Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in ‘Justice League’

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Batman Reboot Justice League Movie Discussion Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in Justice League

The Dark Knight Rises marked the end of the cinematic Batman we’ve known and loved for years, and with Christopher Nolan hammering down any rumors of a potential return to the Batman franchise or involvement with Justice League, it’s time for someone else to step into the shadows.

Just over a month ago, rumors rolled in with talk of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment moving ahead with Justice League as their next tentpole DC film after next year’s Man of Steel and that it would serve as the platform to reboot and reintroduce Batman, as opposed to launching another solo film first (for Bats and the rest of the Justice League roster).

MovieHole has the scoop which claims Warner Bros. is very interested (again) in Armie Hammer putting on the cape and cowl as The Dark Knight in Justice League, their own superhero team-up that’ll compete with Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, potentially in the same year as The Avengers 2 (2015).

Armie Hammer Batman Mask Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in Justice League

Hammer of course, was tapped to play Batman in George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal back in 2007 before the project was scrapped due to a multiple unforeseen circumstances, notably the writer’s guild strike and the failure to acquire tax credits they needed for financing from the Australian government. That and a certain amount of uncertainty of introducing another live-action Batman alongside Nolan’s at-the-time-upcoming The Dark Knight with a cast of unknowns kept the project buried.

Many of JL:M’s stars went on to enjoy rather busy careers however, including Jay Baruchel, Common and Teresa Palmer, who were supposed to play the villain, John Stewart/Green Lantern and Talia Al Ghul, respectively. Armie Hammer of course, the Bruce Wayne of the canceled project, went on to earn the attention of moviegoers and critics with his roles in The Social Network where he played two characters (twins) and Prince “Charming” Alcott in Mirror Mirror.

Now, Hammer is working on his biggest role yet as the title character opposite Johnny Depp’s Tonto in The Lone Ranger for Disney and that may help him land the major role that he almost already played for Warner Bros. That’s according to “a very good source” of MovieHole who specify that the interest in the 26 year-old Hammer is strictly for the Justice League film currently being written by Will Beall, meaning the WB could still run a separate Batman universe or continue the Nolan one with Joseph Gordon-Levitt down the road. Undoubtedly, the release of the The Lone Ranger trailer last week provided the origins for this apparent interest by Warner Bros./rumor.

Armie Hammer Prince Charming Rumor Patrol: Armie Hammer Could Play Batman in Justice League

I’m Batman!

Could Hammer pull off playing Bruce Wayne opposite Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman or would he be better suited in another role (i.e. The Flash)? Is it even possible that Ryan Reynolds could return as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern or will Warner Bros. pretend that didn’t happen and truly start fresh with Man of Steel serving as a potential start to a shared cinematic universe (see: Wonder Woman cameo rumor)?

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Source: MovieHole

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  1. Um, no. Wasn’t he considered for Batman in the George Miller’s cancelled Justice League back in 2008? Is this all a rumor or old material recycled? Is it still April Fool’s Day?

    • Eh, Cory. I talk about all of that in the post :|

    • Read the article next time before you post a snotty comment.

    • I want to get excited for this Justice League movie… but it’s stuff like this that kills it for me. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  2. I could see him easily pull off Bruce Wayne…I have to see more and consider a bit longer about whether I can see him in the cape and cowl.

    • yes,me too ! i can´t say more because i haven´t watched a film with him,but he looks the part and i must watch at first -the lone ranger- to see how he could play batman,because the figure of the l.ranger and batman are very close.

      • The Social Network has me partially convinced.

  3. This looks a job for…ANSON MOUNT!


  5. No no no no no no no no no

  6. Horrible idea. He was terrible in Mirror Mirror. To be honest that was a terrible script and movie all around. Come on though…. Lone Range looks bad, and he was nothing special in Social Network. Only 2 people can play the new Batman IMO. Ben Affleck or Karl Urban

    • BEN AFFLECK?!?!?! and Karl Urban is too old, by the way.

    • I don’t really like Ben Affleck as an actor, I don’t exactly know why but he annoys me.Karl Urban…that might work. He has a good Batman voice and acting chops and he dosn’t look too old IMO. Let me watch Dredd and get back to you.

    • Urban: maybe.

      Affleck: WTF???

  7. So wait. They’re only going to use Armie Hammer for Justice League and then if they reboot Batman solo films, it’ll be a different actor?

    So there could be two separate Batmen in different film universes?

    Yeah……….. that’s not confusing or anything.

    • Could be, but nothing’s confirmed either way. The only confirmed DC movie happening is Man of Steel. Everything else is rumors, speculation and unconfirmed insider news.

      • You’re right. I’m not believing anything Justice League related until it’s officially confirmed by Warner Bros. or DC. Like you say in the article, they’ve tried to get this film off the ground before. Justice League might not even happen… again.

        But these rumors are a lot of fun to think about.

      • @Rob Keyes… Help me understand, if they too different Batmen for JL and the reboot how will this be a “shared DC universe”?

      • @Rob Keyes… Help me understand, IF they use two different Batmen for JL and the reboot how will this be a “shared DC universe”?

        • The “shared” component will be the Batman that is in the JL film. JGL will be in a seperate series continuing the Nolan TRILOGY (in short, no other films in that series should come out).

          • Sigh…”sepArate” :P

          • So what your saying is JL’s Batman would only be in JL and the solo films would be left for JGL Batman? I really hope thats not even being discussed anymore. I mean wasn’t that one of the reasons they didn’t make JL in 2006 or something?

            • Exactly…Both Nolan and Bale have finished with Batman (and ended what can only be considered a TRILOGY without destroying the overall vision of the series), so the Nolan version should be complete now. For some odd reason, the rumors of continuation persist, but there is really NOTHING to back them up.

      • Rob…

        THANK you! This is what I and others have been trying to point out for a long while (in fairness, primarily about “Man of Steel”, but still…). WHY are so many stressing out about rumors and suppositions and assumptions?

        • really? how long have you been coming around here? you ask “..stressing out about rumors and suppositions and assumptions?”, cause people like to wig out for no apparent reason.

          • +1

  8. No Way, not Batman nor Flash. I already picked my favourite Castmembers for the Justice League. Batman has to be someone big, like Russell Crowe. As Flash I’d love to see Ryan Gosling. What do you think about that?

    • Crowe’s too old IMO. I like Karl Urban. Afflek would be good for the ability to bring other A-list actors with him. Plus could direct. Gosling is ok for flash. I like Michael Rosenbaum as Flash myself and Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern. Yes that’s where I stop with the people who voiced them lol

      • Crowe is like 47, afflek and Karl are both 40 years old. this is suppose to be a movie of younger less experienced heroes coming together.

        Get new faces and shock the world.

        • Yes maybe Crowe is too old and I know that he’s already Jor El in Man of Steel, but why always reinvent these things with some handsome young actors, you’ve never heard of.

          In my opinion Batman has to be someone huge. Especially after the Nolan trilogy that was one of the best Movie trilogies ever, if not the best. That’s why I think you need an actor who automatically, with his presence can cause respect within the justice league. I don’t want to see some 20ish boy try to mess with Superman, The Flash or Wonder Woman who are all much stronger/faster than him. I’d prefer an older and a bit grumpy version of Batman. And I think that Crowe could provide that. But that’s just my opinion. He’s not my optimal choice. I just said that I’d like someone like him, who has done amazing movies, and who has a big presence when he’s on screen. Just remember his presence in Gladiator or

          I also think DiCaprio could pull that off, but in my opinion he is still too handsome. But he looks great in Django. I wouldn’t go younger than him for the Batman role.

          Listen to me. Send Crowe to the gym, lose some pounds, put on some muscles and you will not regret this.

          The Avengers did great in finding the perfect mix. I don’t want to see ten 25 year old boys and girls jump around fighting Lex, the Joker and who knows who else.

          But that’s just my opinion. Do as you like it. They will somehow find a way to mess this up.

          • Can Russell Crowe play Batman? Abssafreekin’lutely.
            Crowe is already in Gladiator shape which he
            apparently has documented on Twitter.
            Russell Crowe would trump anyone.

  9. No No No..
    Is WB/DC using a copy of People Magazines most beautiful people and just throwing names out there?
    Flash, maybe. But a big ol’ NO as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

  10. Are they trying to see if they can burn out the Batman character and make it irrelevant?

  11. I hope my epic photo selection of Armie Hammer isn’t causing this negativity ;)

    • i think it might be… if you look up some of his slightly less “epic” pics you can see why then may want him.

      • I’m trying to capture his ability to deliver emotional moments.

        • I’m sure that’s how Batman feels on the inside. But he tends to be a bit more stoic on the outside. Usually.

        • Hahahaha… That pic was great!

    • It looks like feelings are running deep regardless, Rob.
      Especially with the recent farewell of a fan favorite.
      It is hard to see anyone playing Batman so soon.

      Personally, while not my first choice which would
      probably be Urban if pressed, I will keep an open mind
      on Armie Hammer particularly in a one off Justice League.
      If his is credible there then have him lead the solo franchise.

      As for your epic photo selection of Armie Hammer — funny as hell.

      • Urban can def do the voice. That’s for sure. He is the Law.

        • Urban would be great, but I want him to stay as DREDD. (Not that we’ll be seeing a sequel any time soon :( , in fact, at all!)

          • I remember them saying a tv show is a possible future for the series.

  12. For Aquaman, hell yeah. For Batman, no, just no. He is too tall and thin and the especially too much of a pretty boy.

    But that could be the essence of Batman, maybe. Bruce Wayne is playboy and Batman is a whole another person. Just let him try the cowl and see how that works out.

    Anyway, I don’t give much life to this. 2 days later: Armie Hammer will not be playing Batman in JL.

    • Thin? He is bulky and could easily beef up

  13. If some of the old and current rumors are ture then they want to make a movie of younger heroes in which all of them will be in there mid to late 20′s. Form an age perspective and a “young” looking batman perspective i can see why they would want A.Hammer.

  14. Honestly think Gabriel Macht would be a great Batman..Based on “Suits” I can definitely see it but he’d probably be too old to stand alongside the younger Superman. I want to say Matthew Fox, but I need to see Alex Cross to see him pull off Action/Agression.

    I think the problem your going to have is a bunch of actors who could play Bruce Wayne,but not many who are imposing enough, at least based on what we’ve seen to play Batman.

  15. I just can’t see anyone pulling off another good Batman like Christian Bale. He established the in-depth character of what Frank Miller would expect and Bob Kane’s expectation. JLA wouldn’t be good with out Bale as Bats.


      Seriously, his voice didn’t bother me and his Batman really had depth unlike other’s but you should give someone else a chance. Bale would be too old to play him when(if) a JLA movie gets made.

      Armie is too tall, Supes should be the tallest in the group. I’d like the idea of not having solo Batman movie before JLA cuz honestly I’m f****** sick of Batman. After JL, at best.

  16. Just go with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  17. Just bring back Val Kilmer lol  jk but no really.. Armie Hammer? No. Just NO. 

  18. I don’t know. He has the height and the build I suppose (I’d like to see bats a bit bigger but oh well) he hasn’t really been on my radar so I can’t speak much to his acting ability but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt especially if the JL is supposed to portray a younger, less experienced set of heros.

  19. nop bad idea

  20. How can they have two different actors playing the same character, in two different franchises??? I’m sorry, but that is just flat out DUMB! We have one batman for jl, and a DIFFERENT batman for his own movies. Again, I’m sorry, but DC/WB is f*****’d up. Although, I am looking very much forward to arrow tomorrow. :)

    • i find the concept interesting , it has worked with(i know a bad example) snow white(one comedy/one dirty medieevil movie) and the shared universe works very well with marvel movies,but for d.c´s j.l. it wouldn´t work. because we have now -man of steel- and a fresh end with nolans bat, the audience,especially the non-comic book reader already knows the big two, so for j.l they mustn´t make solo movies for wonder woman or martian manhunter and green lantern had his solo-movie(which was good),so it sure will be a big hit. and again to batman, the studio wants a new reboot with a different atmosphere, maybe they don´t want their solo-bat in the j.l movie because they want the j.l. bat a bit different.

  21. Depending on how “The Man of Steel” is, as in a realistic way or unrealistic, I would hold off on any criticism of JL. From the preview of the new Superman movie, it looks as though they are going with a more serious tone. If DC were smart, they would use the success of Nolan’s trilogy and have all of these characters based in a more realistic and gritty world. They need to do something different from “The Avengers” and this would be the way to go in my opinion. I want to see good actors in these roles. That is a very important reason why The Dark Knight Trilogy was so successful.

    • ++++++++1

  22. I have no idea who this guy is so what I’m about to say is purely based on this article and a quick google search of the guy:


    Come on WB! First the Lobo rumor, the weird (rumored) director short list and now this?!

    Please don’t let this happen. There are so many better choices.

  23. lol, Armie Hammer’s Wikipedia page says he’s been “announced” to play in the Justice League movie which is coming out in 2015.

    I’m starting to think this whole rumor was just made up by a huge Armie Hammer fan.

  24. Why do people who are already involved in existing franchises keep getting mentioned for new franchise roles? I guess it’s typical of the casting choices being made now. Every hot actor seems to be in multiple franchises, to the point where they might end up conflicting with each other.

  25. It would be kind of cool if they just featured Batman, only Batman, and no Bruce Wayne for JL. If that were the case, than a 6’5″ actor would be good I suppose. I’ve never seen him in anything that I know of.

    • @Noselgo

      That’s a very interesting concept, and it would certainly contribute more to the feeling that Batman is this monster, possibly even supernatural. (Obviously he isn’t, but these would be rumors by the people). And nobody, not even the audience, knows his identity.

      The only problem I see is there is no way for the audience to empathize with the character, if they don’t even know who he is.

  26. One thing to consider is that perhaps in Justice League, Batman will only Batman, that is, we never see him as Bruce Wayne. I’m assuming that in JL, they all keep their secret identities, well, secret from each other. Depending on whose perspective the movie is told from, they would not know who Batman is. Now, of course, the actor playing Batman would probably never consent to never showing his face, so it’d probably never happen this way. But it’s the more realistic scenario.

    • Jinx.

      I said a similar thing just above. That would be a cool new approach. The incentive for the actor is that he could possibly play Batman in a solo movie, assuming Batman could ever become popular enough;).

  27. Couldn’t help but realize that the pics for this article look absolutely ridiculous. No way for this guy as the Dark Knight.

  28. Personally I would like to see Eric Bana take a shot at Bruce Wayne/Batman. if Michael Clarke Duncan was still alive I would have loved to see him take on the role of Martian Manhunter.

  29. This oversimplifies things, but all DC/WB needs to do to create SOME sense of continuity between Nolan’s trilogy and any other property featuring Batman is to play off everything Nolan already put down as the foundation of Batman: Batman is a symbol, Batman can be anybody, etc.

    The Man of Steel teaser doesn’t give us much, but recent reports from Nolan’s camp say it’s a grounded interpretation of Superman which, to me, translates into a more serious tone with very, very slight comic relief. Zack Snyder has said the future of DC movies hinges on how well Man of Steel does. It’s not hard to imagine that a potential JL movie would follow suit in terms of style, tone, and mood.

    So, back to Batman. I haven’t read anything that confirms this, and I really don’t think Nolan did it to leave the door open for new installments of Batman, but the way he ended things plays back into what I said above about Batman being anyone, being a symbol, more than just one man. They talked about it in Batman Begins and the theme popped up during all three movies. We are jumping the gun to think that Bruce Wayne will appear in a JL movie. Batman will appear. Why can’t it be a Batman portrayed by JGL as John Blake? JGL is a busy, busy actor, but he’s one that knows a good script when he sees one and will sign on for movies he believes in strongly. WB needs to take their time, not worry about a 2015 release, lock down a good writing/directing/producing team, and bring in John Blake as Batman. Bruce Wayne is retired.

    Overall, as I said, this is an oversimplification but considering how carefully Marvel has taken their approach to a shared, continuous universe (casting of Rhodes, Banner aside) then this is what WB must do to keep pace. Let Nolan’s movies be a template. Not a mold, but a template. Put JGL in there for continuity’s sake, and let Superman take the lead on things in JL. Batman has been done enough, but if he must be done again, let him be done the right way. That’s my way-too-long two cents.

    • I see what you mean but one of the main problems I found with Nolan’s trilogy was how everything had to be “realistic”, meaning no Supervillains such as Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Man-bat, Clayface or Mr. Freeze or any Super-powered characters, so much to the point where Ras wasn’t Immortal and Bane wasn’t super strong.

      • I get what you’re saying, but that was Nolan’s take on it. Just because a character from his trilogy could potentially appear in future, less “realistic” installments as Batman doesn’t mean it couldn’t work. Were Nolan to become DC’s version of Joss Whedon and oversee everything then I agree with you and it’d never work. Thing is he isn’t going to do that. I think with some clever writing and solid story telling fans would be able to get behind John Blake donning the batsuit in a more fantastical world with people from other worlds who fly, lift things above their heads, what have you.

        Iron Man was a grounded take on a superhero. Then Marvel introduced all of the other worldly elements and it seems to have worked. Good writing goes a long way.

    • 100% agree with everything you just wrote. Please see my earlier huge post for my take. Even though it pains me to say it I also think the WB have to suck it up and except green lantern as part of that shared ‘ dc phase one continuity’. It’s too hard a road to constantly reboot. The Incredible Hulk wasn’t as big a flop but was considered a mediocre performer at the box office. Why can’t green lantern be redeemed in a similar show stopping way via the justice league flick?

    • I would LOVE to see JGL as Robin John Blake/Batman in a JL universe!

      • There’s a real possibility that we could see Reynolds back as Green Lantern, and maybe a movie not completely based on Green Lantern would do the character some good. I think GL and Hulk share the same issue that they are hard sells except for diehard fans. Basing entire films around them is just difficult for a variety of reasons. Look what Avengers did to Hulk/Banner. There is now renewed interest in the character for a potential solo film down the road. I’d be perfectly happy if GL were in a JLA movie and stood in the background a bit.

        This all still revolves around whether to jump right into a JLA movie or bring in some solo movies first. There are rumors of a Wonder Woman cameo in Man of Steel. I wouldn’t be opposed to a Wonder Woman movie before JLA with some cameos by other characters, possibly GL to bring the character back into people’s minds. It can be done. All of it can be done. WB just needs to be smart and use the pieces they already have, and fanboys need to chill out and have some patience.