‘Jupiter Ascending’ Delayed Until February 2015

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Jupiter Ascending Mila Kunis Jupiter Ascending Delayed Until February 2015

Andy and Lana Wachowski’s next project, Jupiter Ascending, looks as ambitious in scope and grandiose in design as everything else the filmmaking siblings have made in the past fifteen years; whether its grasp will exceed its reach, has been a real concern for even the most ardent of Wachowski fans. The film’s trailers have served up quite the dazzling smorgasbord of science fiction and fantasy tropes; unfortunately, in the wake of news that the movie has been delayed by nearly seven months, the signs are currently pointing to Jupiter Ascending possibly being a hot mess, rather than a Star Wars-ian mold-breaking epic.

The Wachowskis regained some of the critical luster that has eluded them since their Matrix days back in 2012, with their kaleidoscopic, genre-blending, saga adaptation, Cloud Atlas (which Tom Tykwer co-directed); in spite of that, the costly project only earned $27 million during its U.S. theatrical run, though its $103 million foreign saved the movie from being written off as a complete financial bomb. Nonetheless, in a time when sequels, franchise reboots, and/or property re-imaginings tend to dominate the box office (a time when even a Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller like Edge of Tomorrow isn’t considered to be a surefire bet), there’s fair reason to question Jupiter Ascending‘s financial prospects – with or without good word of mouth on its side, that is.

It’s therefore not unreasonable to assume that concerns about the shaky box office prospects did, at the least, partially motivate Warner Bros. to move Jupiter Ascending away from July 2014 to what should be the less-competitive month of February 2015. Deadline, however, is also reporting that the film – starring Mila Kunis as a seemingly ordinary human woman who is protected by a genetically-enhanced warrior (Channing Tatum) when outside forces discover that she is destined for far greater things – has been delayed to allow for an extended post-production period, so that the $150 million movie’s complex visual effects can be better completed and polished to a shine.

Jupiter Ascending Preview Jupiter Ascending Delayed Until February 2015

Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in ‘Jupiter Ascending’

Warner Bros. have swapped out the Liam Neeson action/thriller Run All Night for Jupiter Ascending, as its new release on February 6th next year. Other titles scheduled to open that day include Johnny Depp’s caper comedy Mortdecai and Legendary’s Seventh Son movie – the latter being a big-budget fantasy based on the Wardstone Chronicles book series which, like Jupiter Ascending, has been delayed before, in part due to needing more time to finish its own visual effects. There’s definitely some overlap between Jupiter and Son, as far as demographic target appeal goes, but that doesn’t mean the pair cannot co-exist somewhat in peace.

As indicated before, the significant push-back for Jupiter Ascending doesn’t bode all that well for the film’s quality, especially seeing how the news is arriving just a month and a half before the film was slated to hit theaters. That said, not every movie that endures a significant delay winds up being I, Frankenstein; sometimes, you get something more worthwhile like the RoboCop remake, which (similar to Jupiter) was originally supposed to arrive in the summertime, before it was shoved into a February launch date instead. As someone who generally enjoys the Wachowskis’ films, I’ll keep hoping for the best - while still preparing for the worst.


Jupiter Ascending is now scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on February 6th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Dammit! I was looking forward to this movie. A giant pushback seems to become the rule for sci-fi movies featuring Channing Tatum… first G.I. Joe: Retaliation and now this.

    • i like tatum, seems to be a good guy and good actor in right roles but when the shoe does not fit. but this being another film of his delayed, when they film GAMBIT and its a mess it will be delayed as well.

    • Let me get this right….you…were looking…forward….to this….piece of fcking garbage….did I get that right?

    • Atleast they didnt do it to throw in crappy 3D like why they did it to G.I joe.

  2. Massive mistake for this film. I understand they need more time for post-production, but they just went from possibly the most profitable box office month of the year to the WORST box office month of the year. February is a curse.

    • Thought that was januray. But yeah, its a gamble, they must be thinking with less competition etc the film might have more legs and thus secure a higher return for its theatrical run. But im also thinking that the focus groups have not liked it and so this is just another way to delay and retool the product to make it more appealing to a certain demo… (Valentines day .. Cough cough.. Scifi Love story.. Beef up that angle with two likeable and popular stars.. You know the drill). Guess my theory will either be confirmed or debunked if there are significant additional reshoots that pop up during a time they are only supposed to be working on post.

      • True, I would say the January-February time period is the worst. Most films in this two month period are critically panned and have tendencies to flop big time. It’s a shame. I was looking forward to seeing this in July.

        • As was I, looked interesting if not a little strange. Guess well have GotG to satisfy that sci-fi opera-esque movie for this summer. Think Guardian Outlaw said it below, this coming out just a week before GotG, studio may of thought, given the two the gen public would rather go see GotG because of its link to marvel thus crushing any legs the film might of had. So perhaps in the end it actually plays into jupiter ascending’s advantage.

    • Yeah, it completely cursed the Lego Movie.
      Can’t be one of the most profitable films of the year in that month!

  3. Yikes…

    If we were still 6 or 7 months before the release date I’d think no big deal. It’s an effects heavy film so it’s understandable if they need more time.

    This happening a month before release is a huge red flag though.

    I’d guess that they’ve already spent months or even a year working on the effects so either this is shaping up to be the next Avatar or there are problems elsewhere.

    I’d put my money on either bad test scoring or studio brass not being happy with the movie as currently edited and maybe even a combo of both.

  4. Yes! This is the greatest news! Bcuz this movie was to be released a week before Guardians of the Galaxy, I had a huge fear that it would of made the Space Opera genre look terrible for the general audience thus putting a bad taste in their mouth for the genre which would lead them to not go and see Guardians of the Galaxy.

    This Space Opera would of been a tough sell for the Summer Blockbuster months, I’m so happy to hear that Guardians will be now the only Space Opera runner for the summer.

  5. You could tell this movie was a disaster in-the-making just from the previews. In every theatre I was in, the audience groaned whenever the preview for this film came on. Of course they remembered Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions, V for Vendetta, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas. And what’s more, Mila Kunis is not a movie star, and can’t carry a movie. The action scenes for Jupiter Ascending looked puerile. And the studio’s excuse that this movie needed more time to improve the F/X shots, is just that, a bad excuse. They’re dumping it in February because the movie is probably garbage. When is Hollywood going to realize that the Wachowski twins are a fluke.

    • The Matrix sequels, V for Vendetta, and Cloud Atlas were all great. What was wrong with the action scenes? Too many cool stunts and innovative shots with live actors like that awesome alleyway shootout in the trailer with Channing jumping back and forth between the two buildings?

      • Greetings King Ragnar, all of these movies were critical and financial flops. If not quite outright disasters, than a 8.5 on the crap scale. Everyone has bad movies that they like and hold dear, just don’t delude yourself into thinking they’re great films. Hell, I like “Buckaroo Banzai,” but I know its garbage. Those movies were popular with the “fanboys” but it didn’t translate into box office gold. See M. Night Shyamalan’s career for a comparison. First there was “Sixth Sense” and now he’s making crap like “The Last Airbender” and “After Earth.”

        • “all of these movies were critical and financial flops”

          Not really. Of the 4 movies I mentioned(Reloaded, Revolutions, Vendetta, Cloud Atlas) only 1 was a box office failure(Cloud Atlas) and only 1 got a “rotten” ranking on RT(Revolutions)

          Wachowski movies like Cloud Atlas and the Matrix sequels are loaded with subtext that isn’t obvious on first viewing and often gets missed by audiences and critics. Buckaroo Banzai isn’t really a good point of comparison.

          • I think almost anyone with a brain would agree that Cloud Atlas is one of the worst movies ever made. But don’t talk crap about V for Vendetta, I thought it was great.

            • Ambiguous and ambitious but Cloud Atlas is Definitely not the worst. i could name five releases from this year worse than Cloud Atlas.

              • And the five releases that are worse than Cloud Atlas are….?

                • X-Men: DoFP
                  The Winter Soldier
                  The Lego Movie
                  The Grand Budapest Hotel

                  • ^^^
                    Ha totally agree with you. I love cloud atlas. Best movie of ’12.

                • Haven’t seen Godzilla or Budapest but i thought the other three were great..
                  my five are
                  About last night
                  That awkward Moment
                  and there are actually a few more i can’t name right now..

  6. This sounds more like the execs are realizing that this will be a huge bomb and are pushing it back to bury it somewhere. I’m sorry, but can anyone take Channing Tatum seriously? And then to throw pointy wannabe Vulcan ears on him? Good lord…

  7. Uh oh, I concur with others saying a delay this late could mean bad things for the film. And February is normally the time where films are sent out to die.

    Maybe it’s the right thing to do, I mean, I loved The Matrix movies and I love big grand Sci-Fi movies. But Jupiter Ascending doesn’t really grab my interest. It looks too cluttered, like it’s a smorgasbord of every kind of movie in one. Hopefully it’ll turn out all right?

  8. The only reason this movie is getting negative buzz is because its not based on pre-existing property that fans have some investment in. That’s why people keep complaining about the “derivative plot” when they have only minimal information about what the plot is. Meanwhile, movies like Godzilla #34 get total support from the blogosphere before their release.

    • I understand you want to support this movie because it isn’t a direct adaptation of any specific property, and that’s somewhat rare in this day-and-age. But that shouldn’t excuse that the movie actually feels like it’s taking inspiration from dozens of other popular properties instead of one. That’s what people are having issues with.

      • I think Joseph kosinski’s Oblivion felt the same in that it was an original story but clearly an assemblage of tropes from the genre

      • Yet they don’t take issue with the 30th+ installment of the Godzilla franchise, for example. Or the latest reboot of Batman. Seems not entirely consistent to me, I guess.

        • Good point. Its seems rather inconsistent. imo franchise films are excused from debates regarding their originality because they are by definition formulaic.

  9. It’s because early test audiences all pissed themselves laughing at Channing Tatum’s ears so now they have to CG them out.

  10. I’m gonna go with hot mess…

  11. Willing to bet that if this movie underperforms like the last few of their movies when its release that the next movie the Wackoskis do is… Another matrix movie.

  12. it will take seven months to edit out the ears

  13. More matrix stories please cos honestly that core concept was original and appealing but their new bookish fantasy stuff feels a bit out of time

  14. This movie is gonna suck. No way they suddenly just realized post production needs SEVEN MONTHS MORE WORK a handful of weeks from the premiere date. Puh-leeze.

  15. I’m actually kind of bummed. I was looking forward to this movie. I love me a good science fiction/action film.

    • Me too. I wanted to see it in July.

  16. So now this film will go against Sponge Bob 2, 50 shades of grey, Jane got a gun, Seventh Son and Selfless. Makes you wonder does it not what really is the reason? I have to admit there were audible groans and even hissing every time I saw this trailer in the Cinema the past month. Yikes!

  17. It’s being delayed because it’s obvious from the trailer that it’s a derivative load of rubbish that copies things wholesale from other films. Even the basic concept – superpowered person is sent by wise sage to protect “The One” and make them realise their potential – is basically The Matrix with the genders of the characters reversed. It looks ridiculous, and the casting is terrible. Who in their right mind would think Mila Kunis could carry a film? I loved Bound, the first Matrix film and, surprisingly, Speed Racer, but everything else they have been involved with, including the 2 James McTeigue abominations V For Vendetta and Ninja Assassin, has been terrible. Actually, i didn’t watch Cloud Atlas, and will not be watching it.

    • “Even the basic concept – superpowered person is sent by wise sage to protect “The One” and make them realise their potential – is basically The Matrix ”

      I’m not sure where you’re even getting that description from, but I’m pretty sure it’s inaccurate. There is no “wise sage” or Morpheus analogue from what I can gather. Also, based on the official synopsis Tatum’s character is a mercenary who was originally conscripted to assassinate Kunis’ character before ultimately falling in love with her and joining her cause, not someone who was sent to protect her.

      • You tell him, Ragnar! Tatum is a MERCENARY, not a SAGE! Duh! Plus he has elf ears! Did Morpheus have elf ears? NO! And assassin falling in love with his target? That’s DEFINITELY NEVER been done before! Where do they come up with this stuff?

        • Well, i got that from the terrible first trailer, where Tatum’s boss, Sean Bean, sends him to Mila Kunis. That’s who i’m referring to as the “wise sage”, Sean Bean. Regardless, it looks awful.

    • Cloud Atlas was suprisingly a good movie. I thought it wld be dumb. If u like a good story Cloud Atlas doesn’t disappointment.

      V for Vendetta jus screams SYMBOLISM.
      that movie is more true now than when it came out almost ten years ago.

  18. I’m not worried. Have a look at whats coming in late june & thru july; it’s bobbing for apples at the cinema. Add to that a big chunk of the target audience would see it anytime between January & december & it doesn’t matter all that much when its released.

    It’s a smart strategy actually, one I bet will pay off.

  19. This excuse of needing more time for post-production sounds a lot like the same BS excuse that was given for delaying the GI JOE sequel and we all know how that failed to live up to lowered expectations and I was a fan of the orginalk and was very mch looking forward to the sequel. At this stage of the game, where VFX in movies has been around for years does anyone believe that the studio di not know till this close to the release that the VFX woudl not be done in time?

    This delay does NOT bode well for JUPITER ASCENDING and I say that as one who was very much looking forward to seeing this. Perhaps this will be a gem in whcih case the February release date will have been a strategic ove.

  20. Ha-ha-ha. I called it that this movie was a bust, yet this “Dazz” guy who posts on here got all riled up. The Wachowskis have had nothing but no-hitters since the Matrix, and this one is just another one to chalk up. A February release date surely means that the studios don’t see it as a blockbuster. Most of us will catch this on Cable or Netflix.

    • Dazz got riled up? Say its not so. LOL

  21. Everyone assumes it will bomb in February, but we’re all forgetting the “goldfish memory” of the general public now. Most people are going to forget that it was even scheduled for a summer release. And in the middle of winter when we’ve all been trapped inside for three months, who knows how well this might/will do?

    But, gun to my head, I’d say it’s not looking good.

  22. It makes my head spin that people are jumping the gun with criticizing this film. It has been written elsewhere on the net that part of the reason they are pushing it back was because of films like the Lego Movie and Winter Soldier doing well in the first quarter of the year. Why, because most everything is crap in the first quarter as other have pointed out, it’s where studios typically send projects to die. Why not put a good film out in a slow month, less competition, better odds on a good return of their investment.

    The Wachowski’s get allot of crap for their films, personally, I’d rather see them attempt something that’s not based on an existing property then just get spoon feed more remakes and tween book adaptations.

    As others have mentioned, It’s like, “oh this is an existing property that people might have heard of, so you get a pass Crapzilla. But not so fast Pac Rim, you’re pulling influence from several different places so we the critics are going to punish you.”

    The world at large loves Hunger Games, but quickly forget all the films and books prior that directly influenced that series of books in the first place. Battle Royale and the Running Man just to name a few, both were books/stories that were in print long before they were films, and long before Hunger Games was even a thought.

    There really are no more original ideas, the best you can hope for is taking influences from several different places to try to create something new/different. Based on how the viewing audience in general seems to react to anything not based on something else, be it book, video game, comic books, tv shows, etc. it’s no wonder Hollywood just force feeds us remakes. Cuz that’s all the sheeple and critics want.

  23. I’ll see JR as long as reviews hold high. I learned my lesson with Spider-Man what happens when you go against RT.

  24. They needed more time for the “Director’s Cut” version

  25. Looking at that first picture in this article, all I could think of was “Wow, give that girl some Bean-o!”. And come to think of it, I bet that is what the girl riding tatum piggy-back is thinking about him as well!

  26. I am really on the fence about this movie. If not for recent mom Mila I would not be interested in the least. Am I a sexist for saying this… probably!

  27. Not to be sexist here, but giving a lady the lead role in an action film just spells disaster box office wise. I’m not going to pay money that I worked hard for to go see mila kunis give a crapy performance. P.S, if there is anyone from the marvel studios reading this, please oh GOD don’t let marvel put out any movies like this. It would be embarrassing for Marvel to be in the same headlines of the news that reads “flopper at the box office”


  29. This show was amazing. My friends and I enjoyed it from beginning to the end. I’m desperate to go watch it again during the week. I wish there is a part 2. Great story line, graphics and actors!!! Loved it