‘Dredd 2′ Update: Karl Urban Says ‘Conversations’ Are Happening

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Judge Dredd 2 Sequel Update Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Says Conversations Are Happening

As fans of comic book properties bristle at the notion of any change, updating, reimagining, or reinterpretation without studios seeming to hear, the makers of Dredd did things differently. In short, they took the “Judge Dredd” comic book and adapted it as faithfully as any fan could hope, with over the top violence, a colossal body count, and an unchanging hero without a face.

The end result was considered by many to be one of the more cohesive comic book films of the past ten years (read our review), and thanks to a tragically mismanaged marketing campaign, a financial flop. It seemed that despite the stage being set for a story-driven franchise, the chance of a sequel was all but dead. Now, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) himself claims the studio has yet to kill the project, with its cult following a major influence in keeping hope alive.

At the Destination Star Trek event held in in Frankfurt, Germany (hat tip to WhatCulture), Karl Urban was on hand to field questions for his part in J.J. Abrams’ rebooted science fiction franchise. As testament to just how much of a cult film Dredd has already become, one of the first questions posed to him was not about Trek, but about whether there had been any progress on the notion of a Dredd sequel. Urban stopped short of saying that the odds were better or worse than when he last claimed he’d made his enthusiasm to Lionsgate clear, and would rely on fans to make their desires known as well.

Judge Dredd Anderson Trailer Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Says Conversations Are Happening

However, Urban did explain that “conversations” were taking place – language he hasn’t used in the past – but the actor’s offhand comments surrounding that update are more telling. For starters, Urban said what we’ve been saying since the film first released: that the studio completely fumbled its marketing and theatrical arrival. Urban went on to say that despite an underwhelming box office take that had seemed to kill any chance of a sequel, the DVD sales have continued to impress – and Lionsgate has taken notice.

Urban’s comments are well short of the encouragement that fans no doubt hope for, but his vocal support of the claim that Lionsgate’s marketing is to blame for the film’s struggle (producer Adi Shankar admitted its title of Dredd 3D made it sound like a gimmick) is a good sign. Until now, fans of the film could only hope that Dredd‘s home video sales would send a message to the studio, and Urban implies they’ve heard it loud and clear.

There’s no question that the person most likely talking off ears at Lionsgate is writer/producer Alex Garland, the main creative force behind Dredd and the loudest supporter of a sequel. Garland has gone on record stating that he already has a story idea for a trilogy in place, hoping to delve into the fact that the titular Judge is a supremely fascist figure, yet a hero all the same. Take a quick look at armed revolutions around the world, and Dredd offers a commentary few comics attempt – even if it is shrouded in a storm of lead and gore.

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd Dredd 2 Update: Karl Urban Says Conversations Are Happening

No matter how long Lionsgate takes to realize that they’re sitting on a movie franchise all but destined for cult status (Urban stated before release that it would be a cult classic “instantly), the success of Dredd is good for comic fans everywhere. It remains one of the few films adapted from the medium that wasn’t watered-down to appeal to a young audience, instead courting fans of adult action – an audience it has since found.

If Lionsgate shows that they can make that approach work in an increasingly kid-friendly genre, could the chances of seeing a truly R-rated Deadpool or Daredevil rise? Forgive us for our optimism, but with Urban’s star continuing to rise, a Dredd sequel isn’t out of the question just yet.

What do you think of Dredd 2‘s chances? Is the R-rated comic book space one that you feel could truly succeed, or will comic book movies only appeal to studios if they can appeal to every age? Share your thoughts in the comments.


We’ll keep you up to date on any Dredd 2 news as it arrives.

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Source: WhatCulture

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  2. No sequel would be insane.dredd was an awesome film.designed for adults even my wife liked it and she hates sci fi.get a grip and give us judgement day from the comic story.

  3. I loved watching this new cult classic of Dredd, and Karl Urban was born to play the Judge. I watch ‘Almost Human,’ just to see this great actor Mr.Urban bust heads, and take down punks! I hope they keep with the R-Rated versions, and not water them down just so they can target younger audiences. The adults have the money, so I would target the older demographic with another hit like the first Dredd. After all when it was released on Blu-ray, it did sell very well.

  4. i love dredd. please make another. with karl urban of course

  5. I doubt this happens. Dredd cost $50 million to make and made $35 million.

    • That’s only domestic numbers. $57 million including Bluray/DVD sales and worldwide box office. Shouldve done better but I believe fans in demand could do it.

  6. Sequel? A MUST!

    Rating? Come on “R” for strong Violence and Gore with drug use and some nudity…

    Karl Urban is a fantastic actor who definately doesn’t get the credit he deserves.
    When i found out he was to be the new Dredd i was excited for this movie.
    After i saw it i loved it, but it didn’t get the credit it deserved…
    Until it landed on video. Then i heard it did well. It needs a sequel…
    And you need a BAD A$$ TRAILER to debut for it…

  7. The film was made exactly how fans have been crying out for since the last film (which was s***). And still it didn’t make money. So why would a company make a film for either fans who don’t go out and see the film, or for a fan-base that in reality is that small it can’t make a film profitable.

    • Why would you insist on posting without actually reading the article first?

      Lionsgate’s poor marketing strategies were mentioned no less than 3 different times as contributing to Dredd’s lack of box office success. They didn’t actually bother to differentiate this film enough from the Stallone version, or that it would be so much more faithful to the source material. On top of that, they released it primarily in 3D (even billing it as ‘Dredd 3D’), which apparently further turned off their intended audience base, certain that this was just going to be a gimmick release… and forgetting people are going to be much more likely to take a chance on a film at $5 then when you’re asking them to shell out $15-20 (because I know in my area they didn’t have ANY standard 2D showings the entire time it was playing).

      They also mentioned how strong the DVD and BD sales have been, and it’s early potential to enter “cult” status, as reasons to not completely rule out a possible sequel.

  8. Dredd was a s*** movie, a violent s*** movie but a s*** movie nevertheless.

    let’ see – a puny Lawmaster that shoots .22 bullets, gratuitous violent scenes that don’t progress the story but meant to just be violent for violence’s sake, gattling guns that destroy everything except what it’s supposed to hit, Dredd get shot in the back (bullet leaves a big hole in the wall) but it’s like a flesh wound for Dredd), lousy disposable villians and did i mention the s***** lawmaster?

    if this is considered a good movie for some of you, i’d hate to see bad ones.

    • I don’t think you know what actual bullet calibers are or how ballistics and tactical movement work work.

    • Its ok, i think your Glee movie may be on its way!

      It looks like you totally missed te point with Dredd and why its so loved! Even people that didn’t go see it in cinemas because they thought the trailers looked crap loved it, even above commenters wife liked it^^.. So you clearly missed the good stuff. Best Robocop movie since Robocop 1. Which was basically a non Dredd, Dredd movie if you look at the original comics.

      Dredd sequelS are essential!

    • @ganesh

      Um, I have no idea what you’re talking about the lawgiver (lawmaster? lol) being bad or small or whatever. Were you expecting some really huge cheesy looking sci-fi pistol?? The actual prop for the movie was made from a Glock 9mm pistol. So you’re already wrong on your assessment on the caliber it is likely to be able to handle. And it was built off the full size version too, so not small at all. And I don’t get how you see it as a “flesh wound” on Dredd. It passed through one layer of body armor, through his body, and through another layer of body armor… Also, being an armor penetrating round, it is a round meant to maintain its shape so it can puncture through things. So that means it’s actually more effective in penetrating hard surfaces than it is in causing internal damage on soft-targets.

      There’s always a trade-off between rounds intended for penetrating inorganic and hard materials and rounds intended to cause the most internal damage. For instance, bullets intended for self defense purposes are intended to deform upon impact, which would effectively widen the temporary cavity it makes, which transfers more energy into the target. While in that scene he uses armor penetrating rounds, which would not widen because that would slow down the bullet too quickly, passing straight through means a lot of the bullet’s energy is not transferred into the target, which contributed to Dredd surviving the wound.

      As far as the violence goes, this is pretty much a post-apocalyptic world. If you think real-world violence is not, well, violence, then you live in a fairy-tale land. When a gang wants to make a statement, it will be graphic. If people are getting murdered, it will be bloody. That’s just how it works. They wanted to make a movie that let’s you witness all of the terrible things in the post-apocalyptic future of the movie. It sets the mood and tone of the movie. It’s in no way senseless. Did you think the scene of them cleaning up the blood with a floor machine and the announcement over the PA that the mall will reopen in a few minutes wasn’t a statement of how normal and mundane violence is to the movie’s setting? It ALL served a purpose. Sorry you couldn’t see it…

      • ack, meant to say: “If you think real-world violence is not, well, violent, then you live in a fairy-tale land.”

    • Firstly, you sound a bit too cross about it. So many expletitives! I feel that you may secretly like the movie. The reason why I feel this is that you KNEW what kind of film you were seeing. You READ the age certificate on the cover. The film’s called “Dredd”-a sure fire clue that it probably isn’t the kind of film you want to watch with your mum and dad. I think you love this film and it’s okay if you want to burn those copies of “Twilight” and the “Fanatstic 4″ movie. Welcome to the world of real action movies.

  9. Karl Urban was cool as Dredd. The movie really gets going in the middle. That it stayed true to the source is what makes it more entertaining. Keep the fans happy the rest will follow. And yeah there were a lot of scenes that would have made me see this in theaters.

  10. The latest Dredd movie was great. I don’t recall if it was R rated or not, sure appeared that way to me. As for a Dredd 2 or 3 or however many, bring em on. This remake seemed to stay true to how a good comic adaptation. Should be.
    I think if a studio wants to make a comic book movie for all ages (kids) the they should stick with comics for children. I am tired of all these great stories being made into movies to get highest sales. Because of trying to market to all audiences. A true deadpool, death stroke, punisher, etc movie would top the cake with us true to the lineage fans. The right movies will sell. I think of how the first robocop was done. That’s a pretty good example. Or how batman was introduced under Tim burton. Just my thoughts tho. Thanks

  11. Anybody else just like “Dredd” because it’s fun to watch, and by that I mean it wasn’t trying to be anything more than it was?

  12. When considering renting or buying Dredd on DVD or Blu-ray you got to ask yourself one question……do I feel lucky?
    Well do you punk?
    Also consider this:
    Do you like proper R rated, “Old School”, 70′s/80′s style action/exploitation movies?
    Do you like proper R rated Sci-Fi movies, the kind I thought filmmakers didn’t make anymore?
    Do you think it would be a fantastic idea to take an iconic character like Dirty Harry and transport him to a futuristic, dystopian setting?

    If you answer yes to any of these things, you need to pledge your support today for a sequel buy renting or buying the movie and signing the sequel petition, as found on the ‘Make a DREDD Sequel’ Facebook page.
    You ready rookie?
    You look ready!

  13. I hope this happens. The first film was true to the comics yet un-chained and free. Make a sequel.

  14. It would be mundane if they didn’t follow up with a sequence you so many people how have seen the first with Sly Stone witch was ok but, this new galaxy of sweat blood and steal is a no brainer. Do make sequences a lot or find a way to put it as an anima on ADULT SWIMS Toonami and also a game to don’t just stop there make figurines. Just saying, one of the Greatest Movies ever in a decade.

  15. I loved the film the whole gritty setting brutalist acrhitecture great 3D effects i’ve seen in any movie. I’ve ordered blu rays for my friends and they were also immpressed. The lack of marketing really made it suffer tho. I hope we get a sequel or a trilogy at some point.

    • Sirs’ you are right on the money… for example … we in Sweden diden’t even know the movie existed until it hit the cinema… I love this film, i’ve read all the comics, and although i can’t really say it’s true per se to the comics as i understand them, the film is a great contrubution to the Judge Dredd universe/sfi-fi world, mainly it misses much background because your inside a mega-structure almost the whole movie — but it’s a great effort just the same. The film maker really nailed the criminal, atmosphere of Mega-City-One, with secuals it could do even better “worldwize” that is… (sorry for poor english spelling) Judge Andy, Sweden.

  16. Such a shame I didn’t see this in the theater, I, too, was turned off by the marketing. Then I watched it on Netflix – holy crap! Great movie!! I’ve since watched it again and again. Amazing film – I so hope they do more!!

  17. I didn’t realise it was a financial flop?

    I watched it thinking I was going to hate it as I was a massive fan of the ’90′s film. I’ve watched it about 20 times now and I absolutely love it! A sequel needs to happen!

  18. please make another. with karl urban & Sylvester Stallone …

    • God, no.

  19. This film was amazing I regret so much not seeing it in theaters. I bought the blue ray and have been dying for a sequel ever since. I felt Dredd was not only one of the best graphic novel movies of all time. I thought it was the best action movie of 2012 hands down and I can only imagine how enjoyable it was in 3D. A masterful Symphony written with graphical gore and theatrical explosions is the best way to describe it ;). Plus Karl Urban has more acting talent in his chin than other actors have in their entire body lol.

  20. I really really hope they make a second dredd!! I firmly support the idea and hope Karl Urban turns out right.

  21. I would love to see Judge Dredd team up with Judge Hershey in the Dredd sequel…I think Gillian Jacobs (from Community) would be a great fit for the role of Judge Hershey.

    Hopefully the 3rd film (if they get that far) includes the Dark Judges, but for the sequel I think it would be cool if they included the Hammerstein robot from 2000 AD. A nod to Peachtree would be cool too!

  22. The gotta make Dredd 2

  23. Dredd was amazing, make a trilogy happen. Karl Urban was made for this role.

  24. Leonard H. ‘Bones’ Joseph Dredd McCoy. Sounds almost royal dont it. Karl Urbanan does both characters justice, pun intended. Failure to continue the Dredd franchise would be a mistake. If the comic has remained popula r since ’77, and even survived the stalone fiasco in ’95, It means that fans love Dredd. Make the damn sequel!!!

  25. Yes, please let there be a Dredd sequel and you gotta keep Karl Urban as Dredd. Fingers crossed


  27. This movie will not be liked by most first time viewers. It is so smart that I had to watch it a number of times to really catch hold. The movie is hidden and needs to be doug out and next time everyone will know this and enjoy from the start which makes a 2nd movie much better than the first. The first movie will be lost without the second at which time both will prosper

  28. Brilliant portrail of Dredd
    Sequel should be Dredd Vs Death

  29. Please do another Dredd!!!

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