‘Jurassic World’ Picks Up in Real Time After ‘Jurassic Park’

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jurassic world set 20 years after jurassic park Jurassic World Picks Up in Real Time After Jurassic Park

Studios will be dusting off and sprucing up their most lucrative franchises in 2015, with a release slate that includes several new installments in well-treaded properties – Friday the 13th, Terminator and Star Wars among them – that have laid dormant since 2009 or earlier.

Jurassic Park has been gathering cobwebs for even longer than that, with the previous installment (Jurassic Park III) having opened in theaters back in 2001. Presently, there is a fourth installment scheduled for released in 2015, under the title Jurassic World and based on a screenplay written by Derek Connolly and director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), drawn from the draft penned by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes).

So, is Jurassic World a sequel, a reboot… or a partial reboot/sequel, meant to wipe the slate clean and usher in a new era for the sci-fi/horror property? Well, Trevorrow avoided giving a firm answer to that question, when one of his followers asked him if the movie is a reboot on Twitter.

Instead, he offered the following tidbit:

That Jurassic World will pick up in real time doesn’t come as a huge shock, given that the idea behind the film is to acknowledge what happened in previous installments; yet, at the same time, update the franchise so it stays relevant in the current era of classic sci-fi re-imaginings and superhero blockbusters. Hence, cast members like Sam Neill won’t return in the fourth JP movie, with fresher-faces like Bryce Dallas Howard (Terminator Salvation) and potentially Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), stepping in to carry the torch forward hereon out.

Jurassic Park 4 Returning to Original Island Jurassic World Picks Up in Real Time After Jurassic Park

leaked plot breakdown revealed that an older Jurassic Park 4 script draft also picked up in real-time after Steven Spielberg’s original film (released in 1993). In that version, the island of Isla Nublar now housed a fully-functional “biological preserve” for dinosaurs, as John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) intended so many years before.

Trevorrow and Connelly are reported to have since made significant revisions to that version of the script, though it appears that not all of the key elements in that draft have been removed. Additionally, Trevorrow previously indicated that the fourth Jurassic Park movie is still going to take place on Isla Nublar (not Isla Sorna, a.k.a. Site B, featured in the other sequels), while the Jurassic World title could be an allusion to the existence of a SeaWorld-esque park for dinos in the film, a la the setting in the aforementioned JP4 script draft.

To sum it all up: it’s possible that Trevorrow and Connelly have altered a number of the specific details, but the premise for their Jurassic World screenplay may not be quite so different from that in the leaked JP4 synopsis. Of course, the execution of the setup in the key and this writer/director pair demonstrated with Safety Not Guaranteed that they can get a fair amount of mileage out of a basic, yet intriguing concept.

Are you excited to see a new Jurassic Park movie? Does the rumored plot sound like a good idea, or are you keeping your fingers crossed that the project will end up going with a different approach?


Jurassic World will open in 2D and 3D theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Colin Trevorrow

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  1. I cannot wait to see Jurassic Park 4 when it comes out ? Now it’s called Jurassic World. How about a Spin Off from Jurassic Park ? Jurassic Safari is also based on the Caveman, Woolly Mammmoth, Sabre Tooth Tiger, and The Rhinocerous like DreamWorks ICE AGE. I think we need also a JURASSIC PARK (Spin-Off) Based on the Ice Age era. How does that sound ?

    • What?

      • I’m talking about a Spin Off from Jurassic Park.

        • No one knows WHAT you’re talking about.

          • Please, be considerate

            • Considerate of what? You made no sense. I don’t think Sid and Manny are going to show up in Jurassic Park anytime soon. Go back to Candyland since it’s obvious you are living in a fantasy.

        • It wouldn’t be called Jurassic Park but could still be spin off.

          “Pleistocene Park.” Geneticists use current human DNA mixed with that of early homind DNA captured from mosquito to clone early man. The blood DNA from the mosquito has fragments of reptile or insect mixed in and makes the clones monstorous.

          OR…current DNA mixed with the Pleistocene DNA creates a super smart and agressive caveman clone who hunts man.

          LOL…that would be funny

          • ‘Neanderthal Park’…?

            I’ve been there. It ain’t pretty.

            • lmao…that’s funny

    • English isn’t your first language, is it?

    • Yes. A futuristic amusement park where advanced cloning is used to create a live Rhinoceros (spared no expense) when suddenly they realise ‘Oh s***, Rhinoceros is not extinct and we just wasted our time’.

      • LOL !!

    • You couldn’t call it Jurassic Park but it would be really cool.

      • They should change this sequel’s title to Jurassic Land because it would tell us that the dinosaurs are growing fast as the years pass like in the first series is Jurassic Park where the characters drive through the jungle and meet various dinosaurs and the second series should be called Jurassic Land where there’s a whole continent full of dinosaurs and the third could be Jurassic World when the dinosaurs repopulate and take over the earth and the humans are forced into hibernation. Makes since wright

        • LOL … What cave have you been hiding in ? In order;the first movie is:
          “Jurassic Park” ,

          The second movie was
          “The Lost World ; Jurassic Park” ,

          and the third movies was;
          Jurassic Park 3 ,
          Doctor Alan Grant is kidnapped and taken to the 2nd island for the purpose of finding and rescuing a couple son. The 4th movie has to have a different title or other will get confused. I like the idea of showing how ” John Hammond ” Made and hatched his very first dinosaur and what happens with these 2 islands full of dinosaurs? Can’t wait till the debut !!!!! I Love these movies !!!!

    • You do know that “Jurassic” is a specific time period in the Earth’s past don’t you? Or did you just think it meant “old”?

      The Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous are the three eras that are known collectively as the Dinosaur Age. There were no cavemen, mammoths, sabretooths then, this isn’t Flintstones history. And the movies don’t subscribe to Creationism, so no man walking with dinos.

      • Indeed , in fact actually T-rex is pretty much a featured creature given that previous fossils have produced feathers and quill like structures that are like fine hairs on fossilized skin of not just T-rex and its kin but also the raptor species. A;so recently there’s been a find of a carnivore that even dwarfs a 30 foot T-rex which has to be named officially. it is thought to be in excess of 55 feet in length .

      • …and there were no intelligent Velociraptors/Deinonychus without feathers or blind Tyrannosaurus

    • Sounds like a great idea (except the Caveman) but not before we see what they’ve done with Jurassic Park, i.e. how ‘Jurassic World’ turns out.

  2. I’m looking forward to the new JP, i have always wanted to see a new JP, where they go back to the park!

    To bad that there is a bad OC actor in it, could ruin the hole movie..

  3. I would still love to see at least someone from the original make a cameo. But I can’t wait for this movie!!!

    • Uh, life, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, finds a way

      • You sir have just won the internet.

        • Congratulations!

  4. I’m looking forward to this! I love the JP movies, watched them all the time when I was younger. So that they’re finally making a new movie is exciting!

  5. I would to see some of the old faces make a cameo, without them we wouldnt have jp. More importantly i wanna see more marine dino actions. I been dying for megalodon. I honestly want my dino time that human. The dinos are why i watch; dont get me t-rex and the raptors are awesome but i seriously wanna see some of the other bad boys :)

  6. After Jurassic Park (a bonafide classic), Return To Jurassic Park (The Lost World) and Jurassic-Park-done-as-a-B-movie (JP III), I wonder what’s left in the tank for a fourth movie.

    I think going bigger – like a Jurassic (Sea) World approach – is the wrong way to go, though. I’d much rather like to see all dinosaurs have become extinct (for the 2nd time in history) but somewhere on Earth, a dino egg hatches. And subsequently all jurassic hell breaks loose again.

  7. I never liked any of these movies.Bring on Godzilla!

    • I can’t agree I Dearly love them both though Godzilla is my favorite. I’d like to see more of both come out … and there has already been a Jurassic Park 3 I own all 3.

    • I can’t agree I Dearly love them both though Godzilla is my favorite. I’d like to see more of both come out … and there has already been a Jurassic Park 3 I own all 3.

    • Well Richard Attenborough is going to be in it. They never said if Jeff Goldblum is debuting in it or not. Sam Neil is not returning,Laura Dern, B.D. Wong, Ariana Richards,and Joseph Mazzello are still a possibility. But Martin Ferrero,Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight,and Bob Peck were characters that were killed in the first movie.

      What I would like to see is Dodson go back to the island to retreive the 1/2 million dollars he gave Nedry and the embryo’s he paid for. But still have Hammond and now his grown grand children running Ingen bio engineering and negotiating what to do with these islands cause the dinosaurs are migrating.

  8. Kind of expecting a twist halfway through when we find out the dinosaurs are the island…

    • yeah – and they should tie in LOST …

      • Imagine if dinosaurs were in Lost, lmao that would be insane.

  9. Please tell me someone finds the canister of cloned embryos from the first film already.


    • LOL … That would be soooooo Awesome !!!! I thought of that when it fell out of Denises pocket in the first movie .But, food for thought what if it’s the guy that payed him to steal the embryo’s ??? There are a 100 ways they could go with these movies especially if Stephen Spielberg is the director and they space them like they did the first 3.

    • Unfortunately, the embryos had to stay at sub-zero temps, and the canister only had enough coolant for a few hours, even buried in mud, it wouldn’t work. I say this, because I hate when these movies get the basic science wrong. Especially since Crichton spent so much time in research to make the science plausible. But, oh well

    • Unfortunately, the embryos had to stay at sub-zero temps, and the canister only had enough coolant for a few hours, even buried in mud, it wouldn’t work. I say this, because I hate when these movies get the basic science wrong. Especially since Crichton spent so much time in research to make the science plausible. They could extract the DNA from the embryos still, but then, they could get that off of the computers, or all of the dinos still on site B.

  10. I just want to see dinos eating people. Nom nom nom.

  11. I like terror.

  12. But will all the dinos have feathers like they are supposed to?

  13. Im curious about this.

  14. As long as after the first raptor attack, the lead military guy doesn’t look at the screen an utter “clever girl” right at the audience.

  15. Cohesive thought processes appear to be optional around here.

  16. Bryce Dallas Howard is box-office poison.

    • As long as we don’t have an emo dinosaur running around it will be all good.

  17. Dinosaurs on the big screen is a win for me. My keister will be in the theater to see this movie on opening day. SO glad they’re not going with the dinos with guns idea!!

    • Agreed, though some weird part of me kinda’ wants to see that dinos with weapons movie… :-/

  18. Did they not learn from Jurassic Park 2 and 3?

    • No, and we never will. Godzilla was made the year I was born and I still keep hoping for more movies of him. I feel the same about JP. Can’t get enough of Jurassic Park !!!

    • If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try….try again. :-)

  19. What I’m getting from this “report” is very little in the way of new information…Twitter a source of new news everywhere in less that 140 characters…

  20. After confirming that this is a sequel and not a reboot why must it be made a point that it is real-time? All other Jurassic Park sequels have been real-time as well.

  21. i want Newman back

  22. I love dinosaurs but but I think they should lay this to rest.

    • Yeah, give us Pleistocene Park.

      • Archean Park?
        It could be like, 2+ hours of single cell organisms.

      • Lol! Glad you support my idea!

        • my response was @ Michael

  23. I think they should go with the samples that Mr. Nedry stole in the first movie. Yes they were burried in the mud…but that does not keep them from being found and exploited. They could be found during the original films evac by another employee and sold to some other company…and still be set 22 years later. That way you could have Hammonds kids all grown up and dealing with the lizard menace as the dinos get loose in a city, or better yet flourish in the wilds of the Americas… causing all manner of havoc. Additionally, you may have a reference to the Pteradactyls that seem to be migrating from Isla Sorna at the end of JP3

  24. I hope they start this one off with an actual completed park. I have always wanted to see the end result of what Hammond wanted. I hope we start off following a family that are huge dino fans that have saved up to come to the park….. then everything goes wrong and they have to fight for their lives.

    Jurassic Park is as much about the characters as it is the dinosaurs. Part of the reason the first one was so successful was that they made the T-Rex and the Raptors characters in the film. I really hope they get back to basics and focus on making a great film instead of making a thrill ride.

  25. I’m extremely excited about this!!! Jurassic Park was my favorite movie when it came out.