Ty Simpkins & Nick Robinson Cast in ‘Jurassic World’; Jake Johnson in the Mix [Updated]

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ty simpkins jurassic world Ty Simpkins & Nick Robinson Cast in Jurassic World; Jake Johnson in the Mix [Updated]

[UPDATE: Nick Robinson is in talks now. Read on for details.]

Bio-engineered dinosaurs are the real stars of the Jurassic Park franchise, with adult humans coming in second followed by underage folk in third place. Every installment in the sci-fi franchise (based on the books by the late Michael Crichton) has, thus far, included 1-2 non-adult characters who end up in danger of becoming a dino snack – with a young Camilla Belle coming the closest in the opening minutes of The Lost World: Jurassic Park – and it looks as though the fourth movie addition, Jurassic World, will not break from that tradition.

Reports are in that 12-year old Ty Simpkins has landed a lead role in Jurassic World, reuniting him with Steven Spielberg (who is executive producing the fourth JP installment); that is, even though Simpkins was too young to recall working on War of the Worlds (2005) with the blockbuster director. Simpkins matched wits with Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3 this past summer, but he’s also known for playing demon magnet/astral-projecter Dalton in the Insidious movies.

So far, the only other cast member said to be onboard for Jurassic World is Bryce Dallas Howard (Terminator Salvation), thought Deadline‘s report about Simpkins mentions that the actress hasn’t been formally confirmed yet. When news first broke about Howard signing up, it was mentioned that there is another key (adult) human role that needs to be filled, with acclaimed character actors David Oyelowo (Howard’s costar in Kenneth Branagh’s As You Like It) and Josh Brolin (Spike Lee’s upcoming Oldboy retelling) being among the rumored contenders; though, in the latter’s case, the claim might’ve been just due to a reporting error.

Deadline says it’s heard whispers about how Jake Johnson “is in the mix” for the adult male lead in Jurassic World, but for now that remains unofficial. It would make sense for the New Girl star to be in consideration, seeing how he worked alongside JW director Colin Trevorrow on the latter’s indie breakout, Safety Not Guaranteed. Not to mention, in both that film and the Tarantino-favorite dramedy Drinking Buddies (read our review), Johnson has demonstrated the kind of emotional versatility and depth that suggests he’s got real leading man potential – especially if he plays an ordinary guy who must screw his courage to the sticking place in Jurassic World (a la Alan Grant in Jurassic Park).

UPDATE: THR is reporting that Nick Robinson has entered talks for Jurassic World, where he would portray the older brother of Simpkins’ character. The 18-year old Robinson starred in the well-received indie feature The Kings of Summer earlier this year and plays a recurring lead role on the ABC family comedy series Melissa & Joey (which begins its fourth season in 2014).

Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson in Drinking Buddies Ty Simpkins & Nick Robinson Cast in Jurassic World; Jake Johnson in the Mix [Updated]

Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson in ‘Drinking Buddies’

Speaking of Dr. Grant: Sam Neill (who portrayed the character in the first and third Jurassic Park movies) has affirmed the general belief that Jurassic World will be a partial reboot of the series, meaning that none of the human players from past installments are expected to return (that includes adult version of the kids in the first three films). Trevorrow has said before that he intends to pay respect to the franchise’s history, but the Jurassic World script – based on a draft by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) that features heavy revisions by Trevorrow – isn’t expected to feature any sort of figurative passing of the torch from one generation of dino-attack human survivors to the next.

That said, it sounds as though the Jurassic World screenplay uses a formula similar to that for the previous installments (or, at least, related human character tropes). Thing is, although the cast for the fourth Jurassic Park is shaping up nicely, the problems with the second and third installments – as our editors have discussed in depth on the Screen Rant Underground Podcast before – have more to do with the story (not the acting talent). Namely, how we have yet to see a Jurassic Park sequel that properly expands upon the themes and ideas that were explored in the first movie (save for the first half of The Lost World, arguably).

How would you prefer for Jurassic World to mix things up, compared to previous installments? Do you like the casting for the film so far?


Jurassic World opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

Update Source: THR

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  1. Ugh….. Another kid?

    Hopefully he wont be ”Jungle Boy” like in Jurassic park 3.

    What is with kids an this series? Hopefully they finally allow kids an woman to die in this movie (I know it’s unlikely)

    Every movie the kids an woman get a safety net an the men get eaten. Grow an pair Dinosaur’s don’t just target older men.

    VERY disappointed by this news already.

    • Don’t you remember Dr.Sattler’s words? “dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth”. Grow some balls you dipshit and don’t bash on the ladies because they’re smart enough to stay alive

  2. Now I’m worried. He was alright in Iron Man 3, but do we really want a kid as a lead in Jurassic World?

  3. I don’t mind his inclusion, I just hope they don’t focus on kids too much.

  4. Shoot me
    It’s a kiddie movie

  5. m not seeing th if none of te original cast are in it

    • I would’ve loved to see Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill back, but it’ll be nice to see some fresh new faces. Don’t knock it till you try it. Bryce Dallas Howard and David Oyelowo are great actors and Josh Brolin is phenomenal. I’m just hoping these guys end up being included, because if true, it’ll be as good if not better than the original Jurassic Park cast if you ask me.

  6. I’m glad there is a kid in JP4. Honestly, Dinosaurs is a children’s dream-come-true, nothing more, nothing less. JP wouldn’t work without any kids involved. JP is one of the series that’s not supposed to “grow up”. I don’t want it to be another Alien… I’m happy they stick to the original concept of including kids in the series. It’s them these movies are primarily made for…

  7. I would rather watch animated kid dinosaurs in The Land Before Time, than a kid focused role in a realistic dinosaur movie.

  8. Nick Miller might be in it! If he is, I’m so there….who am I kidding, I’m going for the dinosaurs no matter what.

  9. I don’t know what’s with all the kid hate. The first Jurassic Park had a kid, and it was great. James Cameron’s Aliens and Terminator 2 both had kids, and they were great.

    It is possible to have a great movie with kids in lead roles.

    • It’s possible, but the exception of the rule. The rule being characters like Shortround in Temple of Doom, that annoying girl in Lost World, or the constantly screaming Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds. Once you add a kid to a movie you increase the chance that the movie turns out bad, because writers are usually stumped when it comes to kids in a story and resort to silly antics.

      • That’s not saying much because there are plenty of annoying adult characters too. Chris Tucker in the Fifth Element springs to first place in this category. As well as Private Hudson in Aliens and John Connor in Terminator 3 too. In your Temple of Doom example, the damsel in distress was just as annoying as Short Round. It’s just terrible writers in general ;)

        IMO, the kid who plays Luke on Modern Family is one of the funniest people on television. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the writing, but he has me rolling on a weekly basis…my guess, it’s the writing.

        • Wow!

          First of all, Short Round is freaking amazing in Indiana Jones. Where is your heart, bro!? He was a fantastic child actor and also did great work in The Goonies. He disappeared into the role and you believed every minute of his performance. He truly acted like a kid and had fun doing it. So many kid actors literally “act” and you can tell from the moment they open their mouths or just from their body language. Kid acting is an art, and a young Key Yung did an AWESOME job.

          That being said, props on calling out the stupid girl from Lost World and also Dakota Fanning, one of the most annoying ever IMO, even in Man On Fire.

          As for the adults, Chris Tucker was great in The Fifth Element! His character may have been annoying, but he’s hilarious at times and completely owns that role. It fits with the whole 90s’ excess that was reflected in the film, he totally fit that world and filled out that character. It’s supposed to be indulgent. As for Private Hudson, “GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!” how can you NOT love those one-liners!? He provided the humanity, next to Ripley and Newt. Sure, he was a Marine and supposed to be solid as a rock, but the fact that he WASN’T is what builds even more suspense and horror. I.E. if this guy’s worried, they must be in some serious s____. Bill Paxton was great in Aliens.

          I rest my case on all 3 counts!

          • Yeah, Paxton was great in Aliens and the only annoying character in War Of The Worlds was Justin Chatwin as Robbie. Dakota was perfect as the scared little girl.

          • My heart is fine, but it is usually overruled by my ears. There are few things in life that annoy me more than constant yelling. That’s why I agree that Charlie in Temple of Doom and Ruby in The Fifth Element are just as terrible. ;)

            I can deal with Hudson, though. Probably because his voice isn’t as high pitched.

            • *Charlie? I mean Willie!

              p.s.: this comment will make sense as soon as my other comment passes moderation. ;)

    • Yes, but Jurassic Park 2 and 3 had kids and they were awful. I don’t see how +18 rated Terminator and Aliens even come into the equation. The kids in those movies weren’t exactly leads, in fact I seem to recall they were playing second fiddle to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sigourney Weaver

  10. argh! I find Ty Simpkins really annoying, I don’t have much hope for this film.

  11. Boy! Some people need to get a life w/all this hate SMH :/

    BTW: I’LL agree w/P.P. that there are plenty of annoying adults actors/actress.

  12. It’s gonna be just fine. It’s not M. Bay :) Relax ppl

  13. Yeah, I’m sick of the kids already. Lex and Tim were FANTASTIC picks, namely because Spielberg was in charge. I know he was in the second movie too, but I think he let it get away from him a bit. I’m all for diversity, but the Kelly role was so freaking forced and annoying as hell. That role was supposed to be a black boy named Arby anyways, and I’m sure that would have went over better.

    Don’t get me started on the lame kid from JP3, terrible movie, terrible casting aside from Sam Neill. Probably made Neill not want to come back, although it’d be great to see him again. I don’t see the problem with having at least ONE of the original actors Treverrow. Give the fans something to be excited about. Ian Malcolm is always welcome of course!

    I really DID NOT like this kid in Iron Man 3 and he was one of my main complaints. His acting was terribly forced, there was no “wonder” in his eyes and he acted like he was an adult. Reminded me of that other annoying little scrap on The Walking Dead. There are much more fantastic, more unknown child actors, most likely from other countries, who don’t cheapen roles and take them very seriously. The Harry Potter kids were great examples of this and they’ve all starred in some fantastic dramatic roles after the fame had gone. I’m hoping the script improves this little guy’s acting. He’s certainly not the worst, but he gives me ZERO reasons to be optimistic at this point, especially with no veteran actors returning to the series (really lame!)

    • Woah, woah….the only “Harry Potter kids2 who could actually act were Tom Felton, Emma Watson and the kid who played Neville Longbottom. Those movies are perfect examples of why I think the adults are the best actors and the kids are annoying as hell to have to watch, especially Daniel Radcliffe. He’s admittedly gotten a little more tolerating with his more recent trailers for Horns and whatever the movie is called with him starring alongside Dane DeHaan.

      • I don’t know anybody who found Harry to be annoying, I think you’re in the minority there. We go through the journey with Harry for all 8 (or however many) movies they made. If he wasn’t very good, I don’t think the movies would be nearly as renown. People identified with him because he portrayed the character perfectly. And as for Ron Weasley, check out that red-head’s performance in the WWII flick where he’s a British pilot who’s shot down and forced to share a cabin with the Nazi enemy. Great movie and he’s fantastic in it. The title eludes me and I just watched it.

  14. As someone who loves jurassic park 3 i am nothing short of ecstatic for the latest instalment to the series. A reboot will be far more interesting than a mere sequel using the old cast to use nostalgia to sell the film. Using “Nick Miller” from New Girl is a very unusual choice. None the less it could be spectacular.
    I SAY FILM OF 2015 IS ALREADY DECIDED. I hope you all agree.