Rumor Patrol: ‘Jurassic World’ Plot Details Hint at a New Dinosaur

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Jurassic World concept art Rumor Patrol: Jurassic World Plot Details Hint at a New Dinosaur

If it’s true that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, then the geniuses who decided it would be a good idea to build another dinosaur safari park in next year’s sequel Jurassic World are in for a whole world of trouble. With filming currently taking place in Hawaii, Jurassic World is set to join the crowd of major sequels that are arriving in theaters next summer.

Some details about Jurassic World‘s plot have already been hinted at. Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull recently said that it contains some of the same DNA that was seen in the original movie, and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) has said that his character, Owen, is like a combination of Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm. Jurassic World can’t completely rely on invoking Jurassic Park‘s magic, however, and many fans are keen to know what new elements will be brought to the table.

Some new rumored details regarding the plot of Jurassic World have now arisen over at JoBlo, in the wake of a similar batch of tidbits for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. As with that story, these details are currently unconfirmed and are not particularly spoilerific, but those who would prefer to go into the movie totally blind may prefer to give them a miss.


[Warning: Possible mild SPOILERS for Jurassic World ahead.]


Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World Rumor Patrol: Jurassic World Plot Details Hint at a New Dinosaur

This latest batch of rumors expands upon JoBlo‘s rumor set from last summer, which was later said to be based on a version of the script that had since been drastically revised. At the time it was said that Jurassic World would feature aquatic dinosaurs, and that the formerly vicious and terrifying velociraptors would make a return as vicious, terrifying, tamed velociraptors, which help the humans to fight off a new kind of dinosaur, not seen before in any of the previous movies.

Among other details, the latest rumors specify that the new kind of dinosaur is… a Frankensteinosaur! Alright, that’s not what it’s actually called (as far as we know), but it is a monster that is created by splicing T-Rex DNA together with┬áraptor, snake, and cuttlefish DNA in order to create a new super-dinosaur that, of course, manages to get loose and wreak havoc. Perhaps Trevorrow and his fellow screenwriters looked at other current releases, like Pacific Rim and Godzilla, and decided that regular dinosaurs just won’t be enough to impress audiences any more.

According to this new report, Jurassic World will have dino-on-dino violence as the Frankensteinosaur faces off against a “tamed” T-Rex and raptors. Thanks to its spliced DNA, this new creation will apparently have a highly flexible snake-like jaw, the intelligence of a raptor, the ferocity of a T-Rex and the camouflage abilities of a cuttlefish. And the soul of a poet? We’ll see.

Jurassic Park T Rex1 Rumor Patrol: Jurassic World Plot Details Hint at a New Dinosaur

There were a few more tibdits offered in the report, specifically relating to the design of the park that was shown in concept art. The new and improved dinosaur safari will apparently have a ride called the “Gyrosphere” that allows visitors to ride around in the wild and get up close to the dinosaurs. There will also be a hologram information center that explains the process of de-extinction, and a petting zoo for when the kids just went to cuddle up to a scaly, toothy, test-tube dinosaur. Rather than being an early prototype, this version of the park is up and running and already one of the most popular theme parks in the world.

If true, this would be a pretty organic direction for the franchise to take. The idea of dinosaur DNA being spliced together with other animals has been in the franchise ever since the first movie, when it was explained that the DNA of other animals was used to fill in the missing gaps in dinosaur DNA (which led to some unintended consequences, like dinosaurs that were able to breed). It’s to be expected that scientists would eventually push this kind of splicing too far.

Do you like this description of Jurassic World‘s plot, or are you hoping the rumor turns out to be false?


Jurassic World is out in theaters on June 12, 2015.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. I don’t know. With everything coming out of this movie I am not at all excited or hyped to see this movie as I was with the original.

    • Who in their right mind would create a beast like that? You had the braines to tame these other creatures, so stop there! These movies need a Supervillian to make sense of all this madness.

  2. Scientist: I want to revive dinosaurs and make a Zoo for them!
    *Jurassic Park 1 happened*
    S: Ok, maybe it wasn’t that good of idea. But how about SAFARI, the whole island just for them, no borders, we’ll just study them!

    *Jurassic Park 2 happened*
    S: Yeah well, sorry :(

    *Jurassic Park 3 happened*
    S: Damn, almost forgot about that island, haha, well thanks for reminder.

    *Jurassic Park 4 happened*
    Main hero of JP4: What the **** were you thinking by splicing smart and strong Dino killers, you *****! I just saw those files, cancel the prject!
    S: Nice people of Pentagon asked me what would happen if there was a creature like that, i’ll show them i was right! Hahaha!
    MH: What *reloading bazuka* ever. Where’re they?
    S: I found the best island for them, quite big also *shows the map and points to America*
    MH: Thats not an island, you old ***** =( not an island

  3. “Spielberg’s new film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s ‘Jurassic Park’ is rumored to feature animals that are hybrids of frogs and dinosaurs.”


    • ;) exactly what I was thinking.

    • My thoughts exactly. And if we’re talking cuttlefish, I’m suspecting that this splicing will be their explanation of the Carnotosaurus from the Lost World novel

      • That was exactly my thought when I saw that cuttle fish part as well.

  4. I’m sorry but the idea of tamed dinosaurs, especially a T-Rex and Raptors, just sounds stupid. People want to see the T-Rex and Raptors be who they really are, crazy, out of control predators.

    • I like the idea. They can say, “Pongo and Jibber Jabber, attack!”
      And then the good dinos attack the bad one and they have a Royal Rumble.

  5. From Pacific Rim to the COMING OUT of THE biggest Moster of all GODZILLA? Jurassic Park looks like its been released by Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network!

    • This Bigger-Faster-Stronger-Louder tendency from Hollywood is really getting on my nerves. I sincerely hope the unconfirmed rumors turn out false.

      The urge to create something that is better than what came before is in and of itself not a bad thing. But quality is not measured by the number of explosions. It feels all too common for directors and producers to think it is, and it ends up really hurting the franchise and/or source material. The Hobbit…?

      I just hope they keep it sober and try to be a little creative and original for once. And no, a mutant T-Rex is not scarier than a normal one. It is just downright stupid. Laughably stupid.

      • Yes, all of this. This is all beginning to sound way too much like Transformers, but with dinosaurs. I’m not interested in a CGI spectacle of crazed mutant dinosaurs fighting each other – the important part is getting a plot that lets the humans do something interesting (and of course the actors to back it up). The more screentime the dinosaurs get, the less the people do, and the less inclined I am to see this movie.

        • Transformers with Dinosaurs: You haven’t seen the trailer for Age of Extinction have you?

  6. sounds like Jurassic Park Chaos Effect. i like it!

  7. Uh uh Life uh finds a way

  8. No sir, I don’t like it. I hope it’s just a rumor.

  9. Jurassic World Owners: Hello is this Ken Watanabe?
    Watanabe: Yes
    JWO: We need to borrow this alpha predator of yours
    Watanabe: Gojira?
    JWO: Godzilla
    Watanabe: That’s what i said
    JWO: Ok…Where is he?
    Watanabe: He’ll probably come out when there are some big ass monsters destroying s***
    JWO: We Have A T-Rex (which is part raptor snake and cuttlefish too)
    Watanabe: Yeah that should do it.

  10. OBVIOUSLY this new Dinosaur is the Carnotaurus from ‘The Lost World’ novel. They have just described it really, really poorly.

    Imagine if you had just read that the original Jurassic Park’s plot? Frogs mixed with Dinosaurs to create genetically engineered freaks? Sounds absurd right? And yet…

    The budget and name alone demands it will be taken seriously.

    And tame Dinosaurs could simply mean they have trained them using food rewards to roar when the keepers want or to stand up really tall etc to impress the crowds. I am sure it wont be a case of ”Fido! Go get that bad guy” and then a slobbering T. rex bounds off to please it’s master.

  11. No no no no no no no no no no. Bad idea. Making a Frankenstein dinosaur is like borrowing ideas (or body parts) of other movies to try and make a movie that (lives) makes money rather than making a movie with originality (a unique thing of its own). I really hope this rumor isn’t true. It sounds like the story of those corny low budget movies that no one watches and end up on the sci-fi channel. Why is that type of story interesting? A: it’s not .

  12. All I want is suspense, more gore. With real dinosaurs. Not some ridiculous video game garbage that I see on the kids channels now a days. Give us something real, realistic, that could hit home . Please be false

  13. Hey guys the director teased a new dinosaur months ago, when they first announced the project. They speculated it could be based on the ‘bad’ Dino’s in the J P game that was released a year or 2 ago

  14. Books 1&2 briefly mentioned the trials and errors in cloning some species, its more likely these hybrids could be accidentally produced rather than mega-engineered super dinosaurs anyway I hope

  15. No matter what the idea, it all depends on the execution…

  16. At first this sounded realy stupid spliced dinosaurs, but lets if there are actually a tamed t-rex, then i suspect that a Villian will atempt to make a super-dinosaur to take over the world, but then it turns around and begins to attempt to kill everything in it’s path. And since there is raptor DNA in the bunch that almost means a pack 4 sure!

  17. They have spared no expense in making sure they ruin this movie

    • LOL

  18. The original pushed at credulity just enough, but this? Feels like cash grab to me, a rehash of the original’s lessons with none of the awe-inspiring originality. Might as well have called it ‘Disneyland with Dinos Hyuk hyuk’.

    • Every major studio film is a cash grab. The spliced Dino doesn’t really bother me because it sounds like it’s just going to be similar to the camo dino in TLW novel and I’m thinking that the “tamed” raptors will be about as “tamed” as a Tiger at a zoo. Pratt’s character might just have developed a better understanding of their behavior and found ways to nudge them into certain behaviors.

  19. Cuttlefish are actually among the more intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, probably smarter than raptors.

  20. You old heads wanna see the same s*** over and over just watch the old one, I like the idea of a new monster. Something fresh

  21. ihope it doesnt turn out to be that chaos effect thing with this new genetically enhanced dinosaur, like with those toys that came out a while back….

  22. the question that remains what dino combination did they whip up

  23. this movie already looks awful