Jurassic Park 4: Joe Johnston Confident, Sam Neill Not

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Jurassic Park 4 Update Jurassic Park 4: Joe Johnston Confident, Sam Neill Not

Believe it or not, we’re fast approaching the 10-year anniversary since the last Jurassic Park movie hit theaters, making it 18 years since the original Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs to life and blew our minds away. The first sequel, The Lost World, saw weaker reviews and performance at the box office than its predecessor, with Jurassic Park III dropping even more, but that hasn’t stopped the interest in developing a fourth franchise installment.

Director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) showed enthusiasm and confidence in Jurassic Park 4 throughout the last two years, indicating that he’d be working on the next Dino adventure once finishing duties on Captain America: The First Avenger. Franchise star Sam Neill however, has less faith in another sequel becoming a reality.

Neill was attached to return for Jurassic Park 4 way back in 2002, but many things changed since then and the project never took off outside of treatments to the screenplay. Special effects guru on the franchise, Stan Winston, passed away, as did author Michael Crichton a few years later, putting a serious dent in development, to the point where producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy believed the project was done for:

“No… I don’t know. You know, when Crichton passed away, I sorta felt maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s a sign that we don’t mess with it.”

While Joe Johnston has kept up the hope through his words on the film, Sam Neill shares the same sentiment as Marshall and Kennedy, revealing in a red carpet interview last week for his show Alcatraz that he thinks it’s done as well.

“I think we’ve told the story. I think it’s done… Stan Winston who made those beautiful dinosaurs died. So, no Stan, no ‘Jurassic Park’ really … [and author Michael] Crichton died too.”

Johnston is seemingly determined to take the franchise in an entirely new direction, one that would see the story move away from the island and help kickstart a second trilogy of films. In the fall of 2009, he spoke about the story the writers had been working on, hinting a a long-term future for the franchise.

“Well, there is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with and it’s nothing like the first three. It sort of takes the franchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved.”

Despite Jurassic Park III failing to deliver on the same level of the first film, it was still profitable and Universal Pictures planned to develop Jurassic Park 4 with Steven Spielberg producing. After years of script rewrites, director changes and delays, there’s still no official greenlight but that can change once Joe Johnston finishes with Captain America as he has nothing else officially on his directorial plate. That being said, Spielberg’s exec producing Terra Nova which coincidentally, is a dinosaur-based television series.

Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum both expressed interested and/or were asked to return many years ago but creating a story that will bring them all back will be a challenge.

For now, here are some fan-made JP4 posters:

Would you like to see familiar faces return for Jurassic Park IV?

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  1. The first film was like Jaws to me, Absolutely loved it till this day. The 2nd film good for a sequel but the 3rd felt watterdowned to me but the Spinorsourous was a pretty good replacement for T-Rex & the fight between the two was ok. Id hate to see the franchise get rebooted asmuch i feel what could they possibly do in a 4th film. Im open to see what they come up with but only if it could measure up to the original or come in as 2nd best in the franchise. Anyways, it would be somthing to see another Jurassic Park film.

  2. Spoiler: somebody running quickly from something with teeth. Que the jumping dinos and snarls.

  3. I would like to see the dinosaurs back to the screen. with the film Jurassic Park 4, I really want this movie is more afraid that the story becomes very different from others, because the dinosaurs lived on the island and I’m afraid that dinosaurs appear with weapons and stuff, I just wanted that New old film back.

  4. JURASSIC PARK 3D !!!!! If people don’t jump make them jump!

  5. It would be fine if Jurassic Park IV was released. But why does the fourth installment in movies are released years after the third one, like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was released 19 years after Last Crusade. JP4 should be different than people on a island running away & screaming.

  6. i would like to see them get back to the dialogue of the first film, rather than the overblown special effects of the second and third films…

  7. Yes, do it! I am approaching personal extinction so ya gotta do it soon. Can’t get enough of the dino’s. The more realistic they get, the more thrilling. More screen time for them please, equal or more than the humans. I’ve ben enamored of them since a boy. When JP came out I was finally able to ACTUALLY see REAL dinosaurs, something I’d never thought I’d be able to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steven, et al. You keep makin’ em, I’ll keep coming. Want my ticket money now, you got it…

  8. I saw all 3 movies , and when I heard them getting back together , it will be great they are so great together I hope it works out …

  9. I think it is a great idea. I lied all three JP films. What ca make the this 4th one a second trilogy and not on an island. The 3rd was on land already. So, dinosaurs in the city again? I prefer the island still or does that ship at the end of JP3 go somewhere else. Oh, and the Pterodactyls wee flying off the island. OK, lots of openings aren’t there?

  10. Please don’t make it 3d, keep it real to franchise. Atleast wait to see how the 4th goes, and does if it even gets made.

    As for the storyline, I think the storyline ended for Sam Neil’s character, and the John Hammond Jurassic Park era. Goldblum could return since he was huge hit on Law & Order CI, but I doubt his character will make sense after the 2nd one. I think perhaps should follow the kids from the first one, or atleast one of them. It has to be a great script, not golden, not perfect, just great enough like the first two was.

    • Perhaps a Jurassic park where the bioengineered dinos escape and then, spread like a plague, taking back the world from the current dominant species (man!) Goldblum could sit there, spouting inane crap about quantum improbability and talking all the way through the movie while making no sense and acting like an idiot-just as he did in the last ones too! They could end it with man becoming extinct and finally, dinos once again ruling over the current earth.

  11. either start over with more tweeks to the story bring back sam jackson and have get eaten again have the park open and then everything go wrong the more the merrier i say

    i really cant think of what the 4th one would be definitely no dino warriors carrying weapons into battle that’s just plain stupid

    the only thing i could think of is a dino out break that takes over the 3 world countries as dinos spread they reach a pace thats almost unstoppable and the 1 world countries have to go to war with them to wipe the out but at the same time the dino wipe out all the lesser nations

    • Hmmmm. I’m writing a book that would change the dynamics of the Jurassic Park story. In my version, the dinos win back the planet, with some help, but there is hope for the remnants of humanity at the end of the story. That’s all I can reveal, for now. The mechanics concerning the best possible method to bring my story to the market will be much more difficult than believing in the possibility that dino DNA can be retrieved and re-sequenced.

  12. OH YES ANOTHER JP!!!!!

  13. As far as I am concerned the whole idea to keep making the same idea of movies is getting as old as the dinosaur itself. Can Anyone in Hollywood come up with a original idea? So far I would have to say no.

    • @ Shawn

      It occured to me that they made spoofs of movies in comedy films such as Not another Teen Movie, Scary Movie, Date Movie, etc. Maybe those people should make a comedy that spoofs reboots & title it Reboot Movie,lol. Since Hollywood is coming up with nothin but remakes & reboots mostly.

  14. An idea can be carried beyond sequel supportibility. Jurassic Park is there. Let it rest with the dinosaurs.

  15. i think what ever they decided to do is great cause now a days movies have only got better so i would love to see how they put JP for together

  16. JP 4 i mean

  17. I wonder if it would be a good idea if the 4th film took place back on Isla Nubar Site A in the first film. See what has become of the place there & the dinosours.

  18. Love JP but Mr Johnson simply did not have the level of ‘old time serial suspense’ in his direction that the first two had with Spielberg. Spielberg kept you breathless with the characters getting out of one predicament and falling into another. I LOVED Goldblum in The Lost World and I wish they would bring him back WITH the mother of his daughter and even his daughter Vanessa Chester(?). She was wonderful. I liked that angle in JP2. I like Sam Neil but keep him out of JP4. Laura Dern really adds nothing so keep her out also. Definitely do not bring back Goldblum’s love interest in The Lost World. I thought she was awful…NO chemistry between the characters. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  19. As much as I loved the first three…the storyline would have to link some of the original characters together to make it worthwhile for me. I would like to see Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum work together again. I would also like to see Sam Neill’s character back with Laura Dern’s character as a couple. I think that reuniting them would be a cool way to end the story.

  20. Actually I think if there ever was a movie series that could really take advantage of 3D it would be the JP series. I mean can you imagine sitting in a theater watching a T-REX jaws coming at the audience, velociraptor jumping to you, jeep chases, pteranodons flying past you, going through the jungle bushes in 3D? WOW.

    Sure it won’t make a good story but that’s 2 hours of 3D intense thrills in the movie house. A LOT better those 3D in amusement parks.

  21. They should remake the 1st movie changing the storyline to be more true to the book. That combined with awesome new special effects available since the first one would make this an amazing hit!!!! I wouldn’t even care if they were stupid and made it 3-d.

  22. I think Jp was good soo far, I think they should continue It on the last island that they didnt show. If they do the dino-apocolyptic assult on man I would expect It to be the raptors coming together and overcoming man. Plus they have to show a new dinosaur from a different era like JP3 and the spinosaraus.

  23. what i think would be cool is site A and B have been destroyed by US/Nato and since hammond was almost dead in the lost world malcom or someone finds in some of his belongings or something willed to them a secret new island never meant to be found out about even ingen doesnt know about and a new team has to go and make sure this place is safe so it could be the last preserve but in this island unlike what the file says the dinos are lycean defficent and it there are more super carnivores. also i dont know how to incorporate this but for some reason they need to go under water and find marine dinos

  24. Why make a whole new movie? Go back and reboot with Lost World and actually follow the book. It was a fantastic story and you could still have Goldblum doing his thing.

  25. Anyone think Joe Mazzello (Tim) can carry JP4 on his own? He’s rounded into a pretty decent actor, showing some chops in “The Pacific”. Maybe him and another new character, with a bigger name actor in the role. Doesn’t necessarily have to be Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum, but some kind of continuity would be nice.