Will Christian Bale Play Batman in ‘Justice League’?

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Christian Bale Batman Suit Armor Will Christian Bale Play Batman in Justice League?

Zack Snyder’s upcoming take on the origins of Superman, Man of Steel, is just over three months away and we’ve surprisingly not heard too much about it in weeks, with Warner Bros. oddly missing a chance to showcase the last son of Krypton’s prowess during the Super Bowl. Reactions from recent test screenings however, are extremely positive and for fans, this will hopefully translate into a greenlight on development of not just a sequel, but of Justice League.

Not a single bit of official information regarding casting, a director, a story or even a date for Justice League has been released by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment and instead, interested moviegoers have relied on rumors and inside scoops, slowly and inconsistently revealing bits of information, sometimes believable or downright obvious, but always completely unofficial.

After the success of The Avengers and Marvel Studios quickly confirming a lineup of six followup movies (dubbed “Phase Two”), one report had Warner Bros. attempting to directly compete in 2015 with a team-up of their own. Justice League would introduce DC’s core lineup of superheroes and it would share the same summer as Disney and Marvel’s The Avengers 2. Will Beall (Gangster Squad) was writing a script for said film, a script which another rumor said was so bad that no sought after director was interested in climbing aboard, resulting in studio executives tossing it away. Later we heard that very same writer signed a deal with the studio to write two screenplays for them, placing doubt on the previous other rumors. What to believe?

Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Will Christian Bale Play Batman in Justice League?

One “scoop” had the studio considering having Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Batman in Justice League alongside Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent; another had the studio planning to do an entire Man of Steel trilogy along with a Batman reboot before launching Justice League. There’s even a rumor out there stating Justice League has been delayed from a nonexistent release date to 2017.

What does this tell us? There’s not a lot of real info out there and there’s also not a plan in place at Warner Bros., at least not one that so many insiders claim to know about. But if there’s going to be one soon, it’d be very smart to continue building from the foundations they’ve already set. They have a worldwide box office draw in Christian Bale’s Batman, and they have a recognizable, likable leading man in Ryan Reynolds – despite the weaknesses of the shoddy film (Green Lantern) built around him – and if our anticipation pays off, they’re going to have a badass new Superman as well. Justice League should be embracing these assets and building from it. It really is that $imple.

According to Latino-Review‘s latest Justice League report, that may be what they’re doing. Their report (see below for video) claims that in response to Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars and the massive success of The Avengers franchise to date, Warner Bros. is bringing Christian Bale back, for the simple reason that his films, based on a solo character and directed by Christopher Nolan, brought in over a billion dollars each on the last two installments, something Marvel was only able to achieve (so far) with a team-up.


Chris Nolan is producing (and provided the story for) Man of Steel so even though he’s always said he wants his Batman universe to live on its own and that it wouldn’t continue with him, he is involved in another DC property for the studio and was integral in bringing Snyder aboard. There’s no way their ideas end with one Superman movie.

It’s something we’ve talked about multiple times on the Screen Rant Underground podcast (here, here and here), jokingly stating Warner Bros. should pay whatever amount of money required to bring Bale and Nolan back. Perhaps it’s already been done, and we all have to wait for Man of Steel to debut in June before foll0w up announcements are made. It’d be prime time for Warner Bros. to take advantage of Comic-Con to make an announcement of epic proportions, a la Marvel Studios’ unveiling of The Avengers cast.

So the questions are, should Warner Bros. bring Christian Bale back? Do they need him to play Bruce Wayne? Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes!

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013 and Justice League debuts sometime in the future.

Source: Latino-Review

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  2. Definitely the best way forward. Allows to cash in on Gordon-Levitt’s Robin while allowing to skip over all redundant Batman introduction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the biggest fan of what occurred with Nolan’s take on Batman; what Nolan created was simply not Batman but a man who happens to look (certainly not sound) like Batman. But it would work. In short, ya messed up DC. Wah wah.

  3. why does everyone want reynolds for some reason????????? people i didn’t think reynolds was all that great. he was “meh”. please understand JESUS!!! the GL movie was PURE TRASH!!!! THAT INCARNATION IS TAINTED! why is everyone talking about rebooting batman when it is green lantern that should be rebooted

    • Reynolds was fine IMO. It was the script, the direction, the costume, the special effects, and Blake Lively that made the movie terrible.

    • Nothing wrong with Reynolds. My only problem with GL was the story.

  4. Nice article, i am a fan of batman and looking forward to his apperance in Justice League !

    • @ batgirl

      You’re the 3rd person i heard that said they weren’t a fan of Batman’s,lol.

  5. OMG i`m so hype and is not even official…This will be the ultimate concept in Movie History Bale needs to come back I know he has it in the back of his brain.

  6. Nolan and Snyder

    If they do well, they’ll do REALLY well.

    If they do bad, they’ll do decently.

    Competing against Star Wars AND Avengers 2, though?

    WB should focus on some “header” movies and some decent-but-not-necessarily-amazing movies so that they keep headway.

    Throw Bale into the mix alone, that helps. They need to tone down his bat growl a bit, give him more of a Kevin Conroy whisper. How Bale sounded in the first one was how he should have sounded for most of the trilogy. Stick with The Dark Knight level of story, and The Dark Knight Rises level of action. Make sense? I think so. Just ease off some of the more comic-book cheesiness that seemed more prevalent (yet still enjoyable) in DKR.

    As I’ve said so many times before, Green Lantern was not that bad. It was just lacking, like Iron Man was. Go watch Iron Man again. It wasn’t amazing. It was decent. It lacked content. Green Lantern wasn’t much different. Green Lantern was DC’s IRon Man. Other than Lively’s silly laugh and things like them dancing for 3 minutes straight (Tony and Pepper do the same in Iron Man, mind you), there weren’t too many real problems with GL as far as comic book movies go.

    I thought the visuals were awesome. It’s gutsy showing a tonne of different kind of aliens at once in a somewhat-serious comic book movie. Really gutsy. Now that I’ve seen GL, I kinda whine when I see the suit in any other form. Maybe it just needs some quality improvement, but I would not change it otherwise.

    Me, I like Green Lantern’s tone better than Iron Man, and that sequel hook? Oh-ho-ho, man. You can’t tell me you’re not looking forward to that.

    Personally, Avengers was garbage. Iron Man 2 and A Half. That’s what it should have been called. Iron Man was the only one I really gave a crap about. When I heard Edward Norton wasn’t cast, I thought “well, ok, maybe this guy will pleasantly surprise me.” Nope. I can’t see anyone but Edward Norton in the role. Edward Norton has that you-wouldn’t-expect-him-to-be-Hulk vibe. That’s the Bruce Banner that makes the most sense. On top of that, the guy was freaking Tyler Durden, which just adds to that; Bruce Banner is a little crazy. It just works. I don’t see why they couldn’t have had Edward Norton put on more weight.

    Story was pretty much non-existent. It didn’t even try to have a comic book level of story.

    Action was lets kill all the random appearing mooks.

    I didn’t really care for the people that were IMPLIED to have been killed in the attack.

    Um, yeah. It was just so cartoony. It was like watching a kid’s movie that was pretending to be for serious comic book movie fans. It just didn’t work for me, and I can’t understand why it made so much money. Oh, right. Fan boys.

    DC needs to be good without comprimising. If they try to emulate the Avengers, even the fanboys will see through it.

    • I wonder which comic company you prefer.

    • Dude, you can’t be serious? You really thought that Green Lantern was just as good or a better film than Ironman? You also probably thought that John Carter shouldv’e won an Oscar for Best Film too, huh?

    • Well actually Bale didn’t sound like that, they messed it up on the computers overexaggerating it

      • Plus he did often talk to people he knew so i always figured it was so they didn’t recognize it and grow suspicious, i mean how many of you prank call a friend using your normal voice?

    • You already failed in being taken seriously when you said Avengers was garbage, and that all you care about is “Iron Man”
      when First Class, DOFP and CAP2 are what is finest in superhero films currently until their sequels do even better.

  7. I still love the idea of continuing nolan’s universe but I’ve recently realized that would either mean NO Joker or recasting Joker. Which would really be sad. But I guess if you really think about it he would be recast if they rebooted anyway.

    I guess the could try to explain his character change with spending time in Arkham asylum with Hugo Strange or Harley Quinn before she was Harley Quinn. Maybe he comes out as a different version of joker.

    • Harley Quinn all the way~~

  8. I dont understand Bale, Who in their right mind would turn down the chance to play Batman??? If it were me id say lock me in till I cant walk no more! Not many charactors around that are as cool as Batman..

    • He makes enough money and has enough renown to say “No.”

      By how he described how claustrophobic that suit made him, I can see why he’d turn it down. I get claustrophobic at my crap job wearing an apron, jacket, and work vest because it’s just more annoyances on top of my many small bodily complaints. The joys of physical labour for almost minimum wage.

      It sounds like a role that just engulfed him; seems like he was happy to do it, yet he’s glad it’s over. I imagine I’d feel the same way, despite it being Batman.

      Being Batman again would have to be worth his while. I don’t think money would be as much an issue for him as a movie he WANTS to be in.

  9. It’s difficult to reconcile that Nolan’s Batman and Martin’s Green Lantern share the same universe. Can’t imagine Bale and Reynolds on screen together as their respective characters. The script should focus on the characters that haven’t been in films: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, The Martian Manhunter, etc. And those that have franchises would get very limited screen time but have important roles.

  10. I agree. Just make the Wonder Woman and Flash standalone films BEFORE Justice League and you have the big five. Part of the Justice league movie can be Bale’s Bruce reluctantly putting on the suit again. That alone would make for a big moment.

  11. Avengers worked by basing the movie’s character development and story around the more established, charismatic characters and relegating the smaller, more-difficult-to-translate-to-the-big-screen ones to secondary characters. Would you have really wanted to sit down and watch an Avengers movie that focused almost entirely on Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye? Would you want the same kind of treatment for a Justice League movie with the focus on Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, etc? WB has the advantage of owning the movie rights to two of the most recognizable superheroes in history. It would be stupid to not use that to their advantage. It would also be stupid to ignore the groundwork they’ve laid in their less successful movies.

    Ryan Reynolds is a likeable actor and fits the mold of Hal Jordan. So Green Lantern wasn’t a hit. I’m not sure WB/DC had much of a long-term blueprint laid out by that point. You can salvage the character and Reynolds by putting him in the background like Hulk/Banner was in Avengers. GL was an introduction to that character. We’ve now got three of the potential five superheroes for JL introduced. That’s more than a start. Avengers was based around three heroes and the rest were peripheral characters (at least for the foreseeable future). Give that a go with Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter and/or Aquaman.

    Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man are known to comic book lovers, but I can’t confidently say that everyday moviegoers knew who those characters were before Marvel introduced them in movies. It was a huge gamble that paid off and has now set the standard. Get a charming, likeable actor in the role, surround him/her with a behind-the-scenes team that can translate the story within its own confines, and you can build pretty much anything. People were skeptical on Marvel becoming more galactic because the Iron Man film, which started this whole team-up thing, was rooted in a degree of realism. Look how that worked out. Dismissing anything otherworldly in conjunction with the Bale/Nolan Batman is shortsighted. It’s a movie. Requires a detachment from reality to fully enjoy it. There are smart writers out there. They can figure out a way to make it work.

    If all of this pans out to be true and both Nolan and Bale are returning for another go, I can’t see Nolan agreeing to anything unless his timetable and schedules are respected. He’s so meticulous about getting the story right. If he were to produce something as virtuous as a JL movie, he wouldn’t agree to have it in theaters in just over two years. He’s already got his plate full on other, non-comicbook projects. Also, if he isn’t confident in the story and his ability to tell it then Bale won’t sign on. The actions of those two should be a barometer for the movie’s potential success.

  12. Reynolds did a good job but not great..the story itself and half assed approach is what killed green lantern. I say leave reynolds in..with a good script no joking lines…im excited if rumors are true regarding bale and nolan…smart move….synder can help them keep fantasy still in there..id say still get affleck involved with a movie…the flash…wonder woman…have ridely scott do a green lantern reboot

  13. No thanks. While Nolan and Bales Batman where serviceable in my opinion they lacked in both action and story. Batman Begins is by far the best of the trilogy and for all Heath Ledgers outstanding work, the Dark Knight is a rather sloppy story, doesn’t really build to an appropriate climax. While the Dark Knight Rises is a little flat. It kind of runs out of steam after Bane and Batman fight.

    Not saying I’d do better, or that other opinions are wrong, just how I felt about them :)

    • @peter,

      I also do agree that batman begin was a perfect comic book to movie adaptation.
      However, I give both DK and DKR bigger score because of imax camera work and bigger action sequences. I go for the overall movie experience at the movies.. I think until somebody comes and redirects batman movies to as successful trilogy as Nolan and Bales made, it’s very hard to argue that their trilogy wasn’t instant classic.

      Nolan definitely has his fault and Bale’s voice was extremely abrasive at times, there hasn’t been better trilogy adaptation that was better made than this one.

    • I totally agree about the Bane fight, i mean Batman didn’t even defeat him, Catwoman just shot him… Totally not cool

  14. im all for christian bale returning but explaining everything that happend after tdkr will be a huge speedbump. mayb it could happen during the eight year jump from tdk to tdkr? the big question is can batman live without bruce wayne? bruce wayne’s life is in shambles after tdkr. no money(unless he hid a crapload of money/gold from his estate lawyer), no cave(gadgets) , explaining to the world while all of a sudden gothams favorite son is alive…a lot of questions are gonna be raised its mind boggling! but if they pull it off why not? personally the best jump off point for justice league should been in green lantern. after credit scene where the guardians realize the earth mayb a focal point in the universe for something really important. like the anti-life equation? you wouldn’t even need a design darkseid yet at this point. mayb introduce intergang as a terrorist group? introduce mayb desaad as a flash foe? steppenwolf using black manta as a pawn to conquer the kingdom of atlantis(which is a big chunk of the world btw). granny goodness enslaving themyscira trying to take our sweet diana(who i think is already casted since mr cavill is already going out with her, but its just a hunch.) as a female fury. that would been my map to redemption for dc cinematic universe. ryan reynolds take on hal jordan wasnt horrible nor perfect. it was just the script was mediocre and bland at some points. simplifying and stream lining the story is the key to any great superhero movie. balance it out like a great sunday dinner, it’ll keep the audience salivating for more. also if they wanna piss off marvel they should hire edward norton as someone in the league. personally he’d be awesome as ray palmer/the atom. just my two cents, now please dont hang me. long time comic book geek, first time forum surfing.:)

    • i wanted to add that if bale does come back mayb consider jgl as nightwing. hes not exactly his sidekick bc bale has stated that he would never do a batman movie with a kid sidekick. nightwing can hold his own and mayb bruce could finally have a hand in his training.

      • JGL is perfect for Robin or Nightwing. He totally has the bod for an acrobat or gymnist (gymnastics i mean) all that flexibility and speed…

  15. Bale’s Batman was so beat up in part 3. He seemed done with the life of Batman when we saw him give up the role to “Robyn”. I would rather see someone else take on the role. But it won’t stop me from seeing the movie.

  16. Yes! Christian Bale is the best Batman ever! If he’s available for the Justice League movie, go for it! And for the plot make it Darkseid and the New Gods! Imagine Apokolips in CGI! The closest resemblance to Hell is best!

  17. WB should just make a 4th dark knight film and leave batman out of Justice league.

    Batman could still fight criminals in other cities.

    • Batman out of Justice League, worst idea ever. Thats like making TMNT Without Donatello.

  18. I loved the TDK trilogy, but keep that contained. Kinda like a graphic novel. My dream cast for a Justice League movie is:
    Superman: Henry Cavill
    Batman: Karl Urban
    Wonder Woman: Jamie Alexander (yeah I know she’s with Marvel, but hey it’s a dream cast)
    Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds (GL’s failure wasn’t his fault)
    Flash: Ryan Gosling
    Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly (voice, with some stunt guy in a mo-cap suit)
    Darkseid: Michael Ironside

  19. I loved the TDK trilogy, but keep that contained. Kinda like a graphic novel. My dream cast for a Justice League movie is:
    Superman: Henry Cavill
    Batman: Karl Urban
    Wonder Woman: Jamie Alexander (yeah I know she’s with Marvel, but hey it’s a dream cast)
    Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds (GL’s failure wasn’t his fault)
    Flash: Ryan Gosling
    Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly (voice, with some stunt guy in a mo-cap suit)
    Darkseid: Michael Ironside.

    • I think urban would make a great batman he’s one of my top pics. Do think Jon Hamm would be good as batman my only hesitation is that he may be too old but what do you think man?

  20. I think Nolan is brilliant and Snyder will do well with Man of Steel it sounds like the two of them work well together and that will help the movie out a lot. So based on the article and video and stuff it sounds like Nolan will be producing Justice League and Snyder will also be involved possibly directing. I must say this to all of you i am no DC fan other than batman and superman if they decide to use Cavill’s superman in JLA (which looks like its happening) than i will be all for it if Man of Steel is good, i think with Bale i’m a little unsure because i felt like his batman existed in a real world and if they get into all the stuff with kryptonians and martians and Green Lantern Corps and Amazons and stuff i just don’t see it fitting well with each other. But maybe the movie will be good and if it is i will be all for seeing it regardless of what comic book company i like most or not :)

    • JGL is perfect for Robin or Nightwing. He totally has the bod for an acrobat or gymnist (gymnastics i mean) all that flexibility and speed… Well lets just say that Batman was the first of many superheroes to come, he set the bar. and it would totally be… to say justice league was in between BB and TDK because timelines and storylines flow

  21. I think Bale and Nolan should do Justice League but have it set in between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

  22. If I could choose any director for the Justice League I’d actually vot Bruce Timm he just seems to me like a guy who loves the characters and universe a lot the only issue would be that he doesn’t really do live action (at least none that I know of if he has please feel free to correct me) if not him then how about Brad Bird ghost protocol was a lot of fun and so were a lot of his animated films

  23. Like Robert Downey we all see him as iron man no one else fits the part ! Christian bale is batman he fits the part ! We all like continuity and we want our same actors to play our favorite heroes and no one else . Use the batman Lazarus pit story line and get him healed up and back in action!

  24. Get Bale offer he cant refuse or bring Michale Keaton back as batman:-) or even put Statham in bat suit as much as it sounds funny he could be batman :-D just for the lovw of god dont put Joseph Gordon Lewis as batman!!!

  25. please come Cristian Bale please for justice league only you are my favorite actor for one film now super man also ready for one film i like your film very much all the batman films if you are in film the film will be super hit from avatar also

  26. another playing batman than christian bale is something i aint gonna watch

  27. The reason Christian Bale is not Batman in JLA or Man of Steel 2 is because Christopher Nolan does not want his Batman related to super-powers or magic,etc. because the Dark Knight Trilogy is supposed to be in the REAL WORLD

  28. If Christian Bale and Nolan come back again, the movie just revalued at more than 200%. That is true Batman!, no other “combo” who wanted to sell us.

  29. OMG OMG OMG OMG! I hope this is true because this is f*cking awesome! Bale & Nolan & Snyder! OMG OMG OMG OMG!

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