‘Justice League’ Casting Announcement This Summer?

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Justice League Movie Casting Announcement Justice League Casting Announcement This Summer?

DC Comics legendaries Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have become so much more than key comic book talents. Lee was the stalwart for the DC Universe Online video game and Johns is currently the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, intimately involved with their upcoming feature films.

Both figures will take part in a special Superman panel at the Hero Complex Film Festival next month, a panel that will feature director Richard Donner as they discuss Superman and Superman II. What’s more interesting about this panel is that they’re teasing what is described as “bombshell announcements about the future of Superman and the entire DC Universe.”

Since this is film festival panel, this may refer to an announcement regarding Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie or at the very least, major news regarding the comics line. We’ve seen plenty of casting announcements lately as Snyder collects the main characters to tell his story, so expect this announcement to be something different than another casting announcement for his Superman reboot.

The more intriguing part of the statement is the “entire DC Universe” mention. Again sticking with film in mind, this could mean something related to the Justice League movie will be announced. Justice League was heavily rumored last year to be a special part of Warner Bros.’ panel at last year’s Comic-Con. Ultimately the Warner Bros. panel passed with no mention of Justice League, and Marvel Studios and The Avengers stole the show. While there will be film-related surprises at the event, expect WB to showcase their major film announcements at Comic-Con want to win this year’s Con.

For a long time now, there’s been studio interest in a Justice League feature film which would collect DC’s flagship characters for a big budget team-up adventure. They even put together a cast for one such attempt years ago with George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal but it never came to fruition. Now, more than ever, with The Avengers already having entered production, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment need to do something on their end to compete. And that’s exactly what they’re doing (at some point in the near future).

dccomics1 Justice League Casting Announcement This Summer?

Back in March, Justice League was finally confirmed by Warner Bros. President, Jeff Robinov. It doesn’t have an official release date yet, but expect it to enter production next year for their desired 2013 release. 2012 is busy with Snyder’s Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and 2011 is busy with the production schedules of these two films.

While the future of the Batman franchise after Nolan’s third movie may be the question on most fans’ minds, especially in regards to how the character will fit into Justice League if Christian Bale is done after this movie, this announcement I expect, has to do with whether or not Henry Cavill will reprise the role of Superman in Justice League, which he will. Obviously.

Immediately following the Justice League “announcement,” Snyder became subject to questions about his Man of Steel leading star, Henry Cavill, taking part in it. He said “it doesn’t” relate and that the Justice League movie will be its own separate thing apart from his potential Superman series and Nolan’s Batman universe.

So, Henry Cavill won’t be in Justice League like Zod won’t be in his Superman movie. I get it.

A big-budget Justice League movie with an entirely new cast doesn’t make sense. You don’t spend all this time and money finding the right person to play the most iconic superhero of all time in a tentpole motion picture, just to cast another actor to also play Superman at the same time in another film. It’s confusing, it’s not authentic, it’s a tougher sell and it’s not a good way to compete with The Avengers, which features all of its main character actors reprising their roles.

Perhaps this touted announcement from Jim Lee and Geoff Johns isn’t actually that big, and it’s more likely these sorts of things may be saved for San Diego Comic-Con come July, but the official Hero Complex Film Festival website (go there to buy your tickets!) says the following:

“Ticket includes access to a DC Entertainment Panel with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, discussing major new plans for the DC Universe and the future of characters beyond the page.”

And guess what film comes out next month, just days after this panel? DC Entertainment’s Green Lantern.

You heard it here first. I’m calling it now. Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill will star in Justice League. While that’s unlikely the news to come from the Hero Complex Film Festival, it will certainly be at Comic-Con after Green Lantern proves itself at the box office. Maybe they’ll all come out on stage at Comic-Con like The Avengers cast did last year at the Marvel Studios panel and fans will lose their minds.

What comic-related announcement do you predict this could be?


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  1. Hmmm…

    Curiouser and curiouser…

  2. I will be awfully surprised if they really announce anything major , as it is almost a month before SDCC, Dc will be keeping it’s big guns for the big show. I also think it would be a huge mistake not to use their current actors from GL and Superman in their Justice League Movie, However I wouldn’t be upset if the recast for Superman,as I still dont think Cavill is right as Superman.
    I think their big announcement may be a date for Justice League maybe a teaser Poster

  3. I’d rather Snyder’s Superman and Nolan’s Batman be their own separate thing. I’m happy that’s the route they’re taking. I always knew Nolan’s Batman wouldn’t be a part of this, but I was more concerned about Supes. Keeping them separate means that Snyder, Nolan, and Goyer can focus on making solid individual films for Supes instead of trying to tie Justice League stuff into the script and give us another Iron Man 2 fiasco.

  4. No offense but I don’t want Reynolds in the JL (or Cavill for that matter). I want it to be a completely clean break from any previous franchises, that way there is zero confusion about why this Batman is in that movie but not that Superman, etc.

    I then think that whomever gets cast in the JL should have first option to do any spin-off of said characters and the JL should have at least a presence in all of those movies to keep a common thread between them. That thread could be as small as a cameo from say MM at the JL HQ. I feel this is important because it would give every movie the feeling of being a part of the “larger universe”, rather than encapsulated like all the Superman and Batman movies have become.

    Oh and I think they should use the John Stewart version of GL for the movie ;)

  5. I too hope Justice League is its own thing & not to be taken seriously like Nolan’s Batman franchise or Synder’s Superman Reboot franchise. Id like Justice League’s franchise to feel more like what The Avengers would be like. I also don’t want Reynold’s or Cavill in the same roles. I do hope Tom Welling gets a shot to playing Superman in Justice League since he deserves it after 10 years on the small screen, or give Brandon Routh another shot since he was good in Superman Returns despite how that film turned out. I agree about using John Stewart Green Lantern despite seeing the original rolster of members but maybe add Hawkgirl in the sequel so Wonderwoman isn’t the only female within the team. I forget his age, but wondered if Kevin Conroy is too far of a stretch for the role of Batman on a live-action scale? Just thinkin outta the box here people. I just hope they get one heck of a cast with a great script cause Justice League Mortal’s didn’t seemed good to me imo. I feel Warner Bros. should get Bruce Timm & Co. involved since they did wonders with their animated series, especially Justice League & Justice League Unlimited. Again thinkin outta the box people.

    • You are actually thinking very much in the box…in the box thinking requires you to not allow the option of NEW things to happen or even be possible…you are asking for a rehash of the justice league chartoon and that in my opinion is not the way to go…while it does not have to be as gritty as Nolan’s Batman, it should not be nearly as campy as the animated version…While that part of my position is out of the way, I agree Cavill and Bale are not going to show up in JL. The simple fact is that Nolan said no for batman and he is the Godfather of the whole Superman project…so I am almost 100% certain he will hold true to the same position for that franchise…I like Tom Welling and would enjoy him playing superman, but if it is not cavill, the only other logical step would be to use Roth along with where the Superman Returns left off…It is the only other story currently in continuity and would stand a chance of getting support from fans, aside from a highly promoted Tom Welling campaign…I am perfectly fine with Renolds as GL but his schedule is going to be so booked for the next 5 years or more…I see a JL movie being a no go for any star of his current popularity… In short this is all going to be very problematic and unlikely until they can do this RIGHT…meaning preserving continuity and serving the masses as Marvel has been trying (and sometimes failing) to do…

      • @ Seth Daniels

        Actually i should of used the term of being open minded. Im not asking for a complete live action copy of animated series, just ideas from it. Like how some of Batman:TAS was inspired by Burton’s live action films & that show turned out great. Im only thinkin of them doin somthing like that in reverse & believe me i talked to people for the past couple years who thought it wouldn’t be so bad if done right. Imo JLU wasn’t campy as you’re think of the Superfriends show. Imo i don’t consider Nolan a Godfather of anything & just because he’s had success with his Batman Success doesn’t mean he & Snyder will have that same mojo w/ the Superman franchise since he’s the flipside of Batman. I too like to see Tom Welling or Brandon Routh as Superman as they’re my top two for the role but i very much doubt they’ll have Justice League/New Superman solo flicks follow from Superman Returns. If Reynolds wasn’t as busy id consider this Green Lantern film as the first solo film thats tied to the Justice League film, but i wouldn’t mind maybe Bradley Cooper as Hal Jordan or go w/ John Stewart as Green Lantern with Hal being mentioned.

        • I agree Wally. I’m not sure where he is getting the JL animated series is campy.

          • @ INK

            Ty, Me Niether.

  6. Earth 2 Superheroes ;)

    Else I want be happy with new actors. Def will not mind if Cavill and Reynolds are announced for it seeing as GL and MOS are new .Nolan’s Batman will have concluded its run so they can cast a new Actor as Batman and use him for any solo Batman films after JL.

    • won’t*

  7. man justice leauge would be so much more epic than the avengers. I like all the actors who play GL Batman Superman, They would work well on screen. Bale is a prefect Batman is my opinion.

    • yh agreed with ya bale is the best batman

  8. I absolutely think your on track. Before I read the second half of this article, I was already thinking the same thing.

  9. What a new cast for Justice League of America?

    Come on, what happen to the meaning of continuity, just look at Marvel doing the Avengers where everyone is returning:

    Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man- Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk (Cameo), Iron Man 2, The Avengers.
    Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury- Iron Man (Cameo), Iron Man 2 (Larger Role), Thor (Cameo), The Avengers.
    Chris Hemsworth as Thor- Iron Man 2 (Hammer Cameo) Thor, The Avengers
    Tom Hiddleston as Loki- Thor, The Avengers.
    Clark Clegg- Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, The Avengers.
    Stellan Skarsgard- Thor, The Avengers.
    Scarlett Johansson- Iron Man 2, The Avengers.
    Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye- Thor (Cameo), The Avengers.
    Edward Norton/Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk- The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers where the same character will be in the film but played by a different actor thanks to Marvel, couldn’t they signed up Norton for The Avengers as he
    signed up for The Incredible Hulk, oh well at least the other superheroes are returning and being played by the same actors.

    DC are stupid not to get Bale back as Batman and even Ryan Reynolds and Herny Carvill but their films are not released yet so no one knows if they did great well being as Green Latern and Superman.

    If a studio is going to make a superhero team up movie with other superheroes in it who got own solo superhero movies then bring back the actors that played them.

    Marvel’s plan is great expect DC’s plan is already destroyed even they didn’t start yet.

    • Did u even read the last paragraph of this article or the article itself?

    • Bale doesnt want to do it with out nolan and nolan is done, has nothign to do with the level of stupidity of the studio and its execs…in a perfect world this would happen, but hollywood is far from the perfect world. What people need to stop doing is assuming that the actors are selfless and willing to do things and always blame everythign on the studios…yes they make poor decisions nearly all the time, but in the long run a lot of it has to do with contract renegotiations and actors realizing their popularity and desire not to be type casted for the rest of their lives…Bale is not a good and selfless person I gaurantee you that so no, he wont do it and he will go on and be him from now on, doing what he does to make a living…acting, directing, producing…this is a career people…the wrong choices can make or break them, and the studio can only do so much to ruin a movie by themselves…

  10. What if one of the announcements is about the Superman custody battle?

    • That’d be good to hear, too. Some clarification and closure on the matter would be appreciate by all fans I think at this point.

      It could be that or something not that major at all, but they sure can capitalize on the DC buzz with GL opening later that week, setting up for SDCC a month later.

  11. Brandon Routh should be cast as Superman/Clark Kent or Tom Welling, not too thrilled about the Brit in the upcoming Superman movie

    • I’m see a lot of people having a dig a Henry before seeing him play Superman i tin w should wait until after Man of Steel before saying anything about him and the fat your not thrilled cause he’s a ‘Brit’ is a bit racist and your forgetting Christan Bale and Nolan are ‘Brits’ and they have done fine with another great American hero and i’m sure people weren’t thrilled with there announcement but after giving them a chance were surprised so lets hope for our sake Henry surprises us as well.

      • Racist? Really?



        • So that’s how one spells “Oy” :)

        • Better explain it to him Vic.

        • It is a classic Yiddish expression.
          It sounds like just what it means.

      • Any accusation of racism is over the top and in fact inaccurate.
        There is nothing wrong with wanting an actor to be of the
        nationality he is known for being a national hero of.

        I think Ali was thinking in those terms of national pride
        which is entirely understandable and permissible.

        Before Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond some
        non-’Brits’ were considered to the consternation of many in
        Britain but calling them racist would have been equally unfair to do.

        Be that all as it is, I for one do not mind casting
        from a different nationality — we are talking actors
        and acting after all —and their ability to play the part
        is that matters in the end and not who they are in life.

        • is “what” matters

    • “Brandon Routh should be cast as Superman/Clark Kent or Tom Welling.”
      Hahahaha….Brandon Routh cast as Tom Welling….[I know what you meant...]

    • but yeah American actors played British characters i.e. Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood

  12. You guys are hyping this up way too much. I guess die hard fans just want to hear it and keep on ignoring the facts. WB are a bunch of idiots who will never learn. They are sitting on a gold mine, but all they have are just Superman and Batman. Green Lantern is barely coming to light now, but who knows how that will fare in the near future. WW is dead, and Flash will never see the light of day. I’m hearing Flash is now looking at sometime in 2013. Last year they had a good chance to announce something, but they failed on that. I highly doubt they will say anything this year at comic con. As for this news announcement from the DC greats, it’s not going to be much. If it is, then ah well, it’s a bit late and all the fanfare from me are gone.

    • Mord…

      A couple of billion dollars in profits, through-the-roof dvd and blu-ray sales, and increased name- and brand-recognition of various DC properties say you’re just wrong. Warner Brothers DOES need to be more aggressive and thoughtful in some of its choices, but the studio is definitely NOT idiotic…at least not any moreso than 98% of the studios out there (Marvel included).

      Oh, and for the record, “Green Lantern” is being much more heavily marketed now, and I have no doubt that “The Flash” WILL come out. “Wonder Woman” is a bit more difficult to predict, but there ARE ways to get her out to a mainstream audience…hopefully in a feature film.

  13. getting new actors is pointless AND a waste of money. why would WB pay multiple actors for the same character.

  14. How about a promo shot of Cavill in full Superman costume, since he’s been quietly pumping iron for the last few months?

  15. To everyone who wants Justice League to be its own thing, sorry, but that simply won’t work for general (non-comic book fans) audiences, and WB knows it. The author is right, you don’t spend time and money finding the next Superman (most iconic superhero of all time) and then go and cast a completely different Superman for another movie (especially when Snyder’s film will almost surely produce sequels, and then you have 2 separate Superman movie franchises at the same time). It will confuse people, and the JL movie will suffer for it. Same goes for Ryan Reynolds. For millions of people who had never even heard of Green Lantern until now, Ryan Reynolds IS the Green Lantern. If the movie is a big success, you can bet money that Reynolds will be in the JL movie.

    Personally I’m glad. One of the things that I thought was so cool (and new) about the Avengers movie is that it really is going to be a genuine team-up movie of existing characters that have their own franchises. I’m a huge Trekkie, so this kind of reminded me of how I felt when Kirk and Picard teamed up at the end of ST: Generations. I still remember geeking out about that as a little kid!

    • Please, confuse people? How many “Batmen” were interchanged before Nolan’s version? Never seemed to bother anyone back then. And how many people have played Superman in the past 4 years? No, you have to give the general public a BIT of credit.

      And the biggest problem with using those actors is their universes are encapsulated. Meaning that in their respective movie universes they are the only “superheroes”. An example of this is Nolan’s gritter realistic Batman that has no place in the larger universe or how about in Superman Returns when only Superman was there to stop Luthor? Would you really believe if there were others out there they would have ALL been to busy not to stop the US from being destroyed?

      A clean break from those shows would help give audiences the feeling that indeed this is different from those franchises.

      • that 4 should be a “40″ :)

    • um, excuse me but Tom Welling IS the WB superman and has been for 10 years. So it won’t be like they have different people playing superman. Cavil will be strange but having welling in justice league will just feel RIGHT since he’s been the wb superman this whole time. THAT is continuity.

  16. The only true “unknown” in this whole thing is Batman. Nolan seems serious that his trilogy is a self-contained universe, and Bale doesn’t want to play Batman anymore. So they’ll need to recast Batman and probably have a slightly different take on the character for Justice League. That will be VERY tricky for the general audiences who now associate Nolan’s movies exclusively with Batman. Hopefully some of these “earth-shattering” announcements that are coming in the next few months will deal with Batman (and the rumor that Nolan himself is going to help reboot the character in a new film franchise).

  17. There are also rumors going around that DC is going to restart ALL of its books at issue #1 in September. I’m sure that will be addressed at Comic Con this year.

    • Thats related to Flashpoint which is currently taking place right now in the comics.

      That said I also think that most people could handle two different actors playing the same character in two different movies, actors get switched out in tv shows and movies. Im pretty sure that they could figure it out. That said its a really bad idea, mainly from an advertising stand point.

      • not from a smallville standpoint. from a smallville standpoint it is a great advertising idea. The fans from 10 years will be psyched. You can’t get better advertising and marketing than that.

  18. Instead of Justice League, it could be the announcement of several DC related movies such as Flash, Wonder Woman, Lobo, Green Arrow, and a host of others (maybe even Aquaman, who knows?!).

    “Major new plans for the DC Universe and the future of characters beyond the page” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to jump straight into a Justice League movie. I know there’s a general thought process that DC can’t do anything right, but Geoff Johns has stated that he plans on keeping these heroes separate, and that gives me hope.

  19. I remember hearing about the JL movie possibly being animated, a la Polar Express. I assume that’s now dead?

  20. I was kinda hoping for a Worlds Finest movie first.

  21. I think if they do a JLA movie that isn’t like the way they are doing the avengers it will be lame. It’s a shame too because I like JLA more.

  22. I think having completely different actors and an unconnected universe is the way to go. And DC can do that successfully. Marvel can’t.

    By keeping the universes separate they can go ahead and make Batman realistic and gritty, Superman can spend some time with romance, etc. Also, the movies can’t as easily weigh each other down. And you can cast unknown actors who look like the comic characters (fanboys will love that). DC’s main characters are so familiar to even the general public in multiple forms, they won’t have difficulty adjusting. Not one bit.

    The individual movies will go deeper into the characters. The team movies will move forward with all kinds of assumptions, and move into action and Sci-fi madness. They can be much less expensive too, which for fanboys will translate into “better, cheaper, faster.”

    Marvel has to do what they are doing. The have to. No option. DC can get away with not having individual Wonder Woman and Flash movies. Marvel had to make Iron Man and Thor. There is no correlation between the companies different positions in audience familiarity. And just like Avengers will introduce other characters, a JLA movie can throw in Martian Manhunter or Hawkgirl.

    As far as Avengers go, it is definitely what fans want. No argument there. But I remember really wanting those Star Wars Prequels and so did a lot of others. So, “careful what you wish for.” The Avengers, to me, is a successful business plan that will make money and set up Marvel’s ability to make more movies down the line. Is it making better movies? So far, I don’t think so.

    I have no idea what DC will do, but I think they’ll be making a terrible mistake if they try to follow Marvel’s strategy.

    • I couldn’t disagree more, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. From a purely business standpoint, your suggestion is the worst option. If Green Lantern is successful and then Man of Steel is successful, WB would be foolish to not use bankable actors from bankable movies and go wtih total unknowns. It would be a HUGE gamble that would likely not pay off. Sorry, but it doesn’t matter how well known the characters are in the general public, people tend to prefer continuity in their movies. Recasting batman 3 times in a row was one reason (of the many) that those movies lost popularity.

      Plus, this isn’t just your average recast. Replacing the actor that played Dumbledore from the 2nd to the 3rd movie in a series isn’t so bad. But can you imagine if 2 Harry Potter movies came out around the same time with completely different actors playing all of the characters? That sort of thing just doesn’t work.

      Bottom line, if people like Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and then they like Henry Cavill as Superman, they are going to want to see Reynolds and Cavill team up more than they will want to see two unknowns playing the same characters. You just don’t have the kind of freedom with movies that you do with books or even TV shows. It simply won’t work.

      • Thanks for the response, but I’m sticking with what I said. You use the word “if” a lot in your argument. For the studios, those ifs are risks.

        Again, I won’t argue that fans want DC to do what Marvel is doing. IMO that would be a bad idea. Marvel is making mediocre movies (and I really hope that Avengers is good).

        And what people prefer continuity? You’ll notice. I’ll notice. Anyone reading this site will notice. But frankly most other people will hardly notice if a different actor is wearing the superman outfit.

        And the Batman movies had a lot more changes that audiences didn’t like than different actors.

        The movies won’t be connected. The JLA movies will be more cartooney, with a Gothamy Gotham, a futuristic Metropolis, Paradise Island, and Atlantis. These movies will be more geared towards fans and kids and general action/adventure movie goers. They can go with cheaper actors and even production values. A lot of fans go wild over well-made fan films that have crossovers.

        This is all speculation. They’ll do what they are going to do. But it’s my opinion that it would be a mistake to do what Marvel is doing. They should learn from “The Dark Knight Triumphant.” In this case DC would be the aging Batman and Marvel would be the upstart mutant leader (and fanboys would be the sycophantic, manipulable followers, sorry). It would be a mistake to try to match Marvels methods. They’ve got a different hand of cards and they need to play them right.

        Perhaps time will prove me right. Who knows.

        • So then the problem with the Marvel movies is that they’re mediocre in themselves. That doesn’t mean the method of making individual superhero movies and then a team-up film with the same actors is a bad method. It’s a great strategy, if it’s done well. And like I said already, Reynolds is a well-known and well-liked actor. If this movie is a success then there will be lots of people walking around who keep mixing up “Green Lantern” and “Green Hornet”, but they will know exactly what you’re talking about when you say “that comic book movie with Ryan Reynolds in it.” And like I said, WB would be foolish to recast a relatively unknown character once millions of people associate the lovable Mr. Reynolds with that character.

          Sure, there are just as many “ifs” in my argument as there are in yours, because neither of us can really predict how this is going to go. But if the Green Lantern movie is a total flop, then they will have to recast the GL anyway, and they likely won’t try a GL solo sequel either. In which case, of course you’re right that they would probably just make a JLA movie with all new actors. But that’s not really the scenario I’m referring to. I’m only saying that it will be a bad idea IF the GL and Superman movies are successful on their own (which I think they will be).

          • I’m not saying “if” anywhere. You keep saying, “if this movie and that movie are successful, etc.” What I’m saying is that by keeping separate universes, any one movie can bomb and it won’t affect the rest. Also, Ryan Reynolds being likable does not equal RR’s agent agreeing to a multi-year, multi-movie contract. I like Chris Evans, but he’s not as bankable as Reynolds (whom I don’t like as much). And I believe RDJ is giving a discount on Avengers. Back then, few would have considered this deal. That was then. Now if DC announces they are going to do the same thing Marvel is doing, no agent is going to give them a deal, and they’ll look like unoriginal copycats. Look at all the attempts to copy the Harry Potter formula. JL would be like Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief.

            Yes, Marvel movies are mediocre IMO. I liked Iron Man okay but the rest I’d give a grade C. They aren’t bad so I can’t give them a D, but they aren’t grabbing me. However as I said, it’s a good strategy for Marvel to give their characters exposure, and build hype for Avengers (and simultaneously the individual movies).

            Anyway, this is all just opinion. I appreciate the back and forth SD-Dave.

            And your Green Hornet point is good, but I still have to think a JL movie is an easy sell as “Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and a bunch of other costumed clowns.”

            Now, be honest, haven’t you once in the last year or so tried to explain the Avengers movie to anyone who’s not really into this stuff? “It’s going to have Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Yeah, first they’re making a Thor movie and a Captain America movie. Did you see that scene at the end of the credits with Samuel L. Jackson, and how he was talking about the Avengers initiative? No, this is different than the old TV show. This is the Avengers from the comics.”

        • I get at where you’re going, like what D.C does with their characters on the comics. Like Elseworlds, has the same character but different art and story, but turned into a hit comic book like ALL STAR SUPERMAN.

          That might be a good idea so as not to have a problem with continuities on the standalone and team up film storyline.

        • @Nostelg-O, Yeah and Catwoman, Steel, Batman & Robin, Batman Returns, Watchmen, and The Loses were masterpieces right? Yeah, whatever dude. I like some DC stuff but don’t on DC so don’t hate on Marvel just because they’re ahead of the game in terms of doing something never done before. Marvel made mediocre movies? Well I guess if you you count the other studios BUT “Marvel Studios” only had 1 movie that underperformed and wasn’t as bad as people make it and that’s Iron Man 2 of course. The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor were great movies, maybe not the at the same level as The Dark Knight but that’s ok. The Dark Knight was great but it’s overrated and more of a “SAFE” detective, action film rather an actual “superhero” film. I’m not hating on DC but Marvel Studios is doing great for being a new studio doing their own stuff.

      • Some scenes I picture are: The batjet swooping over Metropolis or into Paradise Island, or the batsub going to Atlantis. Green Lantern can have a fabric costume (if that doesn’t work, change it in the next movie). None of these things need to be explained. Everyone knows Bruce Wayne is rich and has a lot of stuff. There are ways to que the audience that things are different. Batman could have a grey and black costume.

        What I’m suggesting is that with separate JL movies they can afford to be a lot more imaginative and take more risks. They won’t be creating a chain that can potentially have a weak link.

        I’m thinking basically live-action cartoons with substantial budgets, but perhaps below 100 million each. They can make them relatively quickly, and make lots of them. I can’t imagine getting all the actors to sign multi-year, multi-movie contracts. It worked out for Marvel, but in doing so they probably raised the stakes and changed the playing field.

        • While I personally like the sound of that, all of that sounds better suited for direct-to-DVD cartoons (or shoot, maybe DC could even try direct-to-DVD live action movies). The point being, when you have a movie that includes all these different characters, each with their own movies already, only a relatively small niche market will enjoy the sort of quirky or “out there” films you’re describing. Most average movie-goers will be much more wooed by the promise of a big “event” film with big (or at least established) actors, huge set pieces and massive battles, etc. That’s what Avengers is promising, and if Avengers is successful, you can bet DC/WB will follow.

          • @Nostelg-O
            It sounds like you’re assuming that everyone is familiar with the Justice League and the characters in it, and frankly that’s not true. The fact is, studios are trying to appeal to everyone, not just fanboys. If anything, the last person they are trying to appeal to is a fanboy because, let’s face it, he is going to see that movie no matter how much the continuity is screwed up or the casting is wrong. A fourteen year old girl, however, is only going to see it if Ryan Reynolds is in it because she loves Ryan Reynolds and intends to marry him one day. Known actors sell movies. Unknown actors dont. Studios want to sell movies. Studios cast known actors. Its all about business. Furthermore, these movies need origins stories and character development because not everyone “knows Bruce Wayne is rich and has a lot of stuff.” If studios don’t use previous casting and previously established continuiy it makes it harder to understand the movie or there is too much origin and not enough actual story. (Sorry for any typos. Typed this up on my phone.)

            • I’m impressed with your typing.

              I stick by everything I said. Sure there are a lot of DC characters people don’t know, but Batman? Superman? WW? Aquaman? People know them. Period. Thor, Iron Man, not nearly as well. Then they’ll recognize Flash (the guy who runs fast) and Green Lantern (magic ring guy). Red Tornado? Atom Man? Okay, yeah.

              I’m sure it’s a lot of trouble for DC to find actors, but I doubt Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill are going to express much sympathy in contract negotiations. It doesn’t matter how bad fans want it.

              Anyway, we’ll see. You could be right. I’m not married to my opinion. I don’t really care that much. They’ll do something and I’ll probably see it.

              Green Lantern looks really cool. It will make more BO than Thor. That should give them some confidence.

              • Yeah I’m with Nostelg-O.

                Some of you say that it would be sheer madness to recast those roles with highly successful actors but I don’t really think you know what you’re saying. Do you really think they will be able to afford all of those big names in one place? Nothing like having a 400 mil dollar budget and having 2/3 of that eaten up paying just the actors? (don’t forget that there are also iconic villains that have to be found too!)

                The one very smart thing Marvel did was they signed most of their actors to multi-picture deals for a single price. This allowed them to afford to have all of them in one movie at the same time. Do you think though that Reynolds, Bale or Cavill will be willing to agree to a big pay cut simply for the greater good? There is a chance but I highly doubt it.

                • Now your comparing super stars here.. First of all playing a superhero of such franchise stature doesn’t NEED to have Leonardo Dicaprio etc. or an A lister to play the role.. Christian Bale is an A lister NOWWW, he was not when he was cast as Batman, he might have taken the multi-movie deal, technically he DID. 3 films. The problem was that DC was not organized in it’s process like Marvel was. They could never get the Justice League thing off the ground. That has been established already. Brandon Routh was not an A lister when he was cast and still isnt. He would have taken the multi-year deal. The new guy playing Superman is not an A lister. How many super hero movies has our Green Lantern in already? He wouldnt reprise his role in JLA?? It wouldnt cost 400 million to make a JLA with the current cast of actors. The Marvel Movies have been SUCCESSFUL (Nostelgo), and have had better films– oh i’m sorry have been the only comic book movies out. Iron man was critically acclaimed and profitable, Blade, Spiderman was also- broke motion picture records btw, Spiderman 2 broke the box office bank again new records and was critical success, Thor has gotten great reviews and is making more money than Marvel even expected, what more do you want?!– now the so so movies– Hulk was okay, Ironman 2 was also- Iron Man 2 made money though. Not my opinion check out Rotten Tomatoes. They did well. They were profitable movies. Lets see what happens with Captain America. So far their method is KILLING IT. If your DC- logic states you try something DIFFERENT? That’s just stupid. It’s anti-climactic. It’s a franchise cross over in name only, not in movie cast sense.

                  But that’s not why I’m typing this response right now. I mean, I couldn’t disagree more, I think it makes no sense what some people are saying on this post at all. Why go through all the trouble the months of searching all the interviews to look for an actor that would be the embodiment of such an iconic character to go through the process all over again. When you cast a certain actor and the audience loves him, you as a film studio wouldn’t want to take that chance again. They should have hired the actors to multi- picture contracts and I tell you they would have taken them.

                  Many people dont know who Green Lantern is.. I didnt know the origin and am glad to see it.. I dont know the origins of Wonderwoman, or Flash or Green Arrow etc.. Having them just pop up in JLA is like “so what” doesnt do anything to build up the JLA movie. They are rushing this cause they wasted a decade pissin in the wind.

                  • When I say “Marvel” I’m strictly reffering to their studio movies. I wasn’t including Spider-man and others. Only the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and the two Iron Mans. And I’m not arguing that Marvel is making money.

                    Look at “The Incredibles.” I don’t recall any solo movies for that project, which was full of different superheros. People went with it and loved it.

                    I admit that two different live action versions would be tricky, but far from impossible. The easiest way would be to make the Motion capture JL movie they were talking about a few years ago. So it would be more like a cartoon, distinct from solo movies.

                    I’m not a fan of motion capture but I’m certain it’s been improving and will continue to do so. I think that or a more cartoonish approach would be successful. Imagine Batman jumping around and fighting a few ten foot tall monsters. Wouldn’t work as well in live action.

        • @Nostel-O, Oh yeah, and Superman 3 and Superman Returns were also masterpieces too huh? Those all were pretty mediocre if not worse.

      • people already love tom welling. doesn’t matter if they like cavil. cavil won’t be able to compete with 10 years of tom welling as the man of steel. I think if they do cavil in superman and then welling in justice league that it would be beter than having ONLY cavil and no welling. welling is going to satisfy the fans.

        • Agree

  23. Im definitely thinking Henry Cavill will be in the JLA movie, but I honestly think that Ryan Reynolds willb e too busy. Heres what they should do: push JLA back to 2014 and then have GL 2 out in 2013. bring John Stewart in as a GL in GL 2 (I think I heard hes actually in GL 1, just not as a GL) and then have him be the GL in JLA. I really think that fans of the JL cartoon would appreciate that.

    • Jon is DEFINITELY in the movie. Guaranteed 100%. Just not like audiences will expect but still very faithful to the comics.

  24. DC has always done things their way,if you notice the animations they send out are not connected in any way eg.Superman and Batman TAS are nowhere in connection to the Justice Leauges,the ones that come out on DVD are all over the place also and yet they can still be related to.If the JL movie is done properly there should be no worries.

    • Youre telling me that the Batman animated series and Superman animates series have no connection to the Justice League animated series or JLU? thats dead wrong man. those 4 series (along with Static Shock and Batman Beyond) are called the DC animated universe for a reason. they’re all in the same continuity, there are references in all 6 shows to the other five. I dont know what youve been watching.

      • Well if that is the case,which I doubt because the first episode of Justice League had all the characters meeting for the first,anyway the DVD’s shows a different Justice League(eg.Crises on Two Earths) and Superman/Batman:Apocalypse has no connection and it worked,All Star Superman,the GL etc.,totally different stories.

  25. I think Brandon Routh should be Superman in the Justice League movie. He is enough continuity that Snyder and Cavill can go their thing. Routh was a great Superman, he needs to get his due.

    • Perhaps he could’ve been if Singer hadn’t tried so hard to make him into Christopher Reeve’s Superman. From that perspective he just bombed as the Man of Steel, but if he could be allowed to make the character of Clark Kent/Superman his own, then you have a good point.

  26. In my opinion it would be preferable not to use the same actors in a JLA movie. While I hope the Avengers is a great movie, combining these performances from different movies, all with differnt writers and directors might be a little bit like putting a sqaure peg in a round hole. Personally, I believe that Superman is strong enough to have different movie incarnations concurrently. In fact, I think it would be wise to finally cast Tom Welling as a movie Superman. Furthermore, I think Superman is strong enough to have Henry Cavil playing him in stand alone films, a different actor playing him in a JLA movie and Tom Welling play him in a Smallville inspired series of films. It is time for Warner Bros. to stop being hesitant and get aggressive.

  27. The JLA movie should be approached as a 3 part epic movie. As with Lord of the Rings, a progression that all comes to a final all-out battle. The first movie can be introductions and some action between by stand alone heroes. The second could be where they begin to meet and discover a larger world threat other then the minor bosses they have been fighting. One or two more members could be introduced as well. Then the final movie would be a complete crazy powerhouse of a fight

    with the main boss who has ben behind the whole thing to destroy earth/universe/time.. all the heroes from the previous two movies coming together.

  28. You guys shouldn’t quibble so much about who’s going to start in what. I for one am just excited about the possibilities of seeing these characters team up on the silver screen and the 10′s promises to be an extremely entertaining decade for superhero fans.

    Besides, I can see a LOT of pros AND cons whichever route they take. If they cast the same actors from the individual movies, there’s bound to be more tie-in subplots than we’d really want to see in these individual movies. However, the continuity would be appreciated, period. On the other hand, if they DON’T cast the same actors, there would be more story substance to all the movies.

    It’s up to DC, and I actually think they should explore the other side of the coin. Then we can all see what works and what doesn’t work.

    In the end, it’s a good thing that WB/DC is not lagging too far behind anymore. We have no idea when the superhero craze in movies will end, but I’d certainly want to see all these superheroes on the silver screen before it does.

  29. I just hope it doesn’t suck balls!!