‘Journey 3′ on the Way After Success of ‘Mysterious Island’

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Journey 3 Dwayne Johnson Josh Hutcherson Journey 3 on the Way After Success of Mysterious Island

When New Line said they were making Journey 2: The Mysterious Island we were (understandably) skeptical. The first film – a.k.a. the Brendan Fraser-starring Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D - might’ve been a financial success ($240 million on a $60 million budget), but it wasn’t exactly adored by critics, and if history was any indicator, the sequel was likely to pale in comparison. However, Journey 2 managed to surprise us (read our fairly positive review) and has gone on to become a hit at the worldwide box office ($271 million on a $79 million budget – and climbing).

With that kind of track record, it’s not at all surprising that Journey 3 is on the way.

THR reports that the Journey threequel is already pushing forward, with Journey 2 director Brad Peyton and co-writers/cousins Mark and Brian Gunn all closing deals to return for the next installment. This should be welcome news for those who generally appreciated the fun adventure of the second film more than the somewhat cheesy antics of its predecessor (I know I’m happy about it). For those who care: the producers of the second film are also shepherding the third, which will once again be a 3D, Jules Verne-inspired, family-friendly adventure tale.

For the general public, however, the question at hand is: will the cast of Journey 2 be back for Journey 3?

Actor Josh Hutcherson has starred in both Journey films so far – but with a major role in The Hunger Games this month (and contractual obligations for that film’s almost-certain sequels), Hutcherson could be too busy – not to mention too grown up – for a third Journey (unless he’s already signed for it, which we’re not certain of at this point).


More importantly, though, is the question of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The action star was undoubtedly a big draw for Journey 2, and like Hutcherson, Johnson is only gaining fame at the moment, with a starring role in this summer’s blockbuster sequel G.I. Joe 2, a role in Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, and a commitment to Fast and the Furious 6, which is currently in pre-production. Journey 3 would be much better off with The Rock in it, but it would be understandable why the actor might want to continue leaving his family-friendly phase behind (see: The Game Plan, Tooth Fairy) and stay in the action lane. Without Johnson, the franchise would need a new box office draw – we leave it to you to debate whether having Fraser back, or tapping a new face would be the better “Plan B”.

New Line wants to get the ball rolling on Journey 3 to make a 2014 release date. That deadline makes it even more tricky for busy actors like Johnson and/or Hutcherson to be available for a return. We should hear something on the casting front sooner before later.

Look for Journey 3 in 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. PLEASE tell me that they aren’t going to ruin another one of my favorite stories? I believe that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is next in the lineup?

    • I think it’s “from the earth to the moon” next

      • What are they gonna do on the moon?

        Their’s no “Moony-Men” up there!(Please someone get my reference)

    • Um,Journey 2 covered that, this is going to be “From the Earth to the Moon” most likely.

  2. I think if Rock is not available then there is no harm in bringing Fraser back. He’s a great star and has a good fan base (Mummy series) and had also starred in the 1st installment and i loved him in the movie. His movies have made him an star of Action/Comedy movies.

    I say “We want fraser back”

    • “Great star…” Really???

  3. Why can’t Fraser and Johnson both be in it

    • that’s a great idea

  4. Hmmm. I definitely liked this 2nd one. I never saw the first one. Vanessa Hudgens looked hot in it too. Yeah, I agree. If this Hunger Games explodes after its premiere,Hutcherson might get a bit tied up. I think they could get Hudgens back,though. Not really sure about the Rock….Andre

  5. I watched the first Journey movie, I thought it was great.

    I haven’t watched Journey 2, the trailer was cheesey but now a third Journey movie?

    I think The Rock should stay in the action gerne by doing Fast and Furious 6 and Hercules where Bredan Freaser can return for Journey 3.

  6. As long as Vanessa Hudgens is in, I have nothing to complain…-0

  7. Nic Cage for Journey 3

  8. I thought Dwayne Johnson’s job was to come into a movie franchise just when everyone thought it was dead, prove them right, then quietly leave.

    • Oh, like “Fast Five,” which got good reviews and made tons of money, and was altogether a very enjoyable flick?

    • LOL that’s so true…

  9. Just not the same without Brandon Frasier. Like Jurassic Park and its 2nd sequel which was a bust maybe they will get it together and do No. 3 justice. There is too much good technologoy out there to put up styrofoam rocks etc. .
    For God sakes loose Michael Caine.

    • It’s Brendan not “Brandon”

    • WHAT?! Micheal Cain was awsome in his role as the adventurous grandfather in J2. He was perfect for the part and would do even better if Fraser were to came back.

  10. Fraser has to be included in the 3th Jouney, no doubt about it.

  11. Fraser has to be included in the Journey 3. No doubt about it.

  12. Will Vanessa be in journey3

  13. please bring fraser back i love him in movies!!! :)

  14. Well, I want Brendan Fraser to be in the movie as much as any other person here. He really is an awsome action/comedy actor in my opinion. I was depressed to find out that he wasn’t in “Journey 2″ when I first heard about it. And the movie itself wasn’t that fun without him.

    But due to sudden requests asking for Fraser to be in the new “Journey” movie, he might come back. The release isn’t until 2014 anyway, also Dwayne Johnson want’s to go back to wrestling, so he might not have time to be a part of Journey.

    Also, I think that having Johnson and Fraser in the same movie as supporters will be a bad idea. There will be an argument on who gets the highest billing (movie payment). Also both actors have the quality of a good leadership role.

    But I’d prefer Brendan Fraser over Dwayne Johnson to be a part of it.

    • Well, The Rock and Fraser have been in the same movie before (The Mummy Returns), I don’t think it’s a bad idea, the leadership role could be easily done by either of them, I think The Rock is the more serious leader while Fraser is the more mad leader (like with the Dinosaur in Journey 1) they could easily be in the same movie, and it would be great with both of them.

      • Yeah, but in The Mummy Returns Johnson was bearly there he just came out in flash back and at the end a bit. They weren’t really on the same feild.

        Besides, Fraser a way better choice and actor.

  15. ok I missed Fraser being in the Journey sequel but I did like Dwayne in it,I like them both..it would be nice if they were both in the movie..if neither of them then what about Van Diesel..

    • That’s a big no. Vin Diesel will upstage Josh Hutcherson, and the movie doesn’t want that to happen.

  16. Bring Brendan Fraser back to be in journey 3 with hutcherson and vanesa hudgens

  17. I can’t wait till journey 3 comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the last 2 movies!!!!!

  18. Hi,
    Mr. Brad Peyton,
    This is Sharmistha Das from Kolkata,West Bengal,India.Sir, your last direction ‘Journey 2:The Mysterious Island’ was a great success and i am sure that the upcoming sequel will take thousands of viewers all over the world to an amazing new adventure and i would like to be a part of this exciting new journey.So if you think that you can give me a chance,please feel free to email me.

  19. I think it wouldnt be as good a movie if it didnt have atleast and better yet both huthcerson and/or johnson so i would definately love it if it had both, especially hutherson because he has been in the first and second so in order to carry on tradition, he has to be in Journey 3

  20. i think if possible go with the actors that have been in the movies already… dont go wit new ones the step dad uncle (aunt) grandfather new gf n mom.. dont add ne

  21. anyone else cuz it wont b tbe same.. stick to the ones that love the movies.. add new characters to make it better yes but use same.characters as before…

  22. I for one barely remember one, but I keep watching 2 over & over because of the amazing visual effects & landscape but if 3 is set on the moon then I don’t have very high hopes. 10000 leagues under the sea would be better IMO for the 3rd

  23. I agree with having fraser and cast of second movie. Dwayne and brendan together would be comical maybe add a gf for fraser to even odds.

  24. as long as Michael Caine is in it i dont have a problem

  25. Ok, so I have read a lot of Jules Vernes’ work (though I’m still never sure if I’m spelling his name right) and when I hear that they were gonna make movies out of them I wasn’t to thrilled. Hollywood has a way of butching great literature. Then, I heard that Brendan Fraiser was going to be in it and I was soooo excited, I absolutely love him and he does a pretty spectacular job with movies of this kind. So I saw Jouney to the Center of the Earth and I wasn’t extatic but I did like it, especially for a family movie and with the hint of another movie I was pretty sure I wanted to see it. But when I heard that Frasier wasn’t going to be in it I wasn’t in a hurry. And then when I found out that “The Rock” and Vanessa Hudgens were going to be in it I was like “No, way am I seeing that movie. Therefore I have put off seeing it until now and after having seen it am glad I did. Absolutely hated this movie, the only thing I like about it was Micheal Cain. I mean what did they do just take the skript from the original Journey, change the character names and hand it back to a bunch of lame actors (not including Micheal Cain, and Hutcherson was ok).

    So now with the news of a Journey 3 that might not even include the main actors from either of the previous Journey movies. Come on guys, seriously?

    Anyway I would say bring back Frasier and Cain and Hutcherson, but it kind of doesnt go with the ending of J2 when Cain say he wants them all to go as a family (Sean, Hank, Sean’s Mom). But if they can make it work that is my suggestion.

    However, I know the youth of today would rather have the “awe-inspiring acting” of “The Rock” and Vanessa Hudgenson.

    P.S I do not think that Miss Hudgenson should be appearing in any family friendly movies as a role model to young children

  26. Its a nice dude whats next

  27. I’d like to see Hutcherson, Johnson,& Fraser in the third installment to the journey franchise. And maybe Caine thrown in there some where

  28. I think they should make more then 3 the 3rd being from earth to the moon the the forth should be 20000 leagues under the see I think it would be great

  29. Brendan Fraser and Anita Briem, please.