Thor Post-Credits Scene Directed by Joss Whedon

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Are you concerned about Marvel Studios handing their biggest project ever over to Joss Whedon, a man who’s not had box office success with his films and whose latest TV show was cancelled? Are you curious as to how he’ll handle so many different character arcs and ensuring a shared film continuity? If you stuck around to see the easter egg scene after the Thor credits then you’ve already seen him at work.

As it turns out, while Thor director Kenneth Branagh was working on post-production for Marvel Studios’ first character solo film of the summer, The Avengers director shot the added scene and lead-in to The Avengers.

*** If you’ve not seen Thor and its Post-Credits scene – Spoilers Ahead! ***

The added sequence at the end of Thor features Stellan Skarsgard’s Professor Erik Selvig character being  taken down into an underground S.H.I.E.L.D. base where he meets Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Fury applauds him for his work during the whole Thor-crashes-on-Earth situation and shows him a very special item, the Cosmic Cube. That item of course will tie into the story of Captain America: The First Avenger which we’ll see later this summer.

The more important reveal of this scene is when it is shown that Loki, presumed dead by Thor and Odin, is actually in control of Professor Erik Selvig. This therefore acts essentially as a prologue to The Avengers where Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is the main villain (or at least, one of them) and has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.

We didn’t know Whedon had a hand in shooting that brief scene until Skarsgard revealed it himself in an interview with Empire during the Cannes Film Festival. He explains that he flew back just to shoot that scene and that he knows his story arc for his role in The Avengers but that he cannot reveal anything about it.

Since Whedon was hired as director, he’s jumped right into acting as a godfather of sorts to the Marvel cinematic universe. In addition to totally taking over the script from Zak Penn, he’s met with fellow Marvel directors and is having a hand in all the features, at least in some capacity, to ensure they all jive together. Him helping direct a scene in Thor is just one example of this and he helped consult on Captain America to ensure its title character (Chris Evans) and his journey will mesh perfectly with The Avengers.

Whedon is a master when it comes to handling a large cast of important characters and he knows the Marvel source material better than anyone, having helped written multiple comic series for the publisher (see: Astonishing X-Men). Let’s hope Marvel Studios and the vast amount of talent behind The Avengers let him do what’s necessary to make The Avengers the best way possible.

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The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Source: Empire

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  1. This is a good thing, yes.

    • Yes, it is…All is proceeding as I have forseen, young Jedi.

  2. Not impressed. Even before i heard it was Whedon’s clip, i initially thought it was the weakest of all the other post-credit scenes.

    I found he revealed a little too much there. Loki’s survival AND the cosmic cube? Only one of these should’ve been revealed. Let’s be honest, only marvel fans stay to watch the post-credit scenes. So this clip was really meant for them and it’s obvious the fans would know what the cube is.

    I also found the professor character to be pretty boring/bland/souless. It didn’t even make sense to me why Fury would get him to study the cube. The cube wasn’t built by Asgardians, it was built by AIM, so why get an Asgardian professor? I would’ve gotten brilliant scientists to work on this instead. Scientists can think “outside the box”.

    As i said, not impressed.

    • wait, he was an Asgaurdian professor? i guess i missed that one. I recall him saying in the begining of the movie(when talking about the possibility of thor being a god-norse mythology), “these are the the stories i grew up with…” i didn’t know he was a full blown scientist on asgaurdians, i saw the movie three times, i guess i should go see it a fourth.

      • He isn’t an “Asgardian professor”. “Anakin” just doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about” ;). HE’S the one who should go see the movie again.

        Professor Erik Selvig is an astrophysicist.

        • I’ve seen the movie once. I plan on seeing it again. But it makes no difference. Why get an astrophysicist to study a powerful artifact that’s not even made by asgardians or an alien race?

          These are just some of the sort of details that makes be believe Whedon is a bad choice as a director. As i’ve always said, Avengers will have, at best, mixed reviews. It will make money just on the idea alone of seeing all the heroes and stars in one movie.

          • OK, you have a point, but in all fairness Fury only asked Selvig if he would “have a look” at the cube. (I’m sure SHIELD has dozens of scientists studying the cube) But please don’t get all negative about The Avengers already, Marvel and Disney have spent millions on the production (so far)… I don’t think they would have put so much into this if the script sucked. And every member of the cast who has read the script has said that it was amazing (granted, it is they’re job to “sell” the movie a little), but there must be some truth in what they have said so far.

            Look, we won’t know until we have seen the first trailer, so for now, support Marvel (and Whedon) and just hope for the best.

          • The first Cosmic Cube was written as being created by AIM, but over time the origin of the Cosmic Cube goes beyond that, and its beginnings as just a mere device engineered by terrorists isn’t really the case. Yes AIM engineered one in a Marvel story, but if you go back and look at all the Cosmic Cube stories, it’s revealed the Cubes are much more than that, and AIM actually just stumbled upon how to make one, and they exist whether AIM had done so or not.

            All of this, combined with the practice of Marvel Studios films remaining faithful to canon without being afraid to change things around, means the Cosmic Cube doesn’t have to be an AIM device, and could very well be an alien or other device.

            • Actually, the first Cosmic Cube was created by the Red Skull. So it makes sense in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it´s gonna appear in the Cap movie.

              • Wrong.

                The very first Cosmic Cube was made by the Skrulls and that very first Cosmic Cube turned into the Shaper of Worlds.

    • @ Anakin: I think you should go see Thor again and pay more attention this time.

    • In the Marvel Cinematic universe, the Cosmic Cube is NOT made by AIM. Why would it be in the Captain America movie if AIM has yet to be introduced and wont be in Cap? Also, there was an empty room in Odin’s vault that is meant to be where the Cosmic Cube (called the Tesseract) was held.

    • Loki and the cosmic cube after the credits was to big of a spoiler? Obviously the cosmic cube was going to be in (at least) captian america, are you upset that loki was actually alive and they showed him? did you think that they would kill loki in just one movie? wow… I am impressed…

      even someone who knows nothing about comics, marvel or the avengers would know that loki wouldnt die that easily…

      and if you follow screenrant, you would know that loki is one of the main villians in the avengers and the cosmic cube is a part of the reason, so either you forgot about that entirely, didnt read that piece, or you just like to complain cause someone might actually listen to you…

      I think it was great, I knew loki would get ahold of the cosmic cube before the movie, but actually seeing it was great and made me even more excited about the ultimate superhero movie, THE AVENGERS!!!

      • Agreed and actually so much is held back on just killing Loki because of Ragnarok. If Balder dies, then Ragnarok begins, If they outright just kill Loki, then according to the oracles and prophecy, all will be lost, he must live. So Loki is definitely a problem but they just can’t kill him, he has to be either contained or controlled. Lesser of two evils I guess.

  3. And what was just another post credit teaser in the Marvel movie tradition is suddenly elevated to “the best post credit teaser EVAR” by Whedonphiles.

    Look, I like Whedon. Buffy and Angel weren’t for me, but Firefly and Serenity were solid, original sci-fi offerings; heck, Dr. Horrible was a great experiment in a totally unique format, the web-show musical. (I refused to watch Dollhouse because of Dushku’s lack of talent, not because of Whedon’s concept.) And I think he’s the guy for the Avenger’s job–he’s well acquainted with the material, and he’s proven he can work a large ensemble cast. But the premature ejaculation by Whedonphiles over anything that has his name attached to it is moronic. Yesterday, before the revelation that Whedon directed this bit, it was “adequate.” Now it’s “epic.” Spare me.

    • Hm, I don’t see that at all. Yesterday, before people knew it was directed by Whedon, Marvel fans were drooling over the post-credits scene, and what it might mean for future plots. Now that people know it was directed by Whedon, they’re drooling over the post-credits scene, and what it might mean for future plots, and also saying “oh that’s cool, I like his work” or conversely drooling, and saying “I don’t get Whedon’s stuff. This makes no difference for me.”

    • I agree. This isn’t a big deal at all to me. It was just a 2 minute stinger.

  4. I know my fellow nerds and geeks are going to hate me for this but have never seen ANY of Whedon’s work (I haven’t even really heard of him until The Avengers) but nonetheless, I am crossing my fingers and hoping he will make a success of the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER OF THE DECADE!

    Also, in that photo of the Avengers cast… who is the guy with the black shirt and hat on the right side of Whedon? He isn’t part of the cast and I don’t recognize him as a producer or anything… LOL, maybe it’s a stagehand that just randomly decided he could be in the picture as well! 😀

    • I´m not sure, but I think this guy is Kevin Feige.

      • Thanks Scapegoat, I went to Wikipedia and searched to Kevin Feige and the picture they have of him there looks a lot like the guy in the above photo.
        Nice call :). Can’t believe I didn’t think of it being him.

        • I wasn´t sure, it was just a guess. But I think I remember seeing a video from that particular press conference, and Feige was there along with Joss Whedon. So…

          • Yes, that’s Feige. I interviewed him once.


  5. whoa whoa yea he wasnt an asgardian professor, he’s just an average joe astrophysicist who happens to be of norse (scandinavian?, norweigan?) background. I also agree, he did seem kinda bland and boring. I think it was a waisted opportunity to introduce someone like Hank Pym aka Antman. (Asking for too much too soon?) It was also way predictable, I mean I was almost 99% sure the post credit scene was going to be something involving Nick Fury. Why they didnt introduce Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is also beyond me

    • I think they want to keep Ruffalo close to the vest until the Avengers movie looms closer. As for the cosmic cube, my fracking jaw dropped when I saw that.

      • I’m with Brandon C. on this. I loved Thor’s post-credit scene and I was just about to say the exact same thing: They are saving Ruffalo for the avengers… I mean it’s been 3 years since we last saw the Hulk… marvel is building some tension and making us nerds even more hyped up for the avengers.

        Also, @Lord Leopold the Wise: how do you propose they should have incorporated Banner into Thor’s post-credit scene? Hmmm, didn’t think about that did ya ;). Marvel wanted to show the cosmic cube (which will obviously play a big part in both Cap and avengers movie), so how does Banner (who is in some forest cottage – last time we saw him) fit in with the cube and how it was discovered by shield?

        Marvel has been planning this movie for YEARS… and it’s not so easy as you may think… so for now, don’t criticize on something that you don’t really know anything about yet… we can only be patient and hope for the best.

        • I would almost bet that the Cap post-cred scene showcases Fury recuiting Cap, with their first mission to capture the hulk with Fury showing a file with Ruffalo’s head-shot and/or a video of the Hilk Rampaging, probably a blurry video with only a brief glimpse of a green fist

  6. @Anakin, Uh Anakin, uh A.I.M didn’t build the cosmic cube, the cube is ancient; it got into the hands of Hydra 1000’s of years when it was re-discovered as an ancient relic hidden on earth. A.I.M got their hands on the cosmic cube in Avengers: EMH(cartoon) via Hydra(Baron Von Strucker) into the hands of M.O.D.O.K in order to figure it out, charge it and activate it but where supposed to return it to Hydra. Hydra(Red Skull) were the ones who had and ACTIVE hand with the cube NOT A.I.M.(cinematic wise)

    • Which cosmic cube? The recurring theme that seems to pop its head up here is that people think there’s one Cosmic Cube, and they keep arguing over who invented/found it first, AIM, the Skrulls, etc. Not sure when the first one showed up in Marvel’s comics but I believe it was the one costructed by AIM, but they didn’t “invent” it or anything, they just stumbled across the whole thing accidentally, and later Marvel canon established that there are many, and they are extant with or without intervention by other sentient entities.

      • @Ken, You do have a point and good post. There are different versions of who made the cube in the comics but according to what’s being portrayed in this Marvel Studios Cinenatic Universe, the cube was hidden on earth but was once held by Odin. Exactly how and why it was hidden on earth is beyond me. It could be very well that it turn out that the Skrulls created it but it ended up in Odin’s posession. The point here is that in the movies, A.I.M. did NOT create the cube.

  7. I love Whedon’s work, and I love Marvel. Although I can’t honestly say I think he is the best director for the job. The script, yes. But saying that, I still think “Serenity” is one of the most under-rated Sci Fi movies out there, which was wonderfuly scripted and beutifully directed.

    But his work on ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ shows he is excellent at creating a dynamic amongst vastly different individuals who all come together and basically become family. His teams, while always having a clear leader, always have each member contributing and using their own skills to achive the teams goals. A Avengers movie needs this, each member needs to pull their own weight and not just be back up or tech support for Cap.

    I have read his work in comics, both Marvel and other, and his talent does seem to be able to shift between mediums quite easy. ‘Astonishing X-Men’ shows he does indeed know the Marvel universe, so hopefully his talent has only increased since his days of cancelled tv shows and under rated movies and he can finally be acknowledged in the main stream.

  8. No wonder it looked like a tv show. Makes perfect sense now.

    • Firefly was canceled after one season precisely because Fox kept changing their time slot, and aired the episodes utterly out of order, not because of any reflect on the content itself. The show is brilliant when watched in order, and the who reason Serenity was forgettable was probably because it’s a continuation of the TV series, you should watch it after you finish the 13 episodes in proper order. The film is much better when viewed in that context in my opinion.

    • I love Serenity, it’s one of my favorite “re-watch” movies.


      • I am a fan as well.

    • I agree. Avengers is way out of Whedon’s league. It could’ve been epic. Instead it will be just ok.

      • @Rp1n: How do you the film will be “just ok”? How the hell could you know that? They started filming a month ago! You can’t criticize a film that hasn’t even gotten into full steam! Saying stuff like “It could have been epic” makes no sense if the movie hasn’t even been released yet. It kinda makes you look stupid when you say things like that. (Sorry for the harsh comment but people need to get behind Marvel and start giving some support).

        I also have my doubts: At Comic Con 2010 Whedon did say “I am gonna mess this up, so please I need your support”. Now, that may have been his dark sense of humor (a bad joke) or he might have had some real doubts himself, but the studio would never have started the project if it wasn’t 100%. That’s the marvel I know and I’m supporting it. Whether The Avengers will be a success or a flop, at least I would feel that I did my part as a fan by giving it my all: by supporting the production and it’s cast and director, by telling all the people I know to go see it opening weekend and by NOT criticizing a movie that is a year away.

  9. Come on guys! A big project like the Avengers that has been planned for years and Disney/Marvel gives it to Whedon. They must have seen something very good in him. Now, we just have to do like the studios: “Trust him”. I hope for the best.

    • “A big project like the Avengers that has been planned for years and Disney/Marvel gives it to Whedon.”

      Yes. And what’s the first thing Whedon did when he took over as director for the Avengers? He took Marvel’s already pre-established script written by Zak Penn (which was based, btw, on Mark Miller’s Ultimate book that everyone likes) and threw it away so HE could write 100% of the whole script HIMSELF!

      So far, ALL of the Marvel Studio films done (including the upcoming captain america) had Marvel’s comic writers involved in the story/script process. Not this time. Apparently, Whedon decided he can do better then the people who work with these characters every day.

      If Whedon fans were real Marvel fans, they would be outraged at this. As they should. But no.

      • Eh, Whedon rewriting Penn’s script (which doesn’t mean throwing the whole thing out) isn’t as bad as you make it sound. You said “So far, ALL of the Marvel Studio films done (including the upcoming captain america) had Marvel’s comic writers involved in the story/script process. Not this time.” Whedon’s written some pretty great Marvel comics in his time, which adds to his Avengers-oriented prowess, not take away.

  10. Hulk is gonna kick so much arse in the Avengers that it’s gonna stur up for a Hulk sequel, people are gonna want to more Hulk. And this time we’re gonna get a Banner that has more personality and is actually useful too.

  11. Does noone remember that Joss Whedon wrote “Toy Story”?
    Nominated for a best screenplay Oscar.

    How is that not “cinamatic success”?

    Just sayin’


    • Where’s the “like” button?

    • “Does noone remember that Joss Whedon wrote “Toy Story”?”

      Of course. Because “Toy Story” has *everything* you’d want to see in a Marvel movie.

      Sorry but no. All it proves is that Whedon is good at writing a children’s movie. Marvel movies, as most of marvel’s comics, are geared towards young adults or at least teenagers.

      • Toy Story was WAY more than a children’s movie. It spoke to children and adults alike. I have no idea what to expect from the Avengers movie, but so far in your reasoning for not liking Whedon for the job you are 0 for 2.

        • I cried at the end of Toy Story 3… it was so emotional!… but… err… I guess that’s irrelevant…

          But, yeah. Toy Story isn’t just for kids. And I agree completely with “Mike”: Marvel wouldn’t have given their biggest project to anyone… also, Marvel will still have a lot of input into the film (so don’t think that he will have carte blanche to do whatever he wants to do). I also remember Favreou saying that he will be a producer and that he will have some input into the film as well.

          In short: this isn’t Whedon’s movie. He has so many guys on his back that there is no way that they will allow him to mess it up. Even some of the cast (Downey Jr, Renner, Hemsworth, Evans, Jackson) are big fans of the comics and they have studied the comics SO WELL that they are basically masters with their character’s history! I mean, Downey Jr, is co-writing IM3! What does that tell you?