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The Justice League in Justice League Doom Justice League: Doom Review

In Justice League: Doom we get a familiar superhero team vs. super villain team story, with a darker twist. When hired by the immortal Vandal Savage, some of the fiercest foes that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Martian Manhunter face, unleash a plan that shakes each of the respective Justice League member to their very cores.

Every superhero has a flaw, or a weakness, and when Savage’s newly-formed ‘Legion of Doom’ comes into detailed intel on how the League members are each vulnerable, they have the perfect means to keep their foes under siege and off-balance, while Savage hatches a second, larger plot – one that could put the entire planet in danger.

Justice League: Doom is a loose adaptation of acclaimed comic book writer Mark Waid’s 2000 miniseries “Tower of Babel,” with a bit of DC Comics’ recent “New 52″ Justice League reboot thrown in just for some new flavor. The feature was directed by longtime DC Universe veteran Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern: First Flight), and has the bittersweet honor of being the final work of acclaimed comic book writer/creator  Dwayne McDuffie, who wrote most of the original Justice League animated series, and passed away shortly after completing the script for Doom.

The animated feature is a nice, tight, thrilling bit of superhero storytelling – though more like an extended episode of the Justice League animated series than a movie. By contrast, the animation style is less Justice League: The Animated Series and more in line with the recent DC Universe animated features like Batman: Year One. However, in high definition Blu-ray it’s clear why that sleeker, anime-influenced style works better onscreen.

Cyborg in Justice League Doom Justice League: Doom Review

Cyborg in 'Justice League: Doom'

The film also introduces Cyborg, a character who has gained more prominence in modern DC Comics, and was recently positioned as a central focus of the League in DC’s “New 52″ universe. If you’re not familiar with Cyborg, he’s pretty cool and is a welcome addition to the animated continuity. Similarly, those who know nothing of the “Tower of Babel” storyline from comics are in for a few nice twists, as well as some themes and ideas about superhero powers and psychology that will make for great geek debates (say, in the comment sections below).

Parents of younger kids should be warned, though: Justice League: Doom is rated PG-13 with good reason. Watching Superman or Batman beating up on villains is one thing; watching Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Martian Manhunter being tortured according to their most sensitive vulnerabilities (torments that include things like perpetual incineration and live burial) is another thing entirely. The fight scenes are exciting (as usual), but the majority of the story dips into some pretty dark territory, as it’s mostly scenes of the JLA being tortured in some pretty cruel and twisted ways.

Bane Metallo Star Sapphire in Justice League Doom Justice League: Doom Review

Legion of Doom: Star Sapphire, Bane, Metallo, Ma'alefa'ak and Cheetah

Longtime DC Animation fans will delight to know that Justice League: Doom boasts a voice cast of longtime DCU veterans. The Justice League heroes are each voiced by fan-favorites from the original animated series – Tim Daly (Superman), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman), Michael Rosenbaum (Flash), Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter) – with the welcome new additions of longtime voice actor Bumper Robinson (Cyborg), and hardcore fans’ one and only true Hal Jordan, Nathan Fillion. Even some of the villains in the feature are from the original Justice League animated series: Alexis Denisof as Mirror Master, and Phil Morris as Vandal Savage.

All-in-all, Justice League: Doom has all the components that made the original animated series so great, along with some polished visuals, darker story elements, and the added leeway of a PG-13 rating. Definitely a worthy addition to the collection – and a worthy monument to the  genius and imagination of Dwayne McDuffie.

Justice League: Doom will be on DVD/Blu-ray on February 28, 2012. It’s Rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action.


Justice League Doom Blu ray Cover Justice League: Doom Review

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  1. Watched it recently, very cool.

    • I watched it about a week ago, could’ve been better. Story just seemed a little rushed…

  2. I thought it was really good, far better than the more recent DC Animations like Year One/All Star Superman/Under The Red Hood. Those were terrible.

    Really impressed with this, great voice cast which was something that really let down previous installments, nice adaptation on the original story.

    • I thought “Under The Red Hood” was pretty good, but agree the others you mentioned are terrible.

      • It was the voice acting for Batman and the Joker that I hated, everything else was good but those were the two most important elements for me, totally ruined it.

  3. I already posted my thoughts on the movie a while back, but here they are again just cause:
    The voice acting was awesome (not surprising since they got Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Nathan Fillion, among others, to reprise their roles).
    The dialog was good.
    The animation was clean and crisp (i.e. very good).
    The plot (which is based off of ‘The Tower of Babel’ story arc) was awesome, although, they did incorporate some new material and changed a thing here and there (but I’m happy to report, they really pulled it off).
    There’s more than enough action, but it doesn’t feel like that’s all that the movie’s about (which is something quite rare).

    My only two problems with the movie was:
    1. it felt too short – I wish they made it feature film length
    2. (it’s more of a peev really — and maybe it’s just me…) was how arrogant they made Wonder Woman appear: I don’t want to spoil much, but let’s just say, there’s a point in the movie where she does a bad thing (not knowing she’s doing a bad thing) and when someone tries to help her, she completely ignores common sense and attacks that person anyway.

    Those two small issues aside, I’m definitely getting this one and I’d recommend it to any superhero fan as well.
    It’s the best animated CBM I’ve seen in quite some time… so I really hope DC can keep making awesome movies like this one in the future.

    • Damn!! if this is based on tower of babel as you say… then its gonna be awesome..

      Am gonna buy this the first day it comes out.. heck.. let me go pre-order!!

  4. I grew up with the animated Justice League series. I’m so used to that style of animation that I was skeptical to watch this movie because I wasn’t as impressed with how some of the superheros looked. But I admit I’m picky.

    With the story line as good as you say it is and the voices being who we know and love, I’ll be sure to check it out now.

  5. Every time DC deviates from Conroy and Daly, it shows, every DC animation with them doing the voices is great, the ones without them tend byand large to not be very good. UTRH is a prime example, one of the classic Batman stories and it was ruined by a terrible voice cast. Same with Year One. If the cast doesn’t fit, then it can ruin the whole experience.

  6. Is that cyborg of teen titans fame? I thought he was a good guy. Or is tht part of the new 52 ?

    • Cyborg was a Teen Titans hero, but in the “New 52″ continuity he is a central part of the Justice League.

    • He’s a good guy in this movie too…

  7. Michael Rosenbaum was the voice of the flash? Hmmm… From Lex Luthor to Flash. I dont envy him.

    • Rosenbaum got his start in DC animation BEFORE Smallville.

      1999 – 2011: Batman Beyond
      2000-2004: Static Shock
      2001-2006: Justice League: The Animated Series
      2001-2011: Smallville

      So, yeah. He’s played Lex, Flash, and several other DC characters.

      • And I believe Nathan Fillion also voiced a few other DC characters before he started voicing Green Lantern

  8. I love superhero movies but I wish they would do animated films like this with more realistic animation. That would really get me to start checking these films out.

    • I would love to see an animated film done in the same way the WOW intro was done or even DC Universe Online.

      I wonder what the cost association is.

      • hell yes

  9. Cyborg is a character that has the potential to be a huge player in the DC universe..just from a tech standpoint alone..he has the capacity to take down all the DC characters even Superman…

  10. IStory goos. Voice good. Animation alright. Concept style for characters is a huuuuuuuge fail. What is up with dc and marvel lately? Their artwork blows it looks like a five year olds show what ever happened with the epic concept guys? We get watered down kiddie art now.

  11. The way the characters are drawn looks too kid-orientated. Whilst Superman/Batman Apocalypse was far from the best animated feature – the animation style was one of the best.

    Under the red hood was actually one of the superior features. It had a much better balance between the story and action and remained compelling throughout until the very end.

    All Star Superman without one of the worst features – but that was more down to the actual source material itself. A very unimpressive reworking of the Superman legend.

    • >All Star Superman without one of the worst features – but that was more down to the actual source material itself

      Are you really implying the All Star Supes book by Grant Morrison was weak?

  12. And for goodness sake bring back Justice League Unlimited already..

  13. I wonder why they never release these movies in theatres?

    • Because it costs between 2000-5000 per print I think so if there are 2000 screens showing the film it will cost 4-10 million for prints alone and then another 10-15 million for a cheap marketing campaign..just not worth it..

  14. Quick question… In the graphic novel the justice members for tower of bable are: superman,batman,wonder woman, aquaman, flash, and green lantern correct??? So if they are using some of the NEW 52 series for this movie does that mean aquaman and flash are not in the film??? Thats really going to suck from my point of view when I see it tomorrow, I was already upset a bit when I found out they changed the head villain from Ras Al Ghul to Vandal savage. But all the reviews have been great so far so I’ll wait until I buy it on DVD tomorrow. Still can’t afford blu-ray

    • The movie’s Justice League consists of: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Man Hunter and (SPOILER ALERT!!! >>) Cyborg joins up later (<< END SPOILER ALERT!!!)
      So the only one missing is Aquaman.

      But anyway, like Kofi said, this movie is LOOSELY based off of Tower Of Babel, so just keep that in mind when you watch it.

  15. Saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it. Batman is fast becoming my favorite superhero; the dude is awesome.

  16. I honestly don’t think I could trust anyone outside of Bruce Timm to do a live action JLA movie proper justice. Warner Bros. should do a reverse Avengers strategy. Introduce the characters in one movie, gauge their popularity with the fans, and do spin-offs accordingly. But, please for God sake, give us the John Stewart Green Lantern. You have an entire generation of cartoon fans who only know him. They did the right thing by putting Hal Jordan in the first movie, so it won’t be considered heresy when John Stewart does his thing.

    • You know, I really don’t get this kind of mindset from people who won’t give an open-mind to creators other than Bruce Timm..I mean, of all the animation producers and comic writers that have unique talents in the industry, what makes him so special?

      If anyone can’t give other creative writers a chance or a leap of faith other than this guy that everyone’s been boasting about, then I think everyone here has caused a great disservice to the future of the DC Universe.

      Whether it’s good or bad, I really think everyone here ‘only’ likes Justice League because of Bruce (The Batman Guy) Timm & Kevin (The Only Batman Voice) Conroy. No other voice actors matter other than them & I think that’s a sad way of deviating new ideas that should be honored.

      I guess this is only reason why nobody cares about Mark Waid’s contribution to this arc which I think was badly mutilated by careless talents in this movie & I find that very sad & mystified by the attitudes of this status quo.

      NOTE TO EDITORIAL: If the moderator thinks that this comment of mine has the potential of causing a flame it is not my intent, but you have in your right to delete it if you think so, but I would like the moderator to e-mail his/her response to my opinion.

  17. Can someone please explain to me why Star Sappire is a villain when 1) she is Hal Jordan’s ex girlfriend, and 2) they apparently represent the power of “love” in the comics. I have never been a big green Lantern fan, but Wikipedia does a terrible job of explaining her villainous logic.

  18. I enjoyed it but struggled Rossenbum playing Barry Allen and not Wally West.

  19. Loved it…