Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join ‘Justice League’ After ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Justice League Dwayne Johnson Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join Justice League After Batman vs. Superman

Conventional wisdom asserts that DC Entertainment has fallen far, far behind their traditional rivals at Marvel Comics so far as feature films are concerned. With the casting of Wonder Woman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel (which we’re still calling Batman vs. Superman), it seems likely that DC is attempting to emulate Marvel’s enormously successful experiment in serialized filmmaking.

Recent flurries of rumors indicate that Batman vs. Superman may be expanding the universe established during Man of Steel even more quickly than first thought. With actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) rumored to be in consideration for the role of Green Lantern, speculation has turned to a possible Justice League movie – a film that was once rumored to debut in Batman vs. Superman‘s 2015 slot. A new report asserts that such a movie isn’t just in the plans – it may start filming the moment Batman vs. Superman wraps up production.

Latino Review shares the scoop that a Justice League film will begin filming back-to-back with Batman vs. Superman with Johnson as one of its headliners. Citing unnamed industry sources, the article puts forth the theory that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are looking to purposefully move in on the shared-universe territory currently occupied by Marvel Comics – thus shooting Justice League soon enough for a possible 2016 release.

The story does not identify the role that Johnson is set to fill, instead noting that he would likely put in a cameo appearance during a purported cliffhanger ending for Batman vs. Superman – an ending intended to feed directly into Justice League.

Will Dwayne Johnson Join Justice League Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join Justice League After Batman vs. Superman

If all of this seems a bit sketchy, it’s because it is. Latino Review even notes that the report is largely a combination of insider information and good old fashioned speculation from folks who’ve been in the game a long, long time.”

Still, the idea is not without precedent – after all, the sequels for The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean filmed back-to-back in order to best capitalize on audience anticipation. Also, given the terrific success of Marvel films in 2013, Warner Bros. must surely be chomping at the bit to get its own comic book movie universe off the ground as soon as possible.

At the same time, it’s getting fairly late in the production process to suddenly declare an immediate sequel to the Man of Steel franchise. Such a move could smack of desperation on the studio’s part – a nakedly cynical attempt to cash in on the current enthusiasm for superhero franchises. Whether this would actually be off-putting to audiences is up in the air.

If there’s even a shred of truth to the rumor of an imminent Justice League movie, confirmation will come sooner rather than later. Groundwork on immediately filmed sequel to Batman vs. Superman would have to be set up with a quickness – and if that’s the case, we’ll know for sure within a few months. Stay tuned to Screen Rant in the interim, as the rumors continue to fly fast and thick about this production.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will fly into theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. DC is most likely casting Dwayne because of him being the largest grossing actor of 2013. Which is not a good way of deciding if he’s good for the part

    • That and they need someone to compete against Diesel

      • Compete against Diesel how? Diesel is just playing a tree in the marvel universe. he won’t even be on screen. what is there is compete against exactly?

        • maybe he meant Diesel the wrestler. (kevin nash)

  2. Dc is way too desperate. I just want them to take there time with all the movies and in good time they’ll have there money.

    • This. Is. A. Rumor. How. Does. This. Make. WB. Desperate.

    • Actually no. Taking their time is not a good idea as superhero movie fatigue among the general audience is already setting in.

      Hence they need to work fast and roll these out asap.

      I’m not debating the quality issues which will crop up as a result.

      • I’m just curious as to how do you figure that “superhero movie fatigue among the general audience is already setting in”?

        • I believe his friend told him he was tired of all the super hero films.

      • Last year 2 of the top 5 grossing movies were CBM, the year before that the top 2, and 3 of the top 10 were CBM, they year before that four of the top 20 were CBM, the year before that only really had 1 CBM, and it was #3, the year before that… did kinda suck, only had X-men Origins: Wolverine, which came in at #13, but the year before THAT the top two, and three of the top four movies were CBM.

        So how exactly are you figuring superhero fatigue has set in? I don’t disagree that it MAY be coming, but only if the movies start to all suck. Which is why I root for Marvel AND DC. I just hope Sony and Fox don’t dilute the waters with Comic Book Crap.

  3. Doin’ it LOTR-style. It’s about time someone listened to the Scranters.

    Hope this rumor turns out to be true.

  4. Green Lantern should be given to Idris Elba and let Dwayne play Lobo and let Jason Momoa play Martian Manhunter. See, now everyone is happy.

    • Well, I just can’t picture Dwayne as a John Stewart Green Lantern (or any other GL). I could perhaps easier picture him as Martian Manhunter (but he would have to be serious and not cracking smiles and jokes all the time for that particular pasrt). Elba as John Stewart? Well, maybe…he could pull it off, I think, but I also think it is way too early for Stewart as the exclusive Green Lantern. Let’s do Hal Jordan, who was always the main GL for JL more than any other GL, for awhile. If the studios want to bring in Stewart later as an additional GL, well, that I could probably live with. Lobo is too obscure and not needed, IMO. I would rather see Hawkman, The Atom, or Martian Manhunter than some of the other later or less well known characters right now like Cyborg or Lobo.

      • Honestly, I think, with it being fresher in the minds of comic and casual fans alike, John Stewart has pretty much supplanted Hal Jordan as the main Lantern. With how good the DC Animated Universe made him out to be with Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, especially compared to Hal in that continuity.

        In addition, I don’t want to seem like I’m playing the race card…but I’m going to, and say that at the very least, I think a little diversity would help the film in the long run and John Stewart makes a perfect character for The League.

    • That sounds promising actually!

  5. **SIGH**

  6. D.C. just doesn’t know what to do with themselves. Not really looking forward to any D.C. movies. They are looking like they will turn out to be like X-Men 3.

    • Just to be clear, this is Warner Bros. driving this, not D.C. Comics.

      • you mean WB and DC Entertainment

      • Kind of lends credence to his thought, though. X-Men was done by Fox Studios, not Marvel, and X-Men 3 was a disaster.

    • Just to be clear this is a rumor and NOT official. I don’t think people get this before they comment stuff like this IT ISN’T CONFIRMED. Your comment is like X-Men 3 full of holes.

  7. Im losing hope on Bats vs Sups… It gonna be so crowded… DC is moving way to fast and they are gonna crash a burn. I do want to see all these characters on movies but Im not sure about what thery are doing with them… lets see

    • u say it’s gonna be “so crowded”, but u must not realize that other movies like lotr, harry potter, star wars, etc have more characters than batman vs superman does so far.

    • I don’t see any reason why this movie would be considered crowded.

  8. If Dwayne isn’t going to be Lobo then WB is just wasting everyone’s time. There’s no other character he fits better.

    • Are u kidding, what about Cyborg

    • Exactly, he would kill it as Lobo.

    • 1. Cyborg

      2. Black Adam

      3. Some type of military person or S.T.A.R. Labs agent

      4. Ares

      There are so many possibilities for what he could be

      • None of whom are really well-known “mainstream” characters as far as the EARLY origins of the JLA are concerned. They came later on. I would personally prefer to see DC/Warner stick more with the origins of the JLA and canon myself, at least in the beginning. As I recall from the early comics, the original and/or early hero line-up included Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash (Barry Allen), Martian Manhunter, The Atom, Hawkman (and sometimes Hawkgirl), Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow. If I had my d’ruthers, I would stick with choices out of that line-up for the first movie at least. Canon made them famous, and canon is the best foundation to build on to carry them through.

        • Agree

    • Gotta love opinions. Sometimes a “n’t” is all the difference.

      For instance, your opinion:
      “If Dwayne isn’t going to be Lobo then WB is just wasting everyone’s time.”

      My opinion:
      If Dwayne is going to be Lobo then WB is just wasting everyone’s time.

  9. “…after all, the sequels for ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ filmed back-to-back to best capitalize on audience anticipation.” Sigh, and we know how good those sequels were. This smacks of effort and desperation. Instead of remaining true to the source material, DC/WB seems hell bent on making their characters “edgy” all around. Why don’t they take a clue from Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s work on these characters? Oh, because that would be too easy.

    • **SIGH**

      When people say “source material” it really gets under my skin… there are so many different incarnations, stories, and universes of characters to pull from that staying true to this “source material” you call is impossible. A lot of things that happen in comic-books wouldn’t work on the big screen and a lot of elements have to be changed to differentiate themselves from Marvel’s movies which as of lately have been taking a darker tone. It just doesn’t make sense to say anything about “source material” because the stuff is so convoluted and messy that it wouldn’t look good on the big screen. Also, these movies have to connect to one another so they will have to change elements of certain stories to make sure the characters have a reason to exist in this universe.

      • Whether they are or aren’t pulling from “source material”, Pirates 2/3 and Matrix 2/3 were not as great as their predecessors, or even worse (the thirds of each). It’s not a great track record when it comes down to it.

      • “A lot of things that happen in comic-books wouldn’t work on the big screen”

        Really? Like what? What do you base ‘wouldn’t work’ on?

    • Never got The Matrix, but I liked the Pirates trilogy. I’d say the second was the best of the bunch.

  10. Idris Elba is contracted to Marvel, Are you think? What about Tyrese Gibson? I think either Denzel or Dwayne would be perfect for the role of GL. Josh Hollaway or Alex Pettyfer as Aqua-man.. Hell, Pettyfer could even play the Flash, Has the blonde locks and the face to suit the part

    • it doesnt matter if he’s in marvel he can still be contracted to dc

      • Not if it’s in his contract that he can’t….

    • Perfect example of why fans do not cast movies

  11. What about Flash?

  12. I think this movie will end with superman dying. Then batman uses his files he has been collecting to seek out the other meta humans that his drones have been watching. Everyone then gets to have a little limelight without the audience wondering where superman is. Then have superman be resurrected in justice league through bruce or brainiac.

    • For my taste, it would be way too early to kill him off. Have him and Batman lead the JLA in two movies – and maybe by MoS3, Doomsday could kill him, thereby shocking both the audience and the remaining JLA roster, only for Superman to come back by JLA3 or 4.

  13. I guess he’ll play Green Lantern then.If they ever made a Hancock 2 I wanted him to play opposite of Will Smith as the villain with superpowers.My only question is who will play the main bad guy in Justice League? It’s way to early for Darkseid.I’ll say Brainiac.

    • How about Amazo?

      Ares accompanied by an army of undead Amazons so WW has some conflict.

      Injustice League

      • Amazo is too obscure, and Ares is a bit too out there at the moment. (Maybe he could join the Injustice Society in a JL Sequel.)

        I think a fairly impressive opponent would be Mongul with War World.

        • Yeah that would be a good start to a JL trilogy.

  14. If this cliffhanger thing is true, then I’m going with the idea that Dwayne is Darkseid. If they shoot JL Back-To-Back, then this is clearly a cash grab.

    • every movie is a cash grab

    • There is no such thing as a blockbuster that isn’t a cash grab. People should stop throwing that around whenever they don’t like something.

      I have an idea about how the cliffhanger would work just a boomtube opens the end.

      • Okay is the word rushed better then?

        • No, not when the shoe doesn’t fit

          • If it turns out to be true, it’s definitely rushed.

  15. Lets see, an actor who is 6’5″ and hugely muscle bound playing the Green Lantern. Which one, Kilowog? For reference, the current Superman H.C. is 6’0″

    • So…….? What is no one in the world taller than superman? What is your point? You’re questioning height in a superhero film? WTF is wrong with people!!!!

  16. Marvel released their first avengers comic 2 years after JL came out, DC didn’t fall behind and doesn’t have to “emulate” any of marvel’s tactics.

    • And the price of tea in China? I only ask cause, like saying which comic came first in an article about movie productions, is completely irrelevant.

      If DCs goal is a shared movie universe, than yes, they are massively behind Marvel. Marvel was the first. And in my opinion, if DC wants to do multiple ongoing projects, they should follow Marvel as far as working different projects concurrently while working up to a Justice League movie.

      • I disagree that DC needs to follow Marvel with multiple projects that link together in 1 movie every 3 years. If this rumour is true then what I believe WB/DC are doing is telling the creation of the Justice League in 1 continuous story that is centred around Superman but involves the other founding members. Solo films can come after, WB/DC can test the water with new characters/actors (like WW/Gal Gadot, Batman/Affleck, Flash/?, GL/?) and decide who audiences want to see more of in their own films. I also believe that WB/DC can be more successful, in a way, than Marvel by not limiting films to solo heroes and having other characters pop in and out, so that the stories and relationships are brought more to the front and the events of one film influence another. Marvel have done a great job with their films, but without Samuel L. Jackson and the Avengers movie there is sweet F all actually linking their movies/heroes, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is barely any better.

  17. Why must you so-called “fans” always do your best to sabotage everything associated with DC comics to movies before judging the final project? It’s because of you and your negative bs that no one wants to go see the movies, therefore ensuring some degree of failure. If you keep complaining, nothing will ever get made, and if it does, no one will want to see it. Your words, unfortunately, carry a lot of influence to those excited to check out news (or rumors) concerning the DC Universe. Let Warner’s make the movie and you reserve judgment for the final product, PLEASE!

  18. Can you people talking about these movies stop complaining about what DC is doing.

    DC aint doin’ s*** but drawing comics.


  19. Everybody chill! Dang the movies aren’t out yet. Have some faith and be positive. Nolan is still on board as a producer and well I like Snyder’s style. If you don’t sucks to be you!

    • Yes Nolan is still on board, but in a much reduced capacity from Man of Steel.

  20. That would be the smart thing to do. Film these both back-to-back. Batman vs. Superman is basically looking like a Justice League prequel with all the rumors considered.

  21. My gut instinct is telling me he will probably be Hawkman. Hawkman has this physicality that I think he fits very well.I could also see him as Martian Manhunter but not John Stewart.

    • I’d be very very surprised if they used Hawkman but he is BA so why not?

  22. They have been soooo many rumors about casting they have said that Denzel Washington was being cast for Lex Luthor or Green Lantern now the Rock they think Jaoquin Phoenix might be Lex Luthor Brian cranston might be lex luthor mark strong might be lex luthor it never ends

    • And people keep believing the BS

      • Y’know how websites make money?


        Y’know what generates traffic?


        Hello. My name is Internet.

    • It will end… in 2015.

      …and hopefully 2016 too!

      The true beauty of this to me is, if BVS is successful, and JL is coming out the next year, that gives WB 2 years to figure out the next movie and hopefully we start getting one a year.

      • ^^Exactly the reason you are going to read all about why this is a terrible idea all over the interwebs…

        …there is a certain company that wishes DC stayed out of the picture…

        • Bwahahahahahahaha!

  23. All of you got it wrong!!! D. Johnson is being cast for the role of Granny Goodness.

    • Now that’s entertainment on the big screen.I would definitely pay to see that lol.

  24. I just can’t imagine Dwayne as Green Lantern or as any character really, besides maybe Lobo. I don’t know, there have been so many rumors I’m not believing anything anything I hear anymore unless its been officially confirmed.

  25. I doubt this is true, especially since they already dropped the justice league movie.

    They could however make a Batman movie simultaneously with MoS2. So in 2015 we get Man of Steel 2 and then in 2016 it will be Batman (with superman cameo).

    • Somewhere right now,someone is definitely putting together a new script for the new Batman film.Sh*t it’s probably almost done,so a Batman movie in 2016 is definitely a possibility.

  26. All those who put down anything DC/WB is doing are Marvel fans. Scared the s*** because they are afraid DC is slowly gaining strenght.

    And what Marvel garbage do you like?

    Iron Man 3? That upcoming crap called Ant man? Jeez…

    • Why would marvel fans be scared? What’s to be scared about? WB making great DC comics movies is a good thing for everyone. It ups the ante and makes Marvel need to do even better than they already are to try to stay on top.

      I will never understand the hate DC fanboys have for Marvel and their belief that Marvel fanboys hate DC comics. From the outside looking in, and as someone who loves both comic book companies, what I have seen is the people who love Marvel still like DC things and hope for the best, the people who love DC hate everything Marvel for some strange reason.

      • Strange, I have seen the exact opposite.
        I have always read both and never cared about the difference. Hell, I don’t even think there IS that much difference…

        But I have friends who are so into Marvel that I call them a cult. They don’t hate on DC, they simply refuse to acknowledge its existence, odd really. The intraweb has not changed my point of view either. Whenever I want to talk about a Marvel project online, I am more or less allowed to just have a fun conversation. Whenever I want to talk about a DC project online, I find I spend more time defending DC against Marvel fanboys than actually talking about the project.

        Like your comment for instance, which by its very existence contradicts what you are trying to say. Here you are on a DC thread making a Marvel comparison. So, tell me again whom has it out for whom more?

        • ahhh sh**.

          Disregard my last line. By the time I was at the bottom there I forgot you were just replying to a bit of a DC fanboy. Sorry.

    • Thor, Cap America, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2 all look promising.

    • If you like CBM, you are a fool to root against the competition. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.

      If Marvel started to suck (save it, this is just hypothetical) the general public may stop going to see CBM, and then there will be no more DC either.

      No matter who you like more, you SHOULD be pulling for all players (WB, Disney, Fox, and Sony) to do well and keep the geek train rolling!

  27. WB needs to take control whoever is making these rumors. All DC movies will be D.O.A. if these rumors don’t stop.

  28. Can’t picture Dwayne as GL.

    Not too bothered. Just another Rumor.

  29. DC doesn’t need to follow the Marvel way. DC fans expect character based movies rather than CGI and funny one-liners. I am completely fine with WB/DC releasing movies once in 3 years. If I am right by 2016 casual movie goers will be bored of Marvel Movies as all end up the same *cough* ‘Transformers’ *cough*.
    DC should follow a simple way One Story at a time. I don’t know if Dwayne Johnson is perfect for John Stewart or not. We all have doubts about it. It all began when Henry Cavill was cast as the icon and now Ben Affleck to follow on Bale. We have yet to see how that goes. I hope, I just hope that the sequel doesn’t end up like the Green Lantern movie- Wrong Casting and Pathetic Story.

    I just want to see a great story. Thats all.