‘Jurassic Park 4′: 10 New Dinosaurs You Could See

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Jurassic Park 4 New DinosaursThe days of Jurassic Park 4 being nothing but a glimmer in Steven Spielberg's eye are over. Even though he may not be directing the movie - those duties are being entrusted to newcomer Colin Trevorrow - the buzz is all about bringing the kind of dinosaur adventure fans first fell in love with, along with some new additions and updating.The most recent report from paleontologist Jack Horner (whom Alan Grant was based on) promises a brand new terrifying dinosaur. We at Screen Rant pride ourselves on our dinosaur knowledge, and therefore know a few who could win audiences over. All better than the human-dino hybrids that were originally planned, too.Here are 10 New Dinosaurs You Could See in Jurassic Park 4.


Utahraptor Jurassic Park 4Everyone remembers the Velociraptors from each of the Jurassic Park films; whether it's their high-pitched whining or click-clack of their deadly hind claws. And even though Spielberg took some liberties with his 'six-foot turkeys,' (actual Velociraptors were under 2 feet tall), Utahraptor puts any debate over realism or dramatization to rest.Essentially, the Utahraptor is everything the raptors are famous for, in a much, much larger package. Reaching lengths up to 25 feet, the Utahraptor's own middle-toe claw was up to 12 inches in length from base to tip, making the previous films' Velociraptors seem like child's play.Every bit as deadly as the descendants movie audiences already know, but five times the size? We'd hope to see them in JP4, but that would make it one short movie.Image Credit: BBC Nature


Suchomimus Jurassic Park 4Suchomimus will automatically have supporters among those who felt that the Spinosaurus of Jurassic Park 3 wasn't a misstep, just something different. At first mistaken for a Suchomimus in the film, we can't help think that might have been the wiser way of going.Described by paleontologist Paul Sereno as "a dinosaur trying hard to be a crocodile" (need we say more?), the Suchomimus possesses a long snout designed to trap fish and claws to keep larger prey still. While the dinosaur's diet consisted mainly of fish and other sea creatures, that doesn't mean it lacks the size, speed or ferocity to do humans some damage.And all without a massive 'sail' to make it seem out of place slamming through forests or man-made structures.Image Credit: Luis V. Rey


Majungasaurus Jurassic Park 4It's easiest to think of Majungasaurus as something of a 'battering ram with teeth,' growing up to 20 feet in length, and possessing many of the features characteristic of large predators. But where Tyrannosaurus used crushing bites to take down prey, Majungasaurus wasn't so lucky.Endowed with a smaller snout, this dinosaur had to do its dispatching up close and personal; grabbing a hold of prey, and hanging on until the job was done. To that end, Majungasaurus was built for a fight: interlocking ribs for strength, exaggerated muscle growth over the neck, and even skull bones that were mineralized throughout its skin (making the skin over its face even stronger).Add the fact that these dinosaurs are one of the few known to have practiced cannibalism, and you've got one tough, mean, and unsympathetic killer.Image Credit: Art By Phil


Coelophysis Jurassic Park 4The first glance at Coelophysis may cause some confusion with the Compsognathus seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. While this dinosaur bears some similarities to the small pest that turns deadly when attacking in packs, there is one key distinction: the Coelophysis is over 9 feet long.As one of the most ancient dinosaurs experts know of, the Coelophysis was light, nimble, and designed for tracking down and eating smaller dinosaurs. But if working in packs, it's possible the creatures could have taken down much larger prey, aided in no small part by their improved night vision.Luckily, evidence of large herds of Coelophysis do exist. In Ghost Ranch, New Mexico paleontologists discovered over 1,000 skeletons, meaning Coelohpysis hunting packs may have put those of other dinosaurs to shame. We don't expect to see that many in a film any time soon, but even a hundred or so would be hard to survive.


Acrocanthosaurus Jurassic Park 4Acrocanthosaurus may not be the most outrageous, fastest or deadliest dinosaur, but it certainly possesses a few interesting traits. As one of the largest theropods on record (outclassed only by Giganotosaurus), the unique ridge running along Acrocanthosaurus' spine means its prey will certainly see it coming, and know their time has run out.Like most predators sharing its structure, Acrocanthosaurus relies on biting for damage, not its underdeveloped forearms. Even though its 'arms' were too weak to attack, all four razor-sharp claws are permanently flexed inwards. When paleontologists hypothesized how strongly the arms were capable of pulling, not slashing, it became clear: once prey fell within the arms, it wasn't escaping.In terms of pure deviance, that attack strategy seems stranger than fiction, and for that reason alone, we feel it deserves a live-action appearance.Image Credit: Dinopedia


Tylosaurus Jurassic ParkDinosaur enthusiasts have been demanding Jurassic Park take a closer look at underwater creatures for years. While many don't explicitly fall under the 'dinosaur' definition, it's about time a seafaring monster got some onscreen respect. And in that realm, few are as terrifying as Tylosaurus.The long-jawed mosasaur ranged in size topping out at over 50 feet in length, but when one is attacking, it's hard to see anything beyond the seemingly endless rows of pointed teeth. Although many ancient sea creatures preferred the depths of the ocean there is evidence to suggest Tylosaurus hunted in shallow seas as well. Meaning a human encounter wouldn't be out of the question.Fossilized stomach contents prove there was little Tylosaurus wouldn't eat if it fell in front of those chilling jaws, making it the kind of movie monster any dinosaur fan could respect.Image Credit: National Geographic


Carnotaurus Jurassic Park 4With a name meaning "meat-eating bull," it goes without saying that Carnotaurus is more of a blunt instrument than a precise predator. But as Jurassic Park films have proven, overpowering prey is as effective as outsmarting them. The name comes from the large horns on its skull, the purpose of which (protection, or hunting) is disputed.The armor plating found over vulnerable areas of Carnotaurus proves this dinosaur means business, and its smaller snout has led to disagreement among experts. Some claim its smaller jaw means it was a snapping, biting predator, while others postulate it had twice the biting force of an American alligator - the strongest bite in the world.An antagonist in Disney's Dinosaur (2000) the Carnotaurus played a chilling role in Michael Crichton's "The Lost World" novel, sporting chameleon-like camouflage. In case it wasn't scary enough already.


Giganotosaurus Jurassic Park 4 An important lesson was learned with Jurassic Park 3: there just isn't a real substitute for the Tyrannosaurus. Even though the Spinosaurus which defeated it was terrifying in its own right, audiences respond to size and strength, and the massive head and jaws of the original film's villain are beyond compare. Unless we mention the Giganotosaurus; similar to the Tyrannosaurus, only bigger, and with an even larger skull.The fact that Giganotosaurus had a smaller brain and one-third the biting power by comparison may sound like weaknesses, but that also means an even more primitive desire to hunt, and jaws and teeth more likely used to slash and tear, not crush. Also, the Giganotosaurus was faster.The similarities may confuse the casual movie fan, but a bigger, faster, and bite-ier version of the Tyrannosaur would be a welcome addition.Image Credit: Dino Crisis Wiki


Allosaurus Jurassic Park 4Any dinosaur fan is likely to have encountered Allosaurus at some point, with it easily claiming the title of the most well-known and researched of its prehistoric brethren. But a few key features make Allosaurus the right fit for JP4.For starters, the less impressive jaw size is made far more menacing due to the loose connection of the Allosaurus' lower jaw to its skull. In other words, it was capable of stretching its mouth wider than other carnivores, exposing more teeth as a cutting edge. That meant a less powerful bite, but paleontologists believe it compensated by using its jaw "like a hatchet against prey, attacking open-mouthed, slashing flesh with its teeth, and tearing it away without splintering bones."While we imagine what that would look like in live action, it's worth noting that many experts believe the 30-foot-long Allosaurus hunted its prey in packs.Image Credit: Jakub Hałun


Troodon Jurassic Park 4 Although Troodon may not be the biggest, strongest, or most intimidating dinosaur on our list, there's a good chance that it's the creature Horner teased would keep viewers awake at night. Blessed with binocular vision and a sickle-like claw on its second toe, these speedy predators were deadlier than their 7-foot length might imply.It doesn't hurt that their brains are some of the largest in the dinosaur world compared to overall body size - with one paleontologist, Dale Russell hypothesizing that Troodon could have evolved to be as intelligent as human beings - and over-sized eyes which imply that Troodon hunted after dark, with enhanced night vision. The dinosaurs were featured in Jurassic Park: The Game, and supplied more than a few scares and deaths, so we wouldn't be surprised at all to see a pack or two in Jurassic Park 4.Image Credit: Loose Nut Studio


Jurassic Park 4 New DinosaursThere you have it: the dinosaurs we most hope and expect to see featured in Jurassic Park 4. There are limitless choices facing Colin Trevorrow and his creative team, so all bets are off until the first trailers or images arrive.Which dinosaurs do you hope to see introduced? Is new and exciting the way to go, or should the movie stick with tried-and-true villains this time around? Leave your own ideas in the comments.Jurassic Park 4 opens in 2D and 3D on June 13th, 2014.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce
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  1. All of these would be cool choices. I do agree that Jurassic Park 4 needs to explore aquatic dinosaurs. What was that dinosaur in Jurassic Park 3 when Grant and company were digging through dinosaur crap just before the spinosaurus attacks the boat? It was redish and I think had small horns. It was a T-rex looking thing.

    • I believe that was a Ceratosaurus. Very cool looking, but not quite as smart or advanced as some of the others. Still loved that moment in the movie. Satellite phone + pile of droppings.

    • It was a Ceratosaurus, although it only looked superficially like the real thing.
      In the original script it was a Carnotaurus but it was later changed because Disney’s Dinosaur had already used Carnotaurus one year earlier… or maybe because they planned to give Carnotaurus a bigger role in a later film? :>

    • There’s a problem though! In the movie, the dino DNA came from amber-fossilized mosquitoes. It would be kind of difficult to find mosquitoes that were feeding on sea-based dinos.

      • In the Jurassic Park Builder game for smartphones, the DNA for aquatic dinos comes from frozen prehistoric leeches. Due to the inclusion of this in the game, I think the aquatic world will play a role in JP4

    • gigato for sure. always good to see a bigger dino stomp a t rex. not so bad no t rex are we.

      • No way! The T-rex is so… you know, ORIGINAL! They should find the long-dead giganotosaurus killed by the hybrid dinosaur, then mid-way the movie, should show the Spinosaurus battle the hybrid Dino and the hybrid would kill it and then finally, in the end, when hybrid is about to kill the people, they should show the T-rex burst out of nowhere and kill the hybrid. They should film that. Jurassic Park would not be Jurassic Park without the most famous meat-eater discovered. (A.K.A, the T-rex.)

      • And yeah, they should also show prehistoric sea reptiles.

  2. A dinosaur as smart as a human being? Seems scary…..

  3. Maybe they’ll throw in a godzillasaurus??

    • BIG G!!!!!

  4. Carnotaurus FTW!!!!

    Come on, it comes from the canon itself in Crichton’s Lost World, fantastic representation of a scary, stealthy hunter. I love how it hides in the forest and it also would hunt at night if it’s depicted as it is in the book. The camo makes it even more freaky to know you could be standing 10 feet away from a thing that towers over you in the jungle and not even notice it. When Thorn gets killed in the book by one, it’s pretty epic how it goes down and suspenseful as hell!

    • Carnotaurus and Troodon would be awesome in the night phase of the movie. They are both nocturnal and bring back that primal fear of the dark perfectly.

      So that mean, Carnotaurus and Troodon They can hunt the film cast at night while all the others Dinos does it during the day.

      Because the territories change at night, some species will fallow you anywhere during the day but will not dare step in a certain area at night, giving a false sense of safety for both the cast and the viewers.

      Btw Thorn didn’t die in the book he flee with the other on the boat, it’s Levine’s guide, Diego who was killed by a Carnotaurus.

      They are stealthy but you can ear them breath, i find that ultra scary.

    • I second that. Carnotaurus wasn’t even shown in the movie adaptation so now would be a good time to introduce it. Definitely frightening as it’s novel scenes perfectly demonstrate. I also like the idea of the Troodon which just might be our actual candidate. In the TellTale game they are nocturnal hunters that use venom to paralyze their prey and use their victims for purposes that are best left unmentioned.

  5. Those are really good choices. Better than that Spinosaurus from the third film.

  6. Would love to see a herd of Allosaurs in hunting action. Would also love to see a Megalodon (yes, I realize it existed after the dinosaurs were extinct), but imagine if the scientists had an area similar to a shark tank with a Megalodon, but it escaped and hunts along the coast of the island.

    • Megalodon has been used in several B monster movies so I doubt they’ll go for that one… a sea reptile like an ichthyosaur, plesiosaur or mosasaur would probably fit better with the saga, too

  7. Hmmm, my vote is Tylosaurus or that last one. Tylosaurus because the aquatic realm is indeed the logical place to cover at this point. The last one because a dinosaur as itelligent as humans (and also with binocuar eyes and a slyly flamboyant look) could be the part of an incredible suspense story.

    I am in the camp of Spinosaurus detractors. T-Rex has no substitute not just because of its great big head and jaws, but because it is the ultimate cultural icon. Other “similar but larger/flashier” dinosaurs are always going to be a step down in storytelling charisma.

  8. Toodon,allosaurus,carnosaurus, and Tylosaurus,but i would also love to see plesiosaurus,and more of Tyraldactyles, and diloposaurus.

  9. I had an idea for Jurassic Park 4 where they had hybrid dinosaurs e.g. Velociraptor + Pteradactyl = Velocidactyl
    Parasaurolophus + Triceratops = Trisaurolophus

    …perhaps if the DNA for different dinosaurs were mixed up it could lead to that. But if we’re talking pure-blood then I’d wanna see an Elamosaurus (basically the Loch Ness Monster) and a Pachycephalosaurus (dome-headed dinosaur). TBH not too interested in the dinosaur as much, but the story such as other views of dinosaurs in general e.g. from a Christian perspective they could think dinosaurs were killed during the Great Flood leading to Noah’s Ark.

    • Pachys were in The Lost World. What do you mean by Noah’s Ark?

    • that wouldnt make sense! they wouldnt be worried about a flood if there was dinosaurs back then cuz they would be dead! not to mention spending weeks outside of noahs house building an ark! that would be impossible

  10. Very cool list! Although I can’t pronounce half of them for the life of me. An aquatic dinosaur would definitely be at the top of my list. I’d love to see more Triceratops though. Can never have enough Triceratops :)

    • A good Triceratops vs T-Rex battle would be awesome!! OR the Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus!

      • I agree

  11. PPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE give us some underwater action! Theres nothing scarier than the silent murky otherwordly massiveness of the oceans and the giant beasts that roam in them. I cant understand how B Movie shlock its almost always the go to when filmmakers try to make a seafaring horror creature. Jaws nailed it obviously but yea, DAMN OCEANS, YOU SCARY!!

  12. why do all of them have to be carnivores that love crushing s*** ? it would have been nice to see some herbivores added to the list b/c those guys might not have been into meat, but it doesn’t mean they couldn’t f*** s*** up when push came to shove (see triceratops for proof).

    hopefully JP4 is more like #1 (horror with mild action) instead of mostly action and humans out performing massive prehistoric apex predators (JP3)

  13. They should put Terror Bird or even Megalodon

  14. I want dinosaurs with lazers strapped to their heads.

  15. I still feel as though they shouldn’t stray too far from the original Dinosaurs in saying that maybe 1 new Dinosaur is introduced. In my opinion Troodon sounds the coolest one out there because they should still stick to the Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptors to cause to havoc and be the biggest Predators. An underwater creature would also be scary though as long but as they bring back Grant, Malcolm, Sattler as well as Isla Nublar, I’m sold.

  16. They need to avoid raptors, apatosaurs but need to give the trex a cameo, maybe as a scavenger but not the main threat.

  17. The Spinosaurus was the lamest +1 attempt ever. A pit bull (T Rex) would destroy a German Shepherd (Spinosaurus). When the T Rex bit down on the back of his neck with that bite force, and it did nothing, I knew the movie was doomed and checked out. Way to invalidate the antihero of the series.

    My vote is for Utah Raptors. Combine the two franchise icons and you get Utah Raptors. Prehistoric snappers and crocs are scary, also.

    • As Alan Grant said that these creatures are not the real extinct animals.
      They are just genetically created freaks, nothing more than zoo animals, only artificial, and not natural.
      For example, JP raptors are bigger and featherless, unlike their real-life counterparts.
      T. Rex is a fast killing machine in the films, while some of the modern scientists think that he might have been a slow moving scavenger.

      Which means that it is pointless to argue who would win between T. Rex and Spino, because:
      a) we don’t know that, since those creatures don’t exist anymore
      b) because JP dinos are not the real dinos, but genetically created monsters, sometimes pretty different than what they really were

  18. If they want to do it right, i say less CGI, do it more like JP 1. more real.

    • I really hope they do that! Barely any movies hold a candle to what Jurassic Park did and that was made 20 years ago. I hope they continue it because it’d really stand out, especially from all the CGI heavy movies recently.

      • this is very true! imagine the dinos they could create by hand today! as long as they dont avatar this sh*t it will be great!

  19. Carnotaurus for the win! Physically, it’s terrifying to behold (look up Disney’s “Dinosaur” if you don’t believe me), and in Crichton’s novels it possessed a unique camouflage ability, making it an unparalleled stealth hunter.

  20. I ”vote” for Acrocanthosaurus.
    It looks interesting.

    And as much as I would like to see the marine reptiles, I really don’t see how would they explain them.
    Even the Jurassic Park: The Game gave no explanation for the appearance of the Mosasaur.

  21. albertasaurus would be awesome

  22. albertasaurus is a smaller faster tyranosaur that hunted in packs! sounds scary to me

  23. No!!! Not Tylosaurus! Bad idea because people will be wondering how mosquitoes bit an enormous prehistoric marine predator in the middle of the ocean.

    • Nature finds a way.

  24. Im hoping spinosaurus comes back, my favourite dinosaur and i dont think we got enough of it in Jp 3

    • Let’s also hope Giganotosaurus is in JP4 too, he was much more bigger and more dangerous than Spinosaurus.

        • Oh, my mistake.

  25. Good for you people, you can still be excited for new Jurassic Park movie. I really can’t see the appeal of CGI dinosaurs even after these past 12 years (JP3 was in 2001, right?). 20 years ago this might look awesome (don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about JP 20 years ago when I was a kid), but now I can’t watch Jurassic Park marathon on TV without thinking how boring they are. Good for you, people, good for you.

  26. Cash grab. No thanks. I support new art from new blood. Time to retire Mister Spielberg like your friend, George.

  27. Hmm…the Troodon…if I’m not mistaken, this is the dinosaur species which some paleontologists believe would have most likely evolved into a human-like intelligent creature if the dinosaurs didn’t become extinct.

    It would really be interesting to see them in the movie, especially if they would be presented as dinos that are far more intelligent than the raptors in the first 3 movies. This would definitely make them more dangerous than the other dinosaurs in the movie.

  28. I think there should be a t rex vs. an cartasourus

  29. i’m thinking that there shouldn’t be any more major carnivores like utahraptor and giganotosaurus but more herbivorous dinos like maybe styracosaurus or something! i think it would be a lot better with some more small carnivores, but not too many huge ones.