Rumor: ‘Justice League’ Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

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Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Ever since Warner Bros. announced their intention to produce a Justice League film adaptation, movie and comic book fans alike have kept busy debating which members of the titular superhero team would actually appear in the film. Certain do-gooders are more obvious than others but, considering the Justice League roster has evolved over the years, there was room for the studio to slip in a few less-iconic players – to fill out the team. At one point, Lobo was even rumored as a possible member.

Several weeks back we published a list of rumored Justice League characters – along with how they’d each function in the film. We presented that rumored “insider information” with a grain of salt – since it was coming from untested sources. That said, today we’ve got a new report on the potential Justice League film roster that, on the surface, makes a bit more sense – from an outlet that has previously broken high profile comic book movie scoops. If the new report is true, it looks as though DC intends to focus on a smaller set of Justice Leaguers – instead of bringing in every single core team member for the freshman outing.

The report comes courtesy of Latino Review, who has been dropping Justice League tidbits on a relatively regular basis since the film’s announcement. Industry fans should also remember that the site was responsible for claims that the storyline would follow the Apokolips/Darkseid Rising comic book arc.

Darseid Justice League Movie Villain Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

That said, it’s worth mentioning that the Justice League film is still very much in flux – without a confirmed director, cast members, or plot any current information (real or rumor) is still very subject to change. Meaning, even if Latino Review is correct about the roster (or any other prior Justice League news tips), the studio and writer Will Beall could already be going in a different direction.

Assuming the new report is true, how many DC heroes will audiences get to see in the 2015 team-up? Latino Review suggests that the Justice League film will feature five team members – with the possibility for a few smaller cameo-style appearances.

In this case, the core roster would include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Apparently, a combination of Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or Hawkman might also be slotted-in for one or two possible cameos – with the report suggesting that Martian Manhunter would be the most likely second-stringer (given the cosmic ties to Darkseid).

Unlike that prior rumored character roster, the new report does not include any indication of which version of the iconic characters we might get to see (ex. Flash: wise-cracking Wally West or the more serious Barry Allen?) or which DC movie universe actors might return for the Justice League team-up. Assuming Henry Caville’s Superman is well-received in Man of Steel, we’ve long expected Warner Bros. to bring him back for Justice League.

henry cavill1 Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Christian Bale is still considered a long-shot, especially now that Christopher Nolan has officially announced a new non-superhero project. For months speculation has centered around the possibility of Gotham’s new protector, Robin John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) filling in for Bruce Wayne in Justice League but the actor has repeatedly denied involvement. Take into account that DC may intend to reboot the Batman film franchise in 2017, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Justice League Batman will have no connection to Nolan’s trilogy and could act as a launching pad for the new stand-along installments.

Additionally, rumors have suggested that there might be a Wonder Woman tease in Man of Steel – though it’s unclear at this point if that means an actual actress will make an appearance or we’ll just see acknowledgment of the superheroine (and the shared cinematic universe) by way of a quick television report or news paper headline.

Similarly, we have no information at this point about who might play The Flash – especially given that John Wesley Shipp would be in his 60′s when the film is released.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Warner Bros. will bring Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) back as Green Lantern. On the surface, moviegoers who were disappointed by the Green Lantern film might be put-off by that idea but Reynolds has attributes that could make for a solid Hal Jordan (especially in an epic team-up film). Unfortunately, his performance was saddled by an underwhelming script and problematic overarching filmmaker choices for the solo outing. Still, considering that DC will likely work with a mix of old (Superman), new (Wonder Woman and The Flash), as well as possibly rebooted (Batman and Green Lantern) elements, they could be open to giving Reynolds another shot. If for no other reason than to use Justice League as a platform to reignite interest in further solo Green Lantern adventures (think Hulk in The Avengers).

If the report turns out to be true, Warner Bros. will have likely reassured some of their naysayers – since a quality Justice League film centered around five core heroes is a lot easier to imagine than the prior report (which listed seven members along with possible supporting cameos). Often times, the debate between “standalone origin stories first” and “Justice League team-up first” supporters came down to whether or not audiences would fully appreciate the personal character stories that accompany each of the heroes – stories that are a major focus in the new Man of Steel film as well as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Spending time with the characters (learning about their respective backstories) helps audiences, especially non-comic book lovers, invest in the heroes at a deeper level and it’s encouraging that Warner Bros. might keep the focus a bit tighter than previously believed – allowing room for some intriguing personal drama and exploration in addition to all the epic team-up action.

Similarly, cameos for some of the less well-known but still important players make sense. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman were the focus of debate in prior character roster discussions considering they are both key players in the Justice League but are either a) less familiar to casual audiences (Martian Manhunter) or b) might be a little harder to adapt for the big screen (Aquaman). Less-substantial roles for them (or at least one of them) might be a smart way to expand the universe without alienating unfamiliar moviegoers. This isn’t to say that neither character could be portrayed successfully onscreen but, it’s a smart move for Warner Bros. to structure the film around their best chances for success and pull in other fan-favorites down the line.

Justice League Alex Ross Art 570x249 Rumor: Justice League Movie Characters Revealed; Limited to 5 Heroes?

Again, this is all just rumor and speculation at this point, with no acknowledgment from the studio beyond a release date. We’ll update you as soon as we hear anything official.


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Justice League is scheduled for release in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Yeah this shouldnt be a rumor but advice. Until I read this I had low hopes for JLA but now I can see it being successful in 2015. When it is I hope they do the live-action version of crisis on two earths. I am still waiting to see the epic Batman vs Owlman fight. Epicness written all over it.

  2. As long as they have Green Lantern and Flash, I’ll watch. Hell, even if they didnt I would watch, and probably still love it

    • I think these are the two core members that deep down we all REALLY want to see, above all others.

  3. I’ll be glad if there’s no Aquaman, he’s a joke & no one takes him seriously.

    • Aquaman is cool, hes just a character who needs the right writer. I think an Aquaman movie would be epic. We get movies in space all the time, movies set in jungles and deserts and bustling cities. Think of the epicness that could be achieved with a movie set beneath the oceans depths! Its like a whole other world down there. Seriously, just visually theres soooo much that can be done that would be stunning.

      • I never really thought of that before. 75% of this planet is covered with Water. Why wouldn’t we want to know about that other part? I’m in favor of an Aquaman or Namor movie! :)

      • An Aquaman movie has been picked up, discussed and put back down time and time again because of one simple and inescapable fact…..shooting underwater is freakin’ expensive. Hell, Waterworld cost 175 mil to make almost 20 years ago and that was primarily ON the water and not under it.

        If someone was able to get a big budget approved though, the characters and story are there and it could be spectacular.

        I think once Cameron perfects underwater filming for Avatar 2 it will give Hollywood the necessary tech to make a movie like this much more feasible.

        • That’s why he ALREADY directed Aquaman…

          • Nice Entourage reference. You beat me to it.

    • Untrue. BOTH of your points on the character.

    • booooo

    • Seaman!

    • Read the New52′s run on the character and try and make that statement again.
      Aquaman is a freakin beast!

      • 100% agreed with you on this one!

    • When was the last time you read aquaman? It’s one of DC’s best-selling titles. Also, Black Manta is EASILY of one comics most terrifying and outright awesome villians.

    • sea-man lol sorry its a funny joke on robot chicken lol

      • They should have done one with Aquaman as a kid and have him be the Waterboy.

      • Sea-man is from South Park… noob.

  4. If The Flash is still in, I’m still in

  5. Whats with green superheroes having so much trouble finding success in cinema? Green Lantern, The Hulk, Green Hornet, Man Thing. Lol its crazy.

    • Hulk? Hulk has found major success in the last 2 movies he’s been in

      • The Hulk has barely made money as an individual film………

      • I was reffering to his first outing. And the fact that while the second movie rocked it didnt due well enough to warrant a sequel and only did marginally better than Hulk from what i remember.

        • You say success. To me, what matters in terms of success is quality. Not quantity. I don’t go to the movies just to invest in them, I go to the movies to enjoy watching them. While it filmmaking is considered a business, it’s mainly considered entertainment; and thats the part I care about

          • Quality is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Green is hard for some people to take seriously. I blame Frank Gorshin (Riddler) and Lou Ferrigno (Hulk)

      • Lou ferrigno’s Hulk was HUGELY popular for a long time, you can’t blame any of it on him.

        • Don’t forget, Ferrigno voiced the Hulk in the Avengers… Puny god…

    • Greenhornet sucked . Jason Statham should be green hORnet now that would kick ass. Seth rOgans green hornet was a joke .

    • (“Green”) Arrow is doing passably well on TV.

  6. I would be ok with a smaller role for Martian Manhunter in this film if they intended to expand him later on. He is too awesome a character to leave in the cold!

    • Manhunter was always pretty cool but they must be cautious with him if they want it to work out

    • Well, yeah, you could do alot with him, time allowing, on the big screen.

  7. It’s the “Justice League” not the “Justice Quintet”

    • The definition of a league is “an association of individuals having a common goal”. There is no particular number of people it takes to define league. Quit nitpickin. :p

    • YES I AGREE .

  8. A Justice League without Aquaman would suck!

    • a justice league without aquaman would be a little bit dry

      • This deserves acknowledgment.

        Well done.

        • No, no, no, I’m gonna resist saying that comment was “all wet”!

      • +1

      • Ho!

  9. Jensen Ackles for a wise-cracking Flash!

    • or Bradley Cooper

    • I could totally see that working. Has he been in any films tho or just televisionon? He cracks me up on Supernatural tho.

    • Ackles for Marvel’s Iron Fist.

      • Scarecrowe, is televisionon like a support group for TV addicts or something? Not trying to be a spelling Nazi, but it was too easy to pass up.

    • Do we really want every hero to be wise-cracking all the time? That seems like more a Spiderman thing. They overdid the wild wise-guy thing in Green lantern (which I liked but wanted a more serious Hal Jordan). Sometimes I worry Tony Stark gets a litle too carried away with the snarkiness/jokes. However, it does seem to work for him in the movies, I will confess–most of the time. I do like Iron Man, Spiderman, and Green Lantern, by the way. It’s just that I could accept heroes saving the world a little better if they weren’t always doing a comedy routine.

  10. Always thought JGL had the potential to play Flash, just his personality and all. Of course now thats probably not going to happen

  11. I think Bradley Coopers a really good actor and maybe this is me being nitpicky now but i feel like he has such a prominent nose that a superhero cowl wouldnt sit right on his face.

    • Seems like they had that problem with Snozilla playing The Shadow.
      And although there was no cowl, the guy in the original Highlander had a fat forehead!

  12. Jensen Ackles would make a good Flash imo

    • Or Michael Rosenbaum :-P

      • He probably would be pretty good but id feel like i was watching Lex Luthor play the flash lol. H e played that character soooo well its hard to picture him as Michale Rosenbaum and not Lex lol.

  13. Just cause Nolan said that he planed Batman as a trilogy, and that he was done, does not mean that someone else can come in as a director and start another trilogy with the same cast, have Bale come back and train Blake as the new Robin Or Knight Wing.

    • Sorry, Night Wing

      • I was a bit concerned there for a moment ;)

    • No one is saying that they can’t pick it up from where Nolan left off – but NOTHING at this point suggests they will. Bale doesn’t want to do Batman without Nolan and Levitt has repeatedly said that he’s not involved. At first, we figured that he might be trying to throw people off but the more he talks about it the more it genuinely sounds as though he’s not going to be coming back.

      Plus, there are a LOT of people that would be upset if the Batman in ‘Justice League’ isn’t Bruce Wayne – even if he has to be played by someone other than Bale.

      • money talks, and WB wants,and need to make the JL movie. Yes, The Man of Steel needs to be a hit, and I believe that it will deliver the goods. However, WB can’t afford to wait and see if Man of Steel is a hit before they get the ball rolling. They should be working on a movie for release in 2014 as a lead in to the JL movie be it Wonder Woman or the flash, but I think that Wonder Woman is the better option.

      • Upset is not the word for it. I would actually not pay to see it in the theaters.

        Rental yes I cant stay away forever, but it would be a travesty to do that.


      • Batman’s gotta be Bruce Wayne, just like Flash has to be barry Allen and Green Lantern has to be Hal Jordan. Done and gift-wrapped, and don’t you search for an exchange-department!

      • Well on the other actor note; batman has always been very secretive you know not one to take off the mask and reveal his secret identity all though the other follow up movies…

    • I dont understand this line of thinking..

      IF someone comes in as a director
      IF someone starts another trilogy
      IF Bale trains Blake…

      and he comes back as Robin or Nightwing how is that a Batman movie?

      in essence if you follow that thought process Nolans Batman Trilogy is over.

      • we’re just trying to come up of a way to keep the story arc going forward, just like in the comics. When they change the artist or the writer, they don’t start the origin story all over again, it just keeps going so why can’t they just do the same thing with the movie, take a look a James Bond, they change actors every six to ten years.

        • Understand that. However as I read it you were speaking towards no Batman and creating a Nightwing/Robin type character so I wasn’t following.

          In the James Bond mythos and movies he (actor) is always James Bond there is no John Franks trained to be the next 007.

          So bringing up a path forward to keep Batman should have no correlation with someone (Dick Grayson/Nightwing, etc.) that is not Batman – Bruce Wayne.

          You really cant keep Nolans story arch going forward and expect it (or vice versa) to meld into a universe that contains an alien, an amazon, a person with a power source from aliens, a person with super speed derived from lightening. Not to mention another world with a powerful god like being.

          Another Nolanverse Batman movie with someone else playing Batman or even taking a version of the Bat mantle? Sure.

          To try and fold it into JL though is just (imo) courting disaster.

    • I think I may be the only one who does not want to see Gordon-Levitt as Batman. He’s a great actor, but I don’t think that he is physically large enough. He would look like a midget standing next to Henry Cavill. In my mind Batman is a hulk of a man, physically larger than most of the league. Plus trying to tie the Justice league Batman to Nolan’s would be a headache and probably not work out.

      • I was just thinking about this. Batman needs to be around the same height as superman so that, when they face off during their inevitable disagreement, superman is not towering over him. What’s the comparison like between Bale and Cavill in terms of height?

        • Cavill is 6’1″
          JGL is 5’10″
          Bale is 6′

          So not that big of a difference between them and I am sure they could use some movie magic to make JGl seem larger. I still do not see it working though. I’m not sure who should play Batman, but he needs to be a goliath.

          • i actually wouldnt mind the obvious size difference. i mean think about it, superman is an alien. batman is just a man. but he still manages to be better than superman or at least his equal

            • my bad i thought bale was 5’8. totally ruled out jgl

  14. I know there’s a large group of fans who’d like to see a mix of familiar and lesser know characters but WB/DC isn’t going to take that chance. Especially without lead in films. Everyone knows who… Let’s call them “the big five” are and for the most part their backstorys and what their role might be. So it makes it easier for the film to get off and running without having to spend an hour explaining everything. And IMO that makes for a better film and from the studios standpoint a safer bet that’s easier to promote and market.

  15. I’ve watched Green Lantern a couple of times. And, surprisingly, it’s gotten better for me with each viewing. Do I think that’s it’s a very good film? No, but I don’t think that it’s as bad as many other people think. I would not mind at all if RR is brought back to play GL.

    • I’ve watched GL a few times as well. I think the story is what killed it for me. I didn’t mind RR, but there might be a better choice out there. I don’t think RR exactly hit it out of the park.

    • I agree. It was the bad call to make Hal Jordan a Tony Starkish wise cracker. They should have done something similar with GL First Flight.

      • let correct myself and say the film should have been more like First Flight.

        • Definitely. First Flight was infinitely superior to the live action film as a well-told, quality story.

      • i totally agree, superheroes now days are a bunch of jokers. totally hoped for a serious reynolds

    • I agree. I don’t think it’s a bad movie at all. I’m good with RR returning as GL. All I ever hear is how bad people thought the Green Latern was, even though it wasn’t, but what about Ghost Rider? The worst super hero movie has to be the Ghost Riders, especially that last one! I was a fan of GR growing up and I think they just destroyed him with the bad writing and Nicolas Cage as GR.

    • 1. I think that man of steel is going to be epic. hands down. 2. it wouldn’t be the league without bruce wayne as batman. i think its the perfect opportunity to launch a batman that hasn’t been seen and can hold his own with the super powered. like its been said most these characters origins are well known. and his was just gone over again by nolan. 3. i think nathan fillian would have been a better hal jordan than ryan reynolds. i liked reynolds and i don’t think its his fault for how the character was written. i think someone ok reynolds lets do this. i think if reynolds was given the chance to become the hal we know and love he could do it. the part was written towards his sarcastic charm when he should have been made to step up and play the confident swagger of hal. 4. definitely give up the sarcasm to the flash. i think his super speed perception would make an excellent addition to the movie. 5. wonder woman i think can be done to perfection. kinda hoping she has some cameo in man of steel.

      • The writers totally dumbed down the Green Lantern character to appeal to young children. Reynolds’ GL was great when he was allowed to act like an adult.

  16. I’m still not sure about this. I still think this all depends on man of steel. If that bombs, the JL movie is in the crapper. I just don’t see how WB/DC can start with a team up movie before solo films are done.

    • Ever heard of the xmen trilogy? Although majorily flawed in x3 they did the team up films first. DC characters are more widely known by the public from superman to wonder woman to flash and even batman are all household names. A quick reboot for GL would be the only tweeking needed and this film is GOLD just based on the heroes.

      In the event that Man Of Steel bombs which I doubt based on Nolan’s involvement and the previews, they have to stick with it since Cavill is signed on for 3 movies. Doubt it will bomb though.

      • US-centric thinking though as usual.

        Not many outside America know who Wonder Woman, The Flash, pretty much anyone outside of Superman and Batman are unless they’re pretty hardcore comic book readers (and they’re in the minority) so if you could all refrain from this whole “well everyone knows who they all are so the movie sells itself” isn’t thinking like a studio wanting a global box office take akin to Avengers and Avatar.

      • @Ancien210

        True that, Superman is the most recognised hero throughout the world. Fact.

        • And where is your documentation to support this “fact”? Wikipedia doesn’t count.

          After Nolan’s films, I would venture a guess a LOT more people are familiar with Batman than Superman at the moment.

  17. Well I’m excited since technically they only need to fill in two origin stories. Maybe they’ll do it like Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and walk us through Wonder Woman’s story by initiating the Flash into the team or something like that.

  18. Isn’t Martian Manhunter kind of cucial to Justic League? I’m not an expert, but that’s the impression I had. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if they left Green Lantern out of JL. The character is cool individually, but doesn’t fit into the group reality…to me anyway. But in any case, I say recast GL as someone other than Ryan Reynolds. They need to go all-out to make JL a great film, and might as well take the chance to correct past missteps before moving forward. That’s my take.

    • Martian Manhunter was the longest tenured Justice Leaguer but that’s probably just because he never could manage a solo book of his own. So Justice League was always HIS “main” book. He’s not crucial by any means, he’s just a very convenient member to have around as the team’s telepath, essentially the Charles Xavier of the Justice League. Add to that shapeshifting powers, Superman-level strength and something close to Batman’s IQ, if it wasn’t for his Martian weakness to fire, he’d be all the Justice League ever needed to solve any problems.

    • Take it elsewhere. Green Lantern all the way!

    • I dunno. Ryan Reynolds has great potential, if given a better script, one which would entail a gritter serious approach. In my opinion the suit was horrible, the new one needs to rely less on CGI. Hell the whole mmovie needs to tone down the CGI. The Paralax villain blew, totally undermined it just like Iron Man 3 did with the Mandarin. All heroes are incredibly fit, after what i saw in Blade Trinity… Well you get the pic

  19. Aquaman better make an appearance!! Idk about anyone else but Aquaman is one of my favorite Justice Leaugers Especially from the new string of Aquaman comics!!

    • Geoff Johns is certainly writing Aquaman very well at the moment. It’s the first time I really felt like the character has finally come into his own.

  20. 2015 will be a great year for movie watching for me. I get two team up movies and Ant-Man!

  21. So, no Booster Gold?


      • Boost her gold, and swipe her silver, also!

  22. Okay so i have been hearing a ton of stuff on this movie one that i would like to talk about is the possible connection to the Nolan universe, okay there are some things that i hate about that idea and not that many things that i like about it. Okay so lets say its i dont know 5 years after Dark Knight Rises and Superman comes to earth and thats when Man Of Steel is taking place, so alright based on what i have seen in the trailers and the things ive heard form the cast and reporters i guess Man of Steel could look like the same universe as the Dark Knight trilogy, Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie does not look like the same universe to me it just doesn’t and i never liked the movie all that much to be honest. Wonder Woman needs to be done well i think for casting her i vote Gina Carano or Gemma Arterton i never really liked the flash that much just because he wasnt for me i never found him all that interesting, costume was pretty cool but to me it takes more than that to make into a fan of the character. Okay so the smaller cast seems smarter to me for the movies sake because the other rumored cast just seemed so massive with such big characters and it would just be too much to fit all of it in one movie, i think at least. If Cavill returns as superman i think it could work if i had the choice i would keep it in its own universe but im up for seeing how it all works out if they do it and i think Man Of Steel looks great and i want to see that though. But maybe thats the problem when this is being put together i want it to be like Man Of Steel or Dark Knight Trilogy with the same feel to it as those movies had or look like they have and i feel like if they get Ryan Reynolds back as green lantern would nearly kill the movie regardless of whether they change the character up or not same with Wonder Woman and Flash. Keep in mind i am not really a DC fan and i do not want any fans of DC comics to feel as if i am trying to force my opinion on you, i am just stating my opinion if i make you feel that way i apologize.

    • No Gina Carano, she is a terrible actress. We need some on that can act as well as do action.

      • Agreed, NO Carano.

        It’s much easier to fake fight than it is to fake acting. ;)

      • I dunno, someone mentioned olivia wilde, shes pretty, has a good feel. But i want my wonderwoman fitt. I mean im not hoping for Helga status but, i want her to look like she can toss around grown men and cars (believably, [again] not looking for 180-200lbs but maybe 160. I get this weird hawk girl vibe from Keira Knightly.

  23. I apologise in advance for this mammoth post. I’ve been OBSESSING over this movie for some time now (like most of you) and my wife is now tired of me tapping away at my iPad for hours weighing in on my thoughts. After this post I will ban myself from all things Batman/Justice League until we have official confirmation on what’s happening.

    Here are my complete and consolidated thoughts on my biased belief that maintaining a DCU movie continuity with the pre-existing movies (Batman Begins onwards) is a necessity to its future success.

    Here’s my take on this.

    The only credibility the WB has in launching these movies is trading off Christopher Nolan’s name. The Man Of Steel looks fantastic but they’ve got so much riding on it that they’ve been literally FORCED to add his and David Goyer’s name to the marketing to help ensure it’s success. I believe it’s going to be great, but what a job to simultaneously reboot superman, green lantern and then batman on top of that! I see a lot of confused conversations about how the Nolan produced superman connects to the Nolan directed batman flicks and who could blame them? Reintroducing green lantern 3 years after his first intro to audiences? I know the movie was a big failure but it still made 220 mil plus an expanded audience on blu ray/dvd, the new animated series and toys/marketing. If they try to reboot batman and green lantern in the justice league movie there’s the potential that we’ll be left with an exposition filled bore-fest, that tries to put all these new elements into the context of a rebooted universe while short changing us on the action and fun that made the avengers so great (IMO). I believe the solution is to work with the assets they already have. The shared DC universe already exists if warners say it does. Have Nolan’s name be the back bone of credibility behind their ‘phase one’ movies. Even if he’s not involved anymore beyond his superman producer credit;

    Batman begins
    The dark knight
    Green lantern
    The dark knight rises
    Man of steel
    Justice league

    Superman and Batman anchor the justice league movie, green lantern? Keep Ryan Reynolds and treat him as the hulk was treated in avengers (comedy relief and a redemption after a relatively poorly received movie). If you have to kill him off and replace with john Stewart, at least you’d retain the framework of the guardians and corps in place. Batman? It’s not solely his movie and it doesn’t have to be Bruce behind the mask for the entirety of the movie. Readers of the comics have read dick Grayson as batman for a reasonable amount of time until recently and they’ve mostly been fantastic. So why not Joseph Gordon Levitt’s robin john blake in the cowl for 1 or half a movie until the world is ready for a recast Bruce Wayne for ‘phase 2′? Let him have his holiday with Selina or come out of retirement for the 3rd act of the film as an awesome plot point. As long as someone’s kicking ass dressed as batman in the primary action sequences I’m sure audiences’ll swallow it. The league combined are going to have far bigger problems than the gritty and realistic world of Gotham and Bruce Wayne anyhow. Flash and wonder woman? Don’t explain their origins, just throw them straight into the fray and save the mystery for their solo flicks. I believe this is most elegant solution to the problems the WB has in building their DC universe, it’s lazy… But I think it makes sense and will solve a lot of problems in working out how to pitch a reboot to joe public. I also think Armie hammer would be a great bale replacement in 5 years from now. I think it could be pretty cool to watch john Blake fail as batman and watch Bruce Wayne get recast to swoop in and reclaim the mantle all in the first justice league movie… It would act as an interesting commentary on nolan’s ideas, i.e. anyone can be batman. The truth is, batman is a facade and it’s Bruce Wayne that is more than a man. Through pure strength of will he has elevated his body and mind to the point that he can stand next to gods (superman/wonder-woman). I think it’d be fun for people to see john Blake fail in this role before becoming Bruce’s apprentice (night wing/red robin).
    The WB has too much riding on this to drop ties to the Nolan films. They’ve made no secret about their need for a replacement for Harry potter, and they’ve (producers and executives) been quoted in articles as knowing that the DCU is their best shot of generating that level of success. If they stick with what they’ve got they already have the following:-
    A multi-billion dollar franchise.
    A story people are already invested in.
    Critical acclaim/and pre-existing good will.
    Big name stars/director (as well as oscar noms!) as part of it’s legacy.

    Last thing that I don’t think anybody has mentioned… Sets, props and CGI assets. They already have the bat, the tumbler, the batcave, the bat suit all the gadgets and Gotham design as well as OA, the power battery, green lantern’s suit and everything that comes with that. (And yes, I fully agree that green lantern sucked but it wasn’t the fault of the effects team and Ryan reynolds in my opinion). They spent a FORTUNE on this stuff and I don’t believe they should redesign any of it when that money can be spent securing the best possible cast/director/writer and crew to make justice league a win.
    If they did reboot batman and Bruce Wayne they’d have to redesign everything else too. Otherwise people would freak out about the tumbler being in the rebooted justice league and people would rightly be confused.
    All I know is Man of Steel HAS to be amazing both critically and financially as all this is riding on that films success. I really hope us fans get the superman movie we deserve.

    This is a second hand source but X-men/FF 20th century fox architect Mark Millar was quoted with the following on Will Beale’s developing Justice league script,

    “A pal of mine is good friends with the new Justice League screenwriter and said his take on the team is incredible. Very real-world and not at all what you might expect. WB has a chequered history with their superhero characters. They’re great with their boy wizards, but less consistent with their DC stable. But my chum said that this could be a thing of beauty and has been in the works for a little while now, not just an Avengers knock-off. Best of luck to them. The tidbits I heard sound quite dark and mature, which isn’t what I expected. But word on Gangster Squad is great too, so I feel this is in really good hands.”

    Guillemero Del Toro was recently interview about pacific rim and the topic of ‘Heaven Sent (now dark universe)’, his proposed DC supernatural universe movie (featuring Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna) was covered. He said of the project that the ‘foundations’ of the shared universe are already in place.

    I can’t see the problem with Warner brothers incorporating Christopher Nolan’s Batman films into a shared DC universe as well as Green Lantern. Even if they do decide to proceed, (and I strongly believe personally that it’s the smartest thing to do) I don’t see how it invalidates the integrity of Nolan’s movies one bit. Whether it’s part of a shared universe or not, Nolan still got to tell his Batman story with a beginning, middle and end. Plenty of completely self-contained stories have been told Batman comics nested within the shared DCU. To those who argue, ‘Nolan said his movies wouldn’t work in a world with super-powers!’… Well, they didn’t. But that doesn’t mean for a second they can’t transition into that world with the arrival of Superman.
    Plenty of commenters on different movie sites seemed pretty upset about the very idea of not having Bruce Wayne as Batman in the first Justice League flick. I would implore those fans, as awesome as their passion is, to really consider what they’re wishing for. The idea of someone else as batman (cinematically at least) is a fresh idea, and continuing the plot threads from a story that generated billions in box office is probably the shrewdest move WB could make. To be honest I applaud them if this is true for putting a compelling story before the easy out of a creatively bankrupt reboot opportunity.
    Incorporating their existing movies into the DC shared universe (and yes, this should include green lantern, just like marvel did with hulk despite a perceived under-performance) is the easiest way of playing catch up with marvel.
    Either way I love Marvel and DC equally and if DC proceed with this move’ll it’ll be great as tonally they’ll really be setting themselves apart from the MCU. It always confuses me when movie fans say things like, ‘it was planned as a trilogy! More films will just ruin a great thing’. Even if the continuity of the Nolan films continues in justice league, the dark knight trilogy still counts as a stand alone story. It has a clear beginning/middle/end. It doesn’t mean that the threads can’t continue even if it was written to be enjoyed as a 3 movie arc. Most comics tell a stand alone story that have bigger significance as part of a larger world. You CAN pretend the Star Wars prequels don’t exist, just as you can pick out what Bond films you think are worthy of your time.
    Batman is probably the most versatile character in popular fiction so I 00% agree with the suggestion that he is ‘infinitely reboot-able’. However, I still think JGL is playing us for saps and that himself Nolan, Goyer, Ruben fleisher, rian Johnson, zack snyder and Christian bale are all part of some secret DCU movie illuminati. I honestly believe they’re all cooking up something huge for comic-con a la the avengers cast announcement. Until then everybody involved will deny and misdirect EVERYTHING. I don’t believe for a second that Nolan will direct Justice League but if I could I’d throw good money on the table that it’ll be one of the above names.
    I also agree with anybody who says that JGL is completely ill equipped to be batman in the justice league universe. That is why he MUST be. In the Justice League movie he will either die or become nightwing and be replaced by a Bruce Wayne forced out of retirement. Bring it on!
    In fact I’ll bet his agent actively encouraged him to test for marvel’s GOTG as part of the negotiation process with warners to come back. Everyone’s supposedly involved is being super coy about their upcoming projects. All seems a little fishy to me.
    People have been making some big assumptions about ‘the world’ the justice league movie will be set in. They (warners) haven’t made any effort so far to adhere to a comic-book tone (except GL, an attempt at an Iron Man knock-off) so what makes anybody think that JLA will be any different? Whether we’re discussing a batman reboot or not, the fact remains that the WB expects man of steel to be part of a shared universe. Goyer and everybody involved has explicitly stated that the man of steel has a ‘grounded’
    tone and that they wanted to present a superman that would work in a realistic world. Hmmm, like the Nolanverse perhaps? Not to mention the fact that Nolan is producing the movie. I’m not ignorant of these 2 facts;
    1. That Nolan has said he’s finished telling his batman story. He envisioned a beginning/middle/end from the first film onwards.
    2. He has said that his batman will not work in the justice leagues world.
    Two answers to chew on,
    1. If the characters and continuity continue with other filmmakers why does that have any baring on the completeness of nolan’s trilogy? Comics tell self contained stories constantly as part of a bigger tapestry. This happens in TV too, most seasons of dexter for example tell their own complete story but are part of a bigger framework.
    2. More importantly, I agree that this batman does not work in a justice league world. I believe this was first said by Nolan somewhere between Batman begins and TDK. That isn’t what they’re doing. The studios challenge (and the apparent creative direction of MOS supports this) is to MAKE THE JUSTICE LEAGUE AND SUPERMAN WORK IN BATMAN’S WORLD. This is going to happen. It just makes sense. There is just no way in a million years chance of warners rebooting batman right now. He is the only proven bank attached to this movie and batman/superman will anchor interest to the film. Even if Christian bale doesn’t return they’ll still re-cast in the existing continuity.
    Now, from a story perspective, it’s just more compelling drama to see JGL FAIL as batman forcing Bruce out of retirement. There is so much more dramatic WEIGHT and gravity in a JLA with the continuity intact. You reboot and you have an exposition heavy mess (not to mention a possibly jarring for some, shift in tone). I’m not saying that it isn’t possible that someone with giant balls couldn’t make an entertaining rebooted JLA movie. What I am saying is that the task is Herculean, given the turnaround time and goodwill for the current franchise.
    Everyone’s quick to criticise the idea of JGL as batman for a bit, but the story it presents is intriguing. John Blake wouldn’t make a good batman, maybe that’s the point. Batman can be anybody, just a symbol. Bruce Wayne the man, through discipline, heightened his mind and body to the point where he can stand toe to toe with superman. A lot of posters here seem to just want a live action DC direct to DVD animated movie.. But don’t you want something more exciting than that? Don’t you want something different?
    I’m incredibly biased in that what I’m suggesting is what I want to happen. Goes without saying I disagree that warners are considering a full batman reboot a possibility, especially considering the Man of Steel trailer is tonally very similar to Batman Begins. Even the washed out blue colour palette marries with the dark knight’s dark blue hues, Batman begin’s sepia tones and TDKR’s whites and browns. As I’ve suggested, the Justice League should force itself to work into the pre-existing batman trilogy framework. Nolan did say his movies don’t work in a super-powered world. Guess what? They don’t have to. Why? because they’re over!
    MOS can act to introduce the more outlandish elements of the DCU into this reality (much like Thor served to gateway magical elements into the MCU). What you have to try to remember is that this should more about achieving a consistent TONE of realism as opposed to trying to adhere to out and out realism. Let’s be honest here, TDK trilogy when scrutinised in any depth quickly falls apart if you expect complete realism. These movies (IMO) are awesome because they take the subject matter seriously, and present the world in as realistic a way as can be considered reasonable. Batman’s set in the hyper-reality of gotham, the alien superman makes his first appearance. Is that world now less realistic because a previously unknown element has been introduced? What’s important is, how do the pre existing elements react to this new information. If we (you guy’s sitting at home) watched on the news tomorrow that Atlantis has been discovered (cloaked from detection by Atlantean technology!) would we all say ‘OMG! The world isn’t realistic anymore! I’m living in a comic book!’?, then all start jumping off buildings and/or climbing up walls? Maybe at first, but after 10 minutes we’d all calm down, and start watching the news to get the low-down.
    This will be the DCU shared universe. Grounded, serious, edgy, hyper-realistic, dark and any other Hollywood buzz-words you may care to attach.

    The bottom line, for me at least, is that we have genuine counter-programming to Marvel’s lighter tone. It’s an incredible age we live in where we get so many of these movies I could only dream about as a kid every year now.

    • Whew

      • Lol I did give you fair warning at the top!

      • Was reading this on my iPhone and it appeared there was no end in sight. Good post though.

        • Thanks and sorry!

    • ‘The WB has too much riding on this to drop ties to the Nolan films.’

      I have read the write up and in trying to keep my response much shorter I needed to pick one sentence out of yours to convey the wrongness of your post.

      The above quote is it.

      What does Nolan have that 71 years of comics/cartoons/newstrips/movies/TV shows etc. cant support?

      Nolan is not nor will he ever be the end all when it comes to Batman. He wiggled his way in and instead of WB/DC or whoever putting reins on him let him go freely and practically destroy those 71 years and any chance of making a cohesive JL/DC universe.

      MY universe cant have this. MY universe wont have that. Let him keep HIS universe.

      How can you have a tone of realism when you introduce things like Alien races. We are not talking one or two we are talking 100s if not thousands via GL.

      How can you have realism or even explain an Amazon? Ok I can almost see a genetically enhanced female…. however guess what you just tossed out the rich history the character has. All she is now is a government toy. She cant be a real Amazon as she is in the books if you want a tone of realism.

      I dont even want to touch the tone of realism you would need to even come close to someone such as the Flash.

      Not to mention where were these people when Gotham was being threatened by a gigantic explosive device threatening to wipe out a large metropolitan city and the surrounding area?

      I understand your want for a counter to the lighter tone Marvel has. However to suggest it needs to leverage of the Nolanverse is unacceptable just based off what the Nolanverse is.

      The counter can be the STORY not shackling the abilities and rich histories these characters have. Pick up Identity Crisis (which you probably already have). The Killing Joke, Heck Preacher etc. A good serious relatable story with super powered beings can be good if not great.

      Dont cheese down and neuter/spade my superheroes.

      • I agree with you, and please understand. I do NOT think Chris Nolan is the be all and end all of Batman. I’ve been reading DC comics for 20 years now. Batman will survive and thrive whatever happens. What I am talking about is the Justice League and what will work for the studio, producers and mainstream non comic reading audiences right now and for the next few years. It sounds to me like your having some serious trouble reconciling the possibility that this movie isn’t going to reassemble anything like what you want from a JLA movie. Also, the kind of stories you’re after are already being told perfectly well in both the comics, cartoons, and direct to video animated movies.

        Answer this question directly please if you don’t mind? Do you want to be told exactly the same type of DCU story, in tone and content, across all media platforms? Or is there space for multiple takes on these characters we enjoy for numerous different reasons?
        Batman works across various different interpretations, you don’t enjoy this one. A billion in box office says plenty of others do.

        Amazons no doubt will be explained, in a way that’s relatable and cohesive to a modern audience. That’s what writers do, find a way of making it work.
        You keep saying ‘MY universe’. Unfortunately it isn’t YOUR universe and comic fans don’t come first, and neither does reverence to the source material. This is ESPECIALLY true for DC properties with such rich, long lasting legacies such as Batman and Superman. There are so many arguably definitive runs on both characters that its impossible to please everyone. One mans grant Morrison is another man’s alan moore is another man’s Denny o’neil is another man’s bill finger. Personally I’m partial to either Alan Grant or Chuck Dixon. How many versions of superman’s origin are there? John Byrne’s man of steel is the one for me.
        This movie might not work out for you. But their are plenty of places where you can get what you need.

        • No. However I do not want the heroes gimped by way of having them to have (or feel they need) a tone of realism.

          The beauty of a comic book universe say like Marvel OR DC you by shear volume of the history can weave in and out any type of story.

          Love stories, horror stories, flat out dragging knuckles fight fest, comedic, sci fi, etc.

          When you put a limit on the tone you can only branch out so far without stepping over the line. Whereas if you already step over that line you can always fall back to realism.

          Meaning for example in MCMU we can have aliens. In Batman we cant.
          In Batman we can have a terrorist attack. In MCMU we can also have a terrorist attack. Once a line is drawn much like Nolan did you limit yourself or even cripple yourself.

          If you limit your ability to stretch the story (IMO) you are short changing the ability to tell stories.

          Multiple takes on a character? Yes and sadly no. I dont consider what Nolan did with the Batman character a Batman story. As i said somewhere else on SR he just made a James Bond character with a mask. I enjoyed them I just dont/cant see them as a Batman story.

          I never saw/read the comics saying oh boy what would that be like if it was somehow made more real. I get real every day. I dont need it in comic book movies where it never was to begin with.

          When I say MY Universe I was speaking of Nolan and what HE was saying about his Universe.

          Yes but all of those writers and creators still at the base had a universe where the tone of realism (with regards to powered beings, aliens etc) was tiny. Granted they did do alternate stories which is nice and different by IMO not a tent pole to a hopeful decent movie run. (JBs run was great by the way) The origins dont vary by enough to make people say wait a minute that didnt happen that way. Kypton explodes, baby alien put in rocket, rocket crashes to earth, Kents raise baby, well you know the rest. Wait the planet doesnt explode before the baby leaves…. :D

          As for the people, the commoners that do not know of the history as well as some of us do. They do know Superman. They do know the rest of the JL (within reason). To try and stifle that with a tone of realism is doing an injustice to the justice league.

          I also believe DC is actually less real then Marvel as a whole. DC uses made up places (Gotham etc.) where as Marvel kept them real. (NYC)

          You may be right. Though I really hope they do not go down that path using the Nolanverse. I think people will feel… empty after seeing a real JL.

          They can use my idea and I wont even charge them. The idea about the Multiverse. That way Nolans U stays intact.

          • You make some solid points. However, if Kilowog landed in your backyard tomorrow would you say ‘no this can’t happen, it’s not realistic’, even when he’s standing in front of you. Surely realism would be more about how characters respond to these crazy events. I see no reason at all why it would be an issue as long as the writer doesn’t treat it like a joke

            • True (well sorry I believe in sentient life other then us) however Nolan said his Universe is a place that can not have that.

              I only go on what the man is saying. I have to give a man a prop when he stands by his word. Even if I disagree.

              For three movies he made it abundantly clear there would be no other heroes, no super powered heroes, no Robin, it just wasn’t his Universe.

              To go back on that would be two faced. Even if it was WB and Nolan had no hand in it. WB gave him the key and allowed it. They need to leave it alone and create the DCMU as it is in the books.

              • True. He said that they’re were no superheroes for the duration of his 3 films. We’re moving past that now and into a new phase of DC movies. Anyhow, since when was Nolan the Grand high-father decision maker anyhow? He’s the credible face behind these movies but ultimately it’s the WB’s IP and they’ll be the ones who decide how their libary of characters will be managed.

                • See this is where we split hairs. I more or less took that as his Universe. Not his films.

                  I can see him saying I will not portray or have other heroes in my Batman films. This makes it possible for others to use his universe and leverage off his Batman.

                  However I believe he said they do not exist in my universe. In his universe if there is no superheroes there are no superheroes.

                  Also I just dont see Nolans Batman (Bale) handling the DCU as well as THE Batman we know and love.

                  • For some reason I just can’t picture Bale’s Batman interacting with other members of the league. Maybe after I’ve seen Man of Steel then it’ll be clearer. But right now I like the idea you proposed in the other JL article about having multiple universes with Nolan’s batman being just one of them. That way you give a nod to Nolan’s great work but it allows you to go in another direction with a new batman.

      • “Not to mention where were these people when Gotham was being threatened by a gigantic explosive device threatening to wipe out a large metropolitan city and the surrounding area?”- silly point. If that logic held true in comics there’d be no solo character books. Why should batman fight the joker when he can blow a whistle and superman arrives within seconds to punch him out. Some things you just have to accept I’m afraid.

        Green lantern is on OA and/or protecting the sector.
        Superman hasn’t made his existence known yet. (Even if he had, he can’t solve all the worlds problems)
        Wonder Woman is with the other amazons on the island that’s super hard to spell doing amazon stuff.
        The flash hasn’t had his accident yet.

        The JLA hasn’t formed yet.

        • However there is no tie to (like the Marvel movies) and the explanations (while valid in a comics sense) doesn’t give a tone of realism such as the Nolanverse portrays.

          I would have loved to see in DKR a newspaper reference or something acknowledging GL.

          Its easy to say GL is doing that however how does that fit within the tone of realism for the Nolanverse?

          Same with WW. I do understand there are civilizations hidden in forests/jungles in some unreachable places however an Island with women? I just cant put the tone of realism on that.

          Flash I will give you again until the lightening strikes. ;)

          As much as I dont like the Nolan Batman for not being Comic Batman I would hate it more if Nolan stuck to his guns for three movies only to turn face for the JL and on.

          • But this is my continuing point… There is no reason whatsoever why you can’t have an island of amazon women, a green lantern corp and a man discovering the speed force. The point is that it’s taken seriously in the context of that world. You can give any explanation you want because it’s something never seen before in that world. The rest of the DCU doesn’t work in the frame of the TDK trilogy because they weren’t the movies he was making. That has nothing to do with the potential for what can happen now.

            Comics fan, another question.

            BATMAN YEAR ONE, a classic we all love. Taken on it’s own terms it does not exist in a world where you would expect a universe full of aliens, amazons and new gods.

            Same applies of Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A serious house on a serious earth.

            Cut to (in the same continuity!)- FINAL CRISIS! by Grant Morrison again! Now you’ve got the very same Batman being hurtled through time by Darkseid, all the while Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, Talking Tawney, Frankenstein’s monster and all manner of other insane elements all fighting to save reality.

            It all works, it all fits. The reality is the story we’re being told. By the author who’s telling it to us.

            Why should the rules be any different for film?

            • I only say all of this because “The WB has too much riding on this to drop ties to the Nolan films.”

              You have to drop ties to the Nolan films or you (figuratively) slap Nolan in the face. You are telling him his vision was not the right vision so we need to fiddle with it.

              As I said above I didn’t enjoy them as Batman movies but I did enjoy them and they were done decently. The real tone spin for those 3 movies did it for those three movies.

              To have all of this show up in Nolans Universe (as I believe you are suggesting/wanting?) is a dis service to Nolan. Allow his 3 movies to stand on their own. (and just hope they don’t hog tie Supes as much)

              I do not think the public is so naive to see a Batman in the JL that is not a direct correlation to Nolans and get upset about it. Quite frankly I think more people will go ooo thats the Batman I know.

              • Well now we’re firmly in agree to disagree territory. The dark knight trilogy will always stand on it’s own. Sequels in my opinion DO NOT have the power to diminish the quality or meaning of the originals. If you don’t like them, they can be ignored. Horror fans have ignored lame sequels for decades. Same goes for Batman, no matter what happens now, the Nolan films will always exist as intended when they were conceived.

                • However these Horror sequels and the such did not have the director/writer saying stuff like MY universe or my world. They also more or less stayed true to the original background of the characters and ‘universe’.

                  Take Sam Raimi for instance when he was giving Parker organic web shooters, and adding the Power Ranger Goblin he didnt have the audacity to claim this was his universe and thats the way its gotta be.

                  He gave a logical reason for the inclusion of the organic web shooters. It was never implied or stated this was the way it had to be in future movies or in his universe.

                  Had Sony decided to continue and not reboot the series there was no Hog Tie if you will to that. He could had them close up or somehow go away forcing him to create the mechanical ones.

                  Even with the current reboot you had no one screaming about the organic webs over the made webs and I think was because the way Raimi approached it.

                  Unlike the way Nolan made reference to HIS Universe and the change to the Batman mythos therein.

    • Whoa, that was a whole lot of typing! But well said and I liked how you managed to get everything to come together without a whole lot of confusion. Now let’s just hope that the writers/producers/directors of JLA are as smart as you seem to be.

      • Thanks! Here’s hoping!

  24. I’m really sick of people saying that Justice League can only work financially or critically if they go singe movies building up to the team up like Marvel. Why? Is it because you can’t establish 5 main characters in one movie? Let’s examine that claim:

    If the JLA movie is limited to the 5 core members, how many characters will they have to establish in the film? Well not Superman, as Man of Steel will have come out and Henry Cavill will reprise the role (People act like that’s still up in the air. No, it’s not. WB is desperate to get this off the ground and they need one “anchor” for film so we aren’t going into this world blind) So that’s one character that doesn’t need to truely establish. Next is Batman. Everyone and their grandmother knows who Batman is, so we don’t need to really delve into who he is (Even less so if they use Joseph Gordon Levit as Batman as is rumored as it will connect this film back to the Dark Knight Trilogy, though I doubt WB will end up going this route.) That leaves 4 characters that time will need to be given to make it clear who and what they are: The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Darkseid.

    It is not impossible to establish this many characters in a single film. Look to Fellowship of the Ring. Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Boromir, Gimli, and the four hobbits all had unqiue personalities and ideas, and they managed to all be shown off and established in a single film and then subsequently devloped in subsequent films. Why could this not also be accomplished in Justice League?

    Furthermore, Warner Bros. can look to Disney and Marvel on one count: Avengers easily established its characters for the uninformed. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of movie goers who saw Avengers hadn’t seen all of the tie in films. I for one had not seen Incredible Hulk or Thor, but all it took in that film was a single scene to let me know what Thor and the movie version of Hulk were all about (I was vaguley familiar with the Hulk, but I knew nothing about Thor beyond him being a God of Asguard). Similarly with Iron Man, who was established who and what he was about through that single scene in Stark Tower. Captian American was shown off in that scene with Nick Fury, who himself was established alonen with Hawkeye and Loki in the opening. All Justice League needs is a single scene to show who Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Darkseid are. That’s it.

    I can attest to this format being successful through my personal interatctions with people who saw the film. My girlfriend, older brother, and mother all had not seen any of the tie-in movies leading up to the Avengers, but they all adored the film and understood who everyone was by the end of it. Dismiss this as anecdotale if you wish, but it is further evidence to me that Justice League can be done justice if written properly.

    That last part of course is still up in the air, and if the movie is s*** then the movie will be s***, but I don’t think having a Flash and Wonder Woman movie before Justice League can possibly have any real affect on its quality.

    Edit: Oh, and about the Gangster Squad guy writing JL… I assume that since Gangster Squad is now having a very lukewarm (at best) reception, I imagine that a lot of people over at Warner Brothers are going to rework the script before shooting starts.

    Edit #2: Also, Watchmen and X-Men established multiple main characters failry easily.

    • Whew again

    • Good points, well made

  25. Shocker.

  26. They could just do a movie with Supes/Bats and Wonder Woman and it would do fantastic.

  27. I’m starting to think it’ll be long enough for people to be hungry for a new superhero team movie again, so the Justice League movie in 2015 may have some legs of its own. As long as they cast each character well and have a good writer.

    I don’t think a new Batman is going to be a bad thing. I think it’s actually a good thing that they are going to re-launch a new Batman this way – it will set him apart from the other Batmen we’ve already seen. I’m just hoping for something more close to the comics incarnation than we’ve seen in the past. Christopher Nolan’s Batman was the closest we got, but ultimately it still wasn’t the Batman of the comics, more a creation of Nolan’s mind inspired by the Batman comics.

    Ultimately though, I think any talk of this movie is premature at least until we’ve seen the new Superman movie. Whether Cavill’s Superman succeeds or not will probably determine the eventual fate of this movie.

  28. I’d love to see them kill off Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan in the first…15-20 minutes of the movie just to set the tone! The ring could then choose it’s replacement off screen and they can choose whoever they want to replace Jordan, but that scene would definitely allow the movie to hit the ground running

    • That could rock pretty hard

    • While I would be fine with that, I bet RR wouldn’t go for it.

      • !!!I!!! Would not be fine with it! GL is my favorite DC character, and I am talking Hal Jordan! This is something that just will not be done! You don’t start out with one of DC’s greatest heroes, and then kill him off immediately. Sorry, but you should not even think such an idiotic thing,m any of you. Look at X-men: they killed off Prof. X, Cyclops (another favorite of mine), and Jean Grey, and the movie pretty much hit the ditch. I cannot believe you would want that here. Why not kill off Superman? Batman? Maybe yourselves?! Harumph!~

        • @Goldilocks. Relax, you’ll live longer. John Stewart IS green lantern for a generation of Kids. Personally, Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern I read the most in my teens. Though if I had the choice I’d still go for Hal Jordan, And Alan Scott’s another conversation entirely. You’re not wrong about cyclops though.

      • Well the other alternative would be for them to pull a same character actor switch and just replace RR. Now would be the time to do it, especially if they plan on having GL in a lot of movies in the future. This happened movies like Harry Potter with the Dumbledore character (but for VERY different reasons) or the James Rhodes character in Iron Man 2. If the JL movie and more are successful, people will all but forget about the first GL movie and RR.

  29. Nolan did sort of put WB in a weird spot. His trilogy is a huge part of pop culture and will be for a while. It’s going to be a tough sell to casual moviegoers for sure. It’s not like Marvel who was unveiling these guys for the first time (excluding Hulk). TDK trilogy is still very fresh in our minds and I’m not sure how some people would react to a brand new Batman that has nothing to do with a genre-defining film series.

    Personally, and I’ve been saying this for a while, I would be more than happy if “Man of Steel” was the beginning of a new standalone Superman trilogy and nothing more. I can’t shake the feeling that WB is rushing this to capitalize on the “Avengers” hype. I’d rather Snyder & Nolan work together to make a great trilogy with the one character than watch the studio (potentially) mess everything up.

    • I agree. I can see though people embracing the Batman they also know from the not Nolanverse.

      You can put Robin next to Batman and people will not think it is not Batman just because of what Nolan did.

      I think people will have no problem at all with a new less real Batman.

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