Will Christian Bale Play Batman in ‘Justice League’?

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Christian Bale Batman Suit Armor Will Christian Bale Play Batman in Justice League?

Zack Snyder’s upcoming take on the origins of Superman, Man of Steel, is just over three months away and we’ve surprisingly not heard too much about it in weeks, with Warner Bros. oddly missing a chance to showcase the last son of Krypton’s prowess during the Super Bowl. Reactions from recent test screenings however, are extremely positive and for fans, this will hopefully translate into a greenlight on development of not just a sequel, but of Justice League.

Not a single bit of official information regarding casting, a director, a story or even a date for Justice League has been released by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment and instead, interested moviegoers have relied on rumors and inside scoops, slowly and inconsistently revealing bits of information, sometimes believable or downright obvious, but always completely unofficial.

After the success of The Avengers and Marvel Studios quickly confirming a lineup of six followup movies (dubbed “Phase Two”), one report had Warner Bros. attempting to directly compete in 2015 with a team-up of their own. Justice League would introduce DC’s core lineup of superheroes and it would share the same summer as Disney and Marvel’s The Avengers 2. Will Beall (Gangster Squad) was writing a script for said film, a script which another rumor said was so bad that no sought after director was interested in climbing aboard, resulting in studio executives tossing it away. Later we heard that very same writer signed a deal with the studio to write two screenplays for them, placing doubt on the previous other rumors. What to believe?

Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Will Christian Bale Play Batman in Justice League?

One “scoop” had the studio considering having Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Batman in Justice League alongside Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent; another had the studio planning to do an entire Man of Steel trilogy along with a Batman reboot before launching Justice League. There’s even a rumor out there stating Justice League has been delayed from a nonexistent release date to 2017.

What does this tell us? There’s not a lot of real info out there and there’s also not a plan in place at Warner Bros., at least not one that so many insiders claim to know about. But if there’s going to be one soon, it’d be very smart to continue building from the foundations they’ve already set. They have a worldwide box office draw in Christian Bale’s Batman, and they have a recognizable, likable leading man in Ryan Reynolds – despite the weaknesses of the shoddy film (Green Lantern) built around him – and if our anticipation pays off, they’re going to have a badass new Superman as well. Justice League should be embracing these assets and building from it. It really is that $imple.

According to Latino-Review‘s latest Justice League report, that may be what they’re doing. Their report (see below for video) claims that in response to Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars and the massive success of The Avengers franchise to date, Warner Bros. is bringing Christian Bale back, for the simple reason that his films, based on a solo character and directed by Christopher Nolan, brought in over a billion dollars each on the last two installments, something Marvel was only able to achieve (so far) with a team-up.


Chris Nolan is producing (and provided the story for) Man of Steel so even though he’s always said he wants his Batman universe to live on its own and that it wouldn’t continue with him, he is involved in another DC property for the studio and was integral in bringing Snyder aboard. There’s no way their ideas end with one Superman movie.

It’s something we’ve talked about multiple times on the Screen Rant Underground podcast (here, here and here), jokingly stating Warner Bros. should pay whatever amount of money required to bring Bale and Nolan back. Perhaps it’s already been done, and we all have to wait for Man of Steel to debut in June before foll0w up announcements are made. It’d be prime time for Warner Bros. to take advantage of Comic-Con to make an announcement of epic proportions, a la Marvel Studios’ unveiling of The Avengers cast.

So the questions are, should Warner Bros. bring Christian Bale back? Do they need him to play Bruce Wayne? Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes!

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013 and Justice League debuts sometime in the future.

Source: Latino-Review

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  1. I would like that if they hadn’t ruined Bale’s Batman in TDKR.

    • They didn’t. His Batman was great and ended his trilogy brilliantly.

      • That may be your opinion Archaeon, however that is not a sentiment shared by everyone that viewed TDKR. I’m in the camp that believes the ending was far from brilliant, not terrible, but not brilliant either.

        • By the same token, YOUR opinion is not shared by everyone either. Many people DO agree with my take on the trilogy and its third entry…as many do with yours.

          • I’m fully aware of that and I never said anything to the contrary. In fact I made it quite obvious the moment I stressed what particular “camp” I was in, the implication being that there are different and opposing views within the fandom regarding TDKR. I was also careful in how I worded my initial response and making it clear that this was my personal opinion being stressed.

          • I’m fully aware of that and I never said anything to the contrary. In fact I made it quite obvious the moment I stressed what particular “camp” I was in, the implication being that there are different and opposing views within the fandom regarding TDKR. I was also careful in how I worded my initial response and making it clear that this was my personal opinion being given.

            • As did I. I was not judging you or your response. The only reason I responded so definitively to the other poster is because he commented so definitively.

              • Fair enough.

                • :)

        • The ending makes absolutely no sense. In now way could Batman have evaded the blast (which said covered 6 miles) in time before it went off. Even if had used the autopilot, there was still NO WAY he could have cleared the area in time.

          • Unless of course Superman had saved him…..

            • yeah, but to through that out there this late would be a weak explanation and just a cop-out. I would actually highly criticize if he came out and said it was Superman that saved him. Especially since Nolan had no intention on making his trilogy apart of a shared universe, and WB had no idea where they wanted to go with a JLA movie until now.

              • meant *throw, through

              • I too thought it would be a great idea to have Superman being the one that saved him from the nuclear explosion. Unless he has a transporter device from Star Trek. You can call it a cop out all you want, but Superman is the only one that could have saved him, unless batman either had a transporter or a motherbox to create a boom-tube.

                • yeah, but it would make no sense considering Nolan never intended to have his Batman as part of a shared universe and the plan was to reboot Batman for Justice League. I agree that it would be the only logical way he could survive, but at the same time it is a weak excuse to make his films part of a Justice League universe when 1) it was never intended when the film was made. 2) it was contradict all of what Nolan has said in the past about his Batman existing in a world with no other superheroes.

                  This is exactly why the whole development on a JLA movie has been a mess from the beginning…because WB doesn’t know where they wanted to go with it from the start.

  2. Will Christian Bale Play Batman in ‘Justice League’? I certainly hope so.


  3. me 100000… of course it’s no brainer. Batman is arguably the most liked comic character ever. And Bale has portrayed the Batman in last 3 successful films.. Why wouldn’t you bring him back?

  4. It would be Awsome for Bale to return as Batman/Bruce Wayne, though how they would have BM/BW ruturn I have no idea. As Renolds return I don’t mind as long as they make a real suit for him, make it look like its a bulky armor plated suit like Bales Bat suit.

    • The only think that I could think of that would make sense in bringing BM/BW back, would be if Bale went to join the Justice League right after the Dark Knight, and Before TDKR.

      You know those 8 years in TDKR that no one saw Bruce Wayne for, what if he went to join the Justice League during that time!

  5. I have a feeling Bale continuing as Batman was the plan all along. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of that, but if WB expects to compete with Marvel over the next six years this is exactly what they have to do and they know it. Yeah, I’m guessing it’s gonna be kept under wraps until comic-con where they make the “big reveal” and all of our heads explode.

  6. It would be nice for him to reprise his role as Batman seeing as how so many now know him as the Dark Knight and as Bruce Wayne. However I am not getting my hopes up because after all this is nothing but a rumor.

  7. if the money rolls in…

  8. If Bale is returning as Batman for Justice League, then that proves that Batman survived the chopper explosion in TDKR.. Cause if the JL timeline happened before TDKR, then Superman should have helped save Gotham . Which was under lock down for 3 months?! haha

    • @Han Solas
      If you were paying attention during the movie you’d realize that they tell you that Wayne is still alive. And if you look around on here you’ll find an article about an interview with Michael Caine confirming that Wayne survived the explosion. As for Supes not being there to help, the JL timeline wont take place before TDKR so Superman isnt even on Earth yet. But none of that really matters because ITS TWO SEPERATE MOVIE-VERSES. Nolan has made it VERY CLEAR that his Batman universe is seperate from the rest of the DC world. His movies take place in a world where Batman is the only hero, and its also a realistic spin on Batman in case you havent noticed.

      • Not that I support han, however how can you say “But none of that really matters because ITS TWO SEPERATE MOVIE-VERSES. Nolan has made it VERY CLEAR that his Batman universe is seperate from the rest of the DC world.”

        When the thought from LR is that Superman will contact a retired Bruce to take up the cowl again thanks to Nolan? (Which irks me off as I think it should be Bats to bring them together but thats just me)

    • Lets see Bruce fixed the autopilot on The Bat and Alfred looked across and saw Bruce with Selina. Well yes Bruce is alive. TDK and TDKR take place 8 years apart. So MOS and JL could happen in those 8 years. And at the end of TDKR Bruce handed over the idea of Batman to Robin…

      Anything can happen in the movies and Nolan’s Batman Trilogy did kick Marvel’s whole Universe’s ass…

      • Okay, i will admit i was wrong. The JL can take place before TDKR, but in a seperate universe. If you pay attention you’ll know that the JL movie-verse cant fit in with Nolan’s movie-verse, its two seperate plains. Thats why DC is (rumored) to be doing a Batman reboot, so they can fit Bats into JL and still make it work.

      • @ Wes

        “Anything can happen in the movies and Nolan’s Batman Trilogy did kick Marvel’s whole Universe’s ass……”

        LOL!!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!! LOL!

        That is THE funniest thing I have read on this or any post in a long time…. thanks Wes I needed a good laugh!!!

        Obviously you are delusional.

        • @ Stark

          I believe you and I have had this debate before. As you already know the Avengers made $623,279,547 (USA) (28 September 2012) according to IMDb. However a DC comic book movie containing only one hero with no sidekick and no super powers made $448,130,642 (USA) (7 December 2012) according to IMDb. If DC comics has movies done with each containing only one hero that eventually lead up to the JL then DC will have beaten Marvel. What I am saying is, that currently Marvel has beaten WB but DC will beat Marvel if Bale returns as Batman.

          • Yep, Stark’s just showing his Marvel fanboy tendencies instead of embracing both sets of movies because The Dark Knight Trilogy destroyed The Avengers in box office success alone. That’s without counting the fact that the stories were way better and more engaging in the Batman movies and that the success came through due to one major hero and not a team of them.

            • And not to mention that BOTH Robert Downey Jr. AND Jeremy Renner said that they want to, “further explore the character” of Iron Man and Hawkeye, this tells you that even the Marvel actors know that Nolan kicked the whole Marvel Universe Ass, because the concept of “exploring the character” has Nolan written all over it

              • @ Writer, Dazz, & Edgar

                Wow, where do I start with this mess?

                To be perfectly honest, I am a fan of ALL superheroes, regardless of where they originate from not just Marvel. I love Superman and Arrow, etc. so there’s that to start.

                @ Writer
                Yes, we have had this discussion before, and as I said before, the “Marvel’s ahead but/if” senerio doesn’t work. I personally don’t care who’s ahead of who at the box office, I want quality movies made, period. Currently WB/DC has failed to do that IMO. The Bats trilogy was ok, but not my cup of tea when it comes to CBM.

                @ Dazz

                Like I stated above, I like all superheroes, not just Marvel’s. I just didn’t care for the batman stories, especially the last one. I really want MOS to do well, and I’m dying for a JL movie, but unfortunately WB/DC is just a one trick pony so far and all they have that was even half way good, IMO, is Bats. Any studio, even the clowns at WB/DC can take a character like Batman with his built-in fan base, and make a sucsessful franchise out of it. All I’m saying is Marvel did by CREATING a fan base for their movies whereas WB didn’t, & could, clearly, with other heros ( GL for example)

                @ Edgar

                Edgar my friend, this may come as a shock to you, but there were movies, even movies about superheroes long BEFORE Nolan showed up on the scene. Imagine that! Nolan is not a god, he’s I guy that took a beloved character, made a franchise and didn’t mess it up, (too bad anyway). He is NOT the be all end all when it comes to CBM, really, he’s not. Talented, yeah. Untouchable, nobody makes a better CBM? No, not really. Im grateful for what he brings to the table and what he has brought, but he’s not the best in the business.

                Of course RDJ wants to explore the character more, that’s what IM3 is about. Of course JR wants to explore Hawkeye more, we barely knOw him, but to say that both want to because they know the Marvel stories aren’t good, is well, frankly stupid.

                Hope I’ve cleared everything up for you.

                • @ Stark

                  I am sorry I don’t quite get what you are saying… One moment you say you don’t care who gets top marks at the box office bet then you claim to want quality movies.

                  The top box office movies are typically the best quality movie. I understand what you are saying though when it come to the Dark Knight movies not being your cup of tea. However this is not quality it is merely your opinion of the film.

                  As for my “but/if” argument. The reason I use the words such as but or if is because Bale returning currently is nothing but a rumor. ->if<- Bale did return and the cast of the Man of Steel joined JL then the JL would be set up for a win against Marvel no matter what Marvel did.

                  • @ Writer

                    1. I respect your opinion, but the quality movies don’t always get the box office numbers. I’ll give you an example, Dredd. It did bad at the box office, super in DVD sales/rentals, and was a good, well made, quality CBM. Box office doesn’t alway equate to quality and quality doesn’t always translate into big box office.

                    2. Correct, which is why I said IMO or not my cup of tea. I didn’t care for the dark, gritty Batman films that Nolan made. That doesn’t mean I don’t love Batman, just not the movies.

                    3. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I have a feeling Avengers 2 could top even Avatar if it done right and promoted right. Either way, who cares, that’s for the suits to decide and bicker over. I just want my box of popcorn, my slurpee, and a great CBM to watch with my favorite heroes in it. Whether anybody else, or everybody else likes it, really doesn’t matter to me in the least.

                    • @ Stark

                      Yes, you are correct on many points however if you notice in my previous response I used the word “typically” when talking about good box office movies. I was merely trying to point out that usually the best quality movies get top marks when it comes to the box office. I am not saying that all other movies who didn’t make very much money are bad I was just saying that they are the most likely to have good quality.

                      I understand what you are saying though on how you like Batman and not Nolan which is fine. On the other hand you said I was using a “but/if” argument, which is what you appear to be using now on the Avengers 2 movie being better than Avatar. It doesn’t bother me that you are using “but/if” but I though I would point that out.

                      I am not saying DC/WB will beat Marvel with a JL I was trying to say that no matter what Marvel does the JL will make similar numbers to that of the Avengers and perhaps even more. “If” Bale returns then almost all the Nolan fans will go simply because he is in the movie. This will bring in more money plus the Man of Steel fans will most likely show up along with people like you who just like Super Hero movies.

                      Marvel has proven that this process will work and bring in loads of money. Except Batman/Superman have a bigger fan base than Iron Man or Thor did. According to the numbers (which I could be totally wrong about) JL will gain money equal or more than the Avengers.

                      Oh, and I understand why you posted the way you did @ AmazingFantasy#15. He is nothing but a DC fan boy who loves Nolan but even though he was rude he may eventually be correct if this rumor is true. Oh, and the reason Marvel didn’t hire Nolan is because they don’t like the “gritty” version of heroes, plus he is under contract with WB.

              • I’m a big Nolan fan, but how does “exploring the characters” have Nolan written all over it? That doesn’t make any sense. Filmmakers have been “exploring characters” for decades. It’s called character development, and it’s a pretty essential part of filmmaking.

                • Nolan’s films have good and bad things as every filmmaker’s film. His movies are usually cerebral, not emotional as most of directors out there. Because of this and because as an audience we’ve been stimulated to use our brains, we feel part of Nolan’s movies’ universes. This is what, in my opinion, has brought him most of his success.

        • Really right? begins and TDK has lots to like in it but
          “Avengers” “X men first class” and DOFP are top notch and do at least stand next to if not over the DKT, even if not in fandom, thats just the way it is.

  9. Reporter: Well, Mr. Bale, what convinced you to come back?

    Christian Bale: Let’s just say the script moved me… TO A BIGGER HOUSE! Oops, I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet

    • Nice Simpson reference.

  10. Rob,

    Your article states “Reactions from recent test screenings” yet you only reference one review from one screening and one reaction. Are there others that have yet to be posted?

    As for the rest… I will believe it when I see it.

  11. If JGL doesn’t come in for Justice League as Batman, perhaps he stayed in Gotham City as Nightwing while Bale is open to come back as Bats. My hope is, if for the Justice League they use the Legion of Doom, that the somehow get Kevin Spacy to come back for Lex Luthor. Cause for me personally he was the best L. L.

    • +1 to Kevin Spacey. he was excellent for that role

  12. Bleh… would rather see Adam West than Bale.

    I know I’m in the minority, but Bale was probably one of the worst Batmans ever… lispy Bat-voice and non-charismatic Wayne… ugh.

    Just reboot Batman with another actor already… so someone can do a better trilogy (yeah… I said it… “better”).

    • I love the dark knight trilogy but I agree with this to an extent. Let the lispy voice die and bring in a new bat, one more similar to the ass-kicking detective in arkham asylum/city.

    • I’m gunna have to agree…

  13. what would really be nice if they bring Bale back is for him to learn how to speak without sounding like he has a mouth full of rock… just say’n.

  14. @amazingfantasy#15

    if TDKR is a separate universe from JL, then why use Bale again? I know he’s a good actor and all but I believe doing that will ruin the mystique of the Nolan trilogy . Just my opinion

  15. I think it’d be awesome for them to use Bale, but if they truly care about Nolan’s trilogy and future DC films, they really need to work hard in making everything work and tie together in the end, counting the end of the Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and any future films. I wouldn’t want to see the ending of Dark Knight Rises be pointless simply to have it connected to Justice League, it’d make it feel cheap and unnecessary.

  16. No one is bothered by the fact that if they go this route, Joker will never appear as a villain?

    Justice League battles threats from Earth as well, and I personally believe having the entire rogues gallery of villains would be a better choice rather than just throwing in what ever is left before the Justice League is established.

    • This would be my only concern.

      I wanna see Joker and Luthor wreak havoc in Metropolis. I wanna see Scarecrow receive a yellow ring from Sinestro. I wanna see so much that – while Nolan’s movies were excellent – wouldn’t be able to happen due to villains being killed off (Bane), actors dying off screen and making their roles difficult to replicate (Joker) etc etc.

  17. So this can go a variety of ways. A continuation will lessen the impact of the ending of the Dark Knight Rises and a total reboot will not take advantage of what has been established. Treat this Batman as after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

    Batman Begins provides the origin story and plant the seeds of a more comic booky world while The Dark Knight rounds of Batmans first year where the Batman persona and provides a great ending which can be taken any number of directions.

    Treat he new Batman as a different outcome which represents better the book material but married and capitalizing on the success of Bale and Nolan films.

    I explained this earlier in the first page of comments. Either way it can be done just like the bond film. Make it clear its a diverged path and he audience will catch on. i think its the best option for this new

  18. Perhap if this true it could spark a second batman trilogy that includesbale

  19. With every new story I hear about this movie, I look forward to it less and less. I used to be a huge DC fan, but now I’m just hugely disappointed.

    • I’m not sure I see how you were a “huge DC fan” if mere rumors and what-ifs are turning you off to the possibilities inherent in such a film…


  20. I hope that this is true. Bale as Batman and Cavill as Superman in a Justice League movie would be awesome! I hope they bring back Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern too.

  21. Ok so a JL movie with no superpowers that will work out great. :)

  22. If Bale returns as Batman, it will make certain parts of The Dark Knight Rises make even LESS since. By bringing him back, the entire ending for TDKR is completely pointless. This is not a issue that the WB would want to have to deal with with all of the backlash that TDKR got for that very same problem.

    • Thank you…finally sumone not caught in the hype and understands the logic missing here …if this is true…will def just be about money and not good story telling after the last trilogy…ans I dont see Nolan doin that

  23. I dont know, when I watched the ending to the TDKR I had the impression that Superman saved Batman at the end, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that in Snyder’s Man of Steel. While the Dark Knight Rises was commercially a hit I feel it did lack something that the other two movies had. So I don’t think there would be any problem with bringing Bale and company back for Justice League.

    • I don’t know, I feel like Superman saving him would kinda be a cheap way of tying both franchises, just my thought though

  24. BEST. IDEA. EVER!!!!!!! Christian Bale !!!!

  25. I think they should just skip the Justice League film for now, and focus on solo movies. Each character has such a different setting and feeling to them that they can each hold on their own.

  26. I am not sure why some of you say if Bale is back, TDKR’s ending will lose credibility. Really? Bale survived… So why can’t he just come right back? He says Robin can protect and take over the batman’s role to protect the gotham from villains. He didn’t foresee these intergalactic super villains coming to destroy the earth. He never anticipated superman…. Things changed.. so he changed his mind and suit up once more.. SO? is that a such a unrealistic scenario???