‘Justice League’ Casting Announcement This Summer?

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Justice League Movie Casting Announcement Justice League Casting Announcement This Summer?

DC Comics legendaries Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have become so much more than key comic book talents. Lee was the stalwart for the DC Universe Online video game and Johns is currently the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, intimately involved with their upcoming feature films.

Both figures will take part in a special Superman panel at the Hero Complex Film Festival next month, a panel that will feature director Richard Donner as they discuss Superman and Superman II. What’s more interesting about this panel is that they’re teasing what is described as “bombshell announcements about the future of Superman and the entire DC Universe.”

Since this is film festival panel, this may refer to an announcement regarding Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie or at the very least, major news regarding the comics line. We’ve seen plenty of casting announcements lately as Snyder collects the main characters to tell his story, so expect this announcement to be something different than another casting announcement for his Superman reboot.

The more intriguing part of the statement is the “entire DC Universe” mention. Again sticking with film in mind, this could mean something related to the Justice League movie will be announced. Justice League was heavily rumored last year to be a special part of Warner Bros.’ panel at last year’s Comic-Con. Ultimately the Warner Bros. panel passed with no mention of Justice League, and Marvel Studios and The Avengers stole the show. While there will be film-related surprises at the event, expect WB to showcase their major film announcements at Comic-Con want to win this year’s Con.

For a long time now, there’s been studio interest in a Justice League feature film which would collect DC’s flagship characters for a big budget team-up adventure. They even put together a cast for one such attempt years ago with George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal but it never came to fruition. Now, more than ever, with The Avengers already having entered production, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment need to do something on their end to compete. And that’s exactly what they’re doing (at some point in the near future).

dccomics1 Justice League Casting Announcement This Summer?

Back in March, Justice League was finally confirmed by Warner Bros. President, Jeff Robinov. It doesn’t have an official release date yet, but expect it to enter production next year for their desired 2013 release. 2012 is busy with Snyder’s Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and 2011 is busy with the production schedules of these two films.

While the future of the Batman franchise after Nolan’s third movie may be the question on most fans’ minds, especially in regards to how the character will fit into Justice League if Christian Bale is done after this movie, this announcement I expect, has to do with whether or not Henry Cavill will reprise the role of Superman in Justice League, which he will. Obviously.

Immediately following the Justice League “announcement,” Snyder became subject to questions about his Man of Steel leading star, Henry Cavill, taking part in it. He said “it doesn’t” relate and that the Justice League movie will be its own separate thing apart from his potential Superman series and Nolan’s Batman universe.

So, Henry Cavill won’t be in Justice League like Zod won’t be in his Superman movie. I get it.

A big-budget Justice League movie with an entirely new cast doesn’t make sense. You don’t spend all this time and money finding the right person to play the most iconic superhero of all time in a tentpole motion picture, just to cast another actor to also play Superman at the same time in another film. It’s confusing, it’s not authentic, it’s a tougher sell and it’s not a good way to compete with The Avengers, which features all of its main character actors reprising their roles.

Perhaps this touted announcement from Jim Lee and Geoff Johns isn’t actually that big, and it’s more likely these sorts of things may be saved for San Diego Comic-Con come July, but the official Hero Complex Film Festival website (go there to buy your tickets!) says the following:

“Ticket includes access to a DC Entertainment Panel with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, discussing major new plans for the DC Universe and the future of characters beyond the page.”

And guess what film comes out next month, just days after this panel? DC Entertainment’s Green Lantern.

You heard it here first. I’m calling it now. Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill will star in Justice League. While that’s unlikely the news to come from the Hero Complex Film Festival, it will certainly be at Comic-Con after Green Lantern proves itself at the box office. Maybe they’ll all come out on stage at Comic-Con like The Avengers cast did last year at the Marvel Studios panel and fans will lose their minds.

What comic-related announcement do you predict this could be?


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  1. At the start of the movie you could have the JL any Incarnation in their HQ,alarm sounds……..

  2. I’m not going to read through the comments to see if anyone else has mentioned this, but the big announcement is not about casting. Superman will not be in the main DC Universe anymore. The Universe is being rebooted without him.

    • Frank…

      …and you believe this WHY???

  3. I’m fine if they use Cavill and Reynolds if they are going to connect the films into one universe. If that connection is NOT made, then other actors need to to be used. It’s the same problem I have with the idea some people have of using Welling and Durance from “Smallville” but NONE of the rest of the cast (or jsut Welling or just Durance or even just Rosenbaum…or any combination, thereof). If they’re creating the Justice League as a “fresh” idea, they will NOT use actors for the given parts from other mediums or films (and I LOVED Routh’s portrayal and very much enjoyed Welling’s, et al, characterizations). They will choose other actors. If they create film continuity, then you will get, by default, Cavill and Reynolds (Bale is leaving anyway, so Batman will be recast, no matter what).

    • oops…That should be JUST Welling, not JSUT…sheesh–butter fingers.

    • Agreed, you just get all sorts of weird continuity connection issues between all the self encapsulated franchises..

  4. Personally i think WB/DC may play a different game than Marvel coz nobody wants to fight fire wth fire. As Nostelg-O mentioned, if DC wants to approach the same way as Marvel does, they really have to be careful coz they gonna have to do it right from the very begining when they start making solo DC superhero movie such as now – GL & Supe.
    However from what I see, they don’t really have such big plan yet. The way WB approach is always in conservative manner which is to take one step at a time & see the outcome response. If the response is good then carry on wth a sequel to its solo franchice but definitely not immediately trying to tie in wth other potential superhero franchice that soon coz that will gives limitation of creativity of each individual DC character to expand more further.
    I mean surely WB wld love to make each of it’s DC property at least a trilogy & that is including the JLA as well. Try treat the JLA & other individual DC movie franchise as seperate entity (much like a different dimension portal in a comic universe). They can recast all the superheroes between JLA universe & the solo DC superhero universe but definitely not recasting on the JLA sequel itself or any other individual sequel.
    If they choose the same fashion as Marvel did, they need to construct the story plot wisely carefully avoiding any clash of interest (see eg. X-Men 1st class – I dunno how they pull off but I’m sure they still have plot hole that they wont able to cover entirely). Unless WB/DC already have a strong story plots waiting on the plate but that is not the case.
    Besides, Superman was like being force to make due to it’s expiry license. Fortunately they have Nolan brothers & Goyer to help out. Again we have to wait & see how Synder pull off this precious asset of DC.
    Honestly I do love to see all individual main DC characters being introduce properly at least on it’s own movie before JLA come to fruition. Perhaps they can come out wth Batman & Superman 1st right before JLA. Overall, once all main DC characters (related to JLA) are introduce on it’s own regardless of the sequel of their individual franchise, they can start move forward wth JLA.
    That way WB will able to save more time prepping JLA while simultaneously making sequels on each individual characters – but that can only achievable if they recasting JLA seperately while at same time maintaining the same realm of DC universe. In other words it’s increase the productivity of the DC movies against Marvel while not being too constraint in terms of creativity of each DC characters.

  5. LOBO, darkseid and brainiac…

  6. If Justice league casts a bunch of new actors it will be an epic fail and they would hand marvel the victory. It is imperative for Henry Cavill to play Superman in the justice league movie because it would allow the audience to adjust to him as being superman also it makes more sense and doesnt cause confusion between fans. I just dont get why christopher nolan has to be a stingy bastard and keep his batman completely indepedendent from the rest of the dc universe i believe the movie should be based on what the fans want to see which is a justice league movie based on the tv series or something along the lines of that

    • Because in that Nolan’s version of Batman there IS no Superman, WW, Flash, etc. It’s grittier and a more realistic view with no room for what would be considered “super”heroes.

      You are also assuming that Man of Steel will be successful. If it falls flat on its face do you really want the JL movie linked to it?

      • I dont believe it will fail simply because of how bad the last one was and how desperate people are actually looking forward to seeing a superman movie which makes more sense by including more fighting scence which i know snyder will deliver.

        yes nolans batman has proven to be the pinical superhero film standing alone but if warner bros. wants to be successful not just pull of a movie they need actors that wont cause further confusion.

    • wrong. It is imperative that tom welling play superman in JL. Most people wanted him to play superman anyway on the big screen and not cavil. So putting him in JL is the best thing they could do to be successful. Have you seen the petition that is out there for welling to be cast in the movie? 3-4,000 already signed it.

      • i 200% agree with you that welling should have been superman. i mean he only played clark kent for 11-12 years why bother changing actors. i thought welling was the perfect superman (Christopher Reeve will always be my favourite though). R.I.P. Chris the one true superman.

  7. We need a GOOD JLA movie, that does not change around the costumes, personalities, or characters of the heroes. I am all for one, IF it is done right–good writing, directing, producing, special effects, etc. I do think to give everyone fair screen time you need to have about a three hour long movie minimum. These are not a team exclusively, like The X-men, who proved multiple characters could operate on the same set. These are more or less solo act heroes who are working together for the purpose of this movie as a team. Unlike, say, The X-men, these characters are used to solo adventures, and now they will be changing their dynamics to work together…easier said than done…but do-able with the right writers and directors.

  8. Well..here we are! Not only has it come down to picking which company ‘We personally like and admire..but to critic the methods. I have to applaud 2 valid points.

    Yes.. Marvel had to introduce IM and Thor and Captain America(not so much) to the GP. Unlike DC/Warner, Marvel Studios has to also dance around the fact that major portions of their properties are lisensed to other studios and the infringement issues will always raise its head when it comes to continuity of facts and elements in the creative process that DC/Warner dosnt have to deal with.

    Could Thor have been a better story..Hell Yes! But (MS.) had to take it on the chin because they had to introduce a character that wasnt as popular as DC’s big 3 much less as popular as their own (publishing only) Wolverine. Everyone including Favure hinting how Thor’s character in the same room as the others works well in books but cannot/may not come across well in film. The logic of tying down the magical aspect of Thor may turn off some people from seeing the movie. Which is strange because the LOTR crowd went out and supported that trilogy..but the *scare was placed anyway.
    The fact that Thor will soon hit $400 Million World wide is a freaking Home run!! It will have made more than DC’Batman begins and Fox’s Wolverine. 2 properties that need no *introduction…established fan-base.

    So now here comes the Avengers with a 5 year build up and introduction to the GP. That the previous reply mentioned. Along with all traps/craps of telling good stories while *handcuffed by prior licensing deals.

    Yes DC/Warner is doing it *their own way..not following the MS strategy..but the truth is Marvel Studios *had to do this way..Fans like it..it feels like *live comics and its connected.
    So..there’s the difference.

    • @tracy Spivey, Good POST!

  9. Fact or Fiction

    Why was there a *scare put upon Thor, due to the fact He is a Mythological based character? I mentioned before about the comments made by Favure about Thor in regards to appearing with Iron Man on film. Was this His personal opinion, or is there a problem with Magical/Spiritual/divine beings relating to the GP(General Public)

    Nolan/Favure have commented about having reality based Heros in their filming process.Wonder Woman has the same Mythological foundations as Thor. The TV series was successful and popular. Thor is a founding member of the Avengers and is based in magic. Marvel Studios danced around every avenue possible not to really let the GP know this fact on the releasing of the film. Science vs Magic. Do you think that was necessary to insure a profitability in the film? Or were they really worried about nothing?

    The 2 directors can rant/rave all they want…its a fictional genre..just because its easier to believe Billionaires can make themselves super Heros. Human Evolution made lead to mutations..and there may be life out in the Stars. but its dangerous and a big risk to put Hercules and Sherlock Holmes in the same room only because..1 is Science and the other is magic. Not for any other reason then that.

    That means We won’t get a Doctor Strange Movie. The Black Panther film will have to exclude the Panther god. Marvel Studios wouldn’t have a Midnight Sons adaptation..so on..and so on..

    • Not really.

      Thor is based on a real mytholgy, not a made up one. He has to always be Thor. Loki always has to be Loki. Wonder Woman can change more. I agree Paradise Island is silly, but when she’s away, she’s just a superhero. But Dr. Strange and Black Panther (Panther God???), any other you mentioned has a lot more flexibility.

      People compare Thor to LOTR. But that was an exceptional movie that took the time to lure the audience in. I felt like Thor took shortcuts for everything whether it was the romance or the heroic scenes.

      And the “time” aspect bugged me. How old is Thor? He would have to be at least hundreds of years old, but he’s still a brash young jerk? And how sophisticated is Asgard if they’d consider him leadership material? And after hundreds of years they haven’t figured out yet that Loki is the god of mischief or evil?

      I think Thor could be really fun in the Avengers. I think I would have prefferred a plot where Thor had been living as a mortal (perhaps over centuries and lifetimes), and was finally discovering humility and that he is Thor.

      Thor can be done, but having to stick him in the “real” world with Iron Man and everyone else is tricky.

  10. As long as we are speculating…

    Could the announcement be Tom Welling coming back as Superman to do a Justice League series on WB?

    • Oops.. I mean CW…

  11. I am 100% sure that Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role in JL because it it said that Martin Campbell will not return for Green Lantern so it means Reynolds will do Green Lantern JL besides if don`t wants to do JL but Green Lantern 2 then he`ll have to wait for new director and it will take him long so he`ll reprise he`s role in JL for sure and so Cavill will also reprise he`s role not too sure about Cavill but Reynolds will return for sure.

  12. Cavill and Reynolds have to be in it, otherwise the movie will suck. It would be a very tough sell as it says here.

    • I’m sorry but that makes no sense, the crossover continuity in movies is fine but fans are taking it too far with their insistence upon it…

      besides, the Justice League brand is more than well known as it is without the need for set up movies or whatever. Marvel has to do it because nobody knoes what the Avengers are but Justice League does not have that problem…

      • I agree. I would see a JL movie with different actors. You know why? Because I’m not stupid. Three different guys played Batman from 1989 to 1997. And yes, a few of those movies sucked but it was because of bad direction. Heck, let a different guy play Superman in every movie from now on. It would keep things interesting. Just don’t let the character sit on the shelf anymore.

      • You shrooming?

  13. I agree….it doesn’t make sense to have other actors play the characters and not make it consistent with the individual movies…(ie Cavill as superman/Bale as batman…)…..however, if they cannot get them all to committ to being in the justice league movie together, then they should get their own actors to play the characters separate from the movies. It wouldn’t make sense to have Reynolds as the green lantern, but not Cavill as superman…..This being said I say give Welling a try as superman, and why not some of the other Smallville universe actors…..or just Welling as superman…..

    • Smallville is over people, let it go. A JLA movie need great actors not just good actors, and smallville doesnt have that. Lets leave the small screen actors do what they do best, act in tv shows.

      • Superman Returns sucked and Man of Steel will just be another random solo, Tom Welling played the part for ten years. Tom has to be Superman.

        • “Superman Returns” was great, and Welling was NOT Superman for ten years…he was just Clark.

          • superman returns was ok. and yes he was clark but like everyone who followed the series. it would be a draw to see him suit up…bring all the die hard fans together, box office draw..

        • @ Matthew

          Imo, Brandon Routh was great as Superman, but the film Superman Returns- not so much. Im not sure how id rate it, maybe 2 stars at the most. I do agree Tom Welling deserves a shot of playing Superman if not goin with Brandon Routh for Justice League.

  14. I totally agree with Screen-Rants review. This will BOMB if they don’t get the guys who made BatMan (Bale), and Superman (Cavill) back for their roles. Too bad DC doesn’t understand this. Terrible idea.. GET THE ORIGINAL GUYS BACK !!!

  15. surely WB/DC isn’t dumb enough to not use the original actors, I mean that’s just bad news bears

  16. If they don’t have Christian Bale play Batman in the JL movie i’m gonna be mad

    • Bale doesn’t want to do another Batman film, so prepare to be angry.

      • LOL. THIS. Fanboys have been told repeatedly that Bale is done with the role after TDKR. They don’t want to hear it. Too bad.

  17. What’s People’s opinions about how the costumes should look in the Justice League film? Im just being open-minded here but i asked my friend’s what they thought for example if Batman’s costume was to be made outta spandex similar to Routh’s Superman” custume. Reason for that is it would be somthing that hasn’t been done unlike in all the previous films & like the comics, isn’t Batman supposed to be agile, stealth etc. My friends & i thought it would make the actor move quicker in fights, the cape & cowl id think shouldn’t be a problem to adjust to the costume so the actor can move his neck with ease. As for Superman, id like to see the costume look like Christopher Reeve’s costume Design only made outta spandex like Routh’s in Superman Returns. The rest i’ll probly comment as more comes in about the film. This is my thoughts on costumes.

  18. I’ve heard some speculation from someone who follows the DC movies financial goings on. It explains the Cavill situation. The new WB chief wants to bring the DC films 100% in house. This is why they are doing Green Lantern alone. Ledgendary would have loved to get in on that, but WB shut them out. Legendary is getting cuts from Batman and Superman thanks to old deals. Justice League, like GL will be 100% in house. So, Reynolds could appear in JL. But if Cavill was in JL, then Legendary might have grounds to sue for a cut of JL, saying it is part of their franchise. So, no Cavill in JL. This was a problem with Welling too. Owners of the Smallville brand might have had grounds to sue for a cut, even if the Superman movie wasn’t really a Smallville spinoff. Legally, this may be more of a gray area, because like Welling said, he was playing Clark Kent in Smallville and never Superman. Two different characters? Legally maybe so. Legally, maybe enough area for WB to say “He isn’t playing the Clark Kent you own. He’s playing our Superman.” But it is a very, very gray area, and if WB tried to argue that, they couldn’t include any other elements of SV, like other actors, etc. BTW, can’t use Routh for the same reason as Cavill, his franchise is co-owned with Legendary too. Which is why we may end up with yet another new Superman in JL.

    • Tom Welling’s Smallville show is owned by the WB, and not created by Legendary Pictures, and the shows creators created the show for the WB, and they left the show half way into it’s run. They have ZERO control over anything, and they cannot sue. The company that produced the rest of the show was a WB owned company. Meaning they have full rights to all things Smallville.

      They could easily bring Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and Michael Rosenbaum in to create a JLA movie.


      • The Smallville ownership confuses me to be honest. Did DC sell the right to make the show to Tollin/Robbins, or did WBTV subcontract with Tolling/Robbins to make the show for WB? I know Tollin/Robbins and Millar Gough Inc were suing WBTV because they felt WBTV was hiding profits from them. Do T/R and M&G have some ownership position in the show? If so, they should have a claim on any movie which might spin off, I would guess. All I know, is the speculation that going forward the new WB chief, will not do any more shared deals on DC properties. He has to wait for the deals with Legendary on Batman and Superman to expire. Nothing he can do about those old deals. But there will be no future deals according to speculation. If he doesn’t want to share JL with Legendary, he probably doesn’t want to share it with T/R either.

      • LIES!

  19. TOM WELLING NEEDS TO BE CAST AS SUPERMAN!!!! To cast anyone else would be blasphemy!! This includes Henry Cavill who’s one of the worst choices possible for the role of Superman! That guy is so wrong for the role it’s pretty comical actually.

    • TW4…

      Why is Cavill so wrong for the role…other than the fact that you really love Welling?

      • I have a few issues with Henry Cavill as Superman, and for starters he is 2 almost 3 inches shorter then Superman needs to be, he’s much much smaller frame, and thinner. His acting when using an “American Accent” is very wooden, and he gives Brandon Routh a run for his money in the bad acting category. He’s pretty good as an actor when he talks in his normal voice but when he try’s an American accent he’s horrible. Like I said Routh has a challenger in bad acting here with Cavill.

        Also he’s not American born, and I honestly believe that Superman like Captain America needs to be played always by an American actor.

        And I don’t really love Welling I just think he’s the right guy for this role right now, and he’s this generations Superman!!! He is the rightful person to play the part. He’s got 10 years of character build behind him which makes him the best choice, and the most solid choice.

        The fact that he wasn’t in Superman Returns is why that movie failed, and that’s the reason why Man of Shrimp will flop. You cannot make a Superman movie without that generations Face to the role.

        Chris Reeve was in 4 sucky Superman movies script wise they we’re horrible movies but his acting, and because it was him! We’re those movies worth watching, and enjoyable.

        Because he was the right actor in the right time, and Tom Welling is the right actor right now… If he had been in Superman Returns that movie would have made twice it’s boxoffice domestically, and he would be knee deep into a second sequel right now.

        Man of Shrimp will fail for many reasons!

        1. Bad choice for Lois & Clark! I mean just terrible.

        2. ZOD again? Really? BORING!

        3. Zack Snyder can’t buy a hit film.. All the hype about Sucker Punch, and that bombed worse then anyone expected.

        4. Not 1 single actor cast so far is a boxoffice draw!!! Nobody goes to see Kevin Costner movies anymore I mean seriously he’s a hasbeen, and Cavill has zero draw power at the boxoffice. There is not 1 single strong boxoffice draw in the movie, and a director who can’t buy a hit these days.

        I can go on, and on, and on but why bother? I mean it’s not like the WB cares enough about it’s fans to actually listen to what we want right? Even tho the fans have been yelling loudly for years about wanting to see Welling as Superman, and he even said he would like to do it if asked.

        Want to see who the fan favorite is? Simply look for yourself!


        • I voted for Routh,but Cavill looks like the right pick of the remaining 5 since he will be doing MOS,Welling 3rd place.

        • @ TW4Superman

          You have some points i agree with. I agree Tom Welling is this generation’s Man Of Steel since i felt a passing of the torch from one generation’s Superman to another. However I don’t think even Tom Welling could of saved Superman Returns if he replaced Brandon Routh cause after waiting years for Superman to return to the big screen, people were wanting to see more action or physical fight within that film aswell as a return story. Imo it felt like Singer made it too much like Donnor’s original film in a way. I enjoyed the first two Christopher Reeve Superman films, the last two to lesser extent since i liked them as a kid. I agree about using Zod again & Fiona who’s pretty much like Ursa From Superman 2 that it almost sounding a remake of Superman 2 or episodes from Superman:TAS. I have my doubts about the film since it seems like its being rushed.

          • Returns was a mess. I don’t even think the idea of a kid was the major problem. It was the distasteful way a kid was introduced that caused that backlash. I honestly think that if Lois got pregnant now in the comics, with them having been married for years, and in a strong loving relationship with Superman, that fans would be happy to see where that story goes. Batman has had plenty of Robins, no reason Superman can’t spawn a succession of Superboys.

            IMO, they should have ended Smallville around season 5 and moved Welling to the big screen. Clark graduates high school and then first movie deals with his introduction to the Daily Planet crafting his Superman persona. I honestly feel that if they had done that, we would be on our third sequel by now. Instead, the movie people really seem directionless and lost, doing Superman Flyby. Then when that fell apart, doing the requel Superman Returns and now the Superman II remake/reboot MOS. This tells me how lost those producers are. The ideas behind Flyby, Returns and MOS have nothing in common. It is clear to me that the movie producers are just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what happens. They are bouncing between an extreme update (Flyby) to extreme nostalgia and indie drama (Returns) to now this weird rehash reboot thing (MOS). Moving between all these extremes tell me that the movie people never had any strong vision or direction at all.

            • Imo, Like others thought Superman having a kid was one of the problems, i thought it would just complicate thing for future sequels which it would if you read about Singer’s idea for the sequel involving Braniac & Superman makin a choice to save the world & sacrificing his son doing it or let Brainiac posses his son, etc. I pretty much agree with what you said in the second part of your post.

              • I guess the idea of a kid would work better in a comic book than in a movie series. Until we get into 2nd generation Teen Titan type movies, there is no need for Superboys or Superman having kids.

                Superman killing his son is the most horrible, stupid, and disgusting idea I’ve ever heard. It stuns me that Singer would even dream up such an idea and think the audience would be ok with that.

        • Never fear Nolan is producing Superman so expect the same high brow movie as we go with his Batman franchise. I say if they use Cavill and Reynolds in JL then someone needs to twist Bale’s arm to play Batman in it. We need continuity. Nolan’s Batman Universe is awesome the only thing that messes it up for me is the whole Rachel Dawes character we had KH in BB and MG in TDK I’d much rather had MG in BB. Continuity is important to me…. Katie marrying TC really f’d up the Batman Franchise…

        • Superman is not American. he may have landed in America, but he is not American. and the idea of a Brit playing the Alien is great as it shows the Brits are taking over the comic book film universe

        • Good list except the part were you forgot to add that Welling has gained a few pounds and is aging. The movie is about a young superman, not a retiring one. Welling had 10 years to play the role, isnt that enough for one person. his acting skills are also pretty wooden even for Tv standards. Cavill is the right man for the job, they know what they are doing. Welling was there when he was cast but they chose not to go with him, frankly he doesn’t have the physique and he doesn’t want to wear the suit. he is OUT!!

    • I agree about welling,I watched smallville since day one,I have seen many episodes that really made him look like the man of steel,the finale was good for a big fan of superman they made it work,although I would of liked to see him in a full suite,was not happy about it , but it worked so since we have cavill for man of steel I’m all for welling for justice league as superman,he would be at a perfect age and I know he can pull the part as for man of steel let’s what cavill has to offer,with nolan in the chair I think were ok .

  20. Tom Welling IS superman. I will not watch the Cavil movie because I don’t view him as superman just as I didn’t view routh as superman. I will be THRILLED to watch the justice league if they cast Tom Welling as superman. BUT ONLY if they cast Tom Welling as superman. Give us a break and bring our generation’s superman to the big screen. All these others are just lame imitations. Fans deserve to see WELLING on the big screen as superman. I hope justice league will show smallville fans (welling fans) some love for once.

    • Welling belongs in Smallville,Brandon R-Superman Returns and MOS-Cavill, no more ranting.WTF it’s like asking for Keaton to be in every Batfilm,get over it.I prefer Routh over the others and he won’t be in MOS,life goes on Cavill may be the best Superman of them all including Reeves.

    • Actually, Routh made an excellent Superman. DC DID show the Welling fans some love…it’s called ten years of “Smallville”.

  21. movies which are leading up to justice leauge need to acknowledge a shared universe. they need to do what the avengers are doing.

    • Why?

      • Yeah why?A JLmovie can be written without having tie-ins,Superman-Flash is well known worldwide,not sure about the Martian,but only some comic fans will have a gripe if it is not done like the Avengers,the rest of the world won’t care.

        • If a Justice League movie stood on its own, I agree. But if it uses plot points and references from previous movies, such as MOS or GL or TDK in its story it wouldnt make much sence. If a whole lot of movies are leading up to the same point, eg the formation of the justice league, those movies need to acknoledge each other in some way.

          If an alien was flying around with a S on his chest fighting crime, you need a reason why he isnt popping into batman or green lantern’s movies to help out, if they all exist in the same world.

          If the JLA movie was a stand alone movie, none of that matters, but your kidding yourself if you think only a few comic book fans would care if the JL movie was referencing events in both TDK and MOS when those movies are in seperate continuities.

  22. The JLA movie will probably spin out of the post-Nolan Batman movie series and be heavily tied in. I can see them skipping out on including Superman or post poning his appearance until the 3rd movie if Sndyer’s film series is a sucess so that they don’t conflict. As for Green Lantern, they probably will have the 3rd movie done by the time Batman reboot film hits and it gives them space for a JLA movie. So 2016 here we come!

  23. Bale has said over and over he is done after last batman movie…..Cavill can’t shoot a JLA movie for legal reasons and because he will be shooting MOS…..makes sense to cast Welling and give him his shot…JMO…

    • @ Scottgia3

      I agree.

  24. The problem with casting Welling is that doing so attaches the JLA film not only to everything good about Smallville……….but everything lame as well.

    Casting Welling automatically sets the film firmly in that pre-established universe – which some loved and some hated. By simply casting someone new they’ll avoid all that baggage.

  25. I say they put Tom Welling for Superman and keep rest. Bale, Reynolds, etc.

    • Totally agree… Welling, Bale, Reynolds…. International cast…. American, Brit, and Canadian. I do think that Welling needs to be in anouther major feature film totally unrelated to the superhero category prior to the JLA movie to quell the naysayers on his acting abilities.

      • I’ve read that he will be acting in a movie and he will be a lead role of some police officer. I think movie is like a thriller. Anyways, he already was in 2 different movies that I know of that were not related to superhero. In my opinion. Who cares what naysayers have to say. There are a lot of us who support him as Superman and as a good actor.

  26. Please let there be a justice league movie!

  27. Id like to see Kevin Conroy & Maybe Brandon Routh or Tom Welling as Batman & Superman in Justice League.

  28. I think that it should be Tom welling as superman, because I watched the entirety of smallville and think he is a high class actor, especially as superman. And I think that Andrew Nolan has a problem but that is just me.

  29. Tom Welling is the only option for Superman, anyone else would ruin the entire superman franchise, “Superman Returns” was enough of a dud without adding some other random guy to attempt another recreation of the most important figure in comic books. Just stick with the guy who played him for 10 years shall we?