Jurassic Park 4 Story in The Works

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Jurassic Park 4 Update Jurassic Park 4 Story in The Works

A few weeks ago we wrote about Jurassic Park 4, a project that’s seemingly been off and on for many years. At the time, director Joe Johnston, currently focused on the upcoming release of Captain America: The First Avenger, was rather confident the project would be moving forward. Franchise star Sam Neill however, wasn’t as optimistic.

As it turns out, Johnston must be in the know since the project is back in the early stages of development as key figureheads meet to discuss the film’s story…

Heat Vision has the exclusive report that should have Jurassic Park fans excited: Steven Spielberg has been meeting with writer Mark Protosevich to go over ideas for the fourth installment in the dinosaur franchise based on the novel by Michael Crichton. Spielberg of course, directed Jurassic Park 1 & 2 and served as an executive producer on the third.

Joe Johnston instead helmed the third film and has long been in line to helm the fourth as well. Protosevich was involved with the story of this summer’s Marvel Studios hit, Thor (see the Marvel connection here?) and served as a screenplay writer for I Am Legend.

The plan is to use Jurassic Park 4 as a means to relaunch the franchise so Universal can have another series of tentpoles to guarantee box office revenue for years to come (think Fast & Furious). It’s nearly been ten years since Jurassic Park III hit theaters and in today’s day and age, that’s a long time in between sequels and reboots. Spielberg is certainly in the dino mood however, with his television series Terra Nova also debuting this fall.

The most notable difference in the industry from then till now is the incredible advancement in animation technology and this can only benefit the franchise which relies heavily on CGI to bring many of the creatures and visuals to life. Whether or not such a film would see franchise regulars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum or Laura Dern return in some capacity is still up in the air, but don’t be surprised if they are worked into the plot somehow as a marketing tool.

When are we getting a Dino-Riders movie? The only thing cooler than dinosaurs are dinosaurs with lasers. Click the following image and thank me later.

Dino Riders Movie 280x210 Jurassic Park 4 Story in The Works


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Source: THR

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  1. WANT! Been waiting years!!

  2. Why is Joe Johnston still attached to direct? All his movies have been pretty mediocre after Jumanji and that was 16 years ago. Captain America trailers have been pretty underwhelming also.

    Get Spielberg back directing or some fresh blood, not another retread.

    • No he did a great job with The Wolfman.

      • agreed!

  3. Dino’s with lasers sounds like the most ridiculous idea for a JP film ever! JP 3 was a pile a crap, and needs a lot done to be redeemed. It would be cool to see a 4th, but not dinos-decked out with technology, thats just sloppy. Plus I’d want to see more of the original cast, because they are what made JP good.

    • I think it wasn’t a proposed idea for the 4th JP film but a call out to when a Dino-Riders movie would be made…….

      • No, a while back the idea of dino’s with guns was the potential story idea for JP4. I just hope that idea has been cut, as its very silly for JP.

  4. I absolutely LOVED Dino-Riders as a kid. Would love to see THAT rebooted.

    • I agree Dino-Riders was the ahizznittlebam and I’ve been saying for years that they need to make a live action version, as for JP4 I think it’s time to get some fresh blood in there (human and dino) I mean how many times in one lifetime can the same person be attacked by dinosaurs

  5. I just hope they don’t go with Sam Worthington. AGAIN.

  6. Some water-dinos in the sea, who are attacking luxury liner and other ships, would be fun. Water-dinos were so monstrous.
    Jurassic Park meets Jaws, Jawrassic Park.

    • Thats interesting as its a concept from the first book that never made it to the film. I wrote a JP4 script last year when I was having a break from my book, finished it in 2 days.

      • I never read a Jurassic Park book, but the first movie was the best, the third was decent and the second was the worst (so over the top, but still entertaining somehow) IMAO.

        So there where water-dinos atacking big ships in the first book? The first film was the best, then make a JP4 about this chapters of the first book = maybe as good as the first movie.

        PS: are you a professional writer or are you writing scripts as a hobby.

        • I am a professional writer, but I just write scripts for fun, when I get writers block or have a spare few days.

          I’m also in the same opinion as you regarding the films. As much as I love Jeff Goldblum, the second film is just bad and had it followed the novel, it would have been much more interesting.
          It’s not actually sea dinosaurs in the book, although I included both Plesiosaurs and Liopleurodon in my script, it is actually two velociraptors that manage to board a ship leaving Isla Sorna in the novel.

          • What are the main differences from the second movie in comparison to the novel?
            How many novels of JP has crichton written?
            And are there any Sea-Dinos in it, when not, I wonder why not, it is so obvious to do something with this thematically, it gives something fresh to the franchise IMO.

            • Difference? There are hundreds. Malcom certainly doesnt have a teenage daughter that goes with him, there are no dino hunters on the island, the characters are quite different. The only sequence from the book thats in the film is the trailer going over the cliff and the baby T-Rex stuff. There is none of that nonsense in San Diego either.

              Crichton only wrote Jurassic Park and The Lost World, there were rumours he planned to revisit the franchise at some point but he sadly died before that came to pass.

              It’s worth noting, in JP3, when the kid is parasailing at the begining, what destroys the boat and takes out the people? It was originally supposed to be from huge pens in the water containing huge aquatic dinosaurs but due to budget was never filmed or even in the final draft.
              As well as in The Lost World, what exacly killed everyone on Peter Ludlows ship containing the T-Rex, because it was was locked in the ships hold. This was meant to be a raptor attack but again, never filmed.

              • The novel (The Lost World” is a dreadful book. The character of the daughter (in the film) is the amalgamation of two other characters (middle-school students) in the novel, thus just as ridiculous.

                • I disagree, I think its a good book. I awlays found it amusing however that Crichton made no attempt to explain how Ian Malcom had miraculously survived being eaten by raptors and left on Isla Nublar. Because he was.


  7. i would’nt mind seeing a jp sequel ive been posting in past years to see sequels to this remake of resident evil, a underworld prequel origins, a sequel to splice,and remakes to creature from the black lagoon, and island of dr moreau. for one i kinda just lost interest as time past for jp, mortal kombat, and men in black.


    • The caps lock button. Click it. :|

      • Maybe he’s just angry.

  9. i would love to see universal get the rights to steve altens the loch for a horror type film, and dino crisis as well.i think its about time for a lagoon creature remake, and a new and improved sleak but dark and creepy version of dr moreau.

  10. I just don’t know where they can go with it. The aquatic dinos idea has more steam than just another retread of “trapped on an island” theme again. Sometimes, they’ve just got to know when to quit. There are so many talented screenwriters out there, can’t they just *gasp* find a whole new concept?


  12. Just leave the series as a trogliy but if Steven Spielberg directs the fourth movies then this might scare the new gerenation as it did to the old one in 1993.

    The first one will always be a classic.

    • Just leave the series as a trilogy but if Steven Spielberg directs the fourth movie then this might scare the new gerenation as it did to the old one in 1993.

      The first one will always be a classic.

  13. ooo, I know!
    maybe the reboot could be called “Cretacious Park” instead?
    I know.. too snarky.

    Still, I loved the first film despite it being so mangled in the translation from book to film. I… well.. less liked the 2nd film (I actually actively HATED the 2nd book). I was rather unapologetically forgiving of the third film’s failings, and enjoyed it nonetheless.

    If they make a new film, they HAVE to get John Williams to do the score.

  14. I’d rather they produce a whole new dino-franchise. I’m thinking ‘Turok,’ ‘Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,’ etc., but something NEW.

    And if you’ve read the Jurassic Park and Lost World novels, you know that a more faithful reboot would be justified as well.

    • I would LOVE to see a Turok film

      • Ditto.

  15. I loved all 3 movies, although the 2nd was the weakest of the trilogy. If they make a 4th movie, I will be in the theater the first night. I just hope that if they decide to go 3D, they FILM it in 3D. None of this post-conversion crap. Dinosaurs in 3D would be worth paying a few extra bucks to see. BRING ON THE DINOS!!!

  16. Actually yes! Loved the first film and would be cool to see them trying it out with todays technology. They could make it a lot more scary than the first film though if they loose the comedic overweight support role, *hint hint.

  17. I feel as if Jurassic Park 4 will reboot the dinosaur genre in film like how a few alien films took off within the last year.

  18. please make it epic!

  19. Bring it on. Though part 2 and 3 were weak in I still enjoyed em’ enough. However the original was and is one of my favorite films of all time.

  20. It is amazing how good the cgi combined with the practical effects, in the first film was. IMO there are some modern, realy expensive movies with so bad cgi, and the first JP is from 1993. It was revolutionary in its time.
    I looked the movie in the theatre and when the t-rex emerged, my mouth was wide open until the end, i was so amazed. I’m looking it once about every year since then.
    It first JP is on a par with Alien 1+2, Star Wars 1-3, Indiana Jones 1-3, Bladerunner and some other all time classics in my list.

  21. The third one was brilliant in my opinion, not better than the first but 100 times better than the second.

    I’d suggest a dinosaur bigger than the one that tore the T-Rex apart, if there is anything bigger than that?

    • Only under the sea, AFAIK.

      • Sounds good to me. But personally I’ve been waiting for a giant squid movie for years. Not exactly sure how one would pull that off, but I want to see it happen.

  22. About time

  23. Bring on Jurassic Park IV. I love the first 3 and have them all on DVD. I’m an old guy ( age 66). but I am like a kid when it comes to these type of movies. The reason why I love the new King Kong movie, as well as the original, is because they have a giant ape and dinasaurs in them, as well as great story lines.

    Please, Spielberg, produce this movie and put it on the sreeen while I am still alive and kicking.

  24. I am really starting to hate CGI. It’s ruining the magic behind movies. I know that it is necessary now for certain effects, but they are using it in excess, and all because it’s cheaper. Bring back practical effects!

  25. What worries me is that the new movie (hopefully!) would be too CGI laden. What made the original so incredible (visually speaking) was the animatronics. When the T-Rex breaks out in the original — I don’t think they could have done that any better. What a brilliant scene! However, think about if Jurassic Park had been made 3 or 4 years ago — it would have been a bunch of CGI BS. People keep thinking that CGI looks better then robotics, and I think sometimes that may be the case, but CGI ages VERY poorly. Bring on the dino robots, ditch the computer BS. I have real human eyes, computer generated imagery has not fooled me yet.

    • You do know that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were CGI right?

      • As I said above, its about a good combination of practical effects (animatronics) and cgi, to make good, believable special effects, like in the first JP or Lotr 1-3.
        In the first JP the dinosaurs were made with both techniques.
        Tat’s the achievement a good special effects movie has to bring off, to combine cgi with practical effects to an extent, so that you don’t see what was made with cgi or practical effects.
        I agree that cgi is used to often nowadays, because it’s getting cheaper and cheaper. At 1993, when JP was made, cgi-effects were much more expensive, so they used more practical effects and used cgi mostly to perfect them.

        • I totally agree, I hate the overuse of CGI in today’s movies, that’s why I refused to see Avatar (also because it ripped off Pocahontas and was called “original”). The only reason I said anything was because I thought you were stating that they had used only animatronics in the first JP.

  26. Fox may have something with their prehistoric getaway show, Terra Nova, also being executively produced by Spielberg. JP4 will need to run circles around the tv series, so as not to be another situation like Star Trek:Next Generation and Star Trek V:The final frontier.

  27. this is a rough idea of what Jussic Park 4 could be about even though it is just a draft and is not the film’s plot just a theory of an idea, it has been three years since Jussic park has been closed down and the Dinosaurs who used to have lived there are relocated to hawaii for safely reasons but not all dinosaurs can adapt to the temperature of this environment and start to die but the ones that do live are now fighting aganist eachotner for their own suvivral but these dinosaurs also accidently kill and eat a huge number of hawaiian decent due their hunger brought on by the smoking hot weather thus making them a International threat to hawaii and a even bigger problem to the world itself, so Dr. Alan Grant, a leading paleontologist and Dr. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician and chaos theorist and John Hammond, billionaire CEO of InGen and curator of Jurassic Park along with Dr. Ellie Sattler, a paleobotanist and graduate student of Grant’s and quite possiblely any one else who is needed, to the Island of Hawaii to finally to do battle with Dinosaurs not just for Suvivral but also save humankind from extinction no matter what the cost is, The War of Suviveral bettween humans and Dinosaurs has just began. if you like it feel free to keep reading it as the real film is not out out yet not until 2013, which is indeed a long time to wait. enjoy!

  28. Sorry, but I cringe everytime I hear -or read- the expression “aquatic dino”, as much as I cringed in the third film’s making-off, listening to the crew naming the pteranodon as “flying dinosaurs”.

    There were no sea dinosaurs. Plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, pliosaurs, nothosaurs, icthyosaurs, etc… were not dinosaurs at all, but completely different orders of animals derived from reptiles. The same way, pterosaurs -such as pteranodon- were not dinosaurs either, and formed a quite separate branch in the evolutionary tree. The only “flying dinosaurs” I know are… birds. Birds are much more related to dinosaurs than pterosaurs ever were.

    Just to clarify it.