Joss Whedon & Edgar Wright Discuss Ant-Man in The Avengers?

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the avengers movie roster ant man Joss Whedon & Edgar Wright Discuss Ant Man in The Avengers?

Joss Whedon just got the ultimate gig in not only directing The Avengers, but helping re-write the script for it and The First Avenger: Captain America. Joss Whedon is now to Marvel Studios and Disney what Christopher Nolan is to DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. He is the godfather behind bring Marvel’s biggest heroes together in the most ambitious comic book movie to date.

Whedon has only been on the job a few days and he’s already met with director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead). How do we know this? Wright tweeted it a few hours ago to tease the fans. As we know, Edgar Wright has long been attached to helm the Ant-Man movie for Marvel, a project that no doubt will be one of the first in development after The Avengers.

Putting two and two together, the obvious assumption is that they met to discuss Ant-Man and what they want to do with the character in The Avengers movie so it works for both of them and their respective films.

Here’s what Mr. Wright said which started some Twitter fury:

“I just met Joss Whedon for the first time. Speculation commence!”

Speculation from fans (and my predictions) for the roster of The Avengers have Ant-Man being introduced in the team-up film and later getting his solo movie.  It’s an opportunity Marvel won’t pass on, now that there is a clear and defined shared universe between their characters and films going forward.

With the recent rumors surrounding the possibility of Olivia Munn playing the Wasp in Iron Man 2 (I’m not sure I buy that myself), it’s reasonable to assume that both the Wasp and Ant-Man will be a part of The Avengers.

Stay tuned for a lot more about Marvel Studios upcoming movies from Screen Rant.

For now, tell us who you want to see in The Avengers movie and what you think about Wright and Whedon working with Marvel Studios.

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The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012 and Ant-Man could come out that year as well…

Source: Edgar Wright

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  1. Wait, Whedon is rewriting the Cap script too?

  2. My impression was at least looking at it to ensure continuity and perhaps synchronizing efforts. I suppose the next thing we will hear is that someone's spot him on the “Thor” set or perhaps taking a meeting with Ed Norton…

  3. Isn't that what they're doing? The very VERY first lineup was Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant Man and Wasp. Hulk leaves in the second issue then Cap is found.

  4. This is very good news, Whedon is already on the ball, making sure that the continuity is right and to make sure that A.N.T-Man's script doesn't suck. I'm sure he asked to get a copy of that script too. A.N.T-Man being THE most un-liked character amongst the Avengers has to be made into a bonafide badass and has to make some good surprises on how well he can be portrayed. Like I said in other posts, as long as his initial experiments are with real ants BUT later he uses nano-machine A.N.T.S(acronym for his tech) it'll work. Obviously Hank Pym has to change to GI-ANT-Man in the Avengers movie. As long as Simon Pegg is not Hank Pym, Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym FTW!!

  5. 100% agreed. Founding members Wasp & Ant Man / Giant Man need to be there too.

  6. It's good that Joss Whedon is looking at continuity issues and making sure it all gels well, but personally I believe DC have staged the better coup d'état by securing Christopher Nolan who IMO is the more distinguished, talented and experienced Director.

    I really hope Whedon can translate his vision to cinema and not just shoot extended TV episodes on film. There is also a BIG difference between writing (60 min) scripts for TV as opposed to full feature length narratives for cinema.

  7. Antman, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket…. i'm realy curious how they gonna translate Pym for the audience. He was never a favourite char for me and since the marvel movie universe seems to realy suck their sourcematerial from the ultimate universe, i'm even more worried. o.O

  8. I think Ant-Man will be the comic relief and that his solo movie will be unique because of it.

    I'm curious as to who will play him…

  9. Hm but since Janet (Wasp) is a major part in Pyms Story and the Avengers, one could think one shrinking super hero on screen would be enough, no?

  10. Really exciting news! I love both these directors, and it's great to know that Marvel Studios are still moving forward with Ant-Man. I'm confident that whoever they cast and however they work Ant-Man into The Avengers, it's going to rock.

    I'm curious about the timeline issues; The Avengers is obviously going to be set in the 21st century, but the Ant-Man film is apparently going to feature a 60s-era Hank Pym and a 90s-era Scott Lang. I wonder how they're going to fit that together with an Avengers film that will probably be set around 2012 (the year it releases)? How does the Wasp fit into that?

  11. Well the Avengers have him join late. Sorry last 15 mins is good for me. This is based on a call out for more help as the mains cant handle it all and need help. When Scott shows up they are concerned but allow him to participate. they are concened as Hank was the last one in the costume now the suit shows up with someone different.

    The Antman movie will explain how Hank perfected it but for reasons had to pass it on have it stolen etc by Lang.

    MAYBE Hank found out that the process (Giant Man to Ant Man and back etC) was killing him and it only works in being Antman OR Giantman.


    Ultron is the baddie in Avengers. Created by Pym. When Antman shows up they wonder where Pym is… Well he is either dead or kidnapped by Ultron.

    The Antman movie can also cover that to a degree ending where he shows up with the Avengers. (cart before the horse for Antman)

  12. One would think that founding members Janet Van Dyne aka Wasp & Hank Pym aka Ant Man, Giant Man and later Goliath, Yellowjacket would be included.

    I couldn't care less for Scott Lang's character nor the “Ultimate” universe as source material for MARVEL films.

  13. Just had a quick read on Ant Man on Wikipedia:

    “Edgar Wright plans to direct an action film with some humorous elements, insisting that Ant-Man will not be a comedy like Fantastic Four or a spoof.”

    “The script has been written by Wright and Joe Cornish, who plan to include Henry Pym and Scott Lang as major characters, with Pym as Ant-Man in the 1960s in Tales to Astonish style, and a flash forward to Lang as Ant-Man's successor in the 1980s/1990s.”

    In retrospect I am warming up to this idea. I guess I can even get used to Lang as Ant Man's successor. I was particularly persuaded by Wright's comment that the film will not be a comedy like Fantastic Four or a spoof. Now that is very encouraging I must say. :-)

  14. Yeah, I read that info too, that's going to have to change my friend, Hank Pym in the 60's then flash back to now?! NO,No,No. Leave Scott Lang's arse out all together, we don't need three people shrinking here. Ant-Man needs to shine and be a douche all by himself we don't need some other dude in it with the same power. Furthermore, Hank Pym has to be around the same age as Tony Stark or a little younger not 60 or 70 years old. Edgar Wright and Cornish made me mad when I read that, it's total rubbish.

  15. That's insanely stupid, not what you said but the idea of a 60's Hank Pym which would mean he'd be an old man in the Avengers and Janet Van Dyne would be an old woman. Yeah I'm glad Whedon jumped in on this one cuz Edgar Wright hacked the hell out that one. Hank Pym needs to be Ant/Giant-Man THATS IT. Bring Scott Lang in wayyyyyy later like in Avengers 9 or 10 or they need to leave him out all together

  16. meh its no stupider then a teen getting bit by a radioactive spider. What “we” comic fans need to remember is the stories and characters we are familiar with will be tweaked and modified.

    Maybe there is a reason they want to seperate Hank and Janet. Maybe they dont want the topic of spousal abuse and everyting else “they” went through to carry over into a “super” hero setting. The best way to remove that is to take away the connection between the two characters.

  17. They could possibly figure out a way to have him young in The Avengers. They're doing it with Captain America, after all. They could just say that Pym's using an experimental biological anti-ageing treatment or something. Or even a nonsense explanation, like saying that he has the longevity of an ant. Pretty stupid, but for a humorous character in a comic-book universe I don't think I'd complain.

  18. I think that the Pym/Lang flashback/flashforward system would work perfectly for a solo film, but it could screw up the timeline of the Avengers and be more trouble than it's worth. Who knows, maybe that's the very thing that Whedon wanted to meet up with Wright to discuss.

  19. I expect Whedon to rewrite the Ant-Man script.

  20. Since when was Ant Man ever a humorous character in the original mainstream “Avengers” ?

  21. The main thing that caught my eye in the Wikipedia article was Wright's comment that the film “will not be a comedy like Fantastic Four or a spoof, that it would be more of a full-on action adventure sci-fi film but with a comedic element.”

    The 60's flash forward to the 90's is the only thing that concerns me. I would prefer Hank Pym in the current Avengers line up since he is an original founding member.

  22. No idea who could play Pym,but I think that either Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, or Matthew McConaughey would be some good choices. Or Simon Pegg or Nick Frost (:

  23. Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp, Captain America and Hulk. That's all the founding members we need to see in an original and true Avengers line up.

  24. I just hope Marvel doesn't add too many chef's into the kitchen for this movie.

  25. Since when did movies stay 100% true to their comic counterparts?

  26. I would've just loved to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. All the ideas bouncing around… Actually, I would love a photo of Whedon, Wright, Kenneth Branagh, and Jon Favreau. The four of them in a room discussing these amazing characters… One word: EPIC.

  27. Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and TDK were very close to their comic book counterparts.

    My question was in relation to Ant Man's true character personality as defined in the MARVEL universe over the last 48 years.

    I accept that some movie adaptations will change some things and I don't mind as long as they're minor changes that fit in with the character, but changing a serious character into campy comic relief is going beyond the boundaries of artistic poetic license.

    So my question still remains and to add a second one: What is wrong with hoping for movies that respect the original mainstream source material? It does happen and should happen more often.