Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in ‘Justice League’

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Batman Reboot Justice League Movie Discussion Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in Justice League

The Dark Knight Rises marked the end of the cinematic Batman we’ve known and loved for years, and with Christopher Nolan hammering down any rumors of a potential return to the Batman franchise or involvement with Justice League, it’s time for someone else to step into the shadows.

Just over a month ago, rumors rolled in with talk of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment moving ahead with Justice League as their next tentpole DC film after next year’s Man of Steel and that it would serve as the platform to reboot and reintroduce Batman, as opposed to launching another solo film first (for Bats and the rest of the Justice League roster).

MovieHole has the scoop which claims Warner Bros. is very interested (again) in Armie Hammer putting on the cape and cowl as The Dark Knight in Justice League, their own superhero team-up that’ll compete with Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, potentially in the same year as The Avengers 2 (2015).

Armie Hammer Batman Mask Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in Justice League

Hammer of course, was tapped to play Batman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal back in 2007 before the project was scrapped due to a multiple unforeseen circumstances, notably the writer’s guild strike and the failure to acquire tax credits they needed for financing from the Australian government. That and a certain amount of uncertainty of introducing another live-action Batman alongside Nolan’s at-the-time-upcoming The Dark Knight with a cast of unknowns kept the project buried.

Many of JL:M’s stars went on to enjoy rather busy careers however, including Jay Baruchel, Common and Teresa Palmer, who were supposed to play the villain, John Stewart/Green Lantern and Talia Al Ghul, respectively. Armie Hammer of course, the Bruce Wayne of the canceled project, went on to earn the attention of moviegoers and critics with his roles in The Social Network where he played two characters (twins) and Prince “Charming” Alcott in Mirror Mirror.

Now, Hammer is working on his biggest role yet as the title character opposite Johnny Depp’s Tonto in The Lone Ranger for Disney and that may help him land the major role that he almost already played for Warner Bros. That’s according to “a very good source” of MovieHole who specify that the interest in the 26 year-old Hammer is strictly for the Justice League film currently being written by Will Beall, meaning the WB could still run a separate Batman universe or continue the Nolan one with Joseph Gordon-Levitt down the road. Undoubtedly, the release of the The Lone Ranger trailer last week provided the origins for this apparent interest by Warner Bros./rumor.

Armie Hammer Prince Charming Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in Justice League

I’m Batman!

Could Hammer pull off playing Bruce Wayne opposite Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman or would he be better suited in another role (i.e. The Flash)? Is it even possible that Ryan Reynolds could return as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern or will Warner Bros. pretend that didn’t happen and truly start fresh with Man of Steel serving as a potential start to a shared cinematic universe (see: Wonder Woman cameo rumor)?

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Source: MovieHole

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  1. His name sounds like cleaning stuff.

    • His great-grandfather was oil tycoon and philanthropist Armand Hammer.
      Arm & Hammer cleaning products were often incorrectly associated with him.

      • :)

      • LOL!

  2. My pick is still john hamm though.

    • i was just thinking the same thing he would be perfect

    • He would make a really good older Bruce Wayne/Batman. The voice, the charm, his built. Someone should make this happen.

    • Exactly Bro. WB Is Running Like A Chicken Without A Head With JLA Movie, Why Don’t They Keep The Same Actor To Batman In The Solo Reboot As Well As The JLA Movie?

  3. The actor at the right age and chops for a series of Batman films is Jim Caviezel.
    I have ruled him out because he is tied up with Person Of Interest and
    Nolan’s brother at the moment but Jim would be incredible.

    • Yes! Jim Caviezel would be awesome. I’d rather see an older Batman.

    • Yes. Thank you! I say the same thing on Facebook every night when POI comes on. He’s basically Batman anyways and his voice is just about perfect.

  4. I would pick this guy Dave Annable. He as Bruce Wayne written all over him. Go watch the movie “What’s your number”.

  5. Bring Ryan Reynolds back, I say. Just get rid of that god-awful CGI costume and mask.

    • They should have the John Stewart Green Lantern and somehow have Ryan Reynolds as Flash. He fits that role too well and I really feel that it was the dumbest thing for DC to not have seen that. Im more of a marvel person so I dont know how Hal Jordan’s personality really is supposed to be, but Ryan Reynolds is too comical for a more serious kind of hero. Nothing wrong with slight humor but Flash is the wise guy kinda guy and thats what Reynolds is.

      • It would be smarter to bring Reynolds back. You cant have John Stewart if you dont have Hal Jordan which is the better character and why he kept being brought back!

    • I say only bring someone else if enough time has passed.. if you are gonna make something w/ batman in next 3 years.. no.. should not be anyone else but Bale.

    • No. The Dark Knight was not in a science fiction world, and nor had it intended to be. Christian Bale is careful when picking film roles (only choosing Terminator Salvation as McG promised it would be more story than action), and he definitely won’t be apart of this. I hope they just reboot the Batman series and turn it into darker science fiction film (while avoiding the Batman & Robin crap at the same time).

      • I understand your comment.

        (And Yes, I agreed on C.B picking his roles carefully; I thank god for that btw.. He’s my fav actor).

        However, I want him back in JL. Not only that, IF Man of steel don’t do too well, they might not have choice but to bring him back. In fact, given the popularity of batman franchise and how well Chris B played dark knight, in order to go ahead w/ mega budget JL, studio might not have choice but to bring Chris B back.. I have no problem with that.

  6. Julie Paige should play Wonder Woman- look her up. She’s an unknown actress from New York City and was Wonder Woman for Halloween last year. Looked IDENTICAL to the character. Would be awesome!!!

    • any reference to her on web? nothing came up on google

    • I say this every time casting for WW comes up, Bridget Reagan (Kahlan from “Legend of the Seeker”) would be perfect. She has the look and has played an action role with Legend of the Seeker.

      • How about Olivia Wilde for wonder woman?

    • Did you seriously suggest someone should be WW just because she dressed up like her for Halloween???

      And when you say “unknown actress”, it’s not an exaggeration. I think she is LITERALLY unknown by any studios or bigwigs in Hollywood, because she’s not a Hollywood actress.

      • That wasn’t the reason. I was completely unaware of that actually lol. Idk. I was just naming a name.

        • @weaponX

          My comment was intended for David, actually. He suggested a no name “actress” who dressed up like wonder woman for Halloween should play her in the movie.

          Olivia Wilde on the other hand is certainly a big name Hollywood actress.

  7. Hm…yes, he does seem more like a Flash than he does a Batman. I’m just praying that if the film actually does get green-lighted, it won’t be a complete disaster. Still, early days.

  8. This may sound silly to some of you but I see one problem. Mr. Hammer looks A little young to have had four sidekicks and be working with #5. All before joining the JLA (At least that,s how it is in the latest timeline). So does this mean he will have Mr. Grayson there or will they despense with Robin altogher.

    • Agree. That does sound silly.

      • If they go with an older actor to play batman than the latest fontinuity in the comics can be observed. If, however, they go with a younger, hammer is 26, then you’re basically looking at a complete redo on DC’s part. Bats & superman having basically the same age etc. not sure how that wouod work, partial to an older batman showing everybody the “ropes”. A scary though is that it would be a letdown were they to redo everybodies origins based on the emergence of superman. For example bruce wayne sees superman and decides to be like that person wear a suit blablabla.

        • Making the films resemble the comics is one thing. Trying to make it jibe with whatever current iteration of comics we have is completely crazy to me. I’m always against requiring movie-goers to have an encyclopedic knowledge of comics. I don’t even think they should connect JL with the Nolan Batman. No Robin, much less five.

          • Makes sense. Great point. As long as thry stay true to the characters themselves i dont so much care for exact accuracy concerning certain relationships/event/histories. The movie are their own universe/interpretation and as such should be made in order to tell the best possible stories that medium can provide, and part of that is not confusing the general audience.

  9. One of the reason avengers worked so well was because of familiarity of these characters (also movie was very good).

    Batman trilogy is as big as any that’s out there. Not to bring Bale back as main dark knight in mega budget movie seem.. just doesn’t make sense from financial perspective. Like I said, only way to bring in new batman is to do JL 5 or 6 years from now w/ one more batman movie before the JL… I don’t think that makes sense.
    You need instant recognition and familiarity w/ these characters on the screen when you try to bring back many to share a screen.

  10. I have been listening to pod casts and reading. I think (IMHO) only way to sensibly do this is to do Batman and Superman movie(where they are the main characters and w/ couple cameos at the either end or briefly in between) first and then guage what they need to do…

    It just seems way too much for batman to just show up in JL and can interact w/ all this mega power beings with no issue. That just seems very unrealistic and disconnected.. Do Batman and Superman movie together(most likely gonna be financial mega success) and do a continuation from there. I mean those are 2 top dogs anyway in JL.

    • cameos by others I meant (like wonderwoman or others)

      • That’s a pretty good take on it

  11. Here’s my take on this. The only credibility the WB has in launching these movies is trading off Christopher Nolans name. The Man Of Steel looks fantastic but they’ve got so much riding on it that they’ve been literally FORCED to add his and David goyers name to the marketing to help ensure it’s success. I believe it’s going to be great, but what a job to simultaneously reboot superman, green lantern and then batman on top of that! I see a lot of confused conversations about how the Nolan produced superman connects to the Nolan directed batman flicks and who could blame them? Reintroducing green lantern 3 years after his first intro to audiences? I know the movie was a big failure but it still made 220 mil plus an expanded audience on blu ray/dvd, the new animated series and toys/marketing. If they try to reboot batman and green lantern in the justice league movie there’s the potential that we’ll be left with an exposition filled bore-fest, that tries to put all these new elements into the context of a rebooted universe while short changing us on the action and fun that made the avengers so great.

    I believe the solution is to work with the assets they already have. The shared DC universe already exists if warners say it does. Have Nolans name be the back bone of credibility behind their ‘phase one’ movies. Even if he’s not involved anymore beyond his superman producer credit;

    Batman begins
    The dark knight
    Green lantern
    The dark knight rises
    Man of steel
    Justice league

    Superman anchors the justice league movie, green lantern? Keep Ryan Reynolds and treat him as the hulk was treated in avengers (comedy relief and a redemption after a relatively poorly received movie). If you have to kill him off and replace with john Stewart, at least you’d retain the framework of the guardians and corps in place. Batman? It’s not his movie and it doesn’t have to be Bruce behind the mask. Readers of the comics have read dick Grayson as batman for a reasonable amount of time until recently and they’ve mostly been fantastic. So why not Joseph Gordon levitt’s robin in the cowl for 1 movie until the world is ready for a recast Bruce Wayne for ‘phase 2′? Let him have his holiday with Selina. As long as someone’s kicking ass dressed as batman I’m sure audiences’ll swallow it. The league combined are going to have far bigger problems than the gritty and realistic world of Gotham and Bruce Wayne anyhow. Flash and wonder woman? Don’t explain their origins, just throw them straight into the fray and save the mystery for their solo flicks. I believe this is most elegant solution to the problems the WB has in building their DC universe, it’s lazy… But I think it makes sense and will solve a lot of problems in working out how to pitch a reboot to joe public. I also think Armie hammer would be a great bale replacement in 5 years from now. Has anyone else worked out a better solution to the justice league puzzle?

    • And put paul dini and Bruce timm in charge of EVERYTHING

    • This sounds like interesting walk into JL as well!.

  12. Cart before the horse. Making the JL movie right after MoS makes no sense.
    Man of steel (2013)
    Flash (2014)
    Wonder woman (2014)
    Green Lantern 2, with a Martian Manhunter intro (early 2015)
    Justice League – introducing Aquaman, and including Batman. (summer 2015)

    There’a a reason the Marvel plan worked, patience…. patience, careful planning and sticking to your guns.

    and I’ll say it again, WB… run by monkeys on typewriters.

    • Now that’s the ideal. But I don’t think anything’s going to stop them going straight to JLA, and if that’s the case people are going to be mighty confused unless they stick to their guns and use the framework they already have for better or worse. But it’d be awesome if they had the sense to take their time and do it right.

      • @ Mark Bartlett

        Yeah, that seems to be the problem with WB/DC. They’d rush films that they hope will bring in the big bucks. They’re not like the people like Kevin Feige at Marvel who are more interested in makin the best CBM they can. It was no wonder why they took their chances starting with Ironman thru The Avengers in Phase One & their efforts obviously payed off well. Green Lantern was the first film since Steel to be on the big screen that people would of knew but that film flopped & Green Lantern wasn’t really good imo because they rushed that film off. Mostly WB/DC had Batman/Superman dominatiing the big screen.

    • @ Pitt Man

      Right On.

    • Marvel’s plan isn’t the only plan that can work.

      Yes, WB needs to plan carefully… very carefully, but they don’t need solo movies for all the characters first.

      I’ve used this example more times than I can count, but it’s still valid so I’ll say it again: LotR never had solo movies, and neither did Star Wars.
      If they make JL a two or three part epic, I see no problem with having in-movie explanations and references to the characters’ back stories… Hell, if they make the movie long enough with a good writer and director on board, all the characters could be logically explained in even just ONE movie.

    • That’s how I’d like it to be, but WB has no faith in Flash/Wonder Woman solo flicks.

  13. Hammer looks a little too feminine for batman to me

  14. Anson Mount would be perfect to play Batman and Common as Green Lantern. These two men already have great chemistry on Hell On Wheels, so why not put them on the big screen together.

  15. I say this all the time ERIC BANNA FOR BATMAN REBOOT…

  16. I down for this if it happens.

  17. One vote for chritian bale again.

    Man I want one more dark knight movie.

  18. The other thing I am gonna miss or wonder about is. What about music? I hate to not hear sound track for batman or superman. How will they do this? Avengers didn’t have any characters with cool sound track but batman and superman have such prominent sound track. Do they let this play out in JL?

    • Avengers had a fantastic score, IMO

      • no no.. i wasn’t saying avengers had any issue.. I am just saying they don’t have any distinctive well known score like batman or superman

  19. Not a big JLA fan i’ve said so before but hey i like Batman as much as the next guy, i bet Hammer and a lot of other people must have felt pretty crappy after their justice league film got cancelled i guess maybe i could see him as batman but i don’t see him in the style of Christian Bale. Bale i think gave the character an interesting human side that we hadn’t seen in Batman movies before so that made it interesting, but if Hammer is gonna step back into the cape and cowl then he needs to make the character of Batman his own thing he can’t dress like Bale and certainly can’t do Bale’s good old Batman voice.
    Unfortunetely i never liked Batman in the Justice League i never thought he fit in with the rest of the gang because all of them have superpowers beyond epic proportion (not to mention all of them have basically the same powers) and he is the only one without any powers and personally i think he is the best in the league. He just didn’t fit in with the whole bright primary colored same superpowered godlike gang of heroes because to be honest he’s really a crime fighter not a superhero how does he fit in with all of this.

  20. Who’s Will Beale? No wait, the spelling of his name is Will BEALL. He’s writing the script for JL? Ick….

    Is Brett Ratner still WB’s pick to direct? The man responsible for the terrible “X-Men: The Last Stand?” Double ick.

    Thanks for pinching pennies again WB. Nice job.

    • My bad on the typo. Fixed!

  21. Looks a little young…..

  22. I could see Hammer playing Bruce Wayne/Batman.

  23. Warner Bros………… You’re kidding me right?

  24. I`m so Loyal to M. Keaton I cant even imagine another actor……Oh…

  25. I am just sad that dkr is going out of imax soon.. I am trying to catch it on big imax once more.. in ny… whatever they do, I hope they make JL in partial true imax format like dkr

  26. IMHO

    I still want Bale to come back. There is that continuity thing that should not be disturbed. If DKR was a failure, yeah I could see change of actor but no.. I don’t see this happening.

    Studio has too much at stake. Do they really want to get second guessed for not bringing back Nolan AND Bale?(Nolan not coming back for JL is given. It does not suit his style and he himself does not want to do it).

    Batman and Superman is the cornerstone of JL. They need as strong and well known characters for both. Assuming Man of steel does well next year( I see this thing plays out like Batman begin; Movie itself is awesome but people will not flock to the theater to see it because of previous burns ; but still do better than batman begins I would imagine).

    Well, anyway, I am big fan of Bale so.. I hope my wish come true.(You can throw out my logic.. :-)

    • Bale coming back is a long shot. Almost to much of a long shot. It would be nice, it just wont happen.

      • I know.. that’s what I am afraid of.. grughghgh…. but I can still hope.. meanwhile I will just wait for DKR to hit blu ray.. and possibly one more time on imax before nov 8th..!!