‘Jurassic World’ Patch and Rumored Map Images Tease a New Dinosaur Park

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jurassic world details Jurassic World Patch and Rumored Map Images Tease a New Dinosaur Park

The Jurassic Park franchise turns 22 next year; to mark the occasion, we’ll be getting a new installment in the sci-fi/horror/thriller series, titled Jurassic World. This chapter includes franchise newcomers in director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), stars Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help), and composer Michael Giacchino (Star Trek Into Darkness) – and, in a change of pace, this movie will feature an up-and-running version of the Jurassic Park establishment. Well, when the film starts, the park will be working, anyway.

A rumored plot synopsis emerged a year ago, asserting that Jurassic World takes place on present-day Isla Nublar (i.e. the island from the original movie), where John Hammond’s dream of an operational Jurassic Park has been realized at last; over the months since then, less shaky plot details and conceptual art has found its way online, all but confirming that this is still the basic premise for Trevorrow’s JP installment.

Principal photography on Jurassic World is underway (e.g. the first official set images) – and now, Trevorrow has Tweeted out an image of a patch worn by Jurassic World’s veterinary services, once again confirming that Isla Nublar is the setting for this new installment. Chances are, though, this is as revealing as it will get for Trevorrow’s social media promotion of Jurassic World - unless he decides to Tweet a pic of a solemn Pratt standing aside a dinosaur (a la Zack Snyder’s Batfleck reveal), or Howard administering medicine to a sick Triceratops.

Speaking of dinosaurs – recently, a fresh batch of Jurassic World plot rumors not only purportedly revealed a new dino that’s featured in the film, but also alluded to the existence of certain elements that are included as part of the movie’s functional dinosaur theme park and safari attraction. Late last week, supposed images of a map for the Jurassic Park featured in the Jurassic World movie made their way online on the Jurassic Park Legacy Forums (via CBM), for JP enthusiasts to analyze and dissect to their heart’s desire.

It’s possible these map pics are a fake – though, if they are, then a good deal of work has been put into making them seem like they could well show a legitimate film prop. See what you make of them, by checking over the pair of images that we’ve included below (for more, head over to the JP Legacy forums):


jurassic world map 620x370 Jurassic World Patch and Rumored Map Images Tease a New Dinosaur Park

jurassic world movie map 620x370 Jurassic World Patch and Rumored Map Images Tease a New Dinosaur Park

These pics identify two attractions – a dinosaur petting zoo and a “Gyrosphere” that likewise brings visitors up close and personal to the dinos –  that were specifically name-dropped as part of the recent unconfirmed report on the Jurassic World storyline. In addition, these photos indicate that certain familiar dinos from past installments will, in fact, be making a return appearance – because, really, what would a Jurassic Park movie be with nary a T-Rex nor Velociraptor in sight?

Mind you, that doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that this map is both a fake and the source for some of the latest claims about the film’s plot. Nonetheless, for the time being, these details (which also make reference to a genetically-spliced super-dino monster in the film) are starting to seem a bit more plausible – which, depending on how you feel about the elements being teased therein, is either discouraging, encouraging, or a mix of the two.

jurassic world logo Jurassic World Patch and Rumored Map Images Tease a New Dinosaur Park

If nothing else, though, starting off Jurassic World with an operational Jurassic Park – one that’s owned by Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi) and counts such folk as Pratt and Jake Johnson (New Girl) among its employees – seems like a decent idea.

After all, if this film is – again – going to examine humanity’s arrogance in believing it can control nature (as Trevorrow has suggest it will), then it’s important for the dinosaur park to actually be working for some time – in order to justify why the Jurassic Park establishment was rebuilt again, after things went so badly in the past – and, in a meta sense, demonstrate why this franchise still has relevance, after two decades and the changes in the blockbuster landscape that have accompanied them. Once that’s done, though, we can get to all the fun that involves people getting chased and/or eaten by dinosaurs.


Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Colin Trevorrow, JP Legacy [via CBM]

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  1. It looks like the studio is following the same formula as amazing spiderman franchise in just
    Copying the original movies all over again, LOL.

    • Maybe if you had some sort of example supporting your statement, it might get taken seriously. Other than that, just some ignorant words from someone who laughs at himself.

    • How are they “copying” if Jurassic World is not a reboot but a sequel (Jurassic Park 4). BTW The Amazing Spiderman franchise is also not copying the original movies, yes Spiderman is in it (only thing they copied LOL), but because it’s a reboot it doesn’t mean it is copying the original. It has similarities but how do you expect them to change his friend (Harry Osborn), Norman Osborn, his aunt (aunt May), his uncle (uncle Ben), and his origin. They are being original and faithful to the comics.

      • I agree with both you guys, rod22 seems to like making himself look kinda foolish.

  2. Water Park? Um…do they really think it’s a good idea to let the kiddies swim with dinosaurs?

    • That’s probably not the case…kids aren’t going to be swimming with marine dinos. It’s probably going to look more like SeaWorld where there’s a place for guests to use the water park attractions neighboring marine dino exhibits. When was the last time you’ve seen SeaWorld allow guests to swim with their orcas or walruses.

  3. I’m really hoping they address in the film how whoever is the director of Jurassic World (assuming Hammond has passed away by now…probably still InGen) took over the dinosaur claimed island by going back in there, capturing all the dinosaurs, then rebuilding the park to where it’s functional today. I’d love to see how they did that, as we’ve all seen how dangerous it is to step foot on either of the two islands.

    And I’m hoping they address which dinosaurs they decide to include into this film that were featured in JP2 and JP3 which weren’t originally on Isla Nublar in JP1 like: Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, Copies, the Pteranodon, and the different species of Hadrosaurs. I really do hope Spinosaurus at least makes an appearance, even though I’m still a bigger fan of the classic T-Rex.

    Lastly, as a little nod to the fans, since it was never revealed what actually happened to him in JP1, I hope Dr. Harding or one of this children make an appearance as the head Vet of the park being we don’t know if he actually died in JP1.

  4. I just pray to God that the stupid and asinine novelty of the spliced “super” dino is complete BS. Otherwise, they’ve jumped the shark and essentially went Michael Bay / Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on this once great franchise. There is something beautifully simple about the original dinos. They are obviously a collective “Greatest Hits” of popular dinosaurs, and they certainly looked the most realistic in the original film, more so even than the future installments. They never surpassed JP1 in terms of visual effects, it’s still amazing to this day. T-Rex’s debut is one of the most incredibly riveting CGI performances ever.

    There is absolutely ZERO need for “new” dinos. The simple fact that there were a finite amount of Dino’s even mentioned to be made in the books kind of caps what they should be doing. Why do outside that? The suspense comes from the script, not the stupid a SS colorful dinosaurs with ridiculous peacock features running around or a dumb Spino-novetly-saurus. That is kiddie garbage that shouldn’t touch a studio’s discussion table. I was suspenseful, realistic scenarios.

    • There likely will be splicing, but I don’t think it will be quite what some are thinking of some sort of freak mashup dino thing. I suspect they’ll be splicing just like they did with the frogs in the first movie, only this time with something else. And given the hints of a terrifying dinosaur, and a few other mentions, I suspect that they’ll simply be using the splicing to explain the “chameleon” abilities of the Carnotosaurus which was in the Lost World novel (and frankly the most pulse-pounding part of that book with invisible face-eating dinos stalking the people).

  5. Krillin and axl, in being polite and civilized, the fact you have to ask whether these movies
    Copy the originals shows neither of you must have seen them back in 1992 and 2002. And
    dazz was there even any movie theaters in the uk back in 1992 or 2002 son? Or did you
    All gather around an old stone age amphitheater? because if you look at honest trailers you
    will see how amazing spiderman is beautifully mocked for copying its original.

    • hey rod22, 1993 not 92 get your facts, straight and first off those other two dudes are completely right you cant change an origin story, what are you a bit off in the noggin,

  6. It would be a real treat if some original cast members popped up, like Dr. Grant or Dr. Malcolm, or even the kids from the first movie!

  7. It would be a real treat if some original cast members showed up, like Dr. Grant or Dr. Malcolm, or even the kids from the first film!

  8. Let’s just hope they don’t mess up if this idea of t-rex and raptors being able to be controlled happen then in my eyes this Film will be as bad as the forgettable jurassic park 3 stupid idea t-rex and raptors mad the original please don’t mess this film up and make this for the fans to remember

  9. plesiosaur please show me a plesiosaur.