Will Joss Whedon Be Involved With ‘The Avengers 3′?

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Joss Whedon The Avengers Official Disney Marvel Photo Closeup Will Joss Whedon Be Involved With The Avengers 3?

While shooting The Avengers, director Joss Whedon came up with an idea for a sequel, one that would involve the villainous robot Ultron. After The Avengers released to record-breaking success, Whedon wasn’t entirely sure about whether or not he’d do a followup but when he did sign to return, he took on a much bigger role than fans may have expected. In addition to helming the next team-up event, Whedon is helping oversee all of the Phase Two movies leading up to it and crafting a live-action TV series (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), all of which are building up to The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

By design, Whedon’s therefore also laying the groundwork for Phase Three and beyond which begins with new superhero franchise Ant-Man in 2015 – but will he be involved with the lead-up to The Avengers 3?

At the press junket for Thor: The Dark World, our own Kofi Outlaw asked Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige about the future of the franchise when it comes to Joss Whedon’s involvement beyond writing and directing The Avengers sequel.

“It’s still being determined. All of his efforts right now are in what he’s doing for us primarily, obviously, writing and prepping Age of Ultron but also in reading the drafts of the films in phase 2, watching early cuts and a) to inform him where the characters are going to end up in the beginning of Age of Ultron and also to get his input and his wisdom into all of these. But right now it’s all about leading up to Age of Ultron.”

Kevin Feige The Avengers Official Disney Marvel Closeup Will Joss Whedon Be Involved With The Avengers 3?

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige

It’s as simple as Whedon not being signed for more. The official announcement by Marvel Studios and parent company Disney last August specifically pointed out that Whedon signed through the “end of June 2015″ meaning The Avengers 2 is where his deal ends and that he’s not involved with Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man which debuts that July (moved up from November), kicking off Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Joss Whedon has signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Studios for film and television through the end of June 2015. As part of that deal, Whedon will write and direct Marvel’s The Avengers 2 as well as help develop a new live action series for Marvel Television at ABC.  He will also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe.

That doesn’t mean he’s not involved with Phase Three since a lot of what he’s doing in Phase Two must build towards it and open certain doors. He’s fully in the know with Feige and the creative team at Marvel Studios in planning, but The Avengers: Age of Ultron is his baby. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see when it releases in May 2015.

As it currently stands, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Whedon’s life until mid-2015 and he may want to use his success to work on other projects. And with the third biggest box office success of all-time under his belt, he’ll be able to do anything in Hollywood. Then again, Whedon’s DNA is intricate to where the movies are going for the next few years that even if he doesn’t write/direct another Avengers, he could still be involved as a producer/consultant/writer for the series in some capacity.

Do you want Whedon to stick around for the long-term or is it a wait and see based on Age of Ultron?


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. No.

  2. If it keeps continuity intact then sure, keep him. They wouldn’t announce him staying beyond Avengers 2 anyway until that movie is close to release.

    • Agreed. As long as success keeps coming. His track record is pretty good, even though I disagree with a few things he had input into (Pym should make Ultron, the Mandarin thing was a travesty, etc. I do realize the mandarin thing was mainly Shane Black, though). Basically I like Whedon, though. He is gonna be one busy boy juggling so many pies, but if he can bake and juggle ‘em without dropping them, I will happily eat them, though.

      • I don’t think we really know for sure whether Pym will or will not create Ultron. It’s not like studios haven’t tried to deceive us before. I think the fact that Ant-Man comes out just months after the AoU, that it means something. Possibly it is something like the Vision he ends up creating, but I hope they were just deceiving us.

        • Fair point about the deception. Though I’m not sure they would have announced something so controversial among fans if they weren’t really going to do it.

          • Yeah, I really don’t think it’s going to happen, but I hope it does. Pym is a great, complex character. He is defined by his mistakes and it makes him almost an anti-hero at times. Take away his biggest mistake, that could potentially destroy mankind, and you are neutering him and his story.

    • Marvel won’t ditch a man that got them £1.5 billion however I’m really worried about the speculation off killing off loved characters…

  3. Yes.

    As long as Kevin Feige is around so will Joss, they’re good buddies from back in the day.

    Plus he’s doing a decent job so why not.

    Directly responsible for 1 billion dollar movie and another billion dollar movie was produced on his watch.

    • I think we will see his input at the very least for a long time to come. Incidently, I am also enjoying Agents of Shield. A few people were not totally happy with it’s start, but it is meant t be a support vehicle for the films in part, that could grow into something bigger, not the biggest tent-pole in the Marvel Universe, at least at this time. It is also meant to be more entertaining than cerebral, so I say just kick back, grab a snack, put your feet up and enjoy the ride with AOS!

      • It’s definitely getting better with each episode as the cast and writers find their feet and the characters voices. Ep.4 was solid.

        AoS then flip the channel and Blacklist…. Friday’s is a good day again.

        • Wow, I completely disagree.

          Four episodes into AoS and I still find it completely dull and boring. Fridays are only good for me because Orphan Black airs immediately after AoS.

          Sundays are great though. Homeland, The Moaning Of Life, The Blacklist and Revolution.

          • Umm, Blacklist and Revolution are not on Sunday nights and AoS is Tuesday nights. Have to agree that Blacklist and Homeland are two of the best and Revolution is getting much better by the episode.

            • That’s when they are on in the U.K. dude.

              • I started figuring that when I was writing it. I’ll never understand why they don’t keep similar lineups.

        • Yep, Blacklist is pretty good as well, another one I am watching.

  4. “specifically pointed out that Whedon signed through the “end of June 2015″ meaning The Avengers 2 is where his deal ends and that he’s not involved with Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man”

    The movie might come out after Whedon’s contract expires, but since it’s in active development right now, I’m sure he’s getting sent drafts and being asked for some creative input.
    I even remember him saying (or tweeting) how awesome Edgar Wright’s idea for Ant-Man is. How would he know whether it’ll be awesome if he hasn’t read a script or talked to Wright? ;)

    • I’m not entirely sure since they shoot at the same time (or very close together and overlap), but Edgar Wright was sending in scripts before Whedon was and The Avengers were even a Marvel reality :)

      But you’re right in that he could have input since there’s a good chance Ant-Man and The Avengers: Age of Ultron are connected in ‘some way’

  5. I hope he’ll be involved in Avengers 3 continuity-wise. Crossed my mind how great it would be if Ironfist & Luke Cage were introduced in AOS series as imo they’d be perfect for that show till they make it to the big screen.

    • Luke Cage from Mortal Combat ?

      • Johnny Cage is from Mortal Kombat ;)

        • This is where he falls down.

          • HAHAHA thanks for the laugh

      • That’s Johnny Cage.

        Luke Cage = Power Man

    • I have been thinking that very thing. A good script-writer and scenes-plotter could make AOS the perfetct vehicle to introduce Iron Fist and Power Man. They would be welcome if done right on my TV anytime!

  6. Marvel’s Luke Cage

  7. Joss Whedon is also a genius, like Kevin Feige, so MARVEL won’t let him go. He made the best and highest grossing CBM of all time with The Avengers. As long as he keeps making billion dollar movies for MARVEL, they’ll keep him, and give him the freedom to pursue other projects as well if he wants during his down time. Whedon is a lifer at MARVEL, as is Feige, and MARVEL’S future is extremly bright.

    • I wouldn’t say The Avengers was the best CBM of all time, there have been better. A lot better. Several of them too.

      Not sure I’d say he was Marvel for life either unless the mess with his Wonder Woman script put him off working with WB/DC again.

      • @Dazz . I say The Avengers is the best CBM of all time . And a whole lot of other people think the same .

        • Its an opinion NO ONE IS WRONG, ppl have different tastes and Dazz has every right to express his opinion as does Chuck!

      • It wasn’t the best, but it was really good when it could easily have been extremely bad. Any SH movie has a much better chance of being bad than good IMO. Whedon has a good “ear” for story and dialog. He can sell an earnest concept to a wider audience with a dash of humor, like “a spoon full of sugar…”

      • By every measurable statistic, the Avengers was the best CBM of all time. Not to mention the impact it had on the world of cinematography at large (shared universes are all the rage right now). If you didn’t like it, that’s fine, it is an art form and art is very subjective. But know that you’re in the CLEAR minority, so don’t act like its blasphemy when someone says it’s the best.

        • You’re completely wrong. The Dark Knight is the best CBM of all time. What impact on the world of cinematography? It was terrible. The dialogue came from a 12 year old, the plot is dull, the villain (wait, what villain?) acting horrible, except for RDJ of course. My goodness, I can’t believe Screenrant is filled with Marvel fanboys, you guys truly have bad taste in film.

    • Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and Iron Man 1 are all better superhero films than Avengers.

      • wow he went all gay joker and gay baine on you

      • I like it when ppl makes lists that they know isn’t true. like yours, its classic

      • @ Sasha


      • I will give you dark knight maybe. Batman begins and iron man 1 were as good as avengers. Dark knight rises was a step below and mos isnt even close to the top tier cbm so i hope that was a joke

        • @ john alejandro
          I don’t think it was a joke. I’ve noticed MOS has an adamant fanbase who get very defensive about the film. TDK trilogy fans can at times be even worse. I get the same way when people bash Singer’s X-men films haha.

          Nothing against Sasha in particular! That is just something I have noticed about MOS and TDK fans.

          • It amazes me why ppl just cant like both, or all? TDK trilogy, MOS and the Avengers! They were all good movies but NONE of them were great IMO.
            I personally could watch any of them at any time and enjoy them without having a battle in my head about which is better than the other or which studio Marvel or DC is better!
            I hope DC can kick some arse with their new DCU so fans of all CBM can enjoy their favorite CB characters on the big screen FINALLY!

      • @Sasha

        Add Dredd to that list and I’d be right with you in agreement.

      • I maybe could have seen where you were coming from until I saw Man of Steel on your list. Now it’s just comical (pun intended) and you’ve destroyed any credibility you had.

        • I’m going to have to agree with Sasha and say yes, Man of Steel was MUCH better than Avengers. Man of Steel introduced something completely new and different and it was great. What did Avengers do? Besides being the best comedy movie of the year.

      • >”Man of Steel”
        Excuse me while I go laugh, vomit, and then disregard everything you say forever.

      • I was with you until Dark Knight Rises – that sucked. I think after this Joss might want to do something else but I’d love him to continue with the Avengers franchise – I’m a massive fan if his no matter what he does.

  8. They should. It is working well. I suspect this is what DC are planning overall with Ben Affleck, to overseer their universe. You simply do not cast a guy who has little reason to accept merely a casting job (other than ‘Runner, Runner’, but more phoned in for the cheque that could not have been) after showing his directorial chops quite convincingly and then merely have him doing nothing other than turning up to read lines.

    Quite the comic book fan is Ben, also.

    But yeah, it is working well. I rarely read comic books or graphic novels (and when I do, they are obscure, like ‘Monster’), but I can only admire what Kevin has done and what Joss is bringing to the universe. Little reason then to mess with it, I say.

  9. If Joss wont then they should just give it to Brett Ratner.

    • Surely, you jest?

    • @Miss Jen

    • More evidence that these Marvel fanboys have no taste in movies and are completely clueless

      • Don’t make me laugh.

      • If I was a Marvel fangirl, I would burn Marvel Studios for not making Ant-Man a founding member of the Avengers, turning The Mandarin into a hobo (which I’m ok with and I love IM 3), making the Avenger as a part of The Shield, The chitauri being a mindless drone army and Loki working for Thanos.

        While X-men the last stand is pure garbage, Red Dragon > most of Marvel movies except for Iron Man 1 and Incredible Hulk.

        • +1 haha

          haven’t seen Red Dragon but I like the rest of your comment :)

          I guess some people have trouble reading sarcasm.

    • Yeah, so Brett gets the chance to test his nuking skills again ? NO way ! Not gonna happen.

      • What about Joel Schumacher then? Just imagine all the puns Thanos and the Avengers would use.

  10. He will be involved. Otherwise the after credit scene about Thanos would be meaningless

  11. I think there still may be a fall 2015 film slot filled by Marvel. So, if Joss is on the clock til the end of 2015, not only would he be involved in Antman but possibly the second phase 3 film, Doctor Strange maybe? or The Hulk.

    • He’s on the clock til June 2015 only in the deal they signed.

  12. I think it would be great if he stayed, but he’ll only do it if he has a good idea for Avengers 3. He didn’t want to stay for Avengers 2 but when he had a really good idea for it, that’s when he signed on. So it all comes down to Joss Whedon’s inspiration.

  13. I’d love it if he stayed for The Avengers 3, and as someone on here pointed out, his after-credits scene would be in-vain.

    Fiege, has stated though that the after-credits scene was always the plan

  14. I don’t know. I loved the Avengers so much, but his TV series isn’t very good in pretty much every department.

    I have watched three episodes now, and sighed more than once in each viewing, and laughed (because of how dreadful some scenes are), frowned (same reason) and it is overall, a shambles.

    Not trying to be a troll, but in his interview’s he seems a bit big headed too with little humility. Don’t give him too much power Marvel, and please don’t become Joss Whedon and friends.

    • Give episode 4 a crack…. it’s MUCH improved.

      • Disagree. Episode 4 was just as pointless and stupid as the previous three episodes.

    • I’m not a big fan myself. I didn’t make it past the pilot. I want to try the other episodes but school/work is getting pretty demanding lately so I gotta budget my media time.

      To be fair though, the main writer for the show thus far has been Jed Whedon, Joss’s brother. Joss is more just the creator of the show.

  15. Get this talentless hack off the Marvel universe, he ruined it as it is.

    • Yeah because DC is beating Marvel with their cinematic universe! Oh Wait…

      • Take note. COG veteran is immature and has to bring DC into the debate for no reason at all than to give a virtual high five to other immature people with ridiculous opinions and comments.

        • He’s comparing CBM franchises and making a case against the guy whose saying Whendons ruined marvels when they’ve released 2 billion dollar movies back to back. Nothing immature about that.

        • It’s inevitable, don’t cry about it. Just plain facts.

      • @COG veteran DC is beating Marvel. If you even care about the quality of the films. DC>Marvel in quality. Marvel>DC in comedy. Ohh you little fanboys.

        • DC beating Marvel? I’d take a look at the box office #s if I were you.

          • See how dumb you are? As if box office results have anything to do with the QUALITY of the movies. Every Marvel film is plain dumb and too cartoony/comedy. BTW, Dark Knight Rises was on track to becoming the biggest movie EVER, even bigger than Avatar possibly. Then guess what happened? Massacre shooting. Once again box office results mean nothing, except that there’s more mindless children out there.

            • ^^^
              THIS. That movie would’ve been so much larger.

              I try telling people…

            • Didnt the shooting happen at a midnight show or a sneak peek? TDKR still pulled in a billion after the fact. Dunno if it really set things back that much.

              • Happened at a midnight showing. The result was they shut down promo for the movie nationwide, I think it might’ve been worldwide, and also shut down many midnight showings. They put promo and showings at a dead stop.

            • No, see you dumb you truly are. You’re making an excuse that a shooting caused TDKR not to succeed as hard as Avengers? Marvel is more popular with a wider audience. There’s a reason Nolan could only do 3 films.

      • Hey be careful or they just might reboot superman again.

  16. I think it’s fun, and I’d love it if he stayed on.

    It would be neat if he finished out the trilogy of infinity gauntlet and then the whole MCU could change direction. Go a different route or something?

  17. I can totally see them dropping a guy that made a 1.5 BN dollar movie for them.

  18. As the saying goes. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

  19. Agents of shield kinda sucks because joss whedon is not actively involved as he was with his other shows» he is too buddy working on the next avengers movie

    • Considering he’s not actively involved in the show beyond a producer role and writing/directing the pilot, you’d think the show wouldn’t suck like his other shows did but nope…

  20. If he keeps making money for Disney/Marvel He will (as long as they want him) NOT go anywhere

  21. There could be a few surprises…not necessarily Whedon onboard.

    What if a new visionary shows up and makes a hell of a show for Avengers 3 and 4.

  22. I like Joss as a writer/director but he obviously sucks as an overseer or he wouldn’t have let the Manderin fiasco happen

  23. Im not going to waste my money on Avengers 2 age of Amazo but i might go see Avengers 3 if it has Darseid oops i mean Thanos.

  24. Honestly speaking I’m worried how Phase Two is going. First with what a disappoint Iron Man 3 was, and I hope Thor 2 will bring us some closure of the battle in NY from The Avengers. Also with Ultron being created by Tony instead of Hank Pym, I’m actually not looking forward to The Avengers 2. I feel that each director is getting too much extra freedom to just take each Marvel property their own way, basically to hell with the cannon of rich history and make a joke of it. If this is any omen of what to expect in The Avengers 2, then I feel Joss Whedon should not return.

  25. Longterm, maybe antman will give him his break and he will again be at the helm to oversee the next instalment of movies. He wasn’t involved with iron man3, that was stand alone like ant man will be. but to have him oversee phase three as well as write and direct the avenger3 is a must for marvel. Just as robert downey jr is a must for iron man. His work has scaled back, but to have joss not oversee as much of the next phase as possible as well as iron man 3 would be a crime that would not be forgiven easy by fans. (xmen3 anyone) bryan singer was setting it all up for the trilogy and practically handed x3 over on a silver plater it should have written itself, or so fox thought. I only hope marvel sees previous mistakes from others as well….

  26. Hell YES Whedon should stay as long as he’d like. It’s rare to get an actual fanboy in a position of control like he has. look at the mess DC has been having (Save for Nolan’s DK series–which are wholly different than a comic book movie) with their movies: Superman is in flux, Wonder Woman can’t get made, Green Lantern was a hot mess.

    Whedon cares about this projects and knows the source material. keep that as long as possible.

  27. I’m on the fence about it. I love a lot Joss’ work. And he did a fine job on The Avengers. But there are some things he’s done in the past that makes me hesitate. Questionable plot direction. Killing off beloved characters. I’m just worried that if he gets too much freedom, he’s going to do something along those lines. So I’m happy to have him contribute, but before long, we need to get someone else in there to run the show.

  28. Oh course he will!

  29. I’m all for WHedon to stay on as Dir. thru Avengers 3 with Thanos front & Center, manily because that idea was his from the Post Credit scene in Avengers. Also he’s a comics fan, a superhero fanboy & shares all the sensibilities with the fanbase as well as very experienced with the business side of the industry. Honestly I can’t come up with a suitable replacement, never mind a shortlist.

    I also like AoS; I’m sure it’ll keep getting better.

    Hail Hyd-umm, Whedon!

    PS: Just don’t cut his head off; one’s enough!