Joss Whedon Turned Down ‘Buffy’ Reboot; New Writer Speaks

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joss whedon2 Joss Whedon Turned Down Buffy Reboot; New Writer Speaks

Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series accumulated a legion of rabid fans over the course of its seven seasons. Last week, many of them were outraged to learn that Warner Bros. was moving forward with a big screen reboot of the property – and that Whedon wasn’t involved.

Despite being hard at work on The Avengers, Whedon quickly drafted an amusing (if not slightly esoteric) response to the news and expressed his frustration over how soon all of this seemed to be happening. Unfortunately, Whedon doesn’t own the rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kazui Enterprises does. He even admitted he doesn’t have any legal ground to stand on.

Although the thought of a Whedon-less Buffy probably sounds sacrilegious to fans, Heat Vision is reporting that he was offered the chance to be involved but turned it down. Evidently, Kazuis approached him last year with their plans for the reboot and Whedon decided he was more interested in other projects.

I’m a little surprised by how many people seem to think this means he has no business complaining about the situation. Of course they offered Whedon the opportunity to participate and of course he passed. It’s not like they were proposing a big screen continuation of the series. This is a brand new Buffy that eschews established continuity and all of the supporting characters. Why would Whedon want to rebuild the mythology from the ground up when he’s already told this story so successfully?

Meanwhile, Hero Complex recently profiled the screenwriter of the Buffy reboot – Whit Anderson. When plans for the film were unveiled and Anderson’s script was mentioned, her name raised a few eyebrows. The reaction was understandable considering she’s an aspiring actress with a few small roles on her resume, but no produced writing credits (her IMDb page is up 12558% in popularity now, though).

It’s impossible to try and guess the tone of her script with no past work to examine, but Anderson says she was a huge fan of the show and of the Buffy character in particular:

“I didn’t really watch much television at all, but I always watched ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.‘ That was the one show I would watch when I got home. I just loved this character. I was the same age as Buffy, and it was so rare to have a female lead character on TV in those days who was strong and capable and smart but also allowed to be feminine.”

Anderson also indicates that she’s aware of fan skepticism, but uses Batman Begins as an example of how a franchise can be successfully revitalized. She goes on to explain what she believes makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer so unique:

“The thing that was so wonderful about ‘Buffy’ is what made it special was so timeless … The deep struggle she had with duty and destiny, that tug between what you’re supposed to be doing and what you want to be doing. The fate of the world is on her shoulders, but some days she wakes up, and she just doesn’t want to do it. And are we doomed and destined to love someone? That conflict was very interesting to me. Those are the things I loved about her and her world. She also represents — like all the heroes — something empowering for us. She reminds us of what we could be if we were in our top form, the best of us if we were at our very best, and even then we still see the vulnerability and doubts she has inside. That’s where we all connect.”

buffy the vampire slayer reboot Joss Whedon Turned Down Buffy Reboot; New Writer Speaks

Clearly Warner Bros. believes that this property still has teeth with or without Whedon. They might even be counting on a whole new legion of fans for the reboot rather than simply trying to appeal to old ones. I previously expressed my concern over another writer trying to emulate Whedon’s incredibly unique and specific style, but it’s more likely this reboot will be as dramatically different from the series as it was from the original 1992 film.

As a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I have to admit I always thought that Buffy herself was one of the least interesting characters on the show. Creating an ensemble as dynamic and entertaining as Xander, Willow, Spike, and Giles (just to name a few) seems like an arduous challenge. We’ll see if Anderson is up to it.

Source: Heat Vision and Hero Complex.

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  1. I agree with just about every thing you said Chris.

    I’m upset Wheadon isn’t involved but I was more bothered by the fact that it’s a reboot than anything else. The fact that it’s a writer with no writing history is also upsetting.

    I agree that Buffy was the least interesting character. I prefered Giles , Xander, Anya, Williow , Angel and Spike. The only character less interesting than Buffy was her sister Dawn who was awful and annoying.

    • Also using Batman Begins as an example is just not at all smart and shows how unknowledgable she is.

      Batman Begins was a reboot of a critically and Financially failing franchise. Buffy never failed it ended properly and still loved. Not to mention Batman had long been established as a franchise that gets new actors for the character. Buffy spent nearly a decade being defined by the actors.

  2. Get SMG to do a cameo and I MIGHT see this movie, I ‘d say have a cameo from David Boreanaz, but I’d rather see him in a big screen Movie of “Bones”. SMG for sure at LEAST.

  3. Why don’t we all do what Joss Whedon is doing and let Buffy rest!! And just enjoy watching her adventures over and over on dvd?

  4. Also I support Joss Whedon on his choice of involvment.

  5. Lol. Wow. Why would I go see a movie that is TOTALLY different then the amazing television show, when I can go watch the television show ANYTIME on DVD!! Maybe this means they’ll release Buffy (TV show) on Blu-Ray though =)

  6. Still waiting for that spike movie. lol

  7. Why does it have to be Buffy? If they want this universe continued why not use one of the multitude of young slayers they unleashed there at the end of the series? Follow a completely different young girl with a new supporting cast and then you could possibly include cameos from previous series cast-members.

    As has been said, Buffy wasn’t the most interesting person on that show. I think that was the point… she just wanted to be like everyone else. Even though she had a sacred duty she really wasn’t all that interesting. So just create another girl! Give her an equally girl-y name and you have you feminine badass.

  8. I still wont see it. I’m not letting this piece of crap ruin all time favorite show.

    I would be fine if it was just Vampire Slayer and used that mythology, but using the characters same names? No thank you.

  9. I personally could care less if Whedon writes/directs or not. Yea the guy did a good job on the Tv show but it doesn’t mean that nobody else could also do just as good of a job. The movie though will undoubtedly not be as good as the show and I can assure everyone that it will have the tainted mark of Twilight all over it. I hate Twilight and what its spawned

  10. Richard Kelly was offered the chance to direct S. Darko, too. Doesn’t make it right. Poor Whedon – I hate when stuff like this happens.

  11. Let’s get real here: Last time Whedon was allowed to continue his TV franchise on the big screen, we got the relentlessly mediocre ‘Firefly’. That also tanked at the BO. I’ve always found his work to be overrated; and it all sounds like it came from the mouth of a balding, middle-aged geek (which it did). That’s the reason his work only appeals to a limited demographic. He’s not like a JJ Abrams who crafts individual characters. All Whedon’s characters sound the same. It’s boring. I say reboot Buffy and I wish them all the best…

  12. This is just ridiculous. Buffy doesn’t need to be rebooted. It is still continuing currently, just in a different medium, comics. I don’t know if I believe that Buffy is a character that would live well without Joss giving her words and SMG being her face though. I guess we will find out though won’t we? Buffy round 3. Ridiculous.

  13. Angry fans should go to facebook and join the page: I’m With JoJo.

  14. Buffy Reboot? EPIC FAILURE!!

  15. I think I see where both sides are coming from here/ On the one hand, part of what made the show what it was was the supporting cast, and how interest each of them was; even the most disliked ones caught everyone’s attention in one way or another. On the other, hand I think there’s a chance that new Buffy film could succeed so long as they have something to make it stand out without retreading too much ground that’s already been tread.

    If they have a good, motivated team om this, it could suceed, but it could also easily fall prey to what happens when Big Film companies are looking cash in on establshed properties with remakes of them. Relying on the existing isn’t likely to work; some will come out of curiosity, but many likely won’t. I think another huge factor on whether this flops or not will come from what kind villain they create for this movie. A remade Lothos from the original movie probably won’t cut it unless they can manage to make him into a genuine Lex Luthor or Darkseid level villain, so long he take the movie from Buffy.

    Honestly, I guess I can’t do anything but cross my fingers, wish them good luck, and hope I don’t hear “Fail!” resounding accross net when the movie finally comes out. Which is probably what Whedon and the rest of the original cast and crew are thinking, at least when they’re not skaking their heads in eaxasperation, come to think of it.

  16. I Think What The Writer Of The Remake Said About Buffy Was Brillianntt!!!
    She Was Very Empowering Character!!!
    The First Few Seasons I Loved Only Her Character More Than The Cast, Then Season 4 Through 7 I Had A Differentt Fave, Though Buffy’s What Makes The Show Amazing!!! For Some Odd Reason I Never Liked Angel, He Bugged Me! The Scoobies However Were Amazing Supporting Leads To S.M.G(Buffy) I Always Adored Willow! But My Faveorite BTVS Character Has To & Always Will Be Spike, Funniest Character Ive Seen On Tv In Ages!!!
    He Made The Show Absolutely Humorous More Than It Was! The Only Angel Season I Watched Was 5 Cuz I Adored That Character And Hate Spin Offs One Reason I Never Watched ATS!!!
    NOW TO THE POINT, I Am Very Sad That Joss Whedon Won’t Do It, But The Fact This Whit Anderson Writer Seems To Be A Hardcore Buffy Fan Is Good That Means It Won’t Be Horribly Messed Up, Though It’s A Remake, So It Will Be Compleatly Differenntt As The Term ReMake Is Suppoesed To Mean, There Losely Based On Whatever They Came Off Of With Slightly Differentt Story, Or Sometimes Not Alike At All And Just Have The Same Name!!!!
    Im Not A Fan Of Remakes, But This One Ill Watch, I Mean It’s Buffy A Cool Chick Who Kicks Ass & Slays Evil, Who Wouldn’t Wanna Watch That Remake Or Not!!!LOL:P 😛
    I Do Have To Say It Is Absolutely Wonderful A Girl Is Writing It, Since It Was First And Formost A GirlPowerd Show It Showed The Heroine To Be Tough And Strong But Had Her Ups And Downs Though She Was No Damsel, Theres One Thing Being A Tough Chick Myself, I Hate Damsels The Weomen Who Can’t Do Anything For Themselfs, What Idiot Came Up With That Idea, I Think It’s Better To Be Strong And Confident And Save Others Rather Than Wanting To Be Saved!!!!
    In My Opnion Thats What Made Buffy Such A Rolemodel In The Fact She Stood Up For Herself And Always Fought When She Couldn’t!!!!
    Plus If It Wern’t For That Show We Wouldn’t Have Half The Cult PopCulture Shows We Have Today!!!!
    So I Say Bring It On, If It Fails Than We Still Love And Adore The Original, If It Doesn’t It’ll Get A Whole New Generation Hooked And They’ll Wanna Check Out The Amazing Original That Spun It!!!!!
    So Either Way I’ts Not A Horrible Idea!!!!!!!!!!