‘Jurassic Park 4′ Returning to the Original Island

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Jurassic Park 4 Will Return to Original Island Jurassic Park 4 Returning to the Original Island

Though Jurassic Park 4 is scheduled to hit theaters just next summer, the film has yet to be cast, major headway has yet to begin, and production is still a little ways off. Of course, now that Colin Trevorrow is attached to direct, that’s all likely to change very soon.

Little is known at this point about the film – aside from the inclusion of a new dinosaur and the fact that it’s being shot in 3D – but one thing we can probably expect now is that the story will return to the island from the original Jurassic Park.

That’s because Trevorrow recently tweeted a scouting image of the island with a one-word caption: “Nublar.”

For those unaware,”Nublar” is a reference to “Isla Nublar,” the island from the first film that housed the titular park. “Isla Sorna” – also known as Site B – was the island from The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, which was initially used for bioengineering the dinosaurs before transporting them to Nublar.

Check out the scouting image below:


Jurassic Park 4 Original Island Scouting Photo 280x170 Jurassic Park 4 Returning to the Original Island

The tweet and accompanying image are almost certainly confirmation that Jurassic Park 4 will see a return to the original island and the infamous (and no doubt ruinous) remains of Jurassic Park itself.

As it’s been nearly twenty years since the events of the original film, we can probably expect to see a lot of jungle overgrowth, decay, and disrepair going on in the park facilities, which could make for a truly haunting and creepy callback to our childhood memories (that is, for those of us who were children in 1993).

Jurassic Park 4 Clever Humans Jurassic Park 4 Returning to the Original Island

Having said that, I hope this doesn’t turn into another “we have to go back to the Jurassic Park islands for some reason!” misadventure where one of the original cast members gets shoehorned into the plot.

Considering the Jurassic Park sequels aren’t held up as extremely successful installments, it might behoove Colin Trevorrow and company to do something new, interesting, and perhaps even drastic with Part 4 to stand out among today’s sequels, remakes, and reboots. Many expect that Trevorrow – the director of the critically acclaimed science fiction-comedy Safety Not Guaranteed – has the skill to accomplish just that.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you happy to see Jurassic Park 4 return to the original island? Drop us a line in the comments.


Jurassic Park 4 is expected to hit theaters June 13th, 2014, which means we have a little over a year before we collectively need to hold onto our butts.

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Source: Colin Trevorrow’s Twitter Account

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  1. I couldn’t be more excited for this movie! I think it makes sense for them to return to the island, but from there they should really introduce several new things and twists to give it a fresh take, sort of a re-invention. It’s one of few movies that include dinosaurs so there’s definitely a lot of ideas they can tap into. The movie’s also releasing at the perfect time, after Pacific Rim this year and in the same summer as Godzilla next year, it looks like the comeback of giant monsters and dinosaurs, finally!

  2. Since I am such a huge fan of the novels, I would rather see a reboot of these films. Especially The Lost World. I doubt anyone would want to step on Spielberg’s shoes though. I know Crichton helped write the screenplay of the first film but its pretty darn different. Almost an entire story different. Since he has passed, they could just take from those 2 novels and have something great to go with.

    • A reboot for the Lost World would have been good but i find this 4th installment just as good. To me it seems similar to a reboot of some sort but without having to re-explain the reasoning for the dinosaurs existence, plus there’s a good chance there will be a complete new cast.

      • Do you have a link or something to a premise of this story? I haven’t seen anything for it.

        • Not 100% off course, but here’s the post that was on here about a year ago.


          • ^^^ “The plan is to use Jurassic Park 4 as a means to relaunch the franchise so Universal can have another series of tentpoles to guarantee box office revenue for years to come (think Fast & Furious).”

        • Like AyBlinkin said, it’s not guaranteed but it’s what i’m expecting!

    • Im with you on that. I love the novels and would love to see a reboot. ever since reading the books I have a hard time watching the movies since they way different from the novels.

      this is who I picked as a fancast for the reboot if they ever did it


      • The most expensive casting for a movie… EVER! LOL

        • it would make for a good movie though

      • I’m trying for a whole day to register on that site, to leave a comment, but ComicBookMovie.com STILL isn’t sending me e-mail(s) to confirm my registered name.
        So unprofessional.

      • Oh, fu*k it, I will answer you here.

        - As Leathercheerio already noted, the budget (according to the cast) for this film would be aroud 500.000.000 dollars.
        Tell me, are you being serious?
        That’s the problem with fan casting, because people who make those lists are always picking their favorite actors, and in your case, actors that are currently some of the HIGHEST PAYED actors in the WORLD!
        Fan casting needs to be smarter.
        Even your ”other choices” are expensive movie stars.

        - Here’s a quote from your article:
        ”While Sam Neill did a decent job playing the role, I felt we needed someone a little younger to portray the character. I chose Keifer Sutherland.”
        Little younger?
        Oh, dear…
        Do you know how old was Sam Neill during the filming of Jurassi Park?
        46 years old.
        And how old is Kiefer now?
        46 years old! *SHOCK*
        How is that younger?!

        - ”The problem I had with Jurassic Park movie was that they combined a lot of Ellie Sattler with another character istead of showing the other character.”
        Films DO that. It’s because books have MORE TIME to get us relate to characters, but the films have only 2 hours. Character fusion/dropping is done all the time in film adaptations.

        - Denzel Washington in a small black-guy-dies role?

        - Your explanations about why you want some actors are comical.
        I liked Craig in some films, so the role goes to him. I liked Jack Black in 2 films, so the role goes to him! I liked Bloom in 2 films, so the role goes to him!


        • @MornLandazar

          You don’t need to be a d*ck about it, man. For all we know, he could be a 13 year old kid who just loves movies. Why are you out to crush his dreams? Take a step back and breathe, bud.

          • Yeah… I guess you are right.
            I did sound like a di*k.
            I still stand by my opinion, but the problem with internet-commenting (as opposed to the real life) is that whenever you dissagree with someone, it is likely that you will sound like a di*k, even though you are only giving constructive criticism. :-P

            And, of course, there is also a problem with this website.
            Whenever I want to emphasise a word, I usually BOLD it.
            But, because you can’t bold letters on this site, then I have to write them in CAPITAL letters, so it looks like I’m SHOUTING, and I sound further like a big DI*K! :-D

            • You can bold anything you want in the comment section.

          • well actually Im 21 and that was written a few years ago. at that time I was always liking movies. within the past few years I have gotten to know movies better to know what is good and what is bad

            • Sorry for underestimating your age.

              • no its ok Im not worried about it, I just wanted to clarify so people didnt get the wrong idea

  3. I actually like the idea of revisited the park in a desolated and destroyed state. I just hope the story makes sense.

  4. Although they are characters from the Lost World, it would would great to include Dr. Richard Levine and Doc Thorne in the 4th film

    • Bring back Nick Van Owen – played by the sarcastic motormouth Vince Vaughn! and introduce his partner Owen Wilson as an assistant

      • That… would be something else LOL

  5. I applaud the return on Isla Nublar.
    Hopefuly, the film will have Dino Crisis 2 (game) feel to it.

    HOWEVER, I would like to see some new characters.
    I remember reading one fan-made plot about the 4th film.
    The guy said: ”Lex and Tim are… Malcolm is… Grant and Ellie and Hammond will…”
    I stopped reading.
    Why is it so hard to have new characters?
    Grant, Malcolm, Ellie, Lex, Tim and Hammond had their own moments to shine.
    Of course, small cameos are OK, but not the plot revolving around those people!

  6. I hope my fan script didn’t fall into the wrong hands, haha. Granted, returning to Isla Nublar is something anyone could have predicted, but I’ll be paying attention to see if any of my ideas for a sequel start to look like the official premise. Similar thing happened with The Dark Knight Rises. I’m not accusing Nolan or anything, but it’s funny when similar things pan out.

    • “Great minds think alike”

  7. I think they’re covering what wasn’t covered from the book in the last films. The nuclear destruction of site A and B, and how some of the dinosaurs escaped to the mainland.

  8. Jurassic Park the novel has never was far darker and more hard edged than any of the films turned out to be. Maybe if they can regain some of that in the fouth film it will lift itsslf above being rip off of past ideas strung together with slightly more advanced CGI and new characters running away from dinosaurs…

  9. Except that Isla Nublar was destroyed at the conclusion of the first novel. This doesn’t please me. If Jurassic Park were meant to have another sequel past The Lost World, Crichton would’ve written it. But he didn’t.

    • I have learned long time ago that novels and film adaptations of those novels, are NOT the same.
      Film adaptation will always be different, because the director/writer wants to film his own version, with some WHAT IF? moments.

      For example, if I want a genuine Lord of the Rings feeling, I will read the books. But if I just want to see Middle-earth (any version of it), I will watch the films, which are in many ways different than the source material.

      There was the time when I was like you, when watching films:
      ”HEY, it didn’t happen like that in the novel! This movie sucks!”
      But then I read what Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic book The Walking Dead said.
      Kirkman is also writer/producer for the TV series The Walking Dead, based on the comic.
      And he said that the show’s creators are purposely creating differences between the comic and the series, because they want to see all those comic characters DO NEW things, and chose other paths from the ones in the comic.
      And that is a good explanation.
      What is the point of the film, if it’s going to be 100% same as the novel?
      Films are a different thing – a different vision of different men.

      Micheal Crichton (writer of Jurassic Park) was a screenwriter for the film Jurassic Park.
      And he changed many things, because he wanted to try something new with the characters.

      A good example is the TV series Game of Thrones – everything there is done with the blessing (and occasional writing) from G.R.R. Martin.
      And changes don’t bother him, because he wants to try out new things, different characters, andd so on.

      • I entertain the same thing to everyone that complains about the differences between movies/books. They are different for a reason. I also noted above in my first comment that Crichton helped write the screenplay for the film. But he has passed now. And the books are widely different. Which is in itself, a different story. And that’s how reboots happen. By retelling the story but differently. So use the stories from the novels?

  10. 13 months to shoot and do post production!!!!

    • Granted it’s not the same CGI as Fast and Furious, but they turn theirs out in about that time. Heck they film 7 this summer with a Summer ’14 release date.

  11. ::Raises Hand:::

    Um, what practical reason is there to return to an island overrun with man eating dinosaurs and dinosaurs who would scrape you off their foot.


    Once you leave the house on fire, and all your loved ones and pets are out of the house safe, you do not run back into save your PS3!

    • Speak for yourself…

      • @Leather Cheerio.

        Yeah, you would be going back in for the PS3. Then a week later trade it in for a PS4.

        Sheesh! :)

        • Only if the price is right. I’m still up in the air about it. I don’t even play video games really. So its just a sweet blu ray player.

          • I go back into the house when its on fire….of course its my job though. And yes, I have rescue someones PS3. Haha

  12. favourite comment ever…

  13. I for one would love to see Dinosaurs getting off the Islands and actually repopulating all over the world to where it becomes a big proble. I would also love to see some of the water based Dinos/creatures, and maybe some others with unique abilities like a chameleon, or sticking to walls and things like that kinda make you worry about whats above you as well as whats in front as they have made these films before.Think about how these creature might have lived and made their homes maybe digging holes underground then popping up to grab someone? i really think any kind of film can work if handle right and are really thought threw.

  14. who ever has the rights to dino crisis and creature from the black lagoon really need to make those films in the next few years, would be great.

    • Just what I was suggesting in my first post on this topic.
      Dino Crisis would be an awesome film.
      I like DC2 more (because it combines the old buildings and research facilities with jungle scenery), but I would be glad if they made the film based on DC.

  15. Creature from the Black Lagoon could easily be updated in many different ways you could just update it and make it a thriller horror, or you could have another planet where a team is sent from earth and they actually find all types of life almost like on earth then they are bring the creature either back to their ship when he attacks or they make it back to their main ship and are headed back to earth when he wakes up and attacks could be really dark and a bit like the Alien film with things changed here and their to make it its owen thing. and Dino Crisis just has never been done, and needs to be.

  16. I hope its an all new cast, the other have had their time dealing with the Dinos two times each.I would like to see other characters haveing their first experience with dealing with Dinos in new ways.

  17. Hawaii really is, and was, the perfect place to film this movie. Kauai really does have a pre-historic feel to it.

  18. Seeing this after it actually being shot in 3D will be awesome. Went and saw the re-release of Jurassic Park in 3D and was really let down. I felt like my blu-ray copy was almost equal in quality.

  19. Cool, I can’t wait too see what Nublar looks like in JP4.

  20. This is a dream come true. Did someone get their hands on my own Jurassic Park IV script? Well, done Universal and Trevorrow. This news of going back to Isla Nublar made me squeal like a little girl. I’ve been waiting two decades for this! Now they must bring back some of the classic characters from the first! And if they truly want a better story (I keep writing this everywhere) Bring back InGen! AND bring in InGen’s rival corporation BioSyn from the novel! It would be an epic way of starting a new story with a new antagonist at the reign! Bring back Lewis Dodgson! Bring back Hammond! I’ve read the novel 3 times and the first film hundreds, no, thousands of times (It’s my favorite film and the reason I’m going into film.) Don’t screw this up Trevorrow! The fans will hunt you down!

    • Oh, dear, you gotta be kidding?

      Here’s a STUPID thing that most of the people would like:

      - Let’s bring back Dogson as the main evil guy!
      He’s going to the island to do !
      And who will be there to stop him?
      Well Lex and Tim, of course, working for InGen as secret operatives (they were sent by their grandfather’s dying wish, of course)!
      But NO! Who is there as well?
      Yes, Nick van Owen, an enviromental guy from JP2 is there, wanting to protect those ”animals”! And who is Nick’s sidekick/best buddy?
      Eric Kirby, from JP3, who became an enviromentalist himself!
      Dr Alan Grant is, of course, once again abducted and brought to the island, but this time, by Roland Tembo – a hunter guy from JP2!
      Driven mad by the loss of his men on Site B (particulary Ajay), he swore revenge to all dinos!
      And he abducted Alan because he wants to have a guide on the island!
      But wait, who is there, hidden in their cargo hold of their plane?
      It’s Ellie’s son from JP3, who followed Alan Grant!
      Only – he’s not 2 anymore – he’s 15, and is a rebelious teenager!
      Oh, yes – we would also have a sexy Malcolm cameo, and obligatory Ellie cameo too.

      MY ONLY HOPE IS THAT JP4 FILMMAKERS ARE NOT READING THIS, because it would give them a STUPID idea, that, unfortunatelly, many people would like.

      Are you being serious?
      Bring back some of the classic characters?
      Dude, this should be a NEW movie not the first one all over again.
      JP is in my top 10 favorite films ever, but you are thinking with you NOSTALGIA, not with your right mind.
      So, for 3 whole films, we had recurring characters mentioned or shown on screen, and seriously now, after all the things those characters did in the previous films, you would ”magically” make them again tie up to the dinosaur/island story, and you think it wouldn’t be forced?
      The same thing happened with JAWS and its sequels.
      All the films followed the same family, and the plot of the 4th film was that the shark had some sort of vendetta against the Brody family. (!!!)
      Let’s hope JP4 doesn’t fall so low.

      We need:
      OLD island.
      NEW characters.
      OLD characters ONLY mentioned, or in small, non-distracting CAMEOS.
      NEW, gripping plot.

      • *to do evil stuff!

        Screen rant doesn’t recognize certain keyboard characters, such as forward and backward arrow – so it automatically deletes everything inside those arrows.
        Come on, Screen Rant, make an EDIT option possible!

      • “OLD characters ONLY mentioned, or in small, non-distracting CAMEOS.”

        I can imagine it now. “What’s that russling in the bushes over there?” Out pops Jeff Goldblum with some $h1t eating grin on his face and then fades away like a ghost. Or Sam Neill with the crazy face he does in Event Horizon.

        • Haha, the Goldblum bit would be hilarious! :-D

          ”Or Sam Neill with the crazy face he does in Event Horizon.”
          …NEW characters (consisting of college kids who are there to party) are walking through the Jurassic Park ruins.
          Suddenly, they stumble upon a man, turned with his BACK to them, facing agains the wall.
          A (dumb) blonde girl of the group reaches out with her arm towards him and says:
          ”S… Sir…? Are you OK?
          Suddenly, the figure turns, and we see Sam Neill, with his eyes gouged out, and his face full of scratchmarks.
          The group freaks out (but don’t run away for some reason), while Sam Neill lifts his arm, and points towards the group and says:
          ”Lacerta Daemonum! Lacerta Daemonum!”
          The group then freaks out even more, and they run off from Sam Neill, and after a while, they regroup at the jungle clearing.
          ”What was he saying?!” says the jock of the group (even though the obvious question would be: ”WTF was that?!”
          Conveniently, one of them (the nerd) just so happen to speak Latin (it’s his major in college)…
          Nerd: ”Lizard-demons… Lizard-demons…”
          Just as he says that… we hear dino sounds from the jungle around them (of course, dinos waited for the nerd to say that thing, and THEN start grwoling, because of the dramatic effect).

          • What’s latin for “sleestak” LOL

  21. http://thugkitchen.com/

    You’re welcome