Rumored ‘Justice League’ Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

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Justice League Art by Marcio Takara Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

A full-blown Justice League movie may have been the stuff of dreams for decades, but Warner Bros. and DC Comics are finally putting the wait to an end. Come Summer 2015, DC’s greatest heroes will unite to fight a common threat (and skeptical moviegoers). But exactly who those heroes will be has, to this point, been unclear.

The newest batch of rumors apparently reveal the character roster for Justice League, as well as a few details on their onscreen personalities. We’d file these squarely under RUMOR for now, for a few reasons we’ll get to in a minute.

With much of the Justice League attention of late centering around the apparent selection of Darkseid as the main villain, and a comic book storyline reportedly inspiring the script, not much thought has been given to who would be constituting the superhero team itself. Sure, Wonder Woman, Superman (fresh off of Man of Steel), The Flash and a brand new Batman will be on hand – but four people a ‘league’ do not make.

Even mainstays like Hal Jordan have had their future brought into question via films like the abysmal Green Lantern, and the jury is still out on which properties WB will see as packing the most potential for spin-off film franchises. Not to mention, which ones will help develop themes for the next round of installments and sequels.

Justice League Movie Launch DC Universe Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

The roster has changed much over the years, but we know WB and DC will likely choose their cast based on both present bankability and potential for the future. Will Beall (Gangster Squad) is still working away on the “dark and matureJustice League script, but according to CosmicBookNews, their sources have the details on who will be appearing, and how they’ll be behaving.

None of these details will come as a surprise to those either familiar with DC’s history, their New 52 relaunch, or the latest news on the Justice League movie – which is only further reason to take this report with a grain of salt. But first, we’ll focus on the rumored roster:

• Superman is essentially the same character from Man of Steel, and Zack Snyder is consulting regarding the writing of the character.

• Batman: The strategist of the group. Batman doesn’t really want to be involved with these super powered beings he considers too powerful. Easily the most complex written.

• Wonder Woman: She has only been in man’s world a few short months. The Wonder Woman script Michael Goldenberg is developing will be set before the Justice League movie.

• Green Lantern: Will be Ryan Reynold’s character from the Green Lantern movie, but will be freshly written with a more serious tone.

• Flash: The most popular hero in civilian eyes who loves media attention, but when called upon is very serious.

• Martian Manhunter: Alien who has lived on Earth in secret for over a hundred years who has knowledge of Darkseid and his reign.

• Aquaman: Will be the King of Atlantis who has a key role in the film.

• There will also be a heavy military presence in the film which in future rewrites could include characters featured in Man of Steel or even Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) of which neither are included in the first draft.

• Alfred Pennyworth is in the film in a minor appearance.

• Lois Lane is also in the film in a cameo.

• Darkseid’s Elite will be featured who go up against the Justice League early on in the film.

Obviously, there aren’t any bombshells in these latest reports, which (while potentially divisive) would constitute more of a “scoop.” Superman will be Snyder’s version of the character (we’ll see how true that remains if Man of Steel fails to resonate with audiences) and Green Lantern will be, similarly, a continuation of what preceded. We, like many, are still curious about seeing at least the introduction of John Stewart or a new Hal Jordan, but there’s no telling how massive an overhaul might be deemed a “freshly written” approach.

It stands to reason that Hal Jordan would be less of a joker than in Ryan Reynolds’ previous stint, given the presence of The Flash. While Barry Allen wasn’t traditionally the same wise-cracker as Wally West, the New 52 incarnation perfectly fits the “must love media attention” description; he’s also the only hero with an actual museum built to his accomplishments.

Justice League New 52 Flash Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

Given DC’s decision to show the members of the League becoming aware of one another’s existence (and their potency when working together) first, then potentially showing how each of them got to that point in their own standalone films, the Wonder Woman details aren’t shocking. While we assumed that these heroes would get origin stories eventually, hints that Michael Goldenberg’s Wonder Woman will be filling in backstory could be a sign of what’s to come in DC’s second wave of superhero movies. A risky formula, but one we’ve hypothesized could end up working.

Since Superman will be the only hero with an introduction film come Justice League (and arguably Batman, since his origin story never changes) it also cements the fact that he’ll be acting as the anchor for larger audiences – as if that was ever in doubt. That makes an appearance by Lois Lane far easier to understand, even if Amy Adams isn’t confirming her involvement in sequels (and the Man of Steel trailer left their relationship somewhat in question).

As for Gotham’s caped crusader, “strategist” is the role that we pitched as the best direction for a Batman reboot, and his being the most complex character of the group is as much a given as the cowl. The Alfred inclusion seems the most dubious and subject to change: Michael Caine has said he’d love to appear in the role again, but given his character’s fate at the end of The Dark Knight Rises and the unclear Bruce Wayne/John Blake legacy (and casting) that’s far from a sure thing. A clever way to incorporate Nolan’s Batman into JL, yes, but such a move only raises more issues.

Thanos Avengers 2 Darkseid Justice League Movie Rumored Justice League Character Roster Addresses Continuity Issues

That being said, these rumored appearances raise some important questions about how ‘grounded’ Justice League will, or should be. If Darkseid is the villain, then our heroes will need someone to fight. Darkseid’s Elite would fit the bill, but the more the door to the realms of New Genesis and Apokolips is opened, the more Warner Bros. leaves behind the world of Nolan’s Batman and treads into Marvel’s territory. Bringing in some outlandish characters could prove worthwhile, but is risky.

Of course, Man of Steel’s time spent on Krypton and the battles between Kal-El and Zod could change everything we know about DC’s live-action plans. Even Aquaman has earned his stripes in the rebooted “Justice League” and “Aquaman” comic books this year, so clearly anything’s possible; count on a slow-burn introduction to Martian Manhunter, though.

We’d still recommend treating any and all Justice League rumors as just that, since there is plenty of source material to draw upon and almost no official details have been released so far. When the studio comments, we’ll keep you up to date. Until then, we can only speculate.

Justice League could hit theaters as early as 2015, but Warner Bros. has yet to reveal a concrete release date.


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Source: CosmicBookNews

Image Credit: Justice League Art by Marcio Takara

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  1. Any thoughts on adding Green Arrow? Stephan Amell can bring it, and it would be a nice tie in. Only problem I see is there are no super powers in the Arrow show, so that could be tricky.

    • As cool as Green Arrow is I think it be better if they did’nt add him just to deviate from the Avengers a bit. But if he were in it, he could still be awesome without superpowers. Look at Batman. And Hawkeye in the Avengers. Him an Black Widow both had no powers but were still amazing and formidable.

    • Why no HawkGirl? it should have the all the shows main characters.

    • they should at least edit the green arrow costume and super man costume for this movie.

  2. Still think they should introduce solo movies for the characters first before going for a full out Justice League movie.

    Ryan Reynolds should be kept as Green Lantern , just for sake of contuinity due to the maligned but recent release of the movie. It just saves any confusion especially for non harcore comic fans.

    The same can be said for Batman which for me is the most difficult obstacle for this project Like it or not Batman has to play a prominnet role inthe same way Iron Man did for Avengers. Warners Bros should just spare no expense and do whatever it takes to bring Bale back.

    • My gut’s telling me ryan Reynold won’t be back as GL and I am 110% sure Chistian Bale will definitely not be returning as Batman. And guess what, I totally agree with the decisions. Ryan Reynold was totally miscast as GL. And christian Bale’s Batman universe is totally far and away from the JLA DC universe and they already said they’re done w/ it. I think its nuts to support anythings otherwise. If there’s ever a good time, this is the time to clean-slate the whole thing and start anew w/ Man of Steel. They could keep Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern universe, but not Mr. Ryan himself. They’ll find somebody right I trust.

    • someone said they wanted Amy Adams as black canary, what a laugh.

  3. Wouldn’t be funny if MARVEL and DC coincidentally traded a villain -John Hiddleston a.k.a. Loki,for a hero- Joseph Gordon Levitt a.k.a. T.D.K.R. in each of their respective super hero films?Ha!:D
    Since both are or at least being considered for their respective characters in each film,am I right??

    • *Tom Hiddleston

  4. They should add another female member to the roster. Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Vixen or Black Canary would be great. DC’s magical characters are better than Marvel’s because their powers are more defined. Besides Marvel has not used any of them so I would go with Zatanna.

    • I could see Vixen on the team. Not the biggest fan of her but she was pretty good in the Justice League of America by Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes. I think Black Canary is best on Birds of Prey. Maybe Zatanna, and I would rather have Hawkman than Hawkgirl.

  5. Where’s Cyborg!?

    Seriously though, I find it interesting there’s an emphasis on the military presence. I was wondering how/why these characters would meet up… and at the same time. The Avengers were organized by SHIELD, the JLA needs a cinematic and grounded way to do the same.

    • You’re definetely right about how they should come together but more than likely they will probably come together by just showing up randomly like in the New 52 to combat Darkseid.

  6. I think if they re to fight darksied they should also fight darksieds honor guard

    Add some more tough sexy women to the movie. And that could even open up the door for a possible super girl addition in the future..

  7. I feel the roster should indefinetly include: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter with Darkseid as the villain. I hope they dont go the same exact route plot-wise as The Avengers. Bring back Ryan Reynolds as GL. They should ABSOLUTELY bring back Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman to have some type of continuity. Besides he IS Batman. They should have him make a small cameo after the end credits of Man Of Steel. That would be beautiful. They should also somewhere use Superman as the reason Batman was able to survive the nuclear blast at the end of TDKR. Then the two universes would mesh properly.

    • Well the only problem I can see is people will wonder why Superman didn’t grab the bomb and throw it into orbit. Unless you think grabbing Batman and flying him away was eaiser. Besides Nolan always said his vison was A standalone world. No heros but Batman in it so it can be real and gritty.

      • I think you can still be real & gritty by using heroes other than Batman. I think so because of the fact that Nolan is attached to Man Of Steel so he’ll add some of that grit and realism. I also think he’s attached so that he can somehow connect his Batman universe with Superman’s and eventually the Justice League universe as well. Nolan said his world was a stand alone one? He also said Robin wouldnt be in any of his movies. Hypothetically speaking, im not sure why Superman wouldnt just grab the bomb instead of saving Batman from the bomb. But if they happen to do this.. im sure they’ll figure out a suitable explanation.

      • Nolan has made comments in the past to misdirect and avoid any spoilers. For example, he said that his Batman movies won´t have a Robin, and then there was Robin John Blake. Then he said Marion Cotillard was not casted as Talia Ghul, and then in the end she revealed to be her.

        Nolan might be saying TDK trilogy is a stand alone and that MOS is not a shared universe, but we’ll have to wait and see if it is true.

    • Adam West IS Batman**

      • *Kevin Conroy IS Batman.

  8. WB must be high if they’re even thinking about a JL with no GL and please no john Stewart. Also people get over nolan’s batman, life goes on! The Nolan brother’s aren’t the only writers and directors is this world that pull off a good batman story. And the TDKR isn’t inception stop trying to make something out of nothing!!! It’s not that hard to figure out the ending.

  9. i don’t think DC/WB will be able to pull this off. I’d love for this to happen but marvel had been planning their movie universe for years before pulling it all together. It just seems that DC/WB are just trying to compete with Marvel’s Avengers as soon as possible without doing all the ground work that Marvel did.

  10. Marvel employed the K.I.S.S. rule,(Keep It Simple Stupid) and laid out the groundwork for The Avengers over the course of half a decade but from a business standpoint there is such a thing as market oversaturation. Marvel and Disney are just releasing too many superhero movies. And Sony and Fox have to release Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four movies every few years or so, or the rights go back to Marvel and Disney.

    But I don’t think people are smart enough to understand why so many Marvel movies are coming out within the next three years and why they all seem to be coming from different studios.

    It would be smart if Warner Bros had decided to release a bunch of smaller superhero team-up movies in preparation to a big Justice League film. Like let’s have a movie where Batman teams up with Superman. That’s a given, right? But the other team-ups need to make sense though. Aquaman should team up with Wonder Woman because Aquaman lives under water and Wonder Woman lives on the island of Themyscira.

    The Martian Manhunter should team up with Green Lantern, because I think The Martian Manhunter could probably follow the Green Lantern out there into the vacuum of space and have his talents actually compliment the space cop’s lantern ring capabilities. The last team-up that makes sense is Batman teaming up with The Flash, because The Flash runs so fast that he has no equal, not even Superman, but Batman’s brilliant mind could counterbalance The Flash’s super-speed abilities, and be a real equal for The Flash because while Flash can run really fast, Batman always a plan in his sleeve for pretty much everything.

    Although having Batman team up with Flash seems like the perfect opportunity to have the lesser known women of the DC Universe team up with them as well. Such as the Black Canary, the Huntress and even possibly Zatanna the mistress of magic. It could possibly be the greatest team-up movie of them all. But all of these team-up movies could add the market becoming oversaturated, so if these movies were released, they would have to be released in select theaters.

  11. As much as I’d love to see a DC super hero team up done right I have completely lost faith in DC/WB, if they were smart they would have started this a long time ago like Marvel did and they would have urged Nolan to keep his Batman open to Bale expanding into a Justice League universe.

  12. Well, Joesph Gordon-Levitt might become the next Batman if Man of Steel fails at the box office this summer and fails hard like Green Lantern (2011) did.

  13. When first I heard the rumor that Ben Affleck might be one of the directors that WB would be “comfortable” with directing Justice League (2015) I immediately thought that Ben could have been ideal for Hal Jordan, possibly. I mean if Ben was a mixture between Hal Jordan from the comic books and his real-life personality (that you see in interviews post-his directorial debut) then might have been something that’s very interesting to watch. But Ben Affleck would be Hal Jordan.

  14. The heroes have been confirmed. Superman, Batman, wonder women, aqua man, martian manhunter,, and flash.

  15. i think they should put john stewart as the gl i mean hes black its the obvious choice then african americans will have a character to identify with

  16. WB’s intention to compete with the Avengers is a huge step. To obtain the success or close, they need to include the continuity of their current characters.

    Nolans Batman has become an iconic portrayal, therefore, his presence may ultimately establish success as is. For the sake of a shared universe, Man of Steel could be set after the Dark Knight Rises. Batman is recognized as just a vigilante in Nolans world, so that wont contradict anything involving the events of Man of Steel. Yes, it is weird to have a realistic Batman world, then an alien shows up out of nowhere. But isnt that what happens in Man of Steel anyway? Without really mentioning Batman for that matter.

    If your wondering why Superman cant save Gotham himself, did he create peace before adopting the Superman persona? Thats why we have origin stories. Things can take place before them.

    To include other characters, the film could even progress a characters involvement story. For example, Hawkeye in The Avengers. WB’s intention to create solo films is completely up to them. However, the current characters should be kept so the audience wont be confused. If a trailer should come would you be pumped to see Bale and Cavill in it with no idea what the movie is, then suddenly Batman and Superman appear?

    • I somewhat agree. The more I think about it, the more it would make sense for WB to keep the Batman continuity than to reboot it, at least from a realistic (aka financial) standpoint. Just look at Spider-Man. While I personally loved TASM (It’s in my top 2 SM movies, along with SM2), it made the least money out of all 3 movies. That might be because #3 sucked, but I think it has a lot to do with the confusion and apathy of the general public towards this new Spider-Man.

  17. I wonder if the director of Zombieland and Gangster Squad (Ruben Fleischer, a young jewish director like George Lucas once was,) could possibly direct the first Justice League film…? Because I’ve heard that Gangster Squad looks like Zack Synder directed it,(Haven’t actually seen the film yet but I will soon,) and if Ruben Fleischer could possibly bring the same sensibilities that he brought to Zombieland and Gangster Squad while keeping the Justice League at least somewhat kid-friendly, we might have a Justice League that could rival the first Avengers movie, at least but not the more “personal” sequel as Joss Whedon liked to put it…Personally I think it’s dumb that people have a habit of comparing new films to film-sequels and it’s not right in my opinion. New original films (the first of it’s kind) should be compared to the predecessor of something, not the God damn sequel, God damn it.

    But who knows if Warner Brothers is even looking at Ruben Fleischer in the first place and who knows Ruben Fleischer would do it? I mean what kind of mandate is that? Make the first Justice League film like Zombieland and Gangster Squad but make it at least somewhat kid-appropriate? The first Justice League film would have to be Rated-R if Ruben Fleischer could do it with no-restraints!! Otherwise he’d have his hand tied behind his back.

    • Funny you should say that, as the writer of Gangster Squad (Will Beall) is writing Justice League. However, Gangster Squad got less than favorable reviews, with most fingers pointing to the script and directing. So I don’t know if the blame lies more with Beall or Fleischer, but either way, I’d rather not have them team up again.

      Also, did you get the Zack Snyder reference from Jeremy Jahns?

      • I think no matter what they do and no matter how hard they try, Justice League is gonna get less than favorable reviews from scathing angry critics in 2015 and it’ll probably be the end of WB/DC’s attempt at a shared cinematic DC universe.

        And yes, I follow Jeremy Jahns’ work.

        • …and WHY do you think this?

          For my part, I wholly disagree and believe WB/DC has a chance to make a truly epic cinematic universe.

          • First of all no matter what anyone can conjure up, the only way a justice league movie has any chance of appealing to people is either not have batman in it or get bale back. Nolan is involved with MOS so Blake’s apparent wish of Nolan directing any batman movie for him to be in it can come true. Man of steel can be set in the time immediately following dark knight rises. Robin can reach out to Bruce Wayne and convince him to return as batman after few years of chill out time while superman is taking care of the world and robin of Gotham. Now they need batman back because robin isn’t nearly as smart as batman and superman cannot handle the villains alone (whoever they may be in the justice league movie). The writers can obviously write a better story but my point is that a continuation story can be made. Robin should have some small part in man of steel and show that he is really good but he desires batman to return…. Something along those lines maybe

            • or a reworking of the Death Of Batman storyline where Dick took over as the Bat..? but found it a BIT toomuch to fill bruces shoes..then Bruce has to “make a return” &step in but that would be a better look for the “reboot” of Batman if theres such a thing..

  18. Supes

    1st things FIRST:
    BATS-Bales inclusion is simple.. Nolans involved.. Bales involved. CASE CLOSED
    aslong as they can write a way out of the egotistical plot culdesac Nolan wrote The Bat INTO in TDKR… everything should be fine. &another thing have Bale use his Terminator Salvation voice for Bats instead… (gritty/gruff but understandable to novices) &his American Psycho voice for Bruce “im pretending to be a smug prick” Wayne significantly upped levels of displayed intelligence, deductive reasoning, foresight/insight, prep etc.. has to be the brains/intelligence (espionage information elements, etc) of the team

    Supes – Cavill, as much as i HATE his choice for supes.. hes already in it &from what my inside links have been saying.. the movie is going to be good so oh well.. the only trouble will be wether he is portrayed as the upfront take charge leader type hes classically portrayed or the act 1st think 2nd strongman/loner/linebacker of new52.. my advice a mix of Kingdom Comes portrayal of Leadership (depending on how he carries himself in the MOS movie)

    Diana – JessBiel/BridgetRegan/Baccarin/Gale – her portayal is aLOT easier than ppl are making it out to be.. Regal princess notlong having set foot in mans realm having lived a very world-sheltered existence on themyscera… basically thor in a skirt, sidenote:the term wonder woman should probly NEVER actually be USED,
    get the same ppl who dealt with MOS costume designs &have them sit down &watch the DC online Universe trailer over &over till they get it right.. &the bracelets should infact be (still silver/ornamental)greaves which cover ALL of her forearm in the manner of greek armour, a short sword much like achilles in troy &a goldnextendable lasso should round out the arsenal

    GL – Reynolds. ppl have been railing about this.. but i say keep him.. one of the few good things about New 52 (&there are VERY few) is the character change of GL where hes a combo of Hal/GuyGardner & WallyWest.. typical dickish wisecracking jerk.. but hiding avery broken though fearless character underneath.. in an ensemble this will work brilliantly espesh if a GOOD script is involved. groundworks already there.. hes a space cop &thinks hes the baddest boy on the block after taking on galactic level threats

    Flash – Joel “Edge” Edgerton THIS Flash/Bartholemew Wallace “Barry” Allen will have to prettymuch be the wholesome levelheaded ‘DCs answer to Peter parker/everyman’ CSI hes portrayed in the new 52..with a twist.. also a couple changes to the costume to reflect Jay Garrick look used in Kingdom (bear with me) a suit thats basically a straight swap of ‘Fracture’ from DC Universe online but red (no golden design to start just pure funtionality).. &instead of blue a silver/grey tactical helmet with golden oneway visors glasses would roundoff a modernistic take

    Cyborg – Michael B Jordan – played the secondary protagonist in the film Chronicle: about 3teens gaining TK powers, he was instantly imo charming/convincing as the jock with a heart of gold.. &could pull ofan amalgalm Cyborg/Beetle concept for cinematic purposes..
    Characteristics: prettymuch the same allround popular kid highly athletic highly academic all american etc shoe in for all the best colleges etc but his dream is being a QB.. met with extreme tragedy &the need to cope instantaneously with the most harrowing physical &mental scarring in order to help save the world
    Aesthetics: im thinkin change the dynamic completely.. after the accident the promising athlete/scholar will have one eye one arm &no legs (to the knee) after the integrations he’ll have up to 5diff (known)”modes” the techno-organic bio fluids can operate..
    in dormant mode the fatherbox/Stone/Kord tech nano fluid would hide in his marrow/blood tissue (much like an advanced extremis tech)
    standard mode gives him mechanical/techno organic eye legs &arm (visually think cable)secondary mode will be Dynamic.. &cover his entirety resembling something close to new52/young justice beetle.. &just as streamlined with access to solar/sonic powered weaponry &booster packs
    4th mode would be a heavy duty battle/melee mode &would more resemble the classic cyborg silhouette.. 5th &final would be the as of yet unknown “godkiller” mode

    King Orin (aquaman) – Jason Momoa (bear with me, this is a completely different take) 1st of the term “aquaman” should probly NEVER be used as a serious description &he should be more a son of Poseidon than the current iteration a King, very reluctant participator &INSTANT game changer in final 3rd of story
    aesthetics: Bald with beard think classic poseidon but with a buzzcut
    characteristics: typical King, hes very wary of humanity after spending yrs watching them pollute &kill &also from his experiences when first returning to land as per his fathers request.. will know of &carry some ill feeling towards Diana as themyscera &antlantis both originating from ancient alien civilisations (past Apokoliptans/Kryptonian nomads?)swho came here to settle &bred with humans forming earths history of the pantheo.. when they realsised the error of their ways they went into self imposed exile Poseidon decided to claim the small mobile city of Atlantis with his wife &close personal guard &Zeus chose a small artificial pocket dimension (Olympus/sister dimension to the phantom zone) accessible by only 3 points on earth.. themyscera: an artificial camouflagueable mobile island.. atlantis &a 3rd unknown point..
    the Amazons are estranged from Atlantis the latter being a handful of subjects &the former being 300 strong personal guard/army of Zeus Hyppolita &the Amazonians who stand watch over one of the only 3 portal/leylines
    its in this scenario after thousands of yrs that Diana is born into modern times &seeks out the world of man.. whilst Orin son of Poseidon &a enslaved queen rescued after being thrown overboard by “traders” of that time.. (further backstory would detail how poseidons line was cursed to lose the women in their lives..due to the evils of mankind)

    tons more ideas i cant get into on here

    for more follow @ZeJuanSolo