7 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: June 2013

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Man of Steel Trivia Easter EggsWhile May belonged to Marvel - thanks to Iron Man 3's billion dollar box office - there is no question that June belongs to DC. In the past, it has been Batman that represents the DC Comics brand, but this year that task befalls a more colorful superhero. Man of Steel is arguably June's most anticipated release, and its success could help pave the way for an entirely different cinematic universe. No pressure.Superman aside, June is surprisingly heavy with comedies, but there's a nice variety even within that genre. There's the annual Pixar release for the families, two R-rated comedies for the adults, and an "inbetweener" comedy featuring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. In other words, it's a great time to go to the movies.Here are the 7 Movies We're Looking Forward to in June 2013.

June 7th: The Internship

June 2013 Movie Preview - The InternshipVince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have worked together on numerous occasions. Their last (true) collaboration, Wedding Crashers, was a big hit, and the two presumably hope to hit a similar note with The Internship. The concept is fairly simple – two unemployed 40-somethings land internships at Google and upset the status quo – and lends itself well to a comedy.That being said, both Wilson and Vaughn's appeal has tapered off in recent years. In fact, one could argue that Wedding Crashers was the pinnacle of both actors' careers. Perhaps when reunited, and with a topical concept, the two can get back in their groove.Check out the trailer for The Internship.

June 12th: This is the End

June 2013 Movie Preview - This is the EndSeth Rogen the writer has delivered some genuinely funny and oftentimes raunchy comedies in the form of Superbad and Pineapple Express. Seth Rogen (alongside frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg) the writer/director hopes to duplicate that success with This is the End. Luckily, the actor has brought along some of his closest friends – James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, and a whole wealth of others – to get the job done.This is the End features Rogen and Co. as exaggerated versions of themselves, and puts them smackdab in the middle of the apocalypse. The promise of seeing celebrities parody themselves is enough to make this film worth checking out, but early buzz claims it's genuinely funny. Could this be the R-rated comedy that wins the summer?Check out the trailer for This is the End.

June 14th: Man of Steel

June 2013 Movie Preview - Man of SteelThis is it. The film DC Comics fans have been waiting for. When Warner Bros. first announced Zack Snyder was directing Man of Steel, the response was mixed, to say the least. Since then, however, Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan have proven they are more than capable of handling one of the most iconic characters of all time. Yes, this particular adaptation features some significant changes, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.Even so, there's a lot of pressure on Man of Steel both in terms of the Superman property and the DC Comics Cinematic Universe. If the film is successful it will presumably pave the way for the highly anticipated Justice League film. In fact, it may even feature a post-credits teaser for that DC Comics team-up movie.Check out the trailer for Man of Steel.

June 21st: Monsters University

June 2013 Movie Preview - Monsters UniversityMonsters University turns the clock back on Mike and Sully (of Monsters, Inc. fame) to their initial meeting in... monster college. We know that the two eventually become partners in scares, but we don't know how they got there. As one might guess, Mike and Sully didn't start out as friends, but were actually rivals within the same fraternity.The timing on Pixar's latest sequel couldn't be more perfect, with a lot of the kids who first viewed Monsters, Inc. in 2001 now in or heading of to college. The obvious draw here is getting to reconnect with these characters, but hopefully Pixar can justify this sequel with a compelling story and a worthwhile message. Either way, it should make a ton of box office dough.Check out the trailer for Monsters University.

June 21st: World War Z

June 2013 Movie Preview - World War ZMax Brooks' novel World War Z is a realistic depiction of a worldwide zombie outbreak, and how humanity would respond to such an event. World War Z the movie is a much more focused affair. While the novel is a sprawling ensemble piece, the film adaptation appears to keep things focused on one character's experiences. In essence, the film has turned the story into a Brad Pitt vehicle.The red flags (inflated budget, reshoots, rewrites) have been waving since the very beginning of production on World War Z, and they continue to appear to this day. Even so, there's something about a zombie film of this scope and scale that has us intrigued. It could easily be a total train wreck – although early reviews say it's not – but sometimes you have to stop and look.Check out the trailer for World War Z.

June 28th: The Heat

June 2013 Movie Preview - The HeatMost moviegoers will be sold on The Heat based purely on its premise and stars. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock play two somewhat aloof police officers that are on the trail of a Russian mobster. In essence, the film is a buddy cop comedy featuring two females as its leads - once a risky proposition, but not anymore.McCarthy proved she's capable of headlining a film with Identity Thief, and she's currently one of the most bankable stars in the comedy genre. The fact that she's acting against an Oscar-winner like Bullock is only icing on the cake. Bridesmaids proved that audiences are dying for a R-rated comedy with strong female leads, and The Heat will likely prove just how viable that market is. And ironically, it's director Paul Feig who is responsible for both films.Check out the trailer for The Heat.

June 28th: White House Down

June 2013 Movie Preview - White House DownIf there's one thing director Roland Emmerich knows how to do well, it's destroy the White House. But rather than keep the Presidential residence in the periphery, he has put it front and center for White House Down. There still appears to be plenty of global destruction for Emmerich fans to sink their teeth into - but at the same time, there's a more focused story going on. A paramilitary group has attacked the White House and it's up to Channing Tatum to rescue the President (Jamie Foxx).Obviously, it's hard to talk about White House Down without mentioning Olympus Has Fallen, which was surprisingly enjoyable. While the two do bear some similarities, White House Down appears to be much larger in scope, and had a bigger budget to work with. Olympus laid claim to the conceit first, but will White House Down be able to do it better?Check out the trailer for White House Down.

7 Movies We're Looking Forward To: June 2013

White House Down PosterAlthough May set a high benchmark at the box office, June is no slouch either. Obviously, our eyes are trained on the 14th, but there are plenty of films worth checking out throughout the entire month.  June might even be a more well rounded month than May, with plenty of films to satisfy almost any taste.Which movies are you most looking forward to seeing this month? Do you think Man of Steel can top Iron Man 3?Once again, here are the 7 movies we're looking forward to in June:
  • June 7th: The Internship
  • June 12th: This is the End
  • June 14th: Man of Steel
  • June 21st: Monsters University, World War Z
  • June 28th: The Heat, White House Down
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  1. Well, for myself, MoS is the only one of those seven movies I’m even remotely interested in.

  2. Obviously, I’m psyched for Man of Steel. I hope it’s the start of an epic Superman trilogy that can stand on the same level as The Dark Knight series.

    I’m excited for Monsters University. I love the original and as a recent college grad, I should find a lot to relate to in the story. I’m looking forward to seeing the monster twist on the usual college tropes. Should be fun and early buzz out of CinemaCon was positive.

    I’ll see World War Z out of curiosity. I like Brad Pitt, so I’m rooting for this to be good. After reading about all the production difficulties, it should be interesting to see the final product play out.

    This is the End I’ll wait and see how good the reviews are. Looks like it should be a fun rental if nothing else.

  3. Yep, it’s just Man Of Steel for me. The rest either don’t look that good (This Is The End) or better watched for free on television next year (Monsters University, World War Z).

    Unfortunately for us in the UK, we also have After Earth releasing this coming friday. Still not understanding why we haven’t had a single Man Of Steel TV commercial yet either considering it release on the 14th.

    • I live in the UK and I literally just saw a Man of Steel TV spot. It’s not the first one I’ve seen either.

      • Hmm. They must be starting then because for weeks, the only one I’d seen was the Zod message during the Spartacus finale and it hadn’t been on since.

        I’ve seen a few for Pacific Rim, World War Z and After Earth but none for MOS other than that one. I’ve been purposefully watching channels with paid ads on them in the hope I’ll get to see just one MOS ad too just so I can be sure it’s out on the 14th and get excited for the movie again.

        What channel and time roughly do you remember seeing it?

    • I don’t think I’ve seen any ads yet, maybe a flash of the S logo like a month ago or something. The proper ‘tv spots’ should start airing soon, and I’ve noticed that for use the ads for, say, Iron Man 3 stopped playing a few weeks ago.

  4. The Internship
    This Is The End
    Man of Steel
    Monsters University

    For me, at least. They have my curiosity

  5. I too an only interested in Man Of Steel next month.

    I predict an opening weekend of 60 – 80 million before being toppled by Monsters University the following week. Man Of Steel should end up with a US domestic gross of around 200 – 250 million. It will end up with around 500 – 600 million worldwide which would be good enough for a sequel and foundations fo that Justice League movie.

    • It’s going to do a whole lot better than that. 100 million dollar opeming at the minimum.

      • Id agree with that. It should pop 100mil in the first weekend, it’s already tracking to do so. I think anything less and the studio would be dissapointed. It’s no secret they hope this makes Batman money.

        • I very much doubt that this will make Batman money, not in terms of TDK or TDKR. It’s possible that MOS makes the same amount domestically as it does internationally. The overseas box office numbers will come no where close to matching those of IM3 for sure.

      • I believe Superman returns made 350 million. This movie will double that at least

          • Worlwide.

    • I think you are underestimating it by a long shot. I really believe it will do about $350 locally. I think people have been legitimately waiting for this and if it is as good as the trailers seem to indicate the word of mouth will be strong. It won’t catch Iron Man because of branding and development, but I think it will be recognized as the best comic book movie of the summer (potentially) if it lives up to the hype of the trailers and the concept.

  6. Man of Steel
    This Is The End
    The Heat
    The Internship,
    I think they are in Order. :)

  7. Can’t wait for Man of Steel, but I guess I’ll have to since it doesn’t come to Europe until June 26th. Oh well.

    I think I’ll also see Monsters University, mostly because of the nostalgia. Can’t say that the trailers have really piqued my interest. And The Heat, if it gets any good reviews. Haven’t seen any good comedies in a while.

    • Woah, wait a second.

      Europe as in mainland or UK too?

      I only ask because DC’s previous big movies (TDK and TDKR) released on the same day in both the US and Europe (with the US getting midnight openings which I always found a bit silly, there isn’t a movie that existed so far that I’d wanna be sitting there at midnight when I could walk in the following afternoon without booking in advance).

      I figured MOS would be out on the 14th over here too considering how big it is.

  8. “The Heat will likely prove just how viable that market is. And ironically, it’s director Paul Feig who is responsible for both films.”

    That’s not ironic.

  9. I’d never even heard of ‘The Internship’ or ‘The Heat’ before you listed them here. Seriously? These two are supposed to be among the most anticipated movies of June!?

  10. Man of steel and world war z for me. First time i heard of the heat i saw the trailer when i was seeing hangover 3 in theaters. It looks so bad and stupid

  11. call me crazy but i think MoS will get a run for its money by This is the end… this type of movie is loved by people. i can see that film appealing to more people than MoS.

    i have no doubt they will both be a hit regardless. cant wait to see them both. so hyped!

    • A rated r comedy being more appealing than a superhero film?? It will do well no doubt but will probably be near the end spectrum regarding gross that month.

      • last tiem i checked superman returns did terrible at the BO. being a superhero movie doesnt mean anything.

        people love these types of comedy, especially this group. superman will probably beat it but i bet it will get a better profit than MoS

        • Superman returns grossed 300 mil world wide… that is 100 million more than knocked up the highest grossing seth rogan movie. Unless your the hangover or a judd apatow movie you dont do much work

          • Comparing these types of films by box office is misleading because of the fact that a comedy that makes 200 million off of a 30 million budget and a special effects heavy film that makes a little over 300 million with a 200 million budget technically have a similar profit margin. On the other hand little niche movies like the original Paranormal Activity that make a huge profit off of a student loan budget are like the Power Ball Lottery.

    • MoS is PG-13 and This is the End is R so I don’t see Seth Rogan’s movie making the same kind of money but I’m looking forward to both!

    • You’re crazy. That Seth Rogen movie is going to flop. Not only does it look really dumb, but Seth Rogen films generally only appeal to stoners. No way this comes even close to matching HALF of what Man of Steel does on the opening weekend.

  12. 1) Man of Steel
    Is there really any explanation needed?

    2) Monster’s University
    Well for one as someone mentioned above, nostalgia is a big reason but the trailers do look good. And I’d heard something about it many years ago when Toy Story 3 came out and even since the first movie came out I’ve been wanting a follow up story. Would’ve preferred a sequel but this seems good enough and plus, where would the story go after Monster’s Inc?

    3) This Is The End
    Seth Rogen has some pretty good work and I loved him in 50/50 and the Green Hornet. Whether or not he produced or wrote the script for those himself, I can’t remember but regardless I still liked them and found them quite enjoyable. Plus after watching the trailers and such a great cast how can you not be intrigued?

    4)  White House Down
    Haven’t seen Olympus Has Fallen but after reading reviews and hearing people talk about it, I’m not 100% sure that this’ll be as good. Yes, I know it’s a very close-minded view especially since I haven’t even seen the film but one thing that won’t help is alot of people might (read: will) see it as a rip off of OhF and will be turned away. And because of that the film will suffer heavily at the box office, even though it was coincidental timing. And plus, I feel a good chunk of the audience will just be girls drooling to see Channing Tatum shirtless. They won’t be there for the actual film itself. Just the eye candy and will consider it a good movie because of him. (Looking at you, Michael Bay)

    From here, these movies I really couldn’t care less about. Which is why they aren’t numbered, I don’t want to see them so why even bother to if they aren’t on my interest level?

    -The Internship
    Honestly, I’ve just not been on board with this since day one. I don’t have a legitimate reason, there’s just nothing that seems to appealing to me. I’ll wait until the Red Box release to see it, even if it proves me wrong and turns out to be one of the greatest comedies of the summer

    -Workd War Z
    Main reason for my disinterest is I feel like it’ll turn out EXACTLY as I Am Legend did, good movie loved by (most) everyone but is almost nothing like the book. Whenever I tell people that I didn’t like I Am Legend all too much they stare at me like I’m from Kamino or something. Then they go on to criticize my opinion and basically say every time ‘well, it’s a movie. Who cares about the book?’ which is something that really irritates me. And plus, it has Brad Pitt who, IMO, is seriously overrated.

    -The Heat 
    Pretty much the same as The Internship, just nothing that really piques my interest level. When Identity Thief came out I didn’t really want to see that, and still have no intentions of doing so. Call me stubborn but I don’t intend to see this in theaters, on Red Box/DVD, or Netflix. 

  13. why not just list every damn movie coming out this month while you’re at it. most the list is full of stupid comedies and straight trash (wwz and white house down). the only thing one should even consider for this month is superman, which even if the narrative sucks will have awesome cg and action :D

    • you do come across as someone that doesnt really enjoy a laugh

    • Is it wrong to be enthusiastic about new movies?

      • it is when most of what is being released nowadays sucks b***s :P

        i’m against promoting movies that look like they where made just for cash… like most modern comedy movies and zombie movies (just 2 examples of a pretty big list).

        MoS truly looks like it was made by people that both love the character and want to see the character done justice with a good movie.

  14. I’ll definitely be seeing Man of Steel. The combined efforts of Goyer, Nolan and Snyder can’t be that bad!
    I might see This is the End if reviews are great. I loved that line in that debut trailer about Danny laughing at Michael Cera’s death.

  15. This is the End is the one im looking forward to the most this month

  16. Superman and zombies for me :)

  17. Only one I’m looking forward to this month is Man of Steel, really hope it delivers. Though I am hoping that something else ends up catching my interest this month. First review I read at IMDB sounds really good (8/10), mentions the it’s strengths are it’s characters, performances, and visual effects.

    • Yeah i saw thats, didnt say anything about the action tho and there only problem seemed to be that its an origin story and the invasion has been done

      • To me it seemed that the author enjoyed the different take on the origin, I think he complained more that the film was predictable. Your right, on the invasion he said it was similar to Dark Knight Rises. But he still got me pretty excited on the acting. He also didn’t mention anything about it’s music, which imo, with the great Hans Zimmer composing I think it will add good quality to the film.

  18. Ok, dumb question – but what is the fascination with zombie films. I fail to see the overwhelming appeal.

    • I think “End of the World” fascination plays a part of its appeal.

  19. June 14th The People of Earth will Kneel Before ZOD!!!!!!!

  20. I wanna se all of them except for the internship. It just looks dumb to me. MOS and TITE are definitely out in front

  21. I’ll wait for reviews on Monsters University, This is the End, and World War Z.

    I’ll definitely be checking Man of Steel out. Also, I’m sort of rooting for The Internship to be good. The later trailers made it look promising.

  22. MOS and maybe WWZ unless my suspicions about it being bad (due to the reshoots ex.) turn out to be true. The Heat kinda reminds me of Miss Congeniality with a Bridesmaids spin.

  23. Well, I’m aboard for White House Down, Olympus Has Fallen, World War Z, Superman: Man of Steel, and Thor 2, as well as Captain America #2 and Avengers #2 as well. I will buy all of these on DVD (except for WWZ, which I might just watch on Netflix when available), as well as the next Spiderman entry. I will also buy Iron Man #3 when available.

  24. Man of Steel is the only film I will be catching in June. Next month has The Wolverine AND Pacific Rim, so that is what I am saving my movie money for! World War Z and White House Down look interesting, but they can wait until I see them through Netflix. I wouldn’t see a Seth Rogen film if I got a free ticket AND free beer.

  25. This is the End
    Man of Steel
    World War Z
    White House Down

  26. “Most moviegoers will be sold on The Heat based purely on its premise and stars.”

    You are kidding. This will go down like Bullock’s other police woman comedy.

  27. The Purge didn’t make your top 7? That’s kind of surprising.

  28. Man of steel, this is the end, monsters university, and the purge! Everything else looks bad