Whedon Praises James Gunn’s ‘Twisted’ Take on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Rocket Raccoon James Gunn Whedon Praises James Gunns Twisted Take on Guardians of the Galaxy

Of the five upcoming Marvel Studios productions with confirmed release dates, there’s only one that isn’t a sequel and aims to introduce a roster of fresh faces. That unfamiliarity isn’t the only reason why Guardians of the Galaxy may be the riskiest film from the young studio to date.

Introducing something new with obscure comic book characters and a spacefaring adventure unique to the franchise is one thing, having a team of heroes that includes a walking, talking tree and a rocket launcher-wielding raccoon is another. Reports from a few weeks ago had director James Gunn as the top pick by Marvel to helm Guardians and Joss Whedon has now confirmed it, in addition to offering his thoughts on the selection.

Joss Whedon was in  Toronto this weekend to present Much Ado About Nothing at the Toronto International Film Festival and he took a moment to chat with MTV who inquired about Rocket Raccoon and the man rumored to direct him in Guardians of the Galaxy. Whedon both confirmed that Gunn is on the project and that the director of Slither and Super has his own story he’s bringing to the table, one that’s “twisted” but true to the source.

 “You know, James is what makes me think it will work. I myself was sort of like, ‘Well, I liked Rocket Raccoon as a kid, but I’m not sure how that plays [to a wider audience].’ And then they said, ‘Well, we’re thinking about using James Gunn.’ And I said, ‘Oh, then no, you’re fine.’ He is so off the wall, and so crazy, but so smart, such a craftsman and he builds from his heart. He loves the raccoon. Needs the raccoon… This is the guy who wrote ‘The Specials’ which is one of the most important movies… People don’t understand how influential that movie was about heroes, about taking heroes and making them mundane. And [he directed] ‘Super’… He has a very twisted take on it, but it all comes from a real love of the material so you know he’s going to make the Raccoon… It’s going to be hard for the humans to keep up.”

By “they,” Whedon must be referring to the execs at Marvel Studios who undoubtedly requested input from Joss Whedon in selecting a director for Guardians of the Galaxy. As confirmed by the three-year exclusive deal Marvel Studios signed with Whedon, the man who realized The Avengers on the big screen will play an integral role in not only writing and directing The Avengers 2, but in shaping Phase Two of the franchise leading up to that point. He’ll be ensuring the films adhere to the shared continuity and that each film takes the right steps in the road to the next big team-up.

Guardians of the Galaxy Script Whedon Praises James Gunns Twisted Take on Guardians of the Galaxy

Much like Whedon rewrote Zak Penn’s script for The Avengers, Gunn may be doing the same for Guardians according to Whedon. He’ll potentially rewrite or at the very least, co-write the screenplay with Chris McCoy who Marvel Studios signed three weeks ago to rewrite the original draft by Nicole Perlman. McCoy is an industry newcomer who has yet to have a script produced but he had several of his spec scripts land on the Black List (Hollywood’s list of best unproduced scripts).

“James’ barely started on it so I want him to take it and make it very much his because I know he’s going to come from left field and I’m going to go, ‘What?’ And then, ‘Of course, why didn’t I think of that?’ And then I’m going to beat him!”

The man in charge has good things to say about Gunn, the potential star of the film (Rocket Raccoon) and of the (twisted) story, and none of this should surprise moviegoers who’ve seen the twisted dark comedy, Super. With production beginning sometime in 2013 for a summer 2014 release, we’re very anxious to see who Gunn, Whedon and Marvel Studios cast as voices and actors in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art 570x248 Whedon Praises James Gunns Twisted Take on Guardians of the Galaxy

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: MTV

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  1. Gunn was the perfect choice, I actually didn’t know he was officially signed on so great news.

    • Gunn’s “twisted” style is just what this movie needs. He will do the Guardians justice. Peter Quill is a twisted character himself, along with the rest of the lot (Drax, Rocket, Gamora). This movie is gonna be epic!

      Seeing that the Phalanx is what brought this team together and the studio needs to stay within the continuity of the Marvel Movie Universe, everything in this screenrant report sounds golden!

      Also, Groot isn’t that much of “a walking, talking tree.” He mostly only says, “I am Groot!”

      • M-O-O-N, that spells moon.

  2. Marvel continues to prove that they are a movie studio unlike any other. Sucky time to be DC right now.

    • So true, on both counts.

    • Actually not really, since DC is putting out comics that are twice as good, and not as expensive as Mrvel

      • That’s only because AvX is s***. DC’s comics aren’t too good for the most part other than maybe 2-4 titles

  3. I’m definitely interested if Gunn is involved. “Twisted” is the perfect word to describe his style. I somehow think this won’t pan out for him. I don’t think he’s mainstream enough for the kind of money they’d want to bring in. “Super” was f-ed up in so many ways, and even though I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone.

    • Whoops, I skimmed the article on first read through. If Gunn is really confirmed for this, that’s awesome. I understand he can’t go as far as he has in previous projects, but I hope he doesn’t have to tone himself down too much.

  4. Poor D.C… with their incredible flop Dark Knight Rises…

    • how is a movie that made a billion dollars world wide a flop……..

      • it is a joke…

        • how????

          • he’s using sarcasm to make a point; that is his meaning is the exact opposite of what he’s written.

            • ahhhhh i see it now… damn sarcasm over just text!!

              • lol, text should come up red for sarcasm huh?

                That doable guys?

                • Apple will invent a sarcasm button. Then sue eddie for his comment. Eventually nobody will be able to use sarcasm unless they’ve downloaded the App.

                  • ^ Comment of the day right here.

                • If you have to explain the joke it’s either not a good joke or the person who doesn’t get it is an idiot anyway. Not saying which one I think happened here, just saying.

    • Funny I did not know a movie that is currently standing at 437 millon domestically and over a billion worlwide can be considered a flop. In my opinion TDKR far exceeds Avengers in so many ways. Avengers was good, I enjoyed it, it might have made more money, but that doesn’t mean it was better.

      • People, it was a joke!

      • Just commenting on your comment. TDKR was a brilliant movie, probably more resounding than the Avengers, but remember, it was a different kind of movie. It’s not fair to compare it with a movie that focussed on a balance between action, comedy, and character portrayal. TDKR was about one guy, while the Avengers was about 6 characters. Besides which, TDKR is the best realistic comic book adaptation. It’s more about how Batman would have been if he were real. That’s totally separate from any other comic book adaptation. So let’s not compare it with the others, which have so many different elements.

    • Nolanites. Just shut the f*** up, avengets is the superior film

      • Avengets, lol, that typo makes it sound like the all female roster!

        • I like the sound of this “Avengets” movie. When is it coming out? I’m there! (^-^)

        • Avengets?…that’s the porno version right?

      • It might have been the superior film if you were younger than 15. aVENGERS as a film insulted my intelligence.

        • I’m not saying it was superior to DKR, but I doubt it insulted your intelligence. Or, maybe you’re too smart for your own good.

      • Not really….

        I’m looking forward to this, hell, I can’t wait for the next phase of Marvel movies.

        I’m also super hyped because I saw Dredd today and it kicked so much ass. Probably one of my favourite movies of the year so far. Top Two definitely with TDKR, barely beating out Avengers.

        • Yeah, “DREDD” was awesome!

    • There is always an “eddie” in these pages. LOL.

  5. ^ he was joking….anyway

    What do you guys thinking for casting?

    When I was watching this season of Breaking Bad, and I was thinking that Aaron Paul would be a nice out of nowhere choice for the lead as Peter Quill / Star Lord. Only drawback is he is on the shorter side…but so is every actor in the MCU compared to the character they play. He’d nail the character I think and is unknown enough to really let people get into the movie without saying or thinking for example “oh, That’s just Tom Cruise”…yes I know he wouldn’t do it nor do I really want him too. But Paul is the right age and has shown his wide range of emotion that he can display, amazingly opposite Brian Cranston on Breaking Bad.

    Ian McShane would be great as the voice for Rocket Raccoon…can’t really think of a better choice.

    The rest I’m not Really sure, one of you guys from Screenrant should do one of your casting threads for GotG now that Gunn is seemingly confirmed.

    • I’ve been thinking about it, but it’s unusual compared to most since Star-Lord is wearing a mask, two of the characters will be covered in prosthetics and the other two (and more) will probably be animated.

      • True, but after its all said and done this will probably be the most interesting casting process…so it’d be interesting what ideas you guys and other people come up with.

    • Viggo Mortensen for Star-Lord

      Luke Goss for Drax the Destroyer.

      I’m not good at visualizing voices off the cuff so I have zero clue who should voice RR or Groot.

      And I think it would be best if Gamora was played by a black actress.

      • Viggo is a bit old for Quill…but to have him join the MCU in any capacity would be more than welcome. I’ve said this on other articles here But I would think it’d be more likely he’d be Doctor Faustus or even Baron Zemo in the Cap sequel, than be either Doctor Strange or Star Lord

        Goss would be a solid choice..if they went with my choice for Star Lord (Aaron Paul) who is 5’8″ at 6’1 Goss would definetly seem much more imposing. In the MCU they basically add three inches to everyone, but yea if Goss bulked up I’d like that casting.

        Yea it’d be way easier to apply subtle green makeup or hue shift a black actress than it would someone who is white. Not sure who though.

        • I didn’t know the Star-Lord had a particular age requirement. Quill could have been Star-Lord for years before the beginning of this movie so age shouldn’t be a real issue. My only reservation in suggesting Viggo is the fact that Star-Lord wears that mask most of the time. Kind of a shame to cover up such a high profile actor for most of the movie.

          I also wouldn’t be opposed to either Ben Browder or Michael Shanks. Both are familiar with the SciFi genre and excellent actors. Some might argue though that the team leader needs to be more high profile and an A-lister, even if they are covered up most of the time (I guess if Weaving can do it in V for Vendetta then why not Viggo?

          And I think that Paul is a great actor but I’M bigger than he is. The leader of GotG needs to be a bigger guy in general. I have said this before but…..not all parts are right for all actors (no matter how good they are).

          I’ve liked Goss ever since Blade II and then Hellboy II am really surprised he hasn’t gotten more roles. He is an excellent actor that has a proven track record for physical roles.

          If not Goss then there is also Vin Diesel. I know I know but he is a spot on match visually is a proven action star and can act (even though he is a bit one dimensional but that’s all we would need for Drax)

          • I agree tha having Viggo as an experienced StarLord would be awesome, but the logline they released sounds like Quill will be in his early 30′s like he was in the book…because apparently he will be a pilot instead of an astronaut…which means Viggo would be too old. To me it’s all for the better, if they can get him to play Doctor Faustus in Cap2 he’d be amazing as the cool, manipulative psychiatrist…who I wouldn’t doubt would be behind Bucky’s brain-washing into the winter soldier in the MCU origins of the character…he would make that role a classic villain in my opinion.if Viggo got quill id be estatic but I really hope he lands in Cap2.

            Yea it’ll be interesting how much he wears the mask outside of Battle. In the comics if I remember correctly he gets beaten up real bad and gets it soon after that. So that’d be probably 40-60% of the movie he’d have it in his possession depending on how early that or if it’d happen. The helmet is one of the reasons why I think Quill should be played by a lesser known actor.

            Yea the height is an issue with Paul for sure, acting wise though he’d be great. They make RDjr look 6 foot and he’s the same height I think so it’s possible. And like I said Paul’s size would help Goss look even bigger as Drax. And Gamora is supposed to be tall as well so by lowering the height from all the other actors they would have many more actresses to choose from.

            But really height can be fixed in film and it’s far from the most important thing along with age. Ideally they should be roughly what the characters were, but it doesn’t make sense to bottle yourself in with casting if you are Marvel with fitting the physical stuff perfectly. Most superheroes are tall, muscular, etc…if they stuck to description we probably wouldn’t have gotten RDjr because he’s a lot older than Stark usually is and we would have gotten some blonde haired wrestler to be the big 6’6″ Thor. They can make people look however they want nowadays so I just want who can give the best performances and I’ll be fine with just that.

            • Ah that’s right, I do recall now them talking pilot so we would be exploring the origin of Star-Lord and not an experienced one. Wasn’t Quill supposed to be an Astronaut though?

              Ah well, so I guess the only person left on my list that would fit would be Michael Shanks.

              And with Paul I’m not just talking stature but overall body size. The guy is thin. Even if he hit the weights he would turn out lean and not bulky, kind of like Bruce Lee. It would be like giving the role to Elijah Wood (same build only 1″ shorter), can you imagine him as Star-Lord? I get that you like him (and I think he’s excellent on Breaking Bad) but I just don’t think he has the right body type for the role (my personal opinion of course ;) )

          • Unfortunately less of the Starlord mask is shown, and more of the human actor face is shown.

            I actually love the mask, and won’t complain if it’s shown longer

    • Aaron Paul is wayy to young to play Peter Quill. Viggo Mortensen or Nathan Fillion would be a great Peter Quill. He needs to look like your middle aged war veteran.

      Aaron Paul would be more Richard Rider if anything.

      • Actually Paul is 33, a year older than what Quill is in the comics.when he becomes Starloard.

        • Sorry, meant to say that he looks wayy to young for the role. His age complexion make him seem like he’s 24-26 years old. Quill looks like he is in his late to mid 30s.

  6. Choosing actors for guardians is gonna be hard wonder who theyll go with

  7. I’m going to throw out Nathan Fillion for Star Lord. I don’t usually jump on the Fillion for every superhero ever bandwagon but I could see it really working plus could eventually reunite him with Whedon in the mainstream.

    On the other hand I think the roll Fillion was born to play is Buck Rogers, somebody needs to make this happen.

    • Nathan Fillion? Whoa! Reel it back in, dude!

      • Well if not Nathan Fillion then what about Ben Browder? He would seem like a shoe in…

        • haha, Mr. Farscape/SG1 replacement?

          While I think he might be a bit too clean cut he could work as would Michael Shanks.

          • John Goodman for Rocket Raccoon. That, or Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Although, Simon or Theodore might work. We have a Pomeranian that looks very much like a raccoon, if looks are a requirement. I also know a dude who looks like a tree for Groot. I buy my pot off of him. It’s for medicinal purposes.

  8. I can totally see Rocket Raccoon being a huge hit. I think “hard for the humans to keep up” means the actors in other roles overshadowed by RR.

    Raccoons are scary little critters. I’ve always though the Ewoks could have been much better if they’d looked more like animals instead of teddy bears. Now the technology makes it easier.

    • omh, I HATED the Ewoks. They looked so totally fake which bothered me to no end. If they had been a semi-cute CGI creature I would have been much more accepting of them.

      Let’s not give Lucas any ideas though :)

      • How can people hate the Ewoks??? The rebels would’ve failed without them… :)

      • I’d like to see you wandering around Endor shouting your mouth off like that. You’d better watch out for logs to the head. (^-^)

      • YOU are saying something looks fake? YOU, MONGOOSE, who constantly rails for Rocket Raccoon? YOU are saying something that never existed looks fake? You hurt me, sir. I have lost faith in humanity itself.

        Just kidding, I love ya bro. Team Rocky Raccoon!!!

        • Well we ARE talking about 30 year old FX after all. If they had looked a bit less like little people in poorly made fur costumes but that’s what Lucas chose (which was a clear sign of what was to come in The Phantom menace)

          • I was young enough to not have a problem with the Ewoks. I guess because I never disliked them it has coloured my view on ROTJ. I suppose kids who were 6-7 when the prequels came out will probably feel the same about those movies!?

            • I was old enough to hate the ewoks. I’m just saying they could have been a lot better. There is always a way. They were growling, sniffing, cooking heroes. They could have been leaner and had snouts and pointy ears or something. They didn’t need to be furry. ET was cute but also serious. Lucas turned up the cute knob.

              However, CGI was not an option in ’83. Not at all. It was only then starting to be used, but nowhere near trying to make living things. There may have been some spaceships. I think Last Starfighter was officially the first, or the most extensive use at the time. Things like T2 or Jurassic Park were ten years off.

          • I know, but the fake looking Ewoks that bothered you may help you realize why we don’t want the Raccoon and his super-fake powers. But, probably not. I just want you to try to see things from our side since I constantly try to see things from yours. No biggie though.

            • The problem with what you want is, you are comparing poorly done real FX with the now near perfect photo realistic CGI of 2013. RR will look real (not sure how he can have “fake powers” though…at least no more fake than IMs costume, Thor’s powers or the Hulk. period).

              You just hate the idea of RR and it has nothing to do with a convincing version being presented on screen. Kind of hard to argue against your personal mind set.

              • You are completely wrong on this one. You hated the Ewoks, why? Maybe because they looked fake or maybe b/c they didn’t fit into the fantasy of the Star Wars world you had in your mind. Well, RR definitely doesn’t fit into anything I have fantasized about the Marvel U.

                You mention Iron Man. There are actual modern day experimental suits of body armor that are getting closer to that reality.

                Thor and Hulk are the most fantastical. But Thor is conceived from mythology. I happen to be a person who believes to a certain extent that another race could have been prevalent during the infancy of mankind. Who knows what those aliens were like and if mythology was based on a certain reality of them. The Hulk is out there, but a mutated creature based on a human is not hard to relate with b/c of the nuclear scare in the 60′s when he was created.

                Cap’s super soldier is not out of the realm of possibilities b/c we are always striving, with steroid and HGH, to build the perfect man.

                All of these are at least grounded in our reality. Then you have a Raccoon who is either an alien or genetically altered. Not only is that a lazy character (not his depth as a character but his origins) but it doesn’t keep in the tradition of having the heroes be based upon something of meaning in our world. That is the problem with a lot of the characters that were created when the comic companies just wanted more volume.

                So no, you are being the closed minded one here. I already told you, and built a very good case why RR wouldn’t work for mainstream audiences, but you are just thinking through the lens of fandom. It’s okay to do, but don’t start grilling others who have legit reasons for denouncing it. Oh, and Whedon himself even thought it was ridiculous until he met with this director. So hopefully they make it work in some creative way, but it’s going to have to be outstanding to win some people over.

                It’s hard to argue against your personal mindset as well. Step out of the fanboy shoes for a moment. You don’t have to stay there, but sometimes you grow as a person if you look at things from all points of view.

                • It all comes down to going into a movie and being able to suspend disbelief. Unless it is a situation where someone is dragged to a movie by someone else, most of the time a viewer knows what they are going to sit down and watch. It then falls on the movie-maker to put out a product that makes it enjoyable to put aside logic and all that other stuff to make something that for the most part is just there to be a distraction for how ever long the run time is.

                  The Rocket Raccoon debate really comes down to personal taste, since no matter how you try to rationalize things comic book movies for the most part have zero basis in reality and require leaps in logic from the viewer to work.

                  I think the main question for people is how well will this character will be executed and will it come across well on screen. There are many examples over the years that might make people weary about a talking, bipedal animal as a major character in a film. For every Gizmo, and talking Beaver from the Chronicles of Narnia there is a Howard the Duck. So it comes down to people liking the character, hating or being indifferent. The love/hate scenario is extreme, but at least people will be talking about it, apathy might mean people just ignore it all together.

  9. The actors for all the parts will still be important. You’ve got mo-cap work and plenty of voice work that needs inserted. In a movie like this it’s going to be as important as it was in ‘Lord of The Rings’ or ‘Avengers’. Selling Rocket Raccoon is going to take a voice artist of the highest caliber. Beyond the story, in my opinion, the voices and effects will make or break the film…

  10. I wish Marvel studios would buy DC comics as that we would see good movies about DC characters as well. I love Marvel Characters but I believe that DC characters are so much better

    • Did you not enjoy the latest Batman movies? Have you not seen the trailer for Man of Steel yet?

    • While your suggestion will never happen and Disney could never afford what WB would want, I have suggested in other articles that DC swallow their pride a bit and actually ask for Marvel’s help. Other than Nolan (who is now gone) DC has nothing but MoS to keep their superhero vision alive and even that is suspect at this point.

      It would also be in Marvel’s best interest to help because they need that competition and different character roster/ideals to keep things fresh for the audiance. Kind of like how Microsoft needed Apple…..can you imagine where computer tech would be today without Apple’s vision and willingness to push the envelope?

      • Dc needs to work with legendary pictures

        • ^This

  11. This movie cannot be compared to Green Lantern – that was the stand alone beginning of a stand alone series. Guardians of the Galaxy is the last piece of the AVENGERS 2 puzzle falling into place, and for that reason alone it will be an incredible success.

  12. Why would they pick an indie director who has never had a successful movie?

    • Watch his movies to date then come back and rephrase the question. :)

  13. I’m actually more puzzled to all fans and non-fans alike, who seems to have the power of prophecy to predict whether a movie will be awesome or flopped. One news site has comments praising and ‘predicting’ that it will be good, another has ones who are cursing that it will be a disaster… in the end, it will eventually lead to yet another Marvel vs DC and then Avengers vs The Dark Knight, bla bla bla.
    Let’s just wait and see how the movie turns out will’ya? Let them proof their own worth. If they can make a 300, a Sin City, a Scott Pilgim movie that were actually enjoyable, why doubt a movie about yet another super hero team? If Hollywood can make a movie about a Panda who does Kung Fu with a team of warriors (consisting of snake, mantis, tiger, crane and a monkey), or a video game antagonist who wants to be the good guy, or a badass Santa Claus teams up with Sandman and Easter Bunny, or penguins who are spies, or a robot who collected garbage after the humans left the earth, or even a rabbit and a duck and their cartoon team playing basketball with Michael Jordan… why would a Giant Wood and a gun-blasting Raccoon be a disaster and a risky part of the movie? o_O
    Yeahh… things haven’t even begun but people have already becoming such and expert about it *sigh*

  14. “He loves the raccoon. Needs the raccoon…” – that made me laugh so hard.

    I’m looking forward to seeing developments on GotG. With Gunn on board and Whedon at Marvel’s disposal, this has the potential to be really special (I feel really silly now for being so against the idea when Feige first brought it up a year or two ago :()

    As for the casting… I have no idea to be quite honest. I have a few candidates for Star Lord (Viggo and Coplay being my main two), but I don’t know who should play Drax or Gamora, and for RR and Groot I also don’t have a clue who they’d get to voice ‘em…

    Although, come to think of it, how hilarious… or AWESOME would it be if they got Jason Statham to voice RR! :P – he does fit the bill

    • As long as its not Sam Worthington lol

    • Finding a voice actor for Groot should be easy. All he says is, “I am Groot!”

      • It would be hilarious is they hired some giant name to play Groot, he comes in for Two hours and says “I am Groot” a couple different ways then he’s done.

        • Lmao! Like hire Christian Bale to be the voice of Groot. It’ll be the one liner heard around the world, “I AM GROOT!”

    • Just what I thinking, Statham for Rocket Raccoon would be awesome!

    • Gary Busey as Adam Warlock. Or David Hasslehoff. I’m pulling for Busey. May boycott the movie if he is snubbed.

  15. I’d like to see them go slightly higher pitched voice actor for Groot, and for RR something a little deeper/resonant, kinda like the opposite of what you’d expect.

    • or a little different to what the wider audience would expect, I should say.

  16. As long as Gunn’s ‘twisted’ take on GofG dovetails perfectly into Avengers 2 without dictating its tone and affecting Whedon’s current flow, I’m okay. Well, partially okay…still not comfortable with a walking, talking tree and a rocket launching, talking raccoon in the Avengers Movie-verse but I’ve resigned to fate (sigh).

  17. Too bad Jack Black is so over exposed these days. He’d be a good choice for the voice of Rocket Raccoon. Might be too obvious with all the Kung-Fu Panda stuff under him……

    I’d like to hear a very distinctive voice for RR.

    Ok how about Tracy Morgan? THAT would send me right to the box office on release day.

    For Groot?

    Tom Hardy.

    • Seeing that Groot only has one line consisting of three words, they should have Joss Whedon do the voice of Groot in a deep cookie monster voice. It’ll be one of those “did you know” cameos you don’t realize until the audio commentary comes out on the DVD.

      Tracy Morgan is hilarious but his voice wouldn’t fit Rocket. The guy who did Frank from MIB would be good or anyone who can do a good Yosemite Sam voice would be great. I would imagine him with Twiki’s voices from Buck Rogers.

  18. This movie is gonna be a total failure, I must say.

    and James Gunn is a horrible choice, too.

    Treebeard and Kungfu Panda in one movie, lol.

    • You’ve got your Pandas and Racoons mixed up. Perhaps you didn’t learn your animals in kindergarten.

      • Or perhaps he simply realizes life is a joke, just like a movie with a talking Raccoon. Perhaps…

  19. Hello all.
    This is my take on who should play/voice the GoTG.

    Star Lord: Travis Fimmel, he played opposite Swyaze in the show The Beast 6′ 33 yrs old good solid actor.

    Drax: Vin Diesel nuff said

    Groot: Joss Whedon or Gunn should do the voice (saves money)

    Gamora: either Lena Headey or Michelle Rodiguez, don’t know much about Lena but she looks great in the new Dreed movie clips that i have seen & Michelle is just so kick-a$$.

    RR: a more recognizable voice is need for him, Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper,i’d even go as far as Sean Austin.

    now these are of coarse my opinion, so be kind and rewind

    • Rosanne Barr or Ellen Degenerese for Gamora the Explora. Depends on the type-cast you are going for. Both would be sexy in green. Rosanne flopping around in space…Umm, yeah!

    • also for RR: how about Clancy Brown a great actor plus a vast amount of voice work mostly in superhero animation ei.. superman, green lantern, batman

  20. I’m just so much more excited to see this than Ant-Man, and I didn’t even read much GOTG. Anyway, I hope they’re both good.

  21. I forgot all about the movie the Specials. That movie was pretty darn funny. I know nothing about GOTG….but it sounds like fun and with James Gunn at the helm. I’ll be there (I’d be there anyways since it fits into Phase 2).

  22. My Cast:

    Star Lord: Josh Hartnett. Young, 6’3, looks the parts, good actor.

    Drax: Kevin Durand. Huge guy, 6’6, and a pretty good actor to boot.

    Rocket Raccoon: Jason Statham or Ray Winstone would be cool, thought about Robert de Niro but decided all I’d see for the whole movie would a raccoon voiced by de Niro.

    Groot: John Rhys-Davies (just cuz he voiced Treebeard in Lord of the Rings).

    Gamora: Lyn Collins. Tall, busty, played a simaler character in John Carter( great movie btw).

    Adam Warlock: Nikolaj Coster Waldau. Has the look and a great actor.

    That’s my opinion in a nutshell.

  23. Oh, alright then. When they say twisted, I think Fear and Loathing style, “Let’s get down to brass tax here, how much for the damn raccoon?”

    If the whole movie is one, long drug-fueled space trip, I’m game. If it’s twisted as in it has a witty raccoon, I’m going to say “I told you so”.

    Sorry Mongoose, this still aint working for me no matter how much they pat me on the back and tell me it’s gonna be ok. I’ll still see it, though. Maybe I’ll take some acid before I do. That will be quite the experience. I will come out of the theater the biggest damn Rocket Raccoon fan you’ve ever seen. Don’t think I wont do it.

    • It’s cool, everyone it entitled to their opinions. If we all thought alike life would be pretty boring.

      Like him or not though, he will steal the show, mark my words ;)

      • Danny DeVito for Rocket Raccoon! At least that’s who I heard in my head while reading the comic.

        • @Mongoose – I hope you’re right and RR is the greatest character I’ve ever seen. Only time will tell. I’m open-minded enough to give him a shot but he’s gonna have to bring things to a whole new level to win me over.

          @Motoko – DeVito would win an oscar in the part, but Steve Buscemi would give Rocket Raccoon that edge to make it one of those generational awards decades down the road. They would bring him out and say things like “Who would have known that a fuzzy little creature who roots through your trash and carries rabies could bring so much joy to people’s lives, but Steve Buscemi made that dream a reality.”

        • I already couldn’t separate seeing DeVito’s face every time I heard the Lorax speak (it’s very distinctive). so I don’t need to add seeing the Lorax/DeVito every time RR speaks! ><

          And Capnadolny…..I can't claim "greatest character ever" becasue that's an impossible promise to fulfill but if they make him a faithful rendition from the comics, he will definitely not be the show's "Ewok" link. :)

  24. @Capnadolny, lol! Love your sarcasm. With everyone wondering who’d be cast to say “I am Groot” I really began to wonder…But it’s understandable when one reminds one’s self that at a much younger age one wouldn’t have understood the fuss either. Right now, I’m more concerned that Whedon would dismiss his germane concerns over RR at the mere mention of a director. I hope, for his sake, such lavish confidence in another’s ingenuity to make a talking, fighting tree and a gun-totting raccoon make sense to the general movie public was not misplaced.

    • I agree with you completely, and it’s not just b/c you complemented my sense of humor. Whedon did a 180 turn and he had no idea what this guy had planned for these characters? Maybe Speilberg, Lucas, or even Abrams, but not this director who has done a few obscure, cult followed movies.

  25. James Gunn is a great choice for GOTG. My only complaint is that I have to wait so long for these movies to come out!

  26. I’m not all that familiar with with gunn or the guardians but it sound like it will be awesome and he sounds like a good choice.