Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join ‘Justice League’ After ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Justice League Dwayne Johnson Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join Justice League After Batman vs. Superman

Conventional wisdom asserts that DC Entertainment has fallen far, far behind their traditional rivals at Marvel Comics so far as feature films are concerned. With the casting of Wonder Woman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel (which we’re still calling Batman vs. Superman), it seems likely that DC is attempting to emulate Marvel’s enormously successful experiment in serialized filmmaking.

Recent flurries of rumors indicate that Batman vs. Superman may be expanding the universe established during Man of Steel even more quickly than first thought. With actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) rumored to be in consideration for the role of Green Lantern, speculation has turned to a possible Justice League movie – a film that was once rumored to debut in Batman vs. Superman‘s 2015 slot. A new report asserts that such a movie isn’t just in the plans – it may start filming the moment Batman vs. Superman wraps up production.

Latino Review shares the scoop that a Justice League film will begin filming back-to-back with Batman vs. Superman with Johnson as one of its headliners. Citing unnamed industry sources, the article puts forth the theory that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are looking to purposefully move in on the shared-universe territory currently occupied by Marvel Comics – thus shooting Justice League soon enough for a possible 2016 release.

The story does not identify the role that Johnson is set to fill, instead noting that he would likely put in a cameo appearance during a purported cliffhanger ending for Batman vs. Superman – an ending intended to feed directly into Justice League.

Will Dwayne Johnson Join Justice League Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join Justice League After Batman vs. Superman

If all of this seems a bit sketchy, it’s because it is. Latino Review even notes that the report is largely a combination of insider information and good old fashioned speculation from folks who’ve been in the game a long, long time.”

Still, the idea is not without precedent – after all, the sequels for The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean filmed back-to-back in order to best capitalize on audience anticipation. Also, given the terrific success of Marvel films in 2013, Warner Bros. must surely be chomping at the bit to get its own comic book movie universe off the ground as soon as possible.

At the same time, it’s getting fairly late in the production process to suddenly declare an immediate sequel to the Man of Steel franchise. Such a move could smack of desperation on the studio’s part – a nakedly cynical attempt to cash in on the current enthusiasm for superhero franchises. Whether this would actually be off-putting to audiences is up in the air.

If there’s even a shred of truth to the rumor of an imminent Justice League movie, confirmation will come sooner rather than later. Groundwork on immediately filmed sequel to Batman vs. Superman would have to be set up with a quickness – and if that’s the case, we’ll know for sure within a few months. Stay tuned to Screen Rant in the interim, as the rumors continue to fly fast and thick about this production.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will fly into theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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    • he is not cut for Green Lantern or Cyborg.

      • He’s perfect for either character. Cyborg woould be the better…his physical body is perfect for an older Vic…

  1. Back to back? Now it makes more sense.

  2. The Rock will be a good fit for Cyborg. But I wonder if signing on such a big star for a character who’s supposed to play second fiddle to the likes of the more popular Superman and Batman will be a good idea at all. I mean, it could very well go down the path of X-Men where it’s more like a Wolverine movie with supporting roles for the likes of Cyclops and Storm because Hugh Jackman happens to play Wolvie.

    • More like utter exclusion for Cyclops, who btw is my favorite x-men…

    • Wolverine has the biggest role in the X-Men movies because he is the most popular character, much like Batman and Superman will have the biggest roles in a Justice League movie. Jackman wasn’t even close to being a movie star before the X-Men franchise.

  3. Guys, Cyborg is a high-school football player, Dwayne is in his 40′s come on. Cyborg is supposed to be a kid like Shazam thrust into an adult world of responsibility.

    • Cyborg is also:

      -one of the best suited JL members, other than Batman, for a grounded type CBM.
      -a character tailor made for modern film making, similar to Iron Man
      -a founding member of JL in some story lines.
      -a great way to bring some ethnic diversity to your JL team.
      -a (sorry) B list character who doesn’t have to conform to canon like the A listers. Or at least the fanboy butthurt will be minimal.

      From a marketing point of view no move makes more sense than to cast a major actor for Cyborg and promote him to the A list within up the cinematic universe. Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern will sell on name alone (if good movies are being made.) Cyborg not so much. Unless you cast the Rock, now you just changed the game…

      All just a hypothesis of course.

      • A great argument. I still want him as Black Adam though.

        Seriously, check out that pic at the top of the article. Out of every one mentioned that he could possibly be playing, the guy is a dead ringer for Adam.

        • I agree Doc. My argument wasn’t for who I would want to see him play as much as just who makes the most sense for WB budding shared universe.
          The characters I think he fits best would be Black Adam or Luke Cage (Marvel, I know.) But The Rock ACTUALLY being Black Adam, would require bringing Shazam into the fold already. I personally don’t think that is a great idea for WB at this time. I think they should limit the JL to 5 or 6 characters to start. I wouldn’t include the likes of Shazam (or Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Green Arrow, etc)

          Keep in mind, I am talking about for marketing purposes only, and from average movie goer perspective, not what I would most want to see. But to keep their little hype train going until the competition is announcing D list characters they could do something like this:

          MOS: Superman
          BvS: Superman and Batman (introduce: Wonder Woman and Cyborg)
          JL1: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, with Cyborg (introduce: Flash and/or Aquaman)
          GLC: Green Lantern Corps with multiple lanterns (introduce: Martian Manhunter)
          JL2: Full original JL +Cyborg

          Or something like that anyway. Mix in a few solo movies in between (like Batman, where you get to announce a new Joker or a Riddler, Penguin, or any other famous Batman rogue) and maybe even a few more small team ups (Trinity, GL and Flash, Wonder Woman vs Aquaman, etc) and they should be able to keep the hype train going for years and years to come before having to tap into any B-listers (other than Cyborg, who the Rock should elevate to A-List anyway)

        • I so agree.
          I am not a Cyborg fan, but with Dwayne Johnson playing lead, and a good script and director behind him. I could be. Rock could make that character huge.

          Just like RDJ did. I was not an Iron Man fan before, not even a little. But now he is one of my favorite CB characters, top 10 anyway.

          WB would be smart to start getting more from some of their B-listers while they still have the hype and press that the A-listers will bring in.

      • +1 my thoughts exactly

  4. All the casting rumors make more sense if DC is prepping for 2 movies.

  5. What concerns me is whether or not they had one good script… what are the chances they have two good scripts?

  6. To all the people complaining seriously am I missing something why can’t Dwayne Johnson play John Steward GL? Genuinely I want to know why? I don’t mean it in a sarcastic manner but everyone is just saying he can’t play him without actually giving any reason.

  7. I don’t get people’s complaints about WB going in too fast with these movies.

    I mean, c’mon, Marvel released a movie every year hastily and for the sole reason of making The Avengers. Iron Man was good for the most part because it was the first but the ending of Cap and the entirety of Thor could be so much better. Thor and Iron Man 2 specially were really boring.

    That being said, I really, really liked Avengers and the first part of Captain America and Iron Man because then it seemed like they actually wanted to make decent movies and not just teasers.

  8. Makes you wonder if they have the Rock slated to play the villain for JL. He could pull off Darkseid in a cameo at the end of BvS rolling into a JL movie.

  9. I am totally happy with this news. I’m just happy to be hearing anything from DC as far as future movies. The Rock will be great as John Stewart, Hopefully they will have both John and Hal but that’s wish full thinking.

    I hope they have Darkseid for the Justice League. They need to start this franchise out with a bang and he is the only villain that is deadly enough to force them to work together. Amazo is ok but that’s to close to Ultron and he is not bad enough to have a whole movie centered around him as the only villain IMO. After Darseid’s attack forces them together then you can have Legion of Doom and Amazo, Crime Syndicate, Justice Lords, or whoever in future JL movies.

    Now there will be real CMB competition and it will keep all the comic book movie makers dedicated to making good movies and not making fans mad with their terrible twist. Or totally changing characters.

    To all those complaining have faith its Superman and Batman in the same movie with 2 or 3 super villains its gonna be epic!!!!!! or wait and go see that Marvel movie with the 70 year old Antman and no wasp.

    • theres doomsday, brainiac, and anti monitor as well

  10. People who complain about movies that haven’t even come out yet being too crowded, clearly have Attention Deficit Disorder, and also have a miserable life, hence the need to complain over stupid things like too many heroes. People can watch the same amount of heroes in an hourly cartoon, but can’t sit thru a 2-1/2 hr movie with them. Why not just be happy that they’re finally bringing the Justice League to the big screen? And I doubt they’re gonna have The Rock play Cyborg, unless a different scientist than Emil Hamilton will make it happen. Hamilton died at the end of Man of Steel.

    • Who says he died? Could be trapped in the Phantom Zone with all the others.

      • I was thinking that too.
        Wasn’t Hamilton a villain at some point too?
        We may not have seen the last of him, or Foara-Ul.

    • In new 52 silas stone vics dad turned him into cyborg.

  11. Talk about force- feeding a universe down our throats.

    • OMG shut up.
      Just shut up.

    • Talk about force- feeding a dumb comment down our throats

  12. What I find extremely annoying, is that the same people in this thread telling others to stop complaining about the moves DC/WB are making, are over in the Ant-Man thread doing NOTHING BUT COMPLAINING.

    • Fanboys on both sides suck.
      I never understood the need to pic one or the other. Marvel and DC have pros and cons. Disney and WB have pros and cons. Avengers and Justice League have pros and cons. There is no ALL good or ALL bad.

      I also don’t agree with you, I don’t see HALF the bashing on the Ant-Man threads that I do on BvS. Only lately have I seen some but it seems to be from the Marvel fanboys who wanted a true Hank Pym stoty mostly.

  13. Back to back makes a lot of sense, more and more movies are doing it (Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit to name few. It also can save on production costs. There was a lot of talk a while back about Affleck directing JLA and this might be part of the plan. And, based on audience response to certain characters, spin off movies could flow from there…Those movies could be character “prequels” to flesh out their individual back stories, origins etc.

  14. JP i completely agree. This sight is over flowing with dc fan boys who are butthurt over marvels dominance in print, movies, and toys. Iam admittedly a bigger fan of marvel but i love dc as well. I dont think they are doing themselves justice so to speak with rushing their universe. It will leave shallow under developed characters on the screen. Might as well hire bay for justice league if this is the plan. Is everything a home run marvel does….. No but i liked all of their movies at least if not loved them.

    • Then go over to your Antman thread and talk about your 70 year old hero. Spoiler Alert
      I heard they just sighed Betty White to play his wife Janet (Wasp) so they should go good together!! BvS is gonna knock it out the park!!!!!

  15. If this is true… it’s genius.

    Establish that your universe is shared IMMEDIATELY, use the first on-screen meeting of the Big 2 to set up the rest of franchise moving forward.

    You can then gauge audience reactions to certain characters and solo films can develop from there.

    This shows a lot of brass, confidence, and frankly… it punches Marvel square in face in the “shared universe” game.

    You don’t need solo movies to establish the Justice League. The general audience knows who Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are… and even if they don’t… that doesn’t mean they can’t be presented in a way that gives you an idea of what they are all about.

    You can then gauge audience reactions to certain characters and solo films can develop from this approach.

    Perhaps that’s the point: By doing it this way you get to figure out who the audience is saying “I want to see more of (insert character here)!” and you take it from there.

    The logic that every character needs an entire origin story fleshed out before hand is flawed. This isn’t Marvel phase 1. This is establishing a universe without “phases.”

    Real fans of this genre should all be praying that this rumor is true.

    • Genius? More like haphazardly playing catch up, so lets throw as much in this as we possibly can so we can capitalize on the cbm team up (Avengers) success as quickly as possible. There is nothing genius about that.

      • Haphazardly playing catch-up? No. These aren’t Marvel characters… these are DC characters, they don’t need to follow the phase 1 formula to be successful, and they know that.

        Have fun with this whole “playing catch-up” rhetoric while it still lasts.

      • BS.

        This is what many Marvel fans do not want to admit.
        Marvel Studios HAD to do it the way they did because they don’t own the rights to their most popular characters. Most of the general public do not know the Avengers, outside of Hulk and Captain America, all that well. Very few people knew who Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, or Black Widow were, or at least didn’t know much about them. I would bet 80+% of the general public could not have told you what a single one of their alter egos names were save for maybe, MAYBE, Bruce Banner.

        WB does not have the same problem with Justice League. They are down to the 7th member before you will find a character more people don’t know than do. Superman and Batman are the two most well known superheroes there are. Wonder Woman is the most famous female superhero there is. Aquaman may have become the butt of jokes, but that has also made him more well known than all but two Avengers (pre movies.) Flash and Green Lantern are not exactly obscure characters either, only Martian Manhunter would leave GA scratching their head a bit.

        Long story short: The Avengers needed an introduction, Justice League does not.

        **This is NOT meant to be a knock on the Avengers characters. I am just one of the few Comic Book fans who seems to know exactly how small are numbers are. GA have mostly no clue about 90+% of both DC and Marvel characters, save for a very few who have transcended the comic book genre to become pop culture icons.

    • i don`t know about recent stories in comics`, but i believe thats how all new characters got introduced then spun off into origin stories

    • +1 brother.

      I am so hoping this is true, and I am inclined to think it is because, like you said, it just makes so much sense!

  16. I think if hes cyborg they might tweak his background like instead of him being a kid he will be a coach of a team and his father head of star labs. Perfect for him besides he can get preparred for terminator

  17. Martian Man Hunter! His head is already shaped for it….

  18. Dwayne Johnson would be a cool Hawkman or John Stewart (Green Lantern). He’s too old to play Cyborg.

  19. I think if he can act more reserve than hobbs he would be perfect for martian manhunter

  20. I would like to see someone like Kane or the one that played mike in the recent Halloween movies

  21. I mean’t for darkseid

  22. Dwayne Johnson is not fit to play John Stewart/Green Lantern or Cyborg. 1:he isn’t dark skinned enough and 2: cyborg is a highscooler.

  23. One thing everyone is missing. Cyborg is a highschooler. At most 18 when he becomes cyborg. Johnson is far too old and too BIG. He’s too buff and in all honesty I see him as a morevillian than hero. Lobo is far to obscure to fit in the dcmu at this time. Also I think a villian would be great.

    Ideas: Mongul,Darkseid,Are, or as people have said Amazo

    My fancast:

    Flash: Ben Foster played in 30 days of night, pandorum, punisher, and xmen 3

    Aquaman: charlie hunnum pacific rim sons of anarchy

    Green lantern: robert kazinsky pacfic rim and true blood. This is for hal jorden

    Gl john stwart: chiwetel ejiofor 2012 serenity 12 yrs a slave

    Cyborg: john boyega attack the block

    Martain manhunter jason momoa game of thrones

  24. I dont think its desperation, more like preparation. Im confident DC has a plan and theyre gonna see it out. Man of Steel was amazing and im sure Batman Vs Superman and The Justice League movie will be as well. I think its good theyre gonna shoot back to back, there will be more continuity and kinetic energy shared between the films. Once its complete, they can release JL whenever they want instead of rushing the film to meet some deadline.

  25. Dwyane Johnson and Black Adam please. (Jason Momoa as Lobo)

  26. He would make a great Amazo.