Rumor: ‘Justice League’ Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

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Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Ever since Warner Bros. announced their intention to produce a Justice League film adaptation, movie and comic book fans alike have kept busy debating which members of the titular superhero team would actually appear in the film. Certain do-gooders are more obvious than others but, considering the Justice League roster has evolved over the years, there was room for the studio to slip in a few less-iconic players – to fill out the team. At one point, Lobo was even rumored as a possible member.

Several weeks back we published a list of rumored Justice League characters – along with how they’d each function in the film. We presented that rumored “insider information” with a grain of salt – since it was coming from untested sources. That said, today we’ve got a new report on the potential Justice League film roster that, on the surface, makes a bit more sense – from an outlet that has previously broken high profile comic book movie scoops. If the new report is true, it looks as though DC intends to focus on a smaller set of Justice Leaguers – instead of bringing in every single core team member for the freshman outing.

The report comes courtesy of Latino Review, who has been dropping Justice League tidbits on a relatively regular basis since the film’s announcement. Industry fans should also remember that the site was responsible for claims that the storyline would follow the Apokolips/Darkseid Rising comic book arc.

Darseid Justice League Movie Villain Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

That said, it’s worth mentioning that the Justice League film is still very much in flux – without a confirmed director, cast members, or plot any current information (real or rumor) is still very subject to change. Meaning, even if Latino Review is correct about the roster (or any other prior Justice League news tips), the studio and writer Will Beall could already be going in a different direction.

Assuming the new report is true, how many DC heroes will audiences get to see in the 2015 team-up? Latino Review suggests that the Justice League film will feature five team members – with the possibility for a few smaller cameo-style appearances.

In this case, the core roster would include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Apparently, a combination of Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or Hawkman might also be slotted-in for one or two possible cameos – with the report suggesting that Martian Manhunter would be the most likely second-stringer (given the cosmic ties to Darkseid).

Unlike that prior rumored character roster, the new report does not include any indication of which version of the iconic characters we might get to see (ex. Flash: wise-cracking Wally West or the more serious Barry Allen?) or which DC movie universe actors might return for the Justice League team-up. Assuming Henry Caville’s Superman is well-received in Man of Steel, we’ve long expected Warner Bros. to bring him back for Justice League.

henry cavill1 Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Christian Bale is still considered a long-shot, especially now that Christopher Nolan has officially announced a new non-superhero project. For months speculation has centered around the possibility of Gotham’s new protector, Robin John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) filling in for Bruce Wayne in Justice League but the actor has repeatedly denied involvement. Take into account that DC may intend to reboot the Batman film franchise in 2017, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Justice League Batman will have no connection to Nolan’s trilogy and could act as a launching pad for the new stand-along installments.

Additionally, rumors have suggested that there might be a Wonder Woman tease in Man of Steel – though it’s unclear at this point if that means an actual actress will make an appearance or we’ll just see acknowledgment of the superheroine (and the shared cinematic universe) by way of a quick television report or news paper headline.

Similarly, we have no information at this point about who might play The Flash – especially given that John Wesley Shipp would be in his 60′s when the film is released.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Warner Bros. will bring Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) back as Green Lantern. On the surface, moviegoers who were disappointed by the Green Lantern film might be put-off by that idea but Reynolds has attributes that could make for a solid Hal Jordan (especially in an epic team-up film). Unfortunately, his performance was saddled by an underwhelming script and problematic overarching filmmaker choices for the solo outing. Still, considering that DC will likely work with a mix of old (Superman), new (Wonder Woman and The Flash), as well as possibly rebooted (Batman and Green Lantern) elements, they could be open to giving Reynolds another shot. If for no other reason than to use Justice League as a platform to reignite interest in further solo Green Lantern adventures (think Hulk in The Avengers).

If the report turns out to be true, Warner Bros. will have likely reassured some of their naysayers – since a quality Justice League film centered around five core heroes is a lot easier to imagine than the prior report (which listed seven members along with possible supporting cameos). Often times, the debate between “standalone origin stories first” and “Justice League team-up first” supporters came down to whether or not audiences would fully appreciate the personal character stories that accompany each of the heroes – stories that are a major focus in the new Man of Steel film as well as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Spending time with the characters (learning about their respective backstories) helps audiences, especially non-comic book lovers, invest in the heroes at a deeper level and it’s encouraging that Warner Bros. might keep the focus a bit tighter than previously believed – allowing room for some intriguing personal drama and exploration in addition to all the epic team-up action.

Similarly, cameos for some of the less well-known but still important players make sense. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman were the focus of debate in prior character roster discussions considering they are both key players in the Justice League but are either a) less familiar to casual audiences (Martian Manhunter) or b) might be a little harder to adapt for the big screen (Aquaman). Less-substantial roles for them (or at least one of them) might be a smart way to expand the universe without alienating unfamiliar moviegoers. This isn’t to say that neither character could be portrayed successfully onscreen but, it’s a smart move for Warner Bros. to structure the film around their best chances for success and pull in other fan-favorites down the line.

Justice League Alex Ross Art 570x249 Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Again, this is all just rumor and speculation at this point, with no acknowledgment from the studio beyond a release date. We’ll update you as soon as we hear anything official.


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Justice League is scheduled for release in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I wish people would get over Christian Bale not being Batman….HE ISNT COMING BACK, STOP CRYING!!

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is also a really bad choice, actually think about it..instead of running off of the hype of the Nolan films….he looks nothing like a Batman and I cant imagine his Batman voice…

    WB/DC always fail to see what is in front of them, They have the perfect Batman…Arkham Asylum/City games!! All they have to do is find an actor to portray that style and it would work, You wont have Conroys voice but I dont care about that. 2017 is also to soon for a reboot. You can have Batman in the JL, then you can easily keep him in the Public eye with cameo roles etc then release his solo film before JL2? That would make sense to me, Batman needs a break…its to much at the moment.

    I have no idea who they could cast as WW, Flash, GL but they have to have the same actors who are not going to whine and moan half way through and leave this project in the s***, who are on board for at least 3 JL films and their solo ones if they are made.

    DC have always had a continuity problem, however when they get it right its amazing. I dont blame DC so much as WB…money grabbing arseholes who will make films regardless if it makes sense or not….MOS fine…JL in 2015…fine…Just make sure they are starting points and carry on from that…If they are doing it the way I think they are…which is wait until MOS comes out, see how it goes and then IF successful…game on….If not…well, another massive cock up.

    Its slightly embarrassing being a DC fan, seeing them flap about incompetently with their own creations, its all there infront of them and they always fail to put them all together.

    At the 1000000000000000000000 to 1 chance anyone from WB/DC reads any of this, MOS is the RIGHT way to go….carry on in that Direction….make the films more adult, serious, deeper…THIS IS GOOD. Now do it properly for everything else!!!!

    • I’ve always thought of Jim Caviezel for Batman, and Jensen Ackles for Flash

      • I’ve been trying to think of a good actor to play Wayne/Bats… and Caviezel is actually not bad. He’s charismatic enough to pull off the playboy billionaire persona (unlike Bale) and has the quiet intimidating presence to do Batman (without a lisp).

        +1 for Jesus as Batman. :)

      • Doesn’t Jim Caviezel already play Batman on Person of Interest? ;)

        • He certainly does, not sure he could pull of bruce wayne though.

        • Isn’t he more like Punisher… and Michael Emerson is Microchip? :)

      • great choices

    • Jim Cavaziel ca’nt be Batman, I Don’t want more one “Clooney” being the batman….Batman isn’t a heartthrob.Batman is Dark… I prefer Eric Bana or amire hammer ,if the batman is young on the movie.Jake gylenhall is good too,but cavaziel acts paying charming lke clononey …i dont want this again.

      • From what I’ve seen of Caviezel, one of the last words I’d use to describe him is charming, I mean the main doubt i have about Caviezel is if he can play Bruce Wayne, but Batman I’m sure he’d play reallt well, and much better than Clooney.

  2. If this were approached in a way similar to Watchmen looking back at the character development of the principles with a larger story arc at play it could work. Without some prior knowledge the forntloading Avengers formulae would be a littel ungainly I think… I wait to see what happens with baited breath…

  3. Here is a disturbing bit of information.

    4.3 Billion WorldWide Box Office for their combined films.

    1.66 Billion Domestically. Contrast that The Avengers made 1.5 Billion combined Domestic and Internationally.

    A Few ways ti look at this.

    Combined Movie revenue for all movies was 4.3 Billion, almost 3 timess as One movie, or you could look at it this way, it took 3 movies to make or equal The Avengers.

    You also can look at it this way, Warner Brothers has a cash flow and marketing problem. Dark Knight Rises made slightly less than 1.1 Billion.

    So that leaves 3.2 Billion dollars divided by 11 movies. When you crunch the numbers. You come with 3 conclusions

    1 One Movie was bankable for Warner Brothers
    2 11 Movies combined for 3.2 Billion dollars Which comes out to 280 Million revenue. Average of 100-150 Million dollar budget which would come out to a Budget/gross/net of 180-150 Million net for a movie.

    The Numbers are off because of the Up/Down of a movie, but if you equal it out, and put true numbers in Budget/Gross/Net. Warner Brothers did not do well.

    With that information. How much are they willing to put into Justice League, and are they going to hedge their bests on Man of Steel before making a decision. Justice League will not be greenlit, till they are comfortable knowing that there is more than Dark Knight capable of making money.

  4. People, may i neee remind you that Nolan’s batman universe cant fit in with the JL movie because his universe is a ‘realistic’ adaption of batman. There was no Freeze, Poison Ivy, Clayface, all the villians had a realistic take on them. Two-Face was half burned, Joker wore face paint instead of being bleached and what-not, Bane wasnt on the Venom, and Ra’s a Ghul wasnt immortal. Nolan’s universe just cant fit in with the JL movie because he even said himself at one point that his trilogy was a world where Bats is the only hero. They cant coexist in the same movieverse, they just cant. It wont make any sense, do for those of you looking for Bale to don the cowl again; sorry to disappoint

    • Apparently Man of Steel is going to “more or less” follow the same realistic formula that Nolan used for the Dark Knight films. Who’s to say Warner/DC isn’t going to try to adapt Justice League to the same formula? People will say it can’t be done (probably shouldn’t be done), but I’m sure nobody would have thought Nolan could bring Batman into a realistic world, but he did didn’t he?

      • Yes, they might try and go in that direction as they are with MoS and the way it looks that may very well be the case; but Nolan’s trilogy wont have anything to do with the upcoming JL movies. Like i said, they’re seperate movieverses. It can get pretty confusing but for some reason DC and Marvel tend to make seperate movieverses where they can have a crossover in one (hence the Avengers) or, have seperate independent films (such as the original Spiderman films)

      • Yes, they might try and go in that direction as they are with MoS and the way it looks that may very well be the case; but Nolan’s trilogy wont have anything to do with the upcoming JL movies. Like i said, they’re seperate movieverses. It can get pretty confusing but for some reason DC and Marvel tend to make seperate movieverses where they can have a crossover in one (hence the Avengers) or, have seperate independent films (such as the original Spiderman films). Im just telling people not to get their hopes up about seeing Bale or JGL as Bats in the upcoming JL movie.

    • Yes it can. Just not in the way you would want it to. Be open to change

      • I am open to change, i graciously accepted the amazing spiderman which i thought was an improvement. I’m not saying dont do a new Batman, what im saying is the way Nolan set up his trilogy it just cant fit in with the new Justice League film. If you read my post then you will understand the complications with incorperating Nolan’s trilogy. Its a seperate movieverse where Bats is the only hero and its more grounded into reality. It just cant work, DC and WB really put themselves in a tough spot there

        • I did read your post. I still don’t understand. It’s not that complex. Try using your imagination, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with

          • What im sayimg basically is that im tired if hearing rumors about Nolan’s Batman being in JL and that JGL will pick up being Batman after TDKR and join in the JLA film. Yes JGL might become a sort of sequelish Batman (like Batman Beyond) but im really getting irritated of hearing that Nolan’s trilogy will some how tie in with Justice League. They can try and ground JL into reality as much as they want but it will still have nothing to do with TDK trilogy. Now if Bale wants to be the new Batman in JL and the (assumed) Batman reboot, then thats different. It will be tricky to pull off, but if thats what DC/WB wants to do; then by qll means go ahead

            • If you know anything about JL Batman was the only one without powers. Why is it so far fetched for Nolan’s reality based Batman to fit in a new JL movie? If anything it’s perfect! The man grounded in reality meets his super powered counterparts. That’s actually how Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern would seem to any of us if they were real and popped up in our reality.

      • Cant wait to see this move

        • Me too

  5. I just want to see a really HOT, HOT Wonder Woman!

    • Just don’t be peeking in my girlfriend’s window there, now, me bucko!

  6. I keep getting this feeling in my gut, that Warner Brothers is just got f*** this up… it makes me depressed lol

    They need to take there time and stop trying to catch up, they’re aren’t going anywhere.

    And to be honest Wonder Woman needs her story fleshed out in her own movie first.

    I feel Christian Bale is lying about his involvement. Who wouldnt want to be apart of one of the most iconic teams ever, he’d have to really not care anymore. i feel like he’ll have a cameo at the end of Man of Steel. If they really want to hype JLA, they need to get people excited. I truly don’t think anyone is excited.

  7. As much as I’d enjoy a Justice League movie, Warner Bros just aren’t prepared enough for it. Plus, if Dark Knight Rises were to end differently, I’d be saying combine the superman and batman movies and simply have a Superman and Batman movie in 2016 or something.

  8. The idea that Nolan’s Batman has to be in JL for it to work is complete rubbish. The last thing JL needs is Nolan’s Batman. Don’t get me wrong, Nolan’s Batman movies were a cool spin on the character… but we still don’t have a perfect verbatim adaptation of the comic book Batman. Rebooting Batman in JL is the perfect way to restart the franchise and finally go the comic book route, which IMHO is way cooler than the so-called “real” route.

    As for the rumored cast… I just hope Martian Manhunter isn’t an afterthought. He’s pretty much one of my favorite DC characters, and simply to bad-ass to leave out.

    • Thank you, thats what i’ve been trying to tell people. The way Nolan set up his trilogy it’s not going line up with the JL movie, his movies are a realistic take on Batman and you cant have pyschic aliens, greek demigodesses, and massive flying indestructible men in his universe. Nolan has made it clear on MANY occasions that his films are seperate from any upcoming movies by DC/WB. The idea that his Batman will appear in JL is ludicrous, anmd that fact that people still believe it is even more ridiculous

    • I COMPLETELY agree! Making a JL movie without J’onn J’onzz should not even be a consideration! In my opinion, aside from supes, he’s the glue that holds the team together. Plus, he provides them with a telepathic mind link. I’d hate to think of a JL movie without him. He’s crucial!

  9. I’d like to just say that out of all of DC’s Characters. The Green Arrow is the only guy that I thought could have made a cameo in Nolan’s Batman movies. Superman and alot of the rest like Green Lantern , for example and Flash would just not mesh well with Nolan’s take on Batman.

    Besides I get the impression that DC only wants to make Batman movies every couple of years. I’d rather see a Hawk-Man movie done by the guys who did Legion after Superman. Than see another Batman movie. Point is I think Batman has been done enough and it’s time they do someone different for a change. Plus why not have a Supergirl cameo that leads into her own movie after Superman?

  10. I want to see a older Michael Keaton Batman in JL. The way he stares at people in Batman and Batman Returns is intimidating.

    • How old is keaton?

  11. I’ll say it… I’d rather see John Stewart as GL… the team needs diversity.

    Martian Manhunter should also be played by a non-Caucasion… maybe a Native American or a Pacific Islander or… The Rock.

  12. they are rushing to make justice league film because the success of the avengers, they need a talented, visionary and dedicated director like joss whedon! if henry cavill was accept by the fans in superman he should lead the movie! make a plotline or a story that related to their universe so that it was applicable to each superheroes! if they are rushing that movie it should be doom to fail!

  13. I hope Disney eventually and quickly buy the rights to D.C. from W.Bs. I never thought I’d say that.w

  14. Id like to see cameos by Orion, Mr. Miricle & Barda, Highfather when concering Darkseid & his minions. Atleast Orion with mention of Highfather. Donald Sutherland would look the part of Highfather imo. Someone mentioned it before but i too wish people would move on from Nolan’s take on Batman. For Batman to first be seen in a Justice League film, imo they should have the Batman reboot be similiar to Batman:TAS since it was great adaption based on the Batman comics & could very well lead to Batman Beyond live-action film/films for once.

    Id prefer John Stewart/Green Lantern if they’re not planning on having Cyborg.

  15. I’m convinced this is the way to go

  16. Here is the JLA Casting Call:

    Henry Cavill as Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent
    James Caviezel as Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Karen Gliche as Wonder Woman/Princess Diana/Diana Prince
    Gerald Hellund as Flash/Barry Allen
    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

    Supporting Character Casting:

    Natalie Portman as Lois Lane
    John Slattery as Perry White
    Daniel Radcliffe as Jimmy Olsen
    J.K. Simmons as General Samuel Lane
    Jennifer Connelly as Vicki Vale
    Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Pennyworth
    Stephen Collins as Commissionar James Gordon
    Cate Blanchett as Queen Hippolyte
    Paul Walker as Steve Trevor
    Keira Knightley as Artemis
    Blake Lively as Carol Ferris
    Jay O. Sanders Carl Ferris
    Kate Hudson as Iris West


    Michael Chikilis as Darkseid
    Chris Isaaks as Desaad
    Terry O’Quinn as Lex Luther
    Jeremy Irons as Brainiac
    Josh Brolin as Scarecrow
    Greg Kinnear as The Riddler
    Charlize Theron as Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva
    Claire Danes as Giganta
    Kevin Bacon as Captain Cold/Leonard Snart
    Matt Damon as Captain Boomerang
    Will Arnett as Professor Zoom/Dr. Eobard Thawne
    Mark Strong as Sinestro
    Mark Gallagher as Solomon Grundy

  17. ….. And there goes the total production budget on actors fees.

  18. Am i the only person that thinks Gerard Butler could be a baaaaad ass Batman? I don’t know how good a Bruce Wayne he would be, but he’d be a damn good batman imo (which is all he really has to be in this movie so who cares)

  19. well i just came from seeing Hansel & Gretel ( please don’t hate me for this) but i think the young lady who played Gretel would make a fairly decent WW — Gemma Arterton — granted i have never heard of her before this movie, but she did alright in it (just bad writing) any how just my thought on it

    till next time

  20. This movie is beginning to look like an inevitable flop to me.
    1- The current Green Lantern was a flop
    Green Lantern was a critical and financial failure. GL needs to be re-booted, but that won’t be easy after the mess left from the first try. Next time maybe start smaller in scope or since it is GL not a threat to Earth, but instead a threat to another solar system/species. Maybe introduce the Thanagarians, it could set up Hawkman/woman for an eventual Justice League. Aside from the Martian Manhunter, a GL is the key hero of the JL.
    2- Martian Manhunter as a cameo
    The Martian Manhunter should be the Nick Fury of the JL. However, only in that his character would tie each solo project together through their encounter with him. The MM should be the driving force behind the creation of the JL and a key figure in any eventual JL movie. He is also more open to re-interpretation than the others given his origin,powers and lesser notoriety.
    3- Batman is on the starting squad
    I’m a big fan of Batman and so this puzzles me. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern & Flash…one of those five doesn’t belong. Batman should make a cameo sure, then decline to join and warn them to tread lightly.

    Wonder Woman is also a concern. In a word: Themyscira

  21. AWESOME POSTS!!!! loving the dialogue coming through. So I see these concerns a lot:
    “You can’t have aliens in a more grounded DC universe movie?”
    “WB are rushing it”
    “Follow Nolan, Don’t follow Nolan”
    “Need to have own movies like avengers to build up & be successful”

    I think someone said Joss to direct. REALLY?

    Here we go! No aliens? I don’t want to point out the obvious… Anyone notice Ol Supes ain’t from around here?

    In regards to rushing it, keep mind Justice League was in the works for a while, and Avengers success ‘fast tracked’ it. Sure they have a tight deadline, but that’s not indicating it won’t be done well. Some of the best work is done under pressure.

    Nolan brought ‘Batman’ back to earth from the ABSURD Batman Begins & Batman & Robin.. Thank God. But let’s all step out of ‘Nolanverse’ JUST a tad. We can still keep it real, the same way the Man of Steel seems to be looking, and throw superman and Batman on screen together…. Space & aliens are then in the mix and we can move on with Justice League.

    Now. Lead in movies. Lets be brutally honest here.. Avengers NEEDED lead up movies due to the fact that the characters were ‘second tier’ characters (come on don’t get defensive you know it’s true.) Don’t get me wrong, i love the lead in films but simply put, every man and his dog knows of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and to a slightly lesser degree Flash and GL. But with the right storytelling and director, back stories are so well known already, lead in movies, in my opinion, aren’t needed.

    Look at ‘Watchmen’ .. Multiple characters, back stories told, great film and they were even LESSER known characters to the general public.

    And Joss to direct? Really?

    • I agree… JL does NOT need lead-in movies.

      If you don’t know who the Trinity is (or the rest of the Super Seven)… you are a newborn baby or live in a cave.

  22. Am I the only one here that thinks they should just go with a John Stewart GL? I mean you can have a little arching story where Hal Jordan dies in say the opening scene and then his ring chooses John. From there, you can have an underlying plot of John learning to harness his new GL powers as the rest of the JL members (not knowing that Hal’s ring has passed to John) continue throughout the story plotting and battling against Darkshield. I think that gives WB a good start over for the whole GL debacle IMO.

  23. Batman in a spacesuit can work in the comics, but I have no desire to see Batman in space in a movie. However, I can only speak for myself. Perhaps others would like to see Bats in zero-g fighting aliens. But, if Bats is going to be fighting aliens, then my vote is for Guy Gardener to be the new Green Lantern.

    Seriously, the GL needs a re-boot. It is the perfect vehicle to introduce the audience to the wider DC Universe. The first movie could even be kept in the cannon. The first few scenes could show Sinestro defeating Hal and taking his ring, then the guardians pick John Stewart and he is trained, sent on a training mission to somewhere other than Earth in sector 2814. No ultimate defeat of Sinestro, but he gets developed into a major bad guy.

    During his training, John could be told about the destruction of Krypton, the existence of Atlantis and Themyscira, he could travel to Thangar, etc. Man of Steel could add a few drops about the wider world, then new GL, then the Justice League movie.

  24. Thank you for only having 5 heroes. It needs to build up. I suggest Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. Also, don’t start off with Darkseid because DC cannot built after than. I’m trying to fix this problem…

  25. I honestly feel that they should have
    Hawkgirl, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman, and Batman, and most for sure Martian Manhunter….That’s how I personally see the league with… Aquaman also being there….sometimes….

    I just think Warner needs to looks at the characters and their personalities.

    Hawkgirl: Spunky and a badass…I personally say go for Scarlett Johanson because she knows how to work it…. Or that one chick from Hanseland Gretel because she isn’t tall enough to be Wonder Woman. Isla fisher? Evan Rachel Wood? Kate Mara? Eliza Swenson?

    John Stewart:….mmm….Well I think Will Smith could do it, or maybe Terrance Howard? If we can’t have John Stewart than I say Bradley Cooper over Ryan for Hal Jordan…

    Wonder Woman: If Lucy Lawless were younger…..she could be the mom though XD but Karen Cliche could fit the role if she is tall enough, which I think she is? Or Saffron Burrows? Shalom Harlow? Rebecca Romijn? Kristanna Loken?

    The Flash: ….assuming things…. we need an actor who has the structure of The Flash and knows how to assume his personality…. have not found one yet……Maybe Bradley Cooper….

    Superman: If the new guy in the up coming one can pull it off, keep him. If not…Tom Welling?

    Batman: ….. I don’t know….just not…George Clooney….Keanu has a better soulless stare than George….Someone else find the Batz…. Gerard Butler? Russell Crowe? Josh Duhamel?…I don’t know…

    Aquaman: Chris Hemsworth could totally do it!

    Martian Manhunter:…………. Alexander Skarsgard? Jimmy Smits? Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje? Who ever can fit this role! I don’t really know XD

    These are only suggestions or opinions….But seriously… don’t think they need several films to make the movie, but maybe have blurbs of backstory in the actual JL movie?

  26. I think bale is not perfect for bruce/batman. Bruce wayne is a full developed body with good biceps (according to comics) and as for bale i can hardly see his biceps.
    I hate WB as they dont know to cast perfect actors in their movies. As compared to marvel they have a good plan and a perfectionism in their movies. I love the casting of Hugh jackman as wolveriene, Robert Downey as Iron man, etc. Their castings are perfect.
    I hated the batman triology as i didnt like any of the castings.
    Bale was not good for batman/bruce
    Heath ledger was also not a good casting for Joker as his hair should have been short not long and neither bald from front, I think Jim carrey would have been very good for that role.
    Alfred was ok.
    Gorden levitt was also not a good idea for Robin
    Bane was ok too instead of his suit. Bane’s mask covers his whole face leaving the mouth open and Nolan did exactly opposite.
    Batmans suit is like full metal in the movie. It shouldnt be like that according to the comic.
    I hate WB because they have everything in their hand and still they dont do it.
    There are so many actors in the industry and they still choose Bale for batman?
    It just like Nolan uses the same actors for all of his movies as you can compare that from Inception and Dark Knight or TDKR.
    Lol.. Marvel are far better than them. Well at least they dont confuse their readers or fans by rebooting characters and changing the stories.
    How many total movies are there of batman and superman? Cant they just do one perfect movie, then there would have been no problem for making Justice League.

  27. Superman: Henry Cavill
    Batman: Liam McIntyre
    GL: reboot
    WonderWoman: Henry Cavill’s girlfriend
    Flash: Dean from Supernatural

    Your welcome

  28. Another site has a new Batman film coming out in 2019 because WB wants to have a back up in case Man of Steel tanks. But even if your looking at 2017 for a Batman film, how the hell long would it be before a JLA film would hit the screen?? 2025?? Considering they need to make stand alone Flash and Wonder Woman movies. WB need to pick this whole superhero thing up. The Marvel films were done over a 6 year period and the Avengers came out rather quickly. I’m a DC fan but waiting until man uses robots to do his biding while his limp legs lay in front of him is not a fair timeline to wait for a JLA film.

  29. They need to not think so hard on how it flesh’s out(Script wise). Begin with great idea and different sound concept and they will eventually fit together. EX: Trying to limit how many characters show up is their very first mistake and will offend fans of missing characters. The mainstream characters must appear in some form. Darkseid is appearently the badguy and is universal bad dude. So use this to begin the introductions of our hereos. darkseid witnessing the battle between Superman and Zod see’s earth as ripe for the picking and great for enslaving humanity and knows of an ancient mystical relic from atlantis that can aid him in his conquest and so he sends someone(Nameless) to retrieve it. Knowing the relic holds great mystical powers related to an alien race long since gone or believed to be. This would be the perfect segway into the intro of aquaman in a minor form at first(Posing as Arthur Curry the worlds foremost expert on marine biology and things relating to the sea.) There will be an event that inadvertantly brings all our hereo’s together unbeknownst to them. Bruce wayne has traveled to metroplis to give a speech and meet with delegates(As well as funding said experiments) on forming a new global defense coorperation since the Zod incendent. With the president and some of the worlds most renound scientist, biologist, and military leaders there, events will quickly unfold. Clark kent and lois lane are meant to be there to get the scoop, of course lois is unable to go at the last minute and clark is left on his own. He his ordered to interview the billionare wayne. Hal jordan is in charge of the airshow spectacle the air force plans on displaying above metroplis. Diana Prince serve’s as a secret service agent to the president. Barry Allen(or Wally West) is the leading chemist on hand as part of the new project. And dear John Jones plays as spectator in the crowd hoping for an appearance from superman so he can speak with him and let him know there are others in the universe beside’s kryptonians and earthlings. He is feeling certain that this is the time to reveal himelf after being hidden and thinking he was alone here for so long. As the event begins there is an enormous thundering in the sky and hundreds of small alien type craft begin entering orbit and raining blast of energy onto metroplis destroying everything in their path. People screaming and scattering in fear and chaos ensues. Buildings are burning all around, the jets meant for the airshow are now in attack posture but are quickly losing ground against the more advanced foe. Enter our hereo’s. First Clark turns and runs to a nearby alley to turn into superman. Bruce catches a glimpse of clark running into the alley and superman emerging moments later. Jordan zips off into the sky taking form as green lantern to protect the air force pilots. Diana jumps in front of defenseless civilians and blocks laser fire from low flying space craft using her gaunlets and skills in combat, Flash takes off in a burst of speed to swipe people up off the streets and get them to safety. Jone jones transforms into manhunter and begins blasting aircraft in a blinding fury and this also catches bruce’s attention who by this time as called alfred and as batman backups on their way(Like the close by batmobile where he can awn his battle fatigues as batman). Arthur leaps into the air and smashes an oncoming space craft and then uses the ocean nearby, raising waves that wash ashore and begin to extinguish the fires caused by the onslaught. He then dawns his trident and begins swatting ships from the sky likes bugs. This is the beginning.
    darkseid used this small attack to size up his enemy and see what he was really dealing with. Soon after the battle ends and the hereo’s are somewhat close together and all protcting the president and other world leader’s they look at each other and..well you figure out the Wayne obviouslt funds the idea and the formation of the worlds new Justice League and elects himself as the short term leader along with superman. They discuss what they are going to do about the in coming threat of invasion and what their roles will be. Agreeing this is temporary and they will resume their seperate lives when this threat is taken care of or if it is taken care of.

    • Not a “short synopsis”, but an effective one. Very interesting. A JL movie can work, and well. I’d dare to say better than Avengers.

    • An even simpler approach would be these five core members were each abducted by Despero for a galactic gladiator arena created by Mongul. They each introduce themselves to each other, fight alien gladiators and then take down and overthrow Mongul.