New ‘Justice League’ Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WB’s Puzzle?

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New Justice League Series Bruce Timm New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

Fans of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics have had some serious news to digest lately, with the surprise announcement that producer and supervisor of nearly all things DCU, Bruce Timm, would be stepping down from his post. Having overseen the groundbreaking Superman and Batman cartoons, Justice League Unlimited and standalone films, there was clearly more to the story than a simple resignation or reassignment.

Now further comments from Warner Bros. reassure fans that Timm’s time with the company is far from over, and his return to the spotlight is on the horizon. With it will come some “big” announcements, and the writing on the wall points to a brand new animated incarnation of the Justice League. Could Warner Bros. be planning for the future of their animated television, or something much, much larger?

We held off on reporting Bruce Timm’s relinquishing of the supervising producer role to James Tucker (as announced by VoicesFromKrypton) since it was clear the other shoe had yet to fall. As the man who had overseen anything to do with animated DC heroes or villains since any can remember, be it TV series or some of the best animated superhero movies to date, his tenure coming to an end without ceremony seemed odd.

Batman vs. Superman in Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

James Tucker’s plan to use classic DC heroes to introduce more characters and tell original stories, not just adaptations, promises a big step forward for the studio – not to mention distinguishing his own strategy from that of Timm. Tucker further explained that the timing of his predecessor was appropriate – since Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was a long time coming for Timm and the studio – Tucker believes that “[i]f he was going to make the break, that seemed like a good time.

While the production of high quality animated feature films from DC and WB has never been better, all aspects of the studio haven’t fared so well. Following the cancellation of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, and the fact that Justice League Unlimited was, in many ways, the final entry in the animated universe Timm spawned with Batman: The Animated Series in the early ’90s, some signs that change was coming had been noted.

The weight of overseeing an entire universe of animated superhero action had taken a toll on Timm – a fact evident to any who saw him at industry events or conventions – but the last thing anyone expected was for WB to replace him without so much as a grand farewell.

Justice League Unlimited Bruce Timm New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

We should confess that this announcement did give us pause, wondering if Warner Bros. and DC had finally decided to take our advice and put Timm to work on shaping a live-action movie universe. That’s certainly a long shot given the lack of any apparent progress on the Justice League movie front, but not the worst move the studios could make.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before Gary Miereanu, WB Animation’s publicist, took to Twitter to clarify the earlier reports of Timm’s departure from his supervisory role:

That tease proved not to be quite enough, as Mierneanu went on to explain that anyone who thought Timm’s relationship with the studio was severed was grossly misinformed:

In case anyone is unaware of what Miereanu is referring to as ‘The Flaming C,’ we’d point you all to to Conan O’Brien’s brief stint as Bruce Timm’s muse for the animated series Young Justice. And as fond as we are of the pair’s unconventional crime-fighter, we can’t help but think Timm’s “big” return will be focused on something a bit more substantial; despite our innermost wishes, most likely in the realm of animation.

According to a source of CBM‘s from within the WB offices in Burbank, that’s precisely the case, with Timm now planning the launch of a brand new Justice League TV series set within his existing universe.

Superman Wonder Woman Martian Manhunter New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

It might seem like somewhat of an underwhelming reveal – the man famous for creating groundbreaking superhero cartoons is making another one – but with Timm formally taken off supervising animated features to do it, and other developments with some of DC’s most iconic characters, something more substantial might be in the works.

To be more specific, Warner Bros. could be putting their most trusted mind to the task of doing for their animated Justice League what the comics did over a year ago: help set the stage for a live-action shared universe.


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  1. Fine. But they better keep Young Justice. That show is too awesome to let go.

    • you dont keep in the know huh… its been cancelled along with green lantern, which i thought was a better show :’(

      they cancel everything because of toys.

    • @ Gordon

      Yeah I thought young justice was pretty good, too. It’s too bad they let the show go, if they did. It was probably the best superhero toon that was in syndication when it was in syndication. Marvel had nothing to compete with it.

        • @sammy

          LOL. Alas, methinks your words are true, though.

  2. Marvel should lure away bruce timm and get him to run their animation dept, jeph leob is their animation head and since he came on board all their animation has been insultingly stupid to comic fans (*cough* ultimate spiderman*cough*)

    • I totally have the same idea!
      When I heard the news that Timm went hiatus in his DC animation works, I immediately wished for him to move to Marvel and fix theirs hahaha…

    • Great idea!!!

      If Marvel got Timm, thrie animation side would just take off!!!

      • Do you guys just want DC to die?

        • @ Luthior

          No, I don’t Wang DC to die, but I want better animation from Marvel! If Timm is the answer, I say get him.

          • No way!!! Marvel should get its own animator

            • THIS is the correct answer.

              Stealing Timm away might not actually kill off DC but it would be hurtful and we want BOTH Marvel and DC to succeed.

    • @Magnolia

      THANK YOU! I didn’t want to say it for a long time, but I too felt insulted by marvel. I have been debating whether I should stay with them or support DC because not only are their toons more serious, but they are actually good, too.

      Also, I think they softened their characters ever since disney purchased the company. I was against disney owning marvel for that specific reason. I remember something with Joe Quesada telling fans (because many of them felt the same way I do about the softening of marvel characters) that nothing at marvel is going to change. It sure feels like something at marvel changed, Q, and it doesn’t seem good.

      • You can read both, you dont have to pick just one. Not like Marvel or DC is going to send someone(Punisher or Deathstroke) over to your house to kill you.

    • Welp, sucks to be Marvel then. Maybe they should invest time into finding better writers.

      Oh, wait, they did: Spectactular Spider-Man. Great cartoon only to be shut down by Disney.

      Now, I don’t see Bruce Timm working under Disney. Ever

    • Jeph Leob ruined Mavel Cartoons. Even the good show Avengers EMH was good but you can tell where the qulity went down hill when Leob took over

  3. I’m interested in seeing whether Timm runs with the current Superman x Wonder Woman storyline in the New 52, or sticks to his favorite, Batman x Wonder Woman. It’s no secret that he’s the biggest supporter of that ship, with all the seeds he planted in his Justice League show.

  4. We got Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond on Netflix Streaming today and now this? Have the gods of DC seen it fit to give me everything I ever wanted?

    On a more serious note, I’ll watch whatever Bruce Timm wants to put out nowadays. If he wanted to add Barbie to the JL I’d probably watch it.

    • DC does own Astro City so don’t rule out the Barbie idea… :)

    • I saw that on Netflix too and I immediately started re-watching Batman Beyond I was so excited!!!

    • @ TheUncannyCranston: Haha same boat here. Hope Netflix will bring in some people who missed out. At this point, someone adapting a movie script from those shows looks to have as much potential as anyone’s elses.

  5. it would be niece if we could get the Knight Fall Movie in an Animated movie form. That would be Epic.

    • That would be better as a one of series, there is too much in that story to hae it 1 animated film

    • i would prefer these in an animated movie[in order of preference]:

      Superman:Red Sun
      Arkham: A serious place on serious earth

      • Son*

        • Good order.

  6. The Major hurdle is this. When dealing with Animated Movies is on thing, but to go to 200 Million dollar budget for a movie and then having to deal with Actors, filming, deadlines, competition from Disney is a whole different ball game.

    • They could take a ‘safer’ approach. Don’t market it as ‘Justice League’ – have it as a Justice League formation film called… Batman vs. Superman. They fight. They find a bigger threat. They try to defeat it. They fail. They get help. Aquaman saves the day. Naturally. But the team should clash with itself and only put aside their differences to take on the bigger threat. ‘Justice League – for realz, y’all’ should come later.

      Frankly, I think more people that weren’t into comics would see a film if it was Batman vs. Superman.

      • +1

        i’d replace Aquaman with WW though [Trinity] and have a Green Arrow/Green Lantern teamup with Flash/MM cameos setting up a JL movie

  7. Id like to see Bruce Timm continue JLU. Adding more characters they planned to have on the show like Firestorm,cyborg, maybe have the Doom Patrol. Can’t believe how many figures in my collection i have since that show aired.

    I hope WC/DC are thinkin clearly of having Bruce Timm involved in their Shared universe down the road because they could use him & Paul Dini aswell. I know i don’t wanna see Batman/Superman film non-stop so i hope they start other solo franchises of heroes if they don’t get Justice League rollin along soon.

  8. wil this be a sequel to justice league unlimited ?

    • No ‘official’ details yet. That’s definitely the one question I’ve got. Continue the series as it was, or do something totally different?

  9. I’m curious to see if Kevin Conroy will be back as Batman or if they will use Bruce Greenwood, maybe even Rino Romano.

    Also makes me wonder something else: if Conroy returns as Batman, will this pull Mark Hamill out of his “retirement” of voicing The Joker? I can’t imagine anyone else playing Joker opposite to Conroy’s Batman. It just wouldn’t seem right.

    • I hope Nruce Greenwood. I have been diggin his take on YJ more. It’s a bit more ghastlier. Reminds me of The Shadow

      • I like Bruce Greenwood as well. Not just for Young Justice, but for “Batman: Under the Red Hood” (amazing DC animated film, highly recommend it to anyone).

        However…there is still a part of me that would prefer Kevin Conroy. I’m not sure, maybe it’s the fact that I grew up with the DC Animated Universe and Conroy always remained Batman throughout it’s run. BTAS is one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

        If Greenwood is chosen in the end, I would be satisfied. He is a great Batman.

        • Batman the Animated series is straight classic. I always liked that show, too. Definitely one of the best.

          • Whenever I hear Conroy’s voice, it makes it clear we’re dealing with Timm’s Batman, or Arkham now I suppose. I dug Greenwood’s in Under the Red Hood as well, so I’d be fine with either from a quality standpoint. Just odd how hearing (or not hearing) Conroy is noted almost subconsciously by long time fans.

  10. @ Andrew Dyce

    Well, you had me excited with the whole “Could turn the tide in rivalry with Marvel”

    But this article has no substance to it. It’s all speculation and theory. I haven’t seen this much theory since my physics class in college. There is nothing here that will turn the tide in WB/DC’s favor, nothing.

    If WB/DC pulls Timm from their animated side of things, it only hurts what has become WB/DC’s only saving grace or strong point, their animation side of things.

    As much as would like to see the bar even out between Marvel and WB/DC, ( for the sake of all CBM fan everywhere), I don’t see how this move helps things go in that direction at all. A new animated JL. show would be great, but there is no way that helps get a JL movie to the big screen any faster.

    I usually, and still do enjoy reading your stuff Andrew, but this just does amount to much to me.

    • Honestly, I enjoy some of the DC Animated films more than some of the Marvel movies. If they did an animated Justice League movie, it would have my money instantly.

      Thats one thing that gets me. There isn’t much demand for animated supehero movies in theaters (not CGI animated, drawn)

      • well the audience don’t know what they want until they see it. you have to produce it, show it to them and see how they react…. if done well, they might love a 2D animated film.

        I don’t remember any 2D animated superhero feature film being ever produced for the theater?…

        • Mask of the Phantasm. A Bruce Timm joint.

          • +1

            Mask of the Phantasm was a critical success, but a box office bomb back in 1993

      • @ ACW 007

        Are you suggesting an animated JL movie release for the the theater? I love DC’s animated stuff, but an animated JL doesn’t quite compare to what a live action JL movie would bring, IMO.

        I live action JL movie is possible to make (I.e. Avengers), but not realisic while the people at WB are in charge of the DC properties. Simply put, they don’t know what they are doing, period.

        • Never said live action wasn’t possible. I wouldn’t use Avengers as anything more than a financial success example though (JUST PERSONAL OPINION).

          I also never said there was a chance of an animated Justice League film in theaters. But hey, animation or live action, a film is a film. I don’t need an actual superhero to be portrayed physically in order to enjoy him or her (ex. Kevin Conroy as Batman, Josh Keaton as Spider-Man).

          Besides, there are so many gripes with physicality these days. So many people gripe about someone not meeting their visual expectations and what do they do? Rant about everything on the screen (yes, that was an intended reference to SR), which isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing but it’s one thing to rant and another thing to rage.

    • @ Stark: I think it was pretty clear this was speculation on why he’d be asked to create a new show now, and what strategy WB can be expected to put in place given DC’s reboot.

      Also, Timm isn’t leaving animation, he’s going from movies to TV. There is a TON of talent at WB working on movies at the moment besides Timm.

  11. Meh. It’s time for Timm to move on.

    Greg Weisman and Brandon Veitti are the beet choice and should become the godfather’s of DC animated (and live action IMO). Young Justice and Spectacular Spiderman are two of the best comicbook animated ever. Their ability to weave big story plots while grounding the fantastical nature of the show with political schemes and relatable characters is exactly what DC needs.

  12. I’m really excited to see was Bruce Timm does this time around, but only one thing has me somewhat concerned. Would this new JL show exclude Martian Manhunter? I’m fine with Cyborg being part of the team (liked him a lot in Doom), but no Martian Manhunter would really bum me out.

    • Amen to that. We need J’onn J’onzz.

  13. Hell yeah! Bruce Timm made my childhood. I did’nt mind The Batman but most everything after that was crap on the television front. Batman Brave and Bold, GL: Animated Series, etc. Young Justice was awesome but now its over and what do we get, Teen Titans Go? As much as I would love Timm to resurrect the DC animated universe I want him on live action films. Him and Paul Dini are the Joss Whedons of DC. Bring back Batman Beyond DC! I always wanted DC to make more adult animated series in the vein of Batman Under the Red Hood or Year One. You know with the same anime-esk animation and violence and maturity. Maybe a Batman anime like Gotham Knight Thats what I was hoping GL: TAS would be, like the two animated films they made. And have Nathan Fillion back to voice him. Heres hoping the Flashpoint animated film is great. Thanks for letting that slip Kevin Conroy.

    • “The Batman” was a great show IMO. I was sad to see it go

      • I wish it carried on a bit longer but at least it actually had an ending, which is more than what i can say for several other great tv shows.

      • I loved that show to and I have seasons 3-5 on DVD. They have the formation of the Justice League in season 5. Everybodys there(Martian Manhunter,Superman,GL and Flash)but no Wonder Woman darn.

    • Thank you. You are correct on all fronts. It was so sad to see them bring back the Titan Crap. Gimmee the Legion.

  14. The best way to go about launching these characters is to do what Mortal Kombat did. Release a gritty and realistic trailer that ground all of the heroes and drums up huge acclaim online. Then go ahead and shoot a web series. If they can make the web series work and get it out there into online culture then they have a good launch-pad for the Justice League film.

    Also, whatever about rebooting the batman, it will be DC’s reboot of the Joker character that will either make or break the Avengers.

    • … Make or break Justice League… my bad.

    • I’m afraid whoever will take on the role of The Joker will be immediately shunned. People are so high strung on believing Heath Ledger was the best Joker (some even go far as to say the character should be retired).

      I’m not a fan of Nolan’s Joker. It is probably my least favorite version of the character. Now, that is not me saying Heath Ledger was terrible because he wasn’t. He was great with what they had given him, but something about the way the writers had fleshed him out reminded me more of Victor Zsasz and less of The Joker.

      So, I am in favor of a new Joker.

      • Yes there is a lot of fanboy-ism around the Joker as result of heaths performance. The only way to overcome that in my opinion would be for DC to move away from that element of he fanbase, which it can’t do. The only other cure for their problem is time.
        Personally I would have liked to have seen James Franco’s take on the Joker. I think he might have been a little less of a “intelligent yet troubled nihilist” and more of a “fun-loving psychopath”

      • Heath Ledger was my favorite Joker but I’m in agreement with you that he resembled Victor Zsasz (who technically cameo’d in Batman Begins) more than the classic Joker. Of course that’s why his character works so well in so many different mediums. His ability to fit any mold the creators want to put him in.

        Either way, let’s reboot the character. People are accepting of new animated versions of him not voiced by Hamill or played like Ledger (Under the Red Hood) so I think if it’s done well the level-headed fans won’t take issue with it.

  15. April Fools!

  16. I want more Batman Beyond! It just had kind of a non-ending with epilogue. There is so much more to explore in the Batman Beyond era.

  17. Maybe, JUST maybe, DC wanted to show Timm their new draft of the Justice Leave movie so he could add some suggestions if he had them. Timm made my favorite incarnations of Superman and Batman. Him beeing in the DC family and all, it’s impossible for me to think they would NOT think of him when making the JL movie. Not even a little.

  18. Fyi, it’s April Fools so…

    • No. I refuse to believe Screen Rant would be that cruel.

      • @TheUncanny


    • This news was released two days ago on another site so….

  19. “James Tucker’s plan to use classic DC heroes to introduce more characters and tell original stories, not just adaptations, promises a big step forward for the studio – not to mention distinguishing his own strategy from that of Timm.”

    I guess one or some of DC’s personnel read my rant about how DC has done a poor job at introducing and spotlighting other DC characters (instead of the just the regulars…supes, bats, w. woman, flash, green lantern and aquaman) and will now concentrate on other DC heroes. YOU GUYS BETTER!

  20. I am glad a new justice league toon is coming out. DC rules the toon/animation, and gaming departments when it comes to their characters. I enjoyed Justice League and young justice. The artwork of their characters is just better than what marvel had out (minus their 80s and 90s toons). DC toons are more serious, filled with suspense, and some drama. Marvel toons just don’t have that. I think marvel softened their characters ever since disney purchased the company. If that is the case, and i do feel that it is, it is a shame. I am rooting for DC on this one and with their upcoming movies.

  21. So they want to put the New 52 on television. It will easily be the most violently graphic show on tv (perfect for saturday mornings). I quit DC Comics because of the New 52, and now I guess I’ll be quitting the DCAU as well. There’s always Marvel. My heroes are no longer good.

    • Wow, I guess you and I have traded our positions. How you feel about DC is how I feel about Marvel. While you don’t like the fact that this potential DC toon may be seriously serious, I don’t like the fact how marvel toons are not serious. I feel like I am watching the smurfs whenever I turned to the latest marvel cartoon. So, you are leaving DC (probably for marvel), and it looks like I’m leaving Marvel (probably for DC). I think both our positions concerning the company we favored the least over the years proves that we both are right about the company we both are choosing to leave.

  22. Eric Bana as Bruce Wayne? Maybe? He might be too old and I know he was good in a couple movies but I haven’t seen all.

  23. Simon Baz for the win!!! Put him in Justice League!

  24. Firestorm would make a great edition. So underrated.

    • ^^This.

  25. Buce Timm should go over to the movie section of WB to launch a JL movie.
    More animation, that’s nice but what about the movie?

    • And I think it is right time to make JL movie.

  26. I would love to see Bruce Timm’s Justice League. Although, I loved the original animated series, I would love to see some of the new 52 updating and be something new.
    My roster would include a 15 member league ( Kind of a mixture between JL/JLU and New DCU 52 JL/JLA.
    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), The Flash(Barry Allen), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Hawkwoman, Shazam, Firestorm, Black Lightning, The Atom (Rhonda Pineda), Stargirl, Vibe.
    Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller as the government liasons to the League.

  27. VERY EXCITED TO HEAR THIS!! Please don’t let Didio or Jim Lee have any influence in this whatsoever. Keep “new 52″ out of it completely. Just carry on where you left off! Justice League Unlimited was amazing!

    • So you’re saying you don’t want little kids exposed to the Death of the Family story arc on Saturday mornings? I think American kids could use a bit of ultra-violence in their lives. Maybe inspire some kiddies to become plastic surgeons or something.

  28. I really hope this isn’t true, but if it is, I hope its set in a new universe together entirely. JLU was a great show and they ended it just right, there’s nothing more they could or should add to it.

  29. I am excited for this news. I don’t know what it all means given that its pure speculation but the fact they are saying Timm is involved in something bigger makes me happy.