Jurassic Park 4: Joe Johnston Confident, Sam Neill Not

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Jurassic Park 4 Update Jurassic Park 4: Joe Johnston Confident, Sam Neill Not

Believe it or not, we’re fast approaching the 10-year anniversary since the last Jurassic Park movie hit theaters, making it 18 years since the original Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs to life and blew our minds away. The first sequel, The Lost World, saw weaker reviews and performance at the box office than its predecessor, with Jurassic Park III dropping even more, but that hasn’t stopped the interest in developing a fourth franchise installment.

Director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) showed enthusiasm and confidence in Jurassic Park 4 throughout the last two years, indicating that he’d be working on the next Dino adventure once finishing duties on Captain America: The First Avenger. Franchise star Sam Neill however, has less faith in another sequel becoming a reality.

Neill was attached to return for Jurassic Park 4 way back in 2002, but many things changed since then and the project never took off outside of treatments to the screenplay. Special effects guru on the franchise, Stan Winston, passed away, as did author Michael Crichton a few years later, putting a serious dent in development, to the point where producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy believed the project was done for:

“No… I don’t know. You know, when Crichton passed away, I sorta felt maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s a sign that we don’t mess with it.”

While Joe Johnston has kept up the hope through his words on the film, Sam Neill shares the same sentiment as Marshall and Kennedy, revealing in a red carpet interview last week for his show Alcatraz that he thinks it’s done as well.

“I think we’ve told the story. I think it’s done… Stan Winston who made those beautiful dinosaurs died. So, no Stan, no ‘Jurassic Park’ really … [and author Michael] Crichton died too.”

Johnston is seemingly determined to take the franchise in an entirely new direction, one that would see the story move away from the island and help kickstart a second trilogy of films. In the fall of 2009, he spoke about the story the writers had been working on, hinting a a long-term future for the franchise.

“Well, there is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with and it’s nothing like the first three. It sort of takes the franchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved.”

Despite Jurassic Park III failing to deliver on the same level of the first film, it was still profitable and Universal Pictures planned to develop Jurassic Park 4 with Steven Spielberg producing. After years of script rewrites, director changes and delays, there’s still no official greenlight but that can change once Joe Johnston finishes with Captain America as he has nothing else officially on his directorial plate. That being said, Spielberg’s exec producing Terra Nova which coincidentally, is a dinosaur-based television series.

Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum both expressed interested and/or were asked to return many years ago but creating a story that will bring them all back will be a challenge.

For now, here are some fan-made JP4 posters:

Would you like to see familiar faces return for Jurassic Park IV?


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  1. YES…OK…….JP4 becomes reality and viable when; 1. leave the first three alone, reference them only in the dialogue.2. characters are the same and revisited through an advisory’ capacity as Indians Jones’ parents…..3. create story around the grand kids of Hammond, being that they have inherited the fortune and the memoirs of the grandfather, and their finding the ‘lost’ container (shaving cream container) with intact dino embryo imbed in the mud……3.since the ‘existing’ specimens of the original research have died for lack of lysine, research and development has gone forward by the company interested in the first movie in obtaining the embryo by hooking up with the grand kids, but with a twist, genetically combining the embryo with modern species creating new species that are more intelligent, menacing and destructive to the world, involving the scientific community w/ the military to combat the ‘mutants’…..

  2. …….also I forgot to mention, a 3D version could be made, but would have to be flaw-less,
    the script crisp and written well like the first movie, and the ‘world’ involvement with the war between ‘beast and man’ at least equal to the intensity of ‘War of the Worlds’ by Spielberg…..

  3. I’m all for a reboot if they decide to make another one and i hope they do. The darker reboot worked for the Castlevania franchise so why not JP.

  4. I think the best plot to use is to have John Hammond’s grandchildren take the place of Sam Neill and Laura Dern. Not exactly like the two. (I mean they wouldn’t be dinosaur excavators), but maybe Lex, could be a well-known scientist. And for a twist, have Tim be a party-going playboy or a hothead. He’s a lot older so it’d be possible.

    Have them as the main characters. In this way you can cast Ian, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, John Hammond, and any other characters they’d want to add in lesser roles. Then maybe script in that one or two of those characters get killed off. Wouldn’t know exactly what plot to pull in after that, but it’d be a good place to start imo.

  5. If they do create a fourth Jurassic Park, they should introduce some prehistoric marine reptiles, such as Elasmosaurus, Liopleurodon, or Shonisaurus, or even other non-dino prehistoric reptiles such as Dimetrodon or Deinosuchus.
    As far as dinos on the mainland, I would love to see a T. rex attempt to take on a freight train…

  6. to be honest, all the jp films were fantastic, growing up with them made my childhood much more enjoyable. seeing as they have chipped the iceberg of bringing the dino’s to the civilized world, the only way they can really go now is forward with that. in jp3, they already went back to one of the islands, and got ravaged, so they cant repeat themselves on that. the only feasible plots i could see blossoming are these. either engen reopens the park with different tactics (having the same catastrophe, or they build a park in the untied states and the dino’s escape wreaking havok on civilians. now, a completely outlandish idea would be the government using the dino’s for warfare, like the cartoon “dinoriders”. just a thought though. i do hope they descide to make a number four.

  7. I think instead of making a JP4 they should make a movie about the Dino Crisis, its a fun game and would offer another spin off for a few more dino movies.. Plus some really interesting dino toys. Which lets face is the dinosaur toys from JP was always the best thing other then the movies themselves.

  8. hello, I was walking at Bondi Beach with a friend and I saw you, for a moment I was talking and laughing with my friend that I didnt realise you were Sam Neill I’m so angry that I missed the opportunity to have your autograph….you’re amazing!!!

  9. They don’t need Sam Neill. He is a nobody. This is the only role that made him famous. If he thinks his too good to return to the “ONLY” franchise that made him a star. I say screw it everyone is replaceable. His acting is stiff anyway.

    • @are you serious???? have you seen: In The Mouth Of Madness or Event Horizon??? Sam Neil is one of the most respected actors out there.

    • You didn’t see Event Horizon, or The Omen III, or Bicentenial Man, or The Triangle ?

      • Sam Neill a nobody? The only franchise that made him famous? Really? Sam Neill is a major heavy hitter in Hollywood and the fact that *ahem* certain people don’t know that is simply indicative of a taste in movies limited to explosions, gore and breasts.

  10. The only way Id be interested in seeing Jurassic Park 4 is if we started the movie in present day. Its been 18 years since Jurassic park was shut down and the Gov wants to send in a group of scientists and elite soldiers to study the evolution of the dinosaurs on the island of Isla nubar(the original island.

    Things go wrong…were introduced to dinosaurs that we havent seen before, dinosaurs are studied and noted and the escape to get off the island is on….somewhere in there things could still go wrong. But bring back laura dern and Sam Neil…or what about john hammonds Grandkids being brought back for cameos, maybe timmy is apart of the group of scientists going back.

    Anyways I think we’d have to assume America is not finished with Jurassic park or the fascination with it. Lets go back to a darker jurassic park also…like the first one.

  11. Fan made poster for Jurassic Park 4

  12. A baby,might have been,to call SAM NEILL,a Nobody,he’s been there even before you were born,you need to go more deep into movies,He one of the most Versatile Actors,Out there,My Personal favourite,including,Omen-The final conflict,The Hunt for red October,Merlin,Bicentennial Man & This page dosen’t have enough space for his achievements,Indeed,Jurassic Park was his landmark,Well then who dosen’t have a landmark,would you have known Ford,Before Raiders of the lost ark,or Balboa Before Rocky or even Schwarenneger before Conan,or The ultimate Spielberg Before JAWS.Everyone is born to do some role,So they do,Don’t call noone a nobody,Who Are You?By the Way,He Was The Best Dr.Grant,noone could have played that role with more spirit or intensity than Mr.Neill,Did,Not Even,Ford,Pacino,Or anyone who claims to be the best or why would Speilberg Sign Neill,Instead of his own favourite Ford.SAM NEILL ROCKS,anyone else playing Dr.Grant,I would’nt even watch the damn movie.

    • I would have known Ford from Star Wars if he didn’t do Raiders….and Arnold was a famous bodybuilder before Conan and he was more famous for Terminator and Predator.

      “Spielberg wanted Dreyfuss, not Ford, for JP and Connery for Hammond, but he opted for the ensemble cast over the big name actors.” (JP Universal handout magazine circa 1998)

      Sam is right up their as my favorite along with Ford, Goldblum, Connery and Will Smith.

  13. If they make a new trilogy they should start from events prior to the first movie. They should do what Chris Nolan did for Batman.

    • BRAVO! A Prequel! First Person That Speaks Of One. In the book there is fierce cooperate warfare and attacks in costa rica. There is so much that can be done for a prequel!

  14. I want sam back in JP4, i think the first one an third one was great the lost world was okay but didnt compare to the first one or third one, he did great in the come-back of the third i think, he played his originalrole didnt act differently at all, so let hope they bring back the suspense, because after the first one they dint become scary anymore they all over mostly funny when every part was expecting to come, so the next one needs to have surprises that will scare you unexpectingly, make the dinos do something new like how they discovered how to open doors very awesome in the kitchen. myt favorite scene; where does he think hes going, well when you gotta go, you gotta go lol. sam was awesome and played well in event horizon awesome and scary. need our old school actors back.

  15. I actually liked The Lost World more than JP3. None of them will beat the first film which i enjoyed greatly. I felt 3rd film just made the franchise ran it’s course. So im hoping JP4 will be better than JP3 was. I liked some of the things JP3 had to offer but as of now the franchise to me should of been left with two films like some fans felt the Terminator franchise should of been left with two films sorta speak.

  16. all three of the jurassic park movies were my favorite and i still watch them all the time but the second one was really wierd it was a good one but not really my favorite. BUT I CAN’T BELIVE THEY ARE MAKING A KNEW ONE I CAN’T WAIT

  17. Ok! I would like to see a few of the orig. cast back but it wouldn’t work if it’s a different story using their same names. We’d be too busy thinking of the last 3 stories with them in it and it wouldn’t make sense or look right. They could bring them back as old characters to identify unknown species and plants that someone bought an island but not the same ones in last 3 movies and wanted their opinion. And the others didnt know who was coming, and then havoc is once more engaged. But they need to kill the dinos too. Make it more real. Like they’re fighting them not just running away. Most of the dinos in the movies were just there in the story. Never told how they got there. But a whole new story might require new actors with new names. How would you introduce these dinos? Were they created? Did people went back in time? Or were they just there? Maybe there’s a parallel world with them in it. And some people got pulled into it. The rest should be easy to play out. All I care is it to make sense and be a action horror movie as it is. Introduce new dinos with fresh ideas.

  18. Awaiting jurrassic park 4 with the original cast. San neill,laura dern,jeff goldblume,julianna moore,all the grown up children and any of the original cast who are available would be great. Joanna