Joss Whedon Re-Confirms Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in ‘The Avengers 2′; Dodges X-Men Question

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Joss Whedon Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Joss Whedon Re Confirms Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2; Dodges X Men Question

Twentieth Century Fox’s seventh and by far the biggest Marvel movie to date (X-Men: Days of Future Past) is currently shooting in Montreal. Director Bryan Singer is bringing back everybody from the original X-Men trilogy along with the principal cast of X-Men: First Class and many new faces for the ambitious team-up involving a story featuring time travel.

Over at Marvel Studios where four films are in various stages of production, Joss Whedon has handed in the first draft of his screenplay for The Avengers 2 and in it he’s introducing a pair of new heroes, the same two characters that Bryan Singer and Fox may be using in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Two studios, two characters, two separate Marvel Cinematic Universes.

Whedon has been sharing his excitement for introducing the “brother-sister act” ever since teasing their introduction weeks ago at the world premiere of Iron Man 3 - an odd time to begin namedropping new characters for a movie two years out. Since that time, multiple publications have spoken with Whedon who’s since confirmed that the pair of new characters will be Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, aka Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

X Men Quicksilver Marvel Comics Joss Whedon Re Confirms Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2; Dodges X Men Question

The timing of Whedon’s (intentional) reveal is as odd as the character selection itself since these two particular characters are the only two that are shared with another studio: Fox. As Marvel Comics readers know, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are the mutant children of X-Men villain Magneto and so they fall under the film license agreement Fox has over all mutant characters. They’re exceptions to the rule however, since they’ve also been main characters of The Avengers  in the comics so Marvel Studios can technically use them as well, albeit with certain restrictions.

With the two superpowered siblings earning headlines already, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer took it to the next level by tweeting out the surprise casting announcement that Evan Peters (American Horror Story) would be playing Quicksilver in his own film. Some unverified sources claim this was a powerplay by Fox and that the studios aren’t exactly best friends. Others remain optimistic that the hopes of key people such as X-Men producer Lauren Shuler DonnerThe Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and Fox’s Marvel movie consultant Mark Millar – who wish to see the studios work out a deal to crossover their film universes – may have helped make it actually happen and that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver could, just maybe, be the same Quicksilver that Joss Whedon will be directing in The Avengers 2.

Oddly enough, when appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last Friday, Joss Whedon managed to ensure Fallon wouldn’t even ask about the hot button topic but last night when the Film Society of Lincoln Center held a special screening of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing followed by a Q&A session, it couldn’t be avoided. The event was appropriately dubbed “An Evening with Joss Whedon,” and after the show the attendees had a chance to interact with The Avengers 1 & 2 director.

Avengers Spider Man X Men Movie Crossover 570x227 Joss Whedon Re Confirms Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2; Dodges X Men Question

To no surprise, he was asked the question: What’s up with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being in The Avengers 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past and will he change his script as a result of Bryan Singer’s casting announcement of Evan Peters as Quicksilver?

“And so continues the Q and not-A… That’s not something I can really talk about, but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are going to be in the movie and they’re going to be AWESOME.”

Whedon is not changing his mind and despite what Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige says about the script potentially changing in a few months time, Whedon has every intention of using these two characters and he will. The question remains on whether or not he’s going to have his own unique take on the characters with different actors in The Avengers 2 or whether something miraculous has happened and Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch are the first two links connecting the franchises together.

Iron Man Movie Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Joss Whedon Re Confirms Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2; Dodges X Men Question

If Whedon knew he was casting his own Quicksilver, would he not say so? The hopeful and optimistic might point out that the timing of Whedon’s reveal of the two new characters is so odd that it almost sets up Bryan Singer to cast them and literally double the buzz. It’s also an interesting coincidence that Marvel Studios may have an actress in mind in Scarlet Witch with no info on Quicksilver, where it’s the opposite from Fox – as if they’re intentionally holding back that reveal due to the implications of such a confirmation. But that’s a stretch.

It could be a while before we find out more concrete info since Whedon is the king of dodging answers while keeping everyone happy and despite there seemingly being many reveals coming from Bryan Singer’s Twitter account, he’s yet to confirm any of the roles taken on by new actors. Except for Quicksilver. Strange.

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases July 18, 2014 and The Avengers 2 releases May 1, 2015.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes if you’d like to see Marvel & Fox share the characters!

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  1. Great article Rob, you seem to be the go-to X-Men brain on the site. It is a really interesting set of coincidences, so you can’t rule anything out. I’m curious to know, what do you think DOFP will achieve? What will the X-Men Movieverse look like after? I think you’ll see a re-writing of history and an amalgation of the first class and original trilogy crew somehow in the present (as if it was always that way).

    • Please right an article on this. I love it when you guys speculate on stuff, makes for good discussion. Keep up the great work!

      • +1

    • Rob’s definitely one of the Marvel Brain Trust on this site.

      • Haha, thanks guys!

        It is 6:50 AM and I’ve not slept yet – wrote four Marvel articles :)

        • Get some shut-eye! And on an unrelated note, get someone to weigh in on Cannes, surprised on how little coverage there’s been apart from ‘only god forgives’, which I’m excited for :)

        • Hey Rob

          Is there any update or movement on the RDJ contract talks with Marvel about IM4 or Avengers 2 &3?

        • You poor boy :( I’d take care of you sweetie xx make sure you’re all relaxed x

        • The Keyes to the Marvel Kingdom.

  2. If they manage to straighten out the X-men continuity and then merge it with MCU and maybe with The Amazing Spiderman, my mind would be blown. Literally, how awesome would that be?

  3. “And so continues the Q and not-A… That’s not something I can really talk about, but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are going to be in the movie and they’re going to be AWESOME.”

    At least he isn’t lying LOL.

    • Joss totally gets it – that’s what makes his conversations so great. And his character writing!

      • @ Rob

        I totally agree with that. Joss does indeed get it, that is why Marvel is so lucky to have him on board! He has a plan, knows what he wants, and knows how to execute it.

        • I wasn’t impressed with his recent leadership of Phase 2 such as Iron Man 3, but since the whole trilogy has been botched, why even have hope for the IM Franchise to reach decency. I just hope they do not mess up CA 2 and Thor 2.

          • Just for record, Whedon had nothing to do with Iron Man 3.

  4. Unless “visitation rights” are brokered by the studios, it looks like FOX will be getting Quicksilver and Marvel the Scarlet Witch respectively. Talk about high profile custody battle.

    • LOL.

      funny comment… but I hope thats not the case, the good thing about them is their relationship, being mutants, related, children of Magneto and working together either for the brotherhood or Avengers.

      So if Fox and Marvel only use one character, it would be a dissapointment and a poor decision

    • I’d be perfectly fine with the Witch without her brother. He’s a good character, more of a villain, but I don’t know how they will shoot him running or zipping around everywhere.

  5. PLEASE let this finally be the time when Fox, Sony, and Marvel/Disney come together at last!

    • Yes! Then we can have one whole convoluted mess of a movie universe! [sarcasm]

      • And a proper foundation for stories like Civil War and Secret Invasion.

      • Middle. Finger.

      • @The Avenger:
        True that. The only way X-Men and Avengers can work well together is if the X-Men rights revert back to (or are bought back by) Marvel. The X-Men continuity, as it currently stands, is a glorious disaster.

  6. Blah blah blah Avengers 2 blah blah blah… All the hinting and pre production promoting of this film is really starting to get on my nerves now. Whats wrong with a little bit of holding back now and again and not teasing a film into a dull series of already revealed surprises Joss?

    • besides Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being involved, what other plot points have been revealed by Joss besides vague references to internal team strife for the Avengers sequel?

    • DONT READ IT and then complain about what your reading in the same brah…. THIS STE is specificaly for the speculation and rumors go to E news if you want real garbage, but if you want Superhero news and seclatio THIS IS THE SITE

      OMG some ppl just cannot be happy

  7. I have a feeling that the quicksilver and scarlet witch used in X-Men:DoFP will be the same that the Master Whedon will use in the Avengers 2 for many reasons.

    1. Publicity:
    step 1) with J Dubs drop of “a brother sister act” that gets fan boys writing on every blog and forums speculating on potential characters . Then J Dubs confirms that the due is in fact the offspring of mutant Magneto, again fans boys goes in a frenzy speculating on story arcs. Now this is when the real (free) publicity kicks in, Bryan Singer announces on twitter the casting of quicksilver. Boom, internet goes crazy fan boys everywhere are choosin sides x-men avengers. Now Both companies have gotten an extra boost of publicity for this “scandal”.

    • Now These two companies can play cat and mouse around the question of the brother sister act for at least one year, definitely won’t know until Avengers 2 comes out. but for this next year the whole idea of having same characters in two separate movies(Universes) will bring the enthusiasm to watch both flicks.

      Now the way it can work is set in motion already,
      The X-menDOFP is suppose to correct the x-men continuity. Now having said that, is it not possible that a by product of the correction of continuity happening in DOFP that scarlet witch -with her altering probability powers- might just send her and her brother into the Marvel cinematic universe. and by doing so, will allow J Dub to have them come in the his world already with somewhat of back story from dofp. With Altering realities split in with MCU mutants don’t exist and xmen continuity restored to just humans and mutants. This will allow that both Universes exist with a small arc between then acknowledging both Marvel properties.

      to me this is a no brainer, both companies can play with their characters fan boys will appreciate the connectivity that is Marvel which will make $$$ for all those involved.

      • Never thought of that, the two being mutants in DOFP and then Scarlet Witch altering reality to remove their mutant origins, retain their powers and change their nationalities.

        At this point, it’s a possibility.

  8. listen Famke Janssen must rise as white phoenix after she died in x-men last stand she also could travel time to X-men Days of Future Past and The Avenger 2. and please introducing Selene Gallio / The Black Queen please..

  9. What Fox does in their convoluted DOFP is insignificant compared to what Joss and Marvel are doing with their universe. The X-Men movies are a mess with continuity and the MANY characters they’ve introduced are severely underdeveloped (minus Wolverine). Bring on Sony’s Spider-Man if they want to do a crossover, but I hope they leave Fox’s current X-verse out of it.

    • I’m gonna agree with you there.
      I don’t want X-Men’s mess of a “movie universe” anywhere near what Marvel Studios has done. The new Spider-Man remake could still fit into the MCU if they really want to go down the studio-crossover road (since neither the story, or the tone of ASM would clash with what Marvel has been doing in their timeline), but the convoluted X-Men timeline would cause nothing but confusion and problems with the MCU canon.

      That said, I think ‘The Wolverine’ is going to be a surprise hit this year, and I’m pulling for DOFP to do well and clear up some of the things that got all screwy with the continuity – but imo, I think it’s best if Fox keeps doing its own thing and keeps X-Men separate from the MCU.

      • oh you were sooo close but missed the pun…….”X-Mess”

  10. I don’t think they will be able to speculate for too long. At some point, if the studios have signed a contract, we will know because the actors will be on both sets. if they hire different actors, then we will know it’s a competition thing. :)
    Unlike some people who would think it could be a mess if the studios come together,I say: Let’s give it a try. After all, Joss Whedon is part of the project. If you can trust him then, Why not trust him now?
    I really would Love to see Spiderman and Wolverine in the Avengers. :)

  11. The fact that casting for quicksilver this far into production can only mean it is a small yet (maybe)significant roll. why not just show him and his sis leaving the xmen reality and jumping into MCU, short and sweet, and will kill at box office. This xmen universe is all messed up and I hope it is a great movie, but for Comics fan it would be so awesome for them to acknowledge each others universes albeit a short scene. But this is all wishful thinking.

  12. “That’s not something I can really talk about”

    All this mistery around the Maximoff is starting to sound like is possible that both studios have made a deal, regarding the Hitflix article and their “source”.

    Why cant Joss talk about it?…… maybe because Marvel and Fox want to announce it later?

    • The more speculation on the subject means more free publicity via articles and blogs for both studios respective films. And what studio doesn’t want free publicity. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have made a deal. Once people heard about the almost collaboration between Sony and Marvel was a big frenzy in the “what could have been..” motif. With that in mind, big execs want that $$$, that Avengers(and now Iron Man 3) $$$.

  13. I hope we have a miracle

  14. Best Case Scenario.

    Fox and Marvel have already signed a deal for Quicksilver and scarlet Witch to appear in both DOFTP and Avengers 2 played by the same actor/actress. When it is a big success, Sony want in on the profits and agree for Spidey to be in the Avengers series. Meanwhile the rivalry between Iron Man and Cap has intensified in the MCU and all roads lead to Civil War.

    Probably wont happen but I can dream right??

    • and that is what I was going to lead to…Civil War Arc. The best possible scenario to involve all studios and fans would LOVE.

  15. If push comes to shove over Q & SW, I am likely in Whedon’s corner. I want the characters Pietro to be called Quicksilver, Wanda to be called Scarlet Witch, and their personalities, costumes, powers–everything to be just exactly like in their early appearances in the 60s in The Avengers comics. Exactly. And as far as X-men goes, I mostly want to know one thing: WHERE’S CYCLOPS?!

    • I like to think that Marvel would be least likely to change everything about its characters. Surely FOX would be more inclined to alter names/origins etc as seen with MANY characters in the XMEN movie universe.

      • *cough* mandarin *cough*

    • Bingo, locks.

  16. Interesting stuff. I’m sticking to my theory that it means the character Pietro won’t be officially referred to as Quicksilver in A2.

    “But Joss just said ‘Quicksilver’ in the interview…”

    Yes, I see that. It’s unofficial to use the name in an interview, it’s different when it’s officially attached to the product.

    Plus, if I’m Joss Whedon and I can’t use the name Quicksilver in the movie, I’m going to keep referring to him as Quicksilver every chance I get outside of the film.

    Either way, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference in the movie-verse if he can’t be called Quicksilver. Look at the characters Black Widow and Hawkeye-

    Black Widow has only been referred to as Black Widow in the MCU via caption; either on a computer screen, on a piece of paper, or as sub-titles. The only way you have heard the name Black Widow out-loud in a Marvel film is if you speak Russian.

    Hawkeye has only been referred to as Hawkeye once in the MCU. It’s during the climatic final battle in Avengers, and if you aren’t closely paying attention you might miss it.

    What I’m getting at is casual movie goers should know those characters as Agent Romanov and Agent Barnes before they know them as Black Widow and Hawkeye. Does it make a difference? Not at all.

    But as far as the “sharing is caring” theory, I won’t ever be sold on that one: I can’t picture a FOX holding hands with a MOUSE.

    And a final thought: Doesn’t Whedon have to wait until he sees DoFP now before writing his scene using the character to make sure his won’t look like a rip-off?

    • Movie Studios exist to make money.

      Marvel + Fox (+ SONY) = A lot of money

      You don’t need a business degree to work this out :-/

      • Yes you absolutely do: you have to divide the money in a way that makes everyone happy. That’s the problem with studio team ups, not that they don’t make money, it’s how it gets distributed afterwards.

      • Hate to break it to you, but in this circumstance, the formula for success/profit is a little more complex than “Marvel + Fox (+ SONY) = A lot of money” ;) So yeah… a business degree might come in handy here (or at the very least, just basic knowledge of how business works)

        To name just one crucial factor: as Dr Mindbender said, the money has to be divided. The most probable scenario is that Fox would get the best end of the deal, since they’d be “riding” on the success that Marvel has had.

        Take a look at the last few X-Men movies’ world-wide gross, and then Marvel Studios’ world-wide gross. Marvel is killing it all on their own. Their last 2 movies have each passed $1 billion with ease whereas Fox is struggling to get anywhere near that kind of success (jury’s still out on The Wolverine, but personally, as much as I think it’ll be a surprise hit, critically, I’m almost certain it will under-perform in the box office).

        Now, with those numbers in mind, who do you think would benefit most out of this “deal” that fans keep clamoring for?
        Sure, Marvel would most likely see increase in ticket sales with Wolverine and Magneto popping up in some movies for example, but would it really be worth it for them?
        Working out a deal and managing that deal would cost a lot of money, especially for an up-and-coming movie studio (one which only release 2 movies a year, and works on one movie at a time – since they’re already pushed to their limits as far as production goes).

        What you’re talking about (the idea of Fox and Marvel Studios working together and co-producing films) would result in Marvel Studios having to undergo rapid expansion, and rapid expansion is a very, very risky move, business-wise (one which is usually only considered when the business in question has few other option left)

        All that said, it still comes down to one fact: Marvel Studios has an almost unlimited amount of IPs to tap into and they’ve already proven that these “lesser known” IPs can be successful. Why try and fix something that ain’t broke?

        • I have been reading your posts on numerous topics for a long time, and once again, you put a spin on it that makes it a little clearer what the ‘bigger’ picture is. Maybe I was a little hasty with my ‘business degree’ quip, but I did say ‘I can only dream’. I do still hope that maybe one day we will see Spidey & Co in a Marvel/Disney film


          • Hey, you’re allowed to dream/hope…

            I want nothing more than to one day have all these heroes (Avengers, X-Men, FF, Spidey, etc.) fighting it out in a Civil War, or even a Galactus/cosmic type battle.

            And if it were to happen (whether it be by Marvel, Fox & Sony working out a “deal” or Disney just outright “buying” all the properties back somehow), I’d really hope it would happen the RIGHT way. The way fans, like you and me, deserve to see it happen. A big crossover event shouldn’t be forced (unlike the way Marvel is trying to force bi-annual crossover events in their comic books now). There should be a logical reason for these teams to fight together, and these teams should be established in the same universe beforehand, in a way which doesn’t interfere with the structure of the timeline, the overall “story” or the tone of the MCU. Bringing Fox into the fold just because they’re using the same characters that Whedon wants to use isn’t the way to do it imho (that would be a half-@$$ed way of doing things).

            Unfortunately, the chances of the “perfect scenario” coming to fruition is very, very small :(
            But we are allowed to dream… I just think there needs to be some thought given as well (in order to lessen the blow of the “limited” possibilities in reality)

            • I do think that to do the Civil War arc properly, it would have to be a trilogy in its own right

              • Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t read Civil War


                To do Civil War properly, you don’t really need the x-men as that team wanted to stay out of it. Fantastic four could be omitted as well with some small story changes.
                You can’t do the Civil War arc without Spiderman though as that scene with Peter Parker announcing to the world his secret was awesome.

        • Lots of good points. There are so many interests here and each one involves numbers, and then add egos and personalities on top of that. I only considered the “rights” issues and figure Marvel has no incentive to help them, but negotiating all the various contracts, who gets what and why, would be a nightmare.

          Only the lawyers would want to open this can of worms.

    • He can use “Quicksilver” and so can Fox for DoFP. What Marvel can’t do is directly refer to his (and his sister) as mutants or his relation to Magneto. Thats why Whedon is quoted as saying their origins will be tweaked. I don’t understand where all the confusion is coming from these days.

      These characters won’t be played by the same actors, there is no evidence of any such crossovers between the studios.

      • @ Bellcure

        I’m not so sure about that for this reason:

        It’s one thing to share a likeness, it’s another thing entirely to share a title.

        • Yeah, I can imagine Evan will keep his hair colour while whoever plays him in Avengers 2 would have a shorter haircut that is possibly bleached completely. Resembling each other physically but with slight changes here and there to separate them.

          Like you (Mindbender) said a few comments up, if Joss can’t call him Quicksilver in the script, he’ll do so in interviews just so that comic book fans can get excited and non-comic book readers will potentially look up the name, get slightly acquainted with the character and then hear him called Peter (since the nationality change to British mentioned before will likely see his name change from Pietro to Peter).

          Maybe he’ll be nicknamed “Silver” due to his hair colour and we’ll have a sly comment in the movie like “Quick, Silver, we need your help!”, much like in an episode of Arrow with the line “You can catch the train back to Central City with me, you’d be there in a flash”.

    • you mean Agent Barton NOT Agent Barnes right? as in Clint Barton

    • I find it very interesting you have downgraded your 100% facts to mere theory. While I am glad to see the change of heart, I can’t help but wonder why exactly? Could it be you couldn’t make good on the claim that the super confidential 1993 agree isn’t actually “online” in its entirety for everyone to read?

      I would still like to read it if you can provide us with a link but until that time the facts are there is no reason why both studios can’t use the character since Feige himself said they were fair game, usable by BOTH studios. There has also never been a word about this concept of, “first dibs”. If such was the case you would think that Marvel would have at least had a cameo of them in Avengers or another Marvel movie just to lay claim to the characters.

      Also what happened to the merchandizing gambit as being the reason?

      And last…..

      ““But Joss just said ‘Quicksilver’ in the interview…”

      Yes, I see that. It’s unofficial to use the name in an interview, it’s different when it’s officially attached to the product.”

      Or maybe, just maybe he is using their names because that’s what they will be called in the movie. It makes ZERO sense to call them QS and SW for a year and then suddenly change it for the movie. Talk about needlessly confusing people and over complicating everything. So I’m going with Occam’s razor ftw.

  17. What a mess?! I said it before, although Pietro and Wanda are early avengers, Marvel should’ve stayed clear of these two… yeah its buzz and publicity, but the confusing kind.

    My confidence in both X-films and Marvel films is shaken by this casting, it seems the only sensible course would be crossover characters, but that ain’t gonna happen.

    I think Joss knows this a mess too.

    • Easy fix: ignore the X-men universe and watch what Joss does with these characters in the Avengers 2. Or vice versa, if you actually like the X-Men movies for whatever reason. I choose the former.

      • Or watch and enjoy both. How many people do you think walked out of Batman Begins going “were the hell was Robin? He was in the last Batman film I saw, im so confused….” Same goes for Spider-Man and First Class. I think your under estimating the intelligence of the average movie goer. People know these movies don’t have to flow into each other even if they use the same characters.

        And going from those movie rating websites, most people liked The Avengers and most people liked X1, X2 and FC. Why should they have to pick one? Most people know good cinema when they see it and I see no reason why DOFP or The Avengers 2 should be any different. Ill only believe Singer or Whedon is screwing up when I see proof, and neither has done anything I havnet liked yet in their respective comic book films.

    • It wont be confusing at all to the general public when the movies come out. People wont care other than those in the “know” (so the comicbook fans like us). DofP will be cameos at best for a large fight scene or some such in the altered future. For avengers 2 their roles will be more integral to the story.

  18. Lol that one quicksilver pic is the spitting image of Colin Farrel. Actually, might as well get him for the part, he’d be good. Still love his crazy Bullseye interpretation.

  19. I remember Roger Ebert saying a while back, regarding the X-men movies, that there were so many characters and mutants to juggle that he didn’t know who was who. I feel like the further along X-men DoFP gets in production and in casting updates, the more and more bloated this movie is getting. It’s as if we’re watching some ensemble movie like “Rat Race” or “Movie 43″, but with superpowers.

  20. Personally, I would like to see these two characters be the crossover link between these two franchises.

    It seems odd to me that QS & SW would be in Avengers 2. Every character in The Avengers, at least in a small way, (Hawkeye), has shown up before hand. Unless they show up in Cap2, GotG, or Thor2, I can’t see how he introduces them in Avengers 2, there is to much back story with them, unless it’s done in another movie, by another studio. If that is true and does happen, that would be awesome.

    If some how Fox does team with Marvel on this, it’s a huge boon for Fox and the X-Men, because then they would then be linked to the Avengers, and who doesn’t want that? In addition, it could open the door for others, like Wolverine, to show up. I don’t want to many mutants in the Avengers though. A few is good, but to many is bad, IMO.

    • *Maria Hill’s first appearance wasn’t until The Avengers.

  21. FOX and Disney are RIVAL companies.

    • You mean they’re going to consider money, profits and, ownership, past, present, and future, over what fans want? Say it ain’t so.

      • Marvel fans DON’T want a shared universe. We want X-men back in the hands of Marvel so we have a higher chance of seeing an actual X-men movie and not this crap they keep selling as X-men. I hope this means war between the studios.

        • @nathanessex. I hate it when people make blanket statements about what marvel fans want. Please speak for yourself. I’m a huge Marvel studios fan and have been reading comics for 25 years now. I 100% DO NOT want marvel to get the x-men and Spider-Man rights back.

          It’s been explained numerous times but Marvel simply does not have the resource to put out more than 2 films per year. The licensing agreements put in place by Avi Arad in the late 90′s early 2000′s have accidentally given us the best case MCU scenerio.

          If Marvel had those rights from the beginning it’s easy to assume we wouldn’t be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, ant-man or possibly even iron man in the first place. Black Panther and Doc Strange? Forget it!

          Please put your business brain on and try to see the bigger picture here, because what you’re asking for is far less movies.

          Your looking at a smorgasbord of IP that absolutely DEMANDS to be outsourced to other studios.
          It’s just completely unmanageable otherwise.

          • Good point! I concede that would have been better. I’d wait and see though with Wolverine and DOFP, it really looks to me like they’re trying to right the ship. I’d imagine the end game is by that by the conclusion of DOFP we’ll have a cohesive x-men time-line with a re-written history, that includes the best of both the FC and original trilogy casts.

            I also imagine that they’ll be closely emulating the tone of the MCU from that point onwards (as well as LISTENING to every bit of feedback Marvel through their way). Who doesn’t want to make north of a billion dollars?

            They could just reboot with a clean slate, but this is all about finding a way to keep Hugh Jackman in the role and have it still somehow make sense. Afterall they see him as their Robert Downey Jr.

            My speculation for end-game result of DOFP:-

            Inconsistencies in continuity in previous X-films will be written off as a plot point in DOFP as time hiccups/distortions or something due to sloppy time travel that creates parallel worlds?

            Wolverine breaks the time-stream and re-writes history completely.

            We are left with a new team of x-men comprised of the best of both casts. (Because of the re-written time-line they will seem as if it has always been this way).

            Mutants pushed back to the fringe of society so that the general public is no longer aware of them.

            This would allow fox’s movies to cohesively exist with the MCU, and is exactly what they’re doing (my best guess!).

            What do we disagree on mongoose? I bet it’s Batman related! Everything always is!

            • Oh, and Sony are already doing a great job. IMO of course!

            • I too will wait and see if Wolverine is everything it’s being built up to be. Looks good atm but if I was a betting man I would say they are going to contort the IP too much (per the usual) and ruin the movie.

              And I don’t know what your position on Batman is but as for me……loved BB and thought 2-3 were good but not great. I do not worship at the alter of Nolan unlike others. While the realistic angle was ok, a comic world where a villain like Bane is reduced to some dude who can’t feel pain and a character like Mr. Freeze can’t exist or the concept of the Lazarus Pit being too fantastical is just not for me. it’s those impossible elements that make the batman world interesting.

  22. Joss has used the brother/sister dynamic before.

    Watch Firefly and Serenity.

    Which also reminds me about something. Joss Whedon is really good with dialog and character interaction. We all know that. But he is also a fantastic action director too.

    Just watch the final climax of Serenity. Great action throughout the movie and the end is a gripping roller coaster.

    • Good thoughts. I could see that dynamic. Wanda could easily be potentially powerful but also confused and unstable, with Pietro being her protector. That’s pretty much how it was in the early X-men comics, except they didn’t really explain why Wanda was so helpless (except that she was a female. This was the early 60s).


    • ????????????

      • @Gosling

        You do realise that Joss Whedon has NOTHING to do with Man Of Steel, right?

        And that Superman is a DC character, not Marvel?

        Or have I fallen for an obvious troll comment again?

        • I think @Gosling may have been joking… I was definitely laughing when I read it :)

    • WOW did I just hit a smack pipe and not know it>>>>> that post I think actually made me dumber!!! holy hell how can this planet have such CLUELESS PEOPLE ON IT????? do they just teach stupidity in school nowadays???

  24. Awesome article. I’ve been thinking about this topic since JW was on late night. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this. Will the studios share or will they fight? Very interesting stuff.

    Looks like Wanda’s hex powers are at work.

  25. The potential box office takings for the Marvel universe is so enormous that it would probably make good business sense for studios to cooperate: maybe by loaning specific characters to each other for a set number of movies, e.g. Wolverine for Thor or for shared characters like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to appear in rival movies.

  26. I’m sure there is communication between productions. Quicksilver is not, at this stage of development, a central character to X-men (movies). They might not even use his name in the script. They just want a fast running mutant for a scene or two.

    Whedon has more extensive designs on the characters.

    I don’t think Marvel is going to ever do any crossovers with other companies. They’d rather the studios simply run out of steam sooner-or later and let the rights revert back. It’s going to happen to X-men and Spider-man eventually. Although X-men is essentially an endless SH universe all it’s own. Spider-man may have four or five movies IF it’s an exceptionally successful series. But then Sony is back in the position of having to start production on a new Spidey or let it revert.

    The only reason they would opt to work with the other studious is MAYBE they might see that they can only make so many movies at a time and therefore they don’t have room for major franchises like X-Men and Spidey.

    Somehow I think they’ll opt for separtation and “hands-off.”

    • I’m saying they’ll opt to let the series revert back at no cost to Disney or Marvel, rather than buying them back for tons of money.

      One thing I can assure everyone is that Fox and Sony won’t “just give them back to Marvel” as people keep saying in these threads.

    • @Nostleg-O & everybody else, Marvel Studios/Disney and Kevin Feige have said that they want ALL of their properties back but they are willing to wait until the public has gotten tired of other studios’s versions of Marvel characters which would make those studios no longer interested in making them, meanwhile Marvel Studios will continue to make movies off of all the 1000′s of characters they still posses still at home or that have come back home.

      Marvel Studios working with any other studio will only strengthen the hold that THAT other studio has on those characters, and that would be counterproductive to Marvel Studios eventually getting their characters back. Why would Marvel want to help Fox when if they do, they’d make it even harder for Marvel to get the IP’s back by upping the quality or demand for those IP’s at Fox or other studios? Why would Marvel Studios want to help a now “rival” studio hold onto something that they feel now belongs back with them? Especially now that Fox is playing hardball and didn’t want to “really” negotiate with Marvel Studios during the whole Silver Surfer & Galactus and Daredevil debacle. Marvel Studios and Fox ARE rival studios now more than ever before.

  27. I’ll bet they can both use them as much as they want to. Marvel simply can’t use the specific term “mutant.” That’s the only difference.

    I doubt DofP will go as far as to name him. Maybe “Quicksilver” and “Pietro” will be mentioned in the credits. Maybe he’ll even have the silver hair from the comics. But then Marvel can use him too, name, likeness and all because he’s as much an Avenger (or more) as X-man.

    When all is said and done, Marvel and Whedon will have produced the stronger more definitive, better known version. Fox won’t try to compete after that.

    • I can’t imagine that Pietro will be well-developed in DOFP, there just isn’t enough screen-time in play.

  28. @ Rob Keyes

    heres a question since the whole FOX vs Marvel Studio fighting for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

    what about characters like Black Panther remember the character was first introduce in Fastastic Four before he joined the Avengers. does this mean the FOX Studio Fantastic Four reboot they can use Black Panther in the movie. Marvel Studio not really making a effort to bring the character on the big screen.

    • There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the “Avengers/X-Men” contract issue. According to the people involved at Marvel, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are specified. It’s not “Marvel has rights to any character that was an Avenger, Fox has rights to anyone that was in X-Men or FF.”

      It’s more like “Marvel and Fox have rights to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.” Yes the rational was that they were in Avengers and X-Men comics, but the contract specifies them, it’s not a general rule for any character.

    • It doesn’t have anything to do with where these characters first appeared (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch first appeared in X-Mem comics), it’s the fact that the characters were mostly associated with X-Men comics yet were also well known members of The Avengers.

    • If they are both doing versions of Quicksilver I wonder if that means they both have the option. If that’s the case, I imagine Whedon will use Pietro more and solidify the character so much that Fox won’t have the option to really use him later, even though they could. I’m guessing that we’ll see a brief appearance of a fast running mutant in DoFP, but no development beyond that.

      So, it might be a first-come-first-serve situation. If FF focused on a movie that prominently featured BP, Marvel could legally develop their own BP, but they would have to contend with the reality of the Fox BP already being there in the minds of the public. They’d probably opt not to make BP in that case, depending of course on how successful the FF movie was.

      BP had a lot of stories in FF before branching out, so I would think Fox could use him. However, I assume there are larger FF properties they have in mind. For instance they would like to keep Silver Surfer, and they might want Namor (is that one clarified?).

      There may be some muscle flexing and positioning going on. Marvel may be announcing interest in Inhumans, for example, because they really want to develop it, or they could be trying to pressure Fox to do so, or explore the option. Development is a financial drain, although they could get Roger Corman to make an Inhumans movie to retain the rights (I’d see that).