Adam Sandler Returns with ‘Just Go With It’ Trailer

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Just Go With It trailer Adam Sandler Returns with Just Go With It Trailer

Let’s give Adam Sandler some credit – his films are consistent. But is playing it safe really the right track for a comedian who became famous for his foul-mouthed shenanigans?

The trailer for his latest romantic comedy, Just Go With It, is filled with the usual tame humor – and Jennifer Aniston.

Just Go With It also stars Nicole Kidman (although I didn’t see her in the trailer and she gets no title credit), Heidi Montag, and rising star Bailee Madison (Brothers). Long-time Sandler-collaborator Dennis Dugan has directed the rom-com.

Check out the trailer below.

The problem is, I only laughed once while watching the trailer – and that was a mild chuckle. Assuming other people have a similar reaction, the lack of humor in the trailer could be  a problem for the comedy.

If there is one reason to see this film, it is the introduction of supermodel Brooklyn Decker to the acting scene. While she has made guest appearances on television, this will be her first major role. She must have impressed somebody, as she will also star in next year’s Battleship. Clearly, Brooklyn Decker’s role is more prominent than the trailer credits suggest. Sony must believe Jennifer Aniston still sells movies with her name – a questionable concept.

Is it time to admit a supermodel-turned-actress revolution is on the way? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can be seen in next year’s Transformers 3. Will any follow in Cameron Diaz’s footprints with an established and lengthy career? Odds are – one or two will be able to stick around.

Just Go With It trailer Brooklyn Decker Adam Sandler Returns with Just Go With It Trailer

If you think the trailer wasn’t a good sell on the film, you’re not alone. Even Sony is releasing it in the dead zone of mid-February. It’s kind of shameful to watch Adam Sandler slowly decline in his comedic choices. This film is just more of the same softcore comedy he has given us for years now.

I want to believe there is a second wind coming for Sandler, but he constantly proves us wrong. Funny People was arguably a funny movie, but Sandler was pretty drab in it. Ironically, his funniest parts were stock footage from his younger days. He opened up a bit for Don’t Mess With The Zohan, but it’s tough to even call that a real movie.

Obviously, Just Go With It will not be the “return of Adam Sandler.” How do you feel about it? Sound off in the comments section below.

Just Go With It releases February 11th, 2011.

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  1. it looks okay. But Aniston seems to have the more amusing character, just screwing with Sandler’s Danny for apparent laughs. And given Sandler’s decline, it seems logical.

  2. The only amusing thing about that trailer is how they still try to convince us that Adam Sandler can land gorgeous women.

    In real life, yeah. He’s rich, so it’s easy to pick up the, can’t think of a nice word, sluts.

    But playing an average joe character as he does in EVERY FILM he’s ever made, it’s not likely that every beautiful woman he meets wants him.

  3. Another dumbass Sandler movie. I can’t believe this moron keeps making money off of his stupid movies. The comedy is terrible and completely dated. I’ve been done with Sandler for a long time and I really hope he just disappears. I mean, just him continuously putting Rob Schneider in his movies saying stupid catchphrases should tell you how unfunny he is. I just don’t get it.

    • I agree. I miss the days when Sandler was actually funny. Nowadays I just cringe during his movies, most notably You don’t mess with the zohan.

      • Thing about it is, if you go back and watch his old films, you see they are only amusing to kids. I loved Adam Sandler’s films when I was 9. I’m 23 now, and I don’t laugh at anything in his movies anymore.

        The only two movies of his I’ve enjoyed in the last 10 years was “Click” and “Longest Yard.” They weren’t funny movies, but I thought they were pretty enjoyable.

  4. I think Sandler needs to dabble in R rated comedy and get some real laughs.

    • Funny People. was well, funny.

      • Not really. Funny People made me cringe and want Sandler to simply die. He was a truly unpleasant person and no amount of Hollywooditis will make his nonsense forgivable or likable.

        • Yes really it was. the only thing i didn’t like about it was Jonah Hill.

  5. Are all the articles in this website ripoffs from Deadline?

    • Writing or story wise? Because if it is writing then you are well wrong. The Deadline “article” is a single paragraph. And if you mean story, well this is a movie news/reviews/trailers site and oddly enough this is a trailer for a movie which is news to me(I thought about adding reviews to the sentence but I couldn’t make it work without being dumb).

    • If that’s what you think, then just go read Deadline and don’t bother coming here because obviously you won’t miss anything, right?


      • zinger! =)

  6. Wow!!!looks a lot like a remake of Cactus Flower [1969]

    • That’s exactly what I thought, only Cactus Flower was way funnier.

  7. Haha. Not gonna lie, I’d probably think that was really funny

  8. Hmmm…Time to watch Happy Gilmore and forget I saw this trailer

  9. ^vic delete please :D

  10. Looks really bad. Brooklyn has a hell of a rack, tho . . . But no, pass.

  11. I thought the trailer was going to be for Sandler and Aniston to fall in love, but it sure showed me.

    • i wouldn’t be surprised if that is actually what happens.

  12. meh, seems slightly less zany than the rest of his recent movies, but that’s what i like about sandler, more often than not you know exactly where you are with him and you know exactlywhat to expect, there are other actors out there if you want some smart comedy (christopher guest) sometimes i think you just need to turn your brain off and laugh at something rediculous

    • I’ll give you that one. It’s half the reason I watch the Transformers series. Not because they’re good. They’re balls-to-the-wall stupid. But I simply turn off my brain and play along and enjoy myself.

      Blame the pretty colors if you must. Explosions- they’re shiny to look at.

  13. Actually I thought it looked good. If you guys want him to keep making movies like Happy Gilmore only that’s 1 thing. I liked Happy Gilmore but it seems when he makes a reg comedy like this you all bail on him. The older he gets he can’t keep acting like a 18 yr old kid. You are just used to seeing him in another form. I wouldn’t rush to see this on a Friday night but it’s not terrible either.

    • We don’t want him to make movies like Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. It’s just that those are the only two funny movies he’s ever done. Maybe even Wedding Singer. And he doesn’t need to act like an 18 year-old. He just needs to do a good comedy and he hasn’t for a long time.

      • So now there are 2 Ants? lol

      • I’ll be honest: I think the only real reason I liked Billy Madison was because I was a little kid when I first saw it.

        • yeah. I didn’t end up seeing it until I was 15- it was a weak film. Happy Gilmore I saw when I was a bit younger, but I’ve always been fond of it. It’s just a very funny movie.

          Liked Click. I think he went to some very strong places with his performance in that one.

          But otherwise… I dunno… He’s just not that great to me.

        • Thank you ZombieHunter. That is exactly what I tell my friends about their “hilarious” favorite “comedian” Adam Sandler.

          His movies are only funny to little kids, because they don’t know better.

  14. I thought the trailer suggests a better movie than most of what Sandler and Aniston have put out recently, even if it might not say much.

    BTW, why do you assume it will flop simply because it’s being released in mid-February? Does Valentine’s Day not exist on your calendar?

  15. I thought this was funny. Not hilarious, but funny. I don’t know whats the grudge about, sure, Sandler is not in his best nowadays, but he makes good movies. Except Funny People, didn’t like that.

    Oh and BTW, putting Rob Schneider in every movie makes the movie awesome.

    • Rob Schneider is much like flatulent relatives: They’re pleasant enough and amusing from time to time when they pass gas, but after the third time you see them you either want to force-feed them Beano or beat them unconscious with a skillet and bury them under 4 feet of sod.

      To get to the point, I am tired of Rob Schneider existing.

      • Rob Schneider is kind of like Hulk Hogan. They both fail to see that they are past their prime.

        Hulk Hogan should have retired from wrestling 10 years ago, while Rob Schneider should have quit making movies after the fifteenth movie he was in where he popped up with his unfunny line, “You can do it!!”

        • Schneider has never had a prime. And you’re pretty forgiving if it took you 15 movies to get sick of him. His copy guy sketch in SNL was tiresome after his second appearance. He’s one of those Hollywood enigmas that makes you think how on earth is he still around? Why does Sandler keep using him? Because he’s not funny either.

  16. Looks like a rather pedestrian RomCom. I like Sandler, but IMO the last really funny movie he made was Mr. Deeds. Happy Gilmore will always be my favorite, but I wish he would try something edgier again.

  17. does anyone know the name of the actress on the far right at exactly :09 seconds in? I’ve seen her before but I can’t find her on IMDB…just wondering because she’s gorgeou

  18. well, as per any Adam Sandler film I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing, the only things in the trailer that made me either smile or chuckle, were… not Adam Sandler.

    I actually really like Jennifer Aniston, even if her choice of scripts has been… questionable.

  19. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane
    Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
    Straight Jacket

    and Now THIS monstrousity!!!

    Funny Horror Movie???? or Horror Comedy not Funny???

    Sorry, but tha-tha-tha-That’s All Folks!!!!