HBO’s ‘Game Change’: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin; More Casting News

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 11:02 pm,

Talk about a double-take. HBO has released the first photo of actress Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in Game Change, the upcoming TV movie about the tumultuous 2008 U.S. presidential election.

Anyone who’s followed American politics for the last three years can attest to the striking similarity between Moore’s getup and the real thing. Besides the rather easy choice of the former Alaska governor’s iconic red blazer, wardrobe artists have matched her conservative ‘do and accessories to a “T.” Moore’s no slouch herself, putting on her best impression of northern hospitality.

While it’s not really fair to judge Game Change on the one and only production image released so far, it certainly affirms that Moore was the right choice for the part. If she can get the politican’s mannerisms down, her dramatic portrayal may be even better than Tina Fey’s celebrated comedic one.

While the costume and makeup transformation aren’t as arresting as, say, Ben Kingsley in Gandhi, it sets an exciting precedent for the other players in Game Change. Ed Harris’ portayal of Arizona senator John McCain should be interesting, since the two men have much less in common than Moore and Palin.

Judge for yourself – Moore’s on the left, Palin on the right:

There’s also some more casting to announce. As noted above, Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13) will play Republican presidential candidate John McCain. The role should be an easy one for Harris, who often plays authority figures and military men.

Woody Harrelson, who got a big boost with 2009′s Zombieland, will play campaign adviser Steve Schmidt. The role of Bristol Palin, whose unplanned pregnancy upset Palin’s conservative base, will be taken by Melissa Farman. The actress had a short arc on Lost as the younger version of Mira Furlan’s character Danielle. Other roles like senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have yet to be cast.

Game Change is based on an expose book written by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. HBO optioned the book for a TV movie early last year, pegging Jay Roach and Danny Strong of Recount to direct and write. The production currently has no release date.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. holy $#!& it multiplied!!

  2. Glad I looked it up. I’ve been asking who’s going to play the other main characters in Game Change, but couldn’t get an answer. I’ve read the book and I know that Palin was not the main character. Who’s playing Obama, who’s playing Hillary, who’s playing John Edwards? These are the interesting ones for me.

  3. Everyone seems to forget that Palin QUIT her elected task of Governing Alaska when Davis Letterman made fun f her,,,

    Yeah she’s perfect for the role of first female pres.

    No thank you Oprah!

    • So 790 is faulty and doesn’t retain facts well.

      Stop watching MSNBC 790 you will learn more.

  4. “David Letterman” I meant.

    I’m so crazy hopped up typed that wrong,,, :)

    Ooooooh Palin you,,,!

  5. Anyone that thinks Julianna Moore looks like Palin needs to have their eyes not only checked but replaced.

    Can you say “HIT JOB”. You go HBO, keep branding that Liberal slant to all your made for fantasy political movies.

  6. Mm well I don’t watch msnbc or any of the tv news stations, I’m not a lib or a neo con, and I prob watch more documentaries in a month then you do in a year Aleric.

    So unless you can specify your comment directly, your not making any sense. This robot head is walking all over you,,, hahaa,,,,

    • You facts about Palin stepping down from the governorship because of Letterham is truely flawed logic. She stepped down due to the multiple lawsuits that were being filed by loon liberals who were all found to be frivilious but they could do nothing legally to stop them and it was costing the Alaskan government millions.

      As for your comment on documentaries……seriously, documenteries are nothing more than opinion pieces by individuals to get their “opinion” aired on TV. Not sure how that equates into intelligence or political awareness.

      • Because watching documentaries is like reading books. You’re learning something when you do it, enhancing your intelligence and political awareness.

        • Reading the right books and watching factual documetaries is what you meant to say. Documentaries have an agenda, they are made to bring focus on something the film maker wants you to see, and depending on the editing it is either pro or con.

          • Of course, EVERYTHING has an agenda. Thats true with any type of media be it books, magazines, internet, radio, tv, movies, documentaries, news, whatever. And I personally think its good to be informed of the false, untrue, slanted, biased, and what have you almost as much of the truth and unbiased. I try to take in as much as I can.

  7. @Aleric, I don’t doubt she had legal issues going on, however if your going to claim that she stepped down because “lawsuits were being filed by loon liberals and they could do nothing legally to stop them” then why leave office? The Alaskan Gov office can’t handle some legal issues, hilarious.

    And if it was “costing the Alaskan government millions” why didn’t she direct those suits to judges that would see they were frivilous and throw them out? Comical.

    My comment was a general statement about her leadership skills and her ability to take critisim. She did take offense to Letterman after he made jokes about her family members on his late show. Lawsuits pending or not, she resigned days later,,,
    On documenteries they also contain surpressed information and material that’s not covered by mainstream media.

    Most controversial documentaries never make it on tv, because that’s the mainstream media doesn’t want people to see them,,,

    The mainstream media is controlled by 6 companies that run all the tv news etc.

    • Once again you have shown your ignorance of the facts of what went on in Alaska. You can’t direct anything when you are under litigation as a government official, that is handled by the Attorney General of the state. The process takes months if not years before it even gets to a verdict and all of that cost money, multiply that by each and every suit filed and the money adds up.

      Her Leaderships skills are much more admirable than anything the Dems have. You are incorrect, she did not resign days after a slob like letterham insulted her teenage daughter with a crude joke about her giving oral sex to a baseball player. Get your facts correct and maybe you won’t believe all the BS that shows like SNL put out with Tina Fey and her one trick pony impression of Palin.

      Documentaries are produced by people who want to make a statement, most are funded by left wing liberals who most of the time portray a slanted version of the facts. But that is ok you go on believing that all documentaries are National Geo caliber.

  8. F’n politics. You people need to calm the hell down it’s a show. You don’t like it? Don’t watch. Damn.

    Anyways, she looks hot as hell. They obviously won’t but I hope they add some steamy sex scenes….don’t know how or for what reason but I can only dream.

    • its a show about POLITICS ORI, if you cant see that then the whole basis for the movie is lost on you as well.

      • I think what ORI is trying to say is it may be about politics but its just a movie and movies are for what….entertainment. the whole issue about stepping down is just something for people to argue about. unless we are up there in her situation..which i doubt any of ever will get close…we dont know. really we can grab at things and just argue a point but who gives a crap…its an indiviuals opinion. what does her actions have to do with beinf dem or rep. we need to just work together and quit bashing republican and democrates. maybe we would accomplish more that way! each has thier faults and strenghts and even then each person is individually different. who cares. grab some popcorn and watch the movie and yea lets get a hot scene in there! the way the world is going we need something fun to watch! getting too much in this politics crap is for the birds. doesnt matter how much you vote or grip..the great USA will do what they want anyways. unless youre going to get the education and the funding to get your butt up there quit judging. it boils down to be are all human and make mastakes and OMG palin has feelings. at least she was up there trying to make a difference…what have ou done but to sit here and put everyone else down..

  9. @Aleric what ignorance of the facts?
    Name these damming charges that she’s up on, and drove her out of office? Surely if she can’t hold office on a state level, her bid for election as president is doomed.
    Sarah Painlin isn’t a leader she resigned her post after realising she wanted to be a celebrity media darlin that I don’t know, will maybe run for office if the winds blowing north. She was the female Dan Quale nothing but a cute airhead talking head certain demographs could relate to and political groups could exploit. (Oprah fans, Rebuplican party, SNL)
    If I rekon correclty she got a job on FOX News right after leaving her boring day job. (Days after the Letterman distraction)

    The fact that your satisified with her as Presidential canadate serioulsy points out that you get all your facts from the global perception filter called the tv news media. It also points out how totally devided and without focus on real issues everyone seems to be. Spin spin spin, its all a show to distract you.
    I watched a documetary one time about bigfoot and there was definitley an agenda going on there. :)

  10. OMG.

    1. Moore doesn’t look anything like Sarah Palin.
    2. I personally think Sarah Palin stepped down for the money in the reality shows and the books she released afterward, but that’s just my opinion, I can’t read her mind.
    3. Who cares?? She’s just another ex-politician, why would I waste my time watching a mockumentary about her??? She’s not even an ex-politician I care about… If it was like Ronald Reagan, then maybe I might watch it…

    Just for the record, while I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, I must say she’s definitely better looking than Moore dressed up like her, geez…

  11. I don’t think that this will be a ” character” of Palin but more of a real dramatization of her. Plus the book is just great so I have a feeling it will make a great movie. My fav radio show The book report featured this book this week, I honestly love listening to the show and what Elaine has to say. if you want to have a listen.

    It will make the movie that much better!