Justice League Announcement at Comic-Con?

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superman justice league Justice League Announcement at Comic Con?

This summer’s San Diego Comic-Con is set to be one of the biggest ever on the Hollywood side of things. For the last several years, attendance numbers have been pushed to the max as major motion pictures try to capture the attention of the most hardcore of geeks and this year will see presentations on some of the most anticipated comic book movies ever.

We know Marvel is trying to steal the show with the premiere of the first official trailer for Thor and likely some good stuff on The First Avenger: Captain America to go with some other goodies and surprises, no doubt teasing The Avengers which will bring all of their heroes together.

What will DC do to counter this? We can expect a big presentation from Warner Bros. on Green Lantern and hopefully more info on Batman 3 and Superman for which Christopher Nolan is working on, but we already know about that stuff. What else can they do to wow audiences? Maybe some some official word on The Flash or even better, confirmation of a Justice League project?

With Marvel putting out origins films for each main member of their Avengers line-up, leading to them coming together in The Avengers, it’s obvious and almost necessary that DC Entertainment does the same on their side. The problem is that they didn’t conceive of this idea from the beginning and Nolan’s Batman series was designed to stand alone and that’s how actor Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan wanted it to stay.

That’s all changed now with Nolan coming aboard to help godfather in the Superman reboot. Nolan is no longer the Batman guy, he’s a DC Universe guy and we can expect that he’ll be a part of Warner Bros.’ plans to make the DC Comics properties their next major franchise after Harry Potter concludes.

While word on Justice League has been kept on the down low, Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment Geoff Johns was questioned on the topic at WonderCon recently to which he could not definitively respond.

“I can’t talk about it. We’ll talk in San Diego.”

Translation: We’ll tell you “yes” in a few months.

Similarly, Nolan has kept vague on the topic as well but it’s obvious this is the plan going forward. My only question is on how and if they’ll get Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne to stick around after Batman 3. Is he really interested in sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan?

I hope so.

We’ll be there in San Diego as it happens so stick around.

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  1. you would need an entirly different Batman than Christian Bale's for the Jusic League

    i dont even think you need a batman movie to lead up to a League movie, just Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman (and a Flash movie would be nice, but not a neccessity)

  2. i think it would be better for dc not to do a justice league movie, as it would be seen as copying marvel “movie theme wise” i think it would be alot wiser for them to develop the indiviual characters alot more and have like 4-5 movies of each. id love to see the progression of green lantern on screen and maybe develop into the blackest night storyline, etc… if they focused more of character progression rather than a joint film i think it would work more to their advantage.

  3. It exists in the comics and they're making the movies regardless. I don't it being a “copy” in some people's minds affects any of the decisions of the execs making the movies or the folks who want to see them.

  4. I think Batman is key for Justice League. Years ago, they were trying to make a Batman vs. Superman movie so I think those two characters are the most essential.

  5. A Justice League grounded in the realism of Nolan's Batman films . . . I guess that's possible, though I'm not sure how plausible that'd be. I don't take Nolan to be the type where he'd suddenly try and squeeze in something into the third Batman to try and say “oh, by the way, there are other superheroes here too.” That would just taint the film.

    The biggest thing DC would have working against them is how to introduce them, and how Marvel is doing The Avengers just makes it difficult for DC to do without looking like they're copying. Not copying the idea of “a team of superheroes,” but how to build into film-wise. If Nolan becomes DC's equivalent of Jon Favreau, though, I don't doubt he'd find a way that'd work.

  6. I want to see the movie regardless even if it is a copy (nothing personal to Marvel), it's just DC movies have all been doing great ever since Clooney's biggest failure. Everything marvel does, somehow, DC does better. Mostly because FOX has it's grubby hands in most Marvel movies.

  7. “My only question is on how and if they’ll get Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne to stick around after Batman 3. Is he really interested in sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan?”

    My only question is, should they keep him around? I love Nolans Batman universe and all, but come on… It was never designed for a shared universe, Its far to bound in reality to ever be a good part of a big DC-universe without betraying some of the key things that makes Nolan's Batman work.

    In my humble opinion, what they need to do is, finish of batman soon, then get a new director with a more fitting vision(for a shared universe-batman), and keep Nolan around as a Producer for it.

  8. There will be no bale and no Nolan.

  9. I agree.

  10. But not in the latest films. Since Marvel has it´s own film-studio, they got rid of those Fox fools. They´re only involved with the X-Men movies.

  11. I am more of a Marvel guy but I do like Batman and Green Lantern, that's it. I think doing a movie of each individual character is more important right now. The characters that need their own movies are Flash, Wonder Woman, Matian ManHunter, AquaMan, and maybe a combo of two heroes like maybe HawkMan & Green Arrow. They could wait to make The Justice League around 2018 and I'd be cool with it, just not right after The Avengers.

  12. I doubt we will really hear much for jl film. To me we are probably a long way from it happening. Since first we need green lantern to be a hit, then at least get flash and wonder woman on the screen. Then also fix superman, and see where batman and superman will fit in DCE new film plans.

  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again; you can talk about the “realism” of Nolan's Batman all you want, but the fact remains that it's a movie about a guy dressed as a bat beating up criminals. It's really not all that realistic, and that Batman fits in with the rest of the DC Universe just as well as the one in the comics.

  14. Halle Berry ruined “Catwoman” after Clooney's Batman and Robin.

    Well… I guess that's not fair. I don't think it was Halle's fault. The movie was beyond saving. You know your movie has some problems when pouring Halle into skin tight vinyl can't help it. lol

  15. you are absolutely correct……Batman is all about the real man aspect……how he has managed to fit in with the titans of the world……and even manage to best them all if he had to….I feel the current Bale-Batman would fit better in a JL film than the campy post-Michael Keaton Batman………just sayin

  16. He lied. They have no news to report at all.

  17. Still the X-Men are a big part of the Marvel Universe, and correct on the latest. But it hasn't exactly proven it's worth. Only 2 movies. We'll see with IM2.

  18. Yes, exactly. Since Nolan is handling Bats, Sups and the Justice League, your going to have to place the original people for the original character.

  19. my justice league cast!routh showed authority on chuck(welling on just a superman movie).scott adkins is my top choie for batman(bale in batman movies),wonder woman would be the lady that played angel of vengence on smallville(despite be latina, linda carter is half mexican).martian manhunter would be peter mensah.his voice,build,and overall look with alittle makeup screams manhunter.barry allen flash mark valley dispite being alittle older would be cool as allen or the cop from movie redbelt.the guy from blue mountain state should remain as auqaman!he has shown he can carry to different versions of the character(smallville and justice league:final frontier).my cast look and can carry.

  20. Fox has Daredevil and Fantastic Four too.

  21. And he drives a jet-propelled Tank downtown and on rooftops… 😉

  22. another cast choice for superman!welling is my top choice with routh a close second.henry cavil is actually very good in the tutors.welling and routh edge out because they fit the physical requirements. welling wins because of experiene and acting ability,plus to me he looks the most like the version of superman byrne created.(just slightly preatier, but that was byrnes intention for superman set aside from the rest).routh does not look like the character, but looks like a cool version.henry has a presence that almost matches welling,but welling is superman to me.cavil does not look like superman to me but can carry the role.

  23. It's not about D.C. following Marvel. DC released “Watchman” in 09 so they've already fielded a hero team up movie. It's really more about market opportunity and how long the popularity of the genre remains high. Keeping the quality in is one of the key factors in keeping the demand up. Staging the movie releases is another key, making sure the market isn't oversaturated in any given 40-90 day period. I could see a 16 to 30 month separation between the two team movie releases being an effective ploy to sustain revenue. Basically an every other year scenario.

  24. i have a feeling batma 3 will open up the dc universe for batman. which i think is an awsome idea. a super in this batman universe would be awsome you guys jus want som sugar coated topping remmberval kilmers batman in the actual dc universe? it was horrible take the realism that nolan applied to batman and run with it. and he is using more cgi look at inception? its going to work and its going to probably be som of the coolest movies we seen since the matrix

  25. and i can see it already gotham is a fictional city in this universe right? whos to say theyre arnt other ficitonal cities besides gotham and in that city exists an alien that lives life as a man named clark kent. and sees batman and gets inspired by him. it could be a younger superman but this could be the direction nolan is going

  26. Bale share the screen with anyone? Not likely. It would do his ego some good to see a Justice League film come together and be a major success without him being involved.

    Nolan can still keep his Batman world separate by using a different actor for Batman in a Justice League movie. Its not uncommon for the comics world to have alternate or multiple time lines and or universes; sometimes its the only way to allow for so many varied titles.

    I say send Bale to the principals office along with Bill Murray and they can watch each others films till their egos explode.

  27. I honestly don't like Bale as Batman anymore, his Batman voice is just annoying and he's not that great at playing Bruce Wayne. Other than those complaints his acting was okay. But for the Justice League, I think he looks too old for the part. Even though they are around the same age range, he looks a lot older than Reynold's, and whoever is playing Superman should not look as old as Bale. I'm sure he will stick around for Batman 3 (in the words of Nolan) ” to close this chapter” and start a new one, hence the Justice League.
    So, I doubt he'd want to continue his role as The Dark Knight. They will, and should recast and just continue on with the story. I know people are against this because of what happened in the 90s, but this is a new era with the right people doing this, so it will still be great.

    Can't wait to see who's playing Superman.

    Since they are going to have the two main characters have origin stories, they have to give one to Wonder Woman. If Batman nor Superman were there to run the show, she would be the next in line to be the leader. She is very important and deserves her own film.

    Justice League is gonna kick the Avengers A$$!! Can't wait!!

  28. Here's a wild & crazy idea, how about doing the JL movie like Cameron did AVATAR where you use motion capture (or whatever the technical term is) so you can pull off a lot more special effects with greater ease and impressiveness without looking like a PIXAR film and that would enable you to focus casting strictly on the persons abilities. I know that most of the animation in the past few decades for Batman, Superman and many of the JL hero's and their villain counterparts have been voiced by some incredible talent like

    Kevin Conroy – voice of Batman
    Clancy Brown – Lex Luthor
    Carl Lumbly – J'onn J'onzz

    and on and on.

    I realize that with some of these you would really need to go with their live picture actors like Reynolds as GL but with AVATAR like filming you could over come any age issues (with the actors) as well as body shape issues.

    Just a thought

  29. the problem with that is Chris Nolan already said that this batman is in its own universe, there are no other superheroes and that the third batman movie will “END” meaning that the story will conclude, no more batman vigilanty, villians, robin, anything by the time the credts of “3” roll