Rumor: ‘Justice League’ Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

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Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Ever since Warner Bros. announced their intention to produce a Justice League film adaptation, movie and comic book fans alike have kept busy debating which members of the titular superhero team would actually appear in the film. Certain do-gooders are more obvious than others but, considering the Justice League roster has evolved over the years, there was room for the studio to slip in a few less-iconic players – to fill out the team. At one point, Lobo was even rumored as a possible member.

Several weeks back we published a list of rumored Justice League characters – along with how they’d each function in the film. We presented that rumored “insider information” with a grain of salt – since it was coming from untested sources. That said, today we’ve got a new report on the potential Justice League film roster that, on the surface, makes a bit more sense – from an outlet that has previously broken high profile comic book movie scoops. If the new report is true, it looks as though DC intends to focus on a smaller set of Justice Leaguers – instead of bringing in every single core team member for the freshman outing.

The report comes courtesy of Latino Review, who has been dropping Justice League tidbits on a relatively regular basis since the film’s announcement. Industry fans should also remember that the site was responsible for claims that the storyline would follow the Apokolips/Darkseid Rising comic book arc.

Darseid Justice League Movie Villain Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

That said, it’s worth mentioning that the Justice League film is still very much in flux – without a confirmed director, cast members, or plot any current information (real or rumor) is still very subject to change. Meaning, even if Latino Review is correct about the roster (or any other prior Justice League news tips), the studio and writer Will Beall could already be going in a different direction.

Assuming the new report is true, how many DC heroes will audiences get to see in the 2015 team-up? Latino Review suggests that the Justice League film will feature five team members – with the possibility for a few smaller cameo-style appearances.

In this case, the core roster would include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Apparently, a combination of Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or Hawkman might also be slotted-in for one or two possible cameos – with the report suggesting that Martian Manhunter would be the most likely second-stringer (given the cosmic ties to Darkseid).

Unlike that prior rumored character roster, the new report does not include any indication of which version of the iconic characters we might get to see (ex. Flash: wise-cracking Wally West or the more serious Barry Allen?) or which DC movie universe actors might return for the Justice League team-up. Assuming Henry Caville’s Superman is well-received in Man of Steel, we’ve long expected Warner Bros. to bring him back for Justice League.

henry cavill1 Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Christian Bale is still considered a long-shot, especially now that Christopher Nolan has officially announced a new non-superhero project. For months speculation has centered around the possibility of Gotham’s new protector, Robin John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) filling in for Bruce Wayne in Justice League but the actor has repeatedly denied involvement. Take into account that DC may intend to reboot the Batman film franchise in 2017, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Justice League Batman will have no connection to Nolan’s trilogy and could act as a launching pad for the new stand-along installments.

Additionally, rumors have suggested that there might be a Wonder Woman tease in Man of Steel – though it’s unclear at this point if that means an actual actress will make an appearance or we’ll just see acknowledgment of the superheroine (and the shared cinematic universe) by way of a quick television report or news paper headline.

Similarly, we have no information at this point about who might play The Flash – especially given that John Wesley Shipp would be in his 60’s when the film is released.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Warner Bros. will bring Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) back as Green Lantern. On the surface, moviegoers who were disappointed by the Green Lantern film might be put-off by that idea but Reynolds has attributes that could make for a solid Hal Jordan (especially in an epic team-up film). Unfortunately, his performance was saddled by an underwhelming script and problematic overarching filmmaker choices for the solo outing. Still, considering that DC will likely work with a mix of old (Superman), new (Wonder Woman and The Flash), as well as possibly rebooted (Batman and Green Lantern) elements, they could be open to giving Reynolds another shot. If for no other reason than to use Justice League as a platform to reignite interest in further solo Green Lantern adventures (think Hulk in The Avengers).

If the report turns out to be true, Warner Bros. will have likely reassured some of their naysayers – since a quality Justice League film centered around five core heroes is a lot easier to imagine than the prior report (which listed seven members along with possible supporting cameos). Often times, the debate between “standalone origin stories first” and “Justice League team-up first” supporters came down to whether or not audiences would fully appreciate the personal character stories that accompany each of the heroes – stories that are a major focus in the new Man of Steel film as well as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Spending time with the characters (learning about their respective backstories) helps audiences, especially non-comic book lovers, invest in the heroes at a deeper level and it’s encouraging that Warner Bros. might keep the focus a bit tighter than previously believed – allowing room for some intriguing personal drama and exploration in addition to all the epic team-up action.

Similarly, cameos for some of the less well-known but still important players make sense. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman were the focus of debate in prior character roster discussions considering they are both key players in the Justice League but are either a) less familiar to casual audiences (Martian Manhunter) or b) might be a little harder to adapt for the big screen (Aquaman). Less-substantial roles for them (or at least one of them) might be a smart way to expand the universe without alienating unfamiliar moviegoers. This isn’t to say that neither character could be portrayed successfully onscreen but, it’s a smart move for Warner Bros. to structure the film around their best chances for success and pull in other fan-favorites down the line.

Justice League Alex Ross Art 570x249 Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Again, this is all just rumor and speculation at this point, with no acknowledgment from the studio beyond a release date. We’ll update you as soon as we hear anything official.

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Justice League is scheduled for release in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Great article Ben. If there’s anybody out there who doesn’t know about the new JL project, this article pretty sums everything up perfectly.

    As for the roster, I think 6 heroes is a good number:
    Batman (perhaps played Karl Urban or John Hamm)
    Superman (played by Henry Cavill if all goes well in MoS)
    Green Lantern (give Reynolds another shot, or else introduce John Stewart)
    Wonder Woman (played by Jamie Alexander or Lynn Collins)
    The Flash (Michael Rosembaum or Bradley Cooper)
    Aquaman (played by someone who could draw attention and has enough screen presence to make the character look awesome)

    …the Martian Manhunter would be a great addition as well, but he could play a part in the sequel perhaps – unless WB does the right thing and make JL a three-part epic like LOTR, in which case MMH can be brought in during the third movie.

    • id love to see rr as green lantern again

      • Agreed. Indeed.

        • Agreed. Ryan was, I thought, quite good in the role and as the character, just bogged down by a sh*t movie.

          I think RR being the Green Lantern in the JL movie would be great.

    • If john Ham plays Batman I am going to lose it, he should be SUPERMAN!!!! COME ON! I ‘m already upset that he’s not playing superman in MOS

      • Jon Hamm would have been a superb Superman if he was in his twenties.

        But this is not the case.

        I firmly believe that DC, WB, Snyder and Nolan made the best decision is casting Henry Cavill as Supes.

        • *in

        • Agreed. Hamm’s too old and pudgy for rebooting a franchise. That and he has too much baggage from his Mad Men series; and by baggage, I mean it’s hard for me to see him play a superhero after watching him drink, smoke, and fool around week in and week out on TV.

    • they should go with John Stewart, wouldn’t hurt having some color in the cast plus every comic book chr renald played the movie was horrible. Blade 3, x-men origins, & green lantern where so bad.

      • The movies weren’t good, but Reynolds was great in Blade and X-Men, and good in GL in spite of the miserable script and weak special effects. He’s a better actor and bigger star than most of the actors mentioned. I’d rather see him as Deadpool than the Lantern, though.

    • Batman (perhaps played John Cena)
      Superman (played by Stone Cold Steve AUstin)
      Green Lantern (give Stephen Colbert a shot)
      Wonder Woman (played by Juliete Binoche)
      The Flash (Michael Fassbender or the guy from Drive)
      Aquaman (Arnold Shwartz)

      • Be gone, Troll! Go back to the shadows!

    • Nice roster and for aquaman I think Cumberbatch would be really awsome. As aquaman and fans will be really happy

    • Bradley Cooper as The Flash. Good call. Not following you on GL. I say Hal, but not played by RR

      • Bradley Cooper as The Flash and Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern would be AWESOME!

    • Michael Rosenbaum is Lex Luther

      • No! Let everything Smallville remain where it currently lay. Rosenbaum was great on the small screen. I don’t see his work translating well. Actually, I’m really kinda bored with the whole Supes-Lex dichotomy after watching Smallville for so many years. And when they released the last Supes movie, who did we get for a villain? Why Lex again. It’s a tired story. Let’s move on. Supes has been around for ages. Surely there’s SOMETHING more exciting out there than a story revolving around Lex.

        • I totally agree, its to be expected and to some extent everybody wants to see him [especially a human villain using intelligence and corporations]. But why not let him hang in the background [in the sequel though, don’t just crank him out when the first movies getting it’s feet wet]. Like Clark is just watching Tv and he’s actually rooting for Lex to be elected for something and all the movie Lex is just building up his strength/recources but it is only implied while Supes faces his villain.

    • After the core 5 (Supes, GL, Flash, Bats, WW), I would probably pick Martian Manhunter next, then the Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Aquaman, and Green Arrow last, in that order.

    • I want Jamie for the role of Sif that’s the way I want to see her because she’s good at the role so if she becomes the next wonderwoman it would just be ruined

      • !

      • I have absolutely no idea what you just said…

  2. Honestly what other line-up can you go with? I can deal with the no Aquaman just because he is joked about way too much (even though personally like him). Aquaman may be a hard character to introduce via a JLA movie anyway. What I do think they are missing is an African American hero. I’m sorry but DC has such a diverse cast of characters & you get the right actor to play Cyborg, Manhunter or John Stewart and a star is born for future solo films. It would make for great interaction among the group too in the JL movie too.

    Regardless who they use they have my dollar. Yes, Avengers was awesome but to me as a lifelong comic fan of both companies nothing comes close to Justice League. I’ve always loved anything to do with the teaming of DC’s finest. Loved every storyline over the years, cartoon, etc. & I’d rather pick up a trade of the Justice League vs. any other solo character in either company.

    • Craig Ferguson as Aquaman FTW.

    • Being African-American is not a qualification to be a superhero (what is his power, that he is black?). I am not being biased racially in the least, as there are plenty of black heroes who would be great IN THE PROPER ROLE (Black Panther, the black Captain Marvel from the Avengers, Luke Cage, etc.). I am just saying race should not play any part in whether a character is included or not.

  3. Also – if they use Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, if they use the Hal Jordon character & don’t cast Ryan Reynolds I will be upset. I know the movie was bad but Ryan Reynolds was just fine and played a perfect Hal Jordan. It was not Reynolds fault that movie was all over the place, had two awful villains, a bad Carol Ferris, horrible storyline, etc. If I look at just Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan I am very pleased and also think his costume was one of the best in any superhero movie by far.

    • I think they should have a John Stewart Green Lantern, and have a cameo of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) walking away from a scene of horrible destruction as a ‘regular guy’. This could lead to a solo movie with a plot of how Hal lost his ring (being infected with Fear maybe?) and how John gained his, and tie it into a Parralax story-line (modified, of course).

    • You liked the GL costume? I didn’t, though I don’t know how I would make it better. Green and glowing is tough to pull off, and while Reynolds is tall and muscled he is also very slim. He would have been perfect for Flash, come to think of it.

    • Hey Cake-grabber, I have to agree with you. The movie needed a better script, less cornball humor, could have done without the mini-bedroom scene (was that Carol in bed with him, or some other girl who looked a little like her?), but when you come right down to it, it’s the only GL movie we have, and was a decent FIRST ATTEWMPT that needed some more work and readjustments. I enjoyed it myself, and of course snapped up the DVD the moment it hit the shelf at my local store. I am anxious for another GL movie or two–or three–with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. And a Flash movie needs to get going, as well.

  4. Using Nolanverse Batman is a bad idea because people will not accept a different Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane, or Two-Face while Bale is still Batman. You’d have to start with something different because while Justice League does fight things from different realms, they also fight Earth villains and its better to have a complete line-up of all the old villains now fresh villains played by different people allowing cross-overs to be interesting

    • People will accept whatever you tell them – how many Bond actors are there? How many Batman’s have their been? We are our on 3rd Superman.

      Audiences are adaptable, the real key to getting them to accept is giving them a good performance.

      • 6th Superman if you count the tv shows. Sorry, just had to be a douche and point that out.

      • Previous Supermans did not impress me much. I am hoping this new one will be better.

    • I remember Bale saying that he won’t dawn the cape and cowl again unless Nolan’s at the helm. And seeing as Nolan has said he’s done with superheroes and is already underway with his next project, ‘Interstellar’, I’m 100% sure we won’t be seeing Nolan’s Batman in JL.

      • Nolan’s at the helm…AND he produces one hell of a compelling script (paraphrasing of course)

  5. I agree with moxqb9, that by killing off Hal Jordan early off could be the catalyst for the movie. The league investigating his death. Darkseid could have had him killed as he viewed him the only major threat to his plans for invading Earth (as he doesn’t really fear any of the other heroes). While the league is doing their thing, the ring picks Gordon Stewart as the new green lantern (2 green lanterns for the price of one).

    In terms of casting, if they have Wally West Flash, it has to be Neil Patrick Harris. He embodies everything that Wally represents. Keep Henry Cavill as Superman, as the trailer for Man of Steel proves he definitely has the look (judgement reserved till the actual movie comes out). Quick sidebar: i remember seeing Henry Cavill in the count of monte cristo with guy pierce when he was 16 and thought he would make a great superman when he was older! lol

    I know she isn’t in the running, but I always though Melina Kanakaredes (Stella from CSI NY) would have made a great Wonder Woman. Whoever they cast, please let them be of Mediterranean descent as Diana is supposed to be of Greek heritage. As for batman, i don’t see anything wrong with recasting him. There a plenty of batman stories in the comics that are hard to place in the the overall timeline, so focussing too much on Nolan’s trilogy and how it would fit in with these new movies is the wrong way to go. why can’t it just be Nolan’s version of Batman (almost like an Elseworlds story) and then a new/different version of Batman in JL movie?

    In terms of how to play the bat though, I think they should get the right person, rather than the most popular choice. A famous director once said that the secret to making a good movie is 90% casting.

      • Agreed! Glad someone said it why do you think they keep killing him of in the comics and then have to bring Hal Jordan Back!

  6. Sorry, John Stewart, not Gordon Stewart as green lantern! lol

  7. Whoah… it’s common knowledge (maybe just to me) that the JL has 7 founding members… like the Magnificent Seven:

    Wonder Woman
    Green Lantern
    Martian Manhunter

    The new 52 replaces MM with Cyborg… but for the longest time… that original 7 was canon.

    Marvel already messed up theirs by using more “realistic” spandex like Hawkeye and Black Widow instead of Ant-man and Wasp… but DC should try to stick to the original 7 if they can.

    And honestly, all this quibbling about continuity from Nolan’s trilogy and Man of Steel is unnecessary… in my opinion, they can recast all of them just as long as the movie is well written and acted and it should still do well.

    • I agree with you. I think Warner are just being cautious and looking at the long term future of the franchise though. Nothing majorly wrong with having the league founded by 5 instead of 7 and the bringing in other characters in another movie.

    • Since you mentioned The Avengers, I will toss in my two cents and finance it, too! I want to see Goliath (Hank Pym, blue/yellow costume), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch in The Avengers soon. That is for the hero side. For the villains, Skrulls, Ultron, and Kang would fill the bill nicely for me!

      • Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are tricky considering they are mutants and Fox owns there dad…

        • Betcha everyone is waiting for someone to write, “Who’s Your daddy?”!

  8. And on a separate topic, while the characters are quite similar, how come Namor is so kickass and aquaman is joked about? Namor wears speedos, has spock’s ears and Hermes’ feet. Maybe it’s that combo that makes namor so freakin’ cool. maybe it’s his don’t give a s***, don’t trust land dwellers attitude. maybe it’s his “i want to have my wicked way with sue storm” flirtation. whatever it is, he nevers has people making fun of him the way people do with poor mr curry.

    i think they could redevelop aquaman significantly and make him a bit more embittered towards land dwellers.

    • I always thought the Justice league unlimited version of aquaman would work well in a movie

    • I think Aquaman gets so much heat because he’s more at the forefront of DC’s lineup, whereas he’s buried in Marvel’s roster of characters. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who have heard of Namor.

    • Why Artur dropped an Orca on Namor.

    • Keep Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, just make him alot more serious and, well, that would make him more “heroic”.

  9. I would pick a Justice League Dark before I would want the Justice League. I mean The Dark Knight was awesome and it cannot be redone. Instead of shoving another Avengers down are throats why not give us something unique and unexpected. Justice League Dark revolves around the magic users which would be stinkin awesome.

    • Del Toro is apparently working on a Justice League Dark script right now, so your wish may just come true.

    • Nope. Bad idea. Stick with JLA and do it right.

  10. What the heck, no Aquaman! Aquaman deserves his time to shine! Well if no Aquaman then Martian Manhunter. As long as Flash is Barry Allen and Green Lantern is Hal Jordan. But c’mon Warner Brothers, bring on Aquaman.

    • Hal Jordan as GL; Barry Allen as Flash.

  11. Why is it the more that i hear about a Justice League movie the more i think it’s going to go wrong? Marvel took the time to build their cinematic universe and looked at the whole undertaking as a cohesive whole, Warner Bros./ DC isn’t really doing that with their movies. They should at least pull in Paul Dini and the other contributors to the DC animated universe to help them make a better cinematic universe. I just think they should better establish the rules and characters of their universe in more films before doing the “epic team up” film. What made the Avengers so awesome is because we got to know these characters as solo heroes before seeing them as a team.

  12. Id like to see:

    Superman …henry cavill
    Batman… jon hamm
    Wonder woman… Gina carano is the best choice, and since she is dating henry cavill its a nobrainer
    Green lantern… ryan reynolds or maybe chris pine
    Flash… possibly zac efron or chris pine
    Aquaman…ryan gosling or keelan lutz

    Some people might disagree but i think they would be great

    • The problem with Gina carano is that she cannot act. We need an actress that can act as well as do action.

  13. Could be good, we’ll see. It’s got to be better than what Fox is doing to the X-Men… right?

  14. Idras Ilba for Jon Stewart. They should do a trilogy and each movie is 3 hours long; like Lord of the Rings, and the Matrix.

  15. The cast should most definetly be:

    Superman: Henry Cavill
    Batman: Christian Bale
    Wonder Woman: Lynn Collins
    The Flash: Bradley Cooper or Matt Bomer
    Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds
    Aquaman: Armie Hammer

    • Armie hammer is a good choice

    • I’m with you on at least half of your choices.

      Bale had his time in the sun. Let’s move on. I couldn’t understand 20-30% of anything he said while in costume, and it was incredibly annoying.

      They won’t go with Collins: I just looked her up in Google (didn’t know who she was) and she’s got some crazy, wild sex scenes on True Blood. There’s NO WAY DC’s going with her with that kinda resume.

      I don’t know much about Hammer except that he’s playing opposite Depp in the Lone Ranger.

      • It loos like she did true blood before the monstrosity that was John Carter, which was a disney movie, and before she did wolverine too so there may be hope for her yet.

  16. At first I was like aw man only 5… well I remembered though that when JL started out there were 5 members. Green Lantern,The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter. Black Canary replaced Wonder Woman in JLA: Year One Post-Crisis. I do like the idea of Martian Manhunter showing in a cameo at the end. Aquaman could be in the sequel with The Legion of Doom. Instead of Hawkman, I wouldn’t mind seeing Hawkwoman/ Hawkgirl… Cyborg and Firestorm to make it an even 10 in other sequels.

    • Original 10 heroes, not necessarily in order, were: Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, The Atom, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hawkman, Superman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow. You could kind of count Hawkgirl as a #11, also, as she did appear with Hawkman on occaision.

  17. What they really need to do is scrap this Big Baddie thing with Darkseid and bring us the Legion of Doom. How many times have we seen a group of heroes go after one big baddy and maybe his nameless minions. Bring on a group war between the greatest heroes and the greatest villains. Maybe have the Justice League juuust squeak by with a victory causing them to open the League to more members.

    • This has been my opinion ever since this whole JL movie was first mentioned.

      Start off with the Starro in movie one, moving to the LoD in movie 2 and then have Brainiac be the climax in movie 3. If they can hake that trilogy happen, THEN progress to a Darkseid story.

    • How about Darkseid, Doomsday, Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash), Eclipso, Time Commander, Hyper Thief, Psycho Pirate, Brainiac, Mirror Master…(OK, OK, I guess I am kind of getting carried away & pigging out at the Smorgasboard here…

  18. This roster of five is a good choice starting out. WBDC should be planning the next three or four JL movies and not even be worrying about solo films. They can start solo films based on fan reactions to the team movie. The only downside I see to this is no other human hero’s. This will cause too strong of a “I’m Batman, I cant afford to run around in a bright costume like all these super people” theme. With me that storyline is as old and tired as the mutant hysteria theme in Marvels Xmen.

  19. Dude, I think Edward Norton is an incredible actor but his demeanor and especially his voice is all wrong for Batman.

    • Agreed. And Norton has the wrong build for Batman. Norton likes to play the ‘average body’, and I don’t think he has it in him to bulk up as much as he’d have to in order to bring the right ‘A’ game to this role. And I can only imagine what Norton’s big boy voice sounds like.

      • Someone hasn’t seen American History X

        • You know thats what I thought of when I picked Ed Norton. He got big for that role. Its possible. And I think he would be good for Batman and a good way to get him back into a comicbook movie.

  20. Green arrow Martian man hunter and aqua man are a must this film is a bust already because DC is in such a rush for money that’s all

  21. Whats wrong with Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern ?…I don’t get it !

    • IMO, RR puts too much RR in the role, and not enough Hal Jordan in it.

      • I agree with both Mercy and Happyman. I liked the Green Lantern flick, although there was room for improvement (the script, and we needed to dump the bedroom scene as well as the cornball humor). I definitely want to see Green lantern’s franchse continue, with Ryan Reynolds in the title role. Just fiox the mistakes. There is a grteat potential money-maker in the Sinestro angle for GL#2. They should make that flick right away, as well as one with The Flash (Barry Allen)!

  22. Wow, I’m actually surprised by the lack of MM love. One of the best and more unique characters but nobody wants to see him??! I would much rather have MM be a part of the core group and have Aquaman be the super-neutral he has been written to be in more recent years. He could be coerced to join the team in the sequel but not for the first outing.

    I still say Jensen Ackles for Batman, JGL just does not have what is needed to make a convincing Batman (although he is the perfect choice for Nightwing).

    And I’m fine with RR returning as GL, just ditch the cheezy full CGI skinned muscle suit and get some boots and a real mask with CGI enhancement.

  23. You almost have to have the 5 be Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman to start–IF you stick with 5 heroes. They are the biggest names. I would kind of be sorry to not see Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, and The Atom in there, though, although I understand this can’t be about a 4 hour movie with a cast of thousands. Green Arrow and Hawkman would be my last choices of the original 10. Hawkgirl (#11) was in some of the early comics if I remember correctly. This may be a little off, but even though they were in the Justice Society (not League), I would not mind seeing Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman (Rex Tyler). They were a great duo in the early comics, buddies (ala Flash/Green Lantern or Superman/Batman), and had great chemistry as a buddy-team together. They fought baddies such as The Psycho Pirate and Solomon Grundy.
    As for villains, Doomsday and Darkseid for sure (we don’t need putzy wimpy villains like Joker, Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, and Luthor; we need them on a more global scale). But how about the Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)? Or Time Commander, Hyper Thief, Brainiac, Eclipso, a few others?
    I really hope this franchise gets off it’s duff and gets moving and does good…I will definitely buy the DVD, and hope there is more thn one installment. Unfortunately, thus far most of what DC has done is run in circles, chase their tails, wring their hands and spin their tires. I really want to see this series do good, so c’mon boys: hoist anchor, put the spurs to ‘er, pour on the cobs, take the brake off, drop your rox ‘n’ grab your sox, etc., and show us where the bear flop truly lies in the buckwheat…let’s get moving!!! I want JLA!

    • Oops, I goofed in my previous comment! I meant to say my last choices of the original 10 would be Green Arrow and Aquaman, not Hawkman and Green Arrow. I would prefer to see Hawkman included over Aquaman and Green Arrow. My mistake.

  24. Green Lantern MUST be Hal Jordan, and The Flash MUST be Barry Allen! “I, the great and powerful Oz, have spoken!”

  25. If this movie does good somewhere down the road after a few solo films (with sequels would be good) they make another Justice league movie and have some evil mastermind bring together the villans from each of the heroes solo films to create the legion of doom…. it doesn’t even have to all be villans we already seen in the solo films but have some come back from the solo film so when your watching the movie you will be like “Holy crap they are back.”

  26. Id be gutted if Aquaman was left out, wheres the love for Aquaman?? hes badass in the new 52, People who say hes lame should read the comics before commenting, hes far from lame! Aquaman has huge potential if done properly, Dont leave him out of Justice League! same with Martian Manhunter, these two are part of the original members, you cant leave them out!