‘Dredd’ Images Feature A Meaner & Dirtier Judge Dredd

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Director Peter Travis’ Dredd – a reboot of the Judge Dredd franchise – is the one comic book flick due to hit theaters in 2012 that we’ve yet to see any actual footage from. Early set pics and images of star Karl Urban as the titular “Street Judge” have teased a film that’s more stylishly unpolished than the 1995 Judge Dredd adaptation starring Sylvester Stallone, but that’s the only “proof” of Dredd being a darker take on the property.

Today, however, we have a handful of new official Dredd stills that do very much support the notion that Travis’ film will be a much more gritty, darkly violent, and unvarnished cinematic treatment of Judge Dredd creator John Wagner’s original vision.

Dredd doesn’t have the benefit of big-name stars; rather, it is being sold on the merits of its fan-favorite cast and crew, which includes not only Urban (a Lord of the Rings and Star Trek alumnus), but also Games of Thrones starlet Lena Headey as the film’s ruthless villain and Juno‘s Olivia Thirlby playing Dredd’s apprentice. Likewise, Dredd also boasts a screenplay penned by 28 Days Later… and Sunshine scribe, Alex Garland.

Headey as the scarred Madeline “Ma-Ma” Madrigal is nowhere to be found in the new batch of Dredd pics. However, these images do provide another a preliminary look at Urban and Thirlby’s onscreen counterparts in action, cleaning up the crime-riddled streets of Mega-City One.

Check out those Dredd images in the gallery below:

As you can see, everything from Dredd’s worn-out uniform to the chipped walls and low-grade surroundings that make up the more desolate regions of MC1 definitely have a more unrefined and down n’ dirty feel than the comparatively glistening image of the futuristic metropolis, as presented in the 1995 Judge Dredd flick. Dredd should also benefit from not having certain added elements present in the Stallone version (ex. Dredd being paired with a comic relief sidekick).

Dredd clearly won’t shy away from including the generally emotionless outlook and ruthless philosophy of the Judge Dredd character’s comic book incarnation, unlike the relatively “softer” and more empathetic Stallone iteration. However, those who were hoping that Dredd might also embrace the satirical elements that are often (but not always) present in the original comic books – well, for better or for worse, there’s no indication of that being the case, so far.

Expect a teaser trailer for Dredd to drop in the foreseeable future, seeing how the film is slated to hit theaters in the U.S. on September 21st, 2012.

Source: 2000 AD

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  1. I’m not sold.
    Waiting for the trailer.

  2. Am I the only one which doesn’t have slideshows working in firefox? Gotta ask.

    Other than that, from what little I can see, he looks better than I thought he would.

    • Ad-Blocker broke mine; turn it off and both; the slideshow, and direct-clicking the pics works fine.

  3. I don’t know about this. The initial images of the costume looked great. However, the suit “in action” just looks ridiculous. Look at the picture with the girl where he’s holding the gun. It looks like he can’t lift his arms any higher than that and the neck part of the suit is pushing the helmet up. Also, the part that crosses over the lenses looks like it would completely obstruct a lot of his view.

    • The red cross probably would obstruct his view, but it is a vital part of Dredd’s look. It’s in all the comic depictions of him. The only time it was removed was for the 95 Stallone movie and it did alter Dredd’s iconic (and very unique and strange) look.

    • I don’t see the neck part pushing the helmet up in any photo. Please point it out.

      • I don’t mean that it IS pushing it up. It’s just the combination of the arms pushing the shoulder pads up, making the collar touch the bottom of the helmet, and the angle the lighting hits his face that makes it look that way. Also, the more I look at it, the weirder the helmet looks.

  4. At last! You’re finally covering this.

    These images look so cool. Dredd and Anderson look great. The shoulder pads really work on these costumes. At first I was disappointed that they didn’t have the huge oversized pads, but I love the new ones now. They really are more practical. The helmets look great too, I know everyone seems to be moaning that they are “Too big”, but really, if you look at a motorcycle crash helmet/riot police helmet/fire fighter helmet/soldier’s helmet etc… then the size makes complete sense.

  5. I think the Stallone version was entertaining, I didn’t care about it even it hadn’t been true to the comic books because I never readed them and I watched the movie when I was a kid.

    Now I think this reboot is good for the fans who hope to have Dredd not taking off his helmet.

    I am not sold until the trailer is released.

    Lionsgate doing lots of mistakes like remaking Conan The Barbarian, making The Expendables 2 PG-13 and now this movie not getting no trailer and no footage.

    If Lionsgate keeps this up then the company will fall down to money problems which I hope not.

  6. With all the fantastic sci-fi/fantasy books out there, it’s ridiculous that they continue to make remakes. It’s really getting boring. Maybe they need someone new, because this lack of imagination and creativity is making me sick. I would say, ‘what are they thinking’, but it’s obvious that thought is not coming into the process.

    • This isn’t a remake!

      They made a pretty bad Judge Dredd film back in 95, but this is different and has nothing to do with that version.

      Hopefully they’ll do a good job this time, but I do think Dredd is a little too subversive, niche and cult to be a huge success.

    • You’d be selecting from a small selection of stories if your criterion is just stuff that hasn’t been done before. Not to mention Dredd was only tried once and in the 90s. Hardly revisiting the well.

    • @Heidi AND ALL.

      This movie is NOT a remake, it is based closely on the comic. Not the Stallone trash that hit the cinemas.

      This will be the real Judge Joseph Dredd not a wannabee.

      Robocop as admitted by Paul Verhoeven is a complete rip off of Dredd. Dredd shot first no mistake, here endeth the LAW.

      • The original “Robocop” script was supposed to be a Judge Dredd film but it fell through. Two of the writers left the project and changed it into “Robocop” instead. They even admitted to making a Dredd movie in all but name. That is why it seems to be a perfect fit for a Dredd movie.

        It looks like this new one will be trying to follow where the pre Robocop Dredd movie fell through.

        • Credit INSTANT JUSTICE for that info.

  7. About time we had a trailer ! looks promising but so did Stallone’s

  8. I can’t wait until the trailer drops. I’m being optimistic so far

  9. Looks rubbish

  10. wow,the helmet is ridiculous. he looks like a cosplaying kid with a helmet too big for his head.

    • I agree he looks silly in that helmet plus im waiting for the trailer as like many of you are but that still doesn’t mean the movie will be any good.I guess i’ll just have to put my faith in the film critics reviews when this comes out.

      • Don’t always trust reviews. Sometimes film critics (bad ones) will have already have made their mind up about the film if it is not their preferable genre. And if it isn’t financially successful that doesn’t mean it’s bad either. It’s best to “Judge” for yourself. If it is a genre you enjoy, then check it out.

        I am a little worried that because of the previous film and Dredd’s small public profile (especially in the US) it will suffer for it.

      • Wow Hi-C, you’re hard to please aren’t you??

        LOL, just kidding. 😀

      • Photoshop Phunny.

  11. I remember Stallone coming-out and saying that he knew during filming that the 1995 movie would be a bomb.

    • …but he still pocketed the $15 million anyway. He’s the main reason the film was crap; the script was based around the template of a Stallone film trope not a Dredd story.

      • You tell ’em, Instant Justice dude, Stallone has a cheek to say he knew the 1995 movie would both bomb and not be very good, considering he helped steer it onto the rocks in the first place by demanding script changes onset, directing reshoots himself, and pretty much cutting that movie’s director Danny Cannon out of the loop! The question is begged that if he didn’t like the script to begin with, why did he take $15m for it, that being said though, he WAS right, however, in the 2008 interview where he talked about how ‘Judge Dredd’ should have been a “balls to the wall” comic-book film, and which should have been more “humorous and fun”, NOW he gets it, after helping sabotage a talented young director’s film career to stroke his overinflated ego…

        P.S. The new movie is going to ROCK, the pics we’ve seen so far are cool, and Karl Urban is going to own the part, to say nothing of Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey, and it looks like we’re going to get the movie the 1995 debacle should’ve been; gritty, dark, violent, uncompromising, and very, VERY bloody… OH YEAH!!!

  12. idk. i’ll reserver judgement until i see a trailer

  13. he looks like a giant Pez dispenser

  14. WOW does this look CORNEY!!!!! i no that helmet is part of the character but it looks like crap, give me a trailer!

  15. Wow is that like a minature Judge Dredd or something?

  16. I really like Karl Urban but he just does not have the jaw line (or the build) to pull off the iconic look. That’s based on these initial pics so I can still be swayed). Say what you will but Stallone but he at least matched the part. (and yes I know he’s short for Dredd but you can’t have everything)

  17. So far I’ve enjoyed Karl Urban in most of the movies he’s been in, but being that I’m not really a fan of the comics, I guess I’ll really have to just wait to see if the trailers catch my attention or not… :-)

  18. I enjoyed the Sly Movie back in the day,
    guess most people who complain are Comic geeks ?
    Not sure.

    The pic with the girl next to him looks really funny. Reminds me of Mel Brooks SpaceBalls,and Rick Moranis LORD DARK HELMET ! lol

    • Thats what i was thinking too LMAO!

  19. I know nothing about Judge Dredd except what I just read here.

    The characters in the pictures look ridiculous.

    • It’s a shame so many people are not familiar with the real Judge Dredd from the comics because they really are comic book gold. They tend to get overshadowed by the sheer amount of DC and Marvel. DC and Marvel are great, but in all that vast amount of output there is a lot of very lackluster stuff. Dredd has some great concepts, stories and humour, not to mention fantastic and sometimes obscure artwork.

      All I’m saying is try and make the effort to seek out some comics and you will be pleasantly surprised. The nearest thing I can compare it to is Hellboy. Mainly because the world of Judge Dredd is sometimes a little odd.

  20. Meh. Not sure. The trailer will have to be kick ass, or I just don’t care. I am sooooo bored with comic book movies, especially stuff we have already seen being re-booted… Whatever. Urban is an epic actor, and is way above this. I know a job is a job, but still. Come on Hollywood, take a chance on originality for a change would ya?!

    • 2000AD/Judge Dredd is way above other comics form DC/Marvel.

    • Sorry. I just realized that it is quite a violent clip, even though there is no gore and it’s only a couple of seconds long. If any young posters are upset by it I’m sorry.

      On another note… the helmets look absolutely fine! They don’t look big in any way seeing them in action. They just look like a biker gang.

  21. It’s not a reboot.