10 Options For Joss Whedon’s Marvel TV Show on ABC

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What is Joss Whedon's Marvel TV Show on ABC?

Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV ShowDuring an investors call this week, Disney announced that they've signed a three-year deal with Joss Whedon that will see him write and direct The Avengers 2 and help oversee Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe.As part of that deal, Whedon will also be developing a live-action television series for ABC that will fit within the shared universe the films do. What that is we don't yet know, but we can safely say it's something he wanted as part of the agreement.Let's examine some of the commonly suggested and rumored properties that Marvel Studios can potentially develop for television on ABC with the help of Whedon. Items listed must qualify under a few conditions, namely that Marvel Studios actually owns the rights to the character(s) and that said property fits within the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Incredible Hulk

 Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Show HulkThe Incredible Hulk is currently the one Marvel television project furthest along in development at ABC, with Guillermo del Toro and David Eick (Battlestar Galactica) serving as showrunners. Del Toro's latest update, coming earlier this week, revealed they've picked out an established writer (with a busy schedule) who they're waiting on - but he remained intentionally mysterious on who exactly.Not long after del Toro's update, Disney announced the Joss Whedon deal with Marvel Studios, including word that he would be helping develop a "new" TV series for the same network which makes us curious if he's going to be helping bring Bruce Banner to TV just as he did in revitalizing the character in The Avengers. Considering the initial plan for this series was to follow a younger Bruce Banner, if Whedon were involved, it would need to fit within the film continuity and ideally, would star Mark Ruffalo. That makes an in-film-continuity Whedon-del Toro-Hulk TV series entirely unrealistic - but one of the most fun possibilities.VERDICT: Not likely.

Cloak and Dagger

 Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Show Cloak and DaggerCloak and Dagger, along with The Incredible Hulk, are two of the three properties ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee said were in development for television last year. This one would follow the story of Tyrone "Ty" Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger), two teens who meet after running away from their homes and stumble into superpowers. They use their abilities to help other runaway children and to rid the streets of drugs.While Cloak and Dagger never succeeded as a long-term book series on their own, the pair continually make guest appearances in other books, including Runaways. Little is known about the status of the show and it makes us think it's going nowhere.VERDICT: Not going to happen over the other options.

Jessica Jones

Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Show Jessica JonesJessica Jones was the third series in early development at ABC before the project was canned a few months ago. It was being written by Dexter and Twilight's (we know) Melissa Rosenberg. Much of Jones' early life in the comics involves Spider-Man and Daredevil, both of which cannot be used by Marvel. Jones is a relative newcomer to Marvel Comics and stands out due to her dropping the superhero life in favor of being a private detective. She has a child with hubby Luke Cage and is best friends with Ms. Marvel.If there's one thing Joss Whedon is most consistent with, its his ability to bring strong female characters to the screen, and we've now seen that on both television and film - where Scarlett Johansson stole the spotlight for much of The Avengers. Jones has been involved in all of the recent Marvel crossover events but her story arcs are reliant on other major players.VERDICT: There's a reason it was dropped by ABC already.


Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV RunawaysRunaways was very close to becoming a film already, with Marvel Studios preparing to shoot Runaways in March 2011 and Peter Sollett directing. It was originally meant to share 2012 with The Avengers but the studio shifted all of their attention and marketing efforts to promote their flagship title instead. Writer Drew Pearce was moved to Iron Man 3 but still hopes to see Runaways hit theaters eventually. Since Marvel is going Cosmic post-Avengers with Guardians of the Galaxy and still needing to introduce other characters before The Avengers 2, the film version of Runaways is becoming less realistic.For TV however, it may be perfect, especially for Joss Whedon who just so happens to have written a few issues of the comics. He was even rumored to be directing Runaways before Sollett signed on and he got The Avengers instead. If Whedon was picking his own show to develop for Marvel, this would be it.VERDICT: A top contender for Whedon.

The Punisher

Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Show PunisherDuring the Marvel Studios Comic-Con 2010 panel for Thor and Captain America, Marvel pres Kevin Feige responded to a fan question about The Punisher where he confirmed that Marvel Studios had reacquired the rights to the character after Punisher: War Zone failed at the box office (and among critics). Last year, Criminal Minds writer/producer Ed Bernero was putting together a pilot for a Punisher TV show which ABC and Fox both passed on, leaving the character in a state of live-action limbo.Punisher was rumored to, at one point, potentially be a part of the Captain America sequel, but as we know now, that's not the case - as the film will instead tell the story of The Winter Soldier. Punisher is a very violent character and would have to be retooled quite a bit from Bernero's idea before ABC would want to take a second look at it. While this is a very unlikely possibility for Joss Whedon, the one thing Punisher has going for him is the crossover potential with other characters. That and they could easily get Tom Jane back in the role considering his personal love of the character. Watch his Dirty Laundry short film about the Punisher if you haven't already - you won't regret it.Feige said this before the release of Thor and Captain America: "Punisher's back in house, and various plans are in the works."VERDICT: The Punisher won't be on ABC.


Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Show SHIELDNot long after Samuel L. Jackson locked into a nine-picture contract with Marvel Studios, he name-dropped S.H.I.E.L.D. as a movie his character would appear in. By all accounts, this movie doesn't appear to be something Marvel is currently developing and instead, Captain America: The Winter Soldier may serve as a SHIELD movie, featuring Steve Rogers working with plenty of characters from the organization.With Whedon's show taking place in the same continuity as the films, and SHIELD being a part of all of them in some way, there are plenty of opportunities to have the show and movies promote each other. Just think of the guest appearance possibilities. Better yet, if the Helicarrier were to be used, Marvel Studios already has the sets and digital assets constructed from The Avengers film production. Adding credence to this rumor is Deadline's scoop from a few weeks ago indicating that Marvel's TV division has a "a kernel of an idea" that they're talking with ABC about, one that would be set in the film universe but wouldn't star any of its characters. Its described as a "high-concept cop show" and was "referred to as Shield." Coincidence?Perhaps TV star Cobie Smulders (Agent Maria Hill) could be involved in such a series?VERDICT: A SHIELD-focused TV series is the most likely option.

Heroes for Hire

Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Show Heroes for HireIron First and Luke Cage are two characters who have been frequently mentioned in interviews over the years as characters Marvel wants to develop but neither has come close to being realized. A Heroes for Hire team-up that would feature both characters seemed more likely but there's still no activity on that front from Marvel Studios. Marvel had hired Rich Wilkes to pen an Iron Fist screenplay two years ago and we've heard little since. Same goes for Luke Cage where two-and-a-half years ago Marvel was reportedly chatting with a "notable Hollywood star" about the role.The Heroes for Hire comics have relaunched several times with different casts of characters over the years and the potential for a superpowered ensemble who use their abilities for money is smart. Better yet, if certain characters stand out, they can pop in films should Marvel Studios desire to use them. The concept of the show allows for characters to be swapped in and out when needed and can allow for a wide variety of creative and unique storylines.VERDICT: Very possible if Marvel doesn't have room for Iron Fist/Luke Cage films.

Damage Control

 Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Damage ControlDamage Control represents a brilliant look at the stories we love in comics from a perspective we would otherwise rarely consider. Damage Control is a small part of Marvel Comics history, having only released in four limited mini-series, but the concept behind it is everlasting.It follows a construction company (partly owned by Tony Stark) that essentially deals with the aftermath of superhero battles. Think the ending of The Avengers - someone has to clean up that mess from the alien invasion.While Damage Control would offer an entertaining and interesting crossover with events from the films, there are only so many stories to tell and would be better served folded up into a SHIELD TV show.VERDICT: On its own, no, as part of a S.H.I.E.L.D. show, yes.

The Defenders

 Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV DefendersThe Defenders series originally brought together Dr. Strange, Hulk and Namor as the core three heroes of the team (Hulk and Dr. Strange being the headliners), with Silver Surfer as the fourth. Over the years a variety of lesser known characters joined the group led by Strange, but only Strange has remained the constant over the years.A Defenders show could substitute for (or crossover with) Guillermo del Toro's Hulk TV series and its ensemble cast and potential for additional characters could appeal to Whedon. Silver Surfer cannot be used of course due to Twentieth Century Fox maintaining those rights but the latest rumors had him and Galactus potentially reverting back to Marvel Studios in exchange for an extension on the Daredevil license.The group was initially formed to fight demons from another dimension when the Dr. Strange comic series was canceled - and worked to defend the planet ever since. The Defenders has been revived under modified titles over the years with the latest version coming last year from Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson. Interesting timing. And get this, its roster includes Dr. Strange joined by Hulk, She-Hulk, Iron Fist, Namor and Silver Surfer.VERDICT: Better than a Hulk solo show, but too ambitious for TV.

Young Avengers

Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Young AvengersWhen The Avengers fell apart, the Young Avengers stepped up, comprised of a team of "super-powered fanboys" who, in typical comic book fashion, just so happen to perfectly fit the molds of their older counterparts. For Captain America, there is the super soldier named Patriot and for Iron Man there is Iron Lad.While the books are legitimately good, in essence, a live-action Young Avengers is simply a lower-scale Avengers with mimics of the headliners from the films. It's is a little too outlandish for TV.VERDICT: Not a realistic option.


Joss Whedon ABC Marvel TV Black PantherRunaways (which could still be a film) and a SHIELD-focused series are the two most realistic options for Whedon to help develop at this point, but Heroes for Hire would also lend itself well to TV if the characters weren't also being developed for feature film use.There are plenty of other suggestions we've read from readers and Twitter that we've intentionally not included. The Inhumans and Black Panther for instance, won't be introduced via live-action TV. The She-Hulk comic lends itself well to television as a mix of a lawyer procedural and Hulk-smash action, but with a Hulk series coming to ABC, it doesn't make sense to prepare a separate standalone She-Hulk at the same time.Blade, like Punisher, was reacquired by Marvel Studios but it's not a fit for ABC prime time. Blade is an R-rated character and to be done properly, needs an R-rated film (same for The Punisher, really). Let's not forget the failed Spike TV Blade series from 2006.The most obvious items left out are properties owned by other studios. So, count out any chance of Daredevil, Fantastic Four or X-Men TV shows on ABC since they're all owned by Twentieth Century Fox - the same goes for Ghost Rider and Spider-Man who are owned by Sony Pictures.Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes.
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  1. What I think might be cool is follow a hero (like Iron Fist or Luke Cage or somebody) and have him start out on his own and then later you can bring S.H.I.E.l.D. In and have him be weary of them but later ends up joining them and he can then end up in Avengers 2 or 3.

    I agree that the Punisher and Blade are both R rated characters that could have their own tv show (and that would be cool if done right) but not on ABC.
    Honestly I think Wolverine is an R rated character as well but that has nothing to do with this.

  2. Joss Whedo hates the Punisher. He famously called the character a “coward” years ago and even wrote him into a Runaways Civil War tie-in acting way out of character for the sole purpose of embarassing him. He would never do a Punisher TV show and the Punisher should never be made for ABC.

  3. Punisher would fit well on AMC… Plenty of violence there.

    • Punisher and Deadpool needs to be on “Stars or HBO” in order to keep it gritty. FX would be a good sugestion too.

  4. Also Josh Whedon’stuff is hit or miss… Mostly miss… Alien Resurrection anyone?

    • I’ll take your A:R and raise you massive studio interference from Fox. I personally don’t feel Whedon can be held liable for that film as a whole considering what was changed (especially the ending) and how everything was executed once the papers left his hands. I could understand the criticism in a project that he has some semblance of control over, but faulting him for A:R would be like faulting him for the original Buffy film, which he also had no input into beyond writing.

      It also astounds me that people haven’t figured out how scripts and writing credit work after all these years. Leigh Whannell wrote an excellent and revealing retrospective on his blog about it called “Dud Silence”. You should give it a read. It might give you a different perspective, especially when you realize how much can be changed once it leaves your hands with credit still going to the original writer.

    • okay, if you follow joss Whedon you will probably know that alien resurrection was meant to be a parody. And even if it wasn’t are you really using the low point as an example.

    • okay, if you follow joss Whedon you will probably know that alien resurrection was meant to be a parody. And even if it wasn’t are you really using the low point as an example?

  5. I actually think Whedon working on the Hulk tv show is still a possibility (my reason for thinking so is on page 1 for anyone interested).

    But out of these 10 options I’m hoping it’s SHIELD… It just has so many possibilities and could turn out to be a huge hit. Lots of guest appearances from superheroes, cool spy action, conspiracies, etc. – it would be awesome.
    Smulders would definitely be brought on board, but I don’t know how they’re going to deal with getting the director of SHIELD and his top agents to make appearances… it would be a shame if the SHIELD series never actually features Nick Fury and re-casting Sam Jackson would be even worse.

    I’ve never really been a fan of making the tv series’ part of the MCU, but with Whedon at the helm of which ever series, I’m definitely interested.

    • I could see “The Council” firing or getting rid of Fury in Avengers 2. Not that he’s out of the MCU but putting Hill in charge which would take away the need to have SLJ in the TV show.

    • While it does hold a lot of possibilities, I still say the obstacles (re-casting, no regular movie Avengers, high production costs) make it more infeasible than other options.

      • It depends on where they go with it… I could see it work if they scale it down a bit.

        The absence of the Avengers can be explained easily enough (or at least, as easy as it’s going to be to explain their absence in the solo flicks). The SHIELD agents like Widow, Hawkeye could be off on undercover missions or something (the characters can be referenced, but never shown – it could even serve as comic relief with Hawkeye and Widow being too cool to hang out with the regular SHIELD agents ;)), which emans recasting them wouldn’t be an issue. The only worry I have is Nick Fury: you can;t have a SHIELD series without the head of SHIELD. They could go the route of the comics and start the show off by explaing that Fury went underground for some reason and that Hill took over, but I don’t see that really happenening…

        High production costs only depends on what they’re going to do… if they’re dealing with alien supervillains then stuff’s gonna get expensive, but if it’s more real world villains like Russian weapon dealers or terrorist organizations (the latter seen in IM1 and IM2 and the prior seen in The Avengers) then it’s easier.
        But you would agree that IF they figure out a good way to deal with the issues you mentioned, then you’d be interested in a show like that right?

        • I wouldn’t be against it, if that’s what you’re asking. If they could work out the main problems though it does make an excellent springboard for a show (considering SHIELD protects the world and all the bad guys want them taken out).

          With them claiming shared universe status though, I really don’t know how they are going to bypass the Fury/Hill casting issue.

          My only concern though would be falling into the low budget, agent-itis format. Shows like Mission Impossible are entertaining movies but it can get very repetitive quickly if that’s all we see every week. After Avengers people will be expecting a superhero to drop in occasionally so this might work against them.

          HFH is still my first choice.

          • Heroes For Hire would be awesome as well… that would be my second choice.

          • Something containable like Heroes for Hire makes more sense for a television show. Heroes managed to hang around for a few seasons (I wasn’t a huge fan, but it gained a following). Alphas manages to depict super-powers without actually going overboard and it still one the air, and FX is trying to adapt something from Bendis (that has hit some snags though). ABC already tried it’s hand with No Ordinary Family, so they may want to take another stab with a more recognized property.

            The reality of cost and effects are going to be a consideration for whatever they attempt, but other shows have managed to function using the supers theme to varying success. Using known characters may be a positive or a negative though, since some fans will have expectations that won’t be met no matter what they do. The shows that have survived awhile seem to not have the pressure that a Marvel based show will now have to catch on and get ratings almost immediately.

  6. I actually think Cloak and Dagger could still work as a series but put in on ABC not ABC Family! my top 5 tv shows for Marvel i would want to see Joss handle based on the rumors that this show will be set in the cinematic universe are:

    1. Cloak and Dagger
    2. Runaways
    3. Captain Marvel
    4. SHIELD
    5. Doctor Strange

  7. It should be a show that’s open to the Marvel Universe, anchored to a franchise that’s accessible to most everyone. That way crossovers and guest appearances aren’t painfully contrived like they were in Smallville. Heh, get CSI NY to switch networks and retool the show to have paths cross frequently with Spiderman, Daredevil, the Avengers, FF (pretty much anyone since 90% of Marvel’s cast were slummin’ it in NY anyway…)

    • If the series is going to be set in the MCU then Marvel can’t use characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil or the FF – those properties are owned by other studios (Fox and Sony)

      • Actually they might because I believe the rights are for movies only and don’t extend to TV (which is why Marvel can make all those Animated shows featuring sold off movie properties)

        • As I recall the animation rights are separate from the live action rights…

          • So does that mean they could CGI a Spider-Man in the background of a live show? ;)

            No response necessary, I’m being renarded

          • hummmmm, you bring up a very interesting point. I don’t recall the distinction being live action vs animation, only movie rights vs other forms of entertainment but maybe that was an assumption on my part.

            Do you have a link to back up your supposition?

            • I believe it’s live action rights vs animation rights: Marvel has made animated movies in recent years featuring characters like Deadpool and Wolverine so if that’s anything to go by, there’s a distinction between live action and animated character rights.

  8. Heroes For Hire or a Shield show would be my top choices after the Hulk series.

  9. How about a Watcher based series that looks at unique people and events on Earth?

  10. How about a show called Marvels that is not locked into an one hero or team? You could have 2 to 4 episodes that told a single story arc that involved one or more of the heroes or teams. Maybe have an overarching storyline that ties all 20-26 episodes in a season together.

  11. The Punisher deserves a TV series, BLADE made it for one season which it turn out to be a flop

    • There’s a certain amount of healthy debate on whether Blade could be considered a flop. I believe it brought in Spike TV’s highest ratings at the time but it was under heavy competition and Spike was a new fledgling network that didn’t really have the funds to back up the production.

  12. Very interesting analysis, Rob, and I must say I agree with your synopsis. Shame Marvel doesn’t have rights to Daredevil- because I believe the character has one of their best tv potentials what with the legal/mafia/vigilante angles coupled with his superhuman abilities and crossover potentials. Classic. I know I have mentioned this here sometime ago:both DD and Punisher would have a greater appeal in tv than in movie- Punisher on HBO or AMC of course. Looking at the long list of successful Law and CSI tv series, Daredevil is in good company…and the character still has more to offer! A real shame.

    But focusing on the options raised, I think SHIELD can only stand out as a successful and long running series if it’s not a SWAT/FBI/regular police action-type of series. At least that shouldn’t be its focus. I think it should have a bit of’@X-files/Indiana Jones type’ theme with mutants and bizarre stuff happening that the government wants contained. I mean, there has to be a reason why SHIELD is called in and not the FBI or CIA. I’m not quite sure I’d like it to be linked to the movie universe though. If a character is poorly introduced in the series (e.g. Black Panther)it would mean that we’d have to live with it in the movies. I’d say separate the universes or don’t refer to the movie-verse at all.

    Of all the options, I’d go for Heroes for Hire. Kinda reminds me of the A-team- but more lethal. Luke Cage (Power man) & Iron Fist? With a bit of humour here and there? Yeah, it’ll work. Definitely ABC material.

  13. With Jessica Jones as sleuth in the Heroes for Hire tv series, ratings would also improve and it would give Whedon the strong female character he always like to have in his stories.

  14. Runaways,
    Cloak and Dagger
    Heroes for Hire
    Damage Control/every man pov in the marvel U

    I think all the above would make great shows. Low budget but high concept. And there nothing stopping them from crossing them over into the movies. Maybe the shows could become a proving ground for potential movies.

    Del toro should scrap the Hulk show and develop a Hulk movie. Everyone is screaming for a Hulk movie. A show, movie and feature in the Avengers may prove to be overkill. Tv shows budget wont be able to match that of a movie too. It will cheapen the experience.

  15. Someone said months ago that Wheddon is good when it comes to making shows about women. Buffy is a good example, therefore i think it is going to be a film about another woman. However, because he had success with the teenage Buffy, he is probably going to make a show about a teenage girl. When you combine that with Marvel’s fascination/obsession with Asian females in their books and games, I think the story will be about Jubilation Lee (aka Jubilee). And going way out of the box here… if it is not about Jubilee, it will be about Armor. If not, it will be about some Asian female character.

    • It won’t by Jubilee. They can’t use any X-Men or mutant specific properties, as those rights are in Fox’s hands and likely will be for some time seeing how they are willfully keeping things in production to keep any rights reverting back to Marvel.

      If it will be teen focused / Buffy-like then it’ll be either Cloak and Dagger or the Runaways (or both seeing as how C&D are frequent guest stars in the Runaways property).

      • Honestly, i did forget about that. Nevertheless, i think it will be a female asian character

  16. no no no no no no no no no. THE RUNAWAYS, PLEASE! S.H.I.E.L.D. is lame. :(

  17. Something that was missed is Item 47 the “marvel one shoot” I know one shot kinda states it is 1 but this won’t really affect the universe unless they want it to. Look at the cast Jesse Bradford & Lizzy Caplan robbing banks Bonnie and Clyde style then you got the S.H.E.I.L.D element with Agent Jasper Sitwell and the actor Titus Welliver on their trail Maria Hill can make a cameo so can Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye any one of the S.H.E.I.L.D agents plus how long do you see Del Toro and Whedon wanting to do a T.V. a couple of seasons maybe but in the long run it will be handed off.

    • First sorry bout the spelling mistakes T3 is on, secondly went and watched both one shots and it would be sweet best possible way to see Agent Coulson (he won’t be Vision) again a flashback perhaps at S.H.E.I.L.D camp at Lake Watanogga and you could bring General Ross in it again or at least his prisons.

  18. What about a Wasp show? Ant-Man is already being done, and the Avengers are covered, so theirs a certain someone being forgotten.

  19. I think they should do a Runaway movie and to set up a Runaway TV series. Runaways is the only one out of the options that i can imagine as a long running tv series. Everything else, if required an origin story, would be too “Smallville-ish” (which was good but turned bad towards season 4). And a story that developed in the middle of the series (an established hero) like Birds of Prey would move too fast and feel un-genuine.

  20. When they first mentioned a possible Marvel Television show, for some reason Damage Control immediately came to mind, but yeah, probably not.

  21. Jubilee??!!oh god nooo!!!you couldve thought about any other hero than her

  22. I’m loving the idea of a stand alone ‘Damage Control’ show …only tho, if it can be a sit-com (think a cross between ‘Community’ n ‘The Office’ meets a lil bit of ‘Reaper’). I think Marvel/Disney should keep on trying to reinvent the way people think of Comic/Superhero based franchises on the big and small screen. A Comedic approach to a little know Cult Classic such as this would do wonders for the genre.

  23. Disney/Marvel needs to ditch the idea thateverything they are involvced in must be PG-13 lite or lighter. THE PUNISHER is a definate must for a cable network seies similiar to SPARTACUS and ROME and even THE WALKING DEAD. These are all series not afraid to get gory and the PUNISHER is a oerfect fit for a new cable network aimed series that targets the adults. As strange/odd as this sounds, I think Bruce Campbell would be awesome as a TV series based PUNISHER. I know he’s traditionally associated with dark and tongue in cheek humour roles but his stint as Sam Axe on BURN NOTICE has proven hes not just a comediac actor. Watch the parts of BURN NOTICE where Sam is serous and you can see a PUNISHER like character burried inside that face.

    BLADE would also be a good candiate but more costly due to the super natural elements involved. With the PUNISHER you have a very special effects lite comic book based anit-hero that would transition well to a cable network series.


    Synopsis: DSDOTR is a modern day CSI like show where magic is mixed with science to track down the bad guys and put them away. Stephen Strange a top of his game plastic surgeon falls from grace and just before he decides to end it all hes given a second chance. Starnge is recruited into and trained by an organization that calls itself the Defenders of The Realm. Its a policing organization for the spuer natural. Using a combination of science, sorcery and skills, the DOTR investiagtes super natural related crimes. It tracks down and deals with those entities that the police and society are unable to deal with.

    Strange is an arrogant and selfish jerk that is of the kind of person that the DOTR would typically have no association with. The DOTR recruit Starnge because their leader believes Starnge to be the one of 2 humans mentioned in an ancient prophecy which foretales the end of days. The prophecy speaks of 2 sons of Adam, one of which is destined to make war against the wolrd while the other stands in its defense. The leader is not certain which of the 2 Strange is, only that he is one of them and that its up to the DOTR to keep him close so that they can either be ready to take him down or to stand by and assist him when the time comes.

    The whole “End of Days” is an angle or end game soluion to the question of why is there a DOTR to begin with? With the forces of darknes gathering for that final battle its up to the DOTR to be prepared and to work to rid the world of as much darkness as posisble before the end of days time comes.


    Its got magic (think Harry potter)
    Its got police/CSI drama and action
    Its got a spernatural angle
    It featurs a wekk known comic book super hero who relies on magic as his super hero gimmick and thats a gimmick thats far easier and cheaper to transition from the comic book to the small screen then others.

  25. damage control would be perfect, it would help introduce lots of characters and from differents teams, lots of plots and it would have to work with various TV styles (sitcom, action, thriller, sci-fi). also it would be rather easy to do (it wont need too much CG)…

    sadly I really dont believe they’ll go with it

    • I think that damage control is not necessary if you want she hulk. Since her day job is as a lawyer, she could just fill in for them.

  26. My bet? It’s gonna be Shield. Look at the WWE. You have a couple weeks to set up a storyline, maybe even get to see a few minor scuffles, but the big fights are on pay-per-view.

    The people who are on the show every week will stand outside offices, maybe we even hear a few sound bites, but all the interaction between the film and the series will be offscreen, like dealing with the President on Veep.

  27. I think that damage control is not necessary if you have She Hulk. Since her day job is a lawyer, she could just fill in for them.

  28. Marvel is INSANE to water down their brand by pursuing a live action episodic series. Did the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles benefit anyone besides George Lucas’s bank account? Translating a beloved TV series into a two hour motion picture is always a risking proposition, but reversing the process is like sending an All-Star back down to the minors just because it’s Bobblehead Night.

  29. Reports are here that SHIELD is the series he will make!