‘Justice League: War’ End Credits Scene Teases New DC Superhero Animated Feature

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Justice League Movie Discussion Characters Justice League: War End Credits Scene Teases New DC Superhero Animated Feature

DC Universe has some pretty exciting animated features on the way: Justice League: War hits store shelves soon, adapting the hit Justice League “New 52″ story arc by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee; after that we get Son of Batmanan adaptation of the Grant Morrison/Andy Kubert “Batman & Son” story arc that gave the modern world its new Robin, Damian Wayne.

Of course there is even MORE in store from DC’s high-quality animation branch – and apparently they’re taking a cue from Marvel movies by teasing fans with a Justice League: War end credits scene that introduces the next superhero animated feature to come. Better yet, the end credits button scene in question also helps to explain a pretty glaring omission in the JL:W character roster. Read on at your own risk.




Aquaman Throne of Atlantis Button Scene Justice League War Justice League: War End Credits Scene Teases New DC Superhero Animated Feature

Justice League: War had its premiere in NYC this week, where Newsrama was able to glimpse the follow end credits sequence:

After the devastation to Earth due to the attack by the forces of Apokolips, a shot of the ocean is shown. In the water lay swathes of dead fish and other sealife – and then waves start from the middle of the water. A vessel rises, and with what sure seems to be the helmet of Orm, Ocean Master (Aquaman’s brother). In his arms lie a dead old man. Ocean Master says, “The Surface Dwellers have killed our king. This is an act of war. And they will pay.”

It was already revealed during New York Comic-Con 2013 that an Aquaman animated feature is happening, and it makes sense that the company’s renewed exposure of the character would also follow the New 52 continuity. In the books, Aquaman’s personal saga crossed the Justice League’s doorstep in “Throne of Atlantis”. The story features the surface world incurring Ocean Master’s (Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother) wrath, in a plot designed to place Aquaman back on the Atlantean throne.

Aquaman vs. Ocean Master Orm Justice League: War End Credits Scene Teases New DC Superhero Animated Feature

Aquaman vs. Ocean Master

Aquaman is not featured in Justice League: War (even though he appears in the comic book story arc), so this would be a natural way to spotlight the character  - who has not had a very strong presence in the animated universe – while embracing the new “shared universe” business model in order to get fans invested in two animated feature$ instead of just one.

…And it’ll work. While the mainstream has yet to catch on, comic fans have largely embraced Geoff Johns’ 21st century take on Aquaman, and want to see more of the character. For now, though, DCU is playing it close to the vest when it comes to exact details about what the “Throne of Atlantis” animated adaptation will be. (Well, sort of:)

“You’ll see a movie with Atlantis in the title.”

Aquaman Cary Elwes in Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox Justice League: War End Credits Scene Teases New DC Superhero Animated Feature

Aquaman in ‘JL: Flashpoint Paradox’

Will the Justice League be in it (as they were in the comics)? Or will this be an Aquaman solo show? A button-scene approach at the end of War suggests the former over the latter; if so, here’s hoping Aquaman still gets his due screen time in a Justice League ensemble feature. Flashpoint Paradox was pretty good about featuring the Flash in the midst of a Justice League story, so hopes remain high for Aquaman.


Justice League: War is now available digitally and will hit DVD/Blu-ray on February 4, 2014.

Source: Newsrama

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  1. If only they could translate this into their actual movies. But I am beyond excited for Aquaman to finally get his spotlight. He kicked ass in Injustice and Flashpoint Paradox. Now he’s getting a second comic series, the reign of Aquaman is upon us!

  2. Im actually more excited for the aquaman film than war or son of batman, Im sure war will be the best Jl animated film yet to watch(not counting flashpoint).
    If Black Manta makes a cameo, it will be perfect for me.
    While on the subject of animated films, I like the Wonder Woman animated, until she puts on that spangly star outfit, movie wouldve been better if they ignored it and used different armor, but flashpoint sort of fixes that doesnt it.

    • Actually… many people prefered Flashpoint to War after watching it, they said War is “disappointing” (and I’m not at all surprised) :(

      • Yeah Flashpoint was awesome. But that doesn’t mean that this one isn’t. I personally loved it. Darkseid was just a fuqing menace; a none stop-beating-the-crap-out-of-you epic god!

        *note: Wonder Woman was amazing in this. Really badass. There’s a scene where she does something to Darkseid that I really thought was epic.

      • True ^^ Wonder Woman was a real badass. But in my opinion, Flashpoint was a better movie than War

      • Personally felt that WAR was the better film, but both were good. Flashpoint was a bit too gruesome for my taste. Not entirely what I was expecting, but it was good.

        At the same time, WAR was able to feel more mature, but still light-hearted. Kind of what I would prefer a Justice League film to be like. Despite not being a real favorite of mine, I thought Wonder Woman was really likable in this film. Her introduction and interactions were entertaining. Shazam/Billy and Lantern were my favorites for this film. I’ve never really been interested in Jordan, but I liked the attitude he brought in. Same goes for Billy, who helped add just the right amount of humor to the film, which I thought helped.

        I don’t know if Shazam will continue to be featured in the League (comics or animated films,) but I personally hope that is the case.

  3. Also, anybody else have a problem with cyborg being a part of the main Justice League members? Sorts of robs batman of being the technological guy and normal-ish guy of the team. I just think he makes for a good member of the Titans with Robin.

    • Since we’re talkin about war, its like havin shazam on the team when you have superman.

    • In the recently relaunced comics (New 52) Cyborg has been retconned as being one of the founding members alongside Batman, Superman, Wonderman etc. He was never on the Teen Titans with Robin and Kid Flash etc.

      Also, I think the general consensus in the DC Universe is Batman is the “smartest” member, hence why he’s the leader and calls the shots. He’s not just the tech-guy with lots of toys, he’s also a master tactician, detective, martial artist, scientist etc.

      • I already know both those things.

      • I was always under in the school of thought that Superman was the leader of the team. Not the smartest, but in a sense I would consider him to be the one most responsible.

        For all his skill and know-how, I feel Batman can far too easily detach himself from things. Supermans’ attachment is both a blessing and a curse, but I still feel that given that quality he makes a more reliable leader than Batman, (who I still consider to be, at the VERY least, second-in-command.)

        Just my thought, anyway.

        • Yet (excluding the 52) there are comics that prove that Superman is more intelligent. Batman is a master tactician and has arguably a more cunning mind (and he’s proven to all of us that he can beat Supes), but there is prove (just visit the DC database) that Superman is just smarter.

          It’s the same with Captain America. It clearly states that he has a genius level intellect, yet they still portray him in the animated and live action movies as someone who needs things to be spelled out for him. (Just watch the beginning banter between Iron Man and Cap in Avengers to see my point — not that I didn’t find those mildly funny).

          I’d argue that both share the leader’s responsibility; Batman the tactical ones; Superman the political ones.

          • Yeah, that was kind of what I was thinking. I see Superman as the President of the Justice League. A popular figurehead who, while smart, doesn’t know everything and so defects to those more in a position to know things he doesn’t (And you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knew more than the Worlds’ Greatest Detective. For the most part, anyway.)

  4. If Aquaman doesn’t have a beard and a harpoon for a hand, I’m not interested. That was the most badass Aquaman ever. Also, the clips I’ve seen from JLW leave something to be desired where the voice acting is concerned. I’m not sure if it’s going to be very good.

    • That was a horrible Aquaman who was trying to hard to be cool, could work as an older version, but no.

      • Aww come on. He was fun. Either way, I’m not a fan of the New 52 JL story this movie is based on. It was poorly written with dumb dialogue and shallow plot. It was basically “BOO! I’m Darkseid” surrounded by a bunch of lame one-liner quips. Good art, but lousy story.

          • What? That was a great moment. Green Lantern was being an a**hole and Batman revealing himself as Bruce Wayne (whom Hal had no clue of) motivated Hal and got him in the game.

            • The batman I know doesnt just handout his secret id.

  5. HOLY SHÍT! A non-Batman solo DC animated movie? Not only that but Aquaman. Damn DC takes colossal risks these days.

    • Whatevs Aquaman is the s***! It’s the only DC comic I read other than JL…

  6. “they’re taking a cue from MARVEL movies by teasing fans with a Justice League: War END CREDITS scene”
    Seriously, that part alone made me giggled considering the recent rumor that DC is trying to be ‘different’…

    So far, JL:War is getting negative comments by those who have watched it, and to be honest… the only thing that makes me want to watch it now is this end-credit scene. However, how will it make sense when Arthur himself is NOT in this movie? (Meaning: only fans know what this means… just like Marvel movies). In the New 52 comics, he spent more time with the JL and that’s why the “Throne of Atlantis” event could occur. Well, I just hope they give Aquaman a really good redemption for the way he’s been weirdly ‘estranged’ in the animated movies. I do however, feel he’s getting the Flashpoint treatment by forcing/slabbing a Justice League main title instead… *sigh*

    • I actually enjoyed it, thought it was funny, but there was like.. literally way too much action in the first act that ran for like 20 minutes. It was insane. Fight fight fight, little dialogue, fight fight fight

  7. Caught some of the screen caps people have been posting online and I noticed how the Wonder Woman in JL:War looks a bit like Gal Gadot? Hopefully that shuts up the whiners.

    That collared look for Superman doesn’t look nearly as bad as I thought in animated form. Hope it translates well too for the live action movies if they do go with that modification.

    • Really, your basing the cartoon WW as proof that Gadot will be good? Lol… Whateves, i don’t believe she will be good. Doesn’t matter if she is because a WW movie? Not going to be first in line for that one…

  8. I loved this! Flashpoint was awesome, got to say that, but I was really waiting for the new 52 to be adapted into a movie. And this one did a great job (though in all honesty, I would’ve hated this movie — midway through I was getting there — if they hadn’t included that post credit scene with a tie to Aquaman). While watching I couldn’t help but wonder how the live-action version could be done; this movie just made me think up so many ways to make that movie. Haaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! But allas, we’ll have to wait till 2060 for it ;)

  9. Oh, and Wonder Woman’s attire in this one is different. It can (hopefully) be used for the armour attire we’re hearing she’ll be wearing. It would definitely look cool.

    *off topic: did any of you know that there are peaople out there who still believe that Superman is just brawns and no brains? (Sarcasm)
    People either really need to look up these things (google it to s***) before they go claiming something, or they could just read the damn comics (which I know they won’t be doing).
    Yes, Supes mostly uses his physical strength against his opponents.
    Yes, he has defeated most of them by beating the living crap out of them.
    No, that doesn’t mean he isn’t intelligent or a genius.

    It’s basically the same thing as saying Captain America is dumb — while if you look the thing up you’ll “discover” that he has genius level intellect. (I love Avenger’s right, but I fuqing hate the scenes where it looks like Tony is more intelligent than him. The difference is that Tony has all these ideas, while Cap’s just an ordinary guy who sees the world in black and white (though this does change somewhat)).
    oke so I ranted there, but you get the point.
    Enjoy the movie!

  10. An Aquaman solo feature?!? WHAT?!?

    Yeah right.
    WHY?? To show him saving some fish?

    How can WB/DC absolutely hit it out of the park every time with their animated stuff and at the same time fail so miserable at their live action CBM’s. It’s just baffling to me.

    Why can’t the people running the animation side of things just move over and run the live action side of things??
    It can’t be that complicated.

    If WB/DC’s live action CBM’s were half as good as their animated stuff, they would be the top dog instead of Marvel.

    Speaking of Marvel, it was nice of WB/DC animation to steal Marvel’s button scene idea.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery.


    • Marvel’s Idea?
      Were you born in 2008 or something?

      So If DC is imitating Marvel then Marvel is imitating James Bond or the Muppet movie.

      The way you Marvel fanboys are going it wont be long before Marvel is getting credit for inventing movies, or at least “talkies.”


    • “Why can’t the people running the animation side of things just move over and run the live action side of things??
      It can’t be that complicated.”

      Spoken like a true fanboy who likely has no idea of the inner workings of entertainment…

  11. the movie was ok not the best but god i hate the new mister-t darkseid incarnation

  12. Aquaman is the best.

  13. Absolutely horrible writing, all the characters are written in a shallow and juvenile manner, and events and interactions between are ridiculous even by comic book standards. Whoever the writers are should be ashamed of themselves, or were writing for an audience exclusively made up of children and not very smart children.

  14. 2 out of 5, one of the worst Justice League installments ever, it’s like this show was written and directed by the people behind Batman The Brave and the Bold. If you’re above the age of 12, you’ll probably feel like skipping over sections.

    • Well, considering Batman: Brave and The Bold was freaking fantastic…I would have to say I agree with that statement, because War was pretty darn good.

  15. I really liked justice league war! Yes there are weaknesses and yes its not perfect but I do believe that this movie is up there with dark knight returns part 1&2 and flashpoint paradox, Batman under the red hood, and justice leage a new frontier! Which I believe this plus the above movies listed are the height of the DC animated movie universe. Not including the awesome TV dcau stuff! Which are awesome as well!!!