‘Dredd 2′ Update: Karl Urban Says ‘Conversations’ Are Happening

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Judge Dredd 2 Sequel Update Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Says Conversations Are Happening

As fans of comic book properties bristle at the notion of any change, updating, reimagining, or reinterpretation without studios seeming to hear, the makers of Dredd did things differently. In short, they took the “Judge Dredd” comic book and adapted it as faithfully as any fan could hope, with over the top violence, a colossal body count, and an unchanging hero without a face.

The end result was considered by many to be one of the more cohesive comic book films of the past ten years (read our review), and thanks to a tragically mismanaged marketing campaign, a financial flop. It seemed that despite the stage being set for a story-driven franchise, the chance of a sequel was all but dead. Now, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) himself claims the studio has yet to kill the project, with its cult following a major influence in keeping hope alive.

At the Destination Star Trek event held in in Frankfurt, Germany (hat tip to WhatCulture), Karl Urban was on hand to field questions for his part in J.J. Abrams’ rebooted science fiction franchise. As testament to just how much of a cult film Dredd has already become, one of the first questions posed to him was not about Trek, but about whether there had been any progress on the notion of a Dredd sequel. Urban stopped short of saying that the odds were better or worse than when he last claimed he’d made his enthusiasm to Lionsgate clear, and would rely on fans to make their desires known as well.

Judge Dredd Anderson Trailer Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Says Conversations Are Happening

However, Urban did explain that “conversations” were taking place – language he hasn’t used in the past – but the actor’s offhand comments surrounding that update are more telling. For starters, Urban said what we’ve been saying since the film first released: that the studio completely fumbled its marketing and theatrical arrival. Urban went on to say that despite an underwhelming box office take that had seemed to kill any chance of a sequel, the DVD sales have continued to impress – and Lionsgate has taken notice.

Urban’s comments are well short of the encouragement that fans no doubt hope for, but his vocal support of the claim that Lionsgate’s marketing is to blame for the film’s struggle (producer Adi Shankar admitted its title of Dredd 3D made it sound like a gimmick) is a good sign. Until now, fans of the film could only hope that Dredd‘s home video sales would send a message to the studio, and Urban implies they’ve heard it loud and clear.

There’s no question that the person most likely talking off ears at Lionsgate is writer/producer Alex Garland, the main creative force behind Dredd and the loudest supporter of a sequel. Garland has gone on record stating that he already has a story idea for a trilogy in place, hoping to delve into the fact that the titular Judge is a supremely fascist figure, yet a hero all the same. Take a quick look at armed revolutions around the world, and Dredd offers a commentary few comics attempt – even if it is shrouded in a storm of lead and gore.

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Says Conversations Are Happening

No matter how long Lionsgate takes to realize that they’re sitting on a movie franchise all but destined for cult status (Urban stated before release that it would be a cult classic “instantly), the success of Dredd is good for comic fans everywhere. It remains one of the few films adapted from the medium that wasn’t watered-down to appeal to a young audience, instead courting fans of adult action – an audience it has since found.

If Lionsgate shows that they can make that approach work in an increasingly kid-friendly genre, could the chances of seeing a truly R-rated Deadpool or Daredevil rise? Forgive us for our optimism, but with Urban’s star continuing to rise, a Dredd sequel isn’t out of the question just yet.

What do you think of Dredd 2‘s chances? Is the R-rated comic book space one that you feel could truly succeed, or will comic book movies only appeal to studios if they can appeal to every age? Share your thoughts in the comments.


We’ll keep you up to date on any Dredd 2 news as it arrives.

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Source: WhatCulture

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  1. Great film,cant believe this needs to be considered,and the crap that gets made out there.

    • Just bumped into a crew filming on location where I work, very cool!

  2. If only this was in cinema’s now instead of a crappy PG 13 RoboCop remake.

    Would absolutely love a Dredd sequel.

    • Yeah I am going to disagree with you there. Robocop was good film, not the same as the original, but good.

      • Yup. Most people who bash the new RoboCop haven’t even seen it and bash it on bias alone. It’s a good movie (especially the first half) that will be added to my collection without a doubt.

        • I for one approve of the RoboCop remake. Of course the original is a classic, but our times have changed. We have new issues to deal with and better technology to tell a story around those issues. People who talk down the remake do it simply because it dared to exist in the first place. So it was taken as an insult. Which brings me to Dredd. The main reason I love this movie and want a sequel is because it dares to be something real. In the sense that it isn’t a sugar-coated movie made to appeal to the masses. But instead it has the guts to say “Screw you, I am violent and I ain’t showing my actor’s eyes”. And that is refreshing.

        • I saw the new “Robocop” remake in good faith, and while it has some interesting ideas it has huge failings that mean I just don’t feel like watching it again or any sequel. I’m not going into it all again now, but the original is the best for good reason. It doesn’t need bias because it is the better movie IMO.

      • Robocop reboot SUCKED. People can come here and defend it all they want, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original. They took out the gore, the comedy and the story. I actually almost walked out of the theater cause it was THAT bad. In the original Robocop you are actually made to feel sorry for Murphy and the challenges he has to go through. In the new movie I could have cared less if Murphy survived or died. The people who made the Robocop reboot need to take a note from Dredd.

        Dredd was amazing. I loved the fact that they told it from one day in the life of a Judge. The gore and violence was par to the Robocop of old. That is what the reboot of Robocop should have looked like. Instead we are given a hacked up reboot that sucked balls. I am hoping Dredd gets a sequel. Urban deserves it. One of the better actors of today.

        • I agree that we need more Dredd. Karl Urban is a cool actor on screen, and he made Dredd what it should be. Now I haven’t seen Robocop yet so I will wait til I can rent it for less than 5 bucks.

          • I agree. If by “cool actor” you mean “Incompetent actor who would be out of his depth in a daytime soap”

          • I’m waiting until it’s on TV next year. No way I’ll waste money on Rebootcop.

            Funny you mention it though because the sequel campaign had a pic of the new Robocop alongside Dredd and asked who’d win and most agreed Dredd would use a high explosive on his human hand, disable him then fire off a few armor piercing rounds to finish him off.

            • What made Robocop a failure to me was that it lost it’s grittiness and violence. Yeah there was violence in there, but violence toned down for a 13 year old. A proper Robocop reboot should have been more violent on the lines of Dredd. That’s what disappoints me so much about the Robocop reboot.

              On the other hand, we got to see the polar opposite with Dredd. They went more in line with the comics and toned the violence up and made it a worthy reboot.

              I think I am going to stay away from reboots of classic “R” rated movies that have been remade to “PG13″.

              Robocop could have been so much more.

          • I wouldn’t even buy it for a dollar lol

  3. Would love to see a Dredd sequel. I think having the cinema release solely in 3d was also a mistake. Some people can’t stand 3d

    • Yeah. this was a major bad decision the choice should of been equal, but i think they only got funded for the 3d aspect (Alex G… mentioned this in an interview originally) so that’s why it was getting pushed in native 3d mostly

      this was the best movie ive seen in along time i still watch today … more than i watched Star Wars the original movie

      Urban is addictive as Dredd hope the Dredd short out in about 4 months has Urban somewhere in it we also have the Dredd cartoon this year coming out

      thanks for the heads up !!!

      • Not to mention, it’s one of two movies I’ve seen (the other being Life Of Pi) where the 3D was totally justified and enhanced the visuals.

        • How did you miss Gravity in the theaters?!

  4. I waited for this movie to come out, and was hugely disappointed when it was released in 3D only (at least around here). I really hate the 3D experience, I’ve only ever seen movies that seemed like it was gimmicky and made worse by it, so I decided to wait until it was released for home viewing and get what I hoped would be a better first-time experience.

    Loved the movie, but if it hadn’t been a 3D exclusive, I’d have been one of those buying box-office tickets. Hopefully if they make a sequel, they’ll get the marketing right, and then we can get a whole bloody franchise out of it.

    • I agree that 3D is not for everyone, but I saw Dredd in 3D, and it was fantastic. The slow-mo scenes, like when Ma-Ma is in the tub with the water droplets in the air, was awesome.

  5. That interrogation scene was intense SPILL IT ! No wonder so many people put Karl’s name forward for batman this movie needs to happen get him off that terrible almost human show he deserves better also his chin deserves an oscar for that performance

    • Batman?! How about The Punisher?

      • After seeing him on Almost Human wearing body armor I think he would look pretty good as The Punisher. Correct age range too.

  6. Dredd was one of the few movies that worked well in 3D. I am not generally a fan of 3D and if I remember correctly there was a 2D option with Dredd, but I purchased a ticket for 3D for reasons unknown and was very glad I did. Actually, I saw it again that same day with a blind date, also in 3D (even talked to her again after a few times). I was very happy with it, especially being a fan of the character for many years (despite the crappy Stallone attempt).

    One of the things that made me want to see it was the enthusiasm Urban had for the character. I had read that he when they attempted to dissuade him from the role by saying his face would be obscured for the entire film by the helmet and visor, he basically insisted on that being as it should be. Karl Urban, it is my understanding, basically fought for the role. Between that and my already present appreciation for the character was reason enough to see it on the big screen. I bought it on Blu-ray the day of release and re-watch it at least once every couple of months. Simply a fantastic film.

    This is a character and world that scream of franchise potential. If Urban is on board to wear the badge again, there is no earthly reason to not make it happen. It is refreshing that the marketing mistakes have been acknowledged, and could be then potentially corrected in a second outing.

    • I was going to see it at the theater, but stuff came up and I missed it. Thankfully my friend bought it and he bought it on 3d and we watched it on his 3D tv and I was amazed. The 3D was actually decent. Made the slo-mo scenes look amazing. Now since it’s on Netflix, I watch it when there is nothing else on.

      Can’t wait for a sequel.

    • He also appeared on Soccer AM before the movie’s release and told them that he asked to do the interview in character with the helmet on and using the Dredd voice but they said no.

      • I did not know that. Fair play to Urban – how many actors would make that kind of offer, and what kind of fools would turn him down? Would have been hilarious.

  7. Interesting film Dredd and it ties back to the comments in the article about the marketing and perception prior to it’s release.

    Not a 2000AD reader but I’m fully aware of Dredd and the world he inhabits but the pre-release buzz didn’t grab me at all, I’m not down with 3D when it used just to launch stuff out of the screen at the audience, I likes my 3D a bit more grown up and immersive but that was not the message I got from the pre-release media.

    It struck me as overly violent, serious with loads of annoying pop out 3D…. thanks but no thanks.

    How wrong was I, caught on DVD (nowt else available) and loved it and you know what, the wife likes it too and she’s not one for excessive violence (she HATED Watchmen).

    What wasn’t obvious with the pre-cinema release bumph was the tone, yes there’s violence and gore but there’s a wonderful dryness and tongue in cheek to the dialogue, Karl is fantastic and it is all round a fantastic film, hugely enjoyable.

    There is even bits that are genuinely hilarious (in a good way)

    Dredd 2 with the same team (Karl, the writer and director) I’d go to the cinema this time round.

    • she hated watchmen for the excessive violence? not much violence in the movie, and it was more like fungfu violence than realistic violence

      • There wasn’t much violence in quantity, but the quality of violence was pretty gruesome. Cutting off the arms with a hacksaw? Killing a pregnant woman? Knocking the teeth out in graphic details? Beating up a woman and attempting rape? That’s pretty harsh stuff if you aren’t desensitized to violence.

  8. Easily my favourite sci-fi film of the last decade- I waited years after the aching disappointment of the Stalone version and Urban aced it. There will block war if we don’t get a sequel soon (ideally a trilogy- I have made room on my shelves god the box set in anticipation)

    • I feel bad for you. Try watching: Inception, Cloud Atlas, District 9, Moon, Primer, Melancholia, 2046, Pakrika, V for Vendetta, Sunshine, The Fountain, Gravity, Mr. Nobody, Children of Men, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, Upstream Color, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or The Congress. Each one is vastly superior to this generic Hollywood remake.

      • Should feel bad for yourself with that list of movies. A couple good flicks but most of it is pablum for the pretentious fanboi crowd.

      • At any rate, apparently among the myriad of things you don’t understand is: 1) Dredd isn’t a “Hollywood” production; 2) Isn’t a remake; 3) Is rich in satire and social commentary, just as the character himself has always been… all of which obviously went way over your head.

  9. There absolutely should be a sequel! Shoot it in 60fps! The movie was one of the best out of the last decade and finally felt great to get a fantastic action film again.

  10. I would love to see a sequel for Dredd. It’s been easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Urban just owned that role and I just hope things work out in the end

    • You must not watch very many movies, then. Dredd isn’t even one of the top 10 action movies of the past 3 years. And that’s not even counting all the great non-action-based films like Cosmopolis, Lincoln, Cloud Atlas, Gravity, ect.

      • Cloud Atlas was a boring mess, Gravity was just boring.

  11. Since Almost Human isn’t doing too well (based on the SR article that it may not be renewed), just morph it into Dredd.

    The androids turn on the humans ala “I, Robot” and to combat them they have create the Judge system that Kinex joins. Dorian becomes the leader of the android army and the once partners are now enemies. They already have a wall like in the movie. :)

  12. Yes, please make a sequel. But have it lead up to Judge Death. They’ve already got Anderson in it and they should continue to focus on that relationship and where it heads, story wise. Making yet another origin story would kill the franchise dead.

  13. Make it. I don’t see why not. THIS was the best movie made in recent time about a comic book character. It held true to everything in the comic book. Alot of people I met that hadn’t seen it thought it would be like the one with Sylvester Stallone, so yes, it was indeed very fumbled by Lionsgate.

  14. If they do a dredd sequel i hope they get Paul leonard mogan back for the soundtrack

    • +1
      The soundtrack is awesome!

  15. I think that since Dredd flopped Fox sees that as a sign that all hard R cbm’s would do the same, and that’s probably why we haven’t heard more on Deadpool.

  16. LOL, this movie was so bad. I guess Hollywood will make a sequel out of any crap movie if they think there’s a demand out there for it. Most FPS video games have more developed plots and characters than Dredd- plus, with today’s technology the character models are more expressive than any performance Karl Urban is capable of.

  17. “Dredd offers a commentary few comics attempt – even if it is shrouded in a storm of lead and gore.”

    The most ridiculous thing I’ve read all week. Dredd was among the dumbest of the dumb Hollywood action movies. Don’t pretend that you guilty pleasure shoot-em-up is some kind of deep social commentary; it isn’t.

  18. I think everyone here has pretty much echoed my sentiments. More DREDD! You have ten seconds to comply.

  19. Even with Almost Human, I still need more Karl Urban in my life. No mercy Urban is my favorite. I also need more Deadpool in my life, fully R-rated and sarcastic Deadpool.

  20. Probably worth a Netflix watch.

    • You better believe it.

  21. It is was a great approach and it deserves the r rated franchise treatment. If you build it they will come.

  22. Great news! I really hope the sequel gets made. Karl Urban was excellent as Dredd!

  23. There is no question that Dredd can survive as an R rated icon yes ‘ICON’ living long after comic legend’s that have been played with to manipulate there public and marketing image. There’s a market make it !!!!!!!!

  24. there must be a remake to dread it was the absolutely fantastic cult classic better than the original Judge Dredd once the movie ended I wished that it continued and kept on continuing please make a sequel it is a must

  25. Oh shiz, conversations!

  26. God please. It was one of the best movies of the year.

  27. Judge Dredd vs Judge Death…. this has always been my dream film… massive fan of Dredd and 2000AD, this must atleast be a sequel option or atleast with the talk on her for the ending trilogy film… Dredd was awesome!!! Urban is a legend in this role.

  28. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to see a DREDD sequel!!! Please Lionsgate and Rebellion, make it happen! I already have the first one on blu-ray but will buy more and support it at the cinema too, my friends feel the same, we all loved it and will support DREDD further.