Sam Neill Talks ‘Jurassic Park 4′; Not Likely to Return as Dr. Alan Grant

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jurassic park 4 sam neill Sam Neill Talks Jurassic Park 4; Not Likely to Return as Dr. Alan Grant

Director Michael Bay’s untitled Transformers 3 sequel (a.k.a. Transformers 4) will be one of those movies that blurs the line between what is considered a full-blown reboot and franchise re-tooling. It will not break narrative continuity with the previous Transformers films; yet, it features an entirely new cast of human players and will introduce multiple robots-in-disguise that haven’t made the jump to live-action form before now.

The most-recently developed version of Jurassic Park IV has been described as a similar continuation of the over-arching story set in motion by director Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster - based on the late Michael Crichton’s novel – and its sequels, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. However, JP4 is expected to stray away from all the previous films’ narrative formula (i.e. humans travel to an island that is populated by dinosaurs, wind up on the dinos’ dinner menu).

Universal put Jurassic Park IV on indefinite hold two weeks ago, with the studio’s official reason being to allow for additional development. Once the on-again/off-again project does begin moving forward (again), it should still be presented in the form of a reinvention - like what Transformers 4 is to the Transformers trilogy – and, as Dr. Alan Grant himself (Sam Neill) told stuffco.nez, that probably means that neither he nor any other human survivors from JP I-III will be involved.

April 7 Box Office Jurassic Park Sam Neill Talks Jurassic Park 4; Not Likely to Return as Dr. Alan Grant

Here is what Neill offered, with respect to JP4 (note: that article was not written to take the release date delay into account):

As well as confirming that he is unlikely to be a part of next year’s Jurassic Park 4 (“I’m told it’s a big reboot, a total re-jig”), Neill confesses he hasn’t seen the new [3D re-release] version of the original ['Jurassic Park'].

While Neill describes JP4 as being “a big reboot,” what he most likely means is (in film nerd talk) a franchise installment that jettisons its core human players. That would mean no Dr. Grant, Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler, or Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm – no worries, fans of the Goldblum, he’ll be back in Independence Day 2 (assuming that belated followup ever happens) – as well as side characters in the Jurassic Park sequels, like Vince Vaughn as photographer Nick Van Owen.

Chances are, JP4 will also skip on featuring grown-up versions of the kid characters in previous installments, like Dr. Malcolm’s daughter Kelly (Vanessa Lee Chester) or the titular park’s creator John Hammond’s grand-children Tim (Joseph Mazzello) and Lex (Ariana Richards). CBM reports that Bryce Dallas Howard (Terminator Salvation) and David Oyelowo (Jack Reacher) were rumored to join the movie’s cast prior to the delay, which does point towards a completely-new human cast.

Jurassic Park 4 Update1 Sam Neill Talks Jurassic Park 4; Not Likely to Return as Dr. Alan Grant

Currently-attached JP4 director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) Tweeted a picture during location scouting, which revealed that the film is going to partly take place on Isla Nublar (the island in the first Jurassic Park movie). However, beyond that and the film’s consulting paleontologist Jack Horner’s tease about a new dinosaur showing up, there are no confirmed details about the script draft written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes).

However, after a pair of lukewarm sequels and neither the beloved Dr. Grant nor his fellow scientists – who are experienced in the ways of avoiding a dino-induced death – likely to return, it’s going to be difficult for Jurassic Park IV to impress. The people working to make the still-theoretical film a reality have promise and talent, but (if you’ll pardon the cliche) will that be enough to bring this franchise back from extinction?

Are you still hoping that Jurassic Park IV sees the light of day? Are you more or less excited about the project by the prospect of no returning cast members – Neill included – or is fresh (human) blood exactly what this series needs to survive?


We’ll keep you informed about Jurassic Park IV as more information becomes available.

Source: stuffco.nez [via CBM]

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  1. Now, honestly, I thought that Sam Neill was a highlight of JP1 and JP3 and is my favorite character in the movies. I would LOVE to see the children of JP (Lex and Tim and Ian Malcom’s daughter) grown up and going back to the island. At the end of the day, I’ll trust Speilberg as this is his baby and he’s spent more than 10 since JP3 released working with writers on JP4. All I know for sure is, come the release of JP4, I’ll be one of the first people in line!

    • ROBERTO. Thank you for writing the very same review I was going to write. You direct the moviel. When will hollywood figure out that when we love a movie it is the characters we love the most. We want to see them in sequals. We hate to see someone else playing the part of a beloved character. If they can’t return don’t put them in the movie. Ref. Jack in Pitch Black. They didn’t even ask her to return. Killed the Cronicles of Riddick for me.

  2. Well there is one nail in JP4′s coffin.

  3. I suppose this is inevitable eventhough I
    think Sam was the best thing about the films.
    It’s hard to think about them without thinking of him.

    Sam is an actor whom I expected to have a bigger career.
    I kept waiting for it to kick into a higher gear but it never
    happened for mysteries unknown as these things unfold.

    Neill is now 65 which comes as a shock to me making
    me think I lost track of time myself for some reason.

    • Yeah, I really don’t know what he can do next. My hopes for him to play Jonathan Kent in MOS were dashed by Kevin Costner, so I really have no clue where he can go from here.

  4. Honestly after Jurassic park 3 i’m not very interested in a 4th… I’d only pay to see this is if T-Rex gets back as main Dino.

    If not i’ll bootleg it but wont give anymore money to this franchise. Esp with Horner’s lame involvement.

    • Horner is one of the premier dino experts in the country!!!

    • Whatever. I want to see it no matter what as long as it is good movie, that’s it.

  5. I hope they forgot about that Human/Dino hybrid creatures concept……

  6. Awww. I loved Neill and especially he and Dern together, but better a total “re-jig” than another bland sequel.

    I am still interested in JP4 if they can come up with a compelling story and not just make an action film with good effects.

  7. “rejig” eh? How come I can suddenly picture little to no plot as well as an in-your-face camera and lots of teeny actors??

  8. Needs Sam Neil, otherwise it wont be as good! his character is very important to fanchise, this time the movie should be based on Dinosaurs that have reached other parts of civilization and are becoming a concern to populations of people, with some Dino’s being tamed by humans others remaining a serious threat, with some bigger t rex’s than previous, the return of more spinosaurus and a bigger meaner dinosaur, actually they could make the dinosaurs actually save mankind from another biological threat of some kind, taken from the first movie where the fat man loses the DNA in the soil, then was actually found by some foreign entity who manage to make there own biological dinos that go wrong and turned into more monster like creatures that threaten mankind, but the Jurassic park dinos actually save mankind by battling and killing them all, just an idea that could work I think.

  9. Delayed again! I’ve been waiting for a 4th film ever since I left the theater after JP3!! Dinos on the big screen works for me!! I’d love to see Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum return, but if they come up with a good story it doesn’t matter WHO the actors are. Just put a T-Rex battling a triceratops or a pack of allosaurs battling with a stegosaurus and I’ll be happy!!

  10. This movie can take as long as it wants. The last thing we need is a forced reincarnation just for BO money. Make this worth seeing.

    • thats true, but this movie is coming out next year! There is no cast yet. Its not looking good so far. I want to see dinosaurs again, but nothing is worse than not doing it right.

  11. If not Grant, life will find a way for Malcom to appear. It just makes too much sense in chaos theory! :)

  12. I’d at least like Neill to make an appearance as Alan Grant. I realize his age, but the guy has always been my favorite character from the JP movies.

  13. Oh sweet moses. I am looking forward to this movie immensely however I am really apprehensive. It might be cheesy to go back to use the kids from the previous films as they are adults now. However, that would probably be better than starting completely over from scratch. I think there is a possibility to make a good original story. My fear is they are going to sell out for the mass audience and make a watered down story with pointless love triangles. They might look at who is hot right now and can attract large numbers to the theaters. At the end of the day, that is all that matters in hollywood. I’m just waiting for the casting news of Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Shia Lebeauf.

  14. I’m still looking forward to this movie. I’ve actually enjoyed each film of the series thus far.
    I’m hoping Dr. Grant makes a cameo in the movie at the very least, it would be a real shame if he doesn’t appear at all.
    That being said, I’m not opposed to a new cast, I just hope the old stars are mentioned in some way in the movie.
    For the new dino rumor, even though it’s not technically a dinosaur, I’d love for them to introduce the mosasaur from the game into the movie. Blowing up the island doesn’t necessarily kill off animals from the water. Hell, I’ll take any mention of a marine facility/marine animals.
    I also hope they make some mention of the pteranodons at the end of the 3rd movie. Always was curious of what became of them.

  15. Ami en verdad me ancanta la saga de jurassic park y como an crecido los personajes espero que se cree jp4 soy fanatico de las películas de dinosaurios me gustaría que Alessandro nivola como billy brennan en jp3 baya en jp4 lo que sam neill dijo que no iba a actuar como el dr. Alan Grant me decepciona el es uno de mism personajes favoritos obvio que también Jeff goldblum como ian malcon y laura dern como Ellie sattler también me gustan pero de verdad los personajes de jp1 jp2 y jp3 me encantan y yo creo que los de jp4 tambien yo lom unici que espero que se cree jurassic park 4 y que
    Steven Spielberg siga haciendo peliculas de jurassic park.

  16. Jeff Goldblum Falls To His Death In New Zealand


    Actor Jeff Goldblum died while filming a movie in New Zealand early this morning – August 6, 2013
    Preliminary reports from New Zealand Police officials indicate that the actor fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set. Specific details are not yet available.

    The accident occurred at approximately 4:30 a.m. (UTC/GMT +12).

    he will not be in this one at all? Is he dead for real?

  17. Dr.Grant and Dr.Malcolm should have been there.I personally feel disappointed.

  18. Seriously, why would you not bring back the favorite characters from the previous films? Ever since JP1, all I’ve wanted is more JP1. JP2 and 3 sucked royally, even with bringing back interesting characters (somewhat). So how do they expect to make a good JP movie again WITHOUT them?

    If anyone involved in the film is reading this, for the love of all that is holy, at least bring back Grant and Malcolm. That was literally the only thing you had going for you on the second and third films. I think bringing back the kids as grown-ups is also a awesome idea.

    You’re on the right track by going back to Nublar, don’t f**k it up again by trying to introduce all new characters. Jurassic Park IS Allen Grant and Ian Malcolm.

    I hope you’re not as stupid as you make yourselves out to be. For everyone’s sake.

    Sincerely, someone who isn’t retarded.


      this will be such a let down

    • yes mannnn……..I LOVVVEE IT……GREAT COMMENT…….!!! JP is ALAN and MALCOLM… OHH yess buddy….. please bring them back…tell them…


  20. I want sam neil and the all of the characters in JP1…….please someone bring them back….. there is no jp without them……!!!! at least in the 5th movie……please……!!

  21. It should be the kids from jp1 and the little girl from jp2 go to isla nublar and then dr grant and Ian Malcolm go to save them because they get stuck on the island

    • But only if the actors are the same as before no new actors

  22. I am extremely excited about Jurassic park 4 to come pout but I’m still waiting

  23. I hate how Neill A.K.A Dr Alan Grant and the others not going back. I feel like if there is no Ian or Dr Grant it’ll be bad :’(

    • We want sam neill and jeff goldblum back in jurassic world

  24. I myself am very disappointed bc I was really hoping to see the whole gang back together for this movie Dr grant and Dr satler are what made the original Jurassic park movie and the grandkids seeing Dr Malcolm his daughter and Sarah Harding would be awesome to have them in the 4th movie or at least Dr satler kid charlie

  25. I am very dissapointed that dr grant willnot be in the movie. He Is the heart of jurassic park to me and my favorites are part 1 and 3 also!! I have a feeling part4 will be like part 2…dissapointong and a waste of a