Guillermo del Toro Gives ‘Justice League Dark’ Update: ‘It’s Going Really Well’

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 Guillermo del Toro Gives Justice League Dark Update: Its Going Really Well

Even as conflicting rumors suggest that the Justice League film planned for 2015 is floundering, hope for a cohesive DC Comics movie universe has come from a source unexpected even to hardcore comics fans – the occult superhero-horror series Justice League Dark. Alternately known as Heaven Sent and Dark Universe, this adaptation of some of DC’s spookier characters is currently being shepherded by fan-favorite director Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim). Since the title is not remotely locked down, for the purposes of this article we’ll refer to the project simply as Justice League Dark.

Recent reports have indicated that the previously nebulous prospect of a Justice League Dark movie may be solidifying more quickly than we thought. If del Toro’s latest update on the project is anything to go on, audiences may end up viewing the grim adventures of John Constantine and Etrigan the Demon before those of Wonder Woman and The Flash.

In an interview with Total Film, del Toro said that work on a Justice League Dark film is actually moving forward. Del Toro stated:

“… I am going to be presenting my storyline to DC and Warners of where I want to take this universe. We do have a writer, but until that is firmed up, I have to keep it a secret. I hope it happens. It’s going really really well. It’s like meeting old friends. I grew up with Demon Etrigan, with Swamp Thing, with Deadman, so these are characters that are near and dear to my heart.”

This coheres with previous reports that del Toro was actively crafting an outline for the movie. What’s surprising about del Toro’s statement is the apparent speed of the work involved – it’s only been a month since the previous stories about the film’s progress. That del Toro is almost ready to present his outline and has a potential scriptwriter lined up indicates that his interest in Justice League Dark is more than just a passing one.

When asked about how he intends to approach the large number of disparate magical characters involved in the movie, del Toro said:

“I’d love to use the origins that are proper to each character. I love the idea of Jason Blood as a paladin and a knight… I love the entire Constantine mythology, the Dead Man mythology, the Alex Holland Swamp Thing mythology. These are really rich things to well, and to dig.”

Although del Toro’s enthusiasm for the characters is infectious, it would be a mighty tall order to fit all of these origin stories into a single film. After all, almost none of them have anything to do with one another. If a Justice League Dark movie tried to stay faithful to the exact beginnings of each of these characters, the film would quickly become unwieldy. By that same token, attempts to make these origin stories more intertwined might irk fans of the source comics.

Justice League Dark Hellblazer Guillermo del Toro Gives Justice League Dark Update: Its Going Really Well

Brushing these reservations aside, the news of Justice League Dark‘s progress is genuinely exciting. The characters listed by del Toro truly are some of DC’s best, suggesting that we might see elements pulled from classic comics such as The Demon, Hellblazer, and Saga of Swamp Thing. Guillermo del Toro is perfectly matched to this material, and it would be a treat to see him bring his combination of no-nonsense darkness, visual effects experience, and peculiar whimsy to it. We at Screen Rant will continue to eagerly follow the progress of Justice League Dark, no matter its final title.


Keep your eyes peeled to Screen Rant for updates as Justice League Dark/Dark Universe/Heaven Sent becomes less and less of a creative fever dream.

Source: Total Film

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  1. I hope it works out so we can see these characters on screen in a way that works out better than previous solo entries in some cases.

    • This movie would be watched by myself if made, but does not sound all that good. The only one remotely interesting to me of the likely heroes would maybe be Deadman, if they can make him look just like the comics. Oh, and possibly Spectre..I believe he was once mentioned as a possible character.

      • My fave is Constantine because he’s the most interesting one.

        I mean, he learned magic, did a ouija board session as a kid that brought up a demon that killed a girl and it’s weighed on him ever since. He’s been to Hell several times and even tricked the big bad down there on a number of occasions.

        Fun fact, he’s also the only comic book character who actually ages.

        • The Constantine you’re talking about isn’t the same one that appear in the New52 DCU(Justice League Dark/Constantine). The original Constantine who’s main book-Hellblazer just ended and the title was change to vertigo own universe since Vertigo decide to only produce creator own comic. N52 DCU’s Constantine is younger and is more tone down compare to the original one.

        • Judge Dredd ages in real time, so John Constantine isn’t the only one. Judge Dredd is in his seventies now and still kicking a** in the big meg.

  2. This smells like that otger movie… League of extraordinary gentlemen type deal. Not terrible, but flop worthy. I just dont see the mass appeal on this project. I’ll take a wild guess though that if pacific rim beats expectations he’ll get to this, if not, to development hell it will go.

    • You are right,it’s a geeks movie !
      Office Bomb and not mass market working,sadly !

      • Same as most other comic book movies then.

        Oh wait, what was that? Batman and Avengers have passed the $1billion mark worldwide? Nevermind then…

        • Dazz,you know what we mean ! Look at who is making it,and look at his style and stories of movies he is telling !

          Best example are the HellBoy movies i guess ! They do not appeal to the mass market,and so will this !
          Sadly,wish you would be right,but del toros track record shows he makes one moderate flop after another ! And don’t misunderstand me..I love his movies and want to watch this !

          • Yup on board with Ios on this, the mix of content/characters and GDT’s style on this project dont really mix well for a winning formula for mass appeal. And one cant just throw out avengers/batman as examples that comic book movie can work. Of course they can, and I hope they keep making them until all i can do is sit around and watch them in my old age but to go and compare any of the characters from the avengers or batman (arguably one of the best known characters in any medium) to guys like deadman of whomever is ridiculous. They’re not even close and never will be.

  3. I am first and foremost a Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman JLA fanatic, but I may be more thrilled about this. Maybe this could be DC’s Phase One to build towards the future!

  4. bring back keanu reevs for constantine !

    • Please no.

      I’d say Stephen Graham. Not only is he from Liverpool just like John Constatine, he has the acting chops to pull off a better version than Keanu did, find the conflict and inner turmoil John’s lived with since his teens and he at least looks a little more like the character even if the latter isn’t really as important as getting the character right.

      • jude law…..

        • and stephen graham? really?? looks nothing like constantine. Jude law has the chops the looks and the talent. My god Im glad neither of you dudes are in charge of casting thank odin!

          • Jude Law looks nothing like him. Stephen Graham looks closer to middle aged Sting that Jude Law ever could.

            I’m glad you’re not in charge of casting, thank Allah!


              • its for hellblazer. which you probably dont know is the name of Constantine’s comic

                • I rather go for a Hellblazer tv series on HBO than a JLD movie. Dominic West with a blonde hair makes a perfect John Constantine.

                • Yeah, they called the movie “Constantine” because they thought audiences would get Hellblazer mixed up with “Hellraiser”.

  5. Wont happen until actual justice league.
    But Id like a Zatanna movie

    • thats if they make a DC universe and i can tell you… doesnt look like its going that way and besides, why would you want them to wait for JL movie? this could be a lot better since DC are really damn controlling with those characters and that will effect this alot.

    • I am not even familiar with this JL Dark stuff at all, but a Zatanna film could be really cool, I think.

  6. Bring back Keanu Reeves as Constanstine ! He ‘s just remarkable in Constantine 2005

    • Nope.

  7. Only heard of Constantine and Katanna, but it looks like a pretty cool idea for a film.

  8. I love comic-book movies as much as the next guy, but I read this and thought “lame.” I would guess that very few people know or care about any of these characters or even the storyline as a whole.

    • well you fail… constantine is one of the most popular characters in comics. hes no flashy superhero but his personality and stories have gained a missive following. just cause you aint reading comics doesnt mean others aint.

      • I would assume you mean massive. What would you consider massive? Also a massive amount of (true) comic book readers still pale in comparison to the general public.

        So if you can not impress the general public you are probably going to fail.

  9. Wow. This is developing faster than the actual Justice League film. I want to see Deadman, Spectre, Etrigan, Frankenstein, Phantom Stranger, Doctor Fate and Zatanna. Obviously Constantine has to be in it as well.

  10. Hope a Hellboy Cameo is in the cards :)
    Awesome !)

    Anyway..i will keep my excitement down till it takes on real form,thats something we learned with Del Toro !

    Guess it all depends on the success of Rim !

    • Hellboy is Dark Horse, Justice League Dark is DC. Not gonna happen.

      • One can dream,can he ?:)


    • As much as I enjoyed Constantine, please, no sequel. That means no Keanu.

      And if ShiaLeBeouf is involved then I’m definitely gonna pass. I learned my lesson with Transformers, Indiana Jones and Eagle Eye and actively avoid anything he features in, even if it previously got me excited before finding out he has a role in whatever the movie happens to be.

    • Constantine of the comics is a blonde British man who is supposed to look a lot like Sting. Does that in anyway remind you of Keanu “Whoa” Reeves?

  11. An amalgamation of JLD, Demon Knights, and Swamp-Thing? Not bad, not bad a at all.

  12. Certain comic books should NOT get the movie treatment, this is one of them & please don’t respond with your little opinions either.

    • little opinion here. I also like to pontificate and forbid other people to express their disagreement with me, please, if you see this, print it and shove up or down your body hole of preference, preferably the anus.

      • Respect your elders little boy.

        • “Little opinions” and “little boys” deserve a little respect too.

  13. Noooo! Don’t waste time and money on this. This is not the Justice League movie we want! T_T

  14. If it really does get made, I think this film will be set in separate universe from the more mainstream superheroes. I honestly don’t think this will be big commercial success considering how obscure these occult heroes are to movie-goers, but I trust del Toro that he can make a good film out of JLD.

  15. Justice League Dark?

    Someone just went full retard. Never go full retard.

    • Lol

    • & Pencil

      That would be WB for ya. I bet if they release this film, it will backfire because the general audience aren’t gonna be familiar with the characters. Jonah Hex & The Losers could be by example.

  16. I think this would be a bad move for WB. Hard core Comic book readers might know the characters but i doubt the general audience will. Examples would be Jonah Hex & The Losers films. But by all means, take a shot WB.

  17. Don’t mean to offend anyone but how about we get the Big-3 and their JL done first….

  18. I can’t wait! I have been waiting for this a really long time. If Warner Bros. have any since at all then they will make this movie. These Heroes are cool they are unknown and can bring the Harry Potter people into the DC comics. I hope they use Amethyst though.

  19. Johnny Lee Miller as Constantine, please.

  20. Johnny Lee Miller as Constantine, please!

  21. It would be great if instead of trying to make the DC universe on film with it’s constant comparisons to the Marvel universe; they built a consistent Vertigo universe.

  22. “Your mouth is writing checks that your ass can’t cash!” someone desperately needs to lay that line down on del Toro. Is it me or does del Toro love to involve himself in all these different projects and get nothing done? A few years ago he signed on for two pictures to direct for Universal, both remakes, Frankenstien and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Then there’s the stop-motion Pinocchio and then there’s the Haunted Mansion reboot… All that appearently (coming from the mouth of Mr. del Toro) have artwork, designs, story, screenwriters, and even “actors” attached to them but where the hell are they in development? I’ll tell you…


    I can’t even count the amount of interviews I have read since 2009 of del Toro bragging about how he has so many projects going under development and how he wants to keep everything a big “hush-hush” secret. The only project he respectively (and I’ll use respectively cause I’m a nice person) dropped was The Hobbit. And after all the chatter, the film that he’s finally coming out with “Pacific Rim” which looks like nothing more than a crossbreed ripoff of Cloverfied/Transformers/Prometheus. I’m sorry, I am not interested and will not see that film. And now he’s pitching a Heaven Sent film over to Warners? What the hell? What about your other projects that you sign on for and then abandon? Remember Disney Double Dare You? I do. Remember Hellboy 3? I do. Frankenstein? Creature? Haunted Mansion? etc…

    Point is, don’t get your hopes up too high people. I don’t see this pitch being anything more than what it is, a pitch. And if Warners do decide to green light this film then don’t expect it to be released in 2015. Del Toro already has a reputation at working at his own pace (too busy devouring BBQ covered rib bites and pork rinds while hyping nonsense) then actually doing what he has given the opportunity to set off to do. I, once was a fan of del Toro… now I am just annoyed by the slighest, mention of “del Toro”.

    • Preach it brother!

  23. I may get alot of groans for saying this but I hope to see keanu reeves take the part of john again, I really love the way he portraid the character last time

  24. I may get alot of groans for saying this but I hope to see keanu reeves take the part of john constantine again

  25. A lot of people are talking about their dream casting of Constantine but i think Naya Rivera for Zatanna Zatara and/or Tony Amendola as Giovanni “John” Zatara would be good.

  26. Cool go 4 it DEL TORO!

    I’d love it to be called JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK but sadly they (WB) wont wanna hurt their big JUSTICE LEAGUE movie in anyway even if (which I can’t see why not) will be a success!

    When I heard about RIM I thought argh, but the trailer looks pretty awesome… pity about DR STRANGE… I hope HEAVENLY SENT or whatever it finally titled gets somewhere, all these characters need to be shown to the masses… and all in one film, HELLZ YEAH! ; D