5 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: July 2014

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July 2014 Movie Preview 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

Where June felt like a decidedly light month in terms of content, July more than makes up for that with a ton of genre features. Horror and comedy fans especially have some intriguing films to look forward to, even if they may not ultimately deliver.

July was supposed to be a big month for sci-fi, but that changed after Warner Bros. pushed Jupiter Ascending to February. Even so, sci-fi fans should be plenty happy with this month’s offerings.

Without further ado here are the 5 Movies We’re Looking Forward to in July 2014.


Deliver Us From Evil (Release Date: July 2nd)

July Movie Preview Deliver Us From Evil 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

The “based on a true story” qualifier is thrown around too often in the horror genre, so we’re affording minimal weight to Deliver Us From Evil‘s claims its story is based on real police accounts. Rather, it’s the pedigree of director Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) that has us intrigued by the film. It doesn’t hurt that Deliver Us From Evil has Eric Bana as its star either.

Last year, the horror genre dominated, but thus far the genre has struggled to post very strong numbers in 2014. Deliver Us From Evil seems like a strong contender to make a splash, though, even if it won’t be able to beat Transformers 4 at the box office. The pieces are there, but it’s up to audiences.

Watch the trailer for Deliver Us From Evil.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Release Date: July 11th)

July Movie Preview Dawn Planet of the Apes 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

Despite fans’ reservations prior to release, Rise of the Planet of the Apes proved to be a successful entry in the revamped franchise, combining a unique origin story with some of the best motion capture work we’ve ever seen. Because of that, expectations are much higher for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which replaces the prior film’s human cast with new faces like Jason Clarke and Gary Oldman, while still retaining the true star, Caesar (Andy Serkis).

In Dawn, a dwindling contingent of humans struggle to coexist with the apes, who are now more organized and smarter. Caesar is a bona fide leader now and has even started a family. But really it’s the promise of ape-on-human battles that holds the biggest appeal for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and early reviews of the film suggest it more than delivers.

Watch the trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.


The Purge: Anarchy (Release Date: July 18th)

July Movie Preview Purge Anarchy 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

The first Purge film had a unique concept – for one night, all forms of crime are legal – but some would argue that it failed to fully capitalize on it. With The Purge: Anarchy, the hope is that the filmmakers will be able to improve upon the first film with a better story. And unlike many horror sequels, The Purge: Anarchy has kept original writer/director James DeMonaco on board to ensure this film achieves that goal.

This time around it’s a young couple stranded by their broken car that must fend off the Purge participants while a vengeful father (Captain America 2‘s Frank Grillo) uses the night to his advantage. There’s no safeguarded house this time around, which sounds like the horror sequel is taking things to another level.

Watch the trailer for The Purge: Anarchy.


Lucy (Release Date: July 25th)

July Movie Preview Lucy 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

Director Luc Besson has produced or written some of the most successful low-budget action flicks of the past ten years, but it’s somewhat rare that he steps behind the camera these days. It is for that reason that Lucy has caught our eye. Well, that’s not the only reason, but it’s a big one.

Lucy casts Scarlett Johansson as a woman who, after some scientific tinkering, learns to utilize more of her brain’s power than the average human. It starts with increased intelligence, but eventually expands to include superhuman powers like control over time and matter.

Granted, the idea that we only use 10% of our brains is an overused, and incorrect, concept in sci-fi, but this film could overcome that cliché set-up. Besson knows how to deliver kick-ass female characters, and Johansson has her fair share of experience in those types of roles. Could be a perfect fit for an exciting action film.

Watch the trailer for Lucy.


Hercules (Release Date: July 25th)

July Movie Preview Hercules 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

The second of two Hercules films slated to release this year, the succinctly titled Hercules boasts exactly what you would expect from a summer blockbuster centered on the demi-god. This time around it’s Dwayne Johnson playing the character, and the film picks up with Hercules after having completed his twelve labors. Now, Hercules is a sword for hire – meaning Johnson will have plenty of opportunities to (literally) flex his onscreen persona.

With Brett Ratner at the helm, and considering this is the second Hercules film released in 2014, we could see this one coming up short at the box office. But it’s never a smart move to count out the star power of Johnson, especially in the right movie. In all honesty, if any action star were to best epitomize Hercules, it would be a guy whose nickname is “The Rock.”

Watch the trailer for Hercules.



Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Final Trailer 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: July 2014

Some would call July a horror-friendly month, but there are also a few comedies we’re keeping an eye on. The Jason Segel/Cameron Diaz comedy Sex Tape has all the elements of a box office hit, but we could easily see the film falling flat. Melissa McCarthy has been on a box office tear as of late, but it will be the performance of Tammy that determines how much clout she still has.

As far as which film will win the month, it’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘ to lose. Rise debuted to $54 million back in August 2011, and we would be surprised if Dawn didn’t build upon that.

But what about you? Which June releases are you most looking forward to? Which film do you think will make the most money at the box office?

Once again, here are the five movies we’re looking forward to this month:

  • July 2: Deliver Us From Evil
  • July 11: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • July 18: The Purge: Anarchy
  • July 25: Lucy, Hercules


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  1. I’m looking forward to Planet of the Apes and Hercules.

  2. This sucks.. my bday is comin up and all the movies on this list i wanna see come out after it.. the theaters in my area let u in free on ur birthday so i try an hit everyone.. Transformers it is then… least its free..

  3. I guess, spoiler alert on Purge 1…..The first Purge movie was a sight to behold. It hit every emotion I ever had and then reinvigorated an emotion I never use, fear. The feeling I got when the Purgers manage to get in the house and try to kill the family, brought back hidden memories of my drunk bastard stepdad who would always beat me and my mom. Thankfully he’s dead but I swear while watching this movie, I sometimes wished that we lived in a world where this does happen so that my sted dad would’ve gotten what he deserved earlier on. I’m so happy that Ethan Hawkes character was a badass dad, but I felt so sad when he died. Those poor kids must be traumatized! Part of me was like, the kid shouldn’t have let that man in but another part of me was happy that the kid did the right thing at a time where being selfish was the most important thing to survival. Reminds me of the day I witnessed my cousin drowning but instead of trying to rescue him, I was too scared, so I just got an adult to help save him. I felt bad, he never talked to me again. I’m not even allowed to attend his birthday parties. That was 2 years ago, I’m sure he forgives me now. I love how how the Purgers got what they deserved but seriously, they tried to be like Freddy Krueger by acting all spooky and crap, instead of just killing, now they’re the ones who died. Like my mom always says, “…don’t play with your food.”
    I bought this DVD and try to watch it once every week, sometimes I have too much homework but you win some you lose some, just like this movie when Ethan Hawk’s character died! That was sad.
    The cool thing is that I’m going to Canada next week so I can probably see Niagara Falls! I’m excited! Also I might watch the Purge 2 with my bro in Canada. I just hope he goes with me cuz I’m too scared to go alone. I’m always thinking, what if the purge happens in a movie theatre where they try to kill me?! Yeah my bro just got his braces so I don’t know if he’s gonna complain that his teeth hurts and that he can’t go :(
    Well hopefully this movie is amazing cuz I want to be able to really escape reality and feel like I’m in the world where purging is a necessity for peace. I wonder if purging would also allow a person to kill their spouse and if they will still get that person’s life insurance policy?
    If so, then how on earth would the life insurance company make any money at all!?
    Also, I wonder if the day of the purge is the number one day of No Alcohol related fatalities? So that’s a plus side. In able for a person’s survival that day, they won’t feel the need to consume alcohol because they want to live.
    I also wonder if off duty cops can participate in the purge?
    Either way I’m excited for all this talk of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice! I cannot wait till they unveil Wonder Woman’s costume.
    Man that transformers movie sent me to the dark side of the moon for sure! The action in Transformers 4 had me on the edge of my seat! I love MarkyMark and all that he does. I remember saying to myself, “The Stath or MarkyMark? Which one is more badass?”
    I cannot wait for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it’s gonna be a thrilling movie! All I know is Dawn is in every movie this year. What’s next, Jurrasic Park Dawn of Extinction? Or Terminator: Cybernetic Dawn?
    I hate that we have to wait till 2016 for the new XMen Apocolypse to come out but at least we get Avengers Dawn of Ultron next year.
    I love Screenrant. The writers are sharp, the stories are fun and the commenters on this website are far more friendly than others. Happy early 4th of July everyone! I’m going to bed. My head hurst and I have to wake up early tomorrow to walk my neighbors dog. I hate him cuz he won’t move unless I pick him up. I hate summer jobs. I can’t wait till I’m 18 that way I can move out an join the army and possibly be experimented on and maybe become Captain America or Magneto or something.
    I’ll leave a comment next week on what I think about Purge 2.

    • I’m sorry if i come off as a commenter meaner than others, but there is no way in hell ur in “school” and u refer to Mark Whalberg as MarkyMark… Sorry but I’m not buying it.. not to mention the fact ur trying really hard to sound like a kid..

    • Whaaaaaaat tf

    • Dude? That’s a marathon post right there. Let’s be real though, you’re much older than 17. “Marry Mark”? Anyway… Have a good time in Canada.

    • Wowww…

  4. I hate Hercules, he is so over-rated, but Hollywood likes him a lot and sadly the films are nice too, but there are more Greek heroes other than that guy, I guess they know that as they made Wrath, Clash, Troy etc., and oh yeah they made that really bad Immortals movie too (my favorite scene of which was Poseidon’s jump from Olympus, and Athena’s view of Theseus from Olympus, and well, it had nice fights, but the Mythology was butchered the Minotaur was just wrong, and the story wasn’t properly executed) well back on track, yeah they made those bad Percy Jackson movies, from which ironically The Lightning Thief is my favorite Greek mythology movie, which does the least justice to the mythology and to the book it was adapted from. I want other Greek heroes to shine, not that over-rated piece of trash, who keeps getting good movies.

    On another note, I don’t like Dwayne Johnson over a (stupid) pov, and that is he betrayed wrestling (where he was over-rated) when he went for cinema, I enjoyed the movies I’ve watched him in, but I do try to delay watching his movies, amd he was over-the-top in Fast5.

    Excited for the Apes, Lucy and Anarchy :D

  5. The Wachowski’s should’ve re-titled it JUPITER PENDING.

  6. I am excited for Boyhood.

    • Me too man, I’m surprised that didn’t make the list.

      • I try to avoid posting limited release films on our list because it’s hard to know when, or even if, the movie might hit a reader’s theater. Since it’s a here’s what we think might be worth seeing, I try to make the post as all-inclusive as possible.

        That being said, definitely looking forward to Boyhood.

  7. Can’t help but to smile and laugh every time I see Dwayne Johnson. It’s his persona from WWE. I can’t take Hercules seriously or any movie with him in it. Hopefully he’ll do one that’ll change my perception of him.

    • There movies bruh…ur not suppose to take them seriously.. The Rock isn’t that bad… he def came along way since Scorpion King…
      You should see him in Pain and Gain.. prolly his best performance so far..

  8. i live in the uk so out dates are different. im going to see transformers and guardians of the galaxy at the end of the month. i hope i can go and see apes but im not sure if i can make it

    • You might want to reconsider watching Transformers 4 over Apes. I promise you you will regret it. Transformer is the same crap all over again. Apes is completely different and looks WAY better than that garbage Transformers.

      • “You might want to reconsider watching Transformers 4 over Apes. I promise you you will regret it.”

        Did you hear that, Corey? Some anonymous internet troll PROMISES that you’ll like Apes better, despite the fact that he doesn’t know you and he hasn’t even seen Apes yet! Better listen to this guy!

  9. So far the only films in July that interest me is Apes and Lucy. Everything else either doesn’t interest me or are movies I can wait until netflix to catch. More reviews are coming out for Apes and I am soo hyped with everything that is being said. I cannot wait to see this movie

  10. I’ll watch Hercules and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, might watch Deliver Us From Evil (maybe). The other two hold no interest at all for me.

  11. There’s so much story and adventure potential with Hercules, but those trailers have the worst display of pacing ever. I would really like to see Rock in his own franchise but I’m not sure about Hercules. I’m uninterested in seeing him battle a giant lion, boar, miniature hydra and VERY human looking horde of Hades.

    Great, now I’m in the mood to watch the Kevin Sorbo series on netflix :-)

  12. Well a weak looking July. Apes looks so promising. I can’t wait until the 11th.

    I like Bana so will probably check out Deliver. Lucy too. I’m not so sure about Hercules I saw the trailer before 22 Jump St and it was kind of meh for me.

  13. Only seeing planet of the apes this month everything else is meh

  14. This month I’ll be seeing Apes, Boyhood, and Snowpiercer. Also Chef if I get around to it finally.

  15. Movies this year were a bit mediocre to be honest.
    Apes will be amazing though. I’ll probably see Lucy just for ScarJo.

  16. I won’t be seeing Hercules now that I know Brett Shartner is helming it. Appreciate the head up.

    That pic of the Rock is hilarious by the way.

    Lucy could be cool.

  17. Dawn of Apes is going to be the winner this month, kinda obvious. Apes looks brilliant I CANNOT WAIT! I hope it does really well in the box office.

  18. I’ll probably check out Apes, Lucy and Hercules, but the only one I am really interested in seeing in the theater is Lucy. I hope that it’s as good as EoT as an original film.

  19. That is the list of movies to be seen in July?

    The Purge 2 is just a libertarian ‘self-abuse’ fantasy. Junk.

    Lucy is a film based upon the repeatedly falsified myth that humans only use 10% of their brains. (The average person during a conversation uses between 28-35% of their brain.) So Lucy is just a crap-filled sack covered in the pretty wrapper of Scarlett Johansen.

    The others, while maybe not pure garbage, do not even look like they are worth matinee money. (Maybe the Planet of the Apes one… maybe).

  20. Probably Apes, if I want to see Banner I will watch Chopper. awesome performance.

  21. Lol they said this was a list of 5 but they only got 4 XD.

    • Um, I’m not a mathematician but:
      1. Deliver Us from Evil
      2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
      3. The Purge: Anarchy
      4. Lucy
      5. Hercules
      That adds up to five where I come from.

  22. non of them was good