7 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: July 2013

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The Wolverine Teaser PosterIt's about the midpoint of summer and we've already seen our fair share of box office hits, surprises, and flops. We've also got another two months of summer movie watching ahead of us, starting with July's bountiful selection.While there may not be an Iron Man 3 or Man of Steel-sized release this month, there are still plenty of films to get excited about. Audiences will be lining up to see everything from giant robots to elderly spies, but the return of a certain mutant is likely the month's most anticipated film.Here are the 7 movies we're looking forward to in July 2013.

July 3rd: Lone Ranger

July Movie Preview - Lone RangerGore Verbinski and Johnny Depp stuck box office gold with The Pirates of the Caribbean, and since then the two have collaborated every few years on both sequels and original features. Their latest collaboration, The Lone Ranger, is an updated version of the popular TV (and radio) series from the '50s, which featured a masked vigilante (Armie Hammer) who partners up with a Native American named Tonto (Depp).While the premise is basically the same, a Texas Ranger is left for dead and Tonto helps him bring his brother's killers to justice, this is certainly not your parent's or grandparent's Lone Ranger. Just one look at Depp's interpretation of Tonto could tell you that. Some have already written the film off based on the trailers and marketing, but if there's one thing we know, it's never to count out the star power of Johnny Depp.Check out the trailer for Lone Ranger.

July 12th: Pacific Rim

July Movie Preview - Pacific RimFrom the moment footage of Pacific Rim debuted at last year's Comic-Com, many felt director Guillermo del Toro's latest creation might just be his best. After all, is there anything more exciting than watching giant robots (called Jaegers in the film) fight giant monsters for two hours?But beyond the giant robots fighting giant monsters premise, there's a lot more to Pacific Rim. For example, the pilots of the giant robots are psychically linked, meaning they share memories and past experiences. It's ideas like that – taking a simple premise and making it complex – that del Toro is known for, making each of his films engaging on both a visceral and a mental level. Even if it wasn't for a certain mutant, we might peg this as an easy favorite for most anticipated film of the month. Not to mention the film is already generating positive word of mouth.Check out the trailer for Pacific Rim.

July 19th: The Conjuring

July Movie Preview - The ConjuringHorror fans will want to take notice, because The Conjuring has hit written all over it. Directed by James Wan (SAW, Insidious), the film is already receiving rave reviews, which, in horror terms, means it is genuinely scary. We didn't expect anything less from Wan, but it's comforting to know he still has it. Not to mention the film has a pretty solid cast.Many might recognize the film as "the one with the clapping," but it's actually based on a true story. Two paranormal investigators, also a couple, were sent to check out a family farm and found more than they bargained for. Strange things start happening, couples scooch closer to each other, and that's all that really matters in the end. 2013 has been a good year for horror/suspense films, and The Conjuring looks to keep things going.Check out the trailer for The Conjuring.

July 19th: R.I.P.D.

July Movie Preview - RIPDYes, R.I.P.D. is basically Men in Black with ghosts, but like that 1997 film, this one will succeed or fail based on the chemistry between its two leads. That isn't to say the film's concept – ghost cops hunting ghost criminals – doesn't have potential, but buddy cop films (of any kind) are only as good as their grizzled veteran (Jeff Bridges) and wise-cracking rookie (Ryan Reynolds).On paper, a Bridges/Reynolds collaboration sounds like a hit, but we're unsure about this one. Early trailers for the film have rendered an mostly negative response, and things haven't changed much since. Not to mention, the film is releasing at a time when niche action films can get lost in the shuffle. R.I.P.D. could easily disappear almost as fast as it appeared, but we're cautiously optimistic.Check out the trailer for R.I.P.D.

July 19th: RED 2

July Movie Preview - RED 2Despite a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy), the original RED wasn't an outright hit with critics. Nevertheless the star-studded action film went on to gross almost $200 million at the box office, and so Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich have returned for RED 2. They've also traded the relatively quiet month of October (when the original RED released) for the much more crowded summer, which will presumably make it harder for RED 2 to duplicate its predecessor's success.This time around, Willis and his band of retired, but still extremely dangerous, spies have brought Anthony Hopkins into the fold, as Willis' character attempts to stop a nuclear weapon. But really, the plot is inconsequential with a cast this talented. The first film didn't shy away from poking fun at the ages of its leads, and we hope that continues with RED 2.Check out the trailer for RED 2.

July 26th: The Wolverine

July Movie Preview - The WolverineJames Logan is leaving his past in the past, and moving forward with The Wolverine. Rather than a prequel to the original three X-Men films, The Wolverine visits the titular character after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. Logan has ended up in Japan (an iconic location from the comics) and he finds himself presented with a cure for his mutant ability.While the character took quite the critical beating after The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there's still something compelling about Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the character. So much so, that we're willing to give him another shot. This film appears to be much darker in tone and chooses to explore a side of the character audiences have yet to see. At the same time, if the film doesn't do well at the box office, this could be the last Wolverine solo film we see.Check out the trailer for The Wolverine.

July 26th: The To-Do List

July Movie Preview - The To-Do ListWe wouldn’t be surprised if you haven't heard of The To-Do List, but that could change in a few short weeks. The film could also come and go faster than you know it, like many R rated indie comedies tend to. Nevertheless, we're putting The To-Do List down in the "potential sleeper hit" category based on the overwhelmingly positive buzz it has been receiving from festival crowds.For those that might not know, the film stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation) as a straight-A high school student who hopes to become more sexually experienced before heading off to college. As a result, she creates a to-do list of all the sex acts she wants to try before the summer is over. In other words, it's like a female version of America Pie…only raunchier (or so we hear).Check out the trailer for The To-Do List.

7 Movies We're Looking Forward To: July 2013

Pacific Rim PosterThe success of July's films is tough to predict, with a lot of the releases toeing the line between potential hit and potential flop. The comic book adaptations are well represented with The Wolverine, R.I.P.D., and RED 2. And even though it's not based on a comic book, Pacific Rim has already drawn quite the following. There's also a highly anticipated animated sequel - Despicable Me 2 - for families to enjoy.In fact, July might be the month that a lot of our readers spend the most time at the movies. The only question is whether they'll come away from those theater experiences happy.Which films are you looking forward to this month? Do you think any of the July releases have a chance at surpassing Iron Man 3's box office records?Again, here are the 7 movies we're looking forward to in the month of July:
  • July 3rd: Lone Ranger
  • July 12th: Pacific Rim
  • July 19th: The Conjuring, R.I.P.D., RED 2
  • July 26th: The Wolverine, The To-Do List
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  1. Not looking forward to TONTO and the Lone Ranger. Now if they ever decide to make an actual Lone Ranger movie, that I’ll see.

    • That is what it looks like from the trailers, I dont know about wolverine either even though hes my favorite x-man, Ripd and pacific rim looks good though i will give them a chance and the wolverine too probably

    • I think itll be alright, I dont think theyll overplay tonto.

  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that R.I.P.D. is going to tank,and tank pretty hard.

    • It seems Ryan Reynolds has a hard time picking hero roles.

  3. pacific rim, red 2 and wolverine for me

    • Me too!! Also maybe RIPD if theres good word of mouth.

  4. No Despicable Me 2?

    I think it will outdo all of the ones listed… but I have kids so I’m biased.

  5. WTF wants to see “The To-Do List” ? …I see corny already !

  6. I have no desire to see another wolverine movie….Especially since this one is about him winning about being immortal and s***.

  7. Only really looking forward to The Wolverine and Pacific Rim, can’t wait for these movies.



  9. Pacific Rim!

  10. Despicable Me 2, Pacific Rim, and R.I.P.D. are the ones am most looking forward to. The newest release I have seen though is Iron Man 3 so I have a lot of catching up to do

  11. If Wolverine wanted to be normal so bad why didn’t he just take the cure in X-Man:The Last Stand?

    • How do you know he wants it? All I’ve seen so far is it being offered to him.

      • Did you also see the part where he wasn’t healing?

        To answer your question, I think Logan is upset due to Jean dying… by way of Logans adamantium claws. And due to not being able to just shoot himself in the head or poison or whatever, I think that is why he choose to be normal.

        Just a guess.

  12. only really looking forward to Pacific Rim. Then eventually Elysium

  13. Pacific Rim is number 1 for me. Also Excited for RED 2 and RIPD. The Lone Ranger also looks like some good fun.

    Not a fan of Wolverine, one of my least favorite superheroes. But I’ll still give it a chance. The rest look ok.

  14. The To-Do List just made my list of films I want to see.

  15. Can’t wait to see The Wolverine!

  16. The Conjuring, Pacific Rim, RED 2.

  17. The Wolverine is going to be a lot better than people expect.

  18. Looking forward to Lone Ranger. The rest mehhhhh! I hope they use the William Tell Overture with Silver doing his thing.

  19. Only God Forgives

  20. I don’t understand the appeal of Red I or II, it’s full of actors in their 60s-70s who are too old to do their own stunts anymore. It’s kind of like the spy version of The Expendables, just with more wrinkles.
    I’m looking forward to Pacific Rim, although why do they have to release so many trailers!? 1 trailer would suffice! The one with Idris Elba giving the big speech, I stopped as soon as I heard him say ‘apocalypse’, giving toooo much away!! Should be a proper blockbuster though :) The Lone Ranger? hmm…..Why did they cast Depp as Tonto? Kind of taking the focus away from the main character. I’m going to be laughing at Tonto and not really paying much attention to the Lone Ranger himself. And I still don’t really get the whole ghost-cop chasing ghost-criminals, plot. Makes little sense to me, I don’t see why I should go and see it when all these other iconic and relatively, relatable Hollywood summer blockbusters are coming out.

    • I believe red is made 100 times better than the expendables. Its hilarious and has some really awesome moments. When bruce willis hears karl urban is upstairs in his office, then preceeds to go upstairs just to kick his butt. I love it

    • Not going to lie but you do kind of sound like a confused happy child, with so many “I don’t understand” “I don’t see” “I don’t get” “makes little sense to me” “why not this, why not that” and complaints that you’ll be laughing too much to focus on something that you WANT to focus on. I’m reading it in a baby voice or a loud and uneducated but – content – middle-aged woman, in between bites of country chicken wings.

  21. how is “The World’s End” not on this list. After “Pacific Rim” it’s my most anticipated movie. Followed by (in order) Wolverine, RED2 and Lone Ranger

    • The worlds end is in august.

  22. My only firm interest is Pacific Rim. The Wolveine looks good but I feel like the character has already been overexposed, and The To-Do-List isn’t the sort of thing I normally watch, although Aubrey Plaza is great.

    R.I.P.D. – Gimmicky, that’s for sure. Lone Ranger…I hope that it is good, but I don’t plan on seeing it and Disney may come to regret sinking $200M+ into a western (not to mention the Depp-centric negative publicity…)

  23. Pacific Rim and The Conjuring are firm must-sees for me. As for The Wolverine, well… I’ll hold out till some reviews come first. Looks OK so far but the trailers haven’t *quite* nailed it for me – give me some positive buzz and I’ll be good to go.

    The one Lone Ranger trailer I saw looked okay, but struck me as being a Johnny Depp vehicle with some family action and gags on the kids. Not really my thing, and it seems like Depp doing his schtick – gonna skip it.

    I normally don’t go for movies with gimmicky-sounding premises like The To-Do List, but after seeing Aubrey Plaza in Safety Not Guaranteed, it’s got my attention. Might wait for some more reviews but I’m hopeful, given the positive buzz so far.

    RIPD? Haven’t heard of it till now, not really interested. Haven’t even seen the first RED, so won’t catch the second till I’ve seen the it at least.

  24. YES SkidMark!!!!

  25. @Rob 60s-70s who are funny as hell. 30 year old actors don’t necessarily do their own stunts – hell STUNTMEN don’t have to do their own stunts anymore.

    RED was freaking hilarous, and not just because of “lolz old people shooting”, Helen Mirren is all times utterly lovely, maternal, and stunningly lethal. The rest of the cast is up to or near her level. One of the best action comedies of all time.

    And Pacific Rim. The movie I’ve been waiting to see ever since me and my 2nd grade friends made up a Voltron club (I was the fat orange guy of course – why didn’t he match his Lion?!) and Pew-Pewed robot action drawings for hours.

  26. These july releases are the only ones worth seeing, everything looks more like
    straight to redbox material.
    1. Despicable me- one of funnier animated movies ever.
    2. Pacific rim- the huge robots and monsters are the draw, graphic novel
    however was unimpressive.
    3. The lone ranger- you just have to view this as an action comedy rather
    Then dwell on original lone ranger.
    4. The wolverine- this could be a good one shot movie but my son put
    It best, too bad its not in mcu world…

  27. Okay, we all know Tim Burton had some influence on Lone Ranger: it has Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Jackie Earle Haley in it.

    That is not a coincidence

  28. @Morrigan, maybe I’m being overly critical :P I do tend to exaggerate a lot, but it just seemed a bit lame to me & Bruce Willis was a bit weird flirting with a 20yr old over the phone, was like Jim Carrey in Yes man w/ his ridiculously young gf. Yes I know it’s a comedy but hard to suspend my disbelief.

    I agree with @Nick about Lone Ranger being a Johnny Depp vehicle. J. Depp is boring me to death now.

    The World’s End looks like another classic Simon Pegg&Nick Frost collaboration! Now you see me, also looks ever so slightly original (if you forget about The Prestige), and good fun !

  29. @Rob No suspension of disbelief needed as their relationship is plausible considering the events that unfold. Its not like he picks her up in bar, she’s his Pension Service Rep that he finds excuses to call – sad old man style, and she likes talking to him because her job is extremely boring.
    Once he realizes he being watched by bad guys, he concludes MLP (late 30s, not 20s) is in danger because of all his phone attention… it rolls out from there.