‘Justice League’ Movie Confirmed With Zack Snyder Directing

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Justice League Movie Justice League Movie Confirmed With Zack Snyder Directing

In news that should be a surprise to nobody, Warner Bros. has officially confirmed that the Justice League will be the studio’s next sequel after Batman vs. Superman and that director Zack Snyder will return once again to direct.

To catch up with rival Marvel, Warner Bros. has been pushing forward rapidly on development of its own shared series of films. The studio kicked things off with a reboot of the Superman franchise, Man of Steel. Next, they sent fans everywhere into a tizzy when they cast Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman vs. Superman.

Since then, they’ve been hard at work casting the rest of the famous super group. Gal Gadot won the high-profile role of Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher just joined the cast as Cyborg, and Jason Momoa could be just about anyone (from a hero like Aquaman to a villain like Darkseid).

The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish the confirmation, noting that the script is still in development and that the movie likely won’t come out before 2018, two years after Batman vs. Superman.

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Justice League Movie Confirmed With Zack Snyder Directing

While Zack Snyder has tried to downplay the competition between Marvel and DC, arguing that good superhero movies are “infectious” and audiences will want to see both, it will still be interesting to see whether Warner Bros. can replicate Marvel’s success.

Given that Marvel released five movies before The Avengers, introducing all of its main characters either in solo films or in supporting roles, one had to wonder whether audiences will be prepared for a big Justice League movie after only two films.

Is Warner Bros. selling some of its most important characters short, especially Wonder Woman, by having them first appear in minor roles instead of getting their own movie? Some fans would argue that many of DC’s superheroes are iconic enough to jump right into a team-up movie.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you happy Warners finally announced the Justice League movie? Are you satisfied with Zack Snyder directing once again? Let us know in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman hits theaters May 6th, 2016. Justice League currently has no release date. As always, check back to Screen Rant for more details as Warner Bros. solidifies its plans for what could end up being one of the biggest movies of the decade.

Source: WSJ

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  1. Yeah this sounds great and all, but DC is probably going to copy off of marvels the avengers a little bit. Honestly, I don’t give a crap about their competitions and movie battles. I just love superheroes, and superhero movies from BOTH sides. If I had to way towards one though, it would be marvel. But I really think DC is going downhill. Rob said they only had 2 movies. This implies that the Batman trilogy and the mediocre green lantern movie aren’t being used. I say, they should definitely cancel this Ben Afflect delio. And get Christian Bales Batman back! Pay the guy however much it takes to get him back, but HE is your strong point! Also, give Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern another chance. It can be fixed with some major adjustments. I don’t care who they use for the others, as long as the actors resemble the characters. And since they are waiting so long, that should give them enough time for solo movies and solo sequels. No offense to DC fans, but lets be honest here people. DC is getting there behinds handed to them.

    • Yes it is true that Marvel has been going strong from the start but I think that things are going to change as we see other studios start to step up and put out some quality products. I know you love Hulk, as your name indicates but if these DC movies do well it will not take away from the success Marvel has earned and will continue to earn.

      • I know its not going to take away success, but I am just saying that DC is going to have to work harder if they want to keep up with marvel. I like both, but I was just saying that I probably like marvel a little better. I am not trying to pick on DC for not having their stuff together. Nor am I some Over the top marvel fan here to bash DC. I would be considered a neutral fan. I have to word my posts carefully when suggesting ideas to DC because there are a billion over the top DC fans on here who might see it as me bashing DC.

        • I hear what you are saying and I have read some of your post on some other articles and could decipher that you prefer Marvel. I look at characters and pick the ones I like, I do not care who controls them as long as they are entertaining. But when you say the DC needs to catch up with Marvel, What do you mean? Why do you think they need to catch up? Most people who are not JL fans are saying they are rushing it yet before the announcement they were saying they are behind. Do you see my frustration!

          • DC hasn’t made but like 5 movies, and that is being deducted to two! Now they are replacing my favorite version of Batman with a rookie version! Their attempt at GL was awful to viewers! And they INSIST on trying to compete with marvel! Marvel has perhaps the most popular and liked superhero movies, and has since they first started! Now do you see what I mean! THAT is my frustration!

            • Batman has always been replaced with different actors so I do not see why this is surprising just like banner was replaced 3 times before the avengers. You are the one who keeps insisting that DC is trying to compete. I have not read anything that DC or WB has said saying otherwise. You have a problem with batman being played by someone else but you are ok with other characters being switched (banner). Do you see my frustration.

              • Its not surprising to me at all. I am just mad BECAUSE they do it. Companies don’t ANNOUNCE competition. They just do it. And you can tell they are. Batman was one of my many frustrations I listed. I have many frustrations with marvel as well. I understand YOUR frustration. But at least they have kept the same Banner story since TIH. Hulk (2003) was to awful to use. And the old hulk DIED! Now, do you understand MY frustration?

                • I can see your frustration but it is what it is. Change can be a good thing. Marvel did things different and it paid off. It just seems you are more critical with DC than Marvel movies as I have read other post you have written on other marvel articles. We do have something in common we share a common interest in the best (my opinion) Superhero,Hulk.

                  • The hulk is the best superhero in both our opinions. I guess I just have more to say to DC because they have so many things to fix. And Marvel has been doing great since Iron man (2008). DC has so many mre mistakes until it leads me to be more critical with them. Though I like both of them. If I didn’t like both of them, I wouldn’t care so much about them having ideas that could potentially fail. Kind of like if you were in grade school, and a teacher likes these two kids (as students of course). But one of them has been flunking since the start of the school year, and the other has been passing. Both have some pretty bad techniques for the future though. You are probably more likely to start with the flunking student first. Its just logic to choose the one that’s failing to try to help first.

                    • Oops! Meant to write more mistakes, not “mre.”

          • We say that they are rushing it because they simply ARE RUSHING IT.Why can’t WB be just happy off of earning BILLIONS of dollars from the recent HARRY POTTER franchise??Why do they feel the need to rush a script to a JLA movie??A perfectly competent take over such as the one MARVEL has done takes time and skillful planning,DC is doing the exact opposite.

    • amen brother!

  2. I too for a long time thought DC fans start these fights however as of late I’m seeing more and more Marvel fans come onto the comments section and just pick fights for no aparent reason. I hope this movie does well considering how much I love DC. I also wish Marvel succeeds too, as I love CBMs in general. I just find it shocking that if you scroll through these comment sections the most inflammatory comments come from Marvel fans. You’ll see common themes such as:

    •DC is stupid and just wants to cash in
    •Marvel is brilliant with their Phases and DC i just greedy
    •DC is just too late to the game
    •The casting is just wayy off DC makes bad moves

    Even in the DCAU thread (which most comic fans agree that DC does have a bigger pressence) a Marvel fan came in not to comment about the article but just to hate on DC’s animated movies. It’s nuts how offended Marvel fans get at the mere mention of DC comic heroes.

    • I am not on here to bash DC. Consider me a neutral. As a neutral,I have seen hard core fans from both sides go at it. I am just here to lay down a plan, wich is something DC doesn’t seem to have at the moment. You can’t just dive into a super hero team up without developing your characters first. Character development is something that will need to be done to keep up with marvel. And like I said, I don’t give a crap about their little competition dealio they’ve got going on. I just care that I get movies from both sides that are worth something. I could list a billion ways some of marvels ideas could take them downhill. I just chose to point a finger towards DC since its an article based on them.

      • Why do you think they do not have a plan?

        • I think this because they seem to be choosing random movies to do. And they show a movie every decade or so. Also, they chose to ignore the totally awesome Dark Knight trilogy, and use a rookie version for their ultimate team up instead. Now they seem to have terminated GL and the Dark knight trilogy. I really was hoping for a Robin trilogy! But nope, instead we get a rookie version of the dark knight! They have perfect set ups that they could use, but yet they choose to ignore them. THIS is why I don’t think they have a plan. Or at least not a good one anyway.

  3. We have 3 movies to establish a JL universe. JLA did it in one 30min episode. JL war did it in 1 movie. Where’s the rush in doing it in 3 movies?
    How I see it is Superman was the first to reveal himself to the world and the rest just follow up after him… simple.

    • I have seen three DC animated movies on how the Justice League gets started and all there of them are not only completely different but occur in different time periods also. I think they really need to stick to one storyline. Honestly, I liked the Green Lantern movie as an introduction to the character for non fans. Which will confuse them because the next time they see him he will be Jon Stewart instead of Hal Jordan. I believe DC has the best chance for a female stand alone due to Wonder Woman being more known than Black Widow or Mystique. I guess I reserve that judgement on Gal Gadots portrayal of her.

  4. Man of Steel was the only superhero movie where i actually cared about what would happen. I think he is the onky superhero you actually kind of care about what happens to him.

    • I know right…he is so fragile. What happens if he comes across that one and only really rare item in the universe that might maybe could hurt him?The suspense kills me.

  5. For those who love both MARVEL and DC -again equally- it might be that alot of the negativity steems from the thought of WARNER/DC not really taking the time to create good stories, again its being rushed. And no matter what happens it will tell its self and will be evident on screen when these films are released. If you dont agree with it tough right? Dont spend your hard earned money twice (watching it in theaters then buying the movie) if you dont like the end result! The ironic thing is everyone that lined up to watch Avengers and MOS will line up to watch these DC movies and future MARVEL films!

    • WiseUp, just to let you know, your Marvel Fanboy of the Month trophy is being shipped to you.

      You edged out the completion this month by how cleverly you disguise yourself as actually liking DC before you begin your required trashing of all things DC. That and your exceptional use of our key terms like “Rushed” and “Crowded.”

      You will also receive a bonus on your monthly salary from Marvel Fanboy Center.

      Keep up the good work!

      Thank you, and remember the slogan: Make Mine Marvel

  6. The Marvel vs DC thing is a prime example of “group think”. Some people are so desperate to fit in and be part of a group that they just automatically bash anything that isn’t part of that group.

    Same thing happens in politics. Doesn’t matter how good a candidate might be if he isn’t in their party he will get bashed by certain members of that party.

    Elitism is probably one of the greatest evils of all time.

    • Very well said! What is sad is that many of these fans are missing out on great movies because they feel the need to be loyal to a particular side. You should always try and look at things logically and without bias but some people do not care about logic or common sense.

    • +1000
      The people that DC and Marvel PAY to advertise their products don’t seem to put in half as much effort as fans do when it comes to trash talking the competition. Why is everything reduced to “picking sides”? We’re the customer, they should be fighting over us, not us fighting over them.

  7. This is the greatest time to be a superhero fan! If I could go back in time and tell my 10 year old self that first: there’s no freaking hoverboards or flying cars yet. Second: that Batman will be fighting Superman in a movie. Third: Hulk was one of the BEST parts in Marvels ‘ The Avengers.’

    • Hulk was one of the best parts of The Avengers and the main reason I loved the movie!

      • I have to agree with you there.

  8. I wish Warner Brothers would make a good superhero movie before announcing plans to make a team-up movie.

    • Sorry, there was a bit of an exaggeration there.

      A good superhero movie that stars a character other than Batman.

      • …good thing they made MOS…a GREAT superhero film.

        • So did you like the part where Pa Kent implied to Clark it was better for those kids to drown or the part where Superman committed genocide on the remaining Kryptonians more?

          • Why does it upset you that he liked MoS? It is his opinion and if you think it wasn’t very good that’s yours.

            • I am not one to unsolicitedly bash someone for their taste; but he replied to my comment so I did feel the need to challenge his statement. You can’t get up in my grill for getting up in someone’s grill when that someone got up in my grill first.

              • I have a grill but I want to get a new one.

              • Too funny! You made this worth reading.
                I tell you, at times, the comments are better than the actual article. And this is one of those times!

          • Say what you like but Man of Steel was a very good, enjoyable film.
            I look forward to the sequel!

          • I’ve always found Papa Kent’s role in this film odd… he tells him to be suspicious of the world because the world will fear him. He will never be accepted until.. y’know… when he is. Which is a weird thing to tell a child, even if he does have god-like abilities. And then he dies…
            That, of course, doesn’t make the film bad, I just would’ve handled his influence a tad different. That and the last 45 min of pure CG madness.
            Aside from that, MoS was well made, and pretty faithful to Superman as I’ve always perceived him. So *shrugs* I’ve seen worse, and I hope it gets better

            • Since MOS was suppose to be set in today’s world Pa Kent was just protective and cautious.

              He didn’t want Clark on youtube picking up cars, or showing his abilities because he would be labeled a demon by some and angel by others and snatched up by the government.

              I think that Pa Kent raised him very well. If it was Johnny Kent the meth dealer that was raising him he probably would have turned out alot different.

              • Ur absolutely right, I just would have expected John Kent to be more like Jor El was. Their fatherly advice was radically different and I get that Clark must learn to balance both sets of advice: Be gentle and ease humanity into your existence AND be a beacon and symbol greater than any mere man… but I would’ve preferred that humanity teaches him the importance of inspiring hope and Jor El gets to see the fruit of their labors… the whole father son thing and Christian allegory is heavy handed and clumsily implemented IMO

          • John K…

            So, you’re asking if I liked the part where the cautious, protective, loving father, knowing about the kinds of people who inhabit too much of this world, answers his son honestly about his fears for his extraordinary son or if I liked the part where Superman, after having given Zod and the other Kryptonians MORE than enough of an opportunity to avoid a war and leave (or, at least, negotiate) peacefully with the people of the only world Kal has ever truly known, allows for their imprisonment in the Phantom Zone (where they were SUPPOSED to be, anyway), simultaneously destroying the device they’d activated to commit genocide of a species THEY had invaded in the first place?

            Is THAT what you’re asking?

            I thoroughly enjoyed BOTH, since they gave the film a good bit of its depth.

            Any other dumb questions?

            • You getting mad over my question does not make it dumb. In fact, you replies to it only validated my question to you. Glad you answered it, however, here’s my response:

              In no sane universe is letting the kids drown better than keeping your mysterious powers a secret. You may think otherwise, but

              a) I am glad you are not making political decisions.
              b) You’re wrong.

              I suppose you could make an argument of why the sanctity of life can be cast aside in this instance, but you could also do the same to justify racism, and most racists would not be in favor of letting a bunch of kids drown.

              Superman could have killed all the invading Kryptonians fine and dandy. However, he also destroyed all the Kryptonian embryos dooming his own species.

              Those Kryptonians banished to the phantom zone are dead. It was established in the movie that you needed to enter a phallic-shaped rocket to survive the confines of this extra-dimensional speace. With no protection they would burn up upon entry or die due to lack of biological necessities including food, water, and air. Superman and friends killed them far less mercilessly than Zod.

              If I asked more dumb questions but then we would be here until the apocalypse. The questions I asked were to highlight how bad the writing was as, to me, Man of Steel was a boring, pretty, mess, with only a few redeeming qualities. If you like it, more power to you, but I will never call it a “great movie”.

              • John K…

                NO idea where why you think I’m mad at you…Since I found your comment silly, I would have no reason to be upset. This response you’ve given has not raised my opinion of your views at all…perhaps, it has even lowered a bit as a result.

                The ONE (1) intelligent remark you did make is this: “If I asked more dumb questions but then we would be here until the apocalypse.” I thoroughly agree; thus, I strongly encourage you NOT to ask anymore dumb questions.


              • Oh, and also…

                If you did not like MOS, that’s perfectly alright. People ARE allowed to have differing opinions. I am fine with that.

            • Somebody get John a napkin…
              cuz ur boii jus got served…

              • No offense but, You corny bra!

                • Thank you.. Ill be here all week..

                  • Sorry dude, I was referring to the guy who said “grill”. This came up under yours by accident. We cool?

                  • But you know, looking back on it it COULD have gone for your comment to. It was also a little bit corny. No offense but, I’m just sayin.

                    • Honestly, the only bad part about MOS was the beginning. They wasted to much time showing his parents on krypton, thus not giving enough time to show superman land on earth. Meet his parents, show more of him as a kid. Yeah them giving the film too much time on Krypton kept us from being able to see these things. They just skipped to his adulthood and his child hood was shown in a series of flashbacks. But overall, MOS was great. I am just mad we are not going to be given a proper sequel. Instead we get a too early reboot of batman. But, I guess I can’t judge it until I’ve seen it.

    • Well we haven’t seen MoS2 yet so… your comment is pretty much invalid.

  9. Zach Snyder is one incompetent crap of director and will ruin Batman vs Superman and JL movie. He and David S. Goyer as a writer are the only thing why (unfortunately) The Avengers are always going to be better even though I like DC universe way way way more than Marvel.

    • Screen rant does have articles on the avengers you should check them out if this does not interest you.

      • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        There are all kinds of avengers 2 and GOG articles with 20 or so comments and all the Marvel lovers are over on this article. That tell me how awesome DC really is.

        Unless its one or two people writing negative comments just changing their name I hope not because that’s just pathetic.

    • The problem is Snyder and Goyer are both inconsistent. Sometimes good and sometimes bad and a lot of middle of the road.

      One thing though. All of Snyders movies look good. So we should at least see a great looking Superman vs Batman and Justice League. One little ray of sunshine in the darkness.

      • I agree that both are inconsistent. Sucker Punch and Blade Trinity. But going by Man of Steel and the small sneaks of info. of the production of Batman vs Superman, it looks like they have a vision for this universe and I completely trust both of them. Snyder is one of the greats of modern times and Goyer has come a long way helping to pen The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel and the upcoming Godzilla. This movie and JL are in good hands.

    • Quit bein a part of the Zack Snyder made sucker punch so all his movies suck and marvel is better bandwagon thats just childish

  10. I can’t wait for both BVS and Justice League. If they are using the New 52 route I do hope they use Darkseid and make him huge like in Justice League War. Also I have no problem with Snyder directed both films I loved MOS and watch it all the time.

    • *directing

    • I’d really rather them save Darkseid for a later film. Use the whole “Batman doesn’t trust them” idea and pull from the JL: Doom story where someone (maybe Lex or use Vandal Savage) steals Batman’s plans to defeat each league member and uses them against them. The end of the movie could be the team sort of going their separate ways, do some solo/duo movies like a WW solo, Green Lantern Flash movie, Aquaman, another Superman, then bring Darkseid in for JL 2 when the team isn’t strong and make the movie be about them realizing that, despite their differences, they NEED to work together.

  11. I wish DC had chosen a less heavy-handed director than Zack Snyder. Superhero movies should be fun. Marvel has been great at injecting just the right amount of humor to lighten the mood. Man of Steel could really have used a little bit of levity to make the characters more relatable.

    • Do you like the X men movies? They are serious and deal with serious issues? I think if the plot calls for seriousness then there is nothing wrong with being serious. Aliens attacking earth in my opinion should be taken seriuosly.

      • Even the X-Men movies had levity in them SuperHulk. But just as there can be too much levity, there can be too little.

  12. I’m sick of these super-hero movies. When are they going to stop?

    • Maybe this isn’t YOUR genre then. Why don’t you go on a page that’s NOT based on superheroes. You do realize that you had to type this into your search engine to get to this page right? No offense, but comments like these make absolutely NO sense on a page like this. Don’t like superheroes, then go find a different article to comment on rather than trying to discourage people from making GREAT superhero movies. FYI, I don’t think they are going to stop any time soon, so ya better learn to like it. I am regularly more open to superhero movie opinions, but I am so sick of coming on here and seeing all these pointless hater comments. But I guess haters gonna hate right?

      • +1000

  13. on the DCAU side of things they hav a mid credit
    scene at the end of War.. where Orhm announces the king is dead and this means war.
    I haven’t read any of the New 52 but what I’m wonderin
    is this since Aquaman isn’t the king nor does he appear in the film will he finally get his own solo animated film ?
    This has the opportunity (imo) to tell a good reclaiming of the throne…
    iv always liked the fact Aquaman protects the people of Atlantis and ocean life alike..
    As well the surface dwellers if u will…
    idk i loved Cary Elwes performance in Flashpoint Paradox although he is a more brooding darker
    version… i think he carried himself well and wouldd enjoy hearin him pull it off again..

  14. man of steel is truly great super hero movies and they will bring more alien invasion bring darkseid,brainac as wthe the vilain for the justice league live action movies and it coming to theather in 2018 and cyborg,the flash,green lantern,aquaman,martian manhunter will be in justice league movies and it will dark serious super hero movies.

  15. The Justice League movie will probably comes out after Avengers 3 movie.
    WB will gonna make sure there are no other CBM competition to ruin their golden goose

  16. A memo to all the Marvel Fanboy trolls on the Marvel Fanboy Center payroll:

    Excellent job on this article guys! Keep up the good work!
    But some of you are forgetting the second requirement of continued employment with us.
    To many comments on the DC articles and not enough on the Marvel articles will make it appear as if there is more interest in WB DC based films.
    This article alone has generated well over 300 comments while the last three Marvel articles don’t have 100 comments between them. We need to rectify this situation ASAP.

    You did good work here tarnishing the image of all things DC with the trash talk, but it’s time to head over to the Marvel articles and lay down as much praise as you can.
    Use multiple screen names if you have to, just avoid the copy paste temptation as it makes our tactics obvious.

    Thank you, and remember the slogan: Make Mine Marvel.

    • the problem is marvel characters are not iconic,legendary and strong like DC characters. is not interesting like dc characters.
      And in superhero category top two most popular superhero characters (Batman and superman) are dc property. in superheroin category wonder woman is the most popular cb superheroin character. and in supervillain category the joker is the most popular cb supervillain character. there are reality. marvel’s weak,pathetic characters can’t change this. and also justice league is first superhero team in comic books. avenger totally influenced by jl creation. even officially marvel accept it. and so called marvel superheroes doesnt exist if superman doesnt created. copy can’t beat original!

      • Oh save it! You don’t know a word you are saying.

        • I know. both comic book publishers history. marvel just copy dc.

          • No. I don’t think anybody’s copying anybody. But marvel definitely isn’t copying dc. DC JUST now got their stuff together. They only have like two movies per decade! Marvel has been successfully showing movies since they first started. In the cinematic sense, DC really doesn’t have anything FOR marvel to copy off of(not that marvel would waste time copying other companies anyway). They have both copied each other in comics. But quit acting as if marvel is copying dc because I can assure you, they are NOT. You can keep thinking that if you wish, but it is NOT a fact at all!

            • the dark knight trilogy clearly influenced marvel’s recent films.

              • How so mister I’m never wrong even when its proven that my facts aren’t right?

                • i love dc’s serious,dark and mature tone. can’t stand with marvel’s childish,lighter tone. marvel are not iconic,legendary like dc’s. in all three category;superhero,superheroin and supervillain,all top position dc characters are there. and jl also first superhero team. not avengers. avengers can’t handle jl. check the members. in front of jl avengers look bunch of school boys!

                  • Oh please boy! The avengers could whoop JL’s behinds any day. I’d like to see jl whoop an alien army with squadrant’s and a crazed norse god leading it! The avengers DOMINATE jl! Your opinion ain’t fact boy!!! Marvel has a childish tone! Are you freakin kidding me! You are probably a comic “guy” who just loves bashing on marvel! Hop off hater! Marvel is DOMINATING dc and your useless claims and pointless words about marvel don’t mean ANYTHING! JL will be better than the Avengers when pigs fly! DC heroes NEVER kill their villains (MOS being the only exception). Marvel heroes ALWAYS do! Marvel movies really are “dark”! And they are said to be getting darker! Anyway, I don’t have time to be getting into fanboy wars with “guys” who don’t even have their facts right! So study up pal! And watch what you say about marvel and their heroes BOY!! Peace out sucka!

                    • This does not support your “neutral” claim in regards to DC/Marvel!

                    • @Super hulk: Well, what can I say. He made me angry. And your not gonna like me when I’m angry. At the moment, yes marvel IS dominating dc. Not EVERY post I write has to support something I said in another comment! I am neutral, but how many times do I have to tell you that dc does not have their stuff together. Automatically making me lean towards marvel! JL is ONE group in dc. I like them, but I like the avengers better. And I hate it when people talk trash about Marvel. And I hate it more when people dis the avengers!!! That being said, why don’t you stop pestering me, and pester her instead. YOU happen to have a marvel hero in YOUR screen name too. So I don’t know why you front like your all for DC! If you were really a marvel fan (or even a hulk fan) you’d stop harassing fellow marvel/dc fans, and confront someone who trash talks the avengers and marvel! But since you are badgering me instead, I think YOU are SHADY!

                    • …annnnd THAT, folks, is Hulk fan 1 proving himself to be a Marvel fanBOY, as opposed to a rational Marvel FAN.



                    • @Archaeon: Oh pipe down will ya. I don’t know why all these guy’s who I actually agree with and some what like seemingly feel the need to challenge me! I am a FAN pal, NOT a FANBOY! There is a difference between liking both companies and showing SLIGHT amount of favor towards one company for having a larger amount of movies and less mistakes. And showing TOTAL and complete DISLIKE and HATRED towards one and absolute LOVE for the other. You’d think the major dc fans and marvel haters would be targeting me more than guys I see almost every day on marvel pages. AND posted in agreement with. If there were some way I could show you all my dc movies, I would. Tell me traitors, what kind of “FANBOY” has movies from the opposing company that he watches and LIKES?! Yeah exactly, NONE! So quit calling me that, and go pester someone who actually HATES dc and is an actual “FANBOY”!!!

                    • Ha ha ha ha! ;) you are a funny guy. i can’t take marvel seriously and marvel fans comments too now! avengers created after dc’s jl. they officially even mentioned jl influenced avengers creation. and jl’s actual members are batman,superman,wonder woman,green lantern,flash,aquaman,martian manhunter,cyborg etc like level characters. and avengers? iron man,thor,hulk,widow,spiderman etc like toys. childs! puppy breath! they are gods-goddess. batman alone can take down avengers. he take down jl! then what is avengers? superman ultimate superhero by supernatural powers. god. ww. goddess. flash ten time faster than light! green lantern,another extremely powerful member. aquaman. god of seven sea. mm. god. cyborg. powerfull superhuman. come on. any one from these jl member can single handedly take down avengers. if you understand the level of power of them then you can’t say avenger will kick jl’s ass. that is mad man’s words. clearly! and to me toilet peper is second best thing after marvel comics pages!! i see marvel like this. (according to rock john cenas shirts are second best thing after toilet peper!) :-) oh,man,sorry,oh,kid you are so crazy!

                    • Why thank you sir. But I think YOU’RE the funny one here. Let me describe to you how POWERFUL the avengers are. Captain America: super soldier with speed and strength and reflexes and agility. Leads the team into greatness. Iron man: a hero that can fly like superman. Has energy blasts that can take down almost ANY villain. Also has half the strength of the hulk. The hulk: the worlds strongest (and angriest) superhero. Towers 10 ft over every one else. Could survive a freaking atomic bomb, a nuclear blast, and other attacks from earthly (and extraterrestrial) weapons. He roars louder than anything on earth. Thor: the viking GOD of thunder. The son of Odin, the prince of Asgard (so on and so forth). He can control weather, fly, and is INVULNERABLE to weapons. He is probably the second strongest superhero in the world. He yields his mighty hammer moljonir. Falcon: can fly as fast as iron man. (And in the comics, he can communicate with different types of birds). War machine (or iron patriot): has powers that pretty much match iron man. Quick silver: could travel so much FASTER than the flash any day! Scarlet witch: can control things with her mind, MAKE others believe things, and change reality itself. Hawkeye: never misses a shot, ALWAYS hits his target (unless under control by aliens). And last but not least, the DEADLY Black widow: worlds most dangerous and deadliest woman! I’d like to see batman take on one of these guys! He could fight them, but he would never win. Nonetheless win against ALL of these guys. Yes, children indeed. YEAH RIGHT KIDDO! You are the craziest little fanboy I’ve EVER spoken to! YOUR WORDS AREN’T FACT JACK! The only crazy man here is YOU kiddo. Oh, and you should try working on your grammar a little bit to, CHILD. Now run along boy! I have no patience for fanboy’s who don’t even have their facts right!!!

                    • Sorry about that super long post. It seems my computer forgot to check the paragraph spaces, AGAIN!

                    • Hulk fan 1…

                      I’ll “pipe down” when you stop screeching like the definition of a fanboy. Now, to be fair, TDK/SD is as much a DC fanboy as you are a Marvel fanboy, thus, JUST as annoying. You BOTH should stop. Go to a spa; take a nap; RELAX.

      • You are right. Superman and Batman are icons. There will be movies about them even after superheroes stop being the big thing in Hollywood. Even if they make bad movies about them (Quest for peace, Batman and Robin) these two will always find a way to make a comeback. I liked MOS and I accepted Superman killing in the context of the movie. It made sense to me. (Am I the only one who wants MOS to be set in the same Universe than Arrow?)
        Having said that I have to admit Marvel has made great movies. Ironman was a lesser known character before the movies. I even know people who didn`t even know Thro before the movies. And who didn`t like The Avengers?

    • People need to give DC a chance. Marvel has had theirs, so can we please move on?

  17. When Zack Snyder said we want to do it differently than marvel, he meant just do it opposite XD

  18. I really don’t think Marvel gets enough credit for casting. I think its overlooked and over simplified. If they weren’t making a ton of money, we would not get to enjoy such a variety of films and characters. DC has tried in the past to force stuff, the same with SONY and Spider-man, neither have done as well.
    Batman has always been the home-run for DC. MOS was good, and could be better. But I believe rushed casting along with jumbled stories will be their downfall. Say what you will, but Nolan had great,great actors all around, with out actors to live the story you can and most likely will fail.

    • this DCCU will deliver. will be successful. and wb cast great,experianced actors and acressess in acting department. fresh,talented and smart new actor-actress too from other side. Like Gadot,fisher,mulvey,eisenberg etc. we have Jeremy irons,ben affleck,russel crowe,kevin costner,holly hunter like academy,golden globe winners. more great actors-actress will join in future. 100 times stronger than marvel films casting.

  19. @Jesse
    Marvel has a 5-star cast which is basically a rehash previous performances. There isn’t much acting required because we know exactly how they will portray the character, which is rather boring at times. They do make great films though. It’s like this whole Karl Urban dilemma. People were expecting a Dredd from Batman.

    As for the rush, JLU brought these guys together in one episode. This, like the Chris Nolan batman trilogy, is a Zack Snyder project. They won’t make nearly as many movies as MCU.

  20. @Marvel Fanboy Center

    LOL. Never laughed so hard before. Thanks, I needed that.

    You’re very right though. The crazy ones are very obvious. They usually start in the first two or three sentences with claims of loving DC and how they are such a big fan for such a longtime now, and then proceed to write a wall of text (and usually more) of how DC sucks and will eventually fail. There’s going to be a lot of praise for Marvel in that said comment too. Rinse and repeat in every DC article.

  21. do not let ben aflack play batman. he is too pretty to be batman. he does not have the intemiadating quality needed to be batman.

  22. Hulk fan 1@ Flash is ten times faster than light. he can easily defeat ca,im,hulk,widow at the same time. with out shield,hammer and suit ca,thor and im is nothing. he just take away thors hammer before he grab that strongly. he more easily take away im suits,ca shield. then? superman also can handle avengers alone. he just grab hulk and throw into space. he cant breath he died. don’t mention widow and dc’s green arrows duplicate. they are just nobody. s will without touching im and ca destory them. he also have supersonic speed. only one member in avengers is matter. thor. and rest of all just ants. if you study each members power level than avengers have no competetion with jl. and superman will also can beat thor. because he is superman. with out hammer thor cant do anything. superman has supersonic speed. boom! vanish! superstrength. heat-vision. and lots of powers. and he is superman! ha ha!

    • Speaking of which.. I find it funny that DC is doing the more grounded realistic feel but they forgot (or decided against) scaling Superman’s power and his first threat down, as in, the world was already at stake and it’s only the first film.
      On the other hand, Marvel is doing a much more relaxed, comic-book-y feel, but they scaled down their characters’ power, specifically Thor, and are giving them time to grow stronger, both as a group and individually.
      DC will have to make everyone else crazy strong to even justify Superman needing their help, and that will make every threat crazy powerful. The entire planet will have to be at stake every single movie except in the case of the Flash and Batman. (Btw, is The Flash really 3x faster than light? That seems unnecessary… why doesn’t he just always run that fast? Who could possible defeat him if he did it for 4 seconds everytime he fought?)

      That being said, on paper DC’s greatest are stronger than Marvel’s greatest.
      I don’t think that necessarily makes one better than the other, but that’s just me, what do I know?

      • well that’s the good stuff about movies, when they adapt comic book movies they kinda take off some stuff which doesn’t make sense, as viewers will not buy it, thus it helps to add realism, so i guess even WB/DC will reduce flash’s speed from light speed to that of sound speed (some where between MACH 4 to MACH 20) and similarly to the other characters as well or else it is going to be a technical nightmare for the creative execs to script stuff.

        • Word

      • Actually, they scaled down Superman’s powers. A whole lot. They didn’t put there that he can sneeze an entire galaxy away. He can’t turn back time by spinning the world backwards. There are some things that needs to learn too.

        (1) Superman still need to learn hand to hand combat to not just depend on his powers.
        (2) He still has yet to discover ice breath and superbreath.
        (3) His characterization and interaction with people from his work needs to be improved.
        (4) His interaction with other superheroes are yet to be seen too.

        MOS actually just sets the DC universe, starting with Superman. And I think they left some things out which they can use in the upcoming films to improve more his character.

    • This was to TDK/SD.

    • Hulk fan 1…

      Ummm, just so you know: YOUR opinions aren’t facts either.

      Just a friendly reminder… ;)

      • @Archaeon: Shut up fool! I ain’t no fanboy! I’d stand up for DC in the SAME way if crap like that was talked about them! Before you judge someone, you should probably go back and actually READ their comments, rather than just making STUPID assumptions, and pathetically starting CHILDISH arguments with them!

        • Hulk fan 1…

          You just proved me right. Thank you.

          • How so smart one?

            • Hulk fan 1…

              Read how foolishly over the top your above response was; you’ll easily be able to answer that question.

  23. there are many biased MARVEL fanboys in this site making pointless arguments to them i say, was there ever so much curiosity /anticipation over a simple costume worn by one of the super hero in a comic book movie, well it happens only when DC hero’s are aboard, that kinda following is not a joke, nuff said

    PS. i’m not a DC fanboy i’m a comic book movie fanboy

    • Was this supposed to be a bash at me? Alright look, I don’t know why you wiseguys seem to think I’m a fanboy of any kind! But just because I have a marvel hero in my name, that DOES NOT make me a marvel fanboy!!!! If I had a DC hero in my name, then all the REAL marvel fanboy’s would be calling me a DC fanboy!!! I swear if ONE more person calls me a fanboy, they’re going to get it!!!!!! How many times do I have to tell you jacks that I like BOTH!!!? I AM NEUTRAL!!!! Defending my favorite heroes against lame DC fanboy’s, does NOT make me a marvel fanboy, or ANY kind of fanboy!!!! Your egos stand in the way of you seeing the truth, I AM NOT A FANBOY!!!!!!!! So save your BS!!!!! I am not going to say it again!!!

      • …and again.

  24. lets all stop trashing dc and marvel, instead just say thanks to both of them for finally bringing our favorite comic book characters to the big screen.

  25. so we have to wait till 2016 for the pre-show to the justice legue.Go@#MN two years!
    two more years just to see bats vs. supes,.. and introduce wonderwoman and cyborge…
    friggin two more years! TWO MORE YEARS!!
    the marvel camp at the very least gives us a story twice a year! and may give us more!
    comics are loved because we can find their outcome could be resolvedi the next instalment, traditionally the next months instalment.
    but these be movies, and wanting to build secondary charectors.

    Who the hell wants to wait two years ???

  26. While it’s true that Marvel’s been doing super awesome lately in the way of films, it’s a little short sighted to say that DC is getting their behind’s handed to them or whatever. I mean, both are super awesome in their own right, but everywhere I go folks are now saying that Marvel is best and DC is downhill.
    The fact is, Marvel’s success can mainly be attributed to the fact that they’ve had some great people put out some great movies. But prior to 2008, most people wouldn’t have known, for example,who Iron Man was. He was just a dude in a bulky metal suit in some comics. Before the success of these movies, most of these characters weren’t well known at all, other than, say, Spider man and the X-Men.
    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman- these are the arguably the biggest comic book characters of all time. Geeks and comic buffs have a broader knowledge of the other characters of DC and the awesomeness it has to offer of the screen. In fact many of Marvel’s characters were even created in response to many older DC characters.
    20 yrs ago Marvel was bankrupt and selling rights like crazy. In fact, that’s what’s brought a lot of their success.
    All I’m saying is, DC has been around longer- since the early 30s- and discounting them because in the last few years Marvel has had a sudden upsurge in success is kinda sad and short sighted.
    Although I also think DC would do well to showcase some of their other characters as well. And get some new blood in there. Part of Marvel’s appeal is that their characters have the novelty of being reinvented and different from the Superman and Batman we’ve known for so long. I’d say: make us interested in the biggies of DC in new ways, showcase other heroines and heroes well. Part of the reason Arrow’s had so much success.

  27. The JLA movie sounds like an exciting project. It’s been talked about since the VERY first JLA comics (early 60s). Unfortunately, for me (and MANY, Many, many others, I assure you) it will lack an all-important character: the Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz, a founding member of the original league). So I’m afraid that I’ll be missing the movie – ironic – I own some three hundred JLA comics going back to Issue #3, from 1961! Would like to hear that you’re going to work on having J’onn make some sort of appearance; the concept loses an awful lot of validity without any of his presence. Think about it….