings because he knows when to hang back and when to take chances.

    • I agree with your point. If they dont get bruce Wayne to be batman. I will not see this movie.

  4. I really hope that “roster” is legit. I’d be more than happy watching that line up on the big screen.

    • Me too!

      • Me three! :)

  5. MM – check
    NO Cyborg – check

    and I’m fine with using Ryan Reynolds as GL but P-L-E-A-S-E no silly CGI skinned muscle suit. Use a real outfit (WITH boots and mask) and then add on a CGI layer.

    Also still not too keen on using Darkseid out of the gate (would prefer Starro and The LoD) but anything can change at this point.

    • +1

      I would like to see John Stewart to add some diversity but not at the cost of seeing Cyborg. He belong on the teen titans not the JL.

  6. Even though these details are possibly rumors, I am extremely excited for this movie. I think this movie is going to be awesome just because it’s the Justice League on screen for the first time. One question-what exactly did Aquaman do in the New 52 comic? How is he portrayed in the comics? (Sorry, that’s two questions) Lol

    • Well that fact that Geoff Johns (Green Lantern: Rebirth, Flashpoint) is writing Aquaman for the New 52 reboot says a lot about the company’s hopes for his future among the other heroes. So far a lot more emphasis has been placed on his role as a descendant of Atlanteans, and the actual strengths he possesses.

      Able to battle endless hordes of sharks and mutated sea creatures with a trident in one hand, see in the dark, seal underground volcanic vents, etc. Also, in the latest arc of “Justice League”…well, let’s just say that he finally shows why a guy who can summon any sea creature to his service is just inherently cool, not lame.

      I’d definitely recommend picking the first trade paperback, “The Trench” up. The New 52 has been a bit hit or miss, but it’s definitely one of the best. Some of Johns’ best work, which is saying a lot.

      • Completely agree. Without a doubt one of my favorite New 52 titles is Aquaman.

      • Thanks for the background info : )Aquaman sounds, for lack of a better word, cool.

  7. Could be cool. I like the slants they are giving the various characters. LOVE that they are including Martian Manhunter–hope that at least is true.

  8. Disagree. Actually sounds like they are working hard to make sure this is going to work, loving the ‘Dark and Mature’ vibe. If thats the case then bring it on, as thats the way I always wanted it to go.

    • Yes, but how? I mean, for The Joker. Who would they get that could pull of a performance as great as Heath Ledger’s? Anyone they do get, the performance is always going to be put up against Ledger’s.

      • Imo, i think Tom Hiddleston would be a great candidate for the Joker since he was great as Loki. Especially if they put Harley Quinn in w/ the Joker which i hope.

        • I don’t know. His performance as Loki doesn’t impress me all that much.

  9. Sequel to Justice League needs to have the legion of doom in it

    • @ Shane

      I prefer Secret Society, as seen in JLU.

      • My above comment I intended to be here, in response to shane.

    • Here.

    • The sequel to Justice League of America shall be titled:


      The Spin Off to Justice League is

      JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA (The Secret Origins)

  10. I want Wally West!

    • @ Rong

      Im right here! Lol.

    • Won’t happen. They want Barry Allen because he IS the Silver Age Flash, and to be honest if I was a Justice League fan since the 70’s, I’d want Barry too, just for completeness’ sake.

      Though I agree Wally is the more interesting Flash by far, there’s still time for him to make his screen debut one of these days. Also, Barry Allen might be a more interesting character on film than he ever was in the comics. Action speaks louder than words for him.

      • Be awesome to see Barry sacrifice his life to save the world and have Wally step up as his successor in the sequels. It would give a sense of gravity and suspense to these films. Nobody ever really fears for the hero safety in majority of comicbook films.

  11. You cant do a justice league movie without the legion of doom

  12. I believe that Warner Brother’s and DC have seen what Marvel and Disney have been doing. Which might be why they are seeking and searching to try and get everything in order. That said, I am looking forward to watching this movie. I know many do not like Ryan Reynolds but he is a really good actor and does not always have to be a comedian (Safe House, Underworld to name a few).

    • They had to have seen what Marvel and Disney did. A blind man whose been dead for eighty years would have trouble not seeing what the did.

    • Underworld??? I think I missed him in that movie! who again did he play? because I have seen them a few times and dont ever recall seeing RR in any Underworld movie! I think for a “MovieWatcher” you sir missed the mark on that one…. Scott Speedman was in Underworld!! unless there is another Underworld that I dont know of?

  13. I actually liked green lantern and cant wait to see him in the deadpool movie

    • If a Deadpool movie ever actually gets made (Don’t hold your breath).

  14. I’m just glad and hoping that they’re not using the new 52 line-up. While it’s just one character, Martian Manhunter has always been one of my favorite characters, and Cyborg in my eyes just belongs with the Teen Titans.

    • I’m having a hard time shaking that thinking too.

    • Heh, I’ve always liked Cyborg so I’m actually one of the readers who had no problems seeing him as a Justice Leaguer, especially as he was one of the oldest Teen Titans for a long while. It was kind of like seeing him “graduate” finally.

      But it is the Justice League anyway… just about everybody has been in it at some point, lol.

      • I have no problems with Cyborg either, I just have a problem retconning him as a FOUNDING member of the JL. Now if he had actually graduated and been a replacement for say MM, that would be a totally different story.

  15. DC are really taking shortcuts here to achieve what Marvel did with a five-year plan. The Nolan series ends less than a year before the DC movie universe “supposedly” begins with Man of Steel, but then you bring in Green Lantern, who is sorta-kinda being rebooted, and a Wonder Woman movie that will be made AFTER Justice League, but set BEFORE it, we’ll be introduced to 4 or 5 new heroes, and a new Batman, all in one movie. This is looking to be a huge clustercuss.

    Also, the choice of Darkseid as the villain is, again, just shortcutting what Marvel are doing by building ground-swell on Thanos, first with Avengers, then GotG, then Avengers 2. DC are just going “NOPE, FIRST MOVIE, THERE HE IS!”

    • In a way though, it could pay off huge for them.

      Lets say JL does extremely well even when up against Avengers 2. Why wouldn’t audiences wanna find out more about the characters and what brought them to the movie they’ve just seen?

      That’s why we have prequels and expanded movies to open up the universe more due to demand.

  16. Darkseid is a bigger badass then Thanos.

  17. maybe martian manhunter should sit out this battle (make his appearances, be the character, provide guidance, tell the league about the threat) but i see him as obviously much older than the league. he’s seen it all and isn’t convinced a head on battle is the way to go. just my 2 cents. but if he’s in the first one full blown you won’t get any complaints from me.

  18. I always felt like Hal Jordan was quite the comedian but so was Flash, so they should have plenty of comic relief between the two of them imo. The main problem with The Green Lantern flick imo was that it was made only for little kids and not for adults also. I felt Reynolds was fine in the role, it was the writing that was the main issue. Even though I wanted it to be more dark (I always do) and not as kid friendly, I didn’t think the film was nearly as bad as most folks make it out to be. It should have been better but they went for the money and targeted small children more than their parents also. The Avengers was MUCH better because it was made everyone and even though I also wanted it to be a bit darker, it helped the film by NOT being just for children. I HOPE the folks that make this will follow what Whedon did and make JL for everyone or they will ruin it imo. This film has too much anticipation surrounding it for someone to make the mistake of alienating a lot of people just because it’s for kids only!!

    • The problem with “Green Lantern” was they treated it like a bad CBM from the early 90’s. It’s like they chucked all the lessons learned by previous good CBM’s out the window.

      • but Green Lantern powers is kind of silly anyway he needed to be changed on film

  19. I think WB/DC should take the risk of heading more into Marvel’s tone by introducing New Genesis & charaters like Highfather, Orion, Mr. Miricle/Barda. Especially if Justice League’s villain is gonna be Darkseid because he has Granny Goodness & the Female Furies, Desaad, Kalibak, Steppenwolf, etc. Id love to see the story/conflict between those two worlds in live-action as characters like Mr. Miricle could perhaps get his own film with Barda as he saves her from being one of Granny’s Female Furies. I also said id like to see a Legion of Superheros film.

    One thing is replace Angela Bassett with Pam Grier as Amanda Waller. Pam Grier was better in performance as the character in Smallville than Bassett was in Green Lantern film. Im open for Ryan Reynolds to return as GL aslong as he’s a not a jokester, otherwise have John Stewart put on the ring.

    Give me Martian Manhunter as part of the team anyday, but i wouldn’t mind seeing a Cyborg film. As for MOS reboot if it does well, id like to see Kara/Supergirl be included somewhat like Superman:TAS. Not just give her a spin-off film.

    Im interested if what they might have planned for Aquaman. As for Batman, id like to wait for now to futher comment on where id like to see the character goes.

  20. Said it before and I will say it again.

    If they do it based on the New 52. I will pass and wait for it on redbox. I do not collect The NEW 52, do not have interest in rebooting heroes I grew up with, some people like it, some dont.

    • @ Jeff W

      You & i may miss it then. Because it Cavill himself mentioned his Superman costume is based of the New 52 comic. I myself don’t collect or have any interest in The New 52 comics. Glad im not the only one.

      • The current state of comics is horrible. Besides a few select reads the New 52 and Marvel NOW are trash. Not just because of the changes but because they suck.

        • I don’t have time to elaborate on my point here but as a reader for 25 years now i can honestly say both marvel and dc are producing some fantastic titles.
          Sorry you’re not enjoying it but wanted to offer a counterpoint:

          Green lantern
          Wonder Woman
          All new x-men
          Thor god of thunder
          Amazing Spider-Man
          Indestructible hulk
          Wolverine and the x-men
          Uncanny x-force
          Fantastic four

          These books are all good fun IMO

      • Im out then.

        • WUSS… LOL

          • 2Leather Cheerio



  21. Marvel/Disney obeyed the K.I.S.S Rule.

    WB/DC are breaking the K.I.S.S Rule.

    • What the flying frack is the K.I.S.S. rule??

      • K.I.S.S


      • The K.I.S.S. rule
        Keep It Simple Stupid
        That is the kiss rule

    • Maybe WB is not appealing for the simple and stupid crowd.

      • @Ignur Rant

        No, they are catering to the New 52 Fans, which I and I wm willing to bet many more people are not a fan of.

        Makes sense for WB To base it on New 52 because of the effort made to reboot DC Comics, they need the New 52 to succeed across the board.

        With the New 52 Batman, Batman a Womanizer? Come on.

  22. What does Aquaman have to contribute? He’d be cool to see in a live action costume and everything but seriously, what can he do?

    And a bunch of my opinion pieces (let’s use a blanket IMO here):

    -Batman: Use Wes Bentley. Bulk him up like with the 300 crew or even Man of Steel’s regimen. Either use the exact same suit as Nolan, or else really similar to the comics style – dark grey, color schemes, etc. Hard, angry-looking cowl with leather-like material, going seamlessly into the cape.

    -Green Lantern: Keep the Ryan Reynolds CGI suit! Even if it looks fake, it’s accurate because that’s exactly what it is – it’s literally made of light so it would look just like however you think CGI looks on him. For me that was the best part (read: only good part) of the movie.

    -Wonder Woman: Lynn Collins, Jamie Alexander, or Jessica Biel(or, ahem, Olivia Wilde… <3). And look up "Meagan Marie wonder woman " for an awesome outfit that works.

    -Flash: I would like to see some kind of authentic full-body track suit converted into an outfit for him. That would be a sweet real-life homage to the running world.

    -Superman…I'm just going to step back and say yall are definitely doin' it right. At least it looks as such thus far.

    • I can’t say I’m with you on Wes Bentley (although if we’re dream casting, I just say Michael Fassbender because he’s damn near perfect) but the others I think we’re closer on.

      I didn’t have an issue with GL’s suit since, like you said, it was at least drawn from the source material. An actual suit wouldn’t really fit as well, since it spawns from the ring’s energy. That being said, he needs a physical mask that’s CG’ed up in post, not the green-skin thing they did.

      I’m a conver to the Lynn Collins camp through and through (she essentially played Diana in ‘John Carter’ beautifully) and the more realistic, for lack of a better word, Xena-ish armor is a much better direction than that ridiculous TV show.

      The Flash I won’t even comment on since he’s the hero closest to my heart.

      • @Andrew

        Which Flash?

        I am a Barry Allen Flash over Wally West.

        • Well all of them, to be honest. I’m partial to Wally for his more modern suit, and the way his story played out with Linda and the kids.

          • I understand that.

    • Geoff Johns is still busy explaining what Aquaman can do in the current Aquaman series, and actually doing a pretty good job of it :)

  23. It doesn’t matter who did it first & if you want to get technical Darkseid appeared in DC comics before Thanos appeared in Marvel.

    Honestly, the Justice League is the top ‘team’ in comics. I say that with no disrespect to the Avengers and how good that movie was but if you’re tell me I can see the Justice League in a movie I’m sold. By far the best team of heroes ever put together. Generations know them via Super Friends or the latest Justice League cartoons. Heck they are lead by Superman & Batman! What more do you need?

    In lieu of turning this into a DC / Marvel debate let me state my post is not about that. I’m simply a comic book fan looking forward to seeing one of the greatest group of heroes on the big screen! Almost every comic book movie gets my dollar and this one I’m really looking forward to.

  24. Even though I believe this movie will probably fail(Hope it does’nt), I am very happy with this roster. I am glad there is Martian Manhunter instead Cyborg and very excited to see Aquaman on here. Very great character.

  25. I hope they get Vincent Chase to reprise his role of Aquaman. He absolutely killed it in the first one.

    • +1

    • Haha XD

    • It wouldn’t be right without Cameron directing and Mandy Moore playing the love interest.

      • And don’t forget about James Woods playing the villain. He’s gotta return for JLA!

  26. Hmm… not feeling it. This news sounds too good and too bad for me.
    I’m really unsure about how they will pull this off, especially with all those superheroes stuffed in one movie. Sure, they don’t really need introduction movie to let people know about them… but still, it felt simply too ambitious, at least for me.

  27. If I were DC I would have the story revolve around Batman. He is the most successful character in regard to the big screen (although Superman I & II were mega blockbusters for their day) and the story should revolve around him. Obviously the beings around him with incredible powers will all do their parts but Bats has to be the main focus. Lead with the Bat and a whole league of heroes becomes more popular than ever for their own spinoffs.

    As far as Manhunter vs. Cyborg – my old-school sense tells me Manhunter but I think Cyborg would connect to audiences better. Either way I’m cool with whichever they choose.

  28. i was hoping this movie would be done before Nolans trilogy ended since its been rumored for a while. although i liked the movie TDKR, i didnt really like the whole “Robin” ending. which i think had to be done for Nolan to leave open a possibility of his version to make into the JL movie

  29. I don’t like the way WB is handling this.

    If they’re waiting to see if Man of Steel is a big hit, that’s the wrong way to do it. Based on the fact that Nolan conceived his Batman as a standalone character, I’m guessing he did the same thing for this new version of Superman (he did co-write the story with Goyer if I’m not mistaken).

    So then what? If Man of Steel is the biggest movie of the summer, they’re going to force this thing to be part of a shared universe when that wasn’t the filmmaker’s original intention? Even Snyder a while back said that this Superman film was going to be standalone.

    WB needs to come out NOW and start confirming or denying things about the Justice League film. Ever since we heard the RUMORED summer 2015 release date, we’ve had nothing but more RUMORS. A JL film may or may not be in its own continuity. Joseph Gordon-Levitt may or may not be playing Batman. Now we have who may or may not be on the roster.

    Marvel comes out and says “here are five movies we’re working on right now.” and actually have something resembling a plan. WB does not and they need to figure their stuff out.

    • WB and DC have a script in the works and a projected release. Do you want them to rush into a director, casting, or take their time like Marvel did? I don’t get it.

      • I just want to know some more concrete details. I think at least we should know if this is going to be a shared DC movie universe like Marvel’s.