Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join ‘Justice League’ After ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Justice League Dwayne Johnson Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join Justice League After Batman vs. Superman

Conventional wisdom asserts that DC Entertainment has fallen far, far behind their traditional rivals at Marvel Comics so far as feature films are concerned. With the casting of Wonder Woman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel (which we’re still calling Batman vs. Superman), it seems likely that DC is attempting to emulate Marvel’s enormously successful experiment in serialized filmmaking.

Recent flurries of rumors indicate that Batman vs. Superman may be expanding the universe established during Man of Steel even more quickly than first thought. With actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) rumored to be in consideration for the role of Green Lantern, speculation has turned to a possible Justice League movie – a film that was once rumored to debut in Batman vs. Superman‘s 2015 slot. A new report asserts that such a movie isn’t just in the plans – it may start filming the moment Batman vs. Superman wraps up production.

Latino Review shares the scoop that a Justice League film will begin filming back-to-back with Batman vs. Superman with Johnson as one of its headliners. Citing unnamed industry sources, the article puts forth the theory that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are looking to purposefully move in on the shared-universe territory currently occupied by Marvel Comics – thus shooting Justice League soon enough for a possible 2016 release.

The story does not identify the role that Johnson is set to fill, instead noting that he would likely put in a cameo appearance during a purported cliffhanger ending for Batman vs. Superman – an ending intended to feed directly into Justice League.

Will Dwayne Johnson Join Justice League Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join Justice League After Batman vs. Superman

If all of this seems a bit sketchy, it’s because it is. Latino Review even notes that the report is largely a combination of insider information and good old fashioned speculation from folks who’ve been in the game a long, long time.”

Still, the idea is not without precedent – after all, the sequels for The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean filmed back-to-back in order to best capitalize on audience anticipation. Also, given the terrific success of Marvel films in 2013, Warner Bros. must surely be chomping at the bit to get its own comic book movie universe off the ground as soon as possible.

At the same time, it’s getting fairly late in the production process to suddenly declare an immediate sequel to the Man of Steel franchise. Such a move could smack of desperation on the studio’s part – a nakedly cynical attempt to cash in on the current enthusiasm for superhero franchises. Whether this would actually be off-putting to audiences is up in the air.

If there’s even a shred of truth to the rumor of an imminent Justice League movie, confirmation will come sooner rather than later. Groundwork on immediately filmed sequel to Batman vs. Superman would have to be set up with a quickness – and if that’s the case, we’ll know for sure within a few months. Stay tuned to Screen Rant in the interim, as the rumors continue to fly fast and thick about this production.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will fly into theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Can we have a cameo from the flash in movie one where a sneak attack forgot about baddie gets laid out for no apparent reason but we see like a red shadow or something movie to indicate the flash

    • just gona say this, why? lol if your gona have flash in it, just have flash in it, lol

  2. I think the Rock would make fantastic Cyborg! There really hasn’t been much out there about this character or including him. I think that would be a great cast!

    • Agreed. The android parts would look super cool with his massive physique.

    • I’d rather see him as Luke Cage in the Marvel Universe

  3. a little off topic but i just got done watching man of steel again and im trying to figure out how does zod and the other 2 kryptonions that superman fights have super strength since there in there suits and therefore arent exposed to earths atmosphere???? i understand zod eventually takes off his helmet and adapts to the environment but whats the explanation for the chick and muscle head kryptonion????

    • They get their power from the Earth’s sun; their cells can absorb its radiation and that is how they got their powers.

      • yea but they had there space suits on with those fancy helmets so did the suns radiation go through the suits?? the only thing i can think of is they were able to partially absorb radiation from sun threw there suits which explains y they couldnt fly or use heat vision….after zod adapted to earths atmosphere did he get those abilities

        • Don’t understand radiation much do ya?

        • Yeah its just one of many plotholes in that movie. Kal-El spent decades absorbing our yellow Sun’s radiation and adapting to our atmosphere, and yet somehow the other Kyrptonians adapt AND gain the same amount of solar power in literally a few seconds. Theyre all members of the same species, so this shouldnt be possible, no matter how much “military training” than Kal-El they have.

  4. I would much rather have Idris Elba for Green Lantern. I agree that the Rock would make a great Cyborg. I wish they could have gotten the actress that played Sif in Thor to be Wonder Woman… I also think that Ryan Reynolds would actually make a fantastic Flash. BUT I’m getting carried away now.

    • Cookie puss McTaggart in the building Mitches

    • Jaimie Alexander is incredibly overrated. Fanboys cry how Gal Gadot is too skinny but ignore the fact that Jaimie Alexander has the EXACT same measurements. They’re equally scrawny. She didn’t even bulk up for Thor. His skinniness was hidden by armor and movie magic. Gal is actually going to bulk up using the same physical trainer Henry Cavill bulked up with. Plus, facially, Gal Gadot > Jaimie Alexander. Gal has an exotic beautiful look, something that an Amazonian like Wonder Woman is SUPPOSED to have. Jaimie Alexander is just another white woman. I’m not saying she’d make a bad WW, but I’m tired of people hating on Gal Gadot’s look for the part in favor of Jaimie’s. The only thing in question with Gadot is her acting. I’m confident that Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck will guide her well and the script will improve her (the guy who wrote Argo is one of the writers after all!).

      Also, I think Bradley Cooper would make an excellent Flash. He has experience in both comedic and serious roles. He’d offer the perfect comic relief without being /overly/ silly. Just the right amount. I can never take Ryan Reynolds seriously. And just look at how he butchered Green Lantern. Disgraceful.

      • Let’s not forget that Gal Godot also has 2 years in the Israeli Defense Force on her resume; she presumably knows how to real-fight (as opposed to movie-fight). I’m sure she’ll have no problem bulking her muscles back up. What I REALLY want to see is her starring in her own WW movie, with Kathryn Bigelow directing!

        • Gadot was a personal trainer, not a soldier. Quit it.

          • She most definitely was a soldier. Get a life.

      • U r hittin the nail right on the head! I agree!

      • “Gal is actually going to bulk up using the same physical trainer Henry Cavill bulked up with.”

        She’ll gain 10lbs of muscle, tops. Go look up Cavill’s actual training regimen. Its insane. No chick is going to do anything even close to that. She’ll lift a couple of plastic dumbells twice a day, but shes not going to hulk out into a literally superhuman monster like Cavill did. Female vanity wont let her.

    • I like bradley cooper for green lantern n tyan Reynolds for flash n rock for cyborg. Perfect casting right there! Wdut?

  5. hey guys why are you so pumped up to see darkseid in the very first justice league movie, I mean he is a powerful villain and an inter galactic threat much like thanos and just as thanos is behind infinity stones darkseid is behind an powerful artifact like anti life equation, I mean that stone skinned guy should be reserved for future movie like justice league 3. And about the villain for first justice league movie the most plausible story and vilain can be starro invasion, I say this because other options are not fitting enough I mean, look brainiac is the perfect vilain for next solo superman movie as brainiac has so many connections with krypton and its past he can be used to dwelve into krypton and superman even better and AMAZO on the other hand doesnt make sense as I dont sense US govt or any scienntist being that quick in manking such an advanced piece of machine and ppl may even b**** about he resembles ultron etc and tower of babel being such a great story if adapted into a movie it will be a definite hit but you cannot have a team up story with that kinda plot I mean members of justice league just know each other and at the end of the movie they find out one among them did all this to them so wih that thought how can you have a team up so its better to have that story in justice league 2. Just my thoughts what do you say screen ranters

    • It should be Darkseid to start the JL franchise off right you can’t save villains because if it doesn’t do as good as expected there wont be a JL2 or 3. Dardseid is a villain powerful enough to force them to join as a team. A hero movie is only as good as its villain and Darkseid is one of the most powerful and evil villains that DC has.

      And he has an army and other villains under him that are powerful and evil also like Desaad, Steppenwolf, Kalibak, Granny Goodness, and Vermin Vundabar. So it will be plenty of villains to go around.

      They can have the legion of Doom or the Crime Syndicate in JL2. I would love to see Owlman and Ultraman go up against Bats and Supes. There are plenty of other villains for a second movie, but you have to start it off with a bang, and Darkseid would do it because he is a more known and recognizable villain that would get people in the movie seats.

      • Darkseid is well know among fans of the universe but still unknown by the general movie gower hes not the joker or zod sticking him in a movie wont equal instant success

    • If they do Darkseid I actually hope he dies. That way they can do something even bigger like Final Crisis where Darkseid’s assistants are trying to resurrect him.

  6. I was really hoping he was going to play Lex Luthor. He has the look, he looks good in a suit, he’s a popular and well-like actor, BUT, the most intriguing aspect of playing Lex, is that he is so muscular and massive. Lex has always been portrayed as average sized & height joe-shmo who is more brains then brawns(Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey). I would love to see a Lex Luthor who is NOT ONLY an evil genius, but strong enough to give the heroes a run for there money.

  7. I would prefer Dwayne Johnson to play a villain (not Luthor) in this DCU because;

    A) I don’t think he fits the heroes suggested, I don’t personally see him as John Stewart, and I would prefer Cyborg to stick closely to the comic books. A Cyborg that is recognisable (ish) to fans of the Teen Titans cartoons could be a nice way to bring in younger viewers, though I don’t think he’s a necessary League member. My pick for John Stewart has always been Common, he has the right look and screen presence/persona that I think would fit Stewart.

    B) Marvel created a icon with Hiddleston playing Loki. Hiddleston is a gifted and charismatic actor that is now seemingly as integral to Marvel as Robert Downey Jr, Dwayne Johnson is just as charismatic and likable as those two and his real life persona could really help DC/WB sell their films to the general public.

    C) He was mental in Doom. I didn’t care for the movie much but he sold himself as a decent bad guy.

    • Common is a TERRIBLE choice for John Stewart. Not only does he look nothing like him, he IS nothing like him. He’s a great actor but that’s a miscast if I ever seen one.

      Idris Elba is the optimal choice. Easily.

      • The John Stewart I’m familiar with is stoic and strong, calm yet fierce, a fighter and a lover (of Hawkgirl). I’m not saying Elba doesn’t embody those characteristics, but Idris Elba can’t play every character under the sun (his name is thrown about a lot). Common is just someone who has been in my mind for the role for a while, I really liked him in Hell on Wheels (I’ve only seen the 1st season). He certainly is NOT a terrible choice, and google has just told me he was even cast in the planned Justice League movie that had “D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Adam Brody as the Flash, Armie Hammer as Batman and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman” – so maybe that’s where I got the idea…

        • His voice and look just doesn’t say “John Stewart” for me man, lol.

    • Dwayne Johnson might actually be the most charismatic human being on Earth. And i disagree, i think hed make a perfect Green Lantern. Hes got the exact right combination of cockiness, confidence, and strength of will. He comes across as the nicest guy in the world who could tear you apart in an instant if you ever gave him a good enough reason to.

  8. Martian Manhunter, I reckon…..

    • I have heard rumors that he might end up playing Lobo in a DC movie

  9. I would cast him for the Martian Manhunter or Cyborg role due to his build and height. Too big to play green lantern.

  10. This is getting funny guys.

    1) cyborg has been depicted in all his iterations as a young male. Dwayne johnson is 41….he’s older than cavil and gadot…..why would cyborg a teenager to many fans…would be played by someone who is 41.

    2) lobo is not a mainstream hero to non comic readers. Yes he got some exposure due to superman the animated seres and injustice….but he is not bankable as a character yet. With the story so far how it is why would a bounty hunter come to earth for superman when he has just reveiled himself?

    3) martian manhunter is a safer bet but is still not as mainstream to casual movie goers. A 20 year old girl would not know martian manhunter unless she seen the jl tv show or had a sibling that did and even then he’s not a character with name recognition right away.

    Safe bets are he is a villian. Darkseid can be used as a villian in jl 1. He invades similar to how he did so in new 52. Screw marvel did invasion it won’t happen crak. Darkseid is the only baddie great enough to do this…plus staro has mind control…a little to like chitari mind controling hawkeye. Jl2 could have injustice league with lex a bats villian like bane or whoever nad a villian from each movie. That is something dc has over marvel…they can create villians that are not one and done in iron man all his villians die or or extremely injured to continue. Thor had loki….he was too good a villian so they needed him for avengers. Red skull may come back….prob not but eh. Dc has a chance to bank on returning villians injustice league, crime syndicate, darkseid, white martians…..there are many villians.

    Let the rock own one and make it his own

  11. Hope they keep Reynolds as Green Lantern…

    I know Green Lantern was a different tone from Man of Steel, but I enjoyed his take on Hal Jordan. Not to mention Mark Strong as Sinestro! (Perfect casting.)

    Maybe bring Reynolds back for Justice League, then change the tone yet again for a GL sequel :D

    (aah dreams!)

  12. If Johnson isn’t playing Lobo it’ll be a complete waste. Pretty much anyone can play a Green Lantern, but Johnson couldn’t be more perfect for Lobo right now!!! It’s the perfect set-up for an R-Rated DC movie like Marvel let fly with Blade.

    This casting so blatantly obvious it hurts. Will the corporate monsters known as DC and WB give us this OBVIOUS tangent??? Probably not. Obvious, boring and financially safe decisions are more their forte.

    • Nope…..with his massive build he could easily play Doomsday or Darkseid.

    • I respectfully have to disagree. I don’t think that he has that sick bastard type edge to him that any actor playing Lobo would need. I mean, Lobo was pretty dark. I am just not seeing that from Johnson.

  13. DC trying to catch up? DC is just on cruise control. Marvel is still trying to catch up to Superman 1.

    • “Marvel is still trying to catch up to Superman 1.”

      adjusted for inflation, superman grossed 300 million worldwide. with inflation that would put it somewhere close to, but just shy of, a billion. dark knight grossed just over a billion. dark knight and dark knight rises both grossed just over a billion.

      the avengers grossed 1.5 billion, and is the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. iron man 3 grossed 1.3 billion, and is the 5th highest grossing movie of all time. (DKR is the 10th)

      fanboy all you’d like, but numbers don’t lie. DC is treading water, while marvel is kicking back on a yatch.

  14. Rock = Black Adam


    Rock = Black Manta

  15. Black Adam would be a perfect fit for Dwayne…A worthy rival to Superman or…Capt Marvel?

  16. Im gonna call it now – the rock will be Aquaman – I think he’s perfect…

    think about it – Aquaman is the Only Character they could really change and no one would care. Plus the Rock is the only person on the planet that could make him badass.

    I think he would make a horrible cyborg (too old) and a crappy Green lantern (too muscular)

    he does have the physique of an atlantean though..


  17. I think DC should keep Stephen Amell as (Green) Arrow! Bring that man to the big screen!

  18. the best role in a JLA movie for Dwayne Johnson is J’onn J’onz….Manhunter from Mars

    • Yeah, I totally agree. Martian Manhunter for the Rock would be awesome.

  19. glad its not marvel. only batman gives dc any worth. MOS was terrible so who cares who’s in the sequels or not.

    • i agree with you, am a relative to one of the tenss of thousands of people superman and his fellow kryptonian killed, i will never accept him as a hero because he never considered peoples life when smashing zod through buildings and the gas station (my uncles, inlaws cosuins step brother neices son died their, and reminded me of 9/11 100 times over

      • Actually that was 100% a false flag. The government is lying, Superman doesnt even exist

  20. the rock should play…….black adam….give him a little accent some ears….and come out whooping superman just because.

  21. hmmmm maybe even deathlock or darkseid…

  22. Look where the photo is focused at!! MARTIAN MANHUNTER!!!!

  23. I got cash money bet on Tge Rock playing the Martian Manhunter. If you deduce the possibilities and really match what he says to an actual character, MMH is the only one that fits ALL catagories… He’s not going to play a villain, if for no other reason than it’s too early in his acting career for him to start playing villains in his action films. He’s ‘the hero’ and will be for a long time to come. Box office aside, he’s a commodity for the ‘action hero movie’….black Adam is out, Aquaman has been cast, Darkseid will be nothing but an actors voice attached to a CGI character and then there’s Lobo, although a cool character he’s got no place in an origin story (of sorts) film regarding the JLA. It’s MMH, and I’m friggin’ stoked. I think he’s gonna be great. It won’t be announced for quite a while though. JLA film could be a long way off, 2018 or later. Lemme know whatcha’ think guys……