Is ‘Jurassic Park 4′ Shooting this Summer?

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jp t rex Is Jurassic Park 4 Shooting this Summer?

Last we heard, the long-rumored Jurassic Park 4 was set for a summer 2014 release. That announcement punctuated over a decade of rumors and discussion about the film and lent a sense of validation for fans holding out for a revival of the once-blockbuster franchise.

Thus far, no director or cast members (new or returning) have been confirmed. Even the central concept for the film remains a mystery. However, some new information has just sprung up that may indicate that answers are on the way. – the online version of New Orleans’ daily newspaper The Times Picayune – claims that the film may be preparing to shoot in Louisiana this spring. Rumors had already been swirling that Jurassic Park 4 might film in the state, and now Patrick Mulhearn, director of studio operations at Raleigh Studios in Baton Rouge, has confirmed that Universal reserved stage space from April to November this year.

Such high profile films as Battleship and the upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi film Oblivion have been shot at Raleigh, but Mulhearn was not able to confirm which production might take place during the reserved time.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We are glad [NBC/Universal is] considering bringing more production work to Baton Rouge in the near future, whatever that may be. But nothing is confirmed at this point, and I guess you never really know until the office opens and they start building sets.”

jurassic park2 570x321 Is Jurassic Park 4 Shooting this Summer?

Moreover, the site reports that Universal has filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State to change the name of Cirque Investments LLC – under which the studio shot films such as Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant – to Ebb Tide Films.

Of course, this isn’t the most concrete evidence of the mysterious production’s connection to the franchise, but it is telling that Jurassic Park composer John Williams (along with the Boston Pops Orchestra) once recorded a song titled “Ebb Tide.” Sure, this could very well be a coincidence – but is it? After all, it wouldn’t be the first time a high profile film has used a fake title to hide its production. As one example, Return of the Jedi famously used the fake working title Blue Harvest while filming.

On the other hand, Louisiana Entertainment head Chris Stelly has yet to receive official notice about Jurassic Park 4 filming in the state. So, at this point, consider this strictly a rumor, albeit a plausible one.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for all the latest details on Jurassic Park 4. In the meantime, the original Jurassic Park hits theaters in 3D on April 5th, 2013.

Jurassic Park 4 is expected to stomp its way into theaters on June 13th, 2014.


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  1. What? Still no director? Better get one or else.

    • Colin Trevorrow was signed on, last time I checked.

  2. Mr DNA: Dinersars!!!

    • LMAO.

  3. yeah youd think wed be hearing some shooting/casting/directing news by now.

  4. Not looking forward but hopefully there’s Dinosaurs we haven’t seen yet…I`ll wait for Netflix

  5. Please let it be. After so many false starts, I just want to see this flick already!

  6. Maybe I’m too young to remember this franchise’s importance but does it really have that big a following. I’m thinking an ancient franchise like this one with mediocre action and drama would be scrambling for all the publicity they can get complete with ‘leaks’ of director, producer, and star casts. Releasing plot propositions and set photos.

    Or maybe their going for the Cloverleaf, viral route. And rebooting the film as a secret experiment connected to the failed park that goes horribly wrong and dinosaurs invade a small remote town before the military can get their. Most the hunting and feeding is mysterious and the crowd doesn’t realize there in a jurassic park movie until half way through.

    I guess that could be an interesting modern twist on Jurassic park because in hindsight Jurassic Park could have been a great suspense/horror film rather then an action flick.

    • Wait, are you saying that the first Jurassic Park had mediocre action?

    • Yes, you are too young. ‘Jurassic Park is twenty years old. You must be significantly younger than that to consider it ‘ancient’

    • Since you are young, I will explain this: Jurassic Park was HUGE when it opened. Adjusted for inflation, it was more successful financially than The Avengers. It was a huge leap forward in visual effects; previous movies like Terminator 2 and The Abyss had employed computer effects but nothing nearing the scale of Jurassic Park. There’s no accounting for taste if you felt the action was “mediocre,” but JP was a textbook four-quadrant film.

      Now, the sequels were not as well-received. I liked The Lost World, though it lacked the spirit of the first film and was darker overall. JP3 was just a bad idea for all the same reason JP4 is a bad idea: it has no basis in a Crichton novel, it didn’t have Spielberg at the helm, and it was patently obvious that it was nothing more than a cash grab. I liked seeing Sam Neill back, but that was about it.

      JP4 is just another one of those sequels looking to resurrect a dead franchise. A bad idea from the get-go, and odds are 100 to 1 that it will be terrible, even if it’s successful financially (a la Indy 4).

    • Jurassic Park was pre-internet for most people (including me), but yet we heard about and anticipated the movie for months in advance. There even was whole documentary series about dinosaurs directly connected with Jurassic Park promotion back then. Dinosaurs were the topic on TV, magazines and newspapers for weeks before and after. And of course it also had absolutely gound-breaking CGI effects for its time. Jurassic Park came out in 1993, the 80 were only just over, and yet, the scene with the T-Rex attack in the rain still looks better than most CGI effecs of today! In fact, it looks absolutely real.

      Me and many other watched it in the theater many times. They sold a Making Of book about it. There were toys, shirts, caps and other merchandise. This film was as a viral phenomenon way over a decade before the marketing departments even came up with that term. It was huge!

      p.s.: I was 17 back then.

      • Totally agree with you about the special effects standing the test of time. I was 15 when the original came out and it was like a drug for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. I think I saw it a total of 8 times on the big screen and then nearly broke the VHS copy watching it every day for about a month when I got out of school. I also remember collecting just about everything that was Jurassic Park. Not to mention, I have great memories tied to this movie. So I’ll admit, I am eagerly anticipating a fourth installment.

  7. T-REX back as main predator or forget it… Jurassic park 3 blew.

  8. Obviously too young if you are calling it “Ancient.”

  9. The best thing about J3 was seeing T-Rex get taken out. It has been proven that the T-Rex is not a predator like the Raptor. I heard that J4 was to take place in South America. But that was a while ago and you know how things change in Hollywood.

  10. Yes, you are too young. ‘Jurassic Park is twenty years old. You must be significantly younger than that to consider it ‘ancient’

  11. Having seen Life of Pi I really want to see Ang Lee directing JP4. He is great at creating tension and depicting animals and nature in beautiful 3D-shots. I think he’d be the perfect guy for it.

  12. This film has been stuck in development hell so long its becoming increasingly unlikely it will ever happen… With no script, director, stars or producer attached its only really rumour that keeping its existance afloat at the moment..

    • Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have written the script, your right about the director and stars, but Spielberg and Frank Marshall are producing. Everything is a lot farther along then everyone seems to think.

  13. I’m 28 and I remember my friend having nightmare about JP. To hear it being called “ancient” is a little depressing and rediculous.

    I’m glad this movie came out pre-internet.

    “Hold on to your butts.”

  14. Is there an official plot synopsis to this? Last I heard years back, there was supposedly a story where because of the Jurassic islands, a prehistoric disease was returning and causing some global pandemic, scientists were needing to return to the islands to retrieve some old flowers or something that will provide a cure, dinosaur hijinks ensure….. scream, run, bloodfest….. Add Kiera Knightly and that was the movie

    Not sure if this was officially the plot, or a long term internet fan rumor…… I just find it interesting that no mention of directors or attached stars has been announced anywhere, but there is a summer production scheduled

  15. I have high hopes for this… of course that rarely seems to work out.

    People don’t seem to realize that both books were cannibalized into the 3 movies. Parts of the first book were in all 3 movies. Then there were parts of each movie that weren’t in either book. The entire t-rex in san diego part movie #2 wasn’t even in the book. So there are still parts from each book that could be rewritten for the screen. I personally preferred the lost word book way over the film. People like to hate on the 3rd movie but i think it was actually better than the 2nd.

    I’d personally like to see a flashback where some billionaire science guru goes back to the island around the time of the first film and finds the shaving cream can with the embryos. Open the film with that, then flash forward to today where he has created his own set of islands (and problems of course). It connects it with the first trilogy and leaves it open for a re-boot of sorts.