‘Jurassic Park 4′ to Feature New Dinosaur; Spielberg Talks 3D Conversion

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Jurassic Park 4 Update1 Jurassic Park 4 to Feature New Dinosaur; Spielberg Talks 3D Conversion

Oh the prehistoric times, they are a-changing. Not only is Jurassic Park 4 going to be directed by indie newcomer Colin Trevorrow, but it will also be sporting some new dinosaurs alongside fan-favorites like Velociraptor and the always crowd-pleasing Tyrannosaurus. No, we’re not talking about the dinosaur-human hybrids seen in concept artwork.

What new dinosaurs will be appearing is still a total mystery, but one paleontological consultant for Jurassic Park 4 is hinting that the addition will be the stuff of nightmares.

The report comes from renowned paleontologist Jack Horner, who acted as consultant on the first film and will be handling the same duties for the series’ fourth installment. Speaking with USA Today, Horner teased that a previously-extinct dinosaur would be brought to life in JP4, but won’t name names just yet:

“I can’t actually tell you who that will be…But you’ll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie.”

Jurassic Park 4 New Dinosaurs Jurassic Park 4 to Feature New Dinosaur; Spielberg Talks 3D Conversion

Experts on the franchise will warn that adding new dinosaurs is a risky move, since the first films relied on trusted hunters, where Joe Johnston’s Jurassic Park III (2001) tried to usurp Tyrannosaurus’ throne and replace him with Spinosaurus. The reception was lukewarm, even if we’d wager fans would take it over half-human, half-dinosaur monstrosities.

Even if Spielberg isn’t directing the film, and Kathleen Kennedy has relinquished producer duties to focus on Star Wars, the film looks to be in good hands for now. The larger issues that will likely be most divisive among fans will be the ratio of practical effects to digital creations, since the original film was forced by technology to rely on physical dinosaurs and sets, adding unparalleled realism as a result. On the bright side, dinosaurs you can reach out and touch may be coming regardless of the filmmakers’ decision.

Although Jurassic Park 4 is still a long way away, Steven Spielberg and Universal are giving fans of dinosaurs another movie to see in theaters; and in three glorious dimensions, no less! Although some will claim that the Jurassic Park 3D re-release is simply a way of making some quick money off of a beloved film while increasing public interest in live-action dinosaurs once more (we don’t know who wouldn’t be interested already), Spielberg maintains the conversion is one he supports for artistic reasons.

To hear how 3D played a role when he was actually filming JP, and how Titanic 3D convinced him a post-conversion was possible, take a look at his interview with USA Today:

Cynics might balk at Spielberg’s claim that he “shot Jurassic Park in his mind in 3D” as typical marketing speak, designed to deflect criticism and justify the higher ticket price; but long time fans of the original film will have a better idea of what Spielberg is referring to. In many ways, Jurassic Park emphasizes speed, perspective, and distance more directly than any other of Spielberg’s films.

Simply look at the “flock” of Gallimimus sprinting past characters and the camera, the T-Rex chase shot from the perspective of the fleeing jeep, or as Spielberg himself points out, the entire sequence following the T-Rex’s first escape. It’s evident in every frame of the film that the director was attempting to depict dinosaurs as a spectacle, and make every adult viewer feel the same awe and wonder that children do with their first look at a dinosaur.

Jurassic Park IMAX Release Jurassic Park 4 to Feature New Dinosaur; Spielberg Talks 3D Conversion

If 3D can help make that a reality, then why not? It could certainly go a long way in helping Jurassic Park 4 recapture worldwide audiences and reinvigorate a stagnant franchise. Even amidst the increase of 3D spectacle and stunning special effects in modern movies, Jurassic Park is still considered a groundbreaking film that hasn’t really been dated by time. Is it even possible for its successor to survive under its long shadow?

Life found a way, so maybe Trevorrow can as well.

Jurassic Park 4 opens in 2D and 3D on June 13th, 2014.


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Source: USA Today [Video via Latino-Review]

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  1. They need to feature dinosaurs of the ocean. I think the Kronosaurus would be terrifying. I’ve always found the aquatic dinosaurs to be scarier.

    • Liopleurodon

      • ooooh yeah that’d be good

      • a magical liopleurodon

      • NOOO!!!!

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      • SpamRant?

    • Agree… Oceanic Dinosaurs would be a great addition since we already have the aerial one.

    • yeah with three jurassic movies having been done I dunno why they haven’t attempted water dinosaurs yet. that could be crazy awesome if done right

    • *Puts on nerd glasses*

      They aren’t actually dinosaurs.

      But yeah, that would be awesome. There were some aquatic reptiles that could eat the hell out of dinosaurs.

      I don’t see the problem with the 3D. I will gladly give them more money to see 3D dinosaurs.

      • I think that they kind of implied that there were aquatic dinos in the beginning of JP3 where the boat ran through the fog bank and came out empty and covered in blood. Honestly, I hope they go for making the dinosaurs a dangerous spectacle rather than frightening monsters. In the first film, they were amazing a beautiful creatures, but were dangerous as well, whereas in the following films were more about the fear factor.

    • I know it is a couple million years separated but imagine a Megalodon on the big screen. Talk about fear of going back into the ocean..

      • Spearated from what?
        Those are all geneticly prodiced creatures, not real animals.
        Meaning that it doesn’t matter from what period they are.

    • Agreed… it also works well with Spielbergs type of shooting – as you wouldn’t have to show the whole creature.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The ocean held some huge prehistoric monsters!

    • While the Kronosaurus is a frightening looking sea creature,it is highly unlikely it will be featured in JP4,because 99% of the action will happen on dry land.

  2. When 3 came out I was in 5th grade and got a spinosaurus lunch bag and thermos.
    The spino v. rex scene rocked my world, shouldve been extended.

    • I remember I had a Jurassic Park water bottle with a plastic Spinosaurus head as the cap. Ohhh memories…

  3. Cannot wait for this movie, really hoping it lives up to the hype.

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing megalodon. Not sure if there from the Jurassic era though.

    • No, it wasn’t, but neither were most of the popular Dinosaurs from the original. Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Velociraptor are all from the Cretaceous period.

      • Yes, the novel and film wwere named Jurassic Park, only because the reading/viewing audince would find the word ”Cretaceous” more difficult than Jurassic.
        It’s similar with Harry Potter 1, and the The Evil Dead film.

        - The first Harry Potter book is called ”Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, but the American book distributors feared that kids will not read the book with the word ”philosopher in it”, so they changed it to ”Sorcerer’s Stone” (even though Philosopher’s Stone is an actual mythological/legendary thing, unlike the SS).

        - Sam Raimi, director of the Evil Dead trilogy, wanted to name his film ”The Book of the Dead”, but when the film was pickude up by distributors, they decided that ”no one wants to see a film with a word BOOK in its title”, so they changed it to The Evil Dead.

  5. Yeah, ocean dwelling creatures would be terrifying, especially when there were dinosaur predators bigger than the blue whale and we’ve seen land and air based animals so far.

    • Borrowing Nicks nerd glasses….the blue whale is the biggest creature that has ever lived (as far as we know)

  6. “with with Spinosaurus” – Article
    Um… I think you might want to change that.

  7. am i the only person who loved JP3? especially William H. Macy’s role?

    anyway, i think the 3d re-release is a glorious idea, and i’ve always noticed that JP would work great as a 3d movie.

    • I’d say no you’re not but I can’t even remember JP2 or 3 and only barely remember the first thanks to that Honest Trailer.

    • I loved JP3 as a little kid. Not so much any more, but I still think it’s a fun thrill ride. The Spinosaurous was awesome, and William H. Macy was great! agreed :)

    • I can’t say I love JP3, but I do LIKE it.
      More than The Lost World, that’s for sure.

  8. One of my all time favorite, i’m so happy to be able to see it in theater. The new dino is probably the Troodons or anything small that lurk in the dark, i would love to see the Compys again.

  9. 3D or no 3D with the original film. It does not matter to me. I never did get to see it on the big screen as a kid so I will be watching Jurassic Park for like the millionth time.

    • I would definitely go see it, then. I was a manager of a theatre when the first feature came out and it was the second movie with DTS I had seen (Beethoven’s 2nd was the first but only bits and pieces utilized the new sound tech, whereas JP was drenched in it). In a good theatre, the sound alone was intense. I distinctly recall chewing off a thumbnail lol.

  10. I hope that JP4 has a good enough story to recapture some of the wonder of the first film. The two sequels, while entertaing as simple action films, didn’t do much for me, other than the Pteronadons in JP3.

    I am not a fan of introducing a “newer, bigger, flashier” dinosaur. The reality is that nothing else has the same cultural resonance as the T-Rex, and dethroning it as the king of dinos, however scientifically plausible, does not really have the additive effect that the bigwigs may think that it does. I would prefer dramatic escalation to come from good storytelling, so that we actually care about the human characters. Also, play up the suspense and mystery. And dino-human hybrids might not be a bad thing…something different like that would be a somewhat logical progression.

    Jurassic Park in 3D still does not meet with my approval.

    • Why doesn’t it “meet with your approval”? Its not like they actually changed any of the content. I saw it last weekend and thought it was pretty great and I loved the original.

      • Re-releasing this movie in 3D is probably one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in Cinema… Growing up, I was one of those who wasn’t able to see it in theaters (I was actually 1 when it came out…) and now 20 years later, the film STILL looks amazing for what it is, the realistic-ness of the dinosaurs is just amazing. I cannot get over the greatness of the original film. Converting this film into 3D was such an amazing experience to see the amount of depth and perspective added to the film. It was frightening all over again for me, and it really gave me the ability to pay attention to more detail of the film than I originally did, further appreciating the amazing set design for this movie. (granted, seeing it on a big screen, let alone IMAX- you are bound to see more anyhow) Some how the perspective and depth is just an amazing experience in this art form.

        Unless you are one who knows much about rotoscoping, and how they set these planes into 3D space to convert this normally flat image- is just not the same for a general mass consumer. I for one am amazed with rotoscoping and its abilities alone. Adding the z-depth is an even greater challenge, and it is so fascinating to see how seamless they converted this film into 3D.

        To be honest, the effect of converting a film from 2D to 3D as opposed to the 3D effect of actually filming the film in 3D is SO MUCH GREATER. You have a million times more control with rotoscoped footage and giving the film depth than you do with film that has been shot in 3D. You can make things pop out of the screen when you rotoscope images, because in a sense you have all the control in the Z-depth world of where you place the elements!

        I am so glad Spielberg is interested in this 3D conversion, I just wish more art-enthusiasts knew more about this process so that they could appreciate it more.

  11. Killing of Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic park 3 was a horrible idea, What ass-hole thought that was actually a good idea?

    An easier solution would have been to have it take place on a different side of the island, Where they could have introduced Spino an a different bred of Raptors which would have explained there ”mohawks” an there different colors from ”The Lost World”

    They could have had Dilophosaurus, T-Rex an Tiger Stripped Raptors dominating 1 side of the island.

    An Spino, JP3 Raptors an Carnotaurus dominating the other.

    • Actually, JP2 and 3 take place on a different island than the first film. The original is on Isla Nublar, which is the “theme park/tourist destination” island, the second two take place on Isla Sorna the R&D/Production facility island. So essentially, they did do that. The raptors could very well have been a second generation “more refined” version in development that hadn’t made it to final production with the facility was shut down.

      If you noticed, in the third film Grant says something along the lines of “I’ve never been on THIS island”.

  12. I cannot wait to see JURASSIC PARK 4 when it comes out in theatres around 2015 it should include Allorsauruses, Sea Dinosaurs,

  13. Early reactions to the 3D re-release of JP have been EXTREMELY positive (Chris Stuckman, Jeremy Jahns) I don’t think we need to worry about the 3D conversion. Jeremy even said that originally he thought Titanic had the best post converted 3D (which pretty much everyone agrees with), but now that goes to Jurassic Park. Sounds like it’ll be great :)

    • Saw an advance screening of it last weekend, it was really good. The movie has held up really well and the 3D was subtle and well done. There were a few glitches though, particularly with converting some of the lighting effects in the “lunch” scene but it wasn’t a big deal.

  14. He shot Jurassic Park as much with 3D in mind as he shot E.T. with Walkie-Talkies in mind. Stop feeding us crap, Spielberg. We aren’t mushrooms!

    • If you listened to his whole interview, he talks about the innate 3D unconscious decisions he made back then that he wasn’t aware of. 3D wasn’t even in the mind of possibilites back then, so no, he didn’t actually envision it being 3D, but he did have an unconscious artistic vision in mind- one that many artists can relate with, with anything they make.

  15. Just as long as they don’t have feathers.

    • You realise that velociraptors were actually proven to have feathers… and be much smaller in size than the giant one’s shown in these films right?

      If not it just makes you seem even more stupid

      • Hey, those dinos can’t help it, they’re like half toad remember. Next thing you know we’ll start seeing hopping T-Rexes.

        Besides, you’re the one who seems stupid if you think that guy just randomly mentioned them having feathers without already knowing that.

      • Scorpio, you have to take in mind that Jbrose23 is probably a mass consumer, one that envisions dinosaurs as they’ve been depicted the past 100 years (despite their ever evolving changes that scientists decide on these days). This article talks about the fact that the mass consumers don’t like to see accurate dinosaurs (much to the avail of the JP3 where they showed more “scientific” dinosaurs). Mass consumers like the t-rex, and the velociraptor, they are iconic creatures, and changing their appearance isn’t a desirable thing of mass consumers, regardless if it is scientifically accurate or not.

        So, showing dinosaurs without feathers, is a smart decision when selling a film and getting a good rating.. Films are marketed to mass consumers, not scientific nerds like us. If they made us their primary audience, it would financially fail in theaters, unfortunately….

  16. seriously, Spinosaurus was the lamest thing ever to come into JP. I don’t care if it’s a real dino, obviously it is, but T-Rex will and always has been the star. It’s like making a Hammerhead the main villain in a shark movie. Let’s face it…everyone wants to see a Great White.

    I cringe when I see the words “new” dinosaur. It had better be relevant and good, not just bigger than another dinosaur and so therefore we are supposed to fear it more. Spinosaurus looks lame and who knows if a dinosaur with a humongous sail on it’s back was really THAT fearsome of a predator. Could have been a scavenger just like T-Rex is argued to be. They completely sensationalized it, whereas T-Rex in the previous iterations was very well done, even pretty believable when it was on the loose in the city, although some of that was totally Hollywood. At least they showed it’s paternal side in the second one which gave it motive and the first JP spoke for itself, it just wanted out! But my god were those initial shots amazing of the Rex breaking out, slowly showing it come into form until it took down the entire fence. It was a genius and grand way to introduce the world to the greatest dino on earth. They failed MISERABLY on JPIII plus Joe Johnston sucks as a director and should stick to what he does best, effects and production.

    Here’s to hoping this “new” dino actually measures up, offers something new like the raptors or dilophosaurus and isn’t gimmicky. I’m assuming their nocturnal if I need to “keep my lights on”.

    Bring on Carnotaurus from The Lost World book! (chameleon skin that camoflouges itself)

    • How about a Troodon?


      They only hunt at night, they have glowing eyes and due to them being heavily nocturnal they’re eyes would react badly to light. They have been in the Jurassic park game… but it fits the bill.

    • And Chameleon-Carnotarus wouldn’t be sensationalised as Spino?
      That camo ability would have been too fantasy, or too sci-fi.

      • I don’t think so. Although the chameleon skin changing camo is purely speculative by scientists at this point, the velociraptor was as a big as a chicken but the name sounded more fierce and cool off the tongue, rather than Deinonychus for which they were modeled after. Not to mention, they were featured prominently in the Lost World book, which was a fantastic story and did them justice as a scary hunter.

        What I like most about Carnotaurus is that I picture a scene where a human is moving quietly around a compound or jungle at night, it’s dead quiet and no creature is in sight. Standing up against a tree, and as they look through the trees they hear a low snorting sound, almost undetectable but there sure enough. Finally, after their eyes adjust to the darkness they see that the tree next to them in the forest is moving ever so slightly. By then, it’s too late and Carnotaurus strikes fast and quick and steathily. THAT is scary stuff, hasn’t been done yet in a Jurassic Park movie, but that’s basically exactly how it happens in the book. I like the aspect of such a large predator still being able to hide and hunt, rather than just smash through stuff like a dumb Spinosaurus.

        Spielberg needs apply his time tested strategy of NOT showing the animals until the moment is perfect and building the suspense. He did it in Jaws, you barely see the shark until the end. He did it in JP when the Rex wouldn’t come out in the day. I LOVED that aspect of the movie, unlike Spinosaurus which was just meant to show audiences a bigger “better” dino than every before…..yawn. Yeah, right. Use freakin suspense!

        • I with your point about building suspense.
          However, I don’t agree with this:

          ”Although the chameleon skin changing camo is purely speculative by scientists at this point”

          That is not speculated by any scientists, that is a product of the late Michael Crichton’s imagination.
          He just added it to Carno because it’s a cool thing.

          • I agree* with your point.

  17. Having already seen JP in 3D (advance screening) I have to say that going in, I was skeptical, but once it actually started you could tell that there was an element of “this is how its supposed to be seen”. The 3D conversion was really well done and appropriately subtle. It wasn’t perfect though, particularly the scene in the dining area after they feed the raptors, there was something definitely wrong with the lights from the projectors. Besides that little glitch, it is definitely worth going to see.

  18. There is one and only one option if they want to one-up the Spinosaurus. And its name is Gigantosaurus. Look it up. It’s huge.


    • Actually, Spinosaurus was bigger than Giganotosaurus, so I don’t see how it would have one-upped it.
      Also, you (and many other people) are misspelling its name – it’s GiganOtosaurus, not Gigantosaurus – yes, I know, it’s harder to pronounce, but it makes sense (it means Giant-Southern-Lizard). I was saying Gigantosaurus for years, until I read the word a bit more carefully.

      Carnivore sizes:

  19. I hope they have some HUGE ocean dinos… (Think ‘Jaws’+a few thousand tons and as big as a football field).

    I also hope that they show us some more of those tiny dinos, the ones that hunt in packs. Those could get REALLY creepy if they were filmed right.

  20. Dino Sore? Use rubbing liniment.

    • You just gave me a Bulletstorm flashback. Just so you know…

  21. They only hunt at night, they have glowing eyes and due to them being heavily nocturnal they’re eyes would react badly to light. They have been in the Jurassic park game… but it fits the bill.

  22. Why do so many people hate Spinosaurus from JP3?
    What, would you rather see only Raptors + T.Rex in every JP film?

    • I don’t get it either. I think it was cool. I liked JP3 as whole, too, despite a few weird things (like the Spino easily breaking a huge fence while being stopped by a tiny door in a tiny building). Sure, it was a far cry from the original Jurassic Park (far cry… get it? Tropical islands?) but it was still a fun adventure movie.

  23. Aquatic reptiles would be hard to fit in the story. Because of the security protocalls setup in JP1, they can’t use electrical fences and to create a contained habitat for a giant aquatic reptile would be hard. Since the events where everything escaped and started breeding, if they did have aquatics JP4 would have to be about attacks happening on the shores of the mainlands worldwide similar to JP2. Speaking of it could have to do with the escaped pteranodons in JP3.
    On a side note, I would love to see dilphosaurus get a larger role in JP4.
    Just got back from seeing the midnight showing of JP 3D. It was GREAT!

  24. Some good options could include –

    Giganatosaurus – Larger than a T-Rex and more ferocious. Not drastically different looking though to the common eye and could result in confusion or be pointless.

    Tylosaurus or Kronosaurus – Basically a crocodile like sea monster that could fit a T-Rex in its jaws. Though limited to water it could be a great threat to the human characters.

    Elasmosaurus – Water-based reptile, built like a Sauropod. Picture a Brachiosaurus that swims fast and eats meat.

    Baryonix or Suchomimus – Mentioned in JP3. Cosmetically similar to the Spinosaurus. Baryonix in particular was smaller and could be more ferocious, especially if two or three were featured.

    Allosaurus – Well known and has a snake-like jaw that dislodges, though smaller than a Rex and possibly not threatening to larger carnivores.

    Carnotaurus – Fan favorite that should have appeared in either sequel. If they stay true to the book then it will have a chameleon-like camoflauging effect that, if done realistically, could be great.

    Quetzelcoatlus – Flying reptile larger than a Pterosaur that could be quite threatening.

    Utahraptor – Though not as large in real life, the JP equivalent could be 10ft tall or more. Picture a Velociraptor but larger.

    Toodon – If influenced by JP: The Game these could be a likely inclusion, and if so would have glowing eyes and razor-like teeth.

    Dilophosaurus – Seen in the first film, a full size version of the dinosaur could be super intimidating.

  25. “I can’t actually tell you who that will be…But you’ll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie.”

    I see what he did there.

    The book “Lost World” introduced Carnotaurus: a dinosaur that had the camouflage ability of a chameleon

    Their camo was countered by …

    wait for it …

    wait for it …


    • really hope you’re right, carnotaurus is one of the coolest ones in the books.

  26. Water creatures,Flying and dino’s with strange unique features like the diloposaurus are the type of creatures to focus on.

  27. Who is this old guy? My parents talked about his films. I tried watching them once. They’re way too freaking sappy.

  28. Just give T-Rex his throne back. Spinosaurus was a failure that weakened the Franchise. I don’t care what hyped new dinosaurs you bring in once that happens.

    • So, in every new Jurassic Park film, you would like to see the same thing that was in the first 2 movies?
      I really don’t understand your thinking.

      What does it mean ”give T-Rex his throne back”?
      Dude, this isn’t the competition, and T. Rex isn’t some hero for who we should cheer.

      Don’t you get it? If the new Jurassic Park brings back T. Rex as a new/old antagonist, then it will fall into the category of the films like ”Nightmare on Elm Street”, ”Halloween” or ”Friday the 13th”.
      Do you know why?
      Because those films were (at first) about people running from evil killers. We should cheer for those people to run away from the killer, and beat him.
      BUT, over the course of years, people started to think of Freddy, Michael Myers and Jason to be cool, and only wanted to see them on the screen.
      They only wanted to see a bunch of nameless kids get killed in the most imaginative and gory ways, by those killers.
      Because those films became more about the killers, than about ”people trying to get away from killers”…
      …which lead to 100 sequels of poor quality.

      Do you really want Jurassic Park to become that?
      Jurassic Park is not about T. Rex and Raptors only.

  29. Bring on Carnotaurus! That’s a scary prehistoric beast. Their appearance was quite terrifying in Disney’s DINOSAUR. I assume they’re borrowing part of the storyline from The Lost World book by Michael Chrichton, so Carnotaurus will be perfect! T-Rex and Raptors can have smaller but albeit scary appearances!
    And Yes, as someone said before, a full-size Dilophosaur, spreading its frills and spitting poison would be terrifying, probably the most scariest scene if they are to film it!
    But the thing that will make the film work is the human characters, and their relationships, struggles. Plus the music is also integral to a film like this!