New ‘Justice League’ Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WB’s Puzzle?

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dc universe reboot all new justice league New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

So with the prospects of a live-action Justice League failing to gain traction, why not ask the most trusted name at WB animation to remind the world why it worked in the first place? At the moment, DC’s current roster of heroes exists notably separate from the ones seen on television, in syndication, and in feature-length animated films. That’s a problem that has to be addressed sooner or later, and spotlighting ‘The New 52′ incarnation of the Justice League on a weekly basis could help build momentum and support for any live-action project.

Anyone who doubts non-canonical versions or alternate worlds confuse loyal fans need only look at the debates that spawn in any one of our articles concerning the League: Flash-fans who argue a comedic actor is needed for a live-action Wally West butt heads with those who believe Barry Allen, not West, will need to be introduced first, while Batman supporters continue to disagree as to whether Nolan’s version was the best ever seen or if it bore little resemblance to the comic book version. In many cases, the boldest and most progressive moves DC makes go unnoticed by the demographics they’re dealing with.

Green Lantern Simon Baz New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

Simon Baz, the first Muslim, Arab-American Green Lantern (“Who..?”)

Nowhere is this clearer than with characters like Aquaman and Wonder Woman – characters made central to the latest incarnation of the Justice League, but who continue to draw negativity from the masses. DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has worked tirelessly to re-imagine an Aquaman that is not only aware of society’s view of him as a walking joke, but is infuriated by it. Any comic book enthusiast knows that a live-action version of the new Aquaman would be deadly and lethal in combat, but TV and movie audiences have no idea and simply scoff at the idea.

The essential problem is that if Warner Bros. and DC Comics don’t want to have to cancel yet another Justice League movie before it begins, they’ll need public excitement and interest on their side. As it stands, some of the most promising characters (from a comic standpoint) are still weighed down by past incarnations or confusion over concurrent versions of the character.

As much as we’d recommend WB simply adapt Lauren Montgomery’s animated Wonder Woman movie into live-action and call it a day, that’s a sizable investment for a heroine modern audiences haven’t seen in the spotlight (not without embarrassing all involved, anyway). Yet the newest version of Diana established her as a strong, assertive, unromantic descendant of Greek gods – but again, what DC is trying to accomplish in the pages of comic books has no other medium through which to change public perception.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

The way we see it: New Age, New 52, new animated series from Bruce Timm. Whether Timm is charged with injecting more of ‘The New 52′s style into the series being developed or not, the need for a more modern and updated take is obvious. Given his track record and talent that usually accompanies him, adapting comic storylines isn’t needed for compelling action, but don’t be surprised if Timm’s new cast of heroes at least look more like their updated counterparts than their predecessors.

A new series targeting children (and comic book fans who recognize good stories when they see them) brings them in along with their parents, and helps Warner Bros. attract bigger audiences in the process. Of course, there’s nothing that would prevent WB from creating an animated Justice League series for adults and younger viewers to run in The CW’s primetime, but we’ll place our money on the Saturday morning option. That being said, some recent story decisions made by DC’s writers would attract attention from an older crowd…

Superman Wonder Woman Comic Kiss New Justice League Cartoon From Bruce Timm; Final Piece of WBs Puzzle?

As critically acclaimed or grounded as some of Warner Bros. superhero films may be, a single film every three or four years can’t match the marketing of an ongoing television series – and that’s where DC has always had the edge. Bruce Timm helped them claim animation supremacy over Marvel decades ago, so now that the fight is truly heating up (and turning in Marvel’s favor), DC and WB will be missing an incredible opportunity by not making an aggressive move.

Bruce Timm stepping down as supervising producer for animated features certainly leads us to believe the studio knows what’s needed, and hopefully the reasons we’ve given make it clear what Warner Bros. could be up to. For now it’s speculation on our part, but if done right, a modern, intelligent and widely-appealing animated Justice League series is good news for any fan of cartoon, comics, and blockbuster films.


What would you most like to see from a brand new Bruce Timm series? More of the same, or something completely groundbreaking? If Timm is at work on a Justice League animated series for a new generation, which heroes do you hope to see make the cut? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. While it was only hinted at, I believe Timm is the correct person to be giving vision and substance to a DC live action movie universe similar to what Marvel has accomplished. To not tap his brilliant mind and ability to make things work would be doing the company, future comics, animated features (and US) a great disservice.

    If that means launching a new version of the JL using the updated, “New 52″ format first then so be it. If DC is going to put most of their comicbook eggs into one basket, wiping the slate clean and re-launching, then everything (comic book, animated features AND movies) needs to be congruent with each another.


  2. Perhaps the purpose of having a new toon out (which is porbably about the NEW 52) is DCs way of introducing a “newer” format of DC characters to a wider audience to prepare the viewers for a future Justice League movie and solo movies about DC heroes before and after that (similiar to what I believe Mike Young Productions did when they produced the newer 2002 He-man…to prepare the viewing audience for a future live-action Masters of the Universe film).

  3. i totally enjoy timm’s work and i hope that the new project fits a more young adult/adult audiance im a woman in my 40′s still enjoy comic books and was thrilled to hear of a new project strting after the disapointing annouancement that the new teen titans series had been councled and the latest news of green lantern and a heart breaking new that young justice was to be councled i almost gave up.thank goodness someone is finlly listening to the fans

  4. I really really really want more justice league unlimited!!! i love the looks of the characters and the story lines!!!

  5. John Stewart and Shayera Hol are the only members who are dating. Superman should stay with Lois, and Batman should maintain the secret crush he has with wonder woman.

    The team should be fitted with the white ring of Oa which grants them eternal life, and telepathic communication. For batman it allows him to fly.

    Flash should be Wally, and wally should thanks to Oa be fitted with a suit that will allow him to tap the Speed Force without fading into it like he did in divided we fall. Flash, (Wally) is also great because he doesn’t take things to serious, meaning he will never ever learn the full power of the speed force, but in time of need he will find out something new every time. Wally did learn he is faster than the speed of time meaning that even in death if he choose to he can return to life.

    Wonder Woman needs some real updates, maybe an energy beam from her tiara, Her Lasso should be like MK’s Scorpian and extend from her hand. Her skin should be the softest most flexible unbreakable skin in the known universe. And she should have some mental powers, and the ability to communicate. She to should be fitted with the white ring of Oa giving her only the default power of eternal life.

    Batman he needs some updates. I think he should have anti gravity gloves which allow him to lift 100+ tons. He should have infared vision, the ability to fly thanks to the white oa ring with also gives him eternal life. However Oa likes his brain so much they give him mental powers, and the ability to have his thought equip his utility belt with any item he wants. Batman’s brain is like the Oan computers inside the ring when it comes to updates. Batman offers the most resistance to being altered, but eventually comes around with his new powers.

    Shayera is special to the Guardians because they know how she feels about their most powerfully equipped Lantern. She is fitted with the white ring which gives her more than the default powers. She is actually vetted and becomes the first and only thanagarian to become a Lantern. She is a White lantern and has enormous power. Her Mace is not her mace, and much like Thor only a few people can lift it even Superman can’t lift her mace if she commands it to stay put.

    Superman is fitted with a yellow ring. How and why does this happen, the Guardians have seen Superman as it they have watched the others and decided that the kryptonian’s full power of evolution should be unleashed. The ring gives superman powers beyond his incredible strength, in battle and over limited spaces, Superman can teleport, Green Kryptonite still has an effect on Superman but, for the first three hours of being exposed to it, he power is unphased, thanks to the yellow energy encasing his body in a protective aura. Supermans heat vision now locks on to any heat signature he desires, and can travel around over and under items to get to the signature.

    At some point Aquaman will be fitted with a ring giving his more power.

    John Stewart, hard to tell his story with out Shayera, because as we all know they will make at least one baby, which means at some point they both move on to a quiet life at least for a few thousand years as John is ordered to become the Guardian of a Universe. Which is when he and Shayera really and truly explore the passion they have for each other because she takes the assignment with him, and gives birth to their son Warhawk. But that is years into the future, for now they are still trying to hide their feeling that continue to show up whenever they get a moments peace. On to John’s powers. All the leagues powers are granted by Oa with the exception of their base powers which means they are for the most part useless against John unless the Guardians deem John hostile and need to be brought in. However, I doubt there will be any more infighting in the league.

    That said John is no longer a ring wearer, the ring has been planted inside his body, along with the Blue and indigo rings. John is the only lantern selected by the Gods, and not the ring. Upon John’s birth the Guardians claim the Opener of Door has been born. Through out time rings pass from fallen Lanterns to new recruits, granted a Green lanterns death is not common even for those who have been a lantern for years, because the ring offers reserve power to protect the life even in defeat, however from time to time it does happen, and when it happens the ring general chooses a person with and very strong will, the ring never chooses John because the Ring senses John’s will absolutely exceeds the rings capabilities. how is this possible when the ring has no hard upper limits. The Guardians for once don’t have the answer. But after a punishing career in the Marines, and a humiliating stint as an architect The guradians bring John, they give him the ring, while three of the other Guardians wanted to fit John with the three rings, they start him out with the green ring. In battle John has been known to activate eyes in his upper back this allows him to process attacks from the back. This is something he started as a Green lantern after losing in numerous training sessions with Hal, and Kilowag double teaming him. Johns mind processes these attack like no other and once the Guardians see this they quickly realize why the ring never chose john, hence they fit him with the Blue and indigo rings…John is the strong silent good soldier type who has love for his team mates, but shares a secret love with one, and while it is a secret batman knows it. In two or three years Hal will brign parallax back to this Universe, and Hal on the inside and the memebrs on the outside will extract Hal from parrallax and defteat the fear monster. Hal and John will serve together for about two more years before the Guardians call for John to take Guardian status over and entire Universe. Shayera will Join John. She will be TOLD to stay for she is a Lantern and the Guardians aren’t interested in her love life, for John has an assignment he must complete it will only take 1000 years. She refuses and face being stripped of her ring. Five of the seven Guardians vote to allow her and her love to join John without any punishment. At which time Star Sapphire will join Hal as the lanterns in sector 2814…

    • While it may seem like a good idea to give more powers to a superhero you do lose what made him what he or she was and over shadow why we love them to begin with. Batman does not need powers as for the oa rings none need them as thats what the side kicks are for to take over and pass along the reins to the next generation to be reimagined or revised and updated at that time. What you suggest may sound good but in the end would alter the heroes way too much and lose what I had stated. I think the easiest way to up date is by changing the look of the costumes to something more with what a person would wear and be more functional or fitting in with the background of that hero.

      The first wonder woman whose costume is way out of date and needs updated something to fit a greek origin. Greaves breast plate helm not a full face but a side and forehead covering bracers replacing bracelets, a loincloth would kind of a cool idea but not a deal breaker. magic lasso could be kept as well as being part god like in unlimited so can fly and do away with the invisible plane as is a holdover from older generations.

      Aquaman The city of atlantis is a mythic one and had advanced tech beyond anything we had at that time and has be hidden for decades. This combined with the fact that to withstand the pressure of the deep and have to withstand cold and the ability to survive at that depth would make him very strong and hard to kill, the telepathic communication with amphibians, (maybe a sonar power like a dolphin would be fine could stun things and could be useful. I always thought of the atlanteans as elf like but if he is half human not a full blood could pull off the beard but think would work better without the beard and a faint ear point to give a nod to them giving rise to the myth of elves or some thing) that part is just me going on and is just optional.

      those two really need the most work to fit in with the new movies and to bring in line with the new superman and tobe batman

  6. I want to see Batman/Wonder Woman relationship not Superman, as it is boring. The Dark Knight and Amazon Princess is a perfect match! :)
    plizzz xD

    • Batman and Wonder Woman is just as unstable as every relationship he ever had. People are brainwash into thinking that it is the ultimate couple when it’s not. Timm even admit that he didn’t know what to do with Diana so the gave her the schoolgirl crush that is very OOC. Funny how people think that Superman need to stay dating women in his own title but Batman need to be with somebody in another. Hypocritical much?

    • of course I love too BRUCE and PRINCES DIANA

  7. Does this article mean that there is an actual chance that Timm will continue Justice League: Unlimited? Or, even as to make another Series that’s basically the Justice League?

  8. Why not just continue with “Justice League Unlimited”?? The series was LOVED by everyone!!! This time though, use different characters as the core characters. Here’s who I suggest they use: Superman, Batman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Wonder Women, Aquaman (80s version), Flash, and now here’s where it gets interesting, The Atom, Hawkman (the 80s version), The Spectre, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Robin, Shazam , Black Lightening. Why does DC never use HAWKMAN or The ATOM???? Have they forgotten that Hawkman is a key character. Its like he vanished from the face of the earth. USE HIM PLEASE!!! I know I have selected a large amount of characters, but they are all crucial characters. If they only want 8 characters, go with the following: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan version), Hawkman (80s version), The Atom, The Spectre, Green Arrow. I know, most of you reading this are questioning my wanting The Spectre in the League. Why not I say??? He is one of the most underrated characters in the entire DC Universe, perhaps the most powerful character who never gets used. Well, that is my suggestion. I had read somewhere that a new DC Animated Justice League cartoon series was coming out in January 2014 called “Justice”, and it had numerous different DC Characters in the episodes. Anyone know if this is true.

  9. I agree with Mason, they should just continue making more Justice League Unlimited cartoons, why ruin a good thing? I would use these members for the core group – Superman, Robin, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Batman, Hourman, The original Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Red Tornado. Here are some of the Villians I would use- Atomic Skull, Chemo, Luthor, The Joker, Grodd, Parasite, Giganta, Darkseid, Black Mantis. It would be similar to the Legion of Doom incarnation from the late 70s early 80s. Did anyone ever see the Legendary Super Powers Cartoons? Remember the “Death of Superman” Episode, that was one of the coolest cartoons of all time, with excellent, well-drawn animation. Adam West and Casey Kasim did Batman and Robins’ voices in that series. They battled Darkseid and his legions. They should have made more episodes, they mostly used all the same characters in every episode, very rarely would you see Green Lantern, Hawkman, or Aquaman. Please tell me what you think about my Justice League team, and about the Super Powers cartoons.

  10. Forget about ever seeing any new Justice League cartoons on the cra#py cartoon network!!! All they ever show is TOTAL GARBAGE, with Cheaply drawn cartoons that totally suck the big one, that look like an immature kindergartener drew them!!!!! They won’t show anything of any quality, which is indicative of the world we live in today. The sh#t rises to the top, whether it be in MUSIC – 1980s Melodic Heavy Metal = Quality / Rap, Hip-hop = Junk Garbage !!!; TV SHOWS – 1960s Wild Wild West, Leave it to Beaver, Lost in Space, Twilight Zone = Quality / Duck Dynasty, Jersey Shore, How I Met your Mother, Tosh.O = Junk Garbage!!! ; CARTOONS – Justice League Unlimited, Fractured Fairy Tales, Max Fleisher 1940s Superman Cartoons, Speed Racer = Quality / South Park, Sponge Bob, almost all cartoons on Cartoon Network, eddie and eddie = Junk Garbage!!! These are just some examples, there are plenty of others, but I think you get the picture.

  11. New JLA should be: Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Krypto. Or, if you dont like that line-up, how about this one: Superman, Batman, Robin, Marvin, Wendy, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bat-mite. Or, maybe this one: Superman, Hawkman, Green Lantern hal jordan, Green Arrow, Atom, Aquaman, Robin. Last option: Batman, Atom, Hawkman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Hawkwoman, Black Canary, Red Tornado. Which do you think is best? Dont be shy, please send in your comments. I, and others, appreciate your active participation. Thank You so much everyone.

  12. I think DC is trying to get too far fetched, like with the new justice league called 52. They are creating every character over again from scratch, changing some costumes, powers, and characteristics. WHY???? How utterly stupid. Makes absolutely zero sense. Instead of re-creating the whole universe, go with what you have already, why ruin a GREAT thing you have going. There is no reason to do what they are doing. DC is super popular, with no signs of slowing down. All they are going to do by re-creating everything, is to piss off all the old time fans. Please re-think this stupid idea. How about making some quality Brave and the Bold cartoons? The ones they made recently had childish amateurish animation, the character use was great, and some of the humor was pretty funny and sarcastic, why don’t they make some more of these but with animation like in the justice league unlimited or in the DC Shorts. I know, it makes sense, so you know what that means, they won’t do it. Here is my line-up for the new Justice League Unlimited cartoons: Earth 2 Superman, Plastic Man, Night Wing, Batman, Power Girl, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Wildcat. Reserves – Aquaman, Robin, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Golden age Atom, Atom, Wonder Twins with Bleak.

  13. Make another new series with the justice league fighting darkseid again, like the legendary superpowers cartoons from the 80s. they were awesome cartoons with excellent animation and story lines. Use mostly darkseid and his legion, with occasional episodes with other dc villans. Have the whole dc superhero universe available for use. have all of them assemble in the jla satelite, then have batman or superman pick from the cast to see who is best needed for that days battle. like mission impossible used to do, when peter graves picked from the photos. this would be very cool, and allow for a great variety of superhero use. Batman and superman would always be on the team for each episode. The first episode can have Darseid and apocolypse minions vs. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Green lantern hal jordan, aquaman, mister miracle, dr. fate, black canary. Another episode, might be against lex luthor, and have superman,batman,flash, atom, hawkman, hawkgirl. Another episode with darkseid, will have him against, batman, superman, green lantern hal jordan, hawkman, wonder woman, green arrow, martian manhunter. then, if they were against the legion of doom in another episode, the villians would be lex luthor, bizzarro superman, grodd, chemo, clayface, black adam, black mantis, giganta, atomic skull, parasite vs. batman, superman, shazam, hawkman, hal jordan green lantern, flash,aquaman, powergirl, wildcat, green arrow, black canary. these are my suggestions. hopefully you like them, and are in agreement with them. can you please respond to my suggestions, and let me know your thoughts, opinions, and what you think about my various team-ups. thank you so much

  14. I have read all these reviews, and I say, who gives a flying cr#p!!! Most of the reviews are SUPER-STUPID!!! , they are also SUPER-CHILDISH, AND IMMATURE, to boot!! In fact, they need a big boot to their arse!!! I like Midges’ lineup for the superheroes, but heres who I would use, Superman, Green Lantern, Starman, Crimson Avenger and Wing, Vigalante, Spectre, Aquaman, Jimmy Olsen, and, Legion of Super Pets. Makes sense dosnt it!!!!!! This team has no way of being beat!!! Alternate lineup, if you idiot A-holes dont like that one, would be – Hawkman, Aquaman, Green arrow, Robin, Bat-Mite, Bat-Hound, Super-Chimp, Krypto, Red Tornado, Wonder Woman, Wildcat, Mr. Terriffic (original version only, fu#k-faces!!!!!!!). This line-up is also unbeatable!!!!! Try fighting them, you will get your obese fat butts kicked, anus faces!!!! They also need to use the following characters more often- Chemo, Mr. Terriffic (original version), Hawkman (80s version), Plastic Man, Nightwing, Wildcat, The Spectre, Earth 2 Batman, Earth 2 Superman, The Atom, Wing, apache chief. Why are these characters never used???? WAKE UP DC!!!!!! START USING THEM IMMEDIATELY, OR RICK LOSING A SIZABLE CHUNK OF YOUR LOYAL FAN BASE!!!! Here are a list of characters to never use again. They are super boring, worthless characters, that nobody gives a sh#t about- El Dorado, Vibe, Cyborg, Green Lantern john stewart, green lantern kyle raineer, firestorm, wonder twins, marvin and wendy, the Question, Supergirl, Katanya, cheetah, captain boomerang, flash (overused!!). Ive stated my peace fu#k-faces, now its up to you to reply deuche bags!!!

  15. I think the lineup should be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Barry), Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Green Arrow, and Hawkwoman. All members wouldn’t have to appear in every episode. Each episode should also include a guest star hero beyond the core group. Guest stars could include Zatanna, Atom, Firestorm, Robin, Plastic Man, Shazam, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Supergirl, and The Spectre.

  16. I agree with most everyone but especially misterdrifter. Dont change it if its not broken.

  17. Is it me or would it be cool if they used the same universe as young justice and then later add in teen titans into that. Using this they can maybe bring back Young Justice and even introduce a new Teen Titan series which is better then the teen titans go. They could show the leagues perspective on things such as while the YJ team are on missions and what the league is doing plus I want to see Question again.

    If not maybe start fresh with the New 52 line up and slowly introduce more heroes.

  18. Heros in it; static shock & gear, Warhawk, & the original justice league members